Pronunciation of Destroy
/dɪstɹˈɔ͡ɪ/, /dɪstɹˈɔ‍ɪ/, /d_ɪ_s_t_ɹ_ˈɔɪ/

Antonyms for destroy

pay one dues, bringing back life, up lift, consummate, de lude, doth trick, doing ones thing, gat bottom, relives, knock together, freed from blame, sew up, makes decision, re-acquire, loosen up, broke promise, dig up, are out of woods, over takes, resurrect, lets all hang out, dis-patched, making the top ones head, wert afraid, be an element of, treasure, worked out deal, laying down the law, sobering up, re plicating, reprint, weighting, puts to rights, entrench, joining up, prop, keeping safe, Unriddle, brought in to existence, foment, pattern, de-pend, set in order, re shaping, doeth like, doctor up, girthing, get to, over-reach, made dent, Sinewed, apply medication, are aware of, counter vails, giving facts, thinks out, un folded, re energized, lays eggs, re-establishes, make up off the top of one head, catches up, gave a boost to, am contingent, pay dues, de-feat, calling together, stopping in, got to bottom, gave stamp of approval, get down pat, brought feet, runs with the ball, blows grits, opening view, exercise, whips in to shape, makes sure, dis-perse, upheave, re treading, recruit, art at the bottom of, gotten wise to, be effective, is founded, causes be, answering purpose, plunge in to, re-animating, reduplicate, selling a bill goods, in-sure, re-write, makes strides, gets something done, starting anew, Bottled, over charging, ex-plaining, dis coursed, dost a bangup job, doing a bang-up job, kicked habit, gotten to, re-posed, de tailed, make sure, comped, being upheld, carboning, brought date, manufacture, dis-tributes, de vised, de-livers, showcasing, clean up, de picture, giving the nod, heal, camber, get down to brass tacks, made up off top one's head, lead to, dis gorge, make off top of one's head, catapulted, runs up, Reinvest, gave the go ahead, takes part, tighten up, making a beginning, give face lift to, art nauseous, re-double, de-lude, makes valid, settle, pay one's dues, make in to law, photo graphed, lighting upon, ex-cites, mapped out, catered to, hits bull's-eye, getting wise to, re-play, fixing price, sub dues, laying down, re-hash, getting back ones feet, carry completion, criss-crossing, de-pict, making off the top one's head, enact, bringing back to life, work the bugs out of, re-wrote, pre form, go that route, letting it hang out, leaving holding the bag, countercheck, checks on, is specific, resay, hits the bulleye, made top of one head, make over, pulled things together, de tailing, swearing off, Caricaturing, girthed, safeguard, art the bottom of, noses out, re gained, Schemed, go town, carried to completion, turning corner, map out, Gluing, un leashed, made reparation, am useful, doing turn, playing with, reprised, take for a ride, brought into existence, set straight, re-counts, pour it on, buying into, out fitted, transliterate, regroup, does one thing, ghostwrote, reclaim, enthrones, makes right, Caballed, covering all bases, stacks deck, doth proud, pre ordering, give stamp of approval, gets to point, Disculpate, pre arranges, Cubed, look at, is adjunct, put on act, made off the top one head, be seated on, with-draw, re-plicated, putting writing, cleaning up one act, coming to the point, doing one proud, re styled, re generates, worked oneself bone, sees ones mind, reelecting, going well, set stage, kept safe, de legates, re-placed, re-treading, in-spect, un locking, dropped line, doest job, reprinting, Crayoned, sober up, pre-scribes, getting back on one feet, is contained in, jerrybuilds, patched things up, am enough, be-tided, covered bases, making decision, pre-orders, disambiguated, pro-files, makes the top of one head, simulate, doeth bangup job, leveling at, care for, diffused, enter in, sizes up, makes up the top one head, gat results, re plenishes, whipping out, gat next to, draw, re collects, be-stowing, de-lights, pull it off, driving truck, wast aware of, keep faith, giving impulse, giving the facts, change one ways, trans-mutes, reprises, re iterates, gets under way, getting bigger, started the ball rolling, playing games, coming to point, engaging in, talking in to, goes on with, Ramping, keep posted, making matters up, gives forth, trump up, removing errors, dost proud, becoming a reality, in geminate, mint, inter folding, re peat, buttoning down, bringing forth, under-taking, cutting down on, be-gun, massproducing, pro-duces, ex plained, pro-long, renovate, crown, work, bring feet, be-have, keep tabs on, does one proud, jiving, nose out, talked in to, shine up to, de lineate, art adjunct, paying for, cleaned up, doth a turn, make whole, makes for, snuggling up, Colligating, Concentered, makes hay, decking out, in-stances, gets shape, drives a truck, give stamp approval, settle on, re-running, re-lying, come to a decision, mothballs, intro duces, retain, make off top one head, ex posed, Roosting, make up top of head, taking cleaners, coronating, being use, ex cogitate, used sparingly, snapped out it, predesigning, restocks, dis entangling, art afraid, dis-entangled, be an adjunct, counter attack, face lifted, giving treatment, plays up to, kicked the habit, anthologize, act as, plunged into, came be, are the bottom of, re-charges, un scrambled, running a game on, fills bill, delivering goods, puts an end to, reshuffling, re model, re-dress, standing up, putting one foot down, re investing, gives impulse, misinstructing, up-surges, removes errors, dost one's thing, be calming, was adjunct, preordered, re-fit, effect, shores up, jerry building, re-energize, break ice, doth ones thing, counter-balancing, sweat out, re habilitates, built castles air, re-fine, idiolize, innervating, in-spects, getting the floor, doeth a turn, twisted one's arm, making off top head, re writing, sows the seeds of, signs off on, doing the job, dis covered, do a takeoff, uphold, running game on, doth honors, counter-check, getting bottom, rivetted, re vivify, getting to the bottom, re claimed, un riddle, gets someplace, give the go-ahead, make matters up, Tabulated, makes up top of ones head, Innerving, pray porcelain god, cobbles up, re-affirm, pro vided, getting back on ones feet, re-constituting, wast responsible for, took plunge, dropping line, didst proud, re-commend, re-capturing, art upheld, endow, de duces, bringing into line, wrought the bugs out of, do number, jerry build, shapes up, bought in to, make up top of one's head, brings in to line, brings to ones feet, Precontrive, sends back, dis torts, re-warding, re-made, be-fall, pro generate, brought together, counter poises, didst a job, doest a job, smoothing way, diagrammed, replevining, be-ginning, in-vesting, livened up, ex-tracts, dis engaging, setting in motion, patch things up, timed, roughcasting, am engaged in, un zips, eyeballs, getting with, mis spoke, earns wings, repopulates, Re-form, quarterbacking, make well, brings home, hokes up, re-produce, de pend, work up, cancels out, buttons down, double checking, de creasing, un-furling, BSED, hatses off to, fiddles with, piece, gave go ahead, dis entangle, make fast, pre destine, becoming pregnant, de liberated, take part, re-animated, giving birth to, bringing one feet, pro-curing, Imaged, spitted up, dis-tended, encases, Replevy, dis playing, am at bottom of, arrives at, Tripled, re press, mothballed, dost bang-up job, conceive, makes better, kept the faith, re-discovering, drew a picture, getting wind of, re commenced, bring order, gentrify, wreak, doth a take off, zero in, make the top of one's head, devoted to, pre-contrives, shined to, stabilize, sided with, twisting turn, in corporates, doth the job, gave lodging, getting the point, invent, bringing to ones feet, repopulated, am use, felt again, Toning, ex-tending, gat shape, Gunning, get results, relive, de voting, doeth duty as, making certain, does the honors, slap together, de fined, rang in, redesign, got with, doeth to turn, blueprinted, in dites, counter check, gear up, re plicated, re-enact, Lathing, re-solved, make top one's head, re doubled, am an element of, make up off the top of ones head, freshen, were responsible for, dialled back, crisscrossed, misinstructs, Suckering, Concerting, doest one proud, made a dent, resulted in, shoot up, goes into detail, re storing, acquit oneself, hammer, re dress, sees in mind, re commend, spruces, untwist, doing justice, doest to a turn, Retold, de-frays, gets back on feet, gives introduction, re prised, meta morphoses, re stamping, lays in provisions, over hauling, pro-creates, held up one's end, coming an agreement, preordering, sets stage, check upon, re-furbish, brake ground, thinks of, falling into place, acting as, carries completion, ink, doth like, finding human resources, maneuver, bore false witness, array, hath a hunch, in validated, de-ludes, puts in, dost take-off, dost justice, whomps up, drum in to, re capitulate, Perking, being cahoots with, imagine, correcting midcourse, re made, dropt line, taking apart, making the top of one head, muster, went to town, photo stating, came like, raising from the dead, adhere to, agree upon, re sorting, taking part, de-scends, Machining, hit the bull-eye, cleans ones act, reenacting, contributed to, re say, Arcked, remolding, re possessed, gotten someplace, comes together, caught on, create, re-organize, Tendering, stage, Pirating, polishes up, Misguiding, show clearly, tost one's cookies, evening out, up-held, tagging on, brought to feet, up-lifted, doth bang up job, un-coils, re opening, re grouping, colligates, in stalling, takes to cleaners, did to turn, get something done, change ones ways, re examining, came terms, re elected, re fashion, giving stamp of approval, moved in out, re groups, cleans act, didst a takeoff, reequips, move in out, am composed of, micro-waved, tossed ones cookies, forged ahead, re-aped, did number, making up top head, stuck by, re populates, draws picture, ex-tended, came through with, be specific, originate, jerrybuilded, pro long, up raising, humoring, is use, set out, de-scended, re-hearse, Suscitate, kept eye on, dis-patch, in creasing, pay for, re furbishing, re-orienting, gotten back on one feet, puts two and two together, Hefted, up chucks, delivers goods, in spiring, crochets, comes point, re-vitalized, winned back, putting on feet again, restamped, re-played, paid for, un covers, became a reality, gives green light, going in for, bringing feet, takes for ride, setting in order, railroading through, brought to order, confirm, face-lifted, Roosted, fore-ordain, gotten next to, pushed for, mis-representing, dis patch, Organizing, goosed, sur mises, piggybacked, replays, typewriting, criss crossed, subscribing to, delivered goods, doing a turn, in form, re plicates, de-bugs, inter-twines, buttoned, arriving in time, turn the corner, re-occupies, ex citing, made amends, wakes up, get good side of, nurse, atoned for, getting results, over flowing, un-leashed, up rear, played over, are supported, gat into head, putting to, came to a decision, doing the honors, regained one strength, misguide, make arrangements, broke ground, be contingent, haddest job, get down brass tacks, un twists, Dooming, turns the corner, is untruthful, re cast, malleates, make up the top of one's head, clean one's act, re-shown, de-bunk, taking the cleaners, dis-guises, fating, put writing, dope out, were cahoots with, Profiled, interlinks, Re-present, doest justice, re-vivify, authored, ticking off, producing result, dis-cern, puts power again, pre suppose, pre-destining, coming on like, Shafted, straightening up, frame, proceeds with, dis pose, get the hang of, see light, cook someones goose, Counterchecked, ex pound, in forming, fulfill, was made of, compensate, made top ones head, Counterchecking, re-run, Meditated, luxuriate in, putting one on, re vivifying, scamming, being in action, come terms, inter-link, fix price, messing with, nosing out, in nervate, systemize, re-show, being action, apprizes, re-strain, Mooting, get going, re posed, give the nod, repopulating, be-stir, made the grade, gat in with, de liver, clean up one's act, make provision for, anthologizes, re-affirming, got something done, Colligated, trifling with, carried through, coins a phrase, laps up, re places, getting someplace, made up off the top head, eased up, make a comeback, dost a bang-up job, de-parted, counter vailed, kitted out, clinging to, bursted forth, reintegrate, dis-charge, put in force, gotten ready, blew grits, un-riddling, rehabbing, get under way, entered in, ghostwrites, Crayoning, put end to, pencil, setting on, regains ones health, doest to t, formulate, nails down, counterattacking, straightens out, refashion, jerry-builds, pro viding, setting out, pro longing, pro fess, re-enacted, de ducts, signs on, re-covering, up-stage, showing clearly, re-quire, paid one dues, over haul, swear off, fore ordain, gotten under way, re integrate, pre disposing, put an act, dost t, lighting up on, making top of one head, pounds in to, gotten act together, do thing, dis-tort, taking care of, take first step, brings into existence, prefabricates, regroups, de-bugging, pro creates, headed for, photostated, am based, re-vising, hadst hunch, is out of woods, took care of, re quired, Bestirring, applied medication, dis-prove, de-liver, enthuses, re-calls, pre-determines, Wedging, reassembling, be having, waking up, mis-guided, dis-course, pre-ordained, in-stilling, wert delivered of, pre determines, re-fitted, ex-cogitates, de-picture, dashed off, stirred up, being contingent, prefabbing, manifest, filling the bill, be-lieve, restamp, made up top one head, re-appear, complies with, occurring again, grooving, re produce, art made of, Retching, be cahoots with, re-discovers, became reality, made up off the top of head, making the top head, shone up to, gat hold of, cancelled out, re-coil, sets motion, turns corner, counter-checks, covers up, re-habilitated, win back, dis-tends, re coil, plunging into, luxuriating in, covering up, keeping alive, tossing one's cookies, de-lighted, out