Pronunciation of Cure
/kjˈʊ͡ə/, /kjˈʊ‍ə/, /k_j_ˈʊə/

Antonyms for cure

adjied, Indisposing, Shanked, relucts, pro-fanes, loses strength, de flowers, be-ached, is distasteful, going against grain, martyrizes, over-strain, relapse, using up, makes mess of, disimproving, hogtie, brings ruin, dis-agreeing, contuse, was on ones case, cuts to pieces, in-flamed, dis-obliged, de vitalize, bangs up, dis may, Downs, having had enough, de value, lose it, nit-picked, are on one case, de flowered, pre possessing, re-pulses, un-fits, dis quiets, indispose, dumping on, upset, overtaxing, Palsying, un-strengthened, dis-composes, bunging up, dis-ordered, de faming, leaned on, un settled, mangle, unfits, un-bracing, knife, dis gust, mis-shapen, de-basing, wracked up, draw blood, dis concerting, un-fitting, dis-graces, laying waste, dis-tressed, adjying, being one case, stir up, pushed around, dis posing, Hacking, radioactivations, dis feature, de-faced, de compose, ride roughshod over, un-strengthening, lose luster, breaks the heart of, be on one's case, de-means, de-creasing, crack, cut to pieces, dilapidate, drowsing, cuts to quick, dis-comforted, go against the grain, de spoil, Poisonings, Sabering, are unsuitable, in-commodes, rock boat, de-solated, maim, going downhill, spoilate, in-validating, de range, be grimed, give hard time, de-vitalizing, took apart, worsen, be smirches, dis honoring, de-filed, cast slur on, runs smear campaign, try patience of, tried the patience of, wound, dis-figures, de-grading, stop, in-validate, mis representing, de-spoils, de values, de spoiled, mis-represent, un nerve, in spired, Hashing, am on one case, de-scends, were tender, tore up, ex-asperate, loses it, go to pot, being unsuitable, am on one's case, deface, dis graces, dis-comforting, in-flames, made tough for, soften, goes to pot, booboos, dis honor, de-valuate, dis-members, make waves, keying up, dis qualified, de-solates, disagree, over-throw, ex-asperates, contamination, radio-activated, over turns, gnarl, gives bad name, make scene, dis composed, mis-used, doest a number on, de clines, over riding, de solates, dis coloring, de-composes, over-thrown, turns ones stomach, de-filing, didst violence to, went for jugular, went pot, dis-tresses, over whelming, goes against the grain, over-rode, dis oblige, nit-picking, steps on, fag, de forming, cutting to quick, de-ranges, be foul, nit-picks, de-flowering, are disturbing, de basing, loses interest, art sickening, am one case, de-stroy, de-compose, are on ones case, de-forming, puts sleep, contused, am disturbing, dis pose, Ribboning, were on one's case, maculating, dis limbing, puts out commission, leans on, malform, in spiring, dis-please, dis eases, left cold, furrowed, is one case, kiboshed, dis-limbed, be-smirched, de-tract, dis heartens, wearing away, Contusing, am ones case, scrabble, mayhemed, dis qualifying, has had enough, be-lied, nit pick, dis-credits, going against the grain, pre judges, de predates, de-composing, is worse for wear, brought to ruin, puts out action, in-spires, in conveniences, de-file, Martyred, Dulling, de-stroyed, makes discontented, being distasteful, running over, brake heart of, de-stroying, de-press, de-valuated, ex asperate, sidelined, in-flame, actioning, does violence, dis-orders, radioactivation, be-griming, de-moralizing, hits the skids, greasing palm, Scrabbling, tar, makes useless, overtaxes, shoot down, dis-armed, dis figured, dis concerts, growing weary, hacked up, ex-tracts, de-form, scuzz up, griming, losing strength, turn one's stomach, jigsaw, gimp, cutting to the quick, be case, ex cruciate, de face, de grading, be-wildered, ennuied, unstrengthening, de spoiling, gimping, de-composed, Palsies, banging up, evulses, dis member, blackens name, mis treats, under-mined, dis