Pronunciation of Deny
/dɪnˈa͡ɪ/, /dɪnˈa‍ɪ/, /d_ɪ_n_ˈaɪ/

Antonyms for deny

have up, putting a pedestal, attests to, bringing forward, has portion of, art a witness, makes allowance for, de scants, said in defense, re-tains, winds at, carries torch, am possession of, assure, spake of, gives up on, am duty to, tune in on, having a try, is proud of, grinning and bear it, acted with, cotching, re-leasing, tuning in on, doeth honors, making payment, made affidavit, having a case, are established, being interested in, face down, being convinced of, shapes up, took one upon, shingles, wast attentive, wast one duty to, are up to, ex-tending, out racing, follows crowd, takes at one word, thumped for, rolled out, be hand, be speak, blinks at, un-covering, left undone, sub-scribes, takes one up on, laying down, dost to turn, sitting out, got things rolling, laid claim to, are ones duty to, tearing off, un-leashes, consented to, anted up, swearing and down, being on the scene, were in receipt of, fore-shadow, swim with the tide, doing what is told, handed in, dis-cusses, pro mise, wert line for, re-tails, asservated, be in line for, carries to completion, standing up to, gave stamp approval, checks on, tickles pink, holding out for, gat on soapbox, de votes, de-livering, gave voice, proclaim, knock down, catching eye, did a number, de scend, carrying torch, putting a fight, gets to, conforms to, falling all over, marked with a red letter, am servile, retain, doing duty, got through, dis cusses, takes into consideration, give, inter-change, hopping on, sur-renders, pre destine, letting it be known, drop a hint, put the map, spake favor, gave upon, keep eye on, pro-claim, wert ones side, are one's side, gets chest, is ordained, hangs sign on, ex-pounded, be the drivers seat, giving do, lead off, coming out of the closet, running show, FORS, counter-signed, homogenize, made legal, blinked at, dis-continue, shoots one's wad, has a prospect of, resigning oneself, arriving in time, asked for, be gotten, dis-simulated, played up to, stomached something, de fined, was consonant with, deliver, payed ones dues, is scene, are one side, over-passed, be on scene, am composed of, pointing to, rubber-stamps, be holds, confide to, falls on ones knees, dost what is expected, got there, de vote, de-legates, acting as if, took kindly to, yakkety-yaks, didst a turn, kibitz, de duces, argues for, re-aped, shotgunned, paid one dues, out-fits, dis charged, hath dibs something, espouse, am in driver's seat, go on wagon, de based, files claim, are drivers seat, are witness, lendleases, provides for, re assure, are the drivers seat, be courteous, tailor make, keeping company with, resting assured, came through with, gotten a soapbox, running with ball, take one's word, alibied, mixes it up, endure, cast vote, repel danger, resigned oneself, tosses a few crumbs, making a stand, saying in defense, be-held, are on the scene, points up, beating drum, fix wagon, cracking to, puts the market, prepaid, apologizing for, believe, hast dealings, play game, touching on, lend one name to, dis-solves, dis appear, Snowed, re commend, is solicitous of, made valid, putting cards table, re used, buttons down, am the driver's seat, put in a good word, doeth number, humble oneself, are equivalent, countersign, let know, re-hash, cleaning up, is positive, share, puts argument, fits out, flew by, be opinion, shot ones wad, bought into, roll on, hath no doubt, re arranging, lent hand, re signing, dittoing, casts out, up-raises, Constate, is ears, be servile, bears testimony, paid off, letting have it, give leg up, gives the go-ahead, is duty to, gave the ghost, pass, say word, brings to fruition, up lifts, hears it for, let hang out, art in the saddle, attach weight to, modeled on, walked heavy, Mooting, de scanting, Co-ordinates, Personating, goes with flow, are side, wast devoted to, were surety for, pass along, pro position, shooting ones mouth, granting amnesty, dis-covering, art attentive, de-feats, watched over, picks the check, pro visions, give nod, gets things rolling, was in saddle, get behind, re storing, talked of, art compelled to, pro-pounding, caving in, gotten soapbox for, re-cord, cuts it, check upon, cry out, give stamp approval give the go-ahead, am told, gain on, scratch ones back, re-veals, dis solved, raise hell, Garrisoning, laying down the law, gave blessing, Carded, beats the drum, locked horns with, came across with, putting down for, re-deeming, de terminated, be consonant with, submit, know again, under standing, getting line, went at, in toning, doing one bidding, fakes out, made point of, was on hand, in spects, call up, was witness, dis regards, pandered to, causing to be, does the trick, pre-cede, re turning, being in saddle, re-storing, plays the game, Victualing, gave expression, putting on a pedestal, came to snuff, singles out, sitting on, continue to, is in keeping, give the low down, giving on, holds end, hears tell, size up, re treating, toe line, daresays, give boost to, re-cording, took upon oneself, laid on the line, re pay, lath, hold out for, looks down, decide upon, fork out, made a pitch, sware down, flipflopping, sets one cap, re tailing, pattern oneself up on, hath title, wert in possession of, were devoted to, am ones duty to, whip out, be at beck call, art composed of, giving high sign, gives up the ghost, being one side, overlook, unmask, are in tune, underwrite, show white flag, de vising, being made up of, de-pones, dis-cover, lending a hand, does one's part, are certain of, putting one's john hancock on, making emphatic, goes polls, said defense, consent, appeared as, contend for, kissed goodbye, diagnosticates, bucking for, Demising, gets down on knee, put to something, de ducts, bear brunt, shoot one mouth, shoulder, de signs, making allowances, comes out of the closet, giving the green light, be at service, buddied up, reseving, lets cat out of the bag, wast positive, move for, pro-pound, all-owed, letted in on, brings into line, bearing expense, made into law, does number, flowed out, making binding, opened to view, lends a hand, being beck call, put in, award, talking down to, buying into, relying up on, roll out red carpet, cross heart, did justice to, is equivalent, doing the trick, pulling the wires, presumed true, re-lying, serve, accede, de creed, de-scribing, affirm, pre-venting, gotten as far as, takes eye for eye, foreshowing, up holds, reaches out, re-iterates, moving for, didst as one says, setting forth, paid one's dues, be certain of, throwing in, acts upon, appeals to, Legitimating, use as excuse, ask marriage, Numbered, cloy, doth number, asked in marriage, took stock in, invoke happiness, be gun, gave authority, de bate, wert beck and call, pressing suit, in-ducting, letting go, laid ones feet, act as if, are guided by, Initialing, in tone, followed crowd, was for, deal with, tuning on, talks of, beat drum for, be made of, de-terminate, sware up and down, sized, co signs, making grade, heads up, came snuff, did bidding, re-cords, re assured, comes across with, doest to a t, making it, give consent, let come, take over, leaving to, held reins, making into law, arrives in time, fore boding, giving witness, re-collecting, un-masking, holding to, foring, cross one heart, hast coming, yeses, Sided, co-signed, am all ears, being devoted to, pronounces holy, am obsequious, be at beck and call, haddest title, re-conciliated, shows clearly, renders to, falls into, re-tain, am side, suffer defeat, sware up down, take plunge, watching out for, sees in court, over hear, give an introduction, Defecated, transact, giving the low-down, was aware of, burying hatchet, are consonant with, reassert, Chinned, swore off, goes to the polls, let have it, take under advisement, fired question, Coopt, seek hand of, lip synced, playact, putting market, wert convinced of, passing along, para-phrases, prefabbing, holds up ones end, Intrusting, taking out after, in-spects, spoke in favor, re dresses, are similar to, un-veils, de-bate, in vented, stumbled upon, getting out system, wast deceitful, brought out in to the open, soft selling, doing a turn, were one duty to, clue in, give utterance, claims damages, waits out, lent a hand, were saddle, voted in, lays down, speak for, re-hashed, meting out, feeling in return, converting into, hopped on, offering benediction, giving boost to, deferring to, wast one's side, are one's duty to, linked up, making a motion, emit, super-vised, brought forth, makes stand, became ratified, had a hand in, create, de-signs, pro portioned, consenting to, kick up one's heels, put in hands of, cotch, held up end, be witness, being submissive, wast certain of, suggest, allows entrance, sews up, in-stall, grin bear it, fleshes out, calls upon, signed for, was similar to, doth part, lock up, afford view, under-lining, be ones duty to, went over big, is one side, over takes, be favor of, says yes to, riding out, sublimes, put on something, called up on, in-ducted, in duce, gift with, in-duct, bringing forth, having in keeping, deeded, passing as, re couped, lays on line, gat down on knee, in stalled, sell for, be-came, Incarnating, hits back, in-quire, falling with, Provisioned, be trays, doth what is told, re quests, confide, gives and take, lived it up, over tops, re-plenishes, re presents, leading to, going over to, looking up to, verify, have keeping, granting permission, makes legal, giving the nod, commanding view, come to terms, were on one's side, pre-ceding, Shepherding, de scended, be in receipt of, put on to, re-wrote, be haves, giving word, inter-pose, climb on, keep the faith, ex postulates, de-pict, doing to a turn, doeth ones part, took upon, under-scored, is hypocritical, pricking ears, subserves, art informed, re paying, guarantee, checking up, art answerable for, let cat out of bag, sub scribes, lent one's name to, gives vent to, optating, art sold for, is in the driver's seat, file suit, states under oath, bought and sell, de frayed, made emphatic, be compelled to, swear to, fell one's knees, deferred to, Tolerated, is tune, making good, had rights, perked, raised subject, art credulous, clamor for, rolled in, sign off on, doeth thing, passed down, are at service, de vised, turn over to, come down high horse, playing past, re-plenished, singled out, sign in, laying one's feet, doing one duty, de-vise, kicking one's heels, roll over play dead, pats on the back, letted out, comes snuff, stuck it to, doest to t, be the saddle, be submissive, are the same mind, Perking, checking upon, taking part of, are big on, getting into, under written, running the show, take in to account, sware to, ex postulate, un-folds, whistled for, fits for, does like, broke for, be consistent, was on, are in saddle, lays one, aliening, becoming ratified, fudged together, structuring, be-fallen, thinking about, takes care of, intonate, declares lawful, art ordained, un-load, were scene, honored with, has law on, spared the rod, gave witness, acts with, didst one's part, lock on, pre-destine, letting it go by, earning one's wings, dealing in, wast in keeping, being born again, being at service, wert similar to, giving five, signing off on, oughting, buy and sell, initiated legal action, is beck and call, take advice, keep faith, makes room for, showing one face, hauls in to court, de cease, being obsequious, casting vote, fore-tokening, tabbing, provided for, have a portion of, be on side, giving forth, wast answerable for, soapboxed, resigns oneself to, de ludes, wert consistent, did the job, plumped for, fore-boded, am on ones side, take orders, dis-closed, comes to defense of, fore tokens, didst duty, gave one's consent, counter sign, take to court, Re-turn, living through, give the nod, wrought out a deal, fighting for, placing confidence in, wast ones duty to, gives birth, patted back, de clares, art in corner, am out for blood, is keeping, ex acted, being hypocritical, dig up, re state, bringing into line, re tailed, over take, inter-cede, reached out, inter-changing, spitting it out, wert one duty to, referencing, art the same mind, up grades, being credulous, ex-claim, out-line, dis-plays, dis regard, link up, lending ear, acted as witness, pro positions, speaking up for, up raised, was ears, afford a view, pre-sage, concur, re present, becoming student, de-noted, giving an audience to, resign oneself to, be harmony, de scends, falling on knees, fixt one wagon, kicks heels, puts appearance, licked boots, throws the sponge, feels return, buried the hatchet, doest job, come to pass, kicked ones heels, are ruled by, watch over, does trick, carrying to, is possession of, shoots off one's mouth, afforded view, hast law on, dis-appear, presses one's suit, am on, got chest, give bond, gave ones consent, re quiring, measuring up, cave into, cracks whip, live by, doing one's thing, lets out, yakkety-yakked, be-fall, giving ones word, pre mises, be comes, bring action, beared testimony, falling ones knees, rests with, was the same mind, saying defense, am the driver seat, bring in to fold, taking at one's word, quarterbacking, takes over, setting pedestal, ex pressed, co-oked, prorogues, are present, says in defense, puts cards table, have rights, make whoopee, coming down high horse, crosses ones heart, dis solve, plead for, says defense, pay addresses to, puts the map, state, shuck and jive, degrades oneself, came around, lends ear, were drivers seat, out-strips, high hats, wert beck call, place trust in, rolled out red carpet, makes love to, wast aware of, being of same mind, be-come, spat it out, Disported, makes good, wast present, lead to, jams through, catering to, re questing, Volunteering, acted as a witness, optates, under stands, makes public, put up fight, doest ones thing, sacrifice, accredit, inter-posed, in cline, trans-figures, levelling with, wert consonant with, spoke of, pre indicates, giving stamp of approval, was proud of, buries hatchet, be sieged, under writes, come to defense of, fore-tell, re seves, inter fere, is courteous, is given, watching over, Say again, uncovering, alibiing, go in to, picks tab, rely upon, out lined, taking over, gifting with, re-asserted, content, Remise, guerdoned, causes adopt, talking of, made contact with, over-indulges, inter-ceding, over hauling, letting cat out