Pronunciation of Disallow
/dˌɪsɐlˈa͡ʊ/, /dˌɪsɐlˈa‍ʊ/, /d_ˌɪ_s_ɐ_l_ˈaʊ/

Antonyms for disallow

didst ones duty, roll back, rooting for, tolerates, didst one's bidding, being loyal to, makes a selection, did one's duty, calls tune, pays for, wast established, grant authority, gotten in touch, knuckles to, resign oneself, says the word, gave thumbsup, Intrusting, was established, in-stalling, make a killing, doing one bidding, am conscious of, makes binding, are sensitive, wert ones side, applies for, doeth the trick, hazards guess, sending for, pre-destines, nod, doth number, calling it quits, dost to a t, toed mark, de scribed, giving way, re move, in duct, gives stamp approval give the go ahead, wert seized, art sensible of, be conscious of, daresaying, dictate, dost a t, goes out limb, hazarded a guess, pre-scribe, snap up, de-sire, in state, was party to, sur rendered, re-aping, pro creates, choose, gat behind, deputes, forced upon, savvying, standing ones ground, pre pared, wast on one's side, singled out, double-checks, furnish, doth trick, be needed, go halves, say yes, get hands on, rolled over and play dead, suffer, hast bad time, grins bear it, parcel out, roll over play dead, is conscious of, mis-laying, am ruled by, art a party to, being sensitive, de duces, under-went, de livers, are informed, are consonant with, stretch out, dragoon, demean oneself, Guarantied, is courteous, re-tain, doest number, made killing, warm up, carrying torch, dis-close, coming in to, art one's side, providing means, cottons to, brought pressure to bear upon, de-note, says so, art big about, re turning, thinking as, wast informed, authoring, made buy, be witches, be spoken, pronounces holy, demeaned oneself, be valued at, be born again, gives stamp approval give the go-ahead, came snuff, engaging in, come across with, fly the face of, take lying down, cooperates with, fell on, agree upon, re-produces, art tenterhooks, Doling, be established, luxuriate in, got from, buried hatchet, standing against, give stamp approval give the go ahead, be one's side, meting out, flashing on, made a selection, ex tolling, be-stowing, were ones duty to, pro mises, Doled, has bad time, passes on, re-produced, went with the flow, gotten the floor, over-taking, in vest, faced it, co opt, are line for, remain firm, deduct, attest to, Experiencing, held fast, ready, grant, de fined, piggybacked, dost as one says, stay line, am worth, dis-cern, wast ruled by, are handicapped, doth what is expected, sweetened the kitty, leaned toward, coming to terms, agreeing upon, staying line, putting in force, pre vails, regularizing, worked hard, confers a right, complained of, taking chin, throwing in the sponge, pro-rate, let pass, gets into, caught on, be line for, stringing along with, in vested, call the play, going down line, brings forward, looking up to, giving the goahead, was smitten by, reconciled oneself, sift out, fit in, sickening with, takes hold of, reconciles oneself, be big on, in-tends, granted permission, am patient with, do the job, give access, gives forth, wast favor of, hopping on, sells at, re-spects, gave stamp of approval give the go-ahead, approving accept, ex tort, have coming, facing it, making one's mind, pull strings, submit to, comply, didst job, dis-patch, hast coming, dis-covers, have a hunch, living through, heaped up on, is convulsed, doeth ones thing, mis-lays, taking kindly to, art pins and needles, bearing up under, paid for, gave five, lead to, cashing on, getting the picture, rubber-stamps, de scribes, says yes to, was sensible of, sweat out, marking out, apply for, in-trusts, puts screws to, giving blank check, giving one consent, holding with, takes away, art aware, Jagging, maintain, throws towel, sent for, takes it on chin, alters conviction, is impaired, be disadvantage, re turns, double-checking, being aware, bring light, made ready, were side, haddest effect, making ready, hang in, folding up, gat hang of, doth ones duty, are tune, looks for, giving stamp of approval give the goahead, am to, with draws, sitting on, ex tends, gave permission, co sting, over-takes, being smitten by, inks, verify, pro-mise, are priced at, give forth, stood up to, handing to, became valid, got hold of, thumbses up, de criminalizes, optating, wert sensible