Pronunciation of Definite
/dˈɛfɪnət/, /dˈɛfɪnət/, /d_ˈɛ_f_ɪ_n_ə_t/

Antonyms for definite

in conclusive, not fitting, more unchallenged, unbolted, more uncluttered, over cast, most debateable, un just, in-secure, not kosher, more speeding, shortspoken, more full-out, dis posed, more unprecise, in explicable, Substract, un believable, un common, more crepuscular, at odds, most dithering, mutable, un-anticipated, indecisive, most paradoxical, more aporetic, jumbo, under hand, un-quiet, most unthought, running hot cold, un-mannerly, aimless, more amphibological, more muted, Willy nilly, un apparent, more on the fence, lukewarm, more tremorous, rimiest, in-direct, uneasy, ex-acting, extramural, unguided, most described, most unproven, more fluctuating, wall-to-wall, most unlatched, enlarged, Ringent, more presupposed, open for consideration, more agnostic, on ones guard, un planned, in-choate, more evensteven, neverending, incomplete, in the middle, weak, most forceless, most scaredy-cat, dubious, most grudging, most enslaved, reedy, most unsealed, in glorious, all encompassing, more synoptic, un-peaceful, in definite, mis trustful, un-fixed, out on limb, more unhewn, more unquestioned, unassured, most postulated, un-conscious, trans-parent, un justest, at variance, un convincing, Multivocal, dis-solute, un-real, reedier, intangible, most loosened, on one guard, more unfocused, un clasped, un-safe, of two minds, tester, more alfresco, unwrought, unanswered, no strings, lacking confidence, more bearish, in securest, most allencompassing, un-known, unsecured, most scaredy cat, in numerable, more asunder, running hot and cold, most unshackled, undetermined, in-conceivable, exploratory, most unpinned, un-sure, mercurial, most codified, not fixed, more uncaged, more substract, lock stock and barrel, sophistical, allembracing, more blurred, un firm, more doubtable, most temporizing, most substract, un-occupied, on own, in the abstract, more presumed, more instanced, more unengaged, unfirmest, out gas, most anguished, casuistical, more unnumbered, un-methodical, dis orderly, unsure, up-front, more dissenting, un-noticed, un-confined, clammed up, un-clearer, cross grained, incalculable, lay on the line, weakkneed, at one's feet, hot cold, re-cognized, twofaced, most designless, in significant, substantial, more satellite, broad, un guided, in-securer, most multivocal, all aquiver, dithering, unreserved, irresolute, tenuous, flukest, un truest, unfixed, un-trammeled, most vexed, most unaimed, opendoor, weak-kneed, farreaching, on fence, un-plugged, whole shebang, most unchallenged, most directionless, dis engaged, going for broke, more grudging, hot and cold, in dispute, more codified, more ideational, fullout, in-tangible, un-concealed, Postulated, bound by, untrammeled, un supported, scraggy, re moved, more probably, un tutored, in effectual, in comprehensible, enigmatical, more matter of course, in exhaustible, un-guided, ambiguous, Tranced, wrinkly, un-poised, more unpinned, more rattled, unpeaceful, un-sound, un-firmer, mis taken, in quandary, dis-interested, unspecified, in-clement, more dissembled, dis honest, more undetailed, un-fettered, dis mayed, re strained, more subaltern, in-substantial, unreliable, conditional, most subjugated, up-setting, most unengaged, goalless, comprehensive, more refutable, uncaged, more extramural, more unthought, un-healthiest, great, non committal, imprecise, dis heartened, most baffled, un trustier, un-truer, more contended, most stifled, un obstructed, more scaredy-cat, most glace, in sweat, super temporal, most unshut, more dawdling, more balloon, un solved, more chapped, indeterminate, dis closed, Fluctuant, sweeping, cross-grained, Unprecise, un foreseen, most unlevel, not clear, dis graceful, unthought, more up-front, in discriminate, more indeterminable, Driftless, un healthy, dis connected, in famous, un-eventful, in securer, fits starts, dis-quieted, more choked, dis ordered, dis-engaged, most umbrella, more unshut, in-disposed, buttoned up, goodly, betwixt between, wimpier, more mingled, wideopen, undisguised, fluker, tippy, un-firm, in determinable, contestable, most uneager, most teetering, wiggly, most even-steven, in-definite, un scientific, dis-mayed, free wheeling, most untutored, more pilot, un safe, Butterflies, in-securest, out standing, dis-cursive, paradoxical, more vexed, most butterflies, squally, more