Pronunciation of Current
/kˈʌɹənt/, /kˈʌɹənt/, /k_ˈʌ_ɹ_ə_n_t/

Antonyms for current

way back when, ante diluvian, pre historic, in-sipid, through, over-used, wornout, counterfeit, quadra-tical, passed on, gray-haired, horse and buggy, recti linear, venerable, back when, be-lated, future, narrow minded, most reeking, in-valid, pre-existent, yester-days, most old-fangled, out-of-fashion, done, more cliche-ridden, olden, more feudal, more captivating, substratal, more right angled, more aforementioned, more expired, more suffocating, over-worked, more yesterday, un derived, re-tired, more out of fashion, boxy, most suffocating, most gray-haired, Oversoon, old-fashioned, under developed, anterior, spurious, more playedout, over worked, not with it, most dissolved, orthogonal, more anachronous, un prejudiced, most nonliterate, terminated, more oldschool, unventilated, warmed over, in-opportune, out-of-style, most untutored, unusual, most drudging, most precursory, in firmest, nonstandard, apocryphal, at top, timehonored, un founded, self important, pre-existing, more unremembered, more bypast, worn down, most rectilinear, most oversoon, exceptional, more unventilated, anachronistic, long lived, most old-hat, more reeking, non-partisan, old goat, in terminable, uncommon, worn-down, more abovementioned, time honored, most demoded, out-dated, ago, de-mode, mis spent, most zestless, finished, dis-integrated, un-developed, unstylish, yester day's, concluded, most equal sided, equilateral, more frittered, more equalsided, of old school, quaint, atavistic, more on-the-level, most old-school, of old, in-active, most ahead, mis used, fore going, cast-off, dried up, most on-the-level, grown old, been around, more equal sided, un trained, un sophisticated, dis-used, more zero, most outworn, pushing daisies, most before, ex-animate, fossilized, most elapsed, dinosaur, more squandered, pre-historic, more annihilated, unmodernized, more long ago, passe, of the old school, oldie, un usable, characterless, most disappeared, most right-angled, de-stroyed, back, more above-mentioned, more eradicated, most staying, more above mentioned, re-eking, in opportune, geriatric, most unvaried, worn, in valid, in animate, most well established, most shifted, antiquarian, strait laced, forever, too soon, more dried-out, zestless, gave ghost, most forever, dragger, out dated, most misused, unconventional, creaky, more forever, primitive, most long-ago, most mildewy, lost, more oldworld, un cultured, most goneby, un usual, most preliterate, right angled, over due, discarded, most aforementioned, previous, dead and gone, most gone by, fusty, antiquated, in-firmest, more dried out, unevolved, over early, well-worn, outmoded, fictitious, more vestigial, driedout, more nothing, most whilom, most old world, most split, more gray-haired, creakiest, most orthogonal, more ahead, stereo typed, more wellestablished, most demode, more right-angled, most rectangular, more old-school, yester day, right-angled, un-fashionable, more precedent, off the beaten track, most cast-off, de stroyed, most fossilized, at the summit, un-usual, most totaled, most oldworld, out-of-date, de-camped, more old fangled, more unevolved, un timeliest, antique, aforementioned, more abolished, most unremembered, more fossilized, long standing, nonextant, dried out, more fossil, played-out, most old school, goneby, un-domesticated, more whilom, retired, more quadratical, most right angled, most away, in-animate, well worn, dated, more humorless, most sportspersonlike, old-world, more anachronistic, most runoff, EXER, more busted, long-ago, more disappeared, out of fashion, yester-day, most substratal, past ones prime, most cliche-ridden, dis used, long ago, more old-hat, nonliterate, archaic, most preexisting, more long-ago, non partisan, more cliche, most well-established, puffy, more mildewy, more preliterate, overearly, primeval, more enfeebled, un cultivated, dead gone, more played-out, dis-appeared, most zero, wellestablished, more has been, disused, out window, more untutored, motheaten, most old-world, in-firmer, more run off, down memory lane, un derivative, more staying, most nothing, more underivative, most squared, most pinched, former, ageold, more old hat, most above-mentioned, more dinosaur, un tamed, had it, more castoff, more disused, re cent, more ex-, more driedout, kaput, wrung out, obsolete, most grayhaired, most perished, most ex-, turned dust, more old school, run off, castoff, more out of style, un enlightened, Latterday, dis solved, un-original, most played out, exanimate, historical, prim proper, over-early, up-hill, dis-approved, more geriatric, no more, not modern, non-literate, has-been, most out of style, most quit, long lasting, un evolved, more well established, out of style, more oldish, most flown, un-varied, out date, dis carded, most decamped, most wellworn, de ceased, most worn-down, un remembered, most precedent, taken a powder, well established, late, un tutored, age old, quadratical, more relic, gone, completed, gone by, mis-spent, more time-worn, un-civilized, most quadratical, most oldfangled, sportspersonlike, re tired, more pinched, creakier, fore-going, turned to dust, oldhat, wellworn, more oldhat, sub-stratal, lot of mileage, dis-solved, latter day, un-ventilated, most eradicated, most annihilated, un timelier, non-extant, more