of the bag, prefab, taking out, gold star, letted pass, are for, are identical to, grant permission, de-bunk, was on one's side, checked up on, didst to a turn, witness, art consistent with, in spires, takes the plunge, gave access, shot one wad, appealed to, opening heart, being up to, art ones duty to, grinned and bear it, de-parts, coadjute, conferring trust, opens mouth, piece up, sees to, reaffirm, dis cuss, drinking to, granted, fly in face of, de-signed, sets motion, acted as, made binding, hauled into court, Tokened, sat take it, ex celled, did ones thing, was deceitful, ex postulating, mean, art big, bend ear, inveighed against, falls in with, smiling on, Panelled, having dibs something, were duty to, taking the count, Trajected, climbs on, cotton to, take upon oneself, giving absolution, gat soapbox for, picked the check, toned, unveiled, scratches one back, art similar to, de-vote, were made of, pro roguing, am at service, sign up, suffered defeat, gat floor, gotten bandwagon, packing it in, sets ones cap, doest one's bidding, dost bidding, Personated, give posy, holds with, de pones, faced off, Tokening, in corporates, hadst up, wast the same mind, gave the go-ahead, give testimony, signs off on, wast service, doeth like, thumbses down, covers for, painting the town red, Victualed, bring light, dis course, in-stances, made bail, pressurize, am one side, Connaturalize, am devoted to, looks on, re gales, bearing brunt, throwing in the sponge, comes out closet, fudging together, signing in, binds oneself, over-saw, fore shadowing, were opinion, Caving, re-dressed, spill to, sticks up for, doeth one's part, says yes, does a number, are game for, ex postulated, in-trusted, fixed up with, cause adopt, lets have, letted it go by, doing ones thing, wert the drivers seat, acted up on, in tend, am surety for, gave word honor, fore going, re porting, make reprisal, being in favor of, raises hell, dont rock the boat, counter-signs, re-tire, doing like, dis agrees, resign oneself, dis-solving, give the goahead, is side, dis-simulate, re write, de-positing, put in force, kept eye on, providing for, am in corner, makes payment, bought in to, placed confidence in, call out, shooting off mouth, dost one's part, re minds, gets down to brass tacks, holding at bay, pre venting, gave bond, dost the trick, re peat, lend hand, wert of opinion, toss it in, was interested in, Dragooning, got on soapbox for, kept company with, sets to, enumerate, number among, re-eked, see in court, giving posy, de-duces, measured up, circularizing, fix one wagon, vindicate, being patient with, feeling return, are compelled to, going halves, fixed ones wagon, dis-placing, faked out, haul in to court, doeth one's duty, doth one's bidding, kicks up one's heels, rendered to, was on one side, making comfortable, tears off, encase, preindicate, spare rod, takes the cure, pre-faces, taking exception, adhering to, re hashing, was in the saddle, setting store by, soar above, takes as an example, opening one's heart, give in, lets it hang out, giving up the ghost, is in possession of, be-falling, were similar to, ran after, gives expression, pays off, para phrases, gave stamp of approval, be familiar, held up one end, phonate, spieled, feel for, pattern oneself upon, re-arranged, submitting to, kicking up one's heels, helped out, got soapbox for, pre tend, de pone, sitting and take it, breaking down, were in line for, lowered oneself, did as one says, act as witness, fore-shadowing, are on, putting into words, goes record for, gives to do, tell, shaking hands on, wert hypocritical, dost a number, divided with, jumping on, flying the face of, commanded view, were compelled to, pro-visions, makes a pitch, side with, dis appearing, passes down, pre-serving, ausculted, speaking well of, dis-patch, getting down knee, are visible, un-bent, be hold, felt in return, in-duces, pre serves, re conciliates, make certain, cleaned act, lapped up, benefacts, de terminates, lives it up, spilled to, do thing, took a liking to, alter conviction, un-loading, lets fall between the cracks, hazard guess, doing job, being compelled to, place confidence in, art receipt of, being on side, dumping on, execute, went after, comes in to, laying upon, making waves, labors the point, come into, gives an audience to, back-talking, take course, wast ears, brings forward, had dibs on something, throw in, sails through, gat hold of, revenge, hast title, prayed to, being out for blood, honor with, caught up to, confer right, wast in the driver seat, play up to, doeth duty, take an oath, ex tend, give up on, hast in hand, is game for, break the news, staid the course, give over, questions, didst ones part, having no doubt, am the same mind, push aside, taking word, looks over, be sanctioned, de bunking, goes with the flow, testified to, giving rein to, re deem, earning wings, being side, do one thing, horse traded, shoot one's wad, commanding a view, am consistent with, being ordained, blowing steam, bore testimony, coming terms, give way, de-riving, Capacitating, live out, wert witness, are all ears, is told, has bone pick, swore on bible, shoot off one's mouth, did turn, makes reprisal, threw sponge, pre destining, Deputed, throw towel, gave ones word, adds fuel fire, made it, doeth what is told, came pass, de fines, is driver seat, tossed it in, pack in, open heart, take for granted, acted out, out races, bids welcome, makes contact with, converted in to, set ones cap, make ones own, ex haled, bringing an action, apportion, license, defers to, in cite, gotten into, super-intending, thumps for, giving up on, provides escape, rolled with punches, checks upon, introduce, re-dresses, give absolution, shook hands, de-posit, re signed, de livered, gave birth to, be credulous, re-cede, pronounce holy, blowing off steam, bargain, getting out of system, re-generates, letting in on, holding responsible, notarize, make good, ringed bell, goes at, Laths, de-criminalizes, bought sell, bury hatchet, wert in corner, daresaying, makes ones own, trans figured, bending ear, spare, speaks well of, am consonant with, putting on pedestal, took out after, go beyond, buckled under, putting with, sign and seal, gives on, de claim, laud, Diagnosticate, laying on one, re-treating, am hand, picks up the check, de posing, Gifting, takes one word, re coup, Overpassed, carries completion, are told, doth what one is told, auto-graphed, gets floor, fixing one wagon, had hand in, pre sent, gives thumbs up, un bent, art side, being beck and call, took an eye for an eye, be the driver seat, maintain, approves accept, give one's word, making overture, in scribe, aver, re ported, sur-rendering, undersign, re claimed, auto graphing, caused to be, is on one's side, fore-runs, cause to adopt, in trusted, re generating, fires the question, pre pares, lend-leases, be ones side, sees eye to eye, opens ones mouth, say so, leant toward, laying on line, conferred a right, takes one's word, are in harmony, shoots one wad, was present, goes that route, haddest a lock on, over-hauling, ex-pressing, falling one knees, giving goahead, doing to turn, swap horses, de-lude, dost one duty, homogenized, does justice to, dis-agrees, break for, re sting, re-plied, am ones side, signatured, super intends, check on, dis-agree, making legal, sewed up, concussed, haddest dibs something, going dutch, gets a soapbox, in-duce, had a lock on, de bates, give the green light, give low-down, cries up, set ones hand to, pre-tends, de liver, dashed off, cried out, laying up on, lay at one feet, bid welcome, keeps alive, sweep feet, sung praises of, sits and take it, de rived, hast no doubt, de-pose, out went, makes pitch, re plenishing, be spake, give rein to, Incarnated, painted town red, filling the bill, Upheld, succumb, bent ear, cared for, assented to, ceremonialized, confirm, serving as, doest as one says, check up, level with, dis appeared, uphold, shark, giving access, steamrolls, were keeping, being surety for, hammering out deal, undertake, blow off steam, take care of, gives back, ride out, doeth bidding, shucking jive, ex-pounds, be interested in, bidding welcome, set one's cap, paneling, having prospect of, was identical to, minister, be-having, leaved alone, be answerable for, picks upon, lavished up on, getting down brass tacks, gave the low-down, be tune, wert hand, enact laws, keeping faith, over-looks, making known, made deal, gat out system, wast told, hadst a try, laying open, sur-mounted, pieces up, puts in to effect, dis-burse, am against, do to a turn, go as far as, clinch deal, fix up with, had bone to pick, art to, de-bated, flowing out, doest one duty, dost job, am sanctioned, changed belief, pre mise, earns one's wings, drags in to court, stumbles up on, turns the trick, tipped off, foreshows, intonates, hauling into court, does one's bidding, went the wagon, over indulged, beats drum, are informed, be-tides, be in driver's seat, pre suppose, didst ones bidding, doublechecks, pulled wires, toes mark, put accent on, out going, push for, puts john hancock on, put across, giving one's consent, para-phrased, keeping safe, re collect, put a front, turning over to, confers a right, panoplied, art in receipt of, in cites, honied up, do t, puts foot down, call it quits, stood to, looked out on, in-corporates, gives stamp approval give goahead, pro-positioning, re-leases, exude, doing ones part, cutting in on, re-news, re-venge, yielded to, re spect, giving bond, pro-portioned, pat the back, got on bandwagon, art in keeping, dis-ported, inter-ceded, hadst a case, stand up to, kiss goodbye, plays ball with, over hears, lays claim, Subliming, see eye eye, was the scene, part with, goes out on limb, de-rive, fore-token, pat back, acting as witness, Jollies, fronted on, give birth, Impetrated, measure up, was keeping, gives grounds for, be in the driver seat, were identical to, taking to, helping out, de pended, assenting to, give up ghost, were solicitous of, pass on, comes defense of, give thumbsup, did business, reasserted, staying the course, bear expense, pays court, hazards guess, putting accent on, towers over, re-counting, up-borne, knows again, wipes slate clean, court, kicking off, pays dues, art all ears, hadst a lock on, be tokened, came out of the closet, re mises, select, art forced to, be-friending, talk down to, filing a claim, out-gone, giving go ahead, diagnosticating, opening ones heart, pro create, yielding, hits on, putting for sale, Haloed, dis-tributes, were equivalent, being visible, gave stamp of approval give the goahead, served out, fire question, letted be known, in spired, becomes ratified, searches out, wast beck call, thumbsing up, looking over, be-holds, delivering the goods, dis covers, hauls into court, wast a party to, Lauding, fell knees, be sieges, in form, insisted upon, giving stamp approval give the go ahead, vote favorably, getting down to brass tacks, press suit, placing at disposal, dis-solved, re counted, leaving out, Spilt, be-hold, give stamp of approval give go ahead, putting up with, DUNS, being on ones side, ex-tract, hath law on, hitting back, makes up to, signaturing, settling up, tore off, gave low-down, pulling the strings, clinches deal, clocking in, pre facing, in spect, wast made up of, stretching out, fore told, is in favor of, re-asserting, Bummed, dis-closes, didst job, piggybacking, puts in for, flipflopped, took under wing, are born again, gives lift, counter signing, played past, laid the gaff, wast favor of, doth to t, re seve, pro posing, qualify for, didst one's bidding, have hand in, paid half, sent out, dare-says, lets cat out the bag, re-porting, show clearly, being drivers seat, accept, rooted for, drops a hint, came to pass, am keeping, does the honors, came down high horse, being informed, recommend, high hatted, provide sanctuary, re aped, take the count, lace into, throws in the sponge, putting on the map, gives green light, are in the driver seat, confers right, takes cure, haddest hand, hoke up, gotten through, favor, instituting legal proceedings, giving life to, causing to adopt, contacting with, re-quite, fell over, being driver's seat, dost the honors, picking out, went on the wagon, gives as example, taking eye for eye, wast established, fixt one's wagon, rolled over, bore cost, Lathed, initialling, hadst no doubt, setting apart, meets with, brought into line, am made of, wast in driver seat, teems with, become law, letting it come, becoming valid, works out deal, put foot down, calls quits, give lift, Harbingered, de voted, did one thing, dis charges, apply, be visible, un fold, leaves with, put forth, bringing back, art in the driver seat, pro duces, de-parted, gave up ghost, re plenished, get down brass tacks, came out of closet, casts vote, does honors, keeping abreast of, holds bay, payed one dues, dost ones duty, got to, personizes, doest one thing, shucked and jive, de rive, kept safe, speaks up for, pre indicating, under-stands, dis porting, shot mouth, head-lining, comes up to snuff, goes route, give authority, showing one's face, goes to polls, having a prospect of, de ceasing, sate take it, baby sit, lends one name to, is in the driver seat, pro fess, works out a deal, put a good word, footed, go by book, wast possessed of, build in, fixt with, hauling in to court, spake piece, gives just desserts, Proroguing, take liking to, springing for, do one's part, sucking to, binding oneself, cave in to, is possessed of, wast on scene, conferred trust, breaks silence, am all for, in-toning, say yes to, depend upon, dis claiming, are interested in, made known, lets have it, wert forced to, de ducted, initiates legal action, give stamp approval, being on, re quires, inter ceding, doeth to turn, is satisfied with, trans pire, come down off high horse, making in to law, with stands, makes room, press for, de sire, campaigned for, make pitch, getting to, sitting top of, de-rives, being servile, be troths, sur mises, be stowed, come with, are hand, shot one's mouth, brings in to the fold, letted hang out, am visible, prides oneself on, giving a tip, putting on the market, weighting, put on ice, degrading oneself, plays second fiddle, served as, wast forced to, raises subject, do as one says, over sees, capacitates, is in the drivers seat, gains on, fore-telling, returning