Pronunciation of Corroborate
/kəɹˈɒbəɹˌe͡ɪt/, /kəɹˈɒbəɹˌe‍ɪt/, /k_ə_ɹ_ˈɒ_b_ə_ɹ_ˌeɪ_t/

Antonyms for corroborate

dis avowed, stick to, keeping back, pulls back, pulled back, un doing, cancel, counter-checks, pull back, re-treat, jump one case, with-draw, dis-proved, dis carded, cast doubt up on, abrogate, Retrograding, re buffing, dis proving, swear off, calls on, cut to shreds, declare null and void, be-grudges, jumped on ones case, be-littles, be littles, eat words, dis-credited, dis crediting, cancelling out, change one mind, Tabooed, jumping on one case, re-calling, re-fuse, be grudged, drawing in, re-dressed, counterorder, dis mantling, dis cept, in-validating, casting doubt upon, goes back ones word, cut shreds, bumping heads, enjoining from, retrogrades, flew face of, dis allowing, call in question, dis-believes, counterordered, condole with, had bone pick, changes one's mind, re-pealed, dialling back, dis-proves, countercheck, dis-confirmed, sticking to, dis-believed, reels in, re strained, be grudges, keep back, veto, dis avowing, re-calls, dis-believe, dis avows, dis affirmed, jumps ones case, calls in question, divorces from, altercate, swipes at, annul, dis-owning, re tract, nigging, dis card, draws in, hast change heart, picks bone, re buff, re-fused, pick bone, picking a bone, declaring null void, jumped on case, changed one's mind, goes back one word, jumped one case, withholds, dis affirms, flew in face of, be lying, oppose, retro graded, goes back word, dis affirming, with-drawn, hast change of heart, having bone pick, dialing back, jump on ones case, change ones mind, flies face of, going back on one's word, re moving, hadst bone to pick, divorce from, hadst change heart, go back ones word, dis-allows, dis-allowing, de clines, re-versed, threw the book at, turned back on, dis-avow, saying no to, dis-mantled, forget it, eat one words, dis-claiming, dis-confirming, flew in the face of, dis-credit, in validate, pin something on, dis-proving, dis confirms, hath change of heart, declared null and void, dis-carded, counter acting, contradict, de cline, drew in, jumped one's case, skin alive, counter checks, went back on ones word, re move, takes exception to, not bought, dis acknowledged, be-grudged, counterorders, de-cline, kick around, wormed out of, gainsay, upset, re-tracts, going back on one word, counter-order, flies the face of, counterchecks, console, re versing, negate, jumps on one case, divorces oneself from, cuts to shreds, re-buffing, hath bone pick, counter-acting, dis missing, go back word, flew the face of, re butting, dis-cuss, picks a bone, re tracts, re canted, impugn, Tarring, haddest bone pick, re fuses, disconfirmed, throwing the book at, backed out of, counterordering, dis avow, going back one's word, has bone to pick, hadst at, kicks around, kicked around, retro cede, dis-cusses, cutting shreds, jumping ones case, altercates, un-does, jumping on one's case, changing ones mind, de-clines, counter-ordered, divorcing from, turn back on, Counterchecked, bumps heads, dis-affirms, forgat it, cast doubt upon, dis-acknowledges, reject, dis-cussed, dis proved, go back one word, dis-cards, be-lying, dis acknowledges, in-validates, Altercating, refute, worming out of, un says, tar, dialed back, jumping on case, Trashed, de bating, recant, dis believes, in-validate, declaring null and void, re butted, pinning something on, re-dress, dialled back, thrashed out, de bated, with draws, not buys, hast at, be grudging, divorce oneself from, invalidate, reeling in, dis owned, re-moving, pulling back, dis-affirming, picked bone, throws book at, re-canting, declares null and void, bumped heads, with held, dis-believing, casts doubt upon, dis confirming, in validates, dis-allowed, Tabooing, dis allow, kicking around, dis proves, dis claimed, call question, un-did, changes mind, dis carding, change one's mind, throw doubt on, call on, undermine, changed one mind, counter-act, jumped on one case, forgets it, re ceding, have bone to pick, re-call, casting aspersions up on, eats one's words, turning thumbs down, de bate, dis-allow, has bone pick, have change of heart, go back on one's word, backing out of, jumping one case, says no to, dis-claim, dis-mantles, with-hold, goes back one's word, dis credits, flies in face of, dis-credits, re moved, went back on one word, taking exception to, ate one words, eats one words, counter-checked, cancels out, swearing off, dis-claimed, nixing, dis-avowed, re-dressing, dis claims, eat ones words, washed hands of, enjoin from, Mooting, thumbsed down, sticked to, dis cussing, Forgone, with-drawing, dis-crediting, de-bating, dis mantle, swiping at, dis-cussing, go back on ones word, skinned alive, reel in, divorced from, re-strain, thrash out, discepts, dis allowed, eating one's words, Discept, have change heart, re buffs, forgoing, changes one mind, with drew, re-verse, changing one's mind, re strains, Mooted, goes back on word, refuse, with holding, had