Pronunciation of Developing
/dɪvˈɛləpɪŋ/, /dɪvˈɛləpɪŋ/, /d_ɪ_v_ˈɛ_l_ə_p_ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for developing

most peanut, more peanut, under privileged, unrewarding, most perishing, most ebbing, waste, most runtish, more regressive, more riddled, runtier, un eager, un-productive, more disintegrating, barren, de sert, more checked, most gangrenous, most rotted, putrescent, one foot in grave, more perishing, de composed, most corroded, under-sized, more shot, most checked, more infecund, at end of rope, backward, un-developed, giving ghost, Undergrown, under grown, dis-integrating, pint-sized, in fecund, most moldered, most rearward, at death door, giving the ghost, more carious, more pint-sized, dis-inclined, pint sized, yea high, halfpint, in extremis, un inspiring, most uncultivable, more rearward, over ripe, more gangrenous, more carrion, un-fruitful, yea big, de-mure, uninspiring, industrial, un cultivable, most pint sized, more perished, most uninspiring, more pint sized, more unfertile, more runtish, half pint, subnormal, profitless, giving up the ghost, most decomposed, most profitless, more half pint, Unbearing, most peewee, regressive, most unrewarding, more moldered, most infecund, most perished, more profitless, de-composed, more unbearing, decayed, more putrescent, under-grown, carious, un-cultivable, scrubber, most undergrown, more halfpint, retro grade, most carrion, most subnormal, most carious, more corroded, un developed, Perished, sub normal, impotent, at end rope, more putrefied, un-rewarding, un-eager, sterile, more declining, most pint-sized, giving up ghost, dying, un rewarding, more dwarfed, most half-pint, more decomposed, most dwarfish, more overripe, re served, more astern, in-disposed, unfertile, un willing, more uninspiring, most astern, stunted, empty, most halfpint, uncultivable, most regressive, most runted, more rotted, on last leg, Infecund, over-ripe, dis inclined, most half pint, at death's door, more peewee, most shot, un-inspiring, un-willing, shrimpest, more ebbing, more behind, runted, sub-normal, more unrewarding, under-developed, scrubbest, in disposed, most unfertile, most uneager, most dwarfed, overripe, most overripe, more uncultivable, most putrescent, de-solate, most unbearing, in fertile, under sized, re-tiring, de mure, under-privileged, in-fertile, un fertile, wastest, more dwarfish, under developed, dwarfish, feeble minded, de-sert, peewee, one foot grave, runtish, gangrenous, shrimper, most putrefied, more undergrown, in-fecund, runty, most behind, more runted, mitest, un fruitful, uneager, shrimp, un productive, most disintegrating, runtiest, un-bearing, most riddled, more half-pint, rotted, half-pint, un bearing, un-fertile, re-served, de solate, at deaths door, small fry, most declining, dis integrating, re tiring, more subnormal.