fitting, made whole, play with, pegs away, ex-pounded, give a facelift, comes to decision, re took, be fell, exert oneself, came life, stereo typing, re-occurred, ex-plicate, de lights, put in to order, change ways, re-commences, waved around, making progress, makes up the top head, made hay, put at ease, builds overnight, being composed of, interfold, re stamp, gat back on feet, under taken, didst to turn, massproduces, makes up off the top of ones head, brought in to line, making over, pulled a fast one, sell one on, checking upon, came again, pulling strings, brings to feet, doth to turn, standing by, hatsing to, co ordinates, re-prised, pre serves, stop in, breaking ground, re vitalizing, re commence, trans mute, was useful, over-saw, prepping, re elect, brings forth, setting to rights, bung, de pict, takes care business, de means, pushed a pencil, concusses, re stocking, intro-duce, keeps safe, re commences, de bugging, writ down, concussing, lightened burden, Shotguns, fake it, dialed back, re-makes, railroad through, be calmed, comes an agreement, cleans up one's act, reorient, shooting up, ringed in, vindicate, selling on, being dependent, innervate, dis-charges, make up off top one head, in vest, put one on, art sick, re-awakening, puts through grind, de bunks, parenting, de lighted, pre plan, in tending, put force, do duty as, re news, pro curing, present, thinking of, improved mind, shows and tell, doth number, lines up, Domiciling, fitted together, lettering, didst turn, art action, bring back, makes a connection, shows ropes, phonied, arrange, do the honors, pitch, put ease, dis prove, ex-cogitate, dis-posed, showed the way, establish, gives go-ahead, pulls wire, coming decision, up bear, made off top ones head, take shape, dis posed, fore casting, comes around, returned to form, making up off top of one's head, slapped together, is based, doeth take off, in-stance, get in shape, prepped, domiciliate, makes waves, gotten right, puts through, re-ported, get things rolling, being aware of, pounding into, polish, drawing forth, tightened up, laying the groundwork, put a front, ushered in, re taking, puzzles out, beared false witness, doth again, be out of woods, made progress, sell a bill of goods, wert contained in, re-cords, inter feres, dis-gorged, counter-checking, bang out, de crees, sells on, am just the ticket, hitting the bulleye, brought order, still, art good enough for, Domiciliating, make mind, dost the honors, be tide, de-parts, reassemble, cleave to, coming to conclusion, schematizes, gets it down, praying to the porcelain god, over reach, save, setting down, ex-plicates, looked after, trans act, pulling wire, dis gorging, brought home, pre-tended, eases up, brings back to life, in-vents, caters to, dis patches, pro-posing, bonding together, being of use, didst to t, play up to, returns form, re-models, did justice to, make the top of head, re claiming, un-veiled, adds up, de-ducting, photo stated, re-habilitates, superstructs, turning over a new leaf, turn things around, give goahead, bring back life, make top of ones head, check on, make top head, re-paired, drave truck, de crease, become a reality, work bugs out of, re strain, showing the way, pre serve, made a beginning, earned a living, ballyhooing, in-flamed, making pregnant, comes to terms, re-ached, further, move and out, did takeoff, slapping on, turn over a new leaf, puts in working order, refit, payed for, dost to a t, co-oking, de-coded, Disciplining, art composed of, am out of woods, am at the bottom of, inter-fere, re-established, de-duces, doest honors, Intensated, refitting, put back together, Disculpated, doeth takeoff, gives face lift to, making top one head, does t, transorting, photo copy, ex plicates, un wind, doeth ones thing, re-builds, are composed of, putting foot down, breathing new life into, over draw, repopulate, spitballing, puts ease, re-producing, went through the roof, didst a number, forming judgment, opens doors, puts front, Laths, soft-soap, pre-form, looked at, be-come, hitting the bull's-eye, sees to, dost to turn, bring to order, re-presents, am aware of, does take-off, hitched on, troubleshooted, be in action, being seated on, re-deeming, came the point, opened up, re-charging, personized, break ground, re commends, showcased, Criss-cross, cooks someones goose, sub scribed, coins phrase, over-charge, pull wire, mis guiding, covered up, re conditioned, getting better, bsing, transorted, lit up on, rubber-stamps, trailblazes, worked out a deal, prearranged, rolling out, clean up act, drawing in, gat there, opening doors, art founded, counter attacked, cooks someone's goose, enters in, preplanning, doeth proud, pre ordain, go to town, giving the go ahead, wast use, make up off the top of one's head, reissued, pro-positions, fore-casting, brings in to existence, earns a living, make firm, hits upon, counter-attacking, settle up, re-erects, giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, stopped in, gets wise to, double-checked, inter-twine, pre-side, re-dresses, trans ported, cleaned up act, set order, bring back to life, un-veils, winning back, came to conclusion, arrive time, made the top of one head, makes up off the top one's head, skeletoning, get point, Perpend, over-took, wert enough, re presses, rebound, prevail up on, come decision, made right, are an element of, re-produced, counter-balances, dis-covered, got things rolling, holding one end, commiserates with, obtains again, makes up top of head, mass produces, criss-crosses, inter-links, re-sting, made beginning, auto graphing, pro-cessed, re-enacts, made top of head, writing up, inter-twining, initiate, doing a bang up job, lets in on, art aware of, cleaned ones act, stiffed, let it all hang out, re-commence, filling up, bringing to date, fetched up, pick up on, re establishing, over charge, re-tells, faked it, give face-lift, cook someone goose, sets up, bring into existence, drive truck, dost honors, made up the top head, pre-faced, getting things rolling, trans-fused, causing to be, cater to, re-construct, re bounds, minister to, write down, making innovations, softsoaps, re-modeling, doing a bangup job, becomes a reality, policed up, got in there, ex tend, mis representing, freeing from blame, de signing, refits, turns trick, held to, setting type, end-owing, under pins, reckons on, makes law, piece together, Whomp Up, putting to rights, colligate, comes agreement, gotten down cold, riding shotgun for, pre faces, driving a truck, straightened out, doest number, pre-ordain, gat back one feet, gives new life to, breathing new life in to, wert just ticket, un raveled, turning the trick, do one's thing, re generate, reached agreement, bring light, straighten out, re-working, upchuck, roll out, continue, in-stall, protect, does a take-off, pro created, de-fraying, re-commending, profiling, up-raised, doth take-off, gat to point, hitting up on, in spired, doeth justice, puts a front, being adjunct, regained health, make off top ones head, make decision, double-check, soft-soaps, doest thing, de-bugged, overdraw, assemble, mis instructing, re-stocks, do ones thing, whacked, is of use, brings feet, Circumstantiating, re-moving, re animating, troubleshot, retch, inter mingling, turned trick, out fits, made it, doest take-off, gave a new look to, feeling oneself again, in fixed, sub-scribes, noted down, framed up, photo-copying, super intended, re solves, regain one's strength, Visioned, is sick, drive a truck, smartens up, Advantaging, de parted, doest again, are effective, counter balances, re-gard, makes the top of ones head, being acceptable, giving lessons, over-charging, un zip, doest the honors, comes on like, recurving, pro-cure, doing a takeoff, sow the seeds, goes easy on, didst take-off, pounded into, picking up on, gets the point, showed fruit, comping, in-ducts, letting it all hang out, be falls, are engaged in, pre design, twists arm, in-clines, re-presenting, induce, got to the point, wast made of, un twisting, made up off the top of one head, re group, showing fruit, Sprucing, took the cleaners, decreasing volume, dis tribute, mis-instruct, de livering, trifles with, de pictures, licked in to shape, doth a takeoff, cover bases, makes off top ones head, ex tends, re-call, made the top of ones head, ex cites, trans literate, be falling, wrought oneself bone, come order, holding one's end, gotten taller, got down brass tacks, dis guises, made up for, dis tending, doeth number, held in high esteem, shingles, showing ropes, pre paring, dis posing, scripting, doth the trick, re shuffles, rubberstamps, authorize, votes favorably, Wreathen, gotten hang of, were aware of, being element of, covers bases, Re-collect, dis-close, saw in one mind, open eyes, gave goahead, was an adjunct, brings up to code, tampering with, figured out, dis joined, boils down, corrects midcourse, ticks off, in duce, rev, bursting forth, doeth one's thing, re-deem, shows way, doing again, fitting together, pro-motes, wise up, inter links, getting taller, up-surge, getting floor, ex plains, de-pictured, gets ready, bringing one's feet, sticks by, de-crease, lapping up, over hauls, doest a take-off, conclude, gat well, under take, re show, mis-represent, gives nod, coming conclusion, make up top of one head, uncoil, Replevied, drop note, caring for, re conditioning, read riot act, dis played, put heads together, re working, develop, mothballing, gave the goahead, pinned down, torn off, hitting the bull eye, bring in to line, settling up, punched a clock, lays groundwork, de-rive, shows fruit, racked brains, sub-due, pro-vides, write up, dis covers, thicken, head for, re-vitalizing, gotten revenge, recharge, correct midcourse, pro-mote, holding job, dis-charging, revitalize, make pregnant, with-drawing, pre faced, make up for, putting place, makes certain, lights up on, do proud, come the point, re-curring, un winds, am effective, checks upon, was responsible for, re-printing, re-cognized, over-coming, sets in motion, under pinned, complied with, are specific, mull over, reinvests, make valid, co-axed, did justice, is adequate, bringing forward, did the honors, whipt in to shape, calling tune, authoring, acquitting oneself, lay provisions, is in cahoots with, call forth, thought of, brings ones feet, re iterating, re furbished, sobers up, storing up, read in to, transort, Visioning, putting in to order, comes the point, reintegrating, dost a turn, art untruthful, de-duct, trans formed, holds end, be-coming, re modelled, pre-tends, usher in, watching over, catches on, pulls it off, be-calms, educate, makes off the top of one head, puts in power again, didst job, comes through with, took shape, filled up, is responsible for, doing job, wrought oneself the bone, send through the roof, pencilled, un-rolls, brought up to date, Thumbing, set in motion, were seated on, settles up, concuss, re-place, tacking on, wage, hiking up, bringing into being, pulled together, do a bangup job, drew picture, comes to life, update, suck in, hit bull eye, lath, gave a face-lift, re cites, de-pended, has job, kick the habit, regaining health, off the cuffs, do the job, getting hang of, decreased volume, moonlighting, parented, gearing up, troubleshoots, disambiguates, pre-planning, gat the hang of, fires up, mend, innervates, takes on character, was use, got ready, doing a job, jives, catching on, de-pends, dost one thing, re capitulating, re possesses, sees one mind, roughs, makes up off top of ones head, re plays, de duce, brake for, re solve, hold up ones end, got there, restoring to health, re claim, re cover, re deemed, prefabricated, bring code, co oked, up-cast, re paired, come agreement, multi-plying, paneling, show fruit, getting done, art responsible for, pre-order, Bottling, photo graphing, doth turn, coming in to being, tears off, tost off, up casting, moving and out, are seated on, dis simulates, deliver the goods, perpends, sculpts, sold one on, give, dis-tend, counter-attacked, forces up on, were an element of, holding up one end, photo-copied, bought into, reinvesting, inter-mingles, do a bang-up job, dis-engaged, doeth justice to, think out, up rears, lends hand, came order, super-vise, in-stilled, get ready, recasting, took for ride, whipt through, take character, got the floor, re-issues, de riving, proceeding with, cleaves to, get revenge, re coiling, re stores, recalibrate, sowed the seeds, stumping for, form judgment, re told, make provision, prearranges, be in cahoots with, go on with, be calms, sees in one mind, ballyhooed, doeth a number, fleshes out, re-telling, gave new life to, lose, stir up, gets in shape, de votes, trans literates, inter linking, up heaves, occurred again, re vitalized, re hiring, re-equipping, re new, gentrifies, re-activates, bursts forth, kept faith, payed one's dues, holds over, preform, de ciphering, have a job, fleshed out, wast good enough, plunges in to, come to the point, leaved holding the bag, re occupies, let all hang out, monetizes, twist one's arm, Photostats, mis-represents, poetize, mis-speaking, in fix, am adequate, brainstorm, over-comes, co heres, de-scribing, bangs out, re-constructs, re treads, sets off for, photostating, holding over, pro generated, saw ones mind, reissuing, give birth, stump for, gat something done, gives form to, leaves holding the bag, being enough, under mining, gave birth to, deduce, re-plenished, draws together, moved out, mis-represented, re instating, be the bottom of, keep, going that route, re-commencing, came conclusion, decks out, misinstructed, got under way, firing up, hitting bull eye, do a take-off, planking, hit bull's-eye, co axing, de-vote, gets wind of, hatch, breaks for, tabbing, re introduced, hitting bulleye, un-covers, taking for ride, rally, is seated on, be fallen, blueprinting, giving mouth to mouth resuscitation, sets off, saw after, Stringed, held dear, devoting to, reran, works to bone, changes ones ways, re-moves, tampered with, batched, re-integrated, calibrates, snaps back, un zipping, pro claims, art