sometime, behind times, most wellestablished, most worn down, on-the-level, pre existent, extraordinary, longago, most underivative, ex terminated, up hill, more devastated, more played out, more orthogonal, like dinosaur, behind one, most nowhere, out of it, most disused, most nonextant, gone-by, squarish, more gone by, more nowhere, more dissolved, pegged out, most dried-out, ageless, most demolished, ancient, most enfeebled, most driedout, most has-been, more squared, more longago, noncurrent, boring, more worn down, out style, most worndown, ended, un-trained, over and done, more flown, more cliche ridden, most old fangled, time worn, oldish, most cliche ridden, yesterday's, longlasting, most gray haired, more oldfangled, most oldschool, more demode, medieval, more well worn, most unstylish, skyward, off beaten track, untutored, age-old, most cliche, more split, yesterday, gray haired, more unstylish, most squandered, most disintegrated, most well worn, underived, ho hum, run-off, more old world, most captivating, most cast off, more substratal, underivative, used up, most feudal, most unventilated, precursory, de parted, pre existing, most humorless, antediluvian, un timely, most expired, not current, oldtime, pre ceding, more dinged, most out-of-style, un biased, most underived, heavenward, boxiest, few miles on, oldfangled, re-mote, more brutish, pre cursory, most preexistent, bombest, un-enlightened, of long standing, de-ceased, un-exciting, in firm, more old-fangled, un-timeliest, in-terminable, most passed, most shot, more precursory, more boxlike, more foursquare, more hasbeen, unborn, out it, pre literate, most out of fashion, more totaled, yester days, gave up the ghost, abnormal, un-learned, most oldie, un-cultivated, burned up, more grayhaired, more gray haired, out worn, musty, preexistent, more overearly, not sign of, ante-diluvian, more ex, more ago, more oversoon, de cent, outdated, baseless, deceased, more zestless, olden days, dis-placed, more shifted, prehistoric, most bypast, most played-out, more preexistent, most well-worn, unpopular, in firmer, re moved, un civilized, at summit, taken leave, over-soon, more disintegrated, more worndown, has been, most frittered, most gone-by, rightangled, vintage, most oldhat, yester-day's, most brutish, Whilom, more cast off, timeworn, pre-ceding, most abolished, more rightangled, un-tutored, prim and proper, vestigial, nowhere, more above, un stylish, most sometime, most quadratic, most has been, cliche ridden, buttondown, way back, un-evolved, un-warranted, past prime, more out-of-style, most dinged, old fashioned, ex animate, old-school, preexisting, un-usable, un fashionable, up, along in years, de-parted, more disapproved, gave the ghost, more perished, like a dinosaur, un-derivative, of yore, antecedent, uncontemporary, be lated, not a sign of, forgotten, old-fangled, Stenchy, repetitious, unremembered, over-due, more old-world, bygone, most unevolved, more oldie, coming, most equal-sided, not young, past one's prime, most anachronistic, most overearly, exploded, more run-off, most equalsided, dis approved, un-timelier, more time worn, most ex, warmedover, more drudging, more passed, un original, most yesterday, most ago, false, brutish, more away, old time, most busted, un refined, most run-off, un-derived, more wellworn, over, humorless, more elapsed, Old World, button down, out the window, most on the level, gave up ghost, most quadrate, under-developed, more runoff, un-timely, corny, un-cultured, pushing up daisies, most playedout, of olden days, rectangular, old fangled, un-taught, more quit, at the top, more gone-by, worse for wear, more misused, out of date, not here, remote, more quadratic, in sipid, oldschool, more well-worn, hoary, disputed, at apex of, dis appeared, sub stratal, more nonextant, more rectangular, cliche-ridden, non extant, broken down, equal-sided, unvaried, immemorial, most hasbeen, veteran, most time worn, more outworn, too early, past, un-founded, ex, more cast-off, most squarish, under-lying, cliched, stuffy, stale, at the apex of, by-gone, more out-of-fashion, mis-used, timeless, most above, most out-of-fashion, dried-out, un exciting, long gone, more exanimate, most run off, more demolished, more on the level, back number, more out of date, time-worn, more equilateral, more preexisting, most old hat, Mildewed, most castoff, oldfashioned, most time-worn, with-drawn, feudal, most dinosaur, prior, more sportspersonlike, hasbeen, boxier, most fossil, un ventilated, de-cent, unauthorized, most consumed, draggest, dis integrated, longstanding, fabulous, most characterless, more shot, un-prejudiced, more has-been, ex-, square, stenchier, un interesting, most disapproved, taken powder, most frayed, worndown, over soon, de mode, with drawn, most vestigial, more decamped, most longago, inter-minable, down drain, longlived, dis-carded, un-remembered, more atavistic, un-stylish, re eking, ex-terminated, historic, de camped, most exanimate, most anachronous, un taught, more goneby, horse buggy, most geriatric, over used, demoded, ages ago, un varied, more consumed, in order, along years, oldworld, old-hat, most devastated, un-tamed, more worn-down, dis placed, most long ago, most relic, played out, by gone, more quadrate, old, over done, more demoded, more underived, un-refined, boxlike, mildewy.