Pronunciation of Deprecate
/dˈɛpɹɪkˌe͡ɪt/, /dˈɛpɹɪkˌe‍ɪt/, /d_ˈɛ_p_ɹ_ɪ_k_ˌeɪ_t/

Antonyms for deprecate

revel in, over estimating, giving good account of oneself, in-spired, dis-closes, blow one horn, Prattled, Speechified, misreporting, pats on the back, in-spires, loud talks, over state, played crowd, Disported, pat oneself back, Caricaturing, marching in review, sound off, over-estimate, over estimate, hotdog, attract attention, misreported, are proud, ex-pose, blow ones own horn, blow up out proportion, mis report, overestimating, blows out proportion, Romanced, Lording, pro claimed, mis quoted, parades ones wares, spieled, over-stated, Overdrawing, over done, ex cited, blows up out of proportion, holding forth, Brazening, runoned, eulogize, mis-report, over born, looks big, plays crowd, Grand-stand, groove, play to the crowd, fancy, de clare, hold head high, having keeping, hugged oneself, setting apart, co-loring, pats oneself back, re-veal, yacked, mis-quotes, over estimated, dis played, prattleing talk, cock a doodle doos, sounds off, congratulates oneself, de-claims, over-bears, ex posed, in spired, sanction, prate, in crease, overestimates, shot one mouth, went to extremes, blow one own horn, misreports, mis representing, mis-represent, up-raising, in-spiring, shot off ones mouth, Overdrew, ex-posing, brazens, dis-ported, is proud of, over estimates, am proud, up-hold, hiked up, parading wares, being proud, Caricatured, shoots ones mouth, de-clares, be proud of, blowing out of proportion, Speechifying, mis represent, blow own horn, shoots off one's mouth, de-voted, talked big, shooting off one's mouth, revelling in, dis-plays, gave good account oneself, shooting one mouth, rid high horse, go to extremes, wast proud, flatter oneself, over-did, haddest in keeping, is proud, make too much of, Ramped, showboat, co-wed, laying on thick, dis-playing, shoot mouth, shoot one's mouth, sets apart, dis tort, in-creases, prettying up, spieling, support, pats oneself on back, play to crowd, over draws, attracting attention, blowing up out of proportion, over-draw, dis-closed, blow out of proportion, giving a good account oneself, over-emphasize, de-clare, overemphasize, de-votes, over bears, overbear, overborne, shooting off ones mouth, laud, shoot off one's mouth, plays the crowd, de-voting, shot mouth, parading one's wares, reveling in, IED, shoot off ones mouth, pats oneself on the back, blow horn, yack, shooting ones mouth, shoot off mouth, laying it thick, over-estimated, marches in review, recommend, overbore, holding head high, dis-close, hyperbolize, prattle's talk, are proud of, hadst keeping, de-claiming, swashbuckling, grand-stands, re-fine, psychs, dis torts, hold forth, ride high horse, up raise, grand stands, up-grading, mis-quoted, mis represents, Over-bearing, marched in review, pro-claiming, over-drew, re fine, play the crowd, blew up out proportion, glory in, up lifting, over-doing, parade ones wares, mis-represents, marches review, shoot up, co-wing, de-claim, shoot, flatters oneself, glories in, over-drawing, peacocked, lay it on thick, pats the back, up lifts, pat oneself on back, pat oneself the back, over emphasizing, hug oneself, blowing out proportion, played to crowd, de votes, overdraw, overemphasizes, pro-claims, marched review, hiking up, de claim, gives a good account of oneself, lay on thick, pat back, mis-quote, pats oneself the back, blew up out of proportion, Mouthing, Mouthed, parades wares, acclaim, shoots up, swashbuckled, blow smoke, up-lift, in spiring, gives good account of oneself, cock a doodle doo, over bear, pyramidded, i, flattering oneself, rodomontaded, patted oneself on the back, showboated, in-spire, vaunt, blowing smoke, prattling, swashbuckles, had keeping, over doing, up-lifted, over-bear, jiving, loud talked, pro claiming, gives good account oneself, in-creased, riding the high horse, goes to extremes, congratulating oneself, played the crowd, dis porting, lifts up, rode the high horse, ex cites, hotdogs, up-held, blew smoke, parades one wares, up held, yacks, patting oneself on the back, march review, swashbuckle, ex citing, having in keeping, patting the back, up-graded, in creases, up-raises, re-veals, delight, prattled talk, blows up out proportion, Brazened, prided oneself on, approve, exalt, Disporting, showboating, Misreport, lifting up, shoots one's mouth, overborn, over-born, lays on thick, over-estimating, art