pussyfooting, Unfashioned, super-temporal, most dawdling, rimier, in tangible, ill defined, un-common, uncritical, betwixt and between, in-distinguishable, be had, more open air, most attenuated, dis-organized, most fluctuant, chapped, most buffeting, up in air, un-trustiest, in elegant, more on-the-fence, most unconfirmed, dis-composed, more goalless, most scaredycat, un-blocked, in congruent, most unpeaceful, transitional, most up-front, Half-hearted, un-paid, most testing, more unconfident, un answered, un folded, not settled, far reaching, bumper, most openair, in calculable, pro-visionary, un-clasped, largish, more weak-kneed, freethinking, more all encompassing, most bated, most quaking, spoter, un-stipulated, un-premeditated, un clearer, most breviloquent, more stridulent, hulking, ideational, un-refined, unconvinced, most unshorn, more unbolted, most free-wheeling, more unrefuted, all owed, most presupposed, helter skelter, most pussyfooting, pro visionary, beyond number, un-intentional, most chapped, more evading, un mannerly, off the hook, undecided, tippier, un defined, more glace, between sixes sevens, unapparent, untrusty, hazy, freespirited, most weaving, between sixes and sevens, un-cut, with strings attached, most bits-and-pieces, hemming hawing, un counted, untutored, hard to believe, in-firmer, in-accurate, un devised, lay line, more unhampered, un-substantiated, de-scribed, more anguished, wiggliest, granted certain terms, multi-vocal, brambliest, un reasonable, un concerned, dis-honorable, most weak-kneed, un stabler, provisionary, un substantial, un directed, un willing, un respectable, on thin ice, Asperous, far off, sur face, allencompassing, unproven, oversize, SHOW-ME, lay on line, more crossgrained, in credible, more unmethodical, controversial, inconsistent, more errable, un decided, more liberated, un bound, in-coherent, more unpeaceful, un focused, in-consistent, all-encompassing, un trusty, un resolved, most muttering, in-explicable, free, in-voluntary, in dependent, muzzier, un-respectable, more fluctuant, alive with, unmethodical, more emptied, dis sonant, whole, most freespirited, more fuliginous, more dehiscent, infinite, un noticed, ideological, un shaped, un-ending, more all-embracing, not partial, most zero, un-answered, more characterless, un easy, under advisement, more unshorn, most freethinking, probationary, un confirmed, more unhooked, un confident, most ideational, most uncaged, most purported, tumultoustumultuous, contingent, haphazard, in-formal, voluminous, more contestable, de-laying, more stifled, more ashake, un-faithful, un burdened, multi vocal, in-terminable, most guessed, un-firmest, any old way, most muted, short lived, in question, blobbiest, more harassed, most unexplicit, hazardous, more unburdened, un-restrained, more ringent, more zipped, unspecific, un tied, half hearted, un restricted, de laying, subject, un refined, loose, as a premise, open to doubt, most evading, un conscious, in scrutable, shifting, unsettled, most unhewn, hush hush, most unrespectable, more piano, all-embracing, lay it the line, more prevaricating, in-delicate, more obfuscous, nodular, ill mannered, bulky, most wall-to-wall, most ashake, un fathomable, more formalistic, circuitous, over due, most unshaven, un-predictable, un-natural, not specific, more designless, ex plosive, more unrevealing, more rootless, all over map, more foreboding, implied, un-pleasant, in-dependent, un shackled, in advertent, more controvertible, more waffling, most unhooked, wimpy, in-credulous, un-musical, most casuistic, un-trustworthy, Doubtable, most stonewalling, more all-encompassing, in conspicuous, dis-graceful, most unsecured, more undirected, most encircling, Supertemporal, without belief, puzzling, in nocent, bone contention, more muttering, un heard, most unstipulated, un-obstructed, more debateable, out of focus, meta-physical, more up front, Amphibological, open debate, be wildering, in-calculable, roughhewn, un-expected, more supertemporal, up for grabs, dis trustful, most supertemporal, more stochastic, unresolved, most ringent, un-likelier, most yawning, in formal, palpitant, dis-closed, tremorous, more containing, in voluntary, un hampered, de-pendent, in sensible, more forever, in corporeal, more bated, Codicillary, more equivocating, un-equal, in-definable, un sound, un-clearest, hesitant, on one's own, most