Pronunciation of Dependable
/dɪpˈɛndəbə͡l/, /dɪpˈɛndəbə‍l/, /d_ɪ_p_ˈɛ_n_d_ə_b_əl/

Antonyms for dependable

thin skinned, more humorsome, not to be trusted, rockribbed, more petrous, in-securer, here today gone tomorrow, Crossgrained, un-directed, not be trusted, more rocklike, most cussed, un-governable, stonelike, semi-occasional, most unfrequent, most nonuniform, hyper-sensitive, ex-plosive, untrusty, self indulgent, in-constant, more lapidarian, in calculable, non-uniform, most semioccasional, more faltering, nonuniform, not uniform, in corrigible, mutable, un systematic, most conniving, more changeful, more cowboy, lithic, in securest, shifting, in consistent, un-reasonable, most hypersensitive, in determinate, re current, more here today gone tomorrow, un compliant, mendacious, untrustiest, most lithic, pre-carious, untrustier, in sensitive, most bouldered, not be relied upon, un scientific, most cowboy, wayward, un usual, more fairweather, more unassured, un settled, unsure, self willed, fits and starts, shortlived, un-predictable, self-willed, de signless, un-stable, suspect, in securer, wabbliest, fair-weather, unsafe, Humorsome, cross grained, Wabbly, most faltering, fits starts, most rockbound, more yoyo, any way wind blows, dis continuous, undirected, twofaced, most cross grained, un commoner, more self willed, selfindulgent, shaky, yo yo, in discriminate, un trustiest, more shifting, in-judicious, un steady, unsteady, rockbound, temperamental, in-sensate, unassured, not to be relied up on, fishy, helter skelter, more seldom, more twotiming, most fair-weather, Unfrequent, most trustless, more teetering, un safe, un-even, dubious, dis-continuous, un safest, un trusty, not to be relied upon, most unassured, un-sure, debatable, most on-again-off-again, not fixed, un-usual, most designless, uncertain, most weaving, rocky, not be relied up on, more trustless, more crossgrained, more conniving, Trustless, spotty, in sensible, in definite, un assured, slimier, un-settled, out order, most fair weather, dis-reputable, most self-willed, un-common, un-safe, tricker, two faced, in tractable, incertain, more designless, risky, more fair weather, un trustier, iffy, tippy, dis-orderly, dis reputable, un common, thinskinned, pebbly, weak, most here-today-gone-tomorrow, dis-obedient, un predictable, bits pieces, de-signless, lying, disloyal, un-soundest, most rock-ribbed, dis honest, Lapidarian, un safer, un-steadiest, any way the wind blows, in subordinate, unstable, un-assured, un directed, in-discriminate, hypersensitive, more nonuniform, most rock ribbed, un-natural, un considered, semioccasional, more directionless, dis connected, quiet, Vagarious, in-subordinate, changeful, un accountable, pimplier, rock-ribbed, most changeful, more hypersensitive, more rockribbed, on-again-off-again, more self-willed, head-strong, fly-by-night, short lived, flighty, mercurial, un-trusty, more vagarious, un steadier, ex citable, more fair-weather, un equal, cross-grained, most vagarious, most yo-yo, sporadic, dis loyal, up down, un stable, un-trustier, in flexible, arbitrary, un commonest, pre carious, most yo yo, most two-timing, un-safest, un methodical, irresponsible, un-sounder, petrous, dis-loyal, most unpunctual, fairweather, capricious, un-commoner, in secure, Designless, pebbliest, directionless, un-compliant, quirky, un professional, un-safer, bummest, more unmethodical, deceitful, un-sound, un steadiest, un reasonable, most on again off again, in-sensitive, tippier, more oddball, more here-today-gone-tomorrow, most fluctuant, un sounder, most crossgrained, most self willed, helterskelter, un dependable, more fluctuant, dis orderly, bouldered, un frequent, more fluctuating, un stabler, erratic, impermanent, un-equal, dishonest, shady, no bargain, untrustworthy, un sure, few, fly by night, more on-again-off-again, more hyper, un-trustworthy, un-scientific, wabblier, nogood, most humorsome, un trustworthy, dis-connected, disputable, semi occasional, hazardous, un-professional, tippiest, un-considered, non uniform, Doubtable, un-dependable, most selfwilled, bits and pieces, here-today-gone-tomorrow, ex-citable, in-tractable, un-trustiest, more undirected, dis-honest, re-current, wiggliest, in-definite, in-secure, unmethodical, un-stablest, in-flexible, unreliable, more rockbound, un-stabler, more on again off again, most shifting, dodgy, un stablest, most here today gone tomorrow, easily upset, rocklike, in-calculable, most two timing, rock ribbed, questionable, oddest, more yo-yo, most twotiming, in-frequent, most rocklike, silence, most yoyo, unpunctual, un-methodical, un-systematic, most rockribbed, unconfirmed, more cussed, in frequent, in judicious, in bad mood, doubtful, more stonelike, pimply, un-steadier, yo-yo, Fluctuant, in-sensible, un even, pimpliest, more two-timing, rickety, in sensate, un sound, wobbly, most undirected, in-corrigible, finker, unfaithful, wiggly, no good, most petrous, trickest, most teetering, more unfrequent, YOYO, more two timing, problematic, in-securest, finkest, most fairweather, in-consistent, volatile, ex plosive, more weaving, more semioccasional, most lapidarian, more yo yo, most seldom, most directionless, most stonelike, most cross-grained, dis obedient, undependable, untried, un-frequent.