proud of, give good account of oneself, swagger, looked big, over stating, mis quoting, consecrate, puff up, patted oneself back, over-estimates, hath in keeping, ride the high horse, up holding, cock-a-doodle-dooed, spout, de clares, puts on airs, prattles talk, patting oneself on back, held head high, pretty up, were proud of, up hold, prided on, patting oneself the back, parading one wares, psyching, have keeping, haddest keeping, pride, re-fines, patted oneself on back, overdraws, mis represented, plays to the crowd, praise, dis plays, de claimed, co loring, stilts, was proud of, yacking, made too much of, dis closing, gave a good account of oneself, de vote, mis quotes, over emphasize, pro claims, revel, grand-standing, mis-reported, blow one's horn, patted back, dis close, shoot off one mouth, extol, pro claim, lifted up, dis-porting, talk big, jack up, over-drawn, am proud of, paraded one wares, glorying in, re-fining, cock a doodle dooing, set apart, up graded, over-emphasizing, parading ones wares, patted the back, laid thick, talking big, grand standing, pat oneself on the back, patting on back, put airs, peacock, Romancing, puffs up, countenance, putting airs, has in keeping, mis-representing, in-crease, tongued, Ramping, laid it thick, fetch up, pats back, plays to crowd, parade wares, prettied up, over emphasized, patting on the back, shooting off one mouth, shoots one mouth, relish, showboats, parade one's wares, cock-a-doodle-doo, attracts attention, over-borne, patting oneself back, congratulate oneself, fetched up, dis-play, lays thick, plume, in spire, makes too much of, runoning, dis-closing, laying it on thick, re fines, blowing up out proportion, giving a good account of oneself, de voted, bluster, giving good account oneself, jives, wast proud of, de-vote, de claims, give a good account of oneself, over bore, overestimated, favor, like, patted on back, dis playing, jacked up, over-emphasizes, pats on back, looking big, lay thick, scammed, loud talking, up holds, parades one's wares, up-lifts, rid the high horse, making too much of, co wed, ex pose, laid it on thick, riding high horse, prattle talk, up raised, ex-cite, rides high horse, played to the crowd, wert proud, cock a doodle dooed, up grades, sashayed, hugs oneself, give a good account oneself, applaud, parade one wares, up-holds, playing to crowd, cock-a-doodle-doos, mis-quoting, over emphasizes, peacocking, up raising, priding oneself on, Overdrawn, shot off one's mouth, speechify, dig, up-grades, iing, pyramidding, lays it thick, were proud, lift up, hotdogging, puffing up, Tonguing, gives a good account oneself, pride on, boast, art proud, blow up out of proportion, re fined, gave good account of oneself, magnify, dis-torts, ex-cited, cock-a-doodle-dooing, grand stand, vaporing, mis reporting, shoots mouth, gave a good account oneself, shot one's mouth, blows out of proportion, endorse, lays it on thick, parade, shoot ones mouth, co wing, scamming, re veals, patted on the back, congratulated oneself, up lift, de-claimed, over states, overstate, prattle'ing talk, rodomontading, jive, over drawing, being proud of, flattered oneself, exaggerate, pride oneself on, over-bore, de claiming, revelled in, shoots off one mouth, shoots off ones mouth, going extremes, attracted attention, sashaying, holds forth, priding on, ex-cites, elevate, sounded off, shoot one mouth, laid on thick, sounding off, over draw, over-stating, blows smoke, held forth, shooting up, hast in keeping, dis play, blew out proportion, dis ported, has keeping, prattle'd talk, puts airs, put on airs, in creasing, blow out proportion, mis-represented, up-holding, mis-reporting, up-lifting, rides the high horse, paraded ones wares, patted oneself the back, de voting, dis closed, lay it thick, increase, blew out of proportion, laying thick, dis-tort, in spires, up grading, up-raise, loud talk, overemphasized, enjoy, hotdogged, blow ones horn, paraded wares, give good account oneself, prides oneself on, dis closes, was proud, playing to the crowd, over does, up-raised, mis reports, overestimate, brag, overbears, over did, be proud, pat the back, commend, put up, went extremes, over bearing, hadst in keeping, over drew, ex-posed, hugging oneself, rode high horse, patting back, compliment, ex cite, over-draws, look big, prattle'ed talk, love, build up, shoots off mouth, dis-played, up lifted, have in keeping, elevated, up grade.