Pronunciation of Dis-Charge
/dˈɪst͡ʃˈɑːd͡ʒ/, /dˈɪst‍ʃˈɑːd‍ʒ/, /d_ˈɪ_s_tʃ_ˈɑː_dʒ/

Antonyms for dis-charge

bore, misuse, unsettle, cease, enact, separate, support, disuse, hold back, dishonor, inaction, divide, leave, harmony, differ, condemnation, tap, imprisonment, let go, offer, accuse, seize, resolve, dispute, mix up, miss, plant, incorporation, occupy, enslave, continue, absorb, connect, choose, revalidate, withholding, sense, save, continuity, exhaust, fun, establishment, steady, refrain, solidify, disagree, establish, peace, dehydrate, clean up, rise, praise, servitude, release, permit, keep on, conceal, condemn, collect, idleness, pain, calmness, lay bare, Forgetting, disallow, arrive, coagulate, little, obligate, commence, inhale, indebtedness, censure, invalidate, mutiny, defense, thoughtlessness, responsibility, mismanage, need, construct, scarcity, slavery, fasten, derange, appointment, deny, approve, defeat, delegation, allow, garner, secure, resist, imprison, burden, decline, institute, deplete, avoid, couple, dull, ending, run into, be quiet, liberate, disorder, overlook, displease, guard, attach, emphasize, disobey, obey, abandon, damn, arrange, insert, maintain, few, conclusion, rebel, direct, pour, find guilty, spend, admit, assignment, restore, deter, accumulate, flattery, bind, punish, shirk, retention, free, disappointment, uphold, breathe in, ostracize, leave alone, inclusion, dissent, fix, aggravate, walk, prove, closing, clutter, calm, help, blame, let in, lose, get, dissuade, tell, withdraw, pick up, import, owing, inefficiency, limitation, acceptance, restrain, incarcerate, inattention, preserve, containment, hook, build, welcoming, open, finale, forego, defer, hesitate, obedience, commencement, laze, advance, damage, validation, go on, ratify, debt, restraint, insufficiency, pastime, accusation, gather, discourage, loss, flow, fall behind, inertia, ratification, Cannot, government, withstand, accountability, take back, go, pile up, disarrange, accretion, dry, carry on, protest, stay, pass, sow, cessation, explain, welcome, disprove, abstain, gathering, enactment, sanction, indecision, compel, drop, reveal, collection, dismantle, induction, allowance, serve, detain, Damming, live, swallow, denunciation, silence, catch, anger, restriction, assign, completion, exonerate, disturb, necessity, empty, engagement, prevent, push, continuation, mend, link, captivity, cancel, place, enforce, ineffectualness, charge, put in, worry, keep, ascend, assemble, receive, load, marry, injure, remain, leaving, initiate, sentence, unseal, stop, give, not finish, button, question, admittance, frustrate, finish, employ, direction, repress, encourage, maintainance, block, forfeit, be willing, nothing, repair, give up, undo, introduction, difficulty, nothingness, addition, validate, ruin, yield, forget, punishment, engage, pull, dodge, breeze, whimper, hinder, ask, owe, confine, delegate, want, denounce, opening, appear, reject, rebuff, end, fill, trouble, capture, revive, compliment, fail, aid, confinement, DO, concentrate, confuse, permission, suppress, assist, suppression, come in, ignore, disorganize, clean, take in, come, liability, upset, eating, chastisement, concealment, uncover, restart, stillness, wonder, argue, Abandoning, whole, juncture, construction, accept, join, subordination, incite, void, inactivity, drain, disapprove, dislike, counter, combine, retain, repression, quiet, unfulfillment, refuse, disappoint, object, damning, failure, pour in, trickle, slow, penalty, give birth, veto, include, neglect, confirmation, agree, irritate, oppose, reserve, employment, dissatisfy, lack, stand, store, legalize, dam, put off, earn, order, frustration, move, disconnect, withhold, disagreement, hitch, hurt, begin, discontinue, set up, zero, underwhelm, invest, introduce, carelessness, surrender, check, integrate, disregard, bear, disjoin, secrete, confusion, put together, communism, ok, tip, repose, approval, incorporate, take, hide, Receiving, indifference, answerability, meaninglessness, stoppage, incarceration, overflow, prohibit, harm, dissatisfaction, add, misunderstanding, depart, implode, heedlessness, hold, increase, entertainment, denial, put on, penalize, wait, pardon, destroy, possessions, schedule, doom, discouragement, closure, chastise, subjection, insignificance, delay, enter, restrict, unmix, appoint, unite, impeach, use, HIT, halt, worsening, conviction, convict, protect, rest, deprive, imbalance, create, ignorance, beginning, rebuild, limit, ostracization, Hiring, idle, entrance, unorthodoxy, restoration, start, discontent, loading, tighten, incriminate, hire.