of, geared up, didst the job, deferring to, does what one is told, defers to, pre-sent, buttoning down, re quires, de sire, goes out on limb, felt disposed to, getting the hang of, buttoned down, pin down, in-stating, shotgun, pressurized, over-whelming, stumps for, am ordained, Hacking, does to t, bringing pressure to bear up on, gets sick, talked down to, be marked at, whipping out, be confronted by, am on pins needles, did a number, give nod, Deputed, wert one duty to, doth as one says, art valued at, drew lots, under went, gotten from, are ruled by, daresays, got set, is afflicted with, am disadvantage, be spake, shell out, be servile, hast a portion of, decide upon, taking lead, gives blank check, got the floor, said so, ought, look for, stump for, pro-create, was big about, grants permission, comes down off high horse, in-stall, re commended, dost duty, doeth a t, shotgunned, dost job, espouse, vouchsafe, am pins and needles, strongarm, set out, complains of, art confronted by, checks up, brook, calling signals, gave stamp of approval give goahead, in-ducting, gave okay, re-lax, pro claim, under-taking, walks heavy, end owed, get, ordain, de posited, gifting with, concussing, picks out, re lax, making legal, are convulsed, am received, taking for granted, are pins and needles, get the drift, takes for ride, pay for, de-legates, re-marking, places disposal, doth a t, comes into, give stamp of approval give the go-ahead, take it lying down, pre supposes, wast in receipt of, having hunch, re spect, making mind, resigning oneself, reaches out, did what one is told, confided to, brings pressure to bear up on, be patient with, kent, degrading oneself, give go ahead, contracted for, do t, did what is expected, make one mind, brought forth, gets set, lose sleep over, wast up to, being with it, catches on, auto-graphing, in ducts, sizes up, in duce, saying the word, were ones side, co signing, toss a few crumbs, has knowledge of, are established, re-solved, lays hold of, deeded, art compelled to, declares true, confirm, hath knowledge of, being big about, in corporates, de-positing, re commend, moves back, beared under, is pins and needles, order, under-writes, re-marks, gotten hands on, gave stamp of approval give the goahead, bought in to, take kindly to, causing to adopt, be hooves, re-sting, prepping, singing praises of, Lotting, tossed a few crumbs, goes out on a limb, are in line for, de signed, sings praises, got the drift, dost the trick, de scend, wins out, standing up to, re deem, being one side, carrying the torch, foring, with draw, de-vise, put with, doing a number, come to, amounted to be asked, being servile, live with, gotten the point, do trick, de-fended, was handicapped, catching on, make possible, called tune, normalize, gave stamp approval give goahead, spoiling rotten, took the reins, wert handicapped, trans act, be-sought, adopt, formalizes, calls the signals, was submissive, amount to be asked, puts across, are excited, smiling on, amounts be asked, re-bated, cause to adopt, wast sensible of, face it, decides upon, were in receipt of, whipt out, gave high sign, goes with the flow, bear under, end-owed, are confronted by, being afflicted with, am born again, carving out, announce, caused to adopt, are compelled to, stand one's ground, re-gales, falling on, did what is told, sizing, goes in for, un-covering, bowing to, art party to, am impressed, over hauling, signed on, passes down, think of as, makes up ones mind, coming down high horse, making over, gets in to, pushed for, counter-signed, in-ducted, making ones mind, stood behind, takes a shine to, with drawn, setting seal on, living by, are big about, letted in on, cleans up, over whelm, became infected with, am tune, doth one's thing, de vise, conforming to, recognize, be-ginning, take measure, un zipping, takes the bull by the horns, brought forward, going in for, does ones thing, direct, regularizes, unbend, have hand, gets off chest, wast seized, changing belief, invoke happiness, be-haves, place disposal, putting rights, pro cure, force upon, didst a t, cutting it, optates, undergo, pro-creating, give to do, calls upon, be submissive, acting upon, walk heavy, daresaid, am aware, Capacitating, make laws, enthrone, stand up to, paves way, hatses to, go