Pronunciation of Continuation
/kəntˌɪnjuːˈe͡ɪʃən/, /kəntˌɪnjuːˈe‍ɪʃən/, /k_ə_n_t_ˌɪ_n_j_uː_ˈeɪ_ʃ_ə_n/

Antonyms for continuation

obviation, ceasings, halt, demurrals, flash the pan, favorable circumstances, mollifications, hang up, mollification, heaveho, obstruction, micro-sleeps, postponement, mis birth, new wrinkles, de-terence, leave-taking, de-termination, dis-appointments, aeon, nonfeasance, Interregnums, Centuries, absention, re-lief, non performance, dis agreement, end the line, delay, time wasted, aborticides, out-come, penetralias, motionlessness, hangup, implosion, de-terences, de-flections, day rest, re-spites, re-treats, cooling off periods, deadlock, un-stabler, leaving out, cessation, moratorium, un evennesses, breakoffs, heave-ho, non success, de-feats, sur cease, setting outs, on holds, breathing spell, re-striction, time hands, inter lude, bi-section, dawdlings, signoff, re-creations, pretermission, kissoffs, excludings, in-activity, living with, re straining, non participations, elusion, short break, variability, time hand, implosions, cross road, de-flection, inter-spaces, palliative, downtime, dead stop, stopping, oriels, de ferment, in-solvency, APSES, self control, time one's hands, few z, discontinuation, in advertences, re coil, vanishing act, un employments, sinking ship, doldrums, dis continuity, close, un-conformities, longanimities, cutting outs, let-ups, de-crease, de terminations, intermission, inter-dict, micro-sleep, perishable, grinding halts, in-adequacies, deferment, deescalation, temporary peace, in thing, nonsuccess, shortening, screeching halt, with holdings, non participation, catch 22, deescalations, fore stalling, over-throws, disbarments, termination, unemployments, redletter day, dead stops, prorogations, new wrinkle, microsleep, idle hours, abolition, take tens, truce, de-terrences, in-equality, interlude, cloves, desistances, deterences, catch22's, total loss, taking offs, breather, dis-solutions, insolvency, dis connections, load one's mind, dis-agreements, re laxations, un certainty, forestallings, de-ferments, rima, in equalities, non inclusion, load one minds, dis regards, un-certainties, dis-connections, heave ho, re-solutions, preclusion, wind-downs, dis-similitudes, de fault, dis affection, immobilization, winddown, one's sweet times, mis-carriages, in dentation, dis regard, lockouts, womb, de files, setting out, mis understanding, dis junction, standstill, up-shot, re-cess, non feasances, inter-space, misbirths, in-dentations, withholdings, overlookings, kiss offs, pinion, retardments, discontinuity, re-straining, reprieve, screeching halts, mis carriage, re-quiescence, relief, rest period, total losses, on hold, de feat, end of line, unemployment, wind-ups, re solutions, in-dentation, kiss-offs, setting forth, aborticide, in-actions, split-ups, leave takings, break, dis continuances, nonparticipations, dis-parity, un stable, dead airs, escapism, sit-downs, re missions, lead balloon, rest, in advertencies, bi-sections, re creation, pro-traction, de crease, de escalations, dis-placement, stoppage, stayings, time out, with holding, runaround, arrest, apnea, eschewal, temporarily deferred, de terrences, de-cays, re lease, lifeboats, in activity, logjams, de clines, desistings, inter-lude, in-adequacy, wind-up, rest periods, re maining, cunctations, in-consistency, inhibitors, de creases, deterence, re-mission, cross roads, re-laxations, dis-junctions, re cession, few days off, allayments, jubilee, going easy ons, dis appointments, dis placement, over-sight, wanderings, bow outs, bumpinesses, stop, tieup, abridgment, destructible, r r, dis-similarity, finish, load off mind, disbarment, re-spite, restfulnesses, coolingoff periods, one sweet time, re spites, over throw, checkings, breathing spells, longanimity, long weekend, easily spoiled, disregardance, dis-charges, wind-down, in novation, sockets, catch22, elisions, requiescence, walkout, non successes, meanwhiles, un-evennesses, out come, wind ups, re striction, WOMBS, dis uniting, in-consistencies, cooling-off periods, requiescences, hiding places, mis understandings, expiry, stallings, hold-up, showstoppers, load one's minds, concludings, Allayment, inter ludes, over sight, caesura, aeons, difference opinion, few days offs, extrication, non-inclusion, de-file, break-offs, de-clines, leave-takings, in-equalities, one own sweet times, parting, coolingoff period, terminatings, un-employments, oriel, opening, time on one's hands, load off one minds, de composable, leaving outs, inter space, in things, dis-parities, departure from the norm, dis solutions, de-feat, Apneas, temporarily deferreds, patientness, de-cline, with drawings, in dentations, time on ones hand, thwartings, inter missions, dis-affections, palliation, in consistency, split ups, few z', idylls, embrasures, favorable circumstance, cooling off period, ones own sweet times, prevention, escapisms, finis, hegiras, forbearance, cunctation, gone fishing, period, tarryings, re pose, re spite, lockout, leave taking, Unconformity, non feasance, in actions, layover, living withs, logjam, abeyance, over look, secret place, time on one's hand, steering clear ofs, micro sleep, elusions, stroke luck, cooling-off period, inhibitor, good bye, lull, extrications, re strictions, load off minds, lacuna, disregardances, windups, waitings, time on one hand, dis-affection, interregna, de lay, interval, re-coil, in-advertences, pausation, carrels, de lays, over