Pronunciation of Countermand
/kˈa͡ʊntəmˌand/, /kˈa‍ʊntəmˌand/, /k_ˈaʊ_n_t_ə_m_ˌa_n_d/

Antonyms for countermand

ex action, pro claims, marks out, re-presses, marked out, called the signals, overborn, over bear, sanction, presided over, Over-bearing, laying down law, ex-actions, calls upon, call up on, de-cree, overbore, pre-dominated, sub dues, approve, re-strain, ex act, over-ride, re pressing, call on, pro claimed, had authority, pre vail, calls up on, overbear, ex-act, gave orders, over bearing, sub-dues, hadst authority, co ached, calls the signals, pre-scribing, super-intend, re strained, lays down law, call signals, be hests, meet, de cree, pre dominated, called upon, super intend, over-bear, pre dominates, de-barring, calling the signals, exercising power, takes lead, de crees, mark out, ex acting, re press, be hest, having authority, forces up on, over-bore, command, over bore, pro-claiming, de-bars, expertisms, over-riding, pre cept, super intending, adjuration, prohibitions, called signals, holds office, re quire, de-bar, ex-acting, called up on, sent for, re quests, overborne, hold office, super-intends, calling on, laid down law, lays down the law, took lead, be-hests, super-vise, inter dict, forced up on, overbears, holding office, re quired, force up on, pre scripts, marking out, gives directions, pre-vailed, Enacting, super-intended, over bears, de barring, forcing upon, give directions, sending for, super vise, pre-dominating, inter diction, ex pertness, pre-cept, imperatives, pre vailing, ordinate, prohibit, knowhow, presides over, pre-dominate, enforce, preside over, de-barred, taking charge, pre-vail, taking over, have authority, allow, pre scribing, reigns over, re presses, puts foot down, re-quire, pre-vails, be-hest, take charge, de bars, send for, over rode, pre dominating, re pressed, put foot down, re quiring, re strains, re-quiring, requisitioned, over ridden, pre vailed, super visions, over-borne, sends for, ex actions, reign over, over-rides, took charge, call the signals, inter-diction, over-bears, calling up on, over-ridden, giving directions, over born, pre-script, pro-claims, re-straining, re-quests, permit, super intends, re-strained, super-visions, in junction, force upon, sub due, pre-dominates, reigned over, ex-pertness, sub-due, pre-scribed, re quires, called on, ex-acts, inhibits, in-junctions, forced upon, held office, gives orders, give orders, forcing up on, de bar, takes charge, ex-acted, hast authority, pre scribe, pre-scribes, expertism, inter-dict, co aching, adjurations, ordinating, super vised, takes over, over-born, call upon, pre script, re strain, forces upon, ordinated, enact, took over, calls signals, lay down the law, laid down the law, re-pressing, over riding, take over, ex-pertnesses, lay down law, ordinates, super intended, calling upon, pre vails, de barred, re-quires, co-ached, in-junction, exercised power, over ride, devoirs, reigning over, requirements, super-intending, de-crees, pro claiming, over rides, super vising, laying down the law, gave directions, super-vision, devoir, taking lead, ex pertnesses, calls on, ex acts, pre-scribe, pro claim, ex-action, pre dominate, putting foot down, super-vised, re-quired, haddest authority, giving orders, in junctions, re-strains, ex acted, over-rode, calling signals, co-aching, re straining.