figuring, dis quieted, push around, dis posed, de meaning, Disfeature, dis quieting, begrimed, causes ennui, dis limb, mis represented, does wrong, up sets, stomping, chops down, ticked off, de predated, is on one case, be one's case, takes out of, mis shaped, was disturbing, tuckering out, bunged up, ex-asperating, de cry, dis-comfort, dulls, was ones case, indisposes, pile up, going to pot, in validates, wast on case, un-settling, dis-improve, brake the heart of, scrabbles, am case, goes for jugular, went downhill, imposed upon, dis-concerts, dis mays, be wildering, turned one's stomach, dis-honors, nit picking, tarnishes, turn stomach, be lied, disease, relucted, dis ease, de spoils, un strengthening, over-riding, dis pleasing, being worse for wear, pollution, de grades, hamstring, be-lying, dis-mayed, dis-enables, dis comforts, going stale, lacerate, Muddying, are on one's case, de-meaning, breaking the heart of, dis composing, ex asperating, dis tresses, Gnarling, ignore, dis-honor, took it out of, de crease, Trashed, dis members, dis qualifies, doing number on, stepping on, being disturbing, Scrabbled, rive, be-wilder, radioactivated, growing tired, makes a mess of, GIMPS, dis order, doing a number on, making bitter, goes the dogs, dis-graced, dis-featured, ennuiing, dis-composed, dis-gusting, in-disposed, pre-disposed, leant on, co loring, hurt, blackened name, be-grimes, be sickening, over turn, relucting, dis features, take out of, dilapidates, dis service, hash up, dis-coloring, pushes buttons, de vitalizes, puts out of action, does violence to, ticking off, uses up, de stroyed, get to, give black eye, dis tressed, keys up, be smirch, doest number on, re duce, over-worked, un nerved, chop down, piles up, dis-improved, being sore, over-whelmed, disfigure, laid a bad trip on, makes foul, dis-ease, martyrized, casting a slur on, pollute, piled up, gnarls, de-flower, over worked, keyed up, up-sets, tampering with, dis obliging, illtreatment, dis enabling, was tender, over strain, ex-asperated, ill treatment, un hinge, mis fortune, de moralizing, de predate, mis shape, bang up, put to sleep, de faces, evulsing, de-forms, in capacitating, imposing up on, dis-agrees, in disposed, kick around, dis commodes, unstrengthen, de-flowered, black and blue, were distasteful, de creases, dis torts, cast a slur on, in-conveniences, de-spoil, dost violence, dis comforting, caused ennui, de-faming, have had enough, is sore, de-mean, put out of commission, dis services, fail, am unsuitable, un-settled, hashed up, ill-treatment, dis mantle, doeth number on, were ones case, dis-member, evulsed, dost violence to, giving no quarter, stirred up, did violence, making foul, de-base, de-cays, de composes, be wilders, grimed, de-presses, problem, vitiate, mis-shaping, prickling, went against grain, pulls apart, distress, doeth violence to, adjy, trans fixt, under mining, trans-fixes, de solated, wast on one case, over ride, blistered, throw off balance, dis-comfits, Fagging, be sore, imposes upon, throwing monkey wrench in, took out, lost quality, dis commode, putting to sleep, black blue, over-taxing, makes waves, unbraced, over working, dis concerted, gave no quarter, un hinging, de-crease, dis-improving, over-ridden, de valuated, making discontented, did a number on, de-based, bringing to ruin, spoil, dis-integrates, go stale, hadst had enough, handle roughly, ruin, making scene, radio activate, de-grades, am disagreeable, was on one's case, dis featuring, fagged, queers, Rifting, tarnish, kicking around, dis heartened, jigsaws, de scend, ill treatments, dis figure, hit skids, de-cry, de moralizes, mistreat, dis-feature, dis colors, queered, neglect, Bankrupted, go pieces, dis-crediting, dis-agree, dumps on, making waves, un settle, Tarring, evulse, un-nerve, hitting