compliment, make proposal, see to, in-spires, un earthed, put hands of, drew in, intro-duces, brings in to being, buries the hatchet, takes plunge, trans-pire, setting one hand to, wert on, coming into, re venge, fore shadows, re-paired, giving green light, bowing to, push on, was of the opinion, connaturalizes, re-signed, dragged into court, ex tending, de claims, fell victim to, make clear, heaping up on, pay one dues, go in for, art hand, preferring charges against, Inking, lived with, ring in, giving low down, doublechecked, moved for, shoots one mouth, re new, decides upon, implores, granting authority, dost a t, Concerting, co operates, came out closet, shook on, come snuff, knock down price, press one's suit, bore the brunt, yessing one, went in with, art hypocritical, buying in to, pressurized, mixing it up, re leases, converting in to, sub serve, designate, art positive, Demised, request, limelighting, dashes off, parented, un veil, under pins, has a try, gives thumbs-up, de-ceasing, setting seal on, leaves out, being sanctioned, bend an ear, pre-pay, laid down arms, wast on side, reconciliated, gives credence to, sprung for, de-clare, be receipt of, haddest confidence in, carries the torch, takes an eye for eye, be in the driver's seat, keep company with, pro vide, makes for, be in drivers seat, flakes out, shoot wad, hadst faith in, attaching weight to, do ones duty, lets slip, dis-coursing, was in harmony, dost as says, be against, take out after, fore boded, be displeased by, pro cure, brought into the fold, takes course, flash on, dost one's thing, back-talks, co operating, ceremonialize, humbling oneself, put in two cents, approve, toeing the mark, illustrate with, cracked whip, take one on, blows steam, am aware of, pass oneself off as, give permission, patting on back, paints the town red, ex pend, fore-showed, doth to a t, gotten soapbox, aliened, rolls out, lays at one feet, taking court, laying gaff, be beck and call, lays ones feet, causes to adopt, re-veal, has title, hadst a portion of, sub-scribed, catching the eye, de-vising, enter a plea, pays ones dues, make noise, change belief, ushered in, head lined, going by the book, feathered, did the trick, evens the score, ex-acted, frees up, is on, wast obsequious, has at, sate out, hint at, doest one's duty, shotgun, putting to, drave out, give grounds for, re-tailing, under-signed, hokes up, outrace, out fits, de-ducting, spreads it around, soars above, do ones thing, wert established, beared expense, fills bill, is made of, taking one on, kick off, take up on, didst number, de-fend, plea bargain, in-stalling, doing what one is told, give birth to, ex tract, wast witness, were in the driver's seat, opened one heart, de fray, sets out, letted have it, quotaed, letted have, paying one dues, ex-acting, be out for blood, holding fast, caring for, teemed with, forking out, de-frays, doth the job, wast credulous, sur mounted, am possessed of, buying and sell, admitting defeat, sat through, inveigh against, in tones, be born again, mark with a red letter, open one's heart, fronted for, Re-collect, re assert, ex-pire, dost one bidding, be fell, being ones side, fore token, puts in good word, leave word, was guided by, in ducts, pre-vented, in-spiring, contacted with, over-tops, crack the whip, effect, taking oath, were made up of, swore to god, had at, paid back, venging, coming out closet, drag into court, give voice, take patiently, paid tribute to, caving in to, convert in to, takes under wing, partook of, is credulous, sur mounts, pre-indicate, Auscult, blows off steam, setting aside, stayed line, picked up check, am one's duty to, anteed up, tossed few crumbs, caved into, art aware of, accept gladly, tailor-makes, re veals, slips away, am in driver seat, becomes student, doing bidding, upbears, re stores, testifying to, adding up, dis courses, hyping, goes wagon, providing financing, are service, comes out the closet, speaking for, over passes, took eye for eye, give just desserts, lends hand, carried through, taking an eye for an eye, making love to, takes advice, art in the driver's seat, sit out, substantiate, bare the brunt, gat to, has prospect of, mixt it up, catch, toeing mark, hanged on words, de feats, giving a blank check, up rear, gave birth, allowing for, are on one side, bring to fruition, wert keeping, socks one, de-ceases, wast game for, Foretokening, took care of, bring into line, acknowledge, hath the law on, clamors for, jollied, trans acts, making for, holding up one's end, re-fuse, are devoted to, in creasing, giving expression, set to, homologizing, reaching out, swim with tide, hadst a hand in, takes kindly to, living up, go down line, giving evidence, de legates, places at disposal, pro-portion, is of opinion, art one side, didst t, pro-mises, concur with, putting in two cents, come pass, bring pass, do trick, undertaking solemnly, de criminalized, putting up to, gave allegiance to, foreshowed, be duty to, went on record for, did to a turn, is on one side, Texturing, hadst at, de scribes, claiming falsely, picks up check, dis continued, make stink, de-note, tip off, Shotguns, dont rock boat, moves over, delivered the goods, co-unselling, falls all over, extended to, gat ready, pro-rated, in-vent, bears brunt, rolls over, brings in to existence, is inclined, make a deal, cleaned up act, coming through with, pre-vent, throwing in towel, de pends, fell in with, haddest law on, rested assured, cobbles up, holds up one's end, puts into words, re tains, pin down, wert duty to, gets into, super intended, gave tip, dis-claims, falling in with, pro cured, re paired, looked after, are ones side, hand in, convert into, post pones, blowing in, were all for, un masking, sur-mounts, in-quired, giving into, lays it on, is hand, gives consent, gave vent to, have try, over-hauled, hast dibs on something, alluding to, puts in a good word, drags into court, dumps on, up-lifted, lent one name to, has a case, Subserving, were present, pre pare, speak piece, dis-appearing, carries through, re-corded, went beyond, were big on, arriving at, art responsible for, tuned on, throws the towel, cobbling up, castled, doeth the honors, apologize for, paint town red, cutting on, comes to terms, looked over, clamoring for, paid back in spades, with standing, de-nominates, look after, is driver's seat, wast out for blood, makes one's own, threw in, ex crete, catches the eye, give oneself over, spoils rotten, cuts on, co oked, re-treat, pre-supposing, highlighted, slipped up, was symptomatic, haddest prospect of, bear testimony, raised hell, being in driver's seat, being in the driver seat, gotten down on one knee, charter, doest what is expected, addresses oneself, ensure, demean oneself, played second fiddle, knew again, blowing hot air, sub-limed, declare true, gives blank check, Toning, rolls over play dead, caves in to, are on ones side, art visible, take in to consideration, insists upon, pro-vide, lend an ear, deposited with, get out system, go fiftyfifty, talked big, let, were patient with, parcelling out, laying at feet, swam with tide, reify, hazarding guess, converts into, up-bearing, hook up, cotches, pre-mises, up grading, de notes, pre-pared, ex pended, lighting in to, de livering, fall on one knees, stretched out, art in the drivers seat, mixed it up, leave to, runs interference for, invite competition, dis perse, lay the line, read, go over to, filled bill, loaned shark, de-parting, argue, didst one duty, live it up, wast in possession of, co signing, grinned bear it, goes on record for, being forced to, sur renders, telling the truth, inter changes, did ones bidding, knuckleunders, gives into, johns hancock, gives word of honor, got soapbox, heaps upon, grins and bear it, railroading through, ex tended, ponies up, doing ones bidding, gat things rolling, latching on to, caught to, kissing goodbye, de fining, lay open, de-ducted, getting bandwagon, diagnosticated, jive, goes on wagon, goes over to, sticks to, go past, sees fit, sticks by, art solicitous of, de fraying, getting hold of, acting as a witness, do as says, shot one mouth, was in favor of, saying under oath, engage, de-scribe, make clean breast of, taking out on, tcbing, sets one's hand to, re counts, putting good word, enunciate, go on record for, structured, shouted out, pro-cure, turned blind eye to, pro-pone, re vised, un-clad, is the same mind, hanging on words, didst a t, proving case, brake silence, point up, lays up on, were receipt of, dis-patches, re-tiring, hast a lock on, pre-supposes, being a witness, pop off, did to a t, Succoring, wert game for, stress, pre-paid, up-lift, fell on ones knees, go the polls, offer benediction, ex tolled, art ones side, puff up, scratching back, make allowance for, in scribes, de parts, commanded a view, putting in office, obey, dis simulated, subscribing to, over pass, out strips, wert aware of, head up, pulled the strings, saying uncle, payed tribute to, sanction, keep posted, re-placed, out-going, pave way, paying off, bring an action, name, cottoned to, does ones part, de-noting, seeking hand of, didst to turn, be-friend, guarding against, wast on one's side, seeing court, attribute, said yes, letting be known, intrusts, swears in, be-troth, fall knees, ring a bell, is engaged in, hits up, does one bidding, swear, rolling out red carpet, sitting through, giving authority, laid gaff, is corner, comes around, ex cretes, is big, rolls out red carpet, de-scends, de-fining, are aware of, art in drivers seat, being in tune, be of same mind, re-produces, ministered to, be made up of, re-gard, put a pedestal, melted away, be inclined, get there, made much of, are all for, pulls it off, in quire, lip syncing, dis-counted, throws together, popping off, de-laying, did what is expected, de-lighting, become valid, rolling with punches, dis owned, made the grade, buys sell, look out on, picked out, blows past, brings down the house, make for, brace up, is opinion, going in for, benefacted, brings out into open, Privileging, is consistent, bringing out in to open, steamrolled, clamored for, ex-press, altering conviction, going by book, go with, in-stalled, are in corner, are opinion, de legate, asking marriage, asservate, in-vests, lock horns with, latches on to, buying sell, de scending, give credence to, demeaned oneself, is interested in, ex changing, ran interference for, de-based, putting a good word, doing to a t, backtalked, flip-flopping, go polls, lived out, are one duty to, doeth as says, be one duty to, fitting for, welcome, re acting, hath at, over-haul, wast big on, takes at ones word, being possessed of, fore-run, get a soapbox, are driver seat, do one's bidding, hadst try, mis-leading, hear it for, was positive, submitted to, be one's side, make firm, take possession, didst like, grant, latched to, be in tune, was at beck and call, be-speaks, spake one piece, be held, gives rein to, gave leg up, yakketyyak, run show, un folding, throws in towel, in-quiring, bestow, de lighted, is convinced of, pick up tab, buddy up, pre sage, swear and down, decided upon, shooting off ones mouth, tilting toward, dis claimed, under-takes, sectioning, titting for tat, wast loyal to, dis continues, rat on, bare cost, go after, un-earths, ex-pending, in tends, suck to, apologized for, gives the ghost, laid on, didst to a t, giving testimony, re-assure, de criminalizes, lifeboats, taking upon, passes off as, shoulds, springs for, had hand, art at beck call, made to, vow, turns over to, answered charges, were to, de claimed, swam with the tide, re hearses, ringed in, laying line, enforced laws, are to, de terminating, over-looking, re-funded, consents to, make legal, de rives, tear off, stay in line, remises, are big, are in keeping, go in to details, cleaning up act, reasserting, made own, am on one's side, was a witness, attest, dis-covers, was born again, passed as, pre ordains, having try, called it quits, cleans act, pardon, gave take, re-iterated, are deceitful, fall over, give upon, socks to one, has in keeping, comes up snuff, leaved with, re-pay, de-fends, Garrisoned, re arranges, wert the driver seat, pro created, hath rights, was ruled by, hold with, homologized, filed claim, re store, puts forth, crossing one heart, thumbses up, in-creased, falling on one's knees, made amends, stumbling up on, parcelled out, laid down the law, multi-plying, under signs, claim falsely, foreshown, re affirming, doing one thing, running with the ball, un veils, be in driver seat, is for, swore up and down, dis closed, am solicitous of, had dealings, Guarantied, doest to a turn, puts in to words, alluded to, presses agent, shaping up, re-cognized, hears for, turns trick, giving stamp approval, be given, stick for, coming pass, gives life to, doth the trick, hast the law on, glorify, ran with the pack, kudized, choiced, are out for blood, give as example, delivers goods, re asserting, were the driver's seat, make up for, giving blessing, para-phrasing, laying before, be sold for, de-bunking, bring terms, re-volt, giving word honor, doeth ones duty, be-sieging, socks it to one, dis-closing, hadst lock on, bucks for, spake well of, drops hint, were ordained, is certain of, re-collected, leads to, dis-simulates, pro pone, pre supposes, toughed out, dropped hint, legitimize, deputes, come across with, Shingled, lets know, fronts on, got in line, showed clearly, dost a turn, are receipt of, parcels out, shoot ones wad, Impetrating, textured, cosigns, dis closes, holding reins, making evident, rubber-stamped, labored point, did to turn, institutes legal proceedings, grant authority, depended upon, wert possessed of, doing the job, dis-appeared, were familiar, gets a load of, counter signs, fore-showing, un derwent, making reprisal, getting ready, deposits with, wert up to, firing question, re places, trumping up, spill beans, holds the reins, getting soapbox, lent ear, Handing, foretokens, numbering among, have portion of, give thumbs-up, stick to, soared above, doeth to t, took the count, be-tokening, get down on knee, lets be known, paid dues, re-eking, re dressing, laid at one feet, cross one's heart, re-called, de posits, puts up a fight, re aching, bends an ear, goes on the wagon, spitball, be of opinion, inter-cedes, adopt, wast guided by, hold reins, had up, hadst hand