seated on, run with ball, didst one's thing, prefabricate, wrought oneself to the bone, giving high sign, carrying through, in-cited, in-cline, had a job, fore tell, disculpates, trans fused, made top one head, hammer out a deal, wert bottom of, structured, trans-figures, send back, does a number, letted in on, Upbear, making off the top of one's head, healed, answered the purpose, make up the top one head, brought in to being, Mapped, arrived in time, stands by, lent a hand, gat things rolling, ticked off, agree up on, pray to porcelain god, pre-destine, out-fits, idiolizes, re-captured, laid eggs, opened doors, cleaning up one's act, do a number, re enacts, re invest, come through with, re curring, pre destined, cooking someones goose, re-turned, hold one's end, perked, underpin, Instituting, in flame, fiddling with, getting to bottom, de-light, re-worked, in cite, hitting the bullseye, doth the honors, puts two two together, opening to view, earn living, put over on, let hang out, un veiled, in-flame, figure out, ring in, pre-ordered, paves the way, mis-guiding, watching out for, gets hold of, dis closed, clave to, fudges together, leaving holding bag, pleaded for, quieted fears, retread, got the hang of, in geminating, railroaded, gotten good side of, advantaged, re-says, takes cleaners, making it, clean up one act, did a take-off, rigidify, makes up off top of one's head, wast sick, holds up one's end, made up the top of one's head, Initiating, fore-ordains, be just ticket, de rived, dost a number, made off the top of head, catch on, refurbish, be-guiles, using sparingly, de bugged, out lines, sows seeds of, phony up, gotten in with, comes to the point, giving green light, held a job, dis simulated, imbrued, doth one's thing, draws in, calibrate, pre-arranges, misspeaks, dost bang up job, gets behind, kicking off, pre-ordains, dis gorges, coming to an agreement, conserve, made up the top of one head, ADLIB, build castles in air, covered all bases, re-acquires, re print, made up top of ones head, does business, brings one's feet, moving in and out, gives stamp approval, makes up top one head, shaped, did a take off, pre-arrange, PREPS, reelected, hoked up, beget, jots down, are contingent, get a workout, determine, re-storing, make young again, cultivate, fan the flames, off the cuffing, raise, holds one end, re habilitating, pre-fabricates, come in to being, in flames, springing back, making off the top one head, be contained in, super-intending, up-date, Sentineled, retell, work oneself to bone, straightened up, congressed, makes off top one head, un raveling, in cites, invigorate, wast an element of, re-build, makes up off the top head, un-twisting, holding up ones end, re-possessing, re-duplicates, re stock, kickoffing, reintegrates, were sick, gives a boost to, stack up, inventorying, regaining one's strength, bring up to date, re lives, doing a number, inks, dis-joining, dis-playing, de fraying, de-codes, lays foundation, sowing seeds, stabilitated, re builded, slaps together, de rive, Personize, soddening, heap up, belong to, dis-gorges, sign off on, gave face-lift, un rolls, put on its end, talk into, pumps iron, pushed pencil, disjects, pre-designing, impress, merge in, hits the bull-eye, be made of, upheaved, wast the bottom of, be stowing, de fraud, pulling a fast one, checking up on, sur-mises, makes mind, get to point, upcast, suck up to, corrected mid course, de-fine, gets down brass tacks, dis play, dost business, pre determined, dis joining, up holds, be-fallen, plays with, didst the trick, re producing, got the point, made off top of head, re deem, re form, paying dues, pre-arranging, didst the job, prefabbed, pro-longed, jerry built, dry out, re stated, goes in to detail, tend, was of use, disjected, doing duty as, tooling, Weltering, sustain, reshuffled, promote, ex-cited, doing bangup job, blew lunch, trans acting, de porting, reintegrated, Shafting, snap out of it, Mothering, puts practice, finish, sling, do trick, counter checked, makes up off the top ones head, sorted out, builded castles in air, Fagging, bring pass, re invigorating, froze to, rode shotgun for, Cataloguing, pre-sents, trans-pire, hands back, didst ones thing, arrive in time, in-duct, Planked, give instruction, gets the bottom, gets on good side of, put pen paper, plead for, caused to be, produced result, levelled at, make good, dis-simulating, Shingled, made the top of head, clean up ones act, re-electing, going easy on, did a t, assist, restoring health, coping with, coming together, convalesce, comes again, re-capitulates, put over, pre-destines, putting ones foot down, re introduces, counter balance, trans-act, getting back one feet, re plenished, clings to, reerecting, re-casts, letting in, do takeoff, counter-checked, knocking together, went through roof, be-stows, phonying up, fill up, twisting ones arm, are gainfully employed, ex tract, got good side of, counter-acts, moots, reduplicated, specificizes, came together, under-mining, trans-lated, works the bugs out of, notes down, eyeballing, haddest a job, recommenced, giving go-ahead, showcases, mimeo, lay in provisions, reassembles, gives refuge, re-lives, re present, in-nervate, breathed new life into, bringing up date, agreed up on, idiolizing, set to rights, re opened, re-designing, de creed, do a job, making up the top of one's head, doing to turn, hold one end, re grouped, put pen to paper, in-sert, doing takeoff, made off the top of one head, makes top of ones head, un-furled, calls tune, gat down cold, drop a line, re-styling, coining phrase, re shapes, diffusing, came in to being, re-integrate, be coming, plot, works hand in glove, pre-plan, reform, made provision for, snap out it, coin, Negatived, come on like, dis tributes, doeth a take-off, make willing, goes up, gives sanctuary, trussed, watch over, paneled, jack, re-fashioning, jerrybuild, going through the roof, Personating, punch clock, livening up, got down pat, up-grading, regains health, de-fining, Policed, moonlighted, be use, dis-entangles, trans late, Bunged, re-charged, did job, get back on one feet, gat in shape, taking to cleaners, re invigorates, getting back feet, sticking by, super intend, reticulated, going route, play by ear, showed the ropes, showing and tell, re vised, give green light, giving new look to, lie, knead, play to, dis-coursed, going for broke, wert an adjunct, set about, drave a truck, wast adjunct, marks up, re-straining, fore telling, over flown, be have, heave, drove home, be comes, getting to, de-liberates, be dependent, wast adequate, got on good side of, gotten point, doth one proud, de-creases, doth over, whorled, changed one's ways, draws a picture, pro-fess, in-spired, pre-fabricating, dries run, being good enough, do bang up job, keeps tabs on, snap up, ensconce, smoothing the way, de parting, re-model, re-orients, fore-told, co ached, recalibrating, goosing, show tell, de-scending, ran a game on, were action, facelifted, paid one's dues, are adequate, making up off top of one head, am seated on, snuggle up, re tain, pro-cesses, Titivating, levering, hoke up, re capture, dost duty as, held up ones end, retches, be-falling, re live, up stage, sur-mise, does justice to, soft-soaping, re-mold, warmed up, Valuing, dost number, re-populate, hold up one end, make better, sold on, pre-fabricated, sizing, be sick, faking it, de-legate, see to, sees one's mind, occurs again, made up off the top of ones head, doth take off, were gainfully employed, under mined, de-sign, mis-stated, replevins, pleads for, inter-linked, re-showed, pre-formed, dost job, made off top one's head, didst thing, un-twist, drop line, dash off, staying put, did one proud, pre-suppose, dis-closes, sets for, doctoring up, come to order, fall in to place, do bang-up job, over charged, rigidified, jerrybuilt, be-tide, take plunge, quit cold, is aware of, Cinched, takes turn for better, didst a turn, making up off top ones head, de-posit, doeth business, lifted up, pulling a wire, pyramidded, calibrated, bed, re-discovered, served as, de ciphers, slapping together, dost bangup job, rubber-stamping, gave stamp approval, de-livering, bonds together, re-conditioned, gentrifying, doest takeoff, get shape, do the trick, ready, put finishing touch on, lay, twist one arm, super intends, render role, Suscitated, call tune, un coiled, be stirred, doth to t, re sided, perfect, pre orders, grow, be responsible for, going in to detail, specificated, re-activate, re taken, rebuild, jack up, siding with, whomping up, re-generated, positioning, do take-off, doth a job, doeth trick, stiffs, wreathe, re duplicated, give face lift, in-nerved, praying porcelain god, wave around, ex-pounds, giving introduction, twisted turn, dis close, carboned, drove a truck, heft, re aped, re take, enthroning, look-saw, pre-determined, dost take off, setting off for, dis closes, re-adjusted, set off for, marked up, gotten to the bottom, re siding, freeze to, put practice, re-shows, put up front, moil, dis-simulate, trans-fuses, re takes, giving lodging, art contained in, re-erecting, un-leashes, de-ciphered, opens up, getting next to, re aching, got results, doping out, doing one's thing, re-bounded, soddens, letted it hang out, trans muted, messes with, doing over, get in to head, makes up for, up bears, pre-forms, carries through, re-modeled, cope with, counter-vailed, makes a beginning, blowing lunch, de-vise, move forward, under-pinned, re states, gets good side of, Interfolded, inter-mingled, dis-closed, end-owed, in fixing, do a take off, stops in, re-corded, makes up, drawing picture, puts its end, policing up, fits together, shotgunned, perpended, re-shuffled, fits out, prays the porcelain god, Superstruct, got going, de-duce, in-validating, causes to be, getting in with, re fashioned, grow strong, re collecting, doest bang up job, make up off top ones head, re acquires, with-drew, keeps faith, pre-contriving, is afraid, go through roof, lets it all hang out, lay foundation, comply with, de-fined, came a decision, personate, dost to a turn, takes to mean, gat with, reacquired, figures out, criss crossing, un covered, pressurizing, does number, wert at bottom of, leading to, re-shuffle, shared ideas, re-solving, take care business, Maneuvered, tone up, re erects, crafting, gives the go ahead, be guiles, make up top head, chouses, re-create, staid put, fans the flames, did proud, am an adjunct, being at the bottom of, counter checking, does a t, letted hang out, re-counted, turn around, makes into law, holds in, being just ticket, pro-filing, made firm, took care of business, softsoaped, up chuck, re runs, gotten to point, showed clearly, in-vested, phonied up, cleaning one act, put in practice, being contained in, de-signed, comfort, be-comes, holding up end, pave way, be-falls, make reparation, didst a bangup job, makes progress, rigidifies, over-flow, Choused, run over, re-grouping, coming to a conclusion, go easy on, wast gainfully employed, doeth one proud, made top of one's head, sucked in, Ralph, ex-tend, brought to date, trans fuses, came to decision, sets straight, rivets, were effective, doest ones thing, sets on, doublechecked, swindle, move up, hast a job, makes young again, give introduction, ex-plain, re-stamp, un veils, double-checks, getting with it, fore-ordaining, re-aping, de-frayed, pro-longing, re-constitutes, re-fining, holds up end, pulling things together, hats to, sees in one's mind, re covering, lifts up, re-bounding, over draws, didst to a turn, pre-paring, forms judgment, generate, doest the job, in sert, did turn, de liberating, brought forth, re-kindling, re viewing, wast specific, didst a take off, puts into order, re builds, re warded, get hold of, sells a bill goods, re forming, making happen, re assembles, argues in to, mis spoken, contributes to, roughhewing, pre side, puts heads together, settled up, rerun, revivify, making the top one head, showing tell, are contained in, didst bang-up job, pre forms, ex-pound, hits up on, tosses ones cookies, re-deems, punch a clock, un furling, dis-join, makes pregnant, open view, bringing order, end owing, gussying up, held over, be just the ticket, is bottom of, make a killing, trans-figured, played games, held end, makes grade, un earthed, re-collected, bring date, re iterate, restored to health, licking into shape, zigzags, loosens up, re curved, sees through, re-stamped, proceed with, brings in to being, in vested, belonged to, retreading, doth justice to, made active, being useful, re cognizes, ex-cogitated, correcting mid course, misspeaking, micro wave, de-scribe, are acceptable, plays games, tuned down, be-stirs, ex-plains, re arranged, dried run, twisting one arm, Dinned, left holding bag, re occupy, re equipped, holding in high esteem, licking in to shape, pushing pencil, gets back feet, scripted, watched out for, pre designed, am out woods, whipt into shape, upbears, pushing around, fudging together, ex-press, puts it over, pulling fast one, cleaning act, stood by, brake promise, put across, regenerate, were founded, put order, sows seeds, even out, got set, framing, heading for, ad lib, re sayed, thumbsed up, mimeographs, take mean, being at bottom of, operate, Bestirred, fixes price, re counts, in-scribe, re state, re bound, looksees, jerrybuilding, shotgun, retrieve, make up off the top ones head, being untruthful, cook someone's goose, pre-siding, doing the trick, Slicking, re organizes, drawing a picture, holds up one end, earn a living, jamming through, got a workout, wert just the ticket, Manifolded, puzzled out, jumps up, knocked together, brings back, work oneself bone, give sanctuary, serviced, wast in cahoots with, making in to law, are good enough for, wrought hand in glove, got act together, decrease volume, cooked someone goose, uncoiled, goes around, inter-feres, regained one's strength, earning a living, ease up, putting on to, recast, round, does duty as, up heaved, devoting oneself to, re-taking, tost cookies, re pose, wert the bottom of, pro-pose, cares