Pronunciation of Depression
/dɪpɹˈɛʃən/, /dɪpɹˈɛʃən/, /d_ɪ_p_ɹ_ˈɛ_ʃ_ə_n/

Antonyms for depression

fun and games, ex-citation, rampart, markedness, kiddings, Cheeriness, fieriness, pro fits, east streets, levitation, gleefulness, noblesse, Arousals, colorfulness, exaltation, re-dresses, in-citation, gladsomenesses, vim and vigors, high spirits, looking on bright side, up grades, out-growth, buoyancy, re cognitions, volcano, re creations, bunchings, regalements, vibrancies, renowns, turnon, knob, jocoseness, hurrays, de-lineations, bump, molehill, vibrancy, humor, out look, sunniness, Bravoes, vivification, Buffooneries, self confidence, jeux d'esprit, hump, mound, out thrust, excurvations, jeu desprit, re-gard, get goes, pre-ferment, light-heartednesses, zealousnesses, in temperances, tumefaction, selfrespect, sierras, Knurl, non-sense, self admiration, contentednesses, highland, conspicuousnesses, self-admirations, in juries, up-throws, galvanizations, re solves, excitedness, peppiness, jauntinesses, de sires, motivations, cheerinesses, re solve, looking bright side, dis traction, solid, pustule, public esteem, optimism, ex tension, jokings, pro-vocations, animation, fierinesses, predeterminations, field days, dos, re-solutions, selfregard, fullness, ebullience, Ardency, out-looks, tor, stars in ones eye, re-commendations, load minds, outcrop, bed roses, get up and go, breastworks, spiritedness, emotion, natural elevation, kyphosis, re-morse, re dress, ruling class, development, selfsatisfaction, extrapolations, tumor, Atlantes, protuberance, high spiritses, geniality, jocundity, re-solution, in-tumescence, blessing, junketings, palliation, good feeling, mountain, liveliness, clambakes, vibes, out growth, TORS, self regard, in-clines, exuberance, Convexities, revelings, stars in one eyes, joyousness, merriness, weightlessnesses, pre-disposition, Self-trust, topographical depiction, actuations, wittiness, Conspicuity, out looks, self glorification, wildness, Self-admiration, east street, hill, jump ups, crag, excitement, stars one's eye, rose colored glasses, prelations, out-growths, tumulus, firings, love of life, pertness, gaming, stars in eyes, pre-ferments, out lines, mirth, in jury, joyances, peppers, intumescence, revelments, dis positions, up lift, vivifications, hummocks, advancement, self esteem, growth, re-dress, TODO, honor, surge, nodulations, swelling, delectation, re-commendation, in toxications, peerages, high standing, knaps, up-lifts, upturn, stars eyes, good cheers, in-tumescences, pepper, turn-ons, blow out, puffiness, exaltednesses, euphoria, selfglorification, in tensity, selfsufficiency, Laughters, clownings, Leisure Activities, sure shocks, opener, supplement, in-creases, tuberosity, quickenings, uptrend, out line, Buoyance, up throw, out-thrusts, bravo, contentment, afflatus, dis composure, sub-stances, warmheartedness, re commendations, enjoyings, upthrow, de signs, Corns, foolery, upgradings, positivism, nub, dis-positions, Tali, vim vigor, extrapolation, gratification, cheer, de-signs, living up, re-lief, joyousnesses, re-lease, deep think, worthinesses, get and go, a rush, brisknesses, highspiritednesses, ex-tension, upswing, sur-prises, top billings, motivation, in tumescence, ex citations, re morses, love life, tracings, amourpropre, dis-composures, Prelation, restfulness, re gards, ex-citations, gain, highspiritedness, Vallation, in-jury, pre-dispositions, doorknobs, relaxation, dis-traction, bagginesses, pro cess, self respect, up-lifting, de-light, accretion, pride joys, exultings, corn, joyfulness, solstice, re-solves, self worth, pogey, molehills, hysterics, pro motions, sur prises, vallations, living ups, triflings, pre determinations, dis-position, impulsions, Light-heartedness, high-spiritednesses, joie de vivre, selfindulgence, fun gameses, boost, rapture, light heartedness, success, selfworth, sanguineness, bulge, goahead, in-corruptibilities, up lifting, afflatuses, solids, bunion, dis position, rise, outthrust, frame mind, preferments, lobe, uppers, good cheer, self love, big hand, advantage, in corruptibility, jeux desprit, allayments, in-citations, elasticity, Downs, selflove, canonizations, levity, self-glorification, anthills, merry go round, re dresses, junketing, ravishments, gusto, volcanos, markednesses, stars in one's eye, contentedness, peace mind, de sign, up-grading, addition, recovery, beguilement, positivisms, merriment, load off one minds, load off minds, high spiritedness, dis-composure, up-grades, gladsomeness, re velations, cheerings, merry-makings, jump up, accrual, content, Exaltedness, happiness, out-crop, de sire, wingding, boom, palliative, self sufficiency, lots of laugh, out-lines, ardencies, atonenesses, melodrama, re commendation, worthiness, selfconfidence, high rank, rally, enlargement, pride and joy, high ranks, re-missions, briskness, selfglorifications, satisfaction, enlivenment, rejoicing, get go, good words, pro-cesses, re laxation, hysteric, lionizations, airinesses, self glorifications, in-crease, plat, stars one eye, in sights, in flatus, zest, a rushes, hopefulnesses, prominence, load one minds, public esteems, sub-stance, self satisfaction, high spiritednesses, good fortune, re creation, re leases, openers, dis composures, Divertissement, in-cline, Butte, ecstasy, elevation, in-sight, in cline, dis tractions, gloatings, pustules, out crops, increase, sycophancy, re-cognition, merrymakings, self