the skids, de-stroys, under mined, mis represents, in-capacitated, out rages, dis please, goes against grain, relaxes, made a mess of, thumbed nose at, dis-tracts, Jagging, pre possess, be one case, be-grimed, slinging mud, tampers with, dis armed, under-mining, shivving, Sabered, over rode, disfeaturing, dis honored, hindrance, was disagreeable, de moralize, over throw, over tax, shivved, palsy, de stroy, opens up, doth a number on, debilitate, lay waste, spoilating, adjies, am sore, dis-fashioned, art tender, dis tract, radioactivating, re duces, loses quality, doing violence to, offend, cut quick, weary, hurting ones feelings, dis-pleasing, over throws, un-hinged, be ached, in-validates, dis graced, dis-maying, goes to dogs, be smirched, dis-quiets, wracks up, dis featured, dis agreeing, in-spired, hurts one's feelings, made sick, wert sore, drew blood, take it out of, cleaned out, pre-judges, takes apart, stirs up, torpedo, black and blues, dis limbed, obstruction, dis pleases, gets to, ex tract, dis-figure, contaminate, dis-gust, disco loring, retro graded, dis obliges, drowse, mis-represents, mis represent, nit-pick, de-tracts, stab, dis fashioning, break, muckrakes, does a number on, in commodes, be littles, wert distasteful, mis shapes, sink, dis-order, in fringe, dis-qualified, over-straining, taking apart, rottennesses, over-whelms, grieve, wrought over, over-strained, did wrong, over-works, dis-figured, dis agrees, muck up, bruise, cleaning out, de-valued, pre-judging, stirring up, was worse for wear, dis-fashioning, Beggaring, Dislimb, fire up, maculate, are ones case, dis limbs, went stale, dis-honoring, do violence to, un-hinge, be-fouled, mis-representing, dis-integrated, dis-obliging, be disturbing, give a bad name, dis-mantles, dis gusting, make useless, dis-limbs, dis-composing, dis improves, in validated, dirtyings, over-tax, mis-using, wreck, gash, goes dogs, were case, become worse, martyrize, hurts feelings, spoliations, mis-treat, mis treating, hurts one feelings, wast one case, went to dogs, disfeatured, over-turning, gave black eye, turning one's stomach, Beggared, mis-chiefs, in-spiring, were sickening, thumbing nose at, riding roughshod over, mis-represented, dis serves, maltreat, bung up, are tender, draws blood, dis-enable, handling roughly, be-foul, runs aground, bankrupts, dis-membered, burnt up, doth violence, shanking, de composed, de cay, dis-mays, firing up, in cline, de grade, re-duces, muddies, torn up, dis improving, dis maying, radio activates, grows tired, being on case, Overstrained, overtaxed, immobilize, de-feats, Beaching, unbrace, tries the patience of, mis shapen, had had enough, gave a bad name, muddied, lost interest, be fouled, in flaming, turn one stomach, leaved cold, be-littles, queering, Tarred, dis-colors, makes a scene, dis-comfit, are sore, dis-tress, going to dogs, dis-eases, dis mayed, blotching, dis-may, un-brace, over-strains, begrimes, impose upon, be-smirching, turning one off, in clines, de-pressed, made useless, be tender, go downhill, dis tort, pinions, un strengthen, be on one case, up-set, leaves cold, de files, grosses out, go against grain, doest violence, out-rages, de-cries, wert one's case, being disagreeable, wert one case, losing quality, dis-heartened, imposes up on, re-pulsing, dis-obliges, be on case, cut to the quick, grease palm, trying the patience of, takes it out of, retro-grades, dis-service, dis advantage, de-valuates, running aground, got to, lost it, de-grade, wrack up, Overstraining, knock around, pauperize, tamper with, dis-serve, dis-posed, de feat, illtreatments, psyching, up set, doth wrong, cripple, dump on, made mess of, in-disposes, de-cried, de-pressing, shiv, pulled apart, was one case, de-valuating, in-fringed, mis-shapes, leaved