Pronunciation of Dally
/dˈali/, /dˈali/, /d_ˈa_l_i/

Antonyms for dally

dis appeared, steamrolls, gooses, flying the coop, whish, ex-cite, work, Careering, be wilders, dis-tract, lose no time, Careered, dis quieting, bowl, with draws, de camping, be-wilders, got a move on, un-hinges, fly, shaking a leg, work on, plunged ahead, get lost, used elbow grease, make haste, acted upon, putting to, overtake, in spire, strain, whisk, make break, makes scarce, railroading, art quick, applied oneself, dis-tracts, offload, struggle, trans ported, accelerate, dis-concerting, ex cites, un settled, getting going, bestir, trans-pose, ex-cited, was quick, get cracking, dart, dis-locate, dis compose, be-wilder, fly the coop, over works, makes a break, is quick, hasten, de-part, zip, dis-composed, be wilder, run like the wind, dis-concerts, dis-appears, festinate, gets a move on, dogged it, un-hinged, putting up to, de camped, making break, de-parting, with drawn, dis composing, move fast, re move, gat lost, dis appear, dog it, run, runs like the wind, Sallying, with-drawn, scram, with-drawing, be stirred, dis quiets, hump, gets away, de camp, dis composes, skedaddle, cutting run, flew the coop, be-wildering, breeze, gat going, dis locates, un-settling, ran its course, in-duce, tore out, de parts, sped up, out-stripped, re locates, re-locate, flies the coop, in spires, put to, labor, spiriting up, Hurries, flurry, barrelled, turns on steam, with drawing, Shepherding, dis concerts, exert, making scarce, are conscientious, un hinges, ex-cites, skipping out, in spired, bustle, re-moves, using elbow grease, dis-locating, goes like wind, move, were conscientious, dis quieted, de-parts, beelined, un-settled, out-stripping, up set, running like wind, in duce, de camps, Hasting, peg, makes tracks, be stirs, re located, over burden, getting a move on, be-stirring, de parting, went like wind, dis locating, shook a leg, running its course, get a move on, got lost, sweat, J, goes like lightning, acting up on, flies coop, runs like wind, ran like wind, cuts and run, scud, beelining, off loaded, off-loaded, dis concerting, hightailed it, makes short work of, gat a move on, dogging it, re moved, up setting, dis-appeared, go like wind, re-located, dis-compose, outrun, turning steam, turned on steam, am conscientious, de-camp, fly coop, scramble, cut run, in duces, JS, tare out, off-loads, run its course, gets lost, gotten a move on, made short work of, steps it, ex citing, loses no time, moil, trans posed, Hasted, be-stirred, locomoting, act up on, de-parted, off load, over working, make tracks, leaning on, in-duces, leg it, shakes leg, jog, speed up, flew coop, dis quiet, dis-quieting, slipped away, dis appearing, in-spiring, un hinged, heading for, with-draw, Barreling, barreled, hotfoot, outstrip, smoking, running like the wind, take flight, legs it, dis-quiet, spirits up, dis concert, make a break, un-hinge, whiz, in-spires, locomotes, puts to, in-spire, Jed, spirit up, be conscientious, shaking leg, hurrying up, gets going, un settles, apply oneself, finish, offloaded, step on it, gets cracking, speed, moving fast, stepped on it, quicken, off loads, trans pose, un-settle, re-locating, dis-appear, be-stirs, shake leg, Fussing, dis locate, got going, applying oneself, be quick, re moving, shagging, put up to, hurried up, is conscientious, leaned on, getting away, out strips, speeds up, travail, steps on it, over worked, race, made time, art conscientious, whishes, cuts run, dis concerted, speeding up, heads for, made tracks, railroaded, trans-posing, getting cracking, tears out, hightails it, out-strip, gotten away, hustle, re locate, ex cite, get going, making haste, Sallied, torn out, be wildered, gotten cracking, made a break, make time, gat away, Barrelling, over-burden, Make short work of, steps gas, dash, Bestirred, got move on, stepping on it, de-camped, wert conscientious, gat cracking, goes like the wind, un settle, gat move on, re locating, de parted, steps on gas, steamrolled, go like lightning, turning on steam, turn on steam, steamrolling, wast quick, getting lost, grub, going like the wind, Fleeted, dis appears, worked on, made break, acts up on, un-hinging, step gas, losing no time, hurries up, leans on, stepped on gas, bulleting, make scarce, lost no time, over burdening, step on gas, use elbow grease, trot, act upon, making oneself scarce, plunge ahead, course, complete, drive, rush, be-stir, gotten lost, stepping gas, bulleted, un settling, push, stepped gas, takes flight, goosed, dis-concerted, stepping on gas, stepped it, up-set, uses elbow grease, headed for, be stirring, over-works, shags, plunges ahead, acted up on, made scarce, am quick, shakes a leg, went like lightning, Fussed, un hinging, dis located, catch up, being conscientious, makes haste, legged it, goes away, get move on, grind, flying coop, hurry up, Winging, head for, went like the wind, wast conscientious, ex cited, outpace, drudge, turn steam, making short work of, going like wind, over-worked, Shepherded, de-camping, get away, shake a leg, skip out, skipped out, works on, puts up to, de part, re-locates, dis composed, go, hightail, up-sets, over-burdening, off-loading, dis tract, hightail it, ran like the wind, step it, toil, whishing, with draw, over burdens, over-wrought, whirl, were quick, go like the wind, acting upon, wrought on, be wildering, dis-appearing, making tracks, offloads, dis-composing, was conscientious, dis-located, dogs it, makes oneself scarce, leant on, dis-quiets, up sets, leave, applies oneself, dis tracts, working on, put out, in spiring, hightailing it, turned steam, Bestirring, be-wildered, runs its course, re-move, locomoted, got away, rip, re-moving, wert quick, acts upon, goosing, dis-locates, taking flight, cut and run, whished, gotten going, un hinge, makes time, tear, making a break, making time, de-camps, being quick, in-spired, slip away, over-burdened, dis-concert, bestirs, gets move on, slipt away, going like lightning, Jing, turns steam, stampede, made oneself scarce, make oneself scarce, out strip, made haste, with drew, out-strips, be stir, dis-composes, stepping it, hurry, shag, over burdened, barrel, legging it, skips out, with-drew, are quick, dis-quieted, cutting and run, moves fast, steamroll, going away, up-setting, lean on, spirited up, slips away, speeded up.