Pronunciation of Dis-Patch
/dˈɪspˈat͡ʃ/, /dˈɪspˈat‍ʃ/, /d_ˈɪ_s_p_ˈa_tʃ/

Antonyms for dis-patch

hide, ineptness, pass, confine, disbelieve, refrain, weaken, Unauthorize, stall, effort, be quiet, free, calmness, sanction, not finish, exhaust, cover, disapprove, idle, protection, loaf, proof, give, secrecy, lose, appoint, pull, confinement, start, decrease, invest, admit, disallow, choose, failure, leave, back down, embrace, dislike, uneasiness, inspirit, bear, suppression, disinclination, improve, liberate, establish, permit, misguide, inactivity, slight, institute, join, disconnect, hinder, dawdle, restore, combine, furor, collect, add, languidity, insincerity, limit, walk, quiet, regurgitate, tarry, retention, imprison, repair, slowing down, approve, release, block, sluggishness, imprisonment, blockage, difficulty, displease, excitableness, break off, maintain, light, fight, keep quiet, secret, procrastinate, desist, restraint, disquiet, anticlimax, hire, unseal, keep, employ, store, disregard, dodge, heal, depress, invent, discourage, oppose, aid, keeping, truth, unpreparedness, repress, yield, concealment, retain, cancel, uphold, save, retrogress, drain, coolness, lag, miss, open, unenthusiasm, retard, calm, construct, forget, empty, accept, apathy, build, retardation, wonder, obey, heat, suppress, grow, initiate, avoid, discharge, wait, lull, obstruct, lay off, withhold, procrastination, destroy, disinterest, pursue, discouragement, give up, loiter, ratify, shun, perplexity, encourage, cease, remain, prevent, conceal, stay, cut, continue, dissuade, slowness, leisure, create, surrender, slowing, heedlessness, engage, mislead, linger, deny, warm, turmoil, history, close, stoppage, opening, assist, detain, check, go slow, increase, deceleration, allow, guard, loose, retract, backfire, let go, unfulfillment, pick, unsettle, whole, inhibition, dull, receive, get, fill, give birth, hold back, dishearten, withholding, stand, connect, clumsiness, beginning, unrest, dullness, end, abandon, recede, forge, protect, number, halt, misunderstand, commence, impede, take back, strife, stagnate, reject, indifference, neglect, restriction, begin, abstain, help, silence, hindrance, decelerate, unite, rest, insert, preserve, spit out, fail, question, hoard, keep from, withdraw, hesitate, fix, unwillingness, meet, deferral, dismiss, slow, overlook, void, sadness, hurt, introduce, legalize, doubt, guarding, turn, plant, evidence, breach, break, revoke, spend, order, retreat, capture, persist, secure, take in, prohibit, stiffness, gather, delay, disenchant, fire, commencement, catch, diminish, face, hold, depart, speech, promote, restrict, laziness, ignore, finish, reluctance, take, inability, aversion, deaden, stop, turn on, sew, imperfection, nibble, expel, refuse, use, kill, deter, keep secret, lethargy, hate, mend, put in, lingering, bore, welcome, ignorance, listening, validate, holding, restrain, forfeit, deplete.