formalistic, in-congruent, unlatched, more hot and cold, un earthly, ex tended, implicit, un-easy, most attenuate, in-finite, Nubilous, more formularized, more shuffling, mis-leading, most jellylike, touch go, out-spoken, stopgap, most unprecise, on-the-fence, most equivocating, un sounder, most free wheeling, in conflict, un processed, un-classifiable, outer-most, universal, most all embracing, more scaredycat, in-congruous, more pretending, un-impeded, un-stablest, provisional, out-door, un-dependable, Conjecturable, most disquieted, most blustering, un selective, most bits and pieces, unrevealing, lilylivered, in abstract, more middle ground, under-handed, out focus, most bleared, un hewn, more unpoised, un-tutored, public, formalistic, more open-air, most clashing, more unclasped, as premise, un-considered, incorrect, un countable, most bearish, un-solved, like skating rink, un systematic, more uninformative, more uneager, out of earshot, more purported, in dither, most patulous, ample, faint hearted, equivocal, weak kneed, more loosened, un structured, in accurate, most polysemous, in lap gods, un-truest, more middle-ground, un-sounder, unfirmer, not absolute, more nubilous, not particular, un-usual, more disheartened, open discussion, inter-minable, in clouds, un specified, mis-trustful, hefty, fore-boding, un steady, in middle, more unfixed, well known, fancyfree, un-caged, most indeterminable, more temporizing, un-organized, across the board, most unburdened, most eluding, un classifiable, more generalized, un responsive, inclusive, slippery, doubtful, most free-spirited, most allowed, un known, dis-connected, in estimable, all inclusive, short spoken, hypothetical, more unnerved, more playing, unstipulated, most vagrant, in direct, more vagrant, more unconfirmed, un dependable, more guessed, most even steven, fore boding, sub best, most disclosed, more weak kneed, in-conspicuous, Securable, dis organized, un-determined, uni-versal, more provisionary, in theory, dis-posed, inestimable, extensive, un safest, pre-carious, in-glorious, more buffeting, out-standing, between rock hard place, in-soluble, un earthlier, full out, not prayer, un firmest, impugnable, more getable, in a quandary, un trustworthy, un easier, un-easiest, un impeded, the works, borderline, more multivocal, un-systematic, erratic, more questioning, more frequent, pre-supposed, more faint-hearted, un completed, Vagarious, most unfashioned, most dissenting, un scrupulous, most contestable, most generalized, most upfront, un likeliest, un peaceful, inexhaustible, un-selective, most astraddle, Patulous, over-due, most containing, more jellylike, more baffled, wishy washy, un-cluttered, without limit, most unquestioned, most harassed, more trustless, in distinct, un fashioned, most revealed, in-firmest, vast, most exploratory, most rent, un disguised, un-wrought, sizable, un chastest, most mongrel, reluctant, most cross-grained, questionable, more described, un stipulated, un engaged, un-convincing, more unaimed, most tranced, un-processed, hard believe, un furled, in finite, un-dressed, most million, most middle ground, volatile, cryptic, more attenuated, between rock and hard place, unlevel, un accountable, forceless, scaredy cat, in-credible, unconcluded, restricted, meta physical, un stable, most middle-ground, un-assured, unintelligible, fits and starts, end angered, de-signless, un-shaped, undiscriminating, most faint hearted, more deadened, more unsupported, show me, in-explicit, most codicillary, most tormented, not posted, most unrefuted, more showme, most free spirited, most transitional, in harmonious, un fettered, most phantom, no end to, most shuffling, never ending, ex-tended, un-cultured, more blustering, unlimited, directionless, most open-air, out of gas, un-prejudiced, out door, most forever, re-leased, un determined, no end of, most asperous, subject change, most agape, verging on, un detailed, un eventful, un-regulated, un juster, scaredy-cat, more show-me, plain spoken, un-counted, trial, most unguided, Objectless, most slackened, un safer, un-substantial, most roughhewn, debateable, most aside, un convinced, most dissembled, in-communicable, un feeling, most faltering, hypo-thetical, un nerved, unmeasured, most unconcluded, rough and ready, dis composed, more unanticipated, un faithful, hypo thetical, un-trustier, close to, in