for, re-move, chouse, running with ball, gat wind of, multi-plied, putting across, re fine, gets act together, makes top of one head, filled the bill, levered, get in there, doublechecking, took steps, seeing to, art in action, agreeing upon, re-arranges, regains strength, comes to order, makes off the top one's head, out weighs, re sides, gotten with, doth takeoff, driving home, digged up, gat better, has hunch, prayed porcelain god, re produces, be acceptable, reprise, de-tailed, sobered up, clung to, drive home, shape up, over-flowed, hit bull's eye, streamlines, pull fast one, made top head, goose up, smoked out, make improvement, trans-forming, lending hand, pro-longs, de tails, hit up on, pre-pared, put in order, calls up, gets floor, impregnate, co-aching, got back on one's feet, whomps, pounded in to, moving out, re-fines, barf, upchucked, flesh out, giving goahead, placing up, saw one's mind, pre facing, trans posed, makes healthy, re-capture, urped, re-dressed, kicking habit, co-axing, wrought oneself to bone, re establishes, ex-plicated, pre-forming, am in action, in-spirit, did the trick, nail it, make up top one head, evened out, Bunging, making up top of one head, turns things around, re-living, Re-forming, saw in mind, art gainfully employed, got next to, thumbs, in tends, re-calibrate, re-peats, doth to a turn, making off top one's head, ex pounds, smoothed the way, made a killing, re cognize, put forward, growing rapidly, re assure, laying foundation, engaged in, carry to completion, un riddling, makes up the top one's head, made young again, restores health, over flowed, wert acceptable, makes up off the top of head, re habilitated, sent through roof, Patting, goes through the roof, gotten floor, got it down, mucks about, re instate, works to the bone, re-vivifying, Buttoning, re-dressing, smooth over, concenter, arrived at, gets a workout, plunges into, didst one thing, are out woods, bringing to feet, pro-generates, raises from dead, brought to ones feet, doeth a take off, intro duce, go route, Cribbed, un coil, re-commends, gave facts, Zigzagging, Chousing, lay down, didst t, up lifts, made willing, wert good enough, going out in front, micro waving, pro generating, see one's mind, re-capitulated, re-acquired, re-casting, wast contained in, re-touch, pulled a wire, calls together, upheaves, was delivered of, gets in with, are in action, improving mind, freezes to, paying ones dues, signed up, bringing in to line, doing a t, re examines, fixed to, doing justice to, de-frauds, hitting the bull-eye, pro positioning, restores to health, holding a job, making law, making for, doth a t, sent through the roof, puts in place, crocheting, made off the top head, made up off top of one head, de rives, re gards, re played, made pregnant, un-earthing, fall into place, gives an introduction, punching clock, Spruced, puts writing, reshuffle, makes well, re-told, phonies, brought forward, putting force, Bunking, pre-fabricate, delivering the goods, in-spire, gat good side of, sees mind, up lifting, in flaming, tare off, mimeograph, holds high esteem, spitball, doing a take off, in-nerving, levels at, were bottom of, over-draw, de code, makes off top of one's head, dis gorged, works hand glove, unscrambling, takes mean, do one thing, came to the point, over come, makes uniform, fills the bill, re-assure, breaks promise, upraise, dis-guising, wast upheld, reacquire, re formed, didst a bang up job, dis-simulates, looks at, cherish, de-vising, up dating, de duct, made a pitch, put through mill, nine-to-five it, in spirited, am untruthful, giving a new look to, makes up the top of ones head, remakes, pave the way, re-bound, Ballasting, come to be, gooses up, improve, co-oked, dis entangles, be stowed, fixes to, devotes to, doing take-off, pays ones dues, re-doubles, diagraming, specificized, making up off top one's head, pre-designed, up-lift, un-seated, make for, lightens burden, come up on, co-ached, re-turning, concoct, ex tended, art an element of, make off the top of head, making up off the top of head, made up the top ones head, untwisted, re-bounds, Cobbled, voting favorably, re-appeared, took the plunge, un-wound, merged in, art contingent, put on feet again, got bigger, make, twist turn, ate away, re-touching, over-hauled, push pencil, trans form, re works, snuggled up, pounding in to, glued, called together, putting in order, sowing the seeds of, design, over coming, hits bullseye, re-designed, re integrates, in flamed, originates, being an element of, begin again, making active, vesting in, makes provision for, makes a pitch, ran with ball, re-possesses, in duces, takes the lead, ministering to, re stamps, took apart, reanimate, Sleeked, belongs to, makes dent, in-spiriting, earned wings, ran over, compensating for, un-earth, shoring up, innerves, making firm, gat act together, putting order, re-modelled, inter-folding, pays one dues, did trick, putting up a front, mass produced, hit the bull eye, gotten something done, growing strong, puts up front, de signs, were in action, re-activating, transliterates, cleaned one act, ex-plained, drops a line, mis stated, gotten bottom, talked into, is good enough for, brought to one's feet, comes terms, regains one's strength, photo copying, made fast, take to the cleaners, re fashions, woke up, arcing, held one end, gave impulse, took first step, re-style, pro duces, steamrolls, staggers along, re vise, dis guised, did thing, schematized, re animate, laid down law, re condition, re prise, re-freshes, over-reaches, gets with, re stocked, rendered the role, getting down cold, pre order, makes good, stewarding, freelanced, complect, re-views, seeing through, wast effective, dragoon, counter vail, running over, breathe new life in to, making dent, breaking promise, gotten the hang of, doing to a t, re equipping, puts rights, get wind of, making up top one's head, having hunch, do business, makes amends, reequip, pulls things together, gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, in spirits, works oneself to bone, un riddles, re-plenishes, hitting bulls-eye, grew rapidly, over-drew, re-fresh, re-imposed, up-raising, fiddle with, won back, making up off the top of one's head, preserve, Penciling, go over again, de cipher, up-graded, get done, sing same old song, Embedding, up grade, making off the top ones head, inter laces, re impose, put one foot down, dropt a line, changing one's ways, un-winds, compile, pre-scribed, dost a take off, upcasts, gat behind, agreed upon, de-positing, carrying to completion, out weighed, re move, gooses, trifle with, limber up, blow grits, makes welcome, gets things rolling, makes up off the top of one head, re modeled, got hang of, getting on good side of, drawing together, build castles air, construct, play games, over drawing, re-works, gotten to bottom, doublecheck, mis instructed, zeroing in, contribute to, signing up, be-stirring, dropt a note, re-tool, re produced, Shepherded, re-viewed, make off the top of one's head, re running, re discovering, re strains, doth t, doing t, made like, pre-served, over-haul, keeping going, re-strains, in scribe, un-twisted, manage, be afraid, un-coiled, re orients, bring up date, does a take off, makes known, brought one feet, re-fitting, dropped a note, servicing, puts on feet again, snapped back, re acquiring, chalk, making up the top of ones head, misspoken, changed one ways, re activating, re claims, see in one mind, putting practice, answer purpose, bring home bacon, spring up, massproduce, making different, preformed, re-collecting, springs up, break for, dis entangled, pre-destined, pieces together, kits out, constitute, re-pressing, hatsed off to, furbish, re covers, does turn, taking under wing, giving life to, re-playing, gives the nod, letting in on, up hove, making off the top head, prefabs, re-covers, re presented, acting like, up-hove, re vivifies, de-ciphering, Chalked, co oking, gets better, lightening burden, de voted, re-writing, bringing to code, giving the go-ahead, began again, thinks up, pro-vided, re-elect, betake oneself, dried out, pre forming, beginning again, was upheld, are delivered of, made innovations, pro pose, were supported, give the go ahead, de-bunks, reading the riot act, re telling, applied oneself, pre-arranged, doth one thing, giving rise to, rubberstamp, dis-closing, snapped up, worked oneself to bone, goosed up, re-appears, be of use, make up top ones head, pre siding, mis speaking, got to point, giving an introduction, de clares, be calm, forcing upon, out-fitting, went in for, stabilitating, were out woods, up-bears, being out woods, gave green light, bonded together, go in to, sub due, re-constructed, takes steps, making killing, puts through the grind, made in to law, pre scribing, Depicture, innovates, restock, take form, art just the ticket, puts one over on, sweats it out, doctors up, counter poise, doeth job, move out, re appearing, make up top of ones head, re placing, re freshes, up chucking, held up one end, up-chucked, re tells, re tooled, made off top of ones head, pre fabricate, watched over, handing back, did business, built overnight, made grade, nails it, hammering out a deal, re-making, pound into, is enough, de bunk, Mortising, pay back, lets in, reequipped, was contained in, laid foundation, re design, pre-disposes, ex plicated, hitting bull-eye, gets taller, threw together, knocks together, staggered along, re-acted, de vising, acted like, re late, dis closing, gotten in there, was at the bottom of, re-invested, re-gains, doth duty as, hit the bull's-eye, played up to, got down to brass tacks, specificating, re kindle, shines to, ostending, wert responsible for, tear off, pre supposing, am contained in, stacks up, go into detail, making provision for, de-code, change, force upon, got better, re enacting, gives facts, mulled over, art good enough, got down cold, fore ordaining, making well, paying one dues, pull strings, removed errors, holds in high esteem, brings up date, setting about, dis tort, transliterated, re enact, opened eyes, moves up, re designed, coming agreement, making welcome, applies medication, re counted, dis-joined, trans-acts, schematize, lighted up on, does ones thing, manipulate, called up, putting in good shape, reawaken, keep going, do to a turn, put to rights, re-hearses, up-dates, are an adjunct, wert of use, made up the top one head, get the point, in-spiring, bring to date, throwing together, made off top head, letted it all hang out, firmed up, are based, carrying completion, gat down brass tacks, regaining one strength, gat ready, made matters up, trans mutes, up-reared, over-charges, de pends, inter-lacing, dis cern, dis simulating, re moved, de-fines, steamrolled, coming the point, gat back one's feet, putting in power again, brings into line, exerts oneself, copes with, re erecting, up-heaved, were untruthful, soft-soaped, re-stock, Depictured, stuck up for, re-captures, repaired, became pregnant, dropped a line, make up off top of head, art cahoots with, tosses cookies, playing to, wert founded, seeing one mind, in tended, refashions, mess with, proliferate, trans figuring, came to a conclusion, shook hands on, boil down, de frauds, delivered the goods, pro moting, jive, be-stirred, feels again, comes to a conclusion, shows tell, revamp, am responsible for, mis-state, co hering, glossed over, in tend, subscribe to, selling bill of goods, restamping, betook oneself, stacks the deck, signs up, pro-positioned, re adjust, putting working order, de ludes, re-touches, pre designing, prays to porcelain god, inter-linking, thinking up, make known, dis-engaging, toss one cookies, obtained again, do justice to, circumstantiate, Snaked, sets rights, Overdrawn, tossing ones cookies, am bottom of, cleaned act, puts end to, dis engages, doeth take-off, ran up, re examine, get back on one's feet, shaped up, fill bill, getting to the point, raised from dead, argued into, re-organized, ex-pounding, catalogued, un-locks, instilling, came to terms, dis proving, URPS, counter balanced, Dragooning, acts as, be-stowed, in-corporate, gets the hang of, replayed, re-enacting, be stirring, re-vivified, performs cpr, serve as, ground, in-creased, un riddled, give lodging, make up the top ones head, see in mind, rehabbed, hits the bulls-eye, kick habit, reimposing, auto-graphing, handed back, puts one over, resayed, re sting, re-gained, whip into shape, tenders, bestir, art useful, compose, took care business, making better, pre ordered, remold, dries out, goes through roof, trans-acting, re-new, make up off top one's head, forge ahead, keep an eye on, laid down, reissue, put on to, improves accommodate, ingeminates, figures on, bearing false witness, pre-supposing, bringing to, be based, smartened up, re ached, made up top of one's head, re-conditioning, levelling at, strengthen, make law, had a hunch, over-charged, de-bunking, made off the top ones head, puts through mill, pro files, does one's thing, ex-posing, Tendered, doeth the honors, trans figure, hold up one's end, dis-entangle, pops up, push around, get next to, de livered, was gainfully employed, made provision, Cambering, are useful, pinning down, trans fusing, roughing in, re-imposing, gotten the bottom, pouring it on, over-hauls, brings to code, untwists, re-stored, looking at, in-stalling, wrought to bone, keeping an eye on, gat out from under, going town, were out of woods, becomes reality, over taking, loosened up, re imposed, look saw, didst bangup job, up borne, am just ticket, turns over a new leaf, brings date, deck out, over comes, out weighing, gave access, de-clare, went in to detail, gave a face lift, dis-gorge, up-chucks, re-molding, is gainfully employed, gotten back ones feet, putting one over, making a decision, re charge, restyle, Snowing, mis-leading, cleans up, bring into being, Shepherding, sets to rights, re-introduce, wert aware of, de legate, pre planning, re pair, scrivened, discover, draw forth, plunging in to, argue into, re pressing, were enough, brings together, arrives time, gotten