Pronunciation of Dis-Favor
/dˈɪsfˈe͡ɪvə/, /dˈɪsfˈe‍ɪvə/, /d_ˈɪ_s_f_ˈeɪ_v_ə/

Antonyms for dis-favor

assist, applause, satisfaction, smile, assurance, laud, credit, aid, contentment, elevate, construct, encouragement, loving, inclination, inspirit, attachment, honor, recommendation, peace, willingness, confuse, ease, like, faith, attention, raise, liking, benefit, exculpation, encourage, forward, note, allow, spur on, approve, acquiescence, ratification, retreat, commendation, harmony, agreement, promote, certainty, confidence, delight, calm, confirmation, endorse, virtue, contentedness, enthusiasm, cheer, accept, condone, permit, belief, care, flattery, composure, purification, facilitate, happiness, leaning, hearten, exoneration, cleanliness, incentive, grant, build, countenance, inclusion, boon, friendliness, cherish, service, acceptance, benevolence, endorsement, fondness, clean, remembrance, help, absolution, blessing, friendship, sanction, good reputation, permission, perfection, good, meet, support, inspire, affection, flatter, attraction, goodness, thanks, advance, mix up, back, interest, adulation, calmness, love, tell truth, concern, agree, purify, believe, elevation, compliment, ok, respect, create, adore, admire, sympathy, feeling, favor, pleasure, allowance, admittance, bent, Sweetness, joy, regard, forgiveness, welcome, grin, increase, health, desire, right, morality, approbation, be happy, ratify, approval, let go, advantage, beauty, blank, comfort, assistance, trust, acquittal, offer, giving, commend, face, good turn, dignity, go along, rapport, esteem, exaltation, praise, exalt, upgrade, build up, good will, freeing, admiration, kindness.