in, passed to, lets easy, looking after, be proud of, does what is expected, kicking up heels, up hold, bear the expense, being on scene, votes favorably, inveighing against, pouring out, de scribed, spits it out, under lining, follow beaten path, bringing in to fold, flows out, goes to, scratching one back, be sought, stays the course, out-stripping, de-cline, concurring with, hast hand, pledge oneself, hast a portion of, dis-play, reaffirming, de-scend, stays course, art big on, went record for, art made of, throw in sponge, filed suit, leaving behind, being attentive, being identical to, gave a lift, wert in keeping, de-votes, be same mind, requisitioned, digs up, dis-cussed, haddest hand in, has case, knocked down, pays homage to, pre-sages, pulls wires, gave to do, turning the tables, owned up, pay back spades, goes out a limb, keep, tost a few crumbs, didst bidding, came out the closet, called quits, de-nominate, de-nominated, flaked out, have at, didst to t, steadying, make public, gets on soapbox for, winking at, made clear, pre scribing, re tired, torn off, conveniencing, setting ones hand to, lifeboated, was made up of, intro duce, be falling, make laws, run with the pack, building in, strung along with, re-legate, approve accept, de posed, keeps posted, laid on line, de scribe, bring into being, putting to something, fleshed out, declare, ceremonializing, breaks down, fore tells, decides up on, put into words, falls on one knees, re-turning, gave word, was in drivers seat, sate still for, is ones duty to, going steady, being equivalent, collateraled, make consistent, wink at, harkening, auscults, were on side, yeses one, do the honors, run with ball, put in to words, ex pressing, stand up for, tune out, knuckle to, crossed one's heart, Defecating, gives ones word, dropped a hint, opened up, is drivers seat, hath prospect of, make responsible for, clinched deal, divides with, fore-shadowed, am opinion, Lathing, re-presented, be informed, having keeping, tips hand, rolling over and play dead, Tendered, art keeping, is in corner, wast possession of, take an eye for eye, admits defeat, made a deal, having a lock on, am on one side, double-checks, falling knees, being sold for, pre-cedes, inflect, inter-changes, stumbles upon, asservating, letting fall, dis-simulating, let fall, letting it hang out, needs, point, de duce, saying word, thinks about, swearing up and down, yes one, enacts laws, lets it all hang out, Re-present, pledged oneself, seeing after, stands up for, constating, re-serving, am a witness, hadst portion of, putting forward, hitting on, fronting for, warrants, gives thumbsup, art interested in, dis-regarding, put good word, knuckleundered, shingling, dis agreed, gat behind, paying no mind, be-holding, de-posed, having lock on, puts cards on table, flying in face of, pro-vision, passes up, gave go-ahead, were consistent with, jollying, pro claimed, re treats, built in, gold stars, getting chest, co-operated, pre-mise, am guided by, spit out, de-basing, in-vest, pay, pro-creates, catch up to, sware god, rubberstamped, in forms, de-criminalizing, re-minding, pre supposed, be-siege, face music, gifts with, didst as says, proves a case, gives a tip, giving to do, sung the praises of, doest justice to, mis-lead, give with, re producing, made in to law, re cites, re works, act as a witness, doest one bidding, ministering to, paying back in spades, haddest at, dis appears, sub served, brought forward, go into details, under-going, give rise to, had in hand, making holy, pre-scribes, lay on the line, Soaping, in spire, taking stock in, command view, up-reared, did one part, taking care of business, make in to law, de-bunks, art loyal to, is all ears, goes down the line, went over to, re claim, going out on a limb, re-leased, sub-serves, wind up at, laces in to, swears up and down, pride oneself on, calls it quits, de-terminated, singing the praises of, stick it to, harken, laid down law, handing it to, re-affirm, are beck call, Franchised, fitting out, giving leg up, furnish, de-duct, give forth, Carding, over joy, be stow, kicked up ones heels, had every intention, give vent to, running interference for, tuned in, wast ruled by, gives attention, lay claim to, front for, were in harmony, give tip, give stamp approval give the go ahead, wast opinion, letted cat out bag, shoot off one mouth, ritualized, continuing to, vouch, falls ones knees, did one bidding, holds fast, ran with the ball, be loyal to, over took, went to polls, gave credence to, were consonant with, buy sell, post pone, walking heavy, pro-created, heard it for, leveled with, paves the way, be-tokens, be on one side, re-sting, made overture, fixing up with, give attention, being corner, give heed to, insist, gives an affidavit, am in drivers seat, are at beck call, pro vides, speaking ones piece, did what one is told, goes halves, letting pass, keep an eye on, be on hand, stands by, lick boots, re adies, end-owing, Intonating, carried to completion, gives a boost to, in sinuated, giving stamp approval give the goahead, fixed one wagon, caves into, caving into, mark with red letter, flies face of, Trajecting, didst the job, catch eye, get floor, disclose, slice up, toes the mark, laid bare, swears and down, sells for, ex pounding, re-counts, re-dressing, was big on, make scene, were line for, set one's hand to, spake up for, declaring lawful, having bone pick, sat still for, dis burses, invoked benefits, be-stowing, art surety for, pro-longed, said uncle, joining up, enforcing laws, be big on, pours out, takes up on, trans-figure, placing trust in, in trust, engages in, was engaged in, shows, brake down, being employed by, takes at word, bore the cost, pay back in spades, set apart, pressed agent, concurred with, Passed, gave the low down, give word of honor, bringing down house, hanged sign on, making a proposal, packs it in, hold up one's end, had a prospect of, out-shine, gives stamp approval give go-ahead, pro long, gives utterance, inter pose, out did, going fifty fifty, rubs in, were convinced of, fore shadowed, re using, show ones face, stay line, dis charge, be falls, re venging, held with, did one's part, goes dutch, pre serve, initiate legal action, being in drivers seat, dost what one is told, cutting pie, breaking news, Gunning, whistle for, Bandying, gotten floor, putting finger on, carry through, say uncle, co-operating, folded up, going in to details, being on hand, run the show, arrive in time, says so, Experiencing, was in driver's seat, causes be, sees eye eye, are in the driver's seat, opting for, throw in the towel, were positive, depositing with, leading in to, pro-cured, give stamp approval give go ahead, Lotting, are keeping, doest one's part, bare one out, co-ordinate, rolled over play dead, trans-acts, allegates, sets cap, in-ducts, ceremonializes, goes the polls, fly the face of, pro vision, depending up on, takes at one's word, take ones word, makes deal, sur-mise, am big on, payed back spades, sent forth, brings into being, pushing aside, went in for, giving in to, co signed, pre-ordains, stuck up for, re-lated, circumstantiate, out doing, disambiguating, wast the scene, wrought in, feel return, soften up, carried to, coped with, hit spot, putting on something, broke silence, gave one's word, puts up for sale, making one's own, trumps up, put up for sale, being on one's side, get hands on, enters a plea, pro-pounds, gat through, flew in face of, takes as example, did a turn, de-pone, makes point, shake on, root for, hast a try, delivered goods, tolerate, take as gospel, be established, brake the news, invokes happiness, fronting on, hath bone pick, fell in to, kick up ones heels, cooperates with, outgo, keeping eye on, over haul, art ruled by, brought in to fold, tost in, cash in, re-quests, was satisfied with, letted in, resort to, get things rolling, hold one end, nod at, bringing out into open, pro-longs, slipt away, giving audience to, with-stand, flying face of, going on the wagon, suffering defeat, filled the bill, gives stamp of approval give the goahead, move over, firing the question, spoke favor, am at beck and call, give access, bearing the expense, under wrote, am attentive, dare-saying, throwing the towel, propones, sit and take it, de nominated, honey up, pull it off, up borne, marking with a red letter, delivering goods, lend ones name to, being displeased by, is the saddle, negotiate, pass oneself as, release, left with, claim damages, puts through, fore-gone, sprang for, leads off, re pairing, present, pro pones, knocks down, doest part, cut on, holds to, place at disposal, wert in driver seat, over-hauls, broke news, taking a shine to, blows in, making much of, be-gotten, laid the line, vote for, regard highly, be of the opinion, speak, doest ones duty, vote, takes word, showing fruit, caves to, show tell, wast driver seat, seeing to, make motion, pro duce, handing to, moves for, gat line, didst the honors, pays addresses to, am tune, are submissive, spread it around, got a soapbox, give a posy, taking as example, up-grades, dis solving, giving as example, cosigning, tailormade, ex pire, are proud of, cosign, opened ones heart, wholesales, crossing ones heart, de positing, gives posy, looking out on, come terms, co operate, back-talked, settled with, are servile, carry completion, plea bargains, hath in keeping, dis patches, haddest case, held out for, held up one's end, are party to, fall into, make stick, were for, settles up, pro-positioned, being responsible for, brought in to existence, dis-burses, brings in to line, levelled with, buttoned down, be-friended, weighted, re-deem, shotgunning, giving grounds for, Lipping, starting ball rolling, go to, hanged in, out race, inter ceded, bringing in to the fold, re-vise, de-scribes, is ones side, has in hand, support, are corner, super-intend, doing thing, gotten line, sits top of, emphasize, fore tokening, putting in to effect, leading into, enter plea, bare brunt, finking, boast, offered up, does a t, accepting gladly, ex pounds, shorts, speak favor, making run at, disambiguate, is the driver's seat, wert guided by, wert courteous, takes possession, yield, worked out a deal, changing belief, over-hears, hadst law on, gave a posy, sur-rendered, make a stand, has rights, serves out, wert scene, making room, was employed by, buckle under, be have, put through, chinning, pre faced, rolling over, returning the compliment, inter-fere, rubbed in, crying out, make light of, being consistent, de riving, patterns oneself upon, brought into being, de-scanted, have coming, art at beck and call, hinted at, re-legates, tailormakes, re dress, offer, making a point of, putting fight, hold one's end, being possession of, insists up on, dealt in, is submissive, are satisfied with, doeth turn, puts one john hancock on, throw together, taking count, gave permission, under pin, re-members, singling out, look up to, settles on, be up to, laid one, had dibs something, hast rights, socked it to one, credit, didst what is told, seeing in court, lays at ones feet, making a stink, plays past, open one mouth, getting a load of, ran show, make waves, stand behind, packed in, jazzing, are responsible for, locking on, made scene, was a party to, gave on, gave comeuppance, insisting on, was informed, builds in, re-serves, earns ones wings, railroading, enacted laws, wast patient with, said so, be the driver's seat, living with, art line for, accepts gladly, fit for, were interested in, bended an ear, hadst dealings, come out the closet, swore down, broke down, TCBS, yakkety-yakking, art in driver seat, doping out, cave in, prefers charges against, fore runs, am ears, overhears, proclaims, working in, paying tribute to, was possessed of, attaches weight to, re-written, having portion of, ex posing, dis coursing, are composed of, had keeping, spreads around, gave an audience to, is on ones side, were one side, took notice, pricking up ears, makes firm, waited out, hadst bone pick, stated differently, saying no, re-working, subjects to, carries to, casting out, art obsequious, offering up, get through, making available, giving blank check, show once and for all, fits in, be-trays, doeth ones thing, makes stick, look down, yesses, extending to, assent, stand by, has lock on, dost to a turn, sets forth, fixes with, picks up the tab, fore-going, dis-tribute, pro-tracts, out-shining, got out of system, were witness, tenders, pay ones dues, does ones bidding, acted as if, made terms, patterns oneself up on, caused to adopt, bending an ear, in-scribing, be-tray, kick up heels, cashes in, having dibs on something, re calling, Parleyed, gives one consent, holds one end, fore showing, co-operates, took up on oneself, am the drivers seat, campaigning for, puts into effect, relegate, phonates, in sinuate, ex-tolling, tosses in, call quits, ex claim, took the oath, granted authority, cosigned, puts pedestal, flies by, taking eye for an eye, over-indulging, evince, art possession of, am compelled to, takes a shine to, am consistent, going in with, cracking the whip, granted permission, de-scants, be symptomatic, pleads for, dost thing, give allegiance to, picking up the tab, casts ballot, un-leashed, re-commended, shooting ones wad, did trick, becomes valid, re-pays, hatses to, de scant, make stand, call up on, Circumstantiated, throwing the sponge, gave ghost, fudge together, re cognizes, thought about, tilt toward, bare expense, un-zipping, blink at, is at beck call, opens up, slips up, lavish up on, wast in the saddle, had faith in, made payment, hast dibs something, be-coming, makes time with, intro-duce, give stamp approval give the goahead, doeth a t, be side, with-stands, turned tables on, re-wrought, piggybacked, does one's duty, covering for, shows white flag, hatsed off to, reified, give the word, going down the line, up-bears, re-ceding, picks up tab, giving facts, fetch, swear down, pre scribe, is symptomatic, is one duty to, iced, doth business, with-standing, gives okay, was party to, laid on one, going polls, were of opinion, symboling, look to, object to, under-taken, confides to, clocks in, determinates, art one's duty to, breaking for, makes own, giving the lowdown, ex-tend, dopes out, pander, be-ginning, blow steam, lead in to, turns the tables on, sang the praises of, goes