Pronunciation of Dis-Favors
/dˈɪsfˈe͡ɪvəz/, /dˈɪsfˈe‍ɪvəz/, /d_ˈɪ_s_f_ˈeɪ_v_ə_z/

Antonyms for dis-favors

benevolence, calmness, approval, approbation, respect, hearten, inclusion, agreement, liking, blessing, increase, admiration, regard, recommendation, help, ratification, upgrade, good will, rapport, forgiveness, applause, face, commend, adulation, esteem, promote, confidence, attention, freeing, trust, assist, endorsement, spur on, health, harmony, cleanliness, friendship, elevate, retreat, virtue, honor, dignity, contentment, construct, remembrance, condone, cherish, assurance, interest, attraction, grin, compliment, clean, flattery, fondness, note, peace, praise, cheer, purification, endorse, leaning, love, acquiescence, mix up, benefit, go along, ease, good reputation, willingness, confuse, meet, exalt, care, believe, admire, calm, good, attachment, feeling, giving, exoneration, be happy, elevation, right, offer, build, absolution, composure, friendliness, affection, desire, back, advance, blank, flatter, goodness, advantage, pleasure, allowance, happiness, concern, ratify, ok, let go, morality, credit, commendation, loving, inspirit, smile, beauty, forward, encourage, countenance, adore, agree, laud, joy, accept, facilitate, acceptance, certainty, favor, support, perfection, comfort, kindness, purify, service, allow, raise, confirmation, acquittal, encouragement, exculpation, enthusiasm, aid, sanction, tell truth, contentedness, admittance, sympathy, exaltation, delight, belief, boon, permission, bent, thanks, build up, incentive, satisfaction, inspire, permit, good turn, Sweetness, faith, assistance, grant, inclination, approve, welcome, like, create.