Pronunciation of Consciousness
/kˈɒnʃəsnəs/, /kˈɒnʃəsnəs/, /k_ˈɒ_n_ʃ_ə_s_n_ə_s/

Antonyms for consciousness

negligence, sack time, torpor, Drowsinesses, coma, sub conscious, un-mindfulness, mystification, transfixtures, Hibernations, in-activities, perplexity, un concern, CARU, inter lude, catalepsy, in activities, trance, re-spites, ignorance, slumber, dis regards, lala-land, dis regard, muddledness, dis-interest, in-advertence, dis-regards, in sensibilities, trans-fixture, narcoma, re quiescences, inanitions, trans-fixtures, sub-consciouses, dis-regard, in-sensibilities, in-difference, muddlednesses, in activity, sub consciousness, eternal rest, lala-lands, petrifaction, Carus, stupor, ex-terminations, under consciousness, thoughtlessness, re lief, supinenesses, Catalepsies, arms morpheus, de mise, stupidity, un awarenesses, under-consciousness, catatonia, non existences, shut-eye, unmindfulnesses, re creations, thrombosises, in sensibility, under consciousnesses, dis interests, Catatonias, dis-solutions, unmindfulness, narcosis, faintings, de mises, un-consciousness, sub-conscious, be-wilderment, be wilderments, shut eye, non-existences, snooze, re leases, few z', lethes, apoplexy, ex terminations, After-life, undersense, in-sensibleness, rest, insouciances, sack times, inter ludes, in-sensiblenesses, trans fixtures, re spite, sopors, few zs, dis interest, dis-solution, re-lease, drowses, under-sense, un-consciousnesses, lala lands, ex-termination, out theres, re-quiescences, Transfixion, motionlessnesses, torpidnesses, re-creation, un-awarenesses, gauzes, un consciousness, de-ceases, dis-tractions, in-action, syncope, un-concerns, narc omata, dis traction, hypnosis, lalaland, z's, re-laxation, few z, subliminal self, slumberland, sub consciousnesses, disregard, subliminals, muddlements, re laxation, re spites, transfixions, cutoff, shut-eyne, Sopor, narc-omata, oblivion, dis tractions, lethargy, sub-liminal, shut-eyen, relaxings, obliviousness, re-quiescence, senselessness, underconsciousness, re-pose, somnolence, un mindfulness, finis, brawn, dis solutions, carelessness, drowsiness, re lease, slumberlands, subliminal, dreaminess, shuteye, in action, trans fixture, sub-consciousness, doze, lala land, shut eyes, motionlessness, thrombosis, narcomata, fog, inter missions, re cesses, repose, catnap, re pose, de cease, nadaville, grayout, in-activity, sub liminal, hibernation, sub consciouses, requiescences, requiescence, re quiescence, de-cease, passing overs, somnolences, supineness, re-cess, death, un-concern, sleep, subconsciousnesses, re-leases, in-actions, swoonings, dyings, transfixture, un concerns, in-differences, un-awareness, re-laxations, in differences, faint, few z's, asphyxia, sandmen, in susceptibility, unconsciousness, few ze, in advertences, in-sensibility, subconscious, Hypnoses, re-creations, after life, under-consciousnesses, de ceases, dis-traction, insensibility, petrifactions, dreaminesses, un mindfulnesses, inter-ludes, finises, re laxations, submerged mind, necrosises, out there, in-susceptibility, sub-consciousnesses, under senses, neglect, land nod, in actions, unawareness, re creation, grayouts, in-advertences, de-mise, torpidity, inattention, Asphyxias, under-senses, Sandman, puzzlement, subconsciousness, dis solution, inanition, dis-interests, narcomas, un consciousnesses, narcosises, shut eyen, de-mises, be-wilderments, after lives, non existence, matter, re-lief, under sense, in sensiblenesses, in susceptibilities, in sensibleness, after-lives, arms of morpheus, in difference, body, underconsciousnesses, drowse, muddlement, subliminal selves, un-mindfulnesses, nowhere, undersenses, submerged minds, shuteyen, be wilderment, inter-lude.