in for, am consonant with, all-owed, throws in towel, dis-pose, doublechecking, guesstimating, remises, quotaed, approves accept, ran into, bowed to, looked to, lets pass, give rise to, took on the chin, gave authority, coming out of closet, took away, being seized, over-whelm, piecing up, parcels out, being at disadvantage, were duty to, anteing up, agreeing up on, got the idea, being marked at, gat from, pro-created, include, took one upon, authored, were on pins and needles, doing to t, de-bars, being one's duty to, re gards, are one's side, am racked, smiled on, comes snuff, bears hard on, wast courteous, measured up, confide to, square off, over-took, counter-signing, does one's bidding, agreed up on, pushing for, be turned on to, threw the towel, set guidelines, going dutch, got the point, makes buy, going out on limb, gat hold of, sickened with, is game for, dis patches, re gales, makes a deal, gives stamp approval give goahead, latching to, making much of, make a stand, bring forward, in-gest, ex-tolled, is in harmony, hadst a hand in, is in line for, makes sure, rebating, be haves, falls on, wast a party to, haddest hunch, doth ones thing, art patient with, curtsying, in tend, bow to, be on tenterhooks, rolling over and play dead, yeses one, with stands, all owing, cashed on, give the go-ahead, are patient with, de-ducted, tabbing, grinned and bear it, rubber-stamping, in-trust, was in line for, re-marked, having hand in, in-tend, give leave, doeth a number, cleaned up, meted out, is duty to, pre-scribed, be stowed, turning over to, call quits, running off with, gives word, laud, is harmony, opening up, cash in on, sub-scribed, lump, gives stamp approval, gat ready, pro viding, pays tribute, make it, dis patched, de-noting, feels wretched, fit for, give out, giving do, giving go-ahead, was excited, pro-rating, offered up, are tenterhooks, lives through, leant toward, give stamp approval give the go-ahead, agrees up on, gets line, grinning and bear it, lap up, doing bidding, doeth one bidding, makes up one's mind, in-venting, doth as says, comes down high horse, be-comes, am confronted by, bare under, bury hatchet, take the bull by horns, flying the face of, Formalizing, patting on the back, consecrate, was convulsed, is one side, doest job, mis appropriated, art in harmony, de-light, being on pins and needles, bore brunt, be-stowed, leads to, tenders, took part of, gives five, throws together, wast valued at, having effect, allow, lapped up, enact, gave stamp of approval give the go ahead, getting hang of, send away for, suffers defeat, were informed, dis-counted, are ones side, un-bended, set aside, wert aware of, be came, caused adopt, decreases by, being big on, give stamp of approval give go ahead, up held, am excited, takes shine to, facilitates, re-solves, submits to, paying half, disambiguating, laid down the law, antes up, in-vested, re quire, was one side, structuring, accessing, frocking, sings praises of, dis-covering, de siring, ex acting, gat in line, demeans oneself, making a selection, yield, auto graphing, rolling over play dead, made stick, is informed, concur with, put forward, copping, re-duce, made known, dis-posing, was one duty to, steamroll, signaturing, admits defeat, made valid, made a choice, give power, gets chest, becoming popular, doth one thing, earn one wings, doth what one is told, makes sense of, came up snuff, de rived, lays up on, carried torch, give the goahead, re-aped, be-speaking, standing to, didst as says, be on one's side, gives access, comes together, are in harmony, makes good, ex posed, re-turns, carves out, wast paid, latch to, doing one's thing, was forced to, being on ones side, were convulsed, make up one mind, mealing, prepped, cut pie, gave go ahead, lives with, intromit, wast loyal to, aliening, were paid, in stating, re serving, de noted, shoulding, toughs out, end owing, does ones duty, up-hold, decided on, taking as gospel truth, was in tune, is one's side, being up to, doth one duty, was impressed, capacitates, gives carte blanche, being on pins needles, declared lawful, does a t, being demanded, makes stick, goes up against, taking sick with, gives power, take it chin, regard highly, make up one's mind, go fifty-fifty, am established, makes known, doest the trick, bore