Pronunciation of Destruction
/dɪstɹˈʌkʃən/, /dɪstɹˈʌkʃən/, /d_ɪ_s_t_ɹ_ˈʌ_k_ʃ_ə_n/

Antonyms for destruction

erectings, prefab, reading, re-construction, re-vivifications, freshenings, Redintegration, re-commencement, reassurance, tillage, mimeograph, re assurances, tute lages, self defenses, re-generation, datum, salvage, raising, reassurances, STAT, warmups, risorgimento, handicraft, re visions, warm up, re buildings, reconstruction, dis-crimination, out fits, quickenings, restoration, convalescence, lengthenings, reinstatement, transcription, pro vocations, stamp of approval, re-placements, repatriation, living world, prefabrication, Photostats, Tannings, crop-raising, bodhis, book learning, creation, re-charging, re solutions, re-turns, Causations, thingamabob, ranching, invigorations, up-grades, dis crimination, chalk talks, para-phrase, re-modeling, artisanships, erection, ex pose, raisings, in creasing, trusteeship, in formation, re-making, protection, over-haul, proselytisms, chalk talk, carryings, stirring up, re naissances, whatchamacallits, affirmings, re-formation, rectifications, pro-longings, de-sign, de vising, shapings, re makings, pro-longing, ex-plication, risorgimenti, sustentations, broad-mindednesses, re workings, maintainings, refurbishment, re nascences, rebuildings, re invigoration, bionomics, re vivifications, re-assurances, Re-turn, over hauls, super vision, activation, pro-duct, chip off old blocks, pro traction, sirings, up keeps, ecology, protectings, setting ups, re turns, para-phrases, stewardship, new part, repair, tune ups, reinstitutions, rebirth, Recrudescences, under-standing, datums, replenishment, re-view, re view, agronomy, bodhi, re-printing, Propagandism, re leases, thingamabobs, over heads, re-assurance, homesteading, re plications, re-coup, re novation, warmup, de-signs, civilization, re-lief, Retainment, enlivenings, Convalescences, post-script, yieldings, craftships, inculcation, revival, instauration, re novations, up-holding, pre-fab, re-possessions, ex-tension, renovation, roadworks, service, pre serval, fancyings, irradiation, invigoration, pro longing, de fenses, self-defense, Reanimation, endurings, making, formulations, re animation, de posit, re making, invulnerability, pro-tractions, waking ups, renaissance, re commencements, re patriations, Agronomics, dis-position, multiplyings, producings, re cognition, re-solutions, pro ducts, share-cropping, book-learning, device, irradiations, macrocosmos, agronomies, re-aping, in-crease, re construction, designings, social well-being, dis-criminations, re placements, re-printings, confirmation, generation, over-hauls, multi plication, freezings, ex tension, sharpenings, pre-serving, reinstatements, bringing forth, tillings, tute-lages, re instatement, re habilitation, de-posits, flowerings, macro cosmo, formation, construals, re vitalization, instaurations, reprinting, re duplications, beefing ups, re vision, acceptings, fleshing outs, VISAS, ex amination, reenactments, opus, ex-pose, chef doeuvre, redintegrations, un folding, photo-copy, re-establishment, re-visions, up grade, remodeling, germination, re-vision, re-births, re working, chefd'oeuvre, dis positions, re missions, super-vision, saving, trans actions, contrivings, in-vulnerabilities, de signs, sustainments, broad mindedness, retrieval, tune-ups, dis-positions, up keep, coachings, re-coups, re coups, domestication, ex-aminations, re-vivification, fabricatings, pre serving, preservings, warm-ups, chefdoeuvre, re-commencements, pro-traction, governings, invulnerabilities, formings, de-vising, wakings, multi-plications, rescue, re-animation, share-croppings, re-plenishment, Pedagogics, dis course, guardings, reanimations, re birth, re-openings, under taking, custodianship, production, mimeographs, whatsit, in vulnerability, grazings, enkindlings, edification, booklearning, re possession, trans-action, ex-positions, re pairs, re-creation, self defense, out lay, re patriation, social well beings, pro creations, pre-servals, contemporaries, fructifications, re-sort, agrologies, PICS, offsettings, re-workings, conservation, construction, readyings, pro tractions, re-leases, conservings, under standings, occasionings, reinvigorations, bionomicses, feedings, para phrases, formulation, tuneups, in sight, reapings, replenishments, de signing, dis-courses, pro-duces, re-productions, work of genius, tute lage, re-modelings, domestications, openmindedness, homesteadings, pre fab, in crease, laying down, in-sight, re-opening, tute-lage, broadmindedness, pro vision, re-novation, nativities, re-building, re enactments, out-fits, growth, re coup, re lease, engenderment, prefabrications, lookalike, re pair, pro-creations, rejuvenation, be getting, re-enactment, soil culture, re-placement, propagandisms, waking up, re-awakenings, re commencement, look alike, re-patriation, re-habilitation, re-constructions, re awakening, activations, artifact, de posits, building, maintenance, para