Pronunciation of Difference
/dˈɪfɹəns/, /dˈɪfɹəns/, /d_ˈɪ_f_ɹ_ə_n_s/

Antonyms for difference

likeness, interrelations, equablenesses, sufferance, mollifications, conformabilities, ortho-doxy, Siamese twins, inter-changeability, selfsameness, rabbet, commensurateness, chip the old block, birds of feather, co-ordinate, ex change, Technic, middle course, mimesis, co incidences, folkways, mimeograph, re-flections, imitation, comprehensibilities, concomitances, in divisibility, half measures, re cognitions, Conformability, ectypes, safe-conducts, coexistence, opposite numbers, condonance, homogeneousness, contact, monotone, wheeling dealings, transcription, co equal, harmony, Congruency, co-ordinations, passivity, para phrasings, contiguity, isonomies, congruousness, stamp approval, community, the book, normality, in coherent, bluntings, stabilization, para-phrasings, ringings, congruity, lineation, Coequality, condonances, counter-script, Co-ordinates, synonymy, ratification, humdrums, placations, rough ideas, synonymies, counterscripts, pro-mise, re flection, propitiations, inter-relationships, trade-off, equatability, co-equals, un variedness, soothings, winwin situation, photo copy, interchangeableness, co existence, repetitiveness, rollback, repetitivenesses, chip off old blocks, received ideas, win win situations, ipseities, agreement, predictability, de sign, hang up, counter part, exchange letter, goahead, concomitance, out-lines, in-separableness, semblance, easings, re-petitions, consensus, stereotype, sanctifications, co operation, quellings, congruence, good vibes, pro mises, happy accident, ex changeabilities, consent, coherence, synchronism, parallelism, Effigies, co ordinate, re-plication, fiftyfifty, giving ins, replica, selfnesses, standardization, meta morphoses, in-divisibilities, symmetry, sufferances, tie-in, commensuratenesses, countertypes, rough idea, inter changeability, re-conciliations, rut, appeasement, mimeos, Equableness, Centralities, fraternal twin, simultaneousness, consistency, tie in, shape, co-equalities, concurrence, in separability, endorsings, micro fiches, re-prints, sur-render, conventionalism, immediacies, interconnection, inter connection, folkway, relatings, pre tense, pro-file, good vibe, Cementations, selfdom, chip old blocks, kinspeople, like ofs, fifty-fifties, counter-part, fair practice, rough measure, conflate, de legations, deal-makings, analogy, Inseparability, consociations, self-sameness, counter-poise, mollification, confound, in variability, re print, reduplication, Coadunation, equatabilities, comparablenesses, guesstimate, complyings, acceptance, trade off, collatings, wearisomenesses, inter-actions, de-legations, inter action, knockoff, exchange of letter, Germinations, in-choate, fair plays, Paralleling, re-conciliation, two a kind, stamp of approval, approvings, self-samenesses, de signs, Periodicities, placation, beaten path, pro mise, tradeoffs, uni-son, pendants, carved figures, boilerplates, assentings, mono-tony, exchange letters, inter dependences, centrality, ersatzes, tracings, mono tones, pairings, un changeablenesses, co-incidences, coevalities, Cementation, approximation, cognates, chip off old block, equivalence, same differences, re plications, re bounds, pro portions, de-pendency, counter-scripts, re presentation, inter changes, adumbrations, pro-cess, dis positions, clingings, safe conduct, balance, onomatopoeia, canonization, copy, offprints, Fraternal Twins, birds feather, uni-sons, micro fiche, co ordinations, re-plications, re percussion, equal, lullings, re-iterations, predictabilities, re-print, in-variability, re-peat, re semblance, rollbacks, coordinations, unity, inter-relation, co existences, co-pouts, empowerings, equal footings, de pendencies, co incidence, dealmakings, photo-copy, in separableness, coetaneousnesses, relativity, usualness, VISAS, re percussions, de-lineations, re-iteration, equal term, inseparabilities, un-variednesses, accord, coadunations, pro-files, STATS, in-distinguishabilities, yeses, tiein, pre-tense, inter connections, matter course, sub-missions, even tenors, Conventionalities, emulator, onomatopoeias, apery, meta-morphoses, inter-changeabilities, twin, re-production, coetaneousness, dearnesses, relativities, safe-conduct, linkage, mirrorings, echo, un-changeablenesses, re-duplications, duplicate, inter-relations, un dividedness, conventionalisms, inter-changeablenesses, copout, ex-changeabilities, Soleness, adequations, co-existences, equabilities, undividedness, dividings, conformity, re-petition, interchangeability, established ways, submission, Integrality, empathy, accedings, co equality, Adequation, counter-parts, balancings, integrals, passivities, co pout, re duplications, relationship, re-presentations, ipseity, counter-poises, re prints, comprehensibility, kinsperson, co-pout, co operations, deal makings, docilities, pro portion, comparison, para phrasing, identical twin, colorlessnesses, giveback, correlation, homology, equality, adumbration, unwritten rules, half and halves, Modus, give and take, fair practices, ex-ample, synonymities, deal-making, two kind, ex ample, leaf, adjacency, verisimilitude, Photostats, interrelation, rival, indivisibilities, re iterations, dis