in to head, art based, stand guard, puts order, kicks habit, laid on, doest turn, plug away, laid provisions, de-clares, took to cleaners, works oneself to the bone, toss ones cookies, setting forth, doth bang-up job, rigidifying, side with, re-treads, regain one strength, taking to the cleaners, re adies, answers the purpose, gotten things rolling, look sees, making up off the top of one head, circumstantiates, un leashes, cling to, ex cite, run with the ball, re casts, rediscover, giving sanctuary, makes matters up, de-parting, moor, giving go ahead, give a face lift, hadst a hunch, adhering to, banging out, re-adjusts, in-forming, drave home, ghostwritten, regain ones strength, form, re cords, out-weighs, am upheld, sends through the roof, sized, put into order, de scend, wert nauseous, moves out, tossing cookies, setting for, lays the groundwork, worked to the bone, wert untruthful, up-staging, doeth the trick, produce young, de lighting, rehiring, give go ahead, regains one strength, de fend, adhered to, congressing, be tides, starting ball rolling, pre destines, coming life, wins back, sculpting, setting off, playing back, push for, Recommence, photo-stating, wreathed, re instated, makes off the top of one's head, am acceptable, encasing, re vivified, reenacted, hold over, hooking up, prays to the porcelain god, uncoils, shape, hatses to, dropping note, hit bulls eye, picks upon, taking mean, pumping iron, fore-casts, start ball rolling, doest justice to, graphed, making a comeback, doing to t, re citing, putting through mill, Innerve, kept posted, stilts, re-coup, made up off the top one head, over seeing, doest a take off, ostends, gat the floor, de-scribes, keeping faith, re-printed, payed one dues, paves way, worked the bugs out of, giving face-lift, got with it, up-heave, re-arranged, came on like, giving stamp approval, do a turn, un ravelling, brought to code, reshapes, interlinked, playing up to, out lining, re-imposes, jump up, pre face, tossed cookies, see mind, being made of, led to, counter-vails, acquits oneself, moves in and out, re-animate, art an adjunct, leave holding the bag, going into detail, re-quired, comes to agreement, re-plays, saw in one's mind, pre determine, out-line, Dragooned, make comeback, snowball, un coiling, was untruthful, getting a workout, takes form, came to an agreement, in-spires, re-work, reacquiring, whacking, re erect, art delivered of, felt oneself again, re-curving, over-drawing, out fit, plugged away, took to the cleaners, specificates, mis-stating, lay down the law, re electing, let in on, took lead, plays back, stewarded, re calling, re constructed, modernize, straightening out, ex cogitates, putting on its end, pressurize, went for broke, moved and out, making off top one head, brought up to code, kept tabs on, make off the top one head, un-cover, working oneself to the bone, start, mass-producing, was good enough for, play back, doing one thing, Re-open, rejuvenate, re corded, made arrangements, re collect, got taller, un-folded, Bulwarking, hitting the bulls-eye, plugging away, took retribution, making up off top of head, reaffirmed, re-states, merges in, polices up, re side, fills up, cleffed, reorients, changed ones ways, pre contrived, wast delivered of, retells, makes up mind, cuts down on, prayed to the porcelain god, earning living, giving instruction, made sure, BSES, simmers down, off the cuffed, coronates, made different, bringing to one's feet, played with, goes over again, re-quires, turn trick, gussied up, wert seated on, did bangup job, didst takeoff, doeth to a turn, lays down law, mis speak, prays porcelain god, made the top ones head, in graining, cleaning up ones act, re-organizing, reenergized, seat, making a connection, re-populates, un twist, licks in to shape, retreads, dopes out, dis-engages, comes to point, sets upright, plunge into, be-calm, working hand glove, be stir, runs a game on, pre-determining, answer the purpose, vote in, be nauseous, turning things around, pre-supposes, re molding, was supported, in-corporates, re-populated, re vamped, making the grade, remake, hit the bulls-eye, giving form to, in-graining, de bug, re construct, tossing one cookies, dis-played, make a connection, re-commenced, reconstituted, doest one's thing, procreate, re playing, get back ones feet, pump iron, doped out, re fit, tightens up, puts feet again, checked upon, under-pinning, wert based, reshowed, turns the trick, relived, called the tune, pre-ordaining, be gotten, doeth again, re-curred, played to, cooked someone's goose, re-animates, bring together, re awakened, makes the top one's head, ex pressing, cobbling, banged out, poured it on, Spawned, thumbsing up, bringing in to existence, auto graphed, plan, imbrue, pre-contrive, re imposes, dis-posing, refitted, gat done, trans-mute, flowered, re vising, made comeback, fag, erect, came into being, am afraid, were acceptable, picked up on, in sure, puts force, corrects mid course, decreases volume, re issuing, pre-scribing, Puddling, ringing in, doing bang-up job, counter poised, appease, roughed, slicks, over flows, re discovers, change one's ways, trans-pose, re-doubled, gets hang of, Replevin, spat up, becoming reality, doth thing, art acceptable, pro-claiming, serve, clean act, got in with, ex press, make off top head, pre-fab, re invigorated, sides with, gave birth, re molds, drew in, caused be, works the bone, re-awaken, place up, re-investing, un ravelled, hitting bull'seye, wrought out deal, art just ticket, looking after, re-wrought, was nauseous, lighted upon, de livers, re-elected, gives rise to, up held, re affirm, glosses over, puts good shape, take to mean, up-rear, found human resources, made off top of one head, mis states, re organize, over hauled, sought friendship, precontrived, set off, warm up, sweettalk, are sick, does bangup job, did take-off, de bunked, de-ciphers, come a conclusion, lays foundation for, doest one thing, re-generating, pushes for, dis patching, micro waved, Cinching, de picts, re fits, firm up, forced up on, doest a t, am specific, holding to, Progenerate, getting back on one's feet, up chucked, came to point, putting pen to paper, takes to the cleaners, re-shapes, building overnight, drop a note, Texturing, takes shape, re bounding, father, sowing seeds of, didst business, re awakens, reerects, counter-poise, bring to one's feet, brings code, counter checks, re-turns, turns around, cobbled up, suscitates, wert action, does the trick, doeth a bang up job, brings to date, de ducting, re-assembles, in-ducted, set for, re orient, gives the goahead, in-fixes, working hand in glove, nosed out, setting upright, micro-waves, re doubling, doth a take-off, reading riot act, blows lunch, troubleshooting, draft, in-grain, arriving at, recurve, un-riddled, make the top of ones head, de scending, lay foundation for, made off the top of ones head, placed up, tacks on, pro-generated, ministers to, places up, re double, scammed, in-cite, Re-turn, un-riddles, put up a front, takes care of, putting end to, diffuses, make off the top of one head, sub-dues, got back on feet, patch, make happen, Domiciled, watch out for, do one proud, re constitutes, was at bottom of, sandbag, devote oneself to, showed and tell, sets about, make innovations, compensate for, votes in, bare false witness, putting in practice, set down, make top one head, having job, bring one's feet, dis-gorging, re generated, sets type, diagramed, nailing it, re-examined, parturitates, re touches, taking charge of, pre scribe, un-fold, re tools, dis-pose, tossed off, tamper with, Hefting, acted as, making up mind, de bugs, rehabilitate, pressurized, gotten back one's feet, gotten better, rubberstamped, lending a hand, re awakening, gave new look to, getting point, clove to, begins again, disciplined, leave holding bag, Messed, mass-produces, making up off top head, re-duplicating, gave the nod, un seating, re elects, re printing, Lathed, re furbish, URP, reshape, tossed one's cookies, produce a result, re covered, correct mid course, under pin, lifting up, comes to a decision, re-touched, counter-poised, co axed, re-porting, retreaded, enthusing, building castles air, granting respite, pull a fast one, regaining one's health, getting ready, put up, putting its end, Sleeking, brings forward, make up off top of ones head, organize, mis instruct, hook up, up-rearing, bring to feet, heaped up, make up the top of one head, hold dear, made up the top one's head, pre-sent, applying oneself, cover up, imbrues, with draw, atoning for, un-scrambles, bringing up to code, cleaning one's act, re possess, fixt price, ministered to, re styling, giving refuge, re-furbished, learn ropes, dost a bang up job, arrive at, re-sorting, catering to, re-assuring, makes connection, in-grains, putting power again, makes beginning, sandbagging, re-showing, rear, making reparation, turned the corner, laid down the law, gave go-ahead, waked up, subscribes to, engage in, fanned the flames, encase, imprint, disject, put ones foot down, pray to the porcelain god, pro-positioning, psych up, dis covering, making up off the top ones head, base, re cognizing, making up the top head, dost thing, dittoed, de-fray, run a game on, brought to one feet, cleaned one's act, tossed one cookies, giving boost to, Predesign, frames up, pro create, art dependent, in-vest, set right, get taller, reticulate, depictures, cleaved to, pro duce, re hashes, double checked, send through roof, Intensating, re dresses, seeing in ones mind, reconstitutes, re possessing, dropping a note, are use, am delivered of, makes up off top of head, hitting the bull'seye, Mooted, un-ravel, cleans one act, make a pitch, makes willing, changes one ways, are cahoots with, re-assured, de posit, show ropes, give mouth to mouth resuscitation, whips into shape, re-take, brings to order, re making, took turn for better, bottomed, make laws, doing to a turn, over-drawn, holding in, whipped in to shape, put through the grind, re warding, shows clearly, keeps posted, mis-informed, toss off, Titivated, wrought for, solve, up staging, Proportioning, stacked up, sees in ones mind, apply oneself, resuscitate, arriving time, giving forth, art supported, re-cast, makes off the top ones head, de fine, reads back, untwisting, walking through, de lineated, makes off top of ones head, didst a take-off, in nerving, did a turn, Snaking, recondition, inter twine, CLEFS, face lifting, cambers, easing up, puts in good shape, does honors, Policing, reassembled, pro tracts, kitting out, re-pairing, gotten on good side of, agrees up on, give form to, re porting, pro cure, soft soaping, re stating, be tiding, gives stamp of approval, make up the top of ones head, quieting fears, dost to t, pre serving, pro-portioning, were an adjunct, re occupied, fasten, re-gaining, giving face lift, settled on, trans forming, puts right, Sentinelling, fanned flames, pro-generate, works bone, twisted and turn, coming to be, pre-dict, de-cipher, re-tain, getting into head, did a bang up job, stands up, re-hashes, ex cogitated, making off top of ones head, fakes it, marking up, reduplicates, played back, meta-morphoses, punched clock, pro file, laying eggs, dis-proving, in vent, voted in, re-curved, re-side, re organizing, dialing back, inter fere, pro-file, signed off on, configure, carpentered, sub scribing, institute, get wise to, uphove, Scribed, brought back to life, gotten workout, coming to decision, re integrating, inter folds, re energize, re-pairs, seeking friendship, pulls together, re prints, pro-moting, forging ahead, made sound, settles on, making top of one's head, looksee, maintain, ran after, work the bone, un coils, gave sanctuary, pencils, caught up, up raised, re designing, mulls over, re orienting, Co-ordinates, took under wing, making up top of head, un-roll, giving satisfaction, takes charge of, share ideas, over sees, did to a turn, de frayed, photo-copy, pro cessed, re constituting, preplanned, gat workout, structuring, dost the trick, de-legates, cancelling out, over-taking, be untruthful, did a number, pro-claims, un ravel, scriven, made a comeback, dis proves, reckoning on, makes up off top ones head, re-taken, with drawn, re generating, joins up, carry through, de-pictures, be delivered of, Suscitating, re-vamping, de-lineated, re-peat, made off top of one's head, re-prising, pulling it off, jams through, licks into shape, makes the top ones head, contrive, making connection, re views, un-ravels, in vented, trumps up, re-coils, nursled, dropt note, be getting, reequipping, dis-proved, sorts out, did a takeoff, fantasying, re-duplicated, psychs up, support, was aware of, intensates, re shuffling, pro-generating, gave mouth to mouth resuscitation, made mind, making young again, works out a deal, fell in to place, working the bone, re-curve, betaking oneself, pyramidding, regained ones health, re-called, come an agreement, improving accommodate, make waves, getting back on feet, going over again, pre designs, prepare, polished up, getting out from under, come around, was an element of, give the facts, re duplicates, took pains with, twisted ones arm, sent back, stayed put, de-ducts, dis-entangling, was contingent, simmered down, pre arrange, doeth a bang-up job, catapulting, off-the-cuffing, validate, changes ways, tack on, brings up to date, sets down, punching a clock, made the top one head, keeping the faith, up-lifts, re lax, buys in to, re-warded, interlink, reenergizing, concenters, in duct, saw mind, dragoons, doest proud, give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, makes provision, fit, argued in to, up-staged, un-earths, making up off the top one's head, got point, re-tains, trifled with, made up off the top ones head, co-heres, wast good enough for, jotting down, troubleshoot, fix, Machined, hits bulls eye, re gaining, Winging, are upheld, bring into line, brought code, wast based, gets to the point, Ingeminated, fore-telling, hand back, re stored, snapping back, reacquires, re hash, Sentinelled, ex plain, pre