out on a limb, paying half, gets a hold of, faces down, dis play, keeps company with, wert in favor of, art in harmony, catered to, letting slip, sue, wast similar to, were responsible for, whipt out, fixed wagon, doing as says, is in saddle, turns blind eye to, patterned oneself upon, hangs words, gliding by, blows hot air, leveling with, press one suit, insisted on, swearing on bible, engage in, did like, empower, being engaged in, gotten things rolling, sounding off, out-strip, approbate, was on the scene, Overtopping, saying so, turn the tables, lighted into, headlining, makes scene, picks out, bare testimony, am driver's seat, beared the cost, carry to, laid at ones feet, went by book, does one duty, hamming, herald, super-vise, follow crowd, were in driver seat, foretoken, take exception, put appearance, pray to, aid, was sold for, validate, homologize, wast given, double checking, exalt, turning tables, give words to, did part, dis-close, give up, are in line for, wast ones side, gets on bandwagon, hooking up, dost the job, resting with, gave as example, rats on, is obsequious, soapboxes, was surety for, over passed, being saddle, give stamp of approval, dost ones part, be all for, ex press, gave affidavit, faced it, trans figure, swear in, softens up, re-cognizing, take shine to, got bandwagon, gave leave, caused be, falls on one's knees, look other way, come out of the closet, pays up, sets store by, has a portion of, out-distances, being positive, lets all hang out, turn trick, be-stow, made ones own, over hearing, took under advisement, do like, putting in the hands of, sock it one, haddest coming, puts a good word, hung in, personate, submits to, flashes on, went to the polls, set pedestal, invoking happiness, have faith in, playing the game, re-using, taking at ones word, showed once and for all, up-lifts, Balloted, be friend, say, is sanctioned, crossing one's heart, lay at ones feet, pro posed, johning hancock, be a party to, doth t, returned compliment, return compliment, owns up, make sure, de bunk, was driver seat, softening up, passed off as, give life to, taking to court, commits oneself, tipped hand, giving ground, is answerable for, being same mind, make eligible, make room, staid in line, re cited, putting the hands of, using as excuse, giving a posy, super vising, dis-regarded, ritualizing, Mouthed, puts on the market, urge, hatsed to, wholesaling, perform, comes together, ex changes, earning one wings, get down one knee, making a pitch, haddest the law on, over-sees, gave oneself over, plead, fall heir to, lend lease, depute, hath a portion of, shoots wad, pre-tending, goes steady, hast case, passes as, be-tide, keeping going, haddest a prospect of, shorted, re-seves, took care business, Hymning, give audience to, make grade, sub scribed, grooving, up-raising, dump on, made comfortable, green light, are on one's side, up lift, melting away, un-bends, over-heard, let fall between the cracks, towering over, de-lights, shouts out, pick up check, put up argument, speaks one's piece, wrought out deal, be ears, wert in the driver seat, being deceitful, throws in the towel, re-generate, signing and seal, shooting one's mouth, pro-claiming, re-presents, pro creating, lives through, over looks, making to, Soaped, de-fraying, wert informed, provide, am engaged in, get ready, conferring a right, pass the word, ex claimed, gunned, haddest a case, art witness, gives testimony, does ones duty, wert one's duty to, bless, yakketyyakking, give stamp of approval give the goahead, is in driver's seat, shot off ones mouth, nevers say die, preindicates, wast compelled to, knuckle, are scene, re plenish, ask, bore the expense, post-pones, Outgoes, re turns, un-loads, in-tone, being of opinion, re-used, over-passes, stands behind, depended on, spieling, am one duty to, de-claim, re-pairing, oughts, put one john hancock on, gained on, resigned to, speaking one piece, show in, up held, filing suit, prove a case, being in line for, latched on to, art convinced of, making up to, wert at service, called out, pre-fab, places trust in, parted with, makes valid, postulate, coming to pass, acts as witness, models on, unbend, dragged in to court, re minding, quarterbacks, concusses, evidence, making amends, receive, dis-patching, take a liking to, ex-claims, being hand, opened heart, under-write, art the drivers seat, were the opinion, attached weight to, made firm, un bended, portion, hadst in hand, gave a boost to, whistles for, wert the opinion, are the scene, took one up on, bringing in to being, picking the check, brings to, sits on top of, dis-appears, was service, gat hands on, take as example, meet waterloo, was established, bring in to existence, hath up, re hashes, was hand, set forth, phonating, fixing wagon, getting down on one knee, laid it on, looks after, gives one's consent, are employed by, being the driver's seat, were in favor of, does duty, Personize, was given, were sanctioned, partake of, take a part of, let slip, was answerable for, wast line for, dis-claimed, providing escape, pre-served, trans-posing, gets down on one knee, putting cards on table, kick one's heels, keeps safe, goes in to details, sailing through, bringing into fold, allegated, did the honors, got line, ante up, lay claim, handed, fall victim to, give witness, putting ones john hancock on, headed up, open view, has hand, out fitting, taking the oath, de fended, deliver the goods, de-rived, ex-pended, up bearing, opens ones heart, doeth one bidding, coming to snuff, slipt up, dis playing, putting in good word, pass down, stumping for, made reprisal, dropt hint, letted all hang out, kicking up one heels, signs and seal, gave in, art corner, wert party to, running by, take notice, hatsing off to, holds up one end, making proposal, art of opinion, co ordinates, illustrating with, leading off, do business, art consonant with, pops off, lights into, put ice, go record for, make allowances, pressing one's suit, re lying, were on one side, gives one word, am proud of, giving up ghost, opens view, feeling for, fore telling, am positive, letted fall between the cracks, give green light, sitting still for, goes beyond, shore up, hatses off to, passing on, dis covering, committed oneself, up grade, committing oneself, pro-tract, determinating, out lines, beat drum, de cree, hast in keeping, in-forming, doth duty, taking upon oneself, gives goahead, faces it, putting in appearance, pressurizing, re warding, pre ordain, spreading it around, go easy on, showing and tell, overhear, over-seen, wast satisfied with, lending hand, brings into fold, metes out, de lays, art certain of, concuss, was visible, brought in to being, giving the go ahead, doest what one is told, clinching deal, gave up on, doth bidding, came to terms, wast in line for, re iterates, all owed, art beck and call, am sold for, thumbsed down, ringed a bell, wave around, re-turned, un folded, oked, doth honors, pre destines, swears to god, kicked up heels, got load of, in corporate, commands view, hammered out deal, re members, de-bating, held at bay, art in driver's seat, sublimed, ex-tracts, were possessed of, humbled oneself, rode out, makes grade, finked, contended for, return the compliment, dis placed, patterns upon, being in the driver's seat, Foretokened, dost t, talk big, undertook solemnly, engaging in, pay no mind, mis leading, wert obsequious, am line for, forego, resorted to, hadst dibs something, be hypocritical, resigned oneself to, met with, wert familiar, going beyond, living up to, taking the plunge, brought to fruition, putting on map, laid at feet, nailed down, engaged in, holding bay, had try, made stick, bring into the fold, re phrased, giving a lift, haddest in keeping, paid homage to, continues to, Copped, lavishing upon, forks over, wert in saddle, failed notice, re-treats, opened one's mouth, re-questing, being to, re-fused, re signs, are saddle, swims with the tide, re-stating, doing ones duty, sets apart, manifest, pro rating, pre served, sits through, instituted legal proceedings, petition, cause be, took count, giving thumbs up, makes much of, overtops, giving the low down, politicking, refer to, do part, spitting out, took patiently, hast up, has the law on, downlinking, pave the way, stakes out, confer a right, make own, objected to, Inked, re-paying, stands to, being in harmony, ex celling, gat soapbox, have dibs something, brought down house, makes affidavit, re phrase, saying again, haddest rights, take an eye for an eye, took a part of, re counting, dost turn, reeling off, laying down arms, flies the face of, carry torch, Sired, give back, get bandwagon, looks the other way, wast one's duty to, buck for, living to, smile on, sticking for, became law, doth job, going on record for, relied up on, go at, re-arranging, re-cedes, trust, wert a witness, sign seal, sees court, held end, boss, check up on, took to, partying, fore-show, wert big, putting hands of, rubberstamps, hadst dibs on something, de pending, tipping off, going out with, came down off high horse, made clean breast of, are in drivers seat, stayed course, gets down knee, dis agree, auscultated, says no, was equivalent, fore bode, beared cost, swearing to, scratches back, co opt, giving ones consent, wert submissive, talk of, personates, walks heavy, be speaking, homogenizing, are surety for, takes shine to, gives witness, inter posed, kept tabs on, patterning oneself up on, re claiming, pricks ears, picking check, gets from, am at beck call, gives stamp approval give the go-ahead, was in keeping, rub in, sweethearted, does bidding, throws towel, ran the show, pro-curing, Upbear, gives blessing, holding up end, yakkety yakking, re-ported, puts on pedestal, brake news, took as an example, re cognize, remunerate, re-calls, showed one face, relies up on, picking upon, gets on a soapbox, commit oneself, becoming law, de claiming, gave thumbs up, dis cussing, point to, plumps for, looked other way, appear as, pre ordaining, prefabs, hath in hand, under-taking, doeth as one says, got off chest, opens one's heart, go route, rooting for, dis coursed, pro pounds, worked in, ice, re-seve, re venges, over-indulged, laying bare, in-sinuate, asking in marriage, threw the towel, advertise, gives authority, coming snuff, gat down brass tacks, wert born again, re ceding, eyeballing, having title, taking course, pro-longing, went out on a limb, letted fall between cracks, caved to, caved in to, Slotted, swears bible, came together, give low down, Sweethearting, recognize, Sharks, putting forth, doest what is told, make into law, symbolling, knuckled to, pre supposing, conforming to, hath lock on, art up to, stuck to, makes a point of, prove, pressing agent, are on side, latch to, putting force, turning tables on, lay, doth ones thing, do one's thing, in stalling, socking to one, throwing towel, un veiled, be the opinion, de noted, claimed damages, has keeping, doing a t, put market, leave alone, didst justice to, give stamp approval give goahead, pricks up ears, pro claiming, wast big, makes clean breast of, sings praises of, confess, socks it one, hatsing to, am loyal to, taking the cure, re stored, declare lawful, depend on, re late, throwing in sponge, shot off one's mouth, Tallied, latch on to, puts on to, un folds, making stand, was in driver seat, cut the pie, be-token, ballyhooed, be tokens, puts over, voting for, pro-claims, put in the hands of, auto graphed, waive, ex pound, gave go ahead, inter-feres, place disposal, settle with, pro-cures, art at service, re-hearses, be getting, lendlease, fell into, admit defeat, throw in towel, sate and take it, bucked for, took a shine to, pushed for, wast the drivers seat, showing cause, qualifies for, under-scores, paved the way, paying one's dues, playing to, Affiancing, upbearing, re collected, lets through, did thing, de crees, sub-lime, humbles oneself, cleans up, authored, wert in harmony, reseves, de-claims, de-terminates, comes into, tcbed, giving the go-ahead, did number, be token, speaking highly of, got as far as, Piloted, kibitzing, pressing ones suit, un bends, making motion, looking on, don't rock boat, lend leasing, bring back, speaks ones piece, going out a limb, deciding up on, pre ceding, in-sinuating, Parleying, tailor-make, let slide, giving ghost, crosses one's heart, beats off, Disculpating, burying the hatchet, over-take, sweeps off feet, de nominating, runs with ball, de sires, hazarded a guess, speak up for, take to, follows beaten path, hang in, bearing one out, be guiles, unload on, taking a part of, wert one side, hast try, were guided by, slicing up, laid open, hats off to, payed no mind, holds ones end, headlined, ostending, comes out of closet, hinting at, in trusting, wiping slate clean, open mouth, reach out, reckons on, wast saddle, looking other way, claiming damages, labor the point, re quire, put the hands of, sticks it to, giving and take, have a lock on, set store by, winks at, toss in, inter cede, give okay, subscribed to, tell the truth, foreruns, takes to court, saying yes, telling truth, enter up on, fix ones wagon, shaped up, re moving, Venge, pro-mise, hammers out deal, cutting it, spoilt rotten, pro claim, un loaded, un-veil, staying line, fire the question, are symptomatic, deal in, art saddle, propose, dost to a t, initiating legal action, pointed up, re-warding, homogenizes, has dibs something, over hauls, gave audience to, got behind, getting things rolling, gave high sign, made merry, lets cat out bag, makes an affidavit, letted it come, took over, inter cedes, picking up on, rolling over play dead, restitutioned, presses one suit, cracks the whip, is big on, doeth t, drag in to court, wert sanctioned, lays the line, give out, gets in line, spared rod, in sinuating, stringing along with, dash off, in-spired, dis counts, in-sure, tip hand, takes an eye for an eye, dost part, ran with ball, buddying up, hammer out a deal, knocking down price, pro creates, made holy, was in the driver's seat, proving a case, shores up, fall on one's knees, re-places, speak in favor, give the low-down, un-earthed, lights in to, fell on one's knees, proponed, bringing into existence, gotten in line, lay ones feet, picks up on, sized up, showing in, speak one piece, smiles on, wast driver's seat, seeing fit, latches to, wert employed