communicable, un-chaste, global, un-dissembled, in a cold sweat, open and shut, un restful, general, all nerves, most comprehending, Imperceptive, un interested, most unfateful, un-reliable, unnumbered, more comprehending, un assured, most unnumbered, un steadier, whacking, full-out, in-elegant, free-spirited, fly by night, more elusory, most unassured, more aside, un-gracious, more weaving, more unfolded, dis solute, un-fateful, more dynamite, un expected, dis-ordered, most unhampered, un confined, wrinkliest, rough, most undissembled, out line, lock stock barrel, un-convinced, un numbered, fullblown, un dissembled, un committed, un-furled, more free-wheeling, more faltering, more show me, un likelier, most probably, un-responsive, copious, un-steadier, sub-best, Middle-ground, pre-tended, un occupied, most instanced, open to question, un-proven, un satisfactory, of great scope, in compatible, in-distinct, all-around, un-limited, most dismayed, most piano, most fullout, un-thought, free spirited, un predictable, more ruffled, more clashing, un intelligible, crepuscular, more ideological, unfirm, in lap of gods, most impuissant, most unsolved, most getable, un told, un couth, un intended, most deadened, more disquieted, fancy free, expansive, un-likely, most choked, plentiful, most crossgrained, apprehensive, most jellyfish, most unfocused, un-hewn, most unrestful, un foreseeable, sub-altern, helterskelter, trans parent, not smooth, more unbarred, more unclassifiable, on one own, more probationary, subbest, in a dither, at one feet, most nodular, un-mindful, farout, all out, nebulous, most unfolded, un-completed, most on the fence, pro visional, more vagarious, un dressed, showme, un stablest, unheard, most opposed, bearish, openair, major, playing with fire, dehiscent, hushhush, re-mote, astraddle, all around, un hooked, across board, insecure, most trustless, most under, most show-me, more freewheeling, touch and go, have a hunch, pre carious, difficult to catch, un paid, sub altern, most elusory, most uncompleted, most peeled, immeasurable, un-fastened, pre supposed, un explicit, unclassifiable, dis-inclined, more wall-to-wall, more even steven, more uncompleted, most showme, un-conditional, more subjugated, the jury out, evasive, un fathomed, plenitudinous, more unguided, out step, un bounded, more unconvinced, un clearest, pro-nest, most rootless, the jurys out, most pretending, un-just, most controvertible, un-believable, jellyfish, more transitional, un-satisfactory, most impugnable, moot, most unfixed, feel in bones, untrustiest, be-wildering, Unhooked, most unselective, in dilemma, unhampered, un-interested, incomprehensible, in explicit, under discussion, dis honorable, un buttoned, most subaltern, non-committal, most changeful, un-informative, in secure, in-determinable, unconvincing, most hot-and-cold, muzzy, more sophistical, as good as, refutable, un equal, more oddball, un caged, large, jerrybuilt, un poised, un-intelligible, most unconvinced, on qui vive, freewheeling, stridulent, re-aching, fumier, re-served, tippiest, un-earthliest, most aporetic, in depth, most untrammeled, indiscriminate, de signless, un ending, un availing, un-restful, indefinite, more enslaved, un-shaven, most crepuscular, all-owed, more wall to wall, aporetic, more unassured, close together, un prejudiced, Fumy, suspicious, in determinate, up the air, most driftless, un thought, in judicious, more all embracing, un fateful, in congruous, without number, outside, most rattled, expanded, most unsupported, even-steven, bluff, out a limb, changeful, untrustier, most surmised, most dehiscent, most unbolted, most middleground, more unfashioned, un-couth, in-visible, all embracing, incredulous, Undissembled, most balloon, polysemous, un gracious, un-defined, in audible, bits and pieces, un refuted, un revealing, up-tight, with grain salt, allinclusive, un cultured, not following, inexact, out side, won't wash, dis-courteous, tight, most provisionary, in-advertent, out limb, wellknown, open to discussion, more middleground, more concocted, dis-heartened, most objectless, un-reasonable, most almost, un-confirmed, un-justest, un chaste, alfresco, debatable, in-harmonious, more discomposed, un-aimed, most dynamite, more hot-and-cold, in-determinate, in-scrutable, casuistic, willynilly, most doubtable, controlled by, unshackled, most allembracing, more million, undefined, perilous, un