dispose, hold in, cleaning up act, give impulse, upcasting, merging in, made killing, started anew, wert dependent, re adjusted, returned form, gat floor, de-coding, toss cookies, write, re-commended, working for, trans-form, re bounded, put finger on, re calibrates, tore off, de part, de ciphered, loosening up, taking to mean, opens view, up-borne, getting workout, pro fesses, checked up on, sewed up, cleaned up one's act, opening up, adjust, arrives in time, pre tends, foster, wake up, getting down pat, does bang up job, cooked someones goose, taking the lead, trans-fusing, sets forth, re casting, watches out for, de-feats, make a decision, re imposing, giving a face lift, making off top of one head, Inked, reaffirms, show the ropes, work oneself to the bone, re ported, in stilling, in-grained, Slotted, cancel out, make killing, under took, quarterbacks, make strides, making off the top of head, up-casts, recover, un-riddle, doeth a bangup job, gets bigger, under-taken, gets next to, make amends, re store, dis-simulated, barfs, over-taken, sucks in, pro cessing, comprise, un-scrambled, going around, re building, sprang up, make the top head, pre-designs, art at bottom of, give new look to, pro fits, get, ride shotgun for, up-holds, gets with it, heading trip, goes that route, gets back on ones feet, smooths over, in-geminating, re occurs, dost a takeoff, up-holding, breathes new life in to, un scrambles, making known, regrouping, writes down, ex-tract, gave an introduction, finds human resources, makes up the top of one head, replay, pro cures, counter-vail, come to terms, re appears, teach, re shuffled, re-introduces, bear false witness, calling forth, de coding, coped with, un seated, draw picture, set forth, de feats, gets down cold, came agreement, takes apart, re establish, selling one on, Travailed, specify, leads to, de codes, re-news, pre destining, making off the top of one head, super vise, ex-pose, sold bill of goods, licked into shape, retouch, hitting bull's-eye, cleaning ones act, hatsing off to, imaging, runs with ball, stay put, introduce, cooking someone's goose, bringing in to being, puts over, pre-pare, hiked up, de-fend, debug, serving as, give birth to, de sign, reprinted, vote favorably, roughcast, breaking for, takes the cleaners, made up top one's head, pre-faces, matted, twist ones arm, remove errors, put an end to, going through roof, trans-muted, super vising, turned around, restore, producing a result, dis join, adds fuel to fire, put good shape, put foot down, comes into being, took character, paved way, making waves, makes up off the top of one's head, gives go ahead, twisting one's arm, ex-tort, toned, re-kindled, in-vests, re arranges, exerting oneself, pro-created, went easy on, reads riot act, applies oneself, devotes oneself to, in vests, Concentering, delivers the goods, went over again, prayed to porcelain god, playact, anthologized, racking brains, wast dependent, co-ordinate, call shots, Inventoried, re quires, harden, ghostwrite, making up off top one head, puts across, soft soaped, un-veil, Weltered, gotten out from under, re-presented, Arcking, ex cited, do like, re-did, brings one feet, wrote up, retooled, seeing light, being the bottom of, re activated, taking effect, wast out of woods, re assemble, with-drawn, out-weigh, hit road, putting one's foot down, going to town, get behind, re shows, in-nerve, makes ready, forcing up on, FAGS, personizing, mis informed, were adequate, making up top of ones head, re-cited, being engaged in, pro-tract, re-invigorates, be gainfully employed, dost one proud, twists one arm, making the top of head, dispose, brought to, sign up, up-bearing, un rolling, does the job, up holding, taking lead, spring back, talk in to, made strides, made up mind, punches a clock, fit out, polishing up, dis cover, monetizing, up raise, re capturing, come be, be engaged in, being nauseous, re curred, pre pared, re-runs, ralphs, systematize, re showed, re established, prearranging, put one's foot down, make progress, putting in working order, becomes pregnant, re peats, under-takes, drops a note, de fending, stirs up, pushing a pencil, dis charges, re cord, micro-waving, Innerved, rediscovers, de-signing, pro-vide, un wound, bringing up to date, wising up, brought back life, made known, de-scribed, setting order, vest in, upbore, up surged, re pairs, setting straight, fell into place, get right, Messing, sell bill of goods, super vised, gotten wind of, buy into, changed ways, re hired, doest a bang up job, look-sees, hit the bull's eye, de liberates, keeping eye on, re-say, co-hering, pulled it off, gives birth, take turn for better, digging up, giving a facelift, re-assembled, made pitch, reaches agreement, re gains, re turns, up-chucking, reenergize, were made of, re iterated, pushes a pencil, smoothing over, un-tangle, inter twining, re-vamps, regain one health, perform, in-duces, compensates for, pre pares, Pirated, reach agreement, pre-serving, de-tailing, come point, trans-posing, re coup, re touching, pre pare, re-erect, doest a bangup job, Mothered, pre disposes, gives mouth to mouth resuscitation, is made of, in venting, brings to one's feet, was out woods, Negativing, bring to ones feet, doeth to t, pulls a wire, made well, comes a decision, work oneself the bone, skeletoned, sweated out, doeth thing, in spirit, feel oneself again, parturitating, pegging away, re capitulated, up surging, fore told, pre-supposed, gotten shape, got floor, pro-cures, work out a deal, makes in to law, makes over, changing one ways, re assembled, de vise, preforms, art specific, produced young, gears up, freezing to, train, aid, made off top one head, in stances, nurture, breaks ground, de-bunked, Reerect, pro-cessing, dis plays, doctor, reconstitute, does proud, didst honors, makes up top one's head, retools, sculpt, mis-leads, up graded, re-doing, brought up code, cobble, over took, holding up one's end, headed trip, un furled, doth a bangup job, Billeting, re placed, re-occupying, re affirmed, agreeing up on, hammer out deal, re charged, puts back together, fore ordained, inter twines, making the top of one's head, de tail, be enough, re hashed, de-lighting, builded castles air, being bottom of, prearrange, DO, signing on, is engaged in, predesigned, mucked about, pro claimed, re habilitate, sculpted, re-iterated, take the plunge, mis-instructed, were at the bottom of, re duplicate, falls in to place, shined up to, in-tend, counter attacking, re curve, Wreathing, upchucks, dis-engage, re-kindle, look see, re cording, button down, turned the trick, am dependent, was the bottom of, rolled out, dosing, re-shuffling, be element of, uncoiling, puts on its end, patches things up, un scrambling, gets to the bottom, sow seeds of, comes a conclusion, de scribed, working the bugs out of, re saying, raise from dead, enthrone, look-see, brought one's feet, reckoned on, re-solves, keeps alive, double checks, ex plaining, went well, Intensate, tearing off, smooths the way, rivet, am the bottom of, mass-produced, re-plenishing, bringing up code, makes off top one's head, calls the tune, makes the top one head, re organized, passed through, re opens, take to cleaners, liven up, make sound, cobbling up, lighten burden, in-ducting, gave character, make grade, re-pair, taking plunge, steamrolling, is element of, up-bore, gave a facelift, found, coming to terms, gat wise to, puts finishing touch on, leaves holding bag, arch, ex pounded, trans-formed, sells bill of goods, hold high esteem, de-rives, re duce, un locked, over-reaching, in-tending, de frays, re-discover, called forth, corrects mid-course, incarnates, work out, gotten with it, going out front, keep alive, re-does, de fray, put in, seeing one's mind, pro claiming, refashioned, de-ported, hits bull-eye, have job, re cognized, got back one feet, didst like, didst over, seeing in one's mind, takes plunge, making healthy, re populate, seeing mind, firming up, makes killing, corrected mid-course, atone for, fanning the flames, up stages, wast nauseous, pro-cess, did a bangup job, up-chuck, pulls fast one, make dent, give new life to, in validating, up-surging, reimpose, de-liberating, wert gainfully employed, dis-tribute, personizes, buy in to, bringing into existence, slapped on, free from blame, re assured, synthesize, noting down, dragging up, bring forward, in geminates, engineer, show way, voted favorably, got hold of, redress, making uniform, re energizes, roughing, be founded, be good enough, dis-courses, re-examines, calling up, making grade, do a t, doest to turn, act like, pays for, re-lied, gets to bottom, disambiguate, rings in, gets the floor, re-furbishing, over-sees, bestirs, re-impose, stagger along, be-having, are in cahoots with, mis guides, up rearing, pre tend, be out woods, re counting, am adjunct, re coups, repair, putting right, does justice, un seat, see through, wert in action, over saw, de cree, curls up, causing be, hooks up, works oneself bone, be came, put it over, up-heaving, steadied, un tangled, Crocheted, suck to, dosed, re-capitulate, tooled, lay the groundwork, stood guard, dis-covering, taking care of business, getting down brass tacks, puts ones foot down, be-haves, sped up, re-stating, re couping, doth a bang-up job, re-state, sold bill goods, effectuate, sweated it out, de posited, thumbses up, does to t, in nerved, re modelling, prep, un-zipped, taking first step, trans acts, re-shuffles, be-calmed, being an adjunct, am good enough for, bring to, stick by, had job, re-cites, made valid, re-vamp, re furbishes, line up, did again, overdraws, makes top head, trumping up, re-claimed, pro creating, gave form to, makes off the top one head, reaching agreement, show the way, gets to, didst take off, shaping, rendered role, making top one's head, puts on to, re gain, make connection, being afraid, re constructs, get into head, started up, go in for, gave life to, upbearing, de-fended, speeded up, doeth bang-up job, gave face lift to, wast action, laying foundation for, fashion, puts in order, re-habilitating, snapped out of it, get better, paid ones dues, Puddled, breathed new life in to, payed back, restamps, Sentineling, sub-scribing, selling bill goods, achieve, changing ways, re plenishing, turning around, bring one feet, takes under wing, devote to, regains ones strength, reelect, re shaped, re-invigorated, give an introduction, Counterpoising, doing thing, dialling back, re-habilitate, re presenting, rendering role, Massing, level at, re-activated, held job, buying in to, COMP, gave nod, dost takeoff, un-ravelling, re-sorts, canceling out, dis engaged, over reaches, de-riving, dis simulate, reaffirm, re-coiled, counter-balanced, re-fashions, set rights, paid dues, hammering out deal, in stilled, bungs, de-fending, reenacts, re-shaping, making a pitch, makes up top of one's head, simmering down, whomping, pre contriving, re-invigorating, making up top of one's head, makes up top of one head, soddened, builds castles in air, re shown, being adequate, schematizing, manifolds, store up, inter-laced, re-design, trans-forms, de-fends, looksaw, going up, raises from the dead, make welcome, gat in there, is good enough, re-duplicate, gets going, approve, re-affirmed, puts one foot down, heads trip, re-constitute, goes for broke, made uniform, hit bullseye, correct mid-course, re constituted, dials back, in-crease, in-tends, dost a t, re-energizing, were just the ticket, re viewed, do honors, be lieve, got behind, puts one on, un-zipping, boiled down, read back, is useful, de-part, under-pins, counter poising, over-draws, nailing down, gat under way, hits bull's eye, pull a wire, re-groups, brings back life, start anew, got back one's feet, art in cahoots with, come to life, makes whole, in creases, pro positions, predesigns, re moving, making top of ones head, do t, am in cahoots with, took to mean, be adjunct, titivates, gets well, laid groundwork, re plenish, keeping posted, trans forms, hadst a job, re erected, bring forth, are action, filling bill, nursles, took on character, starts anew, reelects, re enacted, whip through, be guile, re capitulates, come together, paying one's dues, help, mis represents, de-bug, make ready, commiserated with, pre sent, gat with it, re-veals, doing business, exerted oneself, re-saying, up-casting, gotten the floor, makes sound, pro filing, steadying, prefabricating, coming to order, de parts, does again, reshows, dis-guised, come into being, in clines, de scribe, be ginning, wast supported, re written, de scribes, reshaped, putting ease, re prises, made healthy, wast at bottom of, jammed through, moves forward, in vents, canceled out, be-tiding, gat back feet, think up, reerected, babysit, putting hip, makes pitch, transact, Succoring, put act, sweat it out, got in to head, re assembling, inter fold, did the job, doth to a t, bring to code, gave forth, batching, bring ones feet, coming through with, pre ordained, dashes off, in-vent, panelling, putting one over on, ex pressed, Coronated, pro posing, re-quiring, are founded, drew together, are good enough, set, diagramming, start up, coronate, mis speaks, cure, de-creed, re fines, getting something done, brings into being, re-done, fitting out, gives face lift, re quiring, bears false witness, fortify, working out a deal, thought out, are bottom of, Roughhew, bringing back, cleans up ones act, gotten down pat, up-stages, lick into shape, shaping up, grew strong, rehires, de-rived, acquitted oneself, making top head, kept an eye on, de fends, re-invigorate, looks after, barfing, working bugs out of, gets down to brass tacks, re lived, warms up, re coiled, devoted oneself to, be good enough for, dis-proves, in-spirited, slicked, pre fabricates, de pending, grows rapidly, re-hire, do justice, moves in out, re-designs, made up top ones head, snap back, make up mind, letting hang out, balmed, re presents, whomped, reproduce, wast element of, being responsible for, win over, take cleaners, hits the bull'seye, re-curves, holding ones end, praying the porcelain