by, in sert, re tire, being solicitous of, cleaned up, in forming, give an audience to, going the polls, art against, form, re-plying, being proud of, paving the way, out-doing, Sharking, locked up, depends upon, gotten out system, were born again, paid addresses to, picked check, take place, cleans up act, settling on, re vise, calling up, address oneself, pressing one suit, un loads, are a party to, Harbingering, am of the opinion, art courteous, wert in tune, opts for, ritualize, get down to brass tacks, ex tends, pre pays, calling it quits, approved accept, had portion of, towered over, goes in for, goes into details, Capacitated, brought back, does ones thing, roll over and play dead, taking possession, up-rears, seeks the hand of, kept posted, putting foot down, pull the wires, takes upon, am on hand, blow in, fudges together, venges, sub lime, gave goahead, laying the line, out-distancing, be ordained, up-rear, letting bygones be bygones, make point, under-gone, de-clines, Dragooned, held responsible, come defense of, giving words to, de cline, pro-pones, went polls, up-rearing, cashing in, licking boots, dost trick, own, cut in on, de pose, see court, are familiar, sur mount, pretend, takes in to consideration, get on soapbox, going to, being answerable for, makes certain, shooting wad, sew up, am a party to, pre-sent, send out, honors with, releasing, hazarding a guess, rolls with punches, art made up of, betoken, cut pie, didst one bidding, runs with pack, falling heir to, earned one's wings, makes overture, under-stood, gave stamp approval give goahead, turned trick, in vite, assist, coming across with, insists on, supplying, rolled on, unbent, art identical to, break down, de bunked, are at beck and call, be coming, over-joy, re-states, uses as excuse, swear up and down, art born again, puts up argument, art out for blood, checked upon, assents to, dis-solve, ex-claiming, gotten from, makes light of, fill the bill, over indulge, re pays, spitballing, was opinion, letted cat out of bag, gave thanks to, dost what is told, payed one's dues, laying on, ushers in, over-takes, inflects, auto-graphing, pro positioning, lays claim to, beating off, state differently, bent an ear, hadst title, kicks up ones heels, sat on top of, earn wings, wast employed by, flashing on, shakes hands, vent, living it up, keeps going, let have, pre fab, handed it to, flip flopping, bear one out, gives stamp of approval give the go-ahead, sending out, coming down off high horse, re-commend, sub-serve, in vent, de fend, making light of, called upon, produce, extend, dittoed, puts front, lived through, lent ones name to, Snowing, is a party to, pro moting, getting hands on, doing honors, being ones duty to, un-loaded, taking advice, yakkety-yak, make known, holds up end, tips off, were obsequious, re-cognizes, paid back spades, came terms, do justice to, keep safe, in-creases, doeth what one is told, resigns oneself, gives upon, in spiring, give affidavit, told the truth, resorts to, made point, wert a party to, spoke highly of, putting map, initialled, fitting in, un covered, copes with, repress feelings, take the plunge, re worked, speaking of, are ears, proved a case, de-ceased, satiate, jiving, un masks, owning up, clinch the deal, cough up, gave just desserts, doth trick, un-covers, be-guile, doth a turn, files a claim, caught the eye, staked out, re-hashing, gives stamp of approval give go ahead, letting out, overtop, art in tune, was receipt of, was solicitous of, constated, gave nod, gets bandwagon, personized, haddest bone pick, made law, asked marriage, be-falls, over-joys, placed at disposal, re serving, stumbling upon, please, opening view, passing off as, stuck it out, let bygones be bygones, going to the polls, blowing past, speaking in favor, in venting, wast sanctioned, were at beck and call, re-generating, encasing, be beck call, wast against, pinning down, re-cognize, repelled danger, being big on, throw in the sponge, kicks up one heels, keeps abreast of, pro longs, lay down arms, fawn, is in receipt of, lays before, over-pass, taking one up on, blurt out, bearing testimony, lends ones name to, give one's consent, passing word, gives the low-down, agree, took out on, re written, suffers defeat, shot off one mouth, sur rendering, head lining, re tain, come up on, nodding at, was servile, up-raised, letting know, lay one feet, allege, Parcelled, start ball rolling, do ones bidding, wert solicitous of, grinning bear it, am equivalent, set in motion, kicks ones heels, dis solves, gives ghost, de-duce, de noting, letting have, re-plenishing, returned the compliment, sits take it, pre-tended, trans acted, doth to turn, appears as, making affidavit, bear the cost, go out on a limb, licks boots, give stamp of approval give the go-ahead, suspends charges, make valid, un bending, knowing again, bringing out in to the open, hast lock on, Coadjuting, is the drivers seat, be in corner, constitute, led to, placing disposal, facing off, cooperate with, lay line, give word, art patient with, took one on, doest t, under takes, fall with, pulled it off, ostended, re-conciliate, laying on the line, showed and tell, wert positive, pre-sents, fore bodes, puts good word, playing second fiddle, am receipt of, be tiding, breaks the news, were courteous, doth turn, include, re-conciliating, suck up to, sues for, was in the driver seat, being in corner, lets cat out of bag, tossing a few crumbs, lay the gaff, speaks for, ordain, kicking up ones heels, moots, art in saddle, kicking one heels, wast in the drivers seat, sticks for, be forced to, dragging into court, haddest keeping, fore went, played to, gotten off chest, grins bear it, fore-shadows, ex-pounding, spits out, took place, took shine to, sit still for, signing seal, art in favor of, carried completion, shows once for all, dis tribute, gets soapbox for, dis claim, insisted up on, be fallen, under-sign, wast engaged in, re lax, extend to, fills the bill, under took, falling on, frocking, de-livered, in vesting, de-sire, rested with, un-earth, pull strings, de-fray, re placing, adds up, came to defense of, wert devoted to, being receipt of, held one end, auscultating, puts the hands of, campaigns for, pro portions, daresay, spit it out, doth as says, under score, takes charge, fell on knees, called up, dare-say, bring in to being, keeping an eye on, gets down one knee, went halves, jives, being line for, brought out into the open, gave the go ahead, keep going, is servile, in stances, votes for, venged, am hypocritical, toed mark, give go ahead, give evidence, get in line, mis lead, am on scene, gave do, Knuckled, multi plying, guard against, art favor of, re habilitates, out-shines, lay down, brought fruition, de parted, in-vested, were the scene, yesses one, over passing, do a number, dis charging, un-leashing, having dealings, ex hale, wert composed of, re-stores, pro tracts, lay one, pro-duces, prepay, evened the score, de fine, payed back in spades, coming up to snuff, got into, letted bygones be bygones, plays up to, gat down knee, toughs out, shows and tell, pre ceded, pays no mind, pro visioned, kisses goodbye, showing tell, in trusts, am similar to, re states, falling on ones knees, forgo, answers charges, vote in, picks the tab, under went, trans-act, saw in court, swear up down, places disposal, counter-sign, re volts, un-earthing, ought, descriptioning, threw the sponge, pre serving, calls up on, knocked down price, co oking, became valid, provided financing, making point, reaffirms, counter signed, drop hint, dis-covered, gets line, cashed in, was line for, got ready, makes responsible for, sur-mises, goes fifty fifty, priding on, takes count, pushed aside, feels in return, took part of, titted for tat, puts fight, un earth, gallants, de siring, show, lends an ear, make room for, setting one's hand to, put up a fight, delegate, gives the word, took for granted, dost to t, puts on ice, was ones duty to, taking care of, were submissive, made stand, pop question, get to, make point of, shoots off one mouth, sticked to, settle up, siphoning, sweep off feet, sock one, giving back, patterning upon, pre-ordaining, soaring above, sware bible, being certain of, represses feelings, pro-pounded, calls up, give ones consent, blew off steam, fore-shows, sticked up for, lend-leased, de-scended, end owed, paying back, sets in motion, popped off, lays down arms, re cords, re couping, stomach something, paying dues, stick up for, Cognominate, sets one hand to, acts up on, measures up, haddest a hand in, pro fesses, utter, promise, pulling wires, Mooted, re-versed, Cinched, capacitate, came up snuff, were at beck call, head-lined, am saddle, opened one's heart, affords view, took oath, buddies up, files suit, standing by, gives over, goes the wagon, made proposal, went by the book, were visible, goes out limb, cleaning act, hangs on words, make a pitch, cognominates, rolls in, gives take, de-pends, sounded off, puts in hands of, juiced, latching to, bore one out, patterned upon, sound off, de criminalize, gives the nod, gave lift, making terms, gave thumbsup, holds at bay, unloaded on, being the drivers seat, overpast, art same mind, causing be, laying down law, ex-pends, grooved, pro rogues, evened score, doth one's thing, tilted toward, says uncle, yessed, un-cover, taking patiently, contends for, laps up, subjecting to, be consistent with, gives facts, puts map, are answerable for, make payment, hadst keeping, de fends, countenance, laying it on, signs over, un-folding, takes orders, socking one, castling, is of the same mind, over-joyed, is in harmony, concede, resigns to, double checks, re eking, go along, go with the flow, fixing ones wagon, out lining, am identical to, connaturalized, pressing for, falls on, de criminalizing, bring out in to open, be having, putting in for, give ones word, sticks it out, over hauled, out-did, did one duty, puts with, re-habilitating, pro tract, swear off, shoots ones mouth, numbers among, coadjuted, live with, out-lined, doing a number, depended up on, over seeing, puts for sale, being given, be obsequious, pay court, points to, out strip, de frays, fortify, being all ears, swearing off, was harmony, gives word, pamper, re fuses, truck, comes to pass, suspended charges, being in receipt of, taking ones word, wast in saddle, re-sign, deposit with, bring in to the fold, feathering, gave green light, buttons up, patted on back, trans posed, preindicated, bringing in to existence, reconciliating, anteing up, re-late, lacing into, was hypocritical, get on a soapbox, homologizes, dare say, wast displeased by, get out of system, having at, payed court to, pre-tend, ask in marriage, indicate, un zip, sets hand to, riding shotgun for, said yes to, swearing to god, lays down law, working out a deal, puts in two cents, opted for, turned over to, art service, pre-paring, contending for, have title, are the driver seat, paid no mind, am patient with, put on market, re-venging, fixed with, fill bill, signed seal, locking horns with, lay upon, buttoning up, nodded at, gives an introduction, makes plain, guerdoning, pulling strings, re-move, take a shine to, cobble up, looks to, is sold for, entitle, wast in favor of, de-posits, held one's end, have hand, made one's own, coughed up, swapped horses, stake out, does as one says, fating, demand, Cinching, trans act, re collects, unloading on, mete out, frame, lays on the line, de ducting, saying the word, re moved, Overhearing, de-scant, siding with, am driver seat, converted into, sub-scribing, pro vided, dare says, makes the grade, sucked to, fore-bode, gotten to, climbing on, tolerates, be attentive, stocking up, slating, caved in, give a blank check, sit through, rolled over and play dead, in duct, taking one word, seeing eye to eye, keeps faith, kept an eye on, be game for, gets hands on, prorogue, wert made up of, swears off, co-oking, being the same mind, being opinion, wast in harmony, knocks down price, carrying through, are tune, raise subject, makes a stink, back-talk, depends on, passed up, be positive, re-work, corroborate, rendering to, dis patching, is familiar, de clare, didst what one is told, cite, holding ones end, went past, kicking ones heels, join up, leave with, shot ones mouth, saw after, in-clines, administer, hang words, lends one's name to, doest as says, hoking up, in sinuates, un clothed, spitted out, puts on to something, re gale, sprung with, saw fit, asservates, stood up to, getting in line, putting up front, gave with, have in keeping, checks up, were all ears, turned the tables on, falls in to, pinned down, lighting into, voted for, taking up on, regarding highly, shoots ahead of, give one consent, kick ones heels, de-lays, giving comeuppance, de-sires, kibitzes, showing clearly, fell one knees, gotten down one knee, un-bended, rang in, pre-supposed, un-clothed, gave the green light, be identical to, took one's word, brought into existence, scratching one's back, conferred right, de lay, raising hell, gat the floor, giving leave, pay dues, don't rock the boat, socking it to one, give ghost, sue for, make over, re serve, dis place, lowering oneself, in sure, be possessed of, wast of same mind, pick tab, ex tolling, dis-continued, in duces, playing up to, stocks up, go with flow, was at beck call, acting as, saw to, opened one mouth, referring to, wast identical to, take cure, am established, hooks up, takes as gospel truth, letted it hang out, does as says, were in the saddle, get down on one knee, making an affidavit, throws sponge, pre-indicating, pushing for, pre-destined, took into consideration, sub serving, going out limb, giving stamp approval give go ahead, went fifty-fifty, didst what is expected, ex-posing, dumped on, out-race, Proportioning, disambiguates, over-look, heard tell, dare-said, gives the green light, tuned out, doeth job, standing up, bound oneself, invoked happiness, pro-posing, pre-vents, re-claimed, allow entrance, puts before, pledging oneself, plunked down, go on the wagon, gat a soapbox, partaking of, be engaged in, be on the scene, get a load of, picking the tab, falls over, un-mask, affording view, staid line, re deemed, carrying completion, dost one's duty, putting in a good word, pre-destining, sur-mounting, guesstimating, Parceled, Umpired, Dunned, staking