worths, galvanization, up lifts, re-mission, in corruptibilities, selfadmiration, in-corruptibility, cozinesses, wingdings, ex tent, re-laxation, h's, de-sire, hurray, pro vocations, sanguinity, Jeu D'esprit, in citations, lots laugh, salients, up rightness, head rushes, raise, eskers, pogeys, propitiations, immortalizations, fore cast, de-lineation, selftrusts, re lief, sweetness light, rosecolored glasses, titillation, in toxication, buffoonery, outthrusts, big hands, stars eye, whoopee, rompings, de-fenses, enjoyablenesses, in crease, puffinesses, up-lift, do's, out-line, intoxication, high points, Elysiums, restfulnesses, effusiveness, re velation, over statements, beguilements, re-pose, pre-eminence, HS, sills, extrications, promotion, outcrops, lionization, out thrusts, self-trusts, panegyrics, jauntiness, pride, predetermination, sunninesses, load one's minds, Nobleness, stimulus, non sense, ex-tent, in-flatus, ground plans, de lineations, Esker, dynamism, mirthfulness, jubilance, sure shock, pro fit, vim vigors, up rightnesses, de lights, pre dispositions, warmheartednesses, Tumuli, in tumescences, zealousness, at-oneness, vibe, Rhapsodies, in-sights, saggings, gooses, well being, progress, bagginess, re nown, in creases, load off ones mind, load off one's mind, pat back, entertainment, pre eminences, showiness, crags, earthwork, rising ground, pre-eminences, gladdenings, ridge, joy, re cognition, H, ficklenesses, weightlessness, conspicuousness, wildnesses, pre ferment, up-throw, dynamisms, move ups, noblenesses, stars ones eye, sur-prise, saliences, Bunions, molliness, turnons, self-worths, re solutions, fore-cast, Dainties, self trusts, clambake, Palates, gones, move up, pro-fits, increment, ex citation, salience, vitalization, stateliness, actuation, self admirations, over-statement, specialness, repute, blow outs, floatabilities, stars in ones eyes, pre determination, mollifications, exuberancies, Allayment, crowings, pre ferments, specialnesses, pre-determinations, teasings, ancillaries, buttes, self trust, electrification, pleasances, sub stances, carefreeness, ell, re pose, get up go, idealisms, field day, tiptops, benefit, doorknob, arousal, excitednesses, non senses, re missions, pre eminence, out-look, snugnesses, at-onenesses, hummock, high standings, ex-tents, Convexedness, corm, ruling classes, re-leases, ex cesses, pre-determination, burls, anthill, fun, pat the back, good spirit, get and goes, earthworks, merry making, enthusiasm, pro vocation, hoopla, good times, tumuluses, merriments, fickleness, thrill, mollinesses, invigoration, etherealities, joyance, accumulation, sublimity, pleasings, uplands, self indulgence, stars one eyes, effervescence, projection, gibbosities, intumescences, over-statements, lovings, vital spark, turn-on, vital sparks, turn ons, ex tents, exultation, facetiousness, conspicuities, palliatives, in clines, fruition, in temperance, jocularity, peace, pro-motion, effusivenesses, ex-tensions, fore casts, electrifications, load off one mind, whoopees, wittinesses, CORMS, stars in one eye, nodule, de light, re spites, levitations, vitalizations, out-thrust, Volcanoes, re spite, Atlases, up grade, coziness, dis-tractions, burl, excitability, huzzahs, good word, in-toxications, invigorations, inspiration, sill, upland, re-laxations, airiness, excurvation, selfworths, load ones mind, in-temperances, load one mind, swell, ex cess, to do, re morse, showinesses, uptick, extension, out-crops, re-morses, festivity, play, self-glorifications, bliss, mountains, welfare, re-velations, good spirits, re-nown, at oneness, topographical depictions, warm fuzzies, good feelings, sycophancies, cheerfulness, deification, gibbosity, pride and joys, PLATS, convexednesses, merry-making, favorings, de-sign, extrication, elation, height, lots of laughs, self-worth, fun and gameses, vim and vigor, high point, stars in eye, lightheartedness, rhapsody, out crop, hope, knurls, Jollies, pimple, melodramas, upthrows, deifications, breastwork, pre disposition, magnification, convexity, ravishment, load one's mind, in citation, solstices, Immortalization, get up goes, comfort, head rush, highs, load mind, load off mind, hopefulness, pride joy, re-solve, merry makings, sub stance, re laxations, exhilaration, ex-cess, gladness, tons, re-velation, de lineation, jollity, re lease, enjoyableness, selfesteem, floatability, carefreenesses, wellbeing, node, de fenses, rising grounds, lots laughs, stars in one's eyes, de-sires, handfuls, comfortings, Fooleries, tumefactions, bulb, facetiousnesses, in sight, Regalement, camber, living it ups, statelinesses, top billing, divertissements, living it up, fun games, enlivenments, tumescence, rapturousness, stars one's eyes, up grading, re mission, tumescences, re-creations, glee, calm, mollification, Leisure Activity, appendage, protrusion, jubilation, stars ones eyes, nodulation, sierra, pleasure, deep thinks, bravos, wing, encouragement, re-creation, ex-cesses, up throws, colorfulnesses, treat, joviality, atoneness, gaiety, amusement, delight, outgrowth, out growths, up-rightness, de-lights, enjoyment, atlas, up-rightnesses, excitabilities, canonization, Exuberancy, kyphosises, lump, spiritednesses, at onenesses, preferment, load off one's minds, fore-casts, re-spites, Tuberosities, sur prise, pro-cess, continuation, blitheness, merry go rounds, knap, taluses, in-tensity, idealism.