god, up-heaves, gotten the point, go in to detail, pre fab, were adjunct, over flow, smoking out, hath hunch, over seen, out-fitted, am of use, trans acted, lay on, counter-attack, tinker, re commencing, re-occupied, de bunking, curling up, put one over, take the lead, superstructing, working oneself bone, commiserate with, art out woods, un-seat, curled up, putting pen paper, giving face lift to, making off the top of ones head, setting stage, wearing away, un-lock, re-couping, putting feet again, trans fuse, pro positioned, zeroed in, came to order, re-plicating, coin a phrase, make the top of one head, did a bang-up job, check up on, get bigger, draw a picture, precontriving, re invested, trans-figure, re-erected, taking retribution, sending through the roof, re acted, works bugs out of, picking upon, shored up, spawn, up cast, un earthing, checks up on, went on with, Bunked, was founded, hit the bulls eye, mis-instructs, re veals, un-seating, gotten in shape, go out front, pre supposes, counter-poising, sketched out, raise from the dead, dis coursing, re discovered, produces young, re-populating, re tool, re-iterate, un locks, Cambered, cobble up, re-covered, set type, counter-act, dost a job, out-lined, formed judgment, buttoned down, re appeared, push on, ex-posed, Mortised, counter acting, sticks for, came point, shakes hands on, renders the role, hits bull eye, trans-muting, begin, in nerves, eventuate, be at the bottom of, being sick, coming into being, got wind of, being out of woods, lookseeing, complete, stands guard, re energizing, whomp, rendering the role, kickoffed, work hand in glove, pre-serves, re hire, twisted arm, raising from dead, Retched, gives life to, revving, made connection, taking shape, gives face-lift, cleffing, am action, was cahoots with, un winding, over charges, is an element of, Malleated, fudge together, pushing for, gives character, under takes, Carpentering, go for broke, adheres to, called tune, makes the top head, up dated, doest to a t, un lock, in crease, re-lated, ex tort, re-cord, Riveted, getting well, re-introduced, made into law, lent hand, settling on, made better, dis-joins, over-take, makes up the top ones head, re-adies, got back ones feet, build, hits bulls-eye, Domiciliated, take pains with, answered purpose, twisting and turn, de creased, out-fit, cleaning up, transorts, dashing off, re animated, in grain, wert out woods, re deeming, putting heads together, am made of, pulls strings, speeding up, re-introducing, seeks friendship, CHALKS, starts the ball rolling, re-stocking, de-tails, performed cpr, pro-viding, find human resources, pile up, did to t, pro portion, call arms, does a bang-up job, scrivens, re calls, performing cpr, rubberstamping, doing honors, inter laced, re-integrating, typewrote, trigger, gave high sign, go with, sware off, gotten bigger, de-voted, inter-folded, fore-tells, popped up, dis-covers, dis-play, in-flames, de-voting, mass producing, pre ordaining, mis-speaks, in-validate, re-pose, re-sided, come with, stack the deck, coming a conclusion, does over, held high esteem, cleans up one act, holds to, stored up, interfolds, were afraid, compensated for, barfed, wast useful, re-furbishes, Gardened, in spire, went out in front, reenergizes, shotgunning, inter-laces, disjecting, dis charged, make it, become pregnant, brew, bring to one feet, sees light, became visible, pro cess, gets revenge, de-ducted, un-coil, mis represented, laying provisions, getting in there, make off top of head, jerry-build, be gun, re-calling, twists and turn, were delivered of, re kindled, luxuriated in, sets out, shaking hands on, re-tread, take charge of, heaping up, hast hunch, counter-acted, reads in to, thumbed, are element of, re create, re-integrates, keeping tabs on, hits bull'seye, seeing ones mind, un-locked, re-styles, gotten well, cleaned up one act, re invigorate, takes character, made up top head, get well, art bottom of, re-plicate, come to a conclusion, gat to, work hand glove, got revenge, made up top of one head, were contingent, art out of woods, bringing together, up bore, were engaged in, ex-tends, re-molded, up bearing, made decision, unriddling, pro-portioned, keep eye on, Bulled, trans-literates, giving nod, up surge, re fined, came an agreement, give go-ahead, recasts, clear decks, re-couped, plunged in to, keep safe, re-stocked, re-forms, put back, wert made of, got out from under, streamlining, hit the bullseye, rough in, were the bottom of, went town, re-plicates, re-cognizing, gives goahead, up dates, reshown, regained strength, Malleate, am sick, mass-produce, re-assures, starts up, makes the top of head, baby sit, typewrite, Sired, re done, sending through roof, forced upon, goosing up, hits bulleye, over-flows, seeing after, coming around, changes one's ways, stays put, comes decision, gat right, tacked on, provoke, grows strong, un-covering, talks in to, dis-torts, sketch out, wrought out a deal, gotten a workout, personates, wrote down, making mind, face-lifting, hit upon, slap on, calling the tune, counter balancing, give life to, feels oneself again, shining to, getting down to brass tacks, recuperate, mis-inform, fiddled with, doth a bang up job, sketching out, dis charging, Ingeminating, re says, re-places, punches clock, complects, de scended, re-vitalizes, freelances, put rights, quiet fears, sold a bill of goods, in ducts, racks brains, re-arrange, re pressed, made up the top of head, pro portions, whips out, up heaving, sticking up for, was seated on, re tains, made improvement, mis lead, twisted one arm, re-tooling, end owed, reimposes, Manifolding, retelling, criss cross, reshuffles, coming to life, de-lineate, gat in to head, un veil, sucked to, makes up off top one's head, fore casts, stereo typed, bringing code, piled up, put feet again, complying with, trans pose, excogitate, stacking the deck, pro posed, praying to porcelain god, over see, sprung back, Innovating, return to form, springs back, re strained, do to t, rubber stamped, shake hands on, wert an element of, made good, re-builded, commiserating with, tost one cookies, wrought to the bone, lapped up, were element of, pulling together, jacked up, does a bang up job, does a turn, wert useful, subscribed to, is at the bottom of, is dependent, nine to five it, bring up code, call together, breed, forge, gets back on one's feet, re examined, gave the go-ahead, dost again, re showing, re-solve, forgathers, pulled fast one, paved the way, goes out front, un-rolled, dis patched, come like, dis tend, are enough, stacking up, bringing to one feet, gat bigger, Pencilling, de signed, re-takes, cleaned up ones act, making arrangements, lining up, makes comeback, doth bangup job, ex-pressing, re vitalize, give a face-lift, re introduce, giving the goahead, re-lived, came to be, taking steps, photo copies, pre tending, over-seen, voting in, clean ones act, re-vivifies, re-awakens, taking the plunge, gets in to head, interfolding, re prising, fanning flames, in-forms, doth job, working oneself the bone, made up off top of head, rubber-stamped, having a job, dis-coursing, re-appearing, wast cahoots with, re curving, makes the top of one's head, de picturing, counter-acting, takes effect, held one's end, crisscrossing, re-produces, did one's thing, being in cahoots with, in spect, urping, changing ones ways, smoke out, re calibrate, got wise to, bear, gets done, mis-spoke, passing through, be come, mis leading, take care of business, ex-cite, replaying, retooling, makes different, forgathering, whip out, snapping out it, re-constructing, pre ordains, decked out, gotten down brass tacks, dis-charged, gat hang of, moving up, spitting up, ex plicating, dis-patching, humped, dropping a line, making up top one head, de-porting, reimposed, Moored, does like, making good, ex cogitating, come to point, regained one's health, re-tools, was dependent, ex-plicating, pro portioned, whipping through, works oneself the bone, dis-cover, mulling over, rides shotgun for, start the ball rolling, making provision, re write, come conclusion, Ramped, making pitch, got workout, worked hand glove, holding high esteem, was adequate, steamroll, inter folded, wert element of, pro position, took effect, massproduced, de-mean, gunned, un covering, makes improvement, resays, starting the ball rolling, re-counting, regaining ones health, multi plying, holds a job, Depicturing, timing, Scribing, un-scrambling, were of use, making up off the top head, whipped through, replevies, hold job, sowed seeds of, reconstituting, make into law, interlinking, sang same old song, be-stow, gat taller, mold, got shape, did honors, hit bull'seye, de-cree, alter, patching things up, moving in out, trans pire, un tangle, re-fits, taking on character, counter-balance, puts in practice, trans-acted, de scends, hats off to, tightening up, pro-portions, earning wings, re molded, gets there, wrought bugs out of, sold a bill goods, snaps up, wast just ticket, didst a t, re place, earn wings, ex-torts, saw light, upsurged, Overdrawing, re-kindles, re-group, pre supposed, devise, put right, adds fuel fire, counter acts, penciled, giving a face-lift, make top of one head, de ported, re-presses, criss-crossed, saw one mind, getting hold of, obtaining again, whip in to shape, Personated, puzzle out, re hearses, replevined, unscrambled, draws forth, puts pen to paper, pulls wires, gotten hold of, did take off, breathe new life into, set motion, uses sparingly, regaining strength, am good enough, double check, up hold, feeling again, rectify, holding dear, is an adjunct, smooth way, lends a hand, turning over new leaf, took part, call up, re vitalizes, dis joins, ran with the ball, makes the grade, streamline, putting in writing, burst forth, firming, fixed, up-raise, stacked the deck, Incarnated, join up, drag up, were use, buys into, is action, proceeded with, didst a bang-up job, up-grades, re cited, monetize, engender, heads for, sowed the seeds of, lay down law, CUED, de ducted, re hashing, rid shotgun for, getting good side of, give refuge, de creases, kicking the habit, augment, re printed, pre fabricating, in-stalled, gives a face-lift, play over, tosses off, comes in to being, take apart, starts ball rolling, put in good shape, gave boost to, run up, showed way, pull wires, Patted, come a decision, give the goahead, re-calibrates, doest duty as, in fixes, was out of woods, put its end, making willing, sur mise, re-stamps, trans-literate, snapping up, kick off, stiffing, super-intends, gat to the point, getting going, twists ones arm, un ravels, being based, mark up, doing proud, in-duce, work bone, poured on, were dependent, doth business, twists turn, doest the trick, tick off, de-pending, Bulwarked, was based, project, gat back on one's feet, re acting, mimeographing, wert composed of, made top one's head, stand by, fore-cast, did like, becoming visible, domiciliates, laid foundation for, puts in force, speeds up, broke for, engages in, go through the roof, sell on, hit bulls-eye, pours on, rehired, wert supported, does takeoff, Incarnating, contributing to, doest a takeoff, set upright, re-adjust, took mean, stick up for, un-folds, dis-guise, un-leashing, cause to be, works out deal, get there, shining up to, re-cover, inter-mingling, make the top ones head, comes be, walks through, gives lodging, take, preorders, wises up, dis perse, enter up on, be action, made a decision, de-picts, legalize, does a takeoff, sticked up for, bring up to code, reinstate, refresh, shingling, get back on ones feet, pro-filed, de-signs, see in one's mind, be stirs, de-creased, Preorder, size up, out weigh, correcting mid-course, Roped, de-liberate, playing over, betakes oneself, anthologizing, re duplicating, beat, making off top of head, hold up end, pre contrive, gat going, un-twists, dis charge, doth a number, sucking in, picks up on, make certain, apprized, lay groundwork, quiets fears, jerry-building, cobbles, un fold, pro vide, mis-instructing, strung, clean one act, super-intended, atones for, prefab, mis represent, are just ticket, re lying, fore tells, trans-figuring, lick in to shape, pro-fits, walked through, re affirms, Disculpating, re-occurs, tabbed, make like, ralphing, dis tends, plugs away, was composed of, re-equipped, coming to agreement, photostatted, inter lacing, taking care business, make beginning, look after, re tread, seal, rise, re-coiling, wast an adjunct, gives a facelift, out line, restore to health, sucking to, call the tune, haddest hunch, be tided, occur again, take care of, doeth honors, take on character, shines up to, mimeos, mothball, runs game on, thinking out, pieced together, counter acted, sow, de-meaning, didst again, dis engage, specificizing, make off the top one's head, ex torts, didst one proud, pound in to, Cribbing, act, coming order, restyling, increase, re acquire, bring home, re conditions, swears off, takes for a ride, remodel, hoking up, dragged up, puts forward, make off the top ones head, re designs, make top ones head, be haves, gets set, bring in to being, Zigzagged, sells one on, dis-patches, re-assemble, criss crosses, inter-fold, re-duces, dost trick, up grading, kit out, waving around, gives the facts, went that route, fore-tell, nailed it, refurbished, are adjunct, stopt in, cleft to, improve mind, came to agreement, was enough, doctored up, comes to conclusion, re-condition, tags on, sets in order, came a conclusion, dost the job, be-guile, pushed around, de pictured, prayed the porcelain god, gets back one's feet, pulled wires, Overdrew, re adjusting, doest t, un-rolling, coming terms, pro longs, pro fit, tag on, wast engaged in, cause be, come again, rerunning, cooks someone goose, takes care of business, cared for, twists one's arm, hefts, graphing, vests in, gotten results, put in power again, is supported, Experiencing, takes first step, re-arranging, re-gain, pass through, pushes pencil, make up off top of one head, gave face lift, is composed of, co ordinate, give treatment, putting in, curl up, putting finishing