the brunt, rubber stamped, has effect, re-sounds, has a portion of, de-duce, throwing in sponge, throw towel, rest with, putting forward, be-spake, said yes, wert party to, does number, squared off, raves over, rolls over and play dead, decided up on, became popular, gives ones consent, in-vent, wast marked at, cost, double check, de-livered, left to, measuring up, pass on, throw in towel, put down for, gat the point, lavish upon, had hunch, insist up on, force up on, becomes infected with, gift with, dost ones duty, un veiled, are to, placed at disposal, re-spect, being favor of, amounts to be asked, do as one says, dis-closing, carried the torch, cop plea, bringing pressure bear up on, dis posed, flew in the face of, toeing the mark, made over, aver, making up mind, arrived in time, dare-said, de barred, giving permission, talking down to, ordinate, Inked, re-serving, go in with, hath funny feeling, ex-tract, acknowledge, over come, is told, standing ground, buck for, empower, become law, de-barring, art to, brings pressure bear up on, get behind, gets in line, make waves, gat floor, re-quires, insisted upon, suppose, de duct, goes dutch, wert in tune, patted the back, giving directions, blinks at, getting behind, gave forth, make a buy, did thing, slice up, jams through, cotch, do bidding, pulled it off, am convulsed, de-spoil, sit and take it, settles up on, co-oking, are submissive, gives to do, sub-tract, being in receipt of, give the green light, Accroach, getting line, doeth thing, re-strained, wast ones duty to, ex plaining, in haling, pre tending, de-fending, go after, proselytize, kept posted, measures up, gave stamp approval, sur rendering, consent to, stay course, re solve, luxuriating in, sifts out, de-clares, make grade, Knuckled, coming snuff, kisses goodbye, gotten floor, de-scribe, co-operating, being on tenterhooks, with stood, be pins and needles, approved accept, de-lights, getting the point, being worth, mis-appropriating, insists upon, being turned to, piggybacking, goes into details, taking measure, sub scribed, goes out a limb, un-zips, bowing down, admit, was harmony, lets continue, in sure, are smitten by, rolling with punches, pave way, yessed one, taking oath, dare say, submitting to, assert, take hold of, dragoons, taking hold of, acted upon, give stamp of approval give go-ahead, held with, being racked, wast excited, re leases, de-rives, grasp, double checks, lavishing up on, doing what is told, say yes to, un-veil, coming up to snuff, attested to, sets out, teem with, see as, re-legates, gave orders, live out, be a party to, be to, co operated, forces up on, being in harmony, pulls a fast one, opted for, stand behind, bear hard on, settles on, make selection, running in to, doing one thing, did one bidding, has a hunch, wast pins needles, pre pares, doeth number, mis appropriates, doest a t, take for granted, string along with, didst duty, be-stows, de-votes, am smitten by, coronates, doing the job, pay homage, re-strain, de fending, be handicapped, amounting to be asked, get the point, necessitate, be witch, be one's duty to, came around, giving nod, re tain, crying up, gained possession, play the game, did one's thing, in gests, dis-charging, grooving, did job, sitting and take it, lay down arms, re bated, make good, coming into, making decision, saying yes to, co ordinate, took one up on, threw in the sponge, parted with, wast on side, wert afflicted with, were loyal to, structured, gave consent, went down line, has portion of, take the bull by the horns, do number, wast pins and needles, pressurizing, turns over to, become infected with, rubberstamped, art affected, becoming ratified, resigns oneself to, pro-cure, gathering up, dost the job, take stock in, getting with, feeling disposed to, provided the means, wast ordained, give blank check, up-holding, inter fere, flew face of, pre-supposed, get hold of, be at disadvantage, haddest bad time, have hand in, took orders, depending up on, be forced to, mis appropriate, partake of, taking part of, gave power, readies, takes care of, gave one consent, re-turning, hath a portion of, stayed course, are on one side, Re sign, are received, button down, art racked, granting authority, dis-patched, arriving in time, does one's duty, alter conviction, bore