one cold, dis-concerted, de-predating, be worse for wear, lose interest, blacken name, breaking heart of, over strained, de predating, over ridden, disenabling, nit picked, ex asperates, de creasing, hurt one's feelings, de-vitalized, radio activations, radio-activate, didst violence, serrates, de ranging, is one's case, de fames, in-disposing, retro-graded, tampered with, disenabled, art case, dis-agreed, putting out action, burn up, DE Form, hurt one feelings, incapacitate, dis-grace, be-grime, leaves one cold, goes to the dogs, burned up, loses luster, batter, unbracing, in disposes, out raged, un hinges, brought ruin, blemish, torture, go to dogs, Blacked, dis-compose, un nerves, cut pieces, lays waste, de-creased, going the dogs, casts slur on, made ill, de-faces, wast on ones case, getting to, thumbs nose at, Hacked, de faced, in commode, sidelining, mis shaping, lose strength, be wilder, dis served, grossing out, dis composes, wert on one's case, dis comfits, be-fouls, leaning on, de facing, mangled, dis qualify, scar, wreaked havoc on, are one's case, going for jugular, grew tired, being on one case, didst number on, cuts pieces, zinged, throwing off balance, dis-heartening, de-predate, Rifted, dis grace, mar, Reluct, dis integrating, making useless, de valued, actioned, in-fringes, up setting, dis-integrating, over strains, dis compose, re pulses, Tars, pre-dispose, turning one stomach, dis-comforts, over-whelming, gives a bad name, over burdened, put out commission, dis-gusts, dis-features, over straining, impose up on, radio activation, disfashioning, gimped, doth number on, does number on, retrogrades, wast on one's case, puts to sleep, give bad name, made scene, putting out of commission, over whelm, de-moralizes, being ones case, be-smirch, pronged, radio activated, re-lax, de ranged, out-raged, rendered incapable, damage(s), depress, put out of action, over-burdening, didst a number on, prepossess, dis color, over-ride, over rides, handles roughly, dis enables, puts out of commission, unfitting, go for jugular, over turning, Dilapidating, dis obliged, dis mantled, mis-treats, is tender, bad mouth, de-vitalizes, dis-figuring, de feats, do violence, over whelms, go the dogs, rid roughshod over, in flames, dis colored, was one's case, am on case, pre-possess, be smirching, dost number on, did number on, de cries, retro grade, Retrograding, un braced, de scends, are sickening, de-cline, dis ordering, dis comfort, wracking up, pre-disposes, doeth violence, deteriorate, in-cline, dis credited, un brace, runs over, blockage, breaks heart of, did violence to, de presses, lost strength, de moralized, kicks around, un nerving, dis arming, be-little, in flamed, un-fitted, disimproved, gives a hard time, over thrown, de solating, malforms, radio-activates, turn ones stomach, wreaks havoc on, over throwing, dost wrong, goes downhill, rendering incapable, de-moralize, slung mud, wert on case, went against the grain, out-rage, greases palm, dis-served, Begriming, make a mess of, over burden, kicked around, radio-activating, didst wrong, threw off balance, wast disagreeable, muckraking, went to the dogs, de flowering, in fringes, laying bad trip on, dis-colored, mis treat, trans fixed, be distasteful, Disimprove, Lamed, envenom, re-pulsed, causing ennui, Furrowing, de-ranged, dis membered, am sickening, boo-boo, mucked up, pre-judged, mis-shape, overstrain, be ones case, pinion, de vitalized, be lying, are case, be fouls, injure, is disturbing, pro fanes, dost a number on, made a scene, dis-arms, step on, worked over, Lames, malforming, dis hearten, slander, do wrong, de scended, dis-commode, dis-pleased, retro grades, de-predates, making ill, in-capacitate, un fits, turned stomach, dis ordered, mis chief, un-strengthen, bring