satisfied, re cognized, un-trusty, more nodular, devil may care, made passable, un wrought, most speeding, dis-trustful, more driftless, unrespectable, more delphic, ex-plosive, more forceless, more exploratory, un fixed, getable, un-specified, breviloquent, fumiest, most blurred, feel bones, out earshot, ex posed, dis believing, on level, arbitrary, dis reputable, most plain-spoken, at large, un witting, cosmopolitan, un-foreseen, un informative, un critical, hemming and hawing, rings untrue, evensteven, nondiscriminatory, Designless, un-tied, un considered, in firm, more disclosed, spotest, big, most undirected, most fuliginous, unhewn, pre tended, no nonsense, more quaking, dis-believing, un-decided, fallible, un-structured, un-reserved, more drifting, at issue, re served, noncommittal, on deck, un-eager, un-resolved, at liberty, un cut, more bits and pieces, in credulous, more objectless, most asunder, un hinged, more idealized, motley, clear as mud, wimpiest, laid back, unpaid, jellylike, unfateful, un easiest, most formularized, more unsecured, tumultous tumultuous, more unspecific, dis concerted, most refutable, un clear, un-supported, unshorn, un-pinned, pendent, unstable, un-critical, un-shut, random, characterless, in decisive, unpredictable, more shifting, in-judicious, un-cultivated, up air, most delphian, out control, low pitched, more apart, in-nocent, more almost, most nondiscriminatory, more astraddle, escalated, dis-reputable, more unselective, Unrefuted, more postulated, mis leading, in consistent, most undiscriminating, de pendent, more unapparent, in circulation, un-fashioned, most all-embracing, more unfastened, not reliable, more butterflies, sub missive, most shifting, get vibes, more jellyfish, distrustful, more scaredy cat, un polished, tumultous-tumultuous, un-easier, super, high living, at ones feet, in distinguishable, in-sensible, over-cast, most unrevealing, allaround, un shaven, considerable, precarious, grandiose, unselective, unpinned, un quiet, in-conclusive, un qualified, alleged, ex tensive, more polysemous, undetailed, un-ethical, dis-sonant, socalled, un secured, more rent, round, pre tending, most ideological, in firmer, pre-tending, un-earthly, jurys out, up tight, on the qui vive, most pilot, uncluttered, more bewildering, most unclassifiable, un-discriminating, un thinking, un pinned, with mixed feelings, un-apparent, in soluble, more tormented, un cluttered, Elusory, un-balanced, extra-mural, wholesale, un trustiest, un-healthy, in conceivable, un-availing, un-committed, qualified, testest, obscure, un-hinged, in complete, un-juster, leery, most unspecific, un locked, in decorous, un settled, glace, un regulated, more peeled, un-devised, unstopped, been hit before, most synoptic, un-soundest, more teetering, un substantiated, ex acting, run of the mill, most borderless, un-confident, un-latched, in disposed, un-connected, more unexplicit, in discernible, un discriminating, un-safer, more unrespectable, not set, most unfurled, un eager, most unfastened, most goalless, up-set, up setting, inconclusive, fraught with danger, un-explicit, most wall to wall, un-commoner, more securable, unconfident, un-willing, most unconfident, most matter-of-course, un-chaster, more casuistical, more unconcluded, more unplugged, most evensteven, muzziest, un-focused, un steadiest, all over the map, un-stopped, most contended, most prevaricating, in danger of, un-hampered, most characterless, un formed, up set, most expanded, Dimensionless, dis courteous, in firmest, most freewheeling, in delicate, in-constant, un ethical, more undisguised, most unclasped, more phantom, un pleasant, un-safest, scraggier, un truer, workser, more mongrel, ambivalent, un stopped, wide open, more free wheeling, more freespirited, unshaven, most questioning, more unsolved, spread out, un-revealing, irregular, with grain of salt, re-strained, most imprecise, most unnerved, un-chastest, more roughhewn, skeptical, unquestioned, faint, un-barred, un covered, Fuliginous, un-intended, innumerable, more stonewalling, most on-the-fence, unengaged, more dismayed, problematic, treacherous, un observable, difficult catch, more conjecturable, out of line, unrestful, un-concerned, in-decorous, un-challenged, dis quieted, more unbound, most softened, most unplugged, middleground, un-scrupulous, far fetched, in choate, more demurring, open, most bleached, un-numbered, wont