under, under writing, wast sensitive, goes halves, doest one's bidding, hatsing off to, co-sign, be on side, over whelms, being one duty to, coming down off high horse, re-cited, signing on, assert oneself, took hold of, succeeded to, legalize, be speaking, am turned on to, de-criminalized, shoulded, pressurize, under-pinned, gave to do, takes reins, said yes to, moonlighted requisition, be one side, art smitten by, comes to terms, checked on, takes one up on, made binding, sits through, gives the go-ahead, thinks well of, carries through, be coming, de fining, tips over, cash on, giving stamp of approval, signed off on, ex-plained, thinks of as, lapping up, put foot down, call tune, latches to, got touch, carrying through, calling play, co-oked, taking it on chin, ex torts, re solves, confer a right, puts practice, payed tribute, hadst funny feeling, take sick with, goes down the line, de light, were sensitive, bear up under, turning the trick, making responsible for, bear, beared up under, gave birth, makes one mind, dashes off, in-ducts, wiling, decreased by, do one's thing, amounting be asked, invoked happiness, becomes law, multi plying, doth a number, mis appropriating, ranking out, giving high sign, takes over, de-posit, favor, pulling it off, gave green light, doth to t, came out of closet, think highly of, dis tributes, de bunked, hazarding guess, hath vibes, arrives in time, makes ready, am one duty to, is sensitive, stand ground, cognizing, bows down, Dueling, settles upon, straightened up, hadst a portion of, embrace, dope out, gets point, high hatted, applying for, endure, paves the way, giving power, was patient with, was tenterhooks, take shine to, ex-tracts, re seves, become valid, concurring with, makes legal, doeth ones bidding, stuck it out, sang the praises of, re quiring, put across, de-sired, get in touch, went in with, carry torch, doeth duty, in tends, got into, reach out, do ones duty, cede, yielding, give rein to, de-criminalizes, gotten the hang of, freed up, deferred to, sur-rendering, is on pins needles, re duce, calling the play, vote favorably, knuckle, doeth one duty, lavished up on, gave stamp approval give the go-ahead, got with, permit, gat drift, rubber-stamped, makes responsible for, caved in, be-spoke, come terms, give okay, rebated, was received, made stand, rolling back, assign, coming around, pre-suppose, in-tended, thought of as, stands to, am servile, makes it, classify, ex plain, de creed, takes for a ride, offered benediction, spoils rotten, re-commending, burying hatchet, prayed for, gives goahead, break for, signatured, pre-vails, did duty, takes ones measure, dis-tributes, gat the hang of, having a hunch, gat the floor, auto graphed, puts through, gave the go-ahead, sliced up, re-legate, engage in, make law, dashed off, sanction, un zips, is paid, over take, giving thanks to, called the signals, pro-duces, gives the goahead, interprets as, re-quiring, in hales, were submissive, going easy on, watchwording, take chin, goes fifty fifty, getting the idea, had a bad time, do ones bidding, in-vest, streamlining, art convulsed, in-hales, doth one's bidding, were efficacious, locking up, made one's mind, pro-fesses, gearing up, putting john hancock on, in-sure, in stalling, degraded oneself, didst ones thing, wast consonant with, sees fit, threw in the towel, vote for, de-barred, make deal, dost ones bidding, were in favor of, whips out, ante up, taking on the chin, stumping for, qualifies for, de bunk, de-crees, hath portion of, iced, giving stamp approval give the go-ahead, re-gard, bearing brunt, coronate, puts the hands of, mis lay, was ruled by, giving stamp approval give the goahead, be in line for, constitute, get the hang of, ex-pose, sickens with, fixt on, johned hancock, were favor of, sees through, set store by, sang praises of, art ruled by, gat picture, made ones mind, de posits, doing as one says, mis-appropriate, fits for, coadjutes, nevering say die, in trusts, wast in line for, gotten hold of, giving stamp approval, downed, gave nod, gives authority, gets the floor, does a number, co-operate, sustain, is wounded, confides to, thought as, un zip, are aware of, gets idea, turned over to, did trick, having portion of, do as says, de scended, doing to a t, playing ball with, hangs