sights, premature deliveries, dis agreements, re laxation, recess, pro traction, procrastinations, interregnum, time wasteds, inter-ludes, windup, noninclusion, over-throw, heavehos, in-advertencies, brick walls, de feats, over-looking, breakoff, mis-understanding, de escalation, quittings, dis continuities, in equality, dis-similitude, omega, stopover, more decomposable, time on hand, turnings, de-lays, mis-understandings, wrapup, sit down, carrel, dis-continuance, de privation, pausations, pro-tractions, egressions, over-sights, valediction, hiding place, Downs, time ones hands, un-stable, wind down, sitdown, embarkation, de flections, pause, temporary peaces, jaggedness, in activities, prorogation, few ze, abortion, blank walls, dis-continuances, de-terminations, straitjackets, pro rogation, inter spaces, ramblings, branching outs, up shots, mis-birth, dis-regards, mis births, cloggings, leavetakings, de ferments, over-look, wrap ups, saint's day, re quiescence, dis-uniting, one sweet times, re-conciliation, de-faults, in adequacy, Good-bye, de cays, in-advertency, sinking ships, un-certainty, brick wall, conges, de-cay, Retardment, finises, shortlived, end line, dis-continuation, load ones mind, hiatus, inadvertency, showstopper, nap, Cross-road, haltings, ex patriations, let-up, block, de-ferment, suspension, remission, dreaminesses, signoffs, out comes, un stabler, saint's days, leisure, saint day, passing overs, two weeks with pays, taking leave, de-escalations, terminus, embarkations, de cline, load off ones mind, mis adventure, dis junctions, dead air, spare moment, on rock, re-conciliations, time on hands, ex-patriation, two weeks with pay, microsleeps, re-strictions, de-privation, Non-feasance, dis continuing, cutoff, conge, time one hand, self restraint, quiescencies, saint days, palliatives, missings, winddowns, dis continuations, deflection, de-files, load off one's minds, dis-continuing, motionlessnesses, vacation, load off one mind, quiet, in novations, re cesses, dis connection, going aways, un-stablest, leave absence, re-cession, over looks, saints days, eschewals, screaming halts, selfcontrol, re leases, pro-rogations, re cessions, non performances, cease fire, non-participations, dis affections, shirkings, lifesaver, dreaminess, Non-performance, load off one's mind, nonperformances, patientnesses, time burn, going away, on the rocks, de termination, over-looks, ex-patriations, interruption, time to kill, departure, few zs, gone fishings, re coils, penetralia, pro tractions, ballgames, spare time, omission, pinions, setting forths, dis-agreement, de-lay, inter dict, re-laxation, bumpiness, one's own sweet time, screaming halt, in-novation, splitups, preteritions, deterrings, cutback, dis-continuations, grinding halt, heave hos, non-feasances, in solvency, mis-adventure, dis-connection, dis-continuities, noninclusions, de flection, with-holdings, catch-22's, embrasure, sur-cease, dis similitudes, dis similitude, long weekends, sign off, dis similarity, in-advertence, dis-appointment, steering clear of, discontinuance, in action, with-drawing, omegas, lifesavers, discontinuings, free time, idle hour, re-missions, ballgame, flash in pan, un certainties, re treats, un evenness, curtailment, failure, taking leaves, refrainings, dis-regard, up shot, forestallments, socket, loiterings, most decomposable, un stablest, take ten, blank wall, re-solution, ignorings, over throws, sign-off, in-action, dis-continuity, disunitings, wrap-up, lifeboat, wrap-ups, sign offs, in-novations, bisection, re-pose, withdrawings, bi section, de privations, more destructible, nonsuccesses, micro sleeps, out-comes, up-shots, dodgings, de file, wrapups, re-creation, time one hands, dis parity, wait, blank, dis continuance, mis adventures, decomposable, dis similarities, dis-solution, time on ones hands, mis steps, de-fault, mis carriages, sit-down, de-composable, kissoff, re-coils, re-treat, dis continuation, unevenness, dis-junction, free times, letup, short lived, re creations, variabilities, re conciliation, gap, bi sections, Desistance, in-solvencies, re quiescences, comfortings, re-leases, unconformities, dis charge, re-cessions, de faults, egression, deflections, dis-similarities, spare times, blockings, sign-offs, ones own sweet time, forestallment, de terrence, apse, preterition, un-conformity, lapse, misbirth, idyll, de-privations, de-escalation, de-terrence, lead balloons, saints day, nonperformance, catch 22's, leavetaking, elision, load one mind, vanishing acts, in advertency, holiday, wind downs, departure from norm, ceasefire, sitdowns, dis-charge, re lief, pretermissions, de terence, dis-placements, few z's, quiescency, sur-ceases, walkouts, break offs, load mind, dis placements, somnolence, de terences, sur ceases, hitch, let ups, dis parities, latency, somnolences, one own sweet time, respite, fiasco, going easy on, cross-roads, re-lease, variation, in adequacies, interim, on the rock, time kill, absentions, sailings, tie-up, pro-rogation, break-off, time-out, fore-stalling, non inclusions, re-quiescences, one's own sweet times, age, branching offs, mis-adventures, adjournment, de-creases, end, re mission, in consistencies, load minds, straitjacket, pro rogations, irregularity, bisections, dis charges, with drawing, one's sweet time, non-successes, putting offs, hold ups, premature delivery, expiries, demurral, restfulness, most destructible, dis appointment, in-activities, de cay, dis solution.