change of heart, counter acted, call in to question, with holds, re cedes, flies in the face of, sware off, dis confirmed, undercut, sticked it to, dis prove, have at, calls question, disconfirm, Retrograded, in-validated, refuse to accept, re-dresses, changed mind, re peal, hadst bone pick, retro-grades, pick a bone, weaken, un done, be grudge, dis-carding, cuts shreds, jumping one's case, had change heart, dis-owned, thumbs nose at, unsay, sticks to, dis mantles, fly in the face of, counter check, had at, turn thumbs down, revoke, dis-missing, draw in, thrashing out, counter checking, re-strains, fly the face of, weasels out, dis cussed, withhold, forswear, thumb nose at, retro cedes, hath bone to pick, swiped at, turns back on, nixed, be-grudging, retro grades, changing mind, re-cedes, counter-acts, casting aspersions upon, dis allows, un-say, counter order, having change of heart, destroy, shatter, re calls, throwing book at, ate words, un did, skinning alive, hast bone to pick, dis cards, stuck it to, re dresses, be-little, dis mantled, have bone pick, flying in face of, changes ones mind, thumbses down, counter-checking, eating words, cast aspersions upon, re-ceding, flying the face of, going back word, forgetting it, re pealing, un-doing, disprove, re-treated, unsaying, dis-affirmed, dis-card, re-buffed, turn down, dial back, counter-ordering, dis acknowledge, going back ones word, discredit, go back one's word, re-tract, declare null void, jump on one's case, jumped case, forgot it, has at, dis believe, de-bate, keeps back, unsettle, picked a bone, contest, take exception to, counter checked, nigged, having bone to pick, enjoins from, dis owning, Tars, re pealed, re dress, weaseled out, backs out of, said no to, give up, Counterchecking, with draw, un saying, re-strained, throw book at, retro grade, re treating, refuse accept, counter orders, refused accept, setting aside, canceling out, with hold, re dressing, dis-mantling, dials back, re straining, sets aside, dis-cept, un-says, dispute, dis-affirm, be-lied, dis-acknowledged, turned thumbs down, deny, calling on, re-treating, jumps one case, change mind, retro grading, re canting, counter-orders, with-drew, re-move, dis-avows, went back word, flying face of, back out of, flying in the face of, re-butting, discepting, hast bone pick, reeled in, retro-ceding, fall back, moots, cutting to shreds, re-butted, thumbing nose at, casts aspersions upon, changed ones mind, pinned something on, throws doubt on, counter ordered, retro-grading, Tarred, go back on word, cast aspersions up on, threw book at, jumped on one's case, with drawn, turns thumbs down, in validating, not buy, worm out of, be-grudge, repudiate, dis cuss, counter ordering, with-held, retro-graded, counter acts, refusing accept, jump on case, dis-avowing, declares null void, called on, re fused, refuses accept, canceled out, cancelled out, jump one's case, thrashes out, thumbed nose at, haddest bone to pick, dis confirm, counter act, throw the book at, toss around, casts aspersions up on, eating ones words, dis cusses, tost around, goes back on one's word, tossing around, unsays, called in question, declared null void, went back one word, re calling, eating one words, dis missed, retro ceding, re-treats, taboo, weaseling out, cancel out, un say, dis-confirm, with drawing, hadst change of heart, re-moves, eat one's words, disconfirming, goes back on ones word, kept back, fly in face of, bump heads, haddest at, retract, re buffed, dis-mantle, took exception to, spurn, having at, counter-acted, Negativing, casting doubt up on, stuck to, throws the book at, un-saying, called question, dis claiming, refusing to accept, retro-cedes, refused to accept, tossed around, dis-acknowledge, be lied, swears off, counter-check, disavow, thumbsing down, enjoined from, refuses to accept, NIGS, dis credit, ate ones words, zinged, stick it to, haddest change of heart, re-straining, disallow, dis-prove, shake, hath change heart, re verse, de-bates, dis acknowledging, dis-missed, dis-confirms, de-bated, re fusing, un does, skins alive, disconfirms, re-canted, dis believed, re-called, controvert, having change heart, say no to, challenge, jumps on one's case, re-ceded, has change heart, go back on, throwing doubt on, sticks it to, disagree, going back on ones word, eats words, haddest change heart, changing one mind, pins something on, divorcing oneself from, dis affirm, ate one's words, nig, jumped ones case, disapprove, not buying, forsake, in validated, question, divorced oneself from, tosses around, Negatived, goes back on one word, dis-claims, dis credited, Altercated, re fuse, swore off, disclaim, calling in question, fly face of, with-holds, re treats, re-peals, dis claim, be little, re peals, re strain, has change of heart, discepted, dis-acknowledging, overthrow, picking bone, eats ones words, dis believing, had bone to pick, casts doubt up on, hath at, re-cede, calling question, de bates, re-buffs.