Pronunciation of Dense
/dˈɛns/, /dˈɛns/, /d_ˈɛ_n_s/

Antonyms for dense

dis criminating, de liquescent, easy, more weak kneed, open, runniest, more weak-kneed, stilter, penetrable, more racking, under nourished, quick witted, quick on the uptake, sensible, most paper-thin, Sophic, most beanstalk, reedier, unpersuasive, roomy, most wafer-thin, gnostic, observant, quick on trigger, logical, runnier, subtiler, stilt, most dispersed, liquescent, more waferthin, over powering, most twiglike, uncompressed, sparse, percipient, resourceful, in tensest, most needle-shaped, quickwitted, in substantial, most piked, Mellifluent, foxy, most pinched, scattered, most shriveled, more acute, ingenious, most insighted, most attenuated, understandable, beanstalk, quick trigger, most liquefied, skilled, dis solved, dis-solvable, needle shaped, most racking, nimble, in sighted, more acuminous, weak kneed, more sharpened, more undernourished, knows what's what, runny, most attenuate, fusible, Stalky, weakkneed, more attenuated, wafer-thin, valid, more thawed, wishywashy, more beanstalk, more liquiform, ear to ground, liquid, sub-tiler, most shadow, most needleshaped, in-tense, apt, more penetrative, Acuminous, in-sufficient, up speed, un persuasive, poler, judicious, spacious, most serous, most undernourished, wise to, smart, waferthin, penetrative, in conceivable, dissolvable, intelligent, most wafer thin, more weakkneed, reediest, more mellifluent, acute, more sophic, on beam, knowledgeable, knowing, in-tenser, more pinched, more percipient, in credible, more paperthin, informed, sticker, more insighted, most crackerjack, more shriveled, more wafer-thin, erudite, over-powering, most up, educated, most deliquescent, thin, seethrough, uncrowded, stiltest, under-nourished, over whelming, most fluidic, wafer thin, hot tamale, un-tenable, wishy washy, more unpersuasive, more needle-shaped, most dissolved, quick the uptake, more wafer thin, more fluidic, un tenable, most paper thin, more attenuate, more wizard, airy, more meltable, needle-shaped, scraggiest, un-believable, needleshaped, in adequate, more crackerjack, perceptive, dis solvable, stalkier, most liquescent, under-weight, commodious, reedy, trans parent, Uncongealed, paper-thin, paperthin, paper thin, more piked, literate, undernourished, in tense, clear, un-convincing, brainy, twiglike, see through, most ichorous, tuned in, highbrow, discerning, sub-tile, more gnostic, most paperthin, more featherweight, more liquescent, cunning, most waferthin, in-sighted, insighted, more dispersed, serous, quick on uptake, most thawed, scholarly, more paper thin, un-substantial, dis-criminating, more up, most stretched, most splashing, most sharpened, un convincing, more stretched, scraggier, on the beam, stalkiest, ear ground, adroit, quick the trigger, un congealed, most uncongealed, sub tiler, most needle shaped, soft, clever, most acuminous, most realizable, most fusible, whizer, most sophic, un-congealed, trans-lucent, up to speed, slick, un believable, trained, more realizable, most featherweight, more fusible, more beanpole, knows what what, in-credible, more paper-thin, most meltable, polest, Piked, in-tensest, knows whats what, stickest, subtilest, aqueous, most aqueous, wily, neater, perspicacious, most unpersuasive, scraggy, most weak-kneed, more deliquescent, more liquefied, ichorous, crafty, more needle shaped, most weakkneed, realizable, most percipient, whizest, liquiform, featherweight, sound, ear to the ground, deliquescent, learned, re fined, quick on the trigger, more twiglike, un substantial, sub tile, de-liquescent, dis-solved, most beanpole, in-substantial, most mellifluent, more dissolved, in tenser, most liquiform, over-whelming, more aqueous, more ichorous, under weight, most shooting, most wizard, trans lucent, un-persuasive, fluidic, quick uptake, well-read, more serous, trans-parent, meltable, more needleshaped, more uncongealed, in-conceivable, Subtile, most gnostic, more dissolvable, sane, more splashing, more shadow, most dissolvable, ear the ground, in-adequate, schooled.