Pronunciation of Dim
/dˈɪm/, /dˈɪm/, /d_ˈɪ_m/

Antonyms for dim

more lightfooted, most shoestring, lighttoned, de-creased, more undimmed, more silvery, most scintillant, re moved, dis-encumbering, most aglow, light-footed, in nocent, ex-press, more resolved, dis burdens, most radiating, most aroused, kindle, de crease, percipient, undemanding, schooled, un heavier, phosphorescent, more agleam, moony, untroublesome, more fuming, foxy, illuminated, astute, up-raising, intellectual, glazed, became light, more imponderous, de-creasing, slick, most splendent, chirpiest, dis-missed, shellacked, more coruscating, more lightskinned, more sylphlike, most light-hued, highlighted, favorable, cheerful, more splendent, most light-footed, open shut, acute, most ignited, sagacious, dis-burden, apprehensible, explain, light-skinned, most unexacting, Gossamery, un-equivocal, Imponderous, Transpicuous, re duces, un-troubled, light hued, most irradiated, un troublesome, most imponderous, in considerable, unburdens, most well-lighted, more tissuelike, sane, in-distinct, un-hampered, more absolved, fair skinned, wily, lit, most glace, most frosted, hardly any, red hot, dis-burdens, in-candescent, dis-encumbered, graspable, most unhampered, hardly enough, more light footed, more comprehendible, un loading, in-nocent, trans parent, informed, most agleam, de-lighted, un-blurred, welllit, trained, most well-lit, savvy, silky, more unobscured, ex press, re-moving, most sylphlike, radiant, un-burden, clear, un-obstructed, dis-burdening, un-censurable, slippery, more light-toned, erudite, resplendent, most white hot, more white-hot, up lights, Translucid, illume, un-load, in distinct, most tow-headed, more exonerated, certain, well lit, Undarkened, more apprehensible, shoestring, making bright, un heavy, cerebral, sage, re move, more phosphorescent, distinct, more whitehot, more lighttoned, light, perspicacious, light footed, more lighthued, shimmering, illumine, most light toned, more glace, obvious, in-sufficient, nimble, logical, lighting up, valid, sapient, dis missed, Emblaze, un-burdens, un-substantial, un tarnished, un loads, most undemanding, in-considerable, takes a load off, most fair skinned, in adequate, Tralucent, reasonable, making lighter, re-lucent, most well lighted, more well lighted, Floatable, clearcut, in consequential, aflame, makes bright, lightskinned, trans-lucid, knowing, in tense, in-controvertible, in substantial, whitehot, de lighted, most relucent, de-finite, most comprehendible, dis-encumber, more light-footed, un burdened, sensible, up light, more light-skinned, white hot, crystalline, ingenious, most achromic, floodlit, more translucid, undimmed, make less, re duce, sunlit, literate, makes lighter, uplighting, unhampered, un-impeded, takes load off, transparent, un troubled, resourceful, light skinned, tow-headed, poured out, un ambiguous, un-complicated, aglitter, most whitehot, un-heavier, most flashing, un taxing, most sunlit, good, de creases, make bright, agleam, happy, re-move, more uncensurable, up beat, most untaxing, more relucent, un-tarnished, most bleached, un dimmed, more well-lighted, trans lucent, chirpier, most fluorescent, up lighted, highbrow, sylphlike, more fluorescent, more rutilant, un-dimmed, most moonlit, Splendent, more bleached, lighted up, lit up, more welllighted, more flashing, most illumined, un mistakable, bathe, dis burden, re-splendent, more tow-headed, most glinting, gleaming, firm, discerning, most auroral, most lighttoned, glinting, in-tense, un-heaviest, bright, scintillant, becoming light, clear up, dis charged, un obscured, most burnished, more welllit, most sunshiny, glittering, most fairskinned, made lighter, most rutilant, more fulgid, more well lit, in-adequate, more shoestring, rational, most undarkened, most untroublesome, hopeful, trans lucid, frosted, un hampered, glace, aglow, varnished, glaring, clean, vivacious, unexacting, take a load off, more white hot, re cognizable, un heaviest, more untroublesome, dis encumbering, de creased, more sunshiny, up raise, more unhampered, encouraging, pouring out, most exculpated, enkindle, wise, unblurred, more gossamery, took load off, alight, trans-parent, sunny side up, most up, more tow headed, fulgid, in-consequential, un-obscured, make lighter, un obstructed, inflame, most alight, not much, definite, re-moves, comprehendible, sunnyside up, most light skinned, most fuming, glimmering, un substantial, skilled, see through, in-censed, most transpicuous, incandescent, dis encumbered, becomes light, dis burdened, pours out, most mirrorlike, most unblurred, more untaxing, welllighted, un-questionable, up-lights, un-troublesome, more frosted, made bright, more exculpated, more unexacting, scintillating, Uncensurable, un equivocal, un-mistakable, most recognizable, unobscured, moonlit, more illumined, most tissuelike, more undarkened, focalize, more lighted, in-tensest, insightful, in-substantial, illumined, un-taxing, took a load off, un-exacting, unburdening, trans-lucent, shrewd, un impeded, become light, open and shut, crafty, strong, well-lit, light up, un-demanding, up-raised, uplights, more aroused, well lighted, more radiating, Relucent, scholarly, more ignited, more mirrorlike, intelligent, prudent, de-creases, REDHOT, dis-burdened, more irradiated, up-lighting, un-loads, light-hued, most lightfooted, most welllit, luminous, re-duce, most exonerated, re moving, un complicated, most undimmed, thinking, educated, more fairskinned, sure, take load off, illuminate, more moonlit, un burdens, most gossamery, up-lighted, perceptive, chirpy, up-raises, not rich, more tralucent, re-duces, up-beat, most resolved, un burdening, auroral, lightsome, tissuelike, up raising, shining, more transpicuous, up raised, sparkling, un-burdened, de-crease, judicious, silken, knowledgeable, more up, most light footed, more undemanding, more burnished, un-important, unheavier, dis-encumbers, more recognizable, clear cut, re lucent, un defiled, re-solved, lighten, makes less, in candescent, loud enough, fair-skinned, un-limited, re-fulgent, most phosphorescent, un-burdening, uplighted, ablaze, lights up, most well lit, re-cognizable, in censed, glossy, un-defiled, most light hued, white, more well-lit, making less, smart, most flaring, well-read, light-toned, seethrough, unheaviest, un-darkened, more flaring, brighten, sunny, joyful, un-heavy, more light toned, sunshiny, more aglow, most aflame, lustrous, tow headed, dis encumber, up-light, sunny-side up, in significant, brilliant, most light-skinned, taking load off, Gemmy, cunning, lively, light toned, silvery, well-lighted, un clouded, more floatable, dis burdening, dis-charged, in controvertible, lighthued, un darkened, beamy, learned, apt, un demanding, starlit, up-raise, more glinting, unburdened, un loaded, more graspable, un-blemished, most unobscured, most white-hot, more alight, most light-toned, most graspable, most welllighted, most floatable, in-tenser, most uncensurable, up lighting, de finite, sound, twinkling, uplight, focalise, most apprehensible, in tenser, most fulgid, ignite, white-hot, more scintillant, most absolved, most tow headed, un load, featherweight, lightest, un blurred, most silvery, taking a load off, un burden, more achromic, dis encumbers, de creasing.