out, having law on, make welcome, Outgone, ex-act, broke the news, was consistent, be driver's seat, sware off, re-ceded, pro pounding, left to, was one duty to, paving way, provide for, bringing into being, suppose, shoots mouth, make available, got down on one knee, claims falsely, makes it, re served, circumstantiates, re hash, doeth justice to, giving rise to, be told, illustrates with, Housed, caving to, being in driver seat, string along with, wert inclined, takes under advisement, condescend, prefabbed, left alone, being courteous, re-couped, taking an eye for eye, am familiar, re-volts, making welcome, art satisfied with, Disembogued, guarded against, lifeboating, ex-posed, dis patched, inveighs against, addressing oneself, doest number, indulge, re-gale, drive out, out shined, re tails, am certain of, benefacting, be-stowed, gifted with, de fending, puts up front, threw in the towel, siphoned, gave okay, gives ground, ex-haling, re-pair, look the other way, scratch one back, fell all over, put down for, went that route, doing one's duty, declared lawful, art harmony, sticking to, spring with, freed from blame, Bumming, guesstimate, showing once and for all, proves case, over-took, wast in drivers seat, under taken, swears down, consent to, ex-postulated, meted out, be to, dis simulate, braced up, bring fruition, doest bidding, rubber stamped, makes stink, lighted in to, reckoned on, putting john henry on, pro positioned, re hashed, making clean breast of, gave a tip, works in, am of same mind, played game, putting one john hancock on, runs with the pack, showed in, re-vised, harkened, swaps horses, rid shotgun for, did one's bidding, bring into fold, offers hospitality, dis-claim, acting up on, do honors, de-liver, think highly of, wast symptomatic, hats to, turned the trick, coming up snuff, hear tell, re-presenting, parceled out, re venged, be responsible for, were inclined, going fifty-fifty, re tires, shot off mouth, am the opinion, out-racing, was scene, re-minded, inter changed, wast scene, was all for, dragging in to court, makes available, come out closet, dragoons, slices up, brought down the house, pro-creating, re phrasing, re vising, pre-indicated, stuck by, didst turn, dis-regard, shot one's wad, wast consistent with, taking one's word, adhere to, passed on, having confidence in, reckoning on, sware and down, putting across, cooperated with, de-vised, sit top of, Legitimated, co-opt, hold bay, cop plea, wert ones duty to, make peace, qualifying for, letting cat out of bag, pre-scribe, pieced up, re-aping, yielding to, lay in to, re legate, conform, refraining from, up raising, ex-tends, proved case, be on one's side, hast at, ex-pend, de-creed, digged up, socked to one, went fiftyfifty, put a fight, swearing down, measuring out, throwing together, takes out on, held up ones end, said word, went in to details, hath faith in, subjected to, had confidence in, ministers to, being on one side, heaped up on, casting ballot, depone, kicked heels, were the saddle, be convinced of, re-coups, act out, failing to notice, soapboxing, fall in to, causes to be, being for, re-peat, dis simulates, pass as, pattern up on, take the cure, goes by the book, re-coup, is to, gat as far as, stands up, nevering say die, sparing rod, inter posing, de scanted, with stand, were up to, gotten a load of, hard sold, plea bargained, hold responsible, advocate, giving way, break news, payed dues, refers to, gets off chest, having up, dis-cuss, signs for, am deceitful, are in the drivers seat, cause to be, dare saying, pick up on, double check, firing up, ratting on, re conciliated, cede, made light of, prided on, leaving word, dis closing, are in driver's seat, is in driver seat, de-ducts, got on soapbox, sticked it to, nails down, doth ones bidding, vests in, cuts the pie, bring down house, whipping out, be tides, does business, ponying up, lower oneself, Siring, re veal, oughted, are on hand, lays at one's feet, fore running, work out deal, appeal, getting from, makes binding, putting john hancock on, justify, sitting on top of, tunes out, offer marriage, go along with, show one's face, un-clothing, get in to, hammered out a deal, pro-vided, ex posed, ratify, foot bill, be tray, going wagon, re-new, goes by book, re-served, parenting, sticked for, being made of, signed on, be saddle, locks up, leaving with, makes known, rests assured, re conciliating, re-paid, paved way, have law on, leaves undone, was favor of, singing praises of, letted it be known, having the law on, wert in the saddle, reused, melts away, tosses few crumbs, tailormake, took at one's word, dis-cussing, de-scribed, doing t, kicks up heels, try out, defecates, making the grade, passed word, show cause, be in the saddle, makes clear, got hold of, plays to, lend, un bend, don't make waves, spake ones piece, sub limes, does one part, arrived at, keeps tabs on, celebrate, dis-played, fall one knees, come around, setting hand to, inter change, wert in receipt of, laced in to, giving go-ahead, be satisfied with, wound up at, letted fall, was in the drivers seat, wert tune, ex-changed, angeling, be guile, let on, filed a claim, be driver seat, slip away, propound, de-claiming, under-score, setting on pedestal, gives five, teeming with, run with pack, does what one is told, de ceases, give in to, took care of business, out-does, panoplying, obeys, puts on the map, stood behind, wert receipt of, wert made of, haddest no doubt, in-quires, re-warded, taking under wing, thinks highly of, gat chest, swims with tide, passes oneself off as, re cording, were side, confiding to, pay court to, pony up, sub-serving, circularize, pointed to, seal, doest a turn, is the opinion, tune on, ex-celling, demeans oneself, falls victim to, symbolled, was corner, was the opinion, ex acts, sub liming, were ruled by, gave stamp of approval give goahead, dropt a hint, parcelling, pre vents, doest the honors, puts john henry on, gives voice, de-bates, payed addresses to, was in receipt of, under sign, gets hold of, am present, cut it, un earths, hath portion of, over-taken, gave evidence, outracing, cobbled up, denote, gives a blank check, art symptomatic, free from blame, under taking, under-lined, warrant, upbore, numbered among, am on the scene, square, piecing up, invites competition, give thumbs up, shooting mouth, Singling, be-sieges, un covers, play to, confided to, is line for, de-sign, take up on oneself, beating the drum, subscribes to, Prepaying, got in to, gave to, rubberstamping, parcel out, antes up, ex-cretes, under stand, prove case, art the saddle, in-crease, lend a hand, have the law on, brings fruition, steadied, be-spoken, sought the hand of, brings forth, conformed to, scratch one's back, laid line, being one duty to, dis-playing, modeling on, gives access, become ratified, dis-counting, give introduction, knuckleundering, laying feet, buy in to, tickling pink, affords a view, in-cited, laying claim to, trans-pose, yakkety yaks, got from, buy into, giving the goahead, up-bore, re tail, gets on soapbox, doth one's part, drives out, showing face, cuts pie, pre-scribed, pushes for, render, put on the map, hast hand in, wast tune, picked up on, had the law on, bringing in to line, Amnestied, dis patch, swimming with the tide, laying ones feet, has every intention, picking up tab, swore to, yakkety yakked, kicked up one heels, laying at ones feet, pro-fess, out-lines, dis-counts, de lude, re-conciliates, falls knees, re funds, Knuckling, be-tokened, wast in driver's seat, touches on, de-clares, were against, being at beck call, put for, made a point of, ex change, out distanced, am service, patterned oneself up on, didst business, re peats, providing sanctuary, be-have, taking liking to, left behind, pro-claimed, calling upon, is witness, preferred charges against, be-sought, clocked in, trialing, leaves alone, re corded, trans acting, unloads on, thought well of, art one's side, payed no attention, stood up, were aware of, is visible, voting in, says the word, put up to, am employed by, gives introduction, in crease, all-owing, act upon, leave behind, sur-render, am up to, straightening up, made evident, be in favor of, pro-pose, re presenting, protest, were a witness, laying one, wert deceitful, bare the expense, wert on ones side, doest one part, glided by, be for, pro tested, be in saddle, dare said, comply, was up to, re acted, doublecheck, bears the cost, doeth part, pro-mote, requite, de-part, gotten on soapbox for, parting with, spake in favor, speaking piece, coming together, pulls strings, Foreran, taking place, braces up, show once for all, passwording, socked it one, resorting to, re habilitate, folding, takes an oath, takes upon oneself, gives stamp approval, pressed ones suit, re-venged, shoots one's mouth, pro-tested, over-passing, gave into, lipped, did one's duty, johned hancock, gets load of, touch on, packs in, lets in, gives affidavit, choicing, de nominates, wert on scene, being consonant with, make a point, took word, shooting off one's mouth, laces into, Serenaded, dis cussed, give carte blanche, attested to, haddest up, being a party to, be came, speaks in favor, gives permission, pro-portioning, makes point of, pre-scribing, be surety for, shoots ones wad, fixt wagon, doest to turn, de posited, has hand in, re-spects, combine, re pairs, enacting laws, voting favorably, takes eye for an eye, pro curing, blinking at, un-clothes, sock it to one, giving word of honor, conform to, un cover, gave an affidavit, pre destined, hadst a prospect of, looked down, wast ordained, deliver goods, dis counting, let out, even score, lay bare, under write, be aware of, re affirm, makes run at, be a witness, Outwent, out gone, gave one consent, say no, repels danger, be possession of, collateraling, being keeping, giving to, were same mind, art inclined, re paid, doth one part, Bandied, art sanctioned, pre-faced, did ones duty, set seal on, in quiring, doing trick, pro-visioned, de-mises, were employed by, pack it in, altered conviction, letted go, kudize, not heeds, rely up on, letted slip, is harmony, hast a hand in, reconciliate, be patient with, were in possession of, hangs in, was patient with, scratched one back, were harmony, pro longing, wert on one side, giving consent, letting cat out bag, bind oneself, joins up, sets about, de pict, model on, re-writing, lavish upon, give an affidavit, under stood, puts forward, fixing one's wagon, scratched one's back, going at, over joys, hang sign on, dis-places, went as far as, were one's side, calling out, freed up, degraded oneself, Re sign, importing, art possessed of, haddest a try, gotten out of system, doing business, in-trusting, being at beck and call, giving an affidavit, does t, co-sign, art party to, gave a leg up, being in keeping, reifies, delivers the goods, be holding, up rearing, kept the faith, re-state, flew in the face of, under-went, brings into existence, dropping a hint, doth justice to, pro-positions, de-fended, worked out deal, pre-pare, re volt, break silence, re warded, put up a front, letted slide, approving accept, put up with, go fifty fifty, melt away, makes bail, laid feet, taking cure, commit, signing up, re news, under lined, Dunning, scratching ones back, pro pounded, steamrolling, makes one own, de posit, un clothe, swimming with tide, presuming true, did to t, out-raced, send forth, took at one word, reconciliates, dope out, put before, super-intends, heard for, deals in, over saw, un furled, quarterback, coming to defense of, allows for, wert present, wert on side, Postulating, were in the drivers seat, lacing in to, mix it up, wert responsible for, Tolerating, pronounced holy, wipe slate clean, am big, measures out, have prospect of, bring forward, be stows, being scene, follows the crowd, turning trick, commands a view, pro cures, getting on bandwagon, shoot ones mouth, fored, un-derwent, hath hand in, de livers, Amnestying, keeping the faith, dis-courses, stump for, wert satisfied with, held ones end, broach, bow to, filed for, has a lock on, jumps on, submit to, giving low-down, wert for, Disporting, become student, puts to, railroad through, search out, art game for, hast confidence in, have, came into, re produces, spoke up for, traded, trans-acting, is devoted to, making pitch, spares the rod, steadies, gave the word, make much of, swears up down, are duty to, doth one thing, measured out, open ones mouth, prepays, give the ghost, para phrased, re-cited, get line, puts in force, fit out, gives low down, being similar to, was in possession of, put to, am witness, are hypocritical, dost one thing, throw down gauntlet, concurs with, Optate, go in with, wast of the same mind, wert of the same mind, re cognized, took the cure, is the scene, took as example, gives ones consent, ringing a bell, was ordained, hadst rights, act up on, show fruit, defer, afford, dis-charges, shoots off mouth, checked up, shot ahead of, being of the opinion, brings an action, double-check, personizing, leaves behind, defend, watches out for, initiate, have lock on, re-gales, are against, lap up, un load, doing one's bidding, doeth ones bidding, taking for granted, getting on soapbox, wast familiar, looked to, jammed through, forked out, didst one's duty, clean up act, making time with, make one's own, wert big on, passing to, give do, hold up one end, be-lieve, re-moves, doth like, permit, un-furling, up bore, gat on soapbox for, not heed, lavished upon, shooting one mouth, prided oneself on, took out, took possession, roll with punches, takes stock in, clued in, profess, alludes to, de laying, under signing, pro-fesses, nods at, bring out in to the open, did as says, signed off on, art tune, giving birth to, wast consistent, are in possession of, turned tables, clean up, spring for, in vests, squared, has faith in, limelighted, going as far as, suspend charges, disambiguated, gave stamp approval give go ahead, fired the question, prayed for, re fuse, am one's side, de vise, putting for, horse trades, fail to notice, slipped away, stood by, gat there, cried up, shakes on, put cards on table, makes into law, be all ears, de-fines, be friending, threw together, is on hand, re spects, be in harmony, dis-place, be lieve, Impetrate, re-moving, bring in to line, opening one heart, cater to, crossed ones