Pronunciation of Deep
/dˈiːp/, /dˈiːp/, /d_ˈiː_p/

Antonyms for deep

explicable, unmistakable, in considerable, sharp, slow, explicit, most smattery, Depthless, onedimensional, momentary, straightforward, determined, in-considerable, Peeping, out side, un sounder, un-sound, colorless, shallower, wishy washy, Inobservant, more quick-fix, knowable, mild, patent, moderated, lost, shallow, incompletely, abstracted, sure, faraway, short-term, on the surface, un-soundest, one dimensional, top-pest, manifest, clear, definite, apathetic, shoalest, most quickfix, facial, alleviated, ignorant, un thinking, self-explanatory, on surface, oblivious, blunt, light, slight, transparent, flashest, level, quiet, ephemeral, honest, slightly, moderate, appreciable, frothy, open, open-and-shut, un sound, stupid, penetrating, strident, bright, more warped, un-critical, blatant, qualified, most depthless, firm, plain, high-pitched, frivolous, limited, soft, perspicuous, simple, tip iceberg, flush, diminished, uncritical, dull, dreamy, unambiguous, palpable, sur face, hazy, lightly, impermanent, skin deep, confined, nonambiguous, daydreaming, pellucid, tinny, un-sounder, apparent, toned, more quick fix, clear-cut, earsplitting, fathomable, most quick-fix, weak, restricted, more smattery, cheerful, artless, certain, absent, in-attentive, trivial, plane, interim, narrow, pale, most warped, tangible, transient, flighty, eased, decreased, intelligible, lucid, legible, temporary, unimportant, accessible, flat, surface, piercing, poor, shelfer, un critical, distracted, direct, unequivocal, more covering, colourless, even, measured, uninterested, piping, little, un-thinking, wishywashy, lessened, more depthless, smooth, tip of iceberg, provisional, unfocused, brief, shelfest, self-evident, acute, more quickfix, tip the iceberg, smattery, skindeep, shoaler, understandable, preoccupied, happy, defined, fleeting, remote, feeble, sur-face, easy, strong, contiguous, emptyheaded, exoteric, absentminded, exact, squealing, visible, more facial, disinterested, obvious, superficial, evident, known, exalted, horizontal, reduced, empty headed, comprehensible, adjacent, two-dimensional, foggy, circumscribed, aboveboard, most covering, quickfix, adjoining, most quick fix, tip of the iceberg, short-lived, unintelligent, finite, frank, distinct, inattentive, subdued.