wash, most averred, un-bounded, in cold sweat, un likely, out spoken, off deep end, uncertain, un fastened, most liberated, more bleached, more eluding, un-likeliest, not dependable, Controvertible, have stage fright, in-numerable, un concealed, most uninformative, dis-honest, more untrammeled, un-disguised, elusive, more even-steven, more unfurled, un-earthlier, unaimed, most murmuring, in doubt, most plain spoken, not final, on the spot, most probationary, most unwrought, most apart, in-corporeal, more bleared, un-buttoned, un-stable, un-civil, dis interested, king-size, tentative, more weakkneed, un-stabler, un-witting, un civil, worksest, in neighborhood of, un shut, more upfront, in-audible, un intentional, amorphous, un-quietest, on spot, faint-hearted, handsome, most amphibological, out of step, most all encompassing, more impugnable, re gular, un methodical, more unshaven, more breviloquent, un-scientific, most conjecturable, unanticipated, more comprising, clear as dishwater, more surmised, unclear, Trustless, lily livered, Unshut, un commonest, most foreboding, un-told, mis understood, more faint hearted, bramblier, Errable, un healthiest, most matter of course, more untutored, most open air, in-estimable, epic, pro-visional, most up front, un-foreseeable, more dissembling, laidback, un-restricted, un-attached, more dithering, jerry built, in-complete, Wabbly, uni versal, dis cursive, approximate, un-specific, un anticipated, so called, most drifting, more allencompassing, nononsense, un-questioned, non discriminatory, most unstopped, most unanticipated, un-folded, most concocted, countless, most unapparent, sub ordinate, more delphian, unchallenged, un sure, anguished, under-hand, most dissembling, on slippery ground, hanging by thread, the jury's out, wabbliest, more unproven, illdefined, most waffling, unconfirmed, open doubt, more directionless, in arrears, most hot and cold, re-gular, most show me, most weakkneed, most enigmatic, un finished, undirected, un-qualified, mis-tier, all but, more asperous, ex-posed, un-formed, more full out, un-clear, dis inclined, open-air, un cultivated, most vagarious, un bolted, wishywashy, unburdened, un challenged, opaque, under examination, un-secured, most obfuscous, indeterminable, shortlived, more unstipulated, allout, more averred, illmannered, unexplicit, out-side, un conditional, most stochastic, most imperceptive, more disputed, dis-concerted, most emptied, un-hooked, more unfateful, more expanded, more borderless, have funny feeling, lowpitched, un-believing, un level, in substantial, un-thinking, sub-ordinate, un biased, most comprising, most delphic, upfront, on ones own, un usual, uneager, hanging by a thread, borderless, most undisguised, lay it on line, vague, indistinct, more impuissant, uncompleted, un-ceremonious, un constrained, un specific, more changeful, more zero, in-discriminate, more unwrought, re aching, un-concluded, most presumed, ashake, running scared, un healthier, in-compatible, more testing, dis-orderly, un-detailed, more undiscriminating, in-decisive, un-refuted, most errable, in definable, un-planned, open to debate, brambly, most disheartened, aquake, more attenuate, up for discussion, most weak kneed, most bewildering, un reliable, un earthliest, more fullout, most cross grained, un-countable, most obfuscated, in-effectual, most tremorous, un-satisfied, in visible, wishy-washy, under handed, un chaster, more imperceptive, un-heard, sur-face, un-locked, most uncluttered, un-level, un aimed, more allowed, most unbound, un-directed, more unlatched, yet be decided, more obfuscated, pre vailing, on loose, un-proved, more patulous, un-settled, un-burdened, more tranced, most zipped, yet to be decided, respectable, un-bound, un barred, wabblier, most casuistical, in turmoil, un-steadiest, blobby, un sealed, most mingled, bits-and-pieces, biting nails, the big picture, unsolved, un believing, lay it on the line, de scribed, un concluded, most ruffled, not a prayer, mis tier, un firmer, Crossgrained, rootless, more unshackled, more agape, scraggiest, un-finished, un proven, most stridulent, more paradoxical, most undetailed, most demurring, at feet, fuzzy, uninformative, un-fathomed, un precise, two faced, theoretical, in terminable, blobbier, more free-spirited, un proved, from left field, most fluctuating, un done, un commoner, iffy, most laggard, hot-and-cold.