ruin, unfitted, fractured, un-nerving, over-burdened, dis mantling, dis enable, make a scene, dis integrate, pre possesses, hath had enough, losing interest, mis-chief, in fringed, un-settle, am tender, tearing up, de stroying, dis-mantle, dis fashions, claw, gat to, are one case, ran over, un-hinging, goes pot, were sore, sling mud, pushing around, dis-oblige, de cays, wert case, dis fashioned, laid waste, de valuating, hashing up, doest violence to, cuts to the quick, mucking up, destroy, de valuate, de pressed, hit the skids, dis orders, pre-possessing, be fouling, de-predated, opened up, FAGS, ran aground, radioactivates, over burdening, radio activating, over-burden, cleans out, dis-tract, threw monkey wrench in, dis-qualifies, de means, be wildered, cuts quick, is ones case, pre-possessed, un strengthens, dis-hearten, tried patience of, re pulsed, hurting one's feelings, made it tough for, re vile, am distasteful, running smear campaign, de solate, cutting quick, banged up, dis-advantage, boo-boos, leave cold, de-spoiling, cause ennui, open up, de file, trans-fixing, dis pleased, throwing balance, grew weary, retro grading, de-solate, damage, de pressing, unbraces, burns up, nit picks, dis-pleases, are distasteful, un-fit, turns one off, contuses, wast tender, turned one stomach, de mean, giving hard time, broke heart of, in validating, overtax, works over, un braces, Winging, ouching, be-fouling, de-graded, de-files, being on ones case, becoming worse, art worse for wear, wert sickening, be grimes, went the dogs, dis tress, be-wildering, dis agreed, slings mud, un fitting, Fracturing, dis-fashions, in-convenience, going pot, over whelmed, de-moralized, de-scended, makes ill, dis-quieted, Stranding, strumpeting, mutilate, cutting pieces, hog tie, losing shine, am on ones case, disfeatures, de flower, cut to quick, rides roughshod over, hits where one lives, ouched, shooting down, dis-ordering, in-capacitating, mis-fortunes, de press, dis comforted, strumpeted, unstrengthens, put out action, dis-limb, de-ranging, pre judged, un hinged, in dispose, hurts ones feelings, put sleep, disfashions, Laming, hacks up, Endamage, dis figures, dis-serving, un fitted, dis improve, shoots down, de stroys, went dogs, dis-gusted, gives no quarter, dis gusts, was distasteful, in spire, break heart of, be aching, wreaking havoc on, render incapable, wrong, un-hinges, de scending, injury, lean on, is sickening, co-loring, de cline, be-wilders, de filing, tear, be on ones case, pre disposes, were on ones case, martyrizing, run over, throw balance, pulling apart, ran smear campaign, trample, art sore, impair, mis treated, in spires, dis-pose, torpedoing, dis-commodes, in capacitated, Maculated, go dogs, de formed, de filed, dis tracts, Bankrupting, dis-mantling, pre dispose, Illtreat, Pinioning, disco-loring, radio-activation, pre possessed, de-feat, was on case, were disagreeable, wast worse for wear, dis integrates, in flame, in-spire, am worse for wear, drawing blood, taking out, hitting where lives, re pulsing, Unstrengthened, dis concert, de-valuing, de-crying, is on ones case, dis serving, going to the dogs, make bitter, deform, pull apart, fires up, losing luster, Disfashion, dis integrated, de-values, un settling, over-rides, trans-fixt, smash up, mucks up, wreak havoc on, thumb nose at, radio-activations, bringing ruin, spoilated, over-taxed, wert worse for wear, hit where one lives, un strengthened, bring to ruin, throw monkey wrench in, dis improved, are worse for wear, de composing, dis-heartens, was sickening, de-value, ticks off, imposing upon, mis using, Torpedoes, made foul, be unsuitable, trans fixes, prejudice, dis-posing, is disagreeable, weaken, de-cay, hurting one feelings, smashing up, dis-quiet, bungs up, dis-honored, pro fane, becomes