heart, say the word, ex cept, nominate, fold up, hold up ones end, toned up, getting off chest, re collecting, de bunks, dis-perse, watchwording, nailing down, shucked jive, doing as one says, be troth, in-vents, was beck and call, earning ones wings, let in, art in line for, say in defense, hadst case, sings the praises of, under-lines, heap up on, out does, made plain, re generate, insist upon, putting up a front, was forced to, listen, turned the tables, put cards table, is established, leaving undone, is up to, states differently, lives by, gotten down on knee, took an eye for eye, gave back, guesstimates, de clines, get hold of, showing white flag, painting town red, in-tended, wert attentive, fall one's knees, pay homage to, presume true, under pinned, pro-rogued, reuse, took ones word, rubber-stamping, re-habilitated, hold, foreruning, putting something, follow the crowd, get as far as, take at ones word, declared true, rid out, re-minds, bearing the brunt, pats the back, payed back, gotten behind, am the scene, wert in the driver's seat, didst trick, re-asserts, signs in, is made up of, Remised, sit on, in clines, dis played, giving stamp of approval give the go-ahead, causing adopt, giving allegiance to, takes care of business, swears god, make a stink, was sanctioned, was inclined, spilt to, wast for, doeth one duty, un leash, asks marriage, trans-acted, Gallanted, wert identical to, leaning toward, takes a liking to, fit in, pick up the check, trothing, wert all for, gotten on soapbox, put in appearance, care for, gets in to, making responsible for, pre pared, setting in motion, under-writes, art consistent, show one face, strings along with, holding one's end, labored the point, dis agreeing, lays open, Circumstantiating, de-livers, dis ported, swears on bible, gets the floor, knuckling to, giving vent to, re-arranges, do a turn, in toned, go fifty-fifty, attesting to, leaved undone, setting to, gives forth, hang on words, checking up on, swore in, are solicitous of, angeled, acting out, does one's thing, packing in, re move, is identical to, becomes law, heaps up on, lay it on, breaking the news, gave rein to, swapping horses, gang upon, jamming through, sends out, letting slide, were ears, wert favor of, affiance, being in possession of, rang a bell, got out system, make plain, pays back in spades, asks for, wast in tune, lives with, builded in, authorize, brought an action, gets out system, got the floor, shaking hands, stumble upon, flaking out, act with, un zipping, makes in to law, swear bible, kicks one heels, was against, gotten the floor, in-scribes, failing notice, am born again, taking plunge, de-fending, testify, gives high sign, lowers oneself, opens one heart, suffer, making scene, coming defense of, making bail, declares true, comes down high horse, over looked, passes on, buys in to, making whoopee, filling bill, re-affirming, wert loyal to, seeking the hand of, making one own, puffs up, Sinewed, was on side, presses ones suit, under-line, taking as an example, gave introduction, settled up, locks horns with, Slated, are the driver's seat, regards highly, be deceitful, lip sync, wast keeping, live through, assert, fore-tells, turns the tables, in-dict, went with the flow, art submissive, be the scene, is informed, open up, are patient with, letting in, gotten hold of, set about, re-verse, art of same mind, let all hang out, fall on ones knees, addressed oneself, continued to, rang bell, pass off as, held fast, out fitted, constates, took to court, be one side, let loose, be of the same mind, under-signs, going record for, patted the back, get load of, de-feat, Head-line, re cognizing, ballyhooing, doest the trick, lavishing up on, wast of the opinion, Disembogue, tuned in on, are on scene, wert in drivers seat, carried torch, being told, de-ludes, un earthing, doest turn, under lines, pro-motes, give up the ghost, flow out, being symptomatic, hung words, doing the honors, leave undone, dis burse, laying claim, gotten down brass tacks, wast responsible for, dis cover, getting behind, art scene, praying to, dis-continuing, inter changing, be big, stands up to, making eligible, bring into existence, pre vent, Intrusted, insist on, sucked up to, lived by, re leasing, do ones part, go over big, stumbled up on, rode shotgun for, checking on, gave ground, steamroll, earns one wings, gives the goahead, get a hold of, come out of closet, took court, making own, up bears, un clad, making law, giving stamp of approval give go ahead, re-aching, enforces laws, Omened, dis tributes, kudizing, in-vented, paid up, was of opinion, giving one's word, knocking down, held to, doeth a turn, sing praises of, hath coming, provided sanctuary, makes a run at, being ruled by, de-siring, drove out, painted the town red, speaks piece, was out for blood, ex-pose, swear on bible, going the wagon, wast all ears, laying at one's feet, re-assert, concussing, fight for, bad welcome, were ones side, pins down, defecate, re-quires, doth one bidding, are engaged in, sustain, help out, offers benediction, is on side, tossing few crumbs, de-picts, stretch out, inviting competition, turn over, stays line, came in to, un-fold, re-commends, refrained from, taking under advisement, did what is told, re-iterate, with stood, co sign, cope with, letting all hang out, lendleased, scratched ones back, made a motion, disculpates, circularized, dashing off, were consistent, super intending, softened up, were certain of, sign for, doeth a number, dis counted, made the scene, taking in to consideration, shot wad, having case, intromit, has dealings, give blank check, facing it, Suckering, sits still for, am symptomatic, coming in to, passing oneself as, over seen, confer trust, wert on one's side, voice, un clothing, put office, ward off, shoot ahead of, wast in corner, re-signs, cooperating with, rolls on, put map, make terms, balloting, be stowing, said again, letting loose, lets go, hast bone to pick, was on ones side, were credulous, degrade oneself, re-tailed, re-serve, de-signing, un-masks, buried hatchet, pull wires, fore-boding, giving just desserts, re legates, ex pending, dost ones thing, letting off easy, laid one feet, stock up, being composed of, blew past, tells truth, de-bunked, go that route, was drivers seat, living out, dis-coursed, doth ones duty, own up, were of same mind, Valuing, searching out, was the driver's seat, taking shine to, feel in return, qualify, under-writing, makes waves, trans ported, working out deal, Mortgaging, re commended, makes a deal, out-fitting, draw forth, swear god, drew forth, yakketyyaks, making firm, taking up on oneself, takes liking to, spoke one piece, over indulges, fronts for, puts ice, was possession of, repelling danger, say defense, arrive at, claimed falsely, re member, locking up, dost business, sate top of, decide up on, giving carte blanche, wast visible, assign, do number, pay half, hard selling, was big, act as, get on bandwagon, were servile, go to the polls, doth ones part, de-legate, sur rendered, arrives time, went wagon, ex-tended, catch the eye, gives carte blanche, juicing, dis-course, de-posited, lives up, rings a bell, ausculting, lay down the law, hath a prospect of, give a leg up, opening to view, wert compelled to, puts up to, crack whip, be siege, touched on, re-affirmed, up graded, swears to, caves in, de signing, is service, head lines, objects to, setting ones cap, Deputing, clinching the deal, phonated, sit take it, takes up on oneself, socking it one, Presenting, un masked, gives low-down, gave stamp approval give the go ahead, shooting ahead of, pander to, paid ones dues, pray for, makes welcome, gives birth to, paneled, cluing in, gassing, see fit, keep tabs on, plea bargaining, hammer out deal, sizes up, spoil rotten, work in, think about, making allowance for, re-member, cry up, de-mise, were big, tunes in on, bears expense, gives nod, de mises, serve out, getting floor, take into consideration, took as gospel truth, un zips, wert opinion, gives oneself over, fork over, was of the same mind, relying upon, re funding, being the scene, holding end, puts on something, re asserted, re-signing, gives stamp approval give go ahead, letted it all hang out, lace in to, coadjutes, sub limed, hath dibs on something, surfeit, letting go by, un-bending, pay back, felt return, gat into, re-calling, express, Bulwarked, laboring point, art given, moving over, buttoning down, super vise, be scene, earned wings, fails to notice, settled on, gives tip, passed the word, swearing bible, highlighting, answering charges, scratched back, laboring the point, wast on ones side, picked up the tab, speak well of, fore tell, shoot off mouth, takes to, was devoted to, shooting one's wad, reuses, put by, offered benediction, give ground, be fall, gives the low down, de-scending, put finger on, re-hearse, bringing out into the open, depend up on, acts as if, de-posing, look on, gives a posy, were proud of, gave the goahead, shaking on, looked up to, bringing to fruition, passes oneself as, went to, meet with, live to, bespeak, falls heir to, gotten a hold of, ex haling, roll in, giving stamp of approval give go-ahead, defer to, gat down one knee, up-lifting, bear the brunt, gave carte blanche, catches eye, patting on the back, turns tables on, out-distance, spat out, bowed to, fell ones knees, hath confidence in, making over, offer hospitality, pro claims, going that route, de-criminalize, tosses it in, wast the saddle, went easy on, watchworded, taking an oath, giving nod, take oath, is surety for, played the game, letted off easy, put with, benefact, pays back spades, arrived in time, sees after, dis simulating, pre-ordained, stays in line, in vents, taking at one word, lets pass, heaped upon, make evident, button down, signing for, come up with, eyeballs, fake out, kicks one's heels, hadst hand, dis regarded, filing for, putting appearance, haddest a portion of, straightened up, re-worked, pays one's dues, letted go by, puts in the hands of, sing the praises of, come up snuff, sits out, taking at word, arrive time, Omening, gold starred, gives leave, de base, were the drivers seat, up-grading, going past, took orders, making plain, are inclined, be party to, de-voted, makes sure, under line, went out on limb, wast at service, de-terminating, pick the tab, symboled, took as gospel, is at beck and call, determinated, re citing, hadst bone to pick, giving lift, bears cost, had a portion of, made public, bringing into the fold, sets on pedestal, am displeased by, lived up, do the trick, wast proud of, give the go ahead, gets there, lend one's name to, pointing up, proponing, letted know, wast harmony, under-written, giving stamp of approval give the goahead, rolling in, make a motion, parceling, be tided, gets through, honeyed up, fixt up with, lives out, doublechecking, were of the opinion, getting the floor, gave forth, up rears, saying yes to, help, prays to, hath a case, spoke one's piece, up raise, haul into court, made time with, says again, counter-signing, am of the same mind, re iterating, are the saddle, pre cede, going on wagon, was consistent with, lay on line, argue for, be-tided, fixes wagon, picking up the check, yakketyyakked, re-quired, slip up, puts force, be-fell, thinking well of, turning the trick, up bear, get down knee, horse trading, comes down off high horse, is patient with, in tending, appeal to, lay down law, attest to, blurting out, take upon, up lifted, laid before, taking notice, sware on bible, piloting, puts office, shucks jive, picking tab, are beck and call, put the market, am to, lip syncs, draws in, pays no attention, speak highly of, bore expense, letted easy, do for, de-claimed, in-tones, re gards, doest the job, watched out for, spoiling rotten, re-lease, free up, re lease, de sign, dis-continues, were sold for, straightens up, pass word, art a party to, let in on, showcased, putting two cents, cross ones heart, got down to brass tacks, makes the scene, sub serves, had a try, were on, serving out, hits town, is a witness, bears the expense, catching up to, re-acted, was at service, un-veiled, ex pose, didst part, crack to, plunking down, converts in to, conferring right, running with pack, arrived time, ex act, was tune, wast duty to, have confidence in, wast on, intro duces, bears the brunt, in-spire, end-owed, strengthen, get into, under going, is on scene, lays the gaff, blurted out, adds fuel to fire, commend, under pinning, over joyed, was familiar, re quested, was in line for, re-lax, set one hand to, lend-leasing, fore-bodes, run with the ball, Umpiring, haddest bone to pick, drank to, hold the reins, out shone, allow, dis-porting, go wagon, wert all ears, in-tend, drunk to, un-bend, falling one's knees, lend ear, setting out, show face, pro-testing, being in the saddle, pro-rogues, over indulging, de ceased, run interference for, gives go ahead, modelled on, de note, take care of business, wast a witness, gives go-ahead, shored up, in-spect, make to, gat out of system, re place, were game for, wert one's side, got down brass tacks, shooting off one mouth, de duct, gives the go ahead, tuning out, let pass, tend, followed beaten path, gets as far as, signing on, outraced, takes the count, sets aside, spake for, being ears, buys and sell, starts ball rolling, admit, pro-position, shows one face, co ordinate, was obsequious, took one word, say yes, de-pended, sides with, is one's side, letting hang out, gave over, makes a point, be-gun, front on, thumping for, live up to, inter feres, goes down line, incarnates, payed off, passes to, button up, acts as, speak of, fires up, bows to, hanging sign on, carrying to completion, dun, being inclined, going route, co-operate, be devoted to, used as excuse, dont make waves, bringing down the house, out-stripped, files for, pays court to, wert harmony, re habilitated, lit in to, bare the cost, sliced up, clinches the deal, sued for, over looking, talks down to, pre paring, stomachs something, dost honors, de part, be come, pro testing, sware to god, reciprocate, be keeping, in quired, were on hand, buttoned up, tickle pink, trothed, put forward, say under oath, brings down house, stuck for, hanging words, wast made of, votes in, put up front, shows once and for all, caused adopt, up-holds, are convinced of,