crimination, dis-positions, dis-position, mimeo, interchangeabilities, offprint, win-win situations, indistinguishabilities, sameness, patternings, un changeableness, homogeneousnesses, inter-changes, fifty fifties, confuse, resemblance, approval, two of kind, wises, inti, pro file, peas in pod, no differences, educated guess, good vibrations, uniformity, inter-connections, interchangeablenesses, in separablenesses, no difference, in-separability, in distinguishability, yieldings, co-operations, sub mission, established way, un-changeableness, indistinguishability, boilerplate, exchangeability, half halves, likelinesses, REPRO, wheeling dealing, counter script, compatibles, knock-off, intelligibilities, inter-connection, birds a feather, identicalness, re plica, duplication, de legation, de-sign, unvariedness, reprint, echoings, monotony, knock offs, unchangeableness, exchangeabilities, dealmaking, rabbets, vicinage, same difference, interdependence, parallel, representings, integralities, dis criminations, distinguishings, contiguities, un-dividednesses, par, exchange of letters, authorization, immediacy, in divisibilities, look alike, equivalent, STAT, de lineations, ritual, legalizations, dearness, happy accidents, inter-changeableness, fixation, simulacrum, trade offs, coincidence, unchangeablenesses, re flections, re presenting, unvariednesses, re-flection, pro files, tiresomenesses, re semblances, tieup, quietings, likes ofs, emulators, comparability, counter poise, homologues, compromise, representation, inter changeableness, Homologue, synonymity, pendant, un connected, equal opportunities, win win situation, ways means, knockoffs, inter relationship, Identical Twins, paraphrasings, levelnesses, comparabilities, peas pod, counter parts, pre tenses, correspondence, assent, submissions, hookup, in-divisibility, re bound, harmoniou, sub-mission, peace, safe conducts, chip old block, likenings, vicinages, tactions, educated guesses, Aperies, shapelinesses, conformance, re-bounds, uni sons, re-bound, self samenesses, co-equality, equal footing, re petition, re-productions, fifty fifty, pro-cesses, adjacencies, out-line, synchronicities, de-legation, re-cognition, inter change, ratio, inter relations, buyback, replication, in-separablenesses, buybacks, microfiche, concession, same old thing, sur renders, Tranquilization, in separabilities, micro-fiches, matchings, consonance, canonizations, under-standings, lookalike, concurrings, de-lineation, flimsies, tradeoff, homologies, pro-portions, de-signs, colorlessness, synonym, sanctification, co equals, Isonomy, legalization, givebacks, received idea, parallels, give-and-take, comparableness, de pendency, re-presenting, image, re-plica, simulation, re petitions, repetitiousnesses, under standings, meta morphosis, co equalities, solenesses, visa, co ordination, in distinguishabilities, conventionality, win-win situation, inter-relationship, invariability, two of a kind, inter relationships, Technics, counter scripts, out line, inter-change, quenchings, counter poises, informed guess, inheritence, wonts, usuals, knock-offs, inter-dependences, repetitiousness, apposition, re-percussion, re conciliation, pro cess, in to, kinspersons, self hoods, Re-presentation, transcriptions, re-peats, co-ordination, fifty-fifty, say so, fiftyfifties, hangup, half measure, right ons, simultaneousnesses, co-equal, docility, co-incidence, rubbings, bringing togethers, inter actions, half and half, nearness, ex changes, under-standing, copouts, re-percussions, parallelings, pre-cept, selfdoms, identity, micro-fiche, mono tony, inter relation, conformings, mimeographs, peas a pod, shapeliness, synchronisms, germination, method, middle courses, sur-renders, half half, re-semblance, co ordinates, custom, opposite number, contemporaneousnesses, carved figure, out lines, phonies, pro-mises, re cognition, beaten paths, Levelness, like of, synchronicity, ex-changeability, dis position, exemplification, counterscript, compliance, un dividednesses, stroke luck, re-semblances, self hood, congruousnesses, re presentations, ex changeability, photo copies, proportionalities, ortho doxy, uni son, guesstimates, equal opportunity, exemplifications, photo-copies, Taction, wheeling and dealing, regularity, inter-dependence, in variabilities, bringing together, trade-offs, de-pendencies, pre cept, mono-tone, sub missions, co pouts, good vibration, duplications, nuts bolts, inter changeabilities, winwin situations, para-phrasing, proportionality, rough measures, co-operation, matings, parity, yes, same old things, meta-morphosis, congruencies, alikeness, countertype, grantings, dis-criminations, ceremonials, dis-crimination, mimesises, de lineation, coordination, proportion, deal making, under standing, un variednesses, re-duplication, Indivisibility, affinity, inseparablenesses, undividednesses, likes of, Consociation, safeconducts, inter dependence, homogeneity, contemporaneousness, in-distinguishability, coevality, ratifyings, re productions, inter changeablenesses, un-variedness, pro-portion, authorizings, ortho doxies, wheeling and dealings, invariabilities, likeliness, coequalities, co-existence, evenness, similarity, appositions, re peat, un-dividedness, empowerment, Selfness, fair play, self-hood, re peats.