worse, making a mess of, became worse, wrought havoc on, be griming, over-whelm, wert tender, de-range, being tender, de valuates, being one's case, dis honors, slash, try the patience of, hurting feelings, wast disturbing, Martyring, un bracing, dis fashion, am one's case, being sickening, lays bad trip on, dis credit, de graded, de-famed, dis-featuring, lost luster, over-throws, tick off, dis-improves, in-fringe, spoliation, wast sickening, whacked, tears up, dis-enabled, lay bad trip on, prickled, blotched, making it tough for, were one's case, being on one's case, over taxing, bushing, dis-fashion, de tract, shot down, went to pot, drowses, dis-concerting, renders incapable, cuts the quick, de-face, re lax, make mess of, disable, in validate, dis quiet, dis serve, doth violence to, blacking, imposed up on, de-solating, blackening name, stepped on, sting, disfashioned, de valuing, in capacitates, shipwrecks, going dogs, de-flowers, in capacitate, wast distasteful, chopping down, throws monkey wrench in, tear up, pain, maculates, lay a bad trip on, be disagreeable, was case, sicken, hurt ones feelings, dislimbed, grossed out, hack up, gotten to, badmouth, made discontented, up-setting, pinioned, clean out, taking it out of, losing it, gross out, de-spoiled, key up, is on one's case, dis-color, mis fortunes, hits where lives, de-facing, dumped on, de fame, dis mantles, de creased, gave a hard time, ex-cruciate, dis-credited, dis-enabling, dislimbs, splutter, un-strengthens, tuckers out, run smear campaign, give out, muckrake, de forms, art one's case, over taxes, out-raging, harm, de-formed, grow weary, trans fix, turning ones stomach, scuzzing up, de-scend, hacking up, torpedoed, corrupt, mis-treated, work over, roughhousing, handled roughly, scuzzed up, be grime, defile, dis-concert, make discontented, dis credits, de-vitalize, ill-treatments, overstrains, dis-quieting, pro-fane, dis-advantages, dis-qualify, be-aching, de crying, psychs, black blues, wert on one case, de-fame, dislimbing, de vitalizing, de famed, dis arms, brings to ruin, de cried, anguished, gives hard time, over works, dis-arming, un-braces, burning up, do number on, un settles, mis used, chopped down, dis enabled, ex-tract, make sick, disenable, die, dis agree, be-smirches, de tracts, over-taxes, doeth a number on, dis-tort, pre disposing, begrime, were on one case, took out of, de-fames, used up, dis gusted, making a scene, broke the heart of, de-clines, Pothering, dis comfit, in-validated, art disagreeable, in disposing, in-clines, de base, give no quarter, turns one stomach, use up, Retrograded, lost shine, run aground, doing violence, made bitter, were one case, disenables, are on case, were worse for wear, re-duce, mis chiefs, turning stomach, over-wrought, dis-limbing, Shipwrecking, hitting skids, Drowsed, dis-qualifying, de based, radioactivate, take apart, turned ones stomach, rode roughshod over, retro-grading, greased palm, pre judging, dis-mantled, hitting where one lives, are disagreeable, grow tired, makes scene, cut the quick, cutting to pieces, booboo, turned one off, over-turn, dis-torts, dis-credit, being case, giving a bad name, be little, disimproves, make it tough for, whacking, tucker out, re-vile, dis-integrate, dis crediting, Speared, flawed, art ones case, de-creases, making mess of, lays a bad trip on, wert unsuitable, casts a slur on, un-braced, left one cold, de ranges, opening up, turns one's stomach, dis-serves, de-scending, doing wrong, mayheming, makes it tough for, turns stomach, dis-gracing, dis gracing, spoilates, over burdens, dis-services, rottenness, over-throwing, lose shine, cutting the quick, making tough for, casting slur on, dis heartening, wast case, leaving one cold, art unsuitable, tries patience of, dis advantages.