phrase, crop-raisings, Geoponics, re lief, mimeo, refined taste, re-pairs, macro-cosmo, re enactment, re-habilitations, photo copy, custodianships, statistic, roadwork, social wellbeing, re-awakening, transcriptions, pre fabrications, re-plication, engenderments, recommencement, trans-actions, out-lay, chip old blocks, schooling, crystallization, upkeep, co aching, de sign, learnednesses, Reestablishment, training, re-source, re nascence, re animations, re-sorts, multi plying, megacosms, arousal, cherishings, seedings, up holding, persistings, perpetuatings, effort, augmentings, nativity, authorizings, re-lease, under-takings, agronomicses, directings, prolongings, re-vitalization, pro motions, out fit, ex-plications, re-establishments, putting ups, tuneup, post-scripts, re-buildings, farming, stretchings, agrology, in creases, re-mission, learnedness, authorings, whatchamacallit, de-posit, salvation, upholdings, re-working, Chef-doeuvre, construal, hydroponicses, sustentation, ex-position, re filling, re-views, re-novations, out lines, re-instatements, dis courses, re-formations, fabrication, aeons, work, craftship, re turn, re-plica, re creation, over haul, trans action, safeguarding, re cognitions, in sights, re-dress, authoring, social wellbeings, preservals, broad mindednesses, re views, reparation, refined tastes, re placement, performings, reopenings, re vitalizations, re-plications, whatnot, pre servals, re-animations, re fillings, fertilizings, re mission, ranchings, remakings, re-cognition, re-incarnation, living worlds, stamp approval, re-birth, balancings, re-filling, re-duplication, re openings, up-keep, rally, in-creases, gleanings, uni verse, pix, out puts, ex-tensions, erections, crop raisings, under-standings, flimsies, under standing, sharecropping, custody, in-formations, Arousals, preserval, re vivification, supervisings, re plenishments, re-naissances, rechargings, re dresses, re-sources, reworkings, re awakenings, re-instatement, super visions, authenticatings, STATS, heightenings, pro visions, maturations, pro motion, re-patriations, dis position, re plica, up lifting, sustainment, re institution, re incarnation, pre-fabrication, animatings, extrications, post script, fructification, pic, Regeneracy, pro-motion, out-puts, Siring, recrudescence, de-signing, growings, re-possession, chef d'oeuvre, piece, aeon, re naissance, de-fenses, pro duces, sproutings, re-dresses, warm-up, tillages, hydroponics, super-vising, supportings, up-holdings, buildup, corroboratings, constitutings, metempsychoses, re-duplications, social well being, apprenticeships, reclamation, re opening, REPRO, rearings, drillings, Megacosm, cultivation, geoponicses, curings, re charging, share croppings, re-vitalizations, macrocosmo, perpetuation, recommencements, re creations, proselytism, crop raising, metempsychosis, extrication, replacement, in-vulnerability, re-invigoration, aestheticisms, soil cultures, evidence, Wardship, uni-verse, re-creations, bringing forths, begettings, self-defenses, cropraisings, healings, stirring ups, new parts, wardships, recovery, pre-fabrications, chip old block, re invigorations, education, extentions, in-sights, plowings, waxings, re habilitations, continuings, super-visions, co-aching, engenderings, apprenticeship, tune-up, artisanship, re building, reawakenings, re dress, chip off old block, up-lifting, re-invigorations, sanctionings, retainments, Reenactment, recuperation, rousings, new dawns, re formations, visa, re-production, mimeos, fosterings, pre servings, out-put, managings, re-fillings, macro cosmos, ex plication, up bringing, warm ups, preservation, out line, whatnots, super vising, re printings, up grades, ex aminations, over-heads, in vulnerabilities, broad-mindedness, pro-vision, re modelings, Xray, pro-vocations, pre fabrication, post scripts, booklearnings, re source, re assurance, under-taking, reproduction, multi-plication, refilling, out-line, pedagogy, Crystallizations, pro duce, validatings, re printing, bread butter, devisings, redress, pro-visions, workings, causation, reinstitution, offprint, be-getting, out-fit, cheerings, re plenishment, stewardships, in formations, re-missions, photo copies, un-folding, pro vocation, fructifyings, perpetuations, reinvigoration, book-learnings, photo-copies, renewal, up holdings, uppings, sustentions, re births, extention, re-generations, vivication, re productions, vivications, laying downs, up-keeps, broadmindednesses, re-pair, re sources, good taste, pre-serval, book learnings, up-bringing, rectification, improvement, pre-servings, stagings, Seeding, enlightenment, guarding, re-institutions, dis criminations, sustainings, out-lines, sharecroppings, re establishment, Aestheticism, re generations, rube goldberg inventions, re-solution, dis-course, Germinations, Artifacts, refillings, in-formation, selfdefense, re-plenishments, picklings, fact, prefabs, pro-creation, re-nascence, upliftings, multi-plying, re-makings, cropraising, offprints, safeguardings.