touch on, re invests, pre served, retool, be aware of, in validate, setting rights, re-grouped, preplan, inter-mingle, whipped into shape, re vamps, de-votes, stores up, making comeback, forgathered, be-came, redesigned, un earths, making amends, re dressing, figuring on, sticks up for, gave instruction, re-establish, hatsed to, gives birth to, pre plans, made up off top one head, making up the top of head, crisscrosses, are dependent, de-crees, re occurred, mapping, doeth a t, in dite, give access, whipt out, go bat for, checked on, gives a face lift, de-scend, did a job, sub scribe, in-scribing, getting it down, pre-contrived, sowed seeds, Panelled, rolls out, trans muting, make right, re-fashion, fire up, go out in front, crochet, in spects, made over, gotten behind, hits the bull eye, re appear, re-lax, making into law, innervated, inter link, peg away, re-generate, imbruing, turned corner, putting in place, got well, fore cast, had hunch, pro-portion, de clare, Complected, wert contingent, hadst job, drying out, are afraid, super intending, didst justice to, builds castles air, comes life, went out front, falling in to place, pop up, un-raveling, re-stamping, are responsible for, get workout, hammers out deal, gotten back on feet, psyching up, animate, working to bone, progenerates, makes off the top of ones head, cooking someone goose, worked to bone, got to, builded overnight, apprizing, hitting bullseye, re-vised, de posits, bring in to existence, cause, stood up, gives high sign, Dinning, note down, in-validates, Billeted, lays down, taking turn for better, parturitated, paying back, corrected midcourse, gave refuge, over-flown, re makes, is just ticket, sandbagged, messed with, ex pounding, phonies up, branch out, out-lines, give lessons, go up, intro-duces, un roll, re-strained, speed up, trans-fuse, dis tended, mis informing, being delivered of, didst trick, stick for, breathes new life into, photostatting, de feat, Poetized, quitted cold, sings same old song, re constitute, wast at the bottom of, take steps, in geminated, geared up, with drew, rest, result in, mimeoing, doing trick, taking character, pouring on, drove truck, regrouped, doing take off, reinvested, eyeball, out-weighing, pro cured, have a hunch, up date, art use, holding end, making right, un folds, pre formed, piggybacking, un-tangling, has a hunch, agrees upon, inter linked, re-written, in-scribes, whipping in to shape, making top ones head, in ducted, whittle, made a connection, gat back on one feet, wast seated on, re instates, moved forward, wast bottom of, de coded, counter-vailing, Snowed, throw up, give boost to, brings order, gain, re worked, up-rears, re duces, standing guard, piles up, holds up ones end, putting back together, balming, weave, re touch, pin down, re-instates, gave treatment, boiling down, pro-tracts, answers purpose, re coils, recalibrated, de fended, paving way, gloss over, de-fraud, de-liberated, re kindles, makes firm, gat the bottom, putting it over, is delivered of, calibrating, holds job, hit the bull'seye, under pinning, were nauseous, didst justice, counter-poises, gives the go-ahead, putting two and two together, made law, come to, trailblazed, pays one's dues, gat someplace, gets point, lap up, sort out, wast out woods, come to conclusion, re-siding, gat it down, returning form, out-lining, wast contingent, twist arm, re-oriented, pro filed, re-occupy, held up end, give high sign, re-instate, Housed, dropped note, gat on good side of, pre-tending, jotted down, whomped up, draw in, doublechecks, applying medication, lift up, be-tides, make different, wrought bone, takes the plunge, doeth a takeoff, making valid, re-view, Siring, got right, coming be, work for, reaffirming, re straining, dial back, moved in and out, ex plicate, mapping out, co aching, gets out from under, dis guising, entering in, trans figured, crafted, sprang back, shone to, in-tended, over reached, re-constituted, doth justice, did one thing, am supported, re discover, sees after, paving the way, covering bases, upchucking, ostended, up grades, re living, re-duce, is just the ticket, mass produce, made up off top of one's head, Caballing, did ones thing, pick upon, signing off on, sleeks, sucked up to, laying down law, re affirming, make top of one's head, propagate, makes top ones head, being gainfully employed, re populated, de mean, getting act together, bringing date, fagged, super-vised, rivetting, gotten back feet, up-raises, shows the way, re make, in spiriting, upheaving, use sparingly, makes innovations, overhaul, mis-guide, made up off the top of one's head, forges ahead, reading back, has a job, came around, brings to, evens out, photo-copies, did t, coming like, opens eyes, eats away, throws together, re issue, counterpoised, hit bull-eye, hitch on, re calibrated, re-stores, took for a ride, be bottom of, makes active, counter act, drew forth, counterattacked, come to an agreement, de liberate, re-assembling, preforming, snaps out it, improves mind, reoriented, getting the bottom, being effective, wast untruthful, re doubles, forgather, putting in force, held ones end, re models, earns living, re fashioning, jerry builds, ex-cogitating, doing bang up job, earned living, gets into head, un-folding, re turning, up heave, staggering along, re arranging, micro waves, go along with, stereo-typing, come life, un rolled, did bang up job, does a job, dost over, hath a job, pro-cured, making off top ones head, cleaving to, de-vised, doeth over, makes up off the top one head, snapping out of it, were good enough for, adding up, un-ravelled, re-energizes, ratify, toned up, argue in to, tost ones cookies, auto-graphed, whips through, cuing, be-gotten, photo-graphing, am element of, pre-face, wast of use, makes top one's head, stirring up, with draws, counter vailing, doest bang-up job, dis course, re shape, re-instating, wert out of woods, pro-fesses, give rise to, did to a t, making up off the top of ones head, de-creasing, disambiguating, brought ones feet, de-posits, getting the hang of, drives home, in-spirits, break promise, gotten done, sticked for, transliterating, COMPS, pre-dispose, re-coups, Stringing, see one mind, is nauseous, pegged away, lays provisions, bring, re animates, whipping into shape, Re-store, ex pose, laying on, didst the honors, in-fix, getting shape, Bottoming, re-formed, put power again, de meaning, wert upheld, does thing, rediscovered, sized up, making ready, sweating it out, doest a turn, makes off top of head, figure on, re turn, pre planned, puts to, mimeographed, set on, makes a killing, over reaching, up-bear, re-styled, improve accommodate, dost ones thing, signed on, lights upon, get out from under, bring about, making a killing, dis-tending, mis-speak, quitting cold, re-tell, takes pains with, re-tooled, become reality, makes it, be-fell, re-prints, keeps eye on, tripling, make hay, drives truck, building castles in air, un-coiling, puts at ease, re touched, multiply, art adequate, un folding, make top of head, raised from the dead, tuning down, lets it hang out, reshow, re-vamped, produces a result, be fall, built castles in air, renew, be useful, up surges, regain ones health, puts place, digs up, tampers with, be at bottom of, make off top of ones head, un-tangled, dis guise, puts one's foot down, working out deal, was specific, keep the faith, Fantasied, comes to an agreement, de light, checking on, over-flowing, spits up, re captures, gave facelift, inter-twined, becomes visible, makes arrangements, runs over, re view, brought up date, pre-serve, sucks to, put place, re pairing, swore off, dis-plays, being good enough for, police up, concussed, pins down, mis guide, re-cording, comes like, putting finger on, doeth turn, re-took, bringing ones feet, do a bang up job, gotten back on one's feet, give nod, being just the ticket, letting all hang out, in corporate, catching up, letted all hang out, re-possess, re-aching, re-affirms, up lifted, payed dues, argues into, in-validated, refashioning, fit together, passes through, makes up top ones head, got in shape, pro tract, work to bone, up-hold, running up, re-vise, pre-disposed, arrived time, are just the ticket, re introducing, brought into being, make off top of one head, pre contrives, make up off the top one head, doeth t, get floor, Misspeak, re shuffle, eating away, getting set, worked oneself the bone, Trussing, haddest a hunch, re-conditions, occasion, de-means, re-stated, super-intend, run game on, doing number, carried completion, putting rights, Circumstantiated, sub-scribed, co here, tosses one cookies, upsurging, be stow, re-opening, comes order, hits the bullseye, un-winding, worked the bone, de fining, re couped, answering the purpose, re commended, reconstruct, be-calming, de fines, putting forward, running after, coming again, un earth, re-veal, gotten into head, drying run, in-creases, photo-stated, blowing grits, Caricatured, return form, made the top of one's head, un cover, gotten going, coined phrase, cut down on, holds ones end, superstructed, produce, put one over on, made up off top head, jot down, re-live, restored health, is the bottom of, dis proved, co-here, be adequate, top pled, right, fetch up, counter-attacks, reorienting, grooved, doeth bang up job, pro-create, regains one health, smokes out, popping up, re occupying, put front, light upon, wast in action, calls forth, returns to form, trailblaze, brings to one feet, gives a new look to, was in action, scrivening, re-sides, mis-lead, getting in shape, bond together, ex tending, counterchecks, did bang-up job, being founded, doest take off, turns over new leaf, become visible, put to, fudged together, un-veiling, ghosting, taking pains with, under-mined, re-generates, over take, walk through, recommences, ushers in, opened to view, in scribes, puts foot down, revive, hammered out a deal, pounds into, get to bottom, regained ones strength, open up, Evolved, de-picturing, pull together, makes off top of one head, wert adjunct, was engaged in, force up on, sandbags, with drawing, coined a phrase, reduplicating, un veiling, coining a phrase, re oriented, in-venting, be-getting, inter mingle, re-doubling, put two two together, pioneer, reenact, taking form, tosses one's cookies, renders role, get to the point, re constructing, give a new look to, sorting out, reliving, didst duty as, re-hashing, draw together, coming to a decision, pro claim, take effect, pour on, re charging, puts in to order, de scribing, filled bill, out lined, get in with, ascertain, counter attacks, doest a bang-up job, apprize, hoist, pre dict, re-occur, re-shape, gives new look to, Replevying, re styles, look seeing, set up, re collected, read the riot act, remolded, snaps out of it, working oneself to bone, are at the bottom of, gussies up, pry, redeem, acts like, gat point, monetized, coming point, improved accommodate, hast job, un-earthed, be upheld, re captured, plays to, restate, in cline, do again, re tooling, starting up, brings up code, were in cahoots with, making hay, re fitted, wreathes, reissues, hold to, gotten to the point, covers all bases, de-posited, comes to be, saw to, falls into place, Re-orient, were at bottom of, cover all bases, un leash, dittoing, weighted, correct, re-make, does a bangup job, unscramble, over drew, re play, inter lace, catch up, took form, being supported, gives lessons, in forms, innovate, Stabilitate, reinvigorate, paid back, sews up, gentrified, dost like, goes in for, making whole, smoothed way, re commending, pre-scribe, pre-plans, making improvement, are at bottom of, whipped out, are untruthful, fans flames, de pended, sub scribes, double-checking, were contained in, made up off the top one's head, psyched up, hold a job, fill the bill, un-zips, de vote, in stalled, didst to a t, didst bang up job, talks into, gat the point, doeth one thing, work out deal, opening eyes, give forth, come to agreement, be composed of, lend hand, came to life, be supported, pre arranging, setting right, de-livered, make pitch, giving new life to, did duty as, in validates, re-sorted, reticulates, making the top one's head, laid in provisions, get it down, restocking, dost turn, was action, railroading, throw together, over-takes, regain strength, in-geminates, put through, restyled, re-building, came decision, clef, makes off the top head, carries to completion, being specific, textured, am cahoots with, get with it, makes top of head, drops note, putting through grind, pro vides, make off top one's head, pulls a fast one, coin phrase, hitting upon, shore up, build overnight, unriddles, get on good side of, coming a decision, putting up front, comes conclusion, de positing, pro-creating, be stows, deliver goods, kicks the habit, drops line, in-vented, gave introduction, fan flames, re-molds, in-geminated, Ballasted, complecting, under taking, Seeding, sharing ideas, brought back, bringing to order, does trick, keeps going, re stamped, resaying, polish up, re-sayed, was element of, quits cold, re forms, drags up, inter-lace, tossing off, dis courses, re build, making the top of ones head, showing way, pay ones dues, gets back one feet, gets back ones feet, goes route, shoots up, off-the-cuffed, in spires, Rehire, re-sort, quarterback, sends through roof, specificize, mis-states, up casts, hold end, make the top one head, over-hauling, having a hunch, gotten back one feet, redesigning, didst number, de-tail, un-raveled, makes off top head, cleans up act, come to decision, made happen, cleans one's act, wast founded, re-occurring, showed ropes, pre-determine, putting good shape, re-organizes, repeat, re did, moved up, bringing home, is effective, did over, Chalking, is acceptable, re does, re-print, sweating out, Inking, re mold, blow lunch, doing like, micro-wave, re quire, held in, think of, Cubing, mucking about, remolds, fabricate, up-lifting, bulling, brought into line, pulling wires, get to the bottom, re hires, re-issued, turning trick, made ready, make off the top head, connive, re occurring.