in, calls the play, depend up on, being established, pro vides, did ones duty, sweetened kitty, doeth trick, are turned on to, going out limb, hazard guess, come into, establish, did as one says, under stands, taking reins, throws in the towel, rely upon, causes adopt, am told, psych up, get vibes, sell for, effect, played second fiddle, laid down, is given, sticked fast, warmed up, over-whelmed, flying in face of, paying for, does duty, be-coming, are one duty to, takes one measure, de scribing, were ordained, were one's side, being receipt of, ex-tort, had a hunch, co operate, forced up on, takes the reins, under-pinning, goes against, rolls over play dead, nevers say die, thought about, trans-acts, does t, gave stamp of approval give go-ahead, haddest knowledge of, dis-cover, gives green light, took care of, with-drew, wert tenterhooks, pinning down, making a buy, be-stow, puts up struggle, wast big about, hadst knowledge of, beared the brunt, cooperating with, said uncle, giving stamp approval give go ahead, heap up on, puts on to, re-acted, doeth as says, re-assuring, doest the job, wast game for, wert in favor of, acted up on, in-stalled, doeth bidding, de-spoiled, bringing pressure bear upon, was given, puts hands of, pull it off, being impressed, co signs, bearing hard on, pre-destine, take liking to, giving oneself over, wins favor, art receipt of, smashed grab, makes the grade, voting for, de-fends, runs with, railroad through, tough out, be witched, re-lated, am with it, was affected, de-spoils, offer benediction, being conscious of, sate take it, pave the way, getting the floor, wiled, taking from, dividing with, balloting, dost what is expected, took to heart, being valued at, didst one's duty, take orders, hold with, hast hunch, relying upon, de-fined, is big about, standing up against, pick out, pats the back, pro claimed, rolls over, got sick, looking up on, taking a shine to, Balloted, legitimatize, de sired, sit through, are at disadvantage, sized, calls the tune, saying yes, take patiently, am on side, had portion of, stomach, getting chest, de clares, re aching, send for, counter sign, reading riot act, be-speak, give ground, dost bidding, doing number, cuts the pie, running into, is forced to, meets with, confer, knuckles, had effect, gives stamp of approval give go-ahead, is on pins and needles, art one side, doest to t, were to, ran off with, dis-patching, de spoils, pre tend, hadst hunch, over haul, doth t, gave the green light, is efficacious, doped out, resign to, hast a hand in, am needed, gives orders, threw sponge, hatsed to, fitting out, came to terms, be big, letting in on, hast knowledge of, heaping up on, is priced at, declares lawful, gotten to, grant permission, with drew, fixt price, un-zipped, sub tracts, was impaired, am submissive, am ones side, intro duce, runs in to, intro-duce, wert confronted by, parented, support, under standing, am tenterhooks, settling upon, am at disadvantage, coming terms, rid out, be-witching, is seized, giving the go ahead, be-come, calls up on, hopped on, wast tune, being given, wink at, praise, sticks fast, playing game, are receipt of, pat the back, is one duty to, go with the flow, bring forth, fills bill, let in, pre-supposing, go with flow, takes possession, under took, under gone, typecast, re seve, take to heart, gat line, gives over, are disadvantage, de vote, went against, heaped upon, forcing up on, over-coming, Deputing, arrives at, concede, were impaired, gives high sign, is in favor of, were born again, under pinned, be pins needles, wert paid, give do, doing job, giving word, root for, be ruled by, railroading, turns trick, is pins needles, am on pins and needles, gives thanks, turn over to, wert ones duty to, act upon, get line, over whelmed, frees up, sung the praises of, give stamp approval, de-scribed, buys into, paid tribute, art servile, sorted out, go in to details, being game for, re-straining, un-bend, dash off, un-veiled, carry off, wert demanded, breaks for, reconcile oneself, brake for, dis-posed, in trusted, give grounds for, art impressed, give five, accroaches, normalizes, come to terms, do one thing, were servile, dost one's thing, made one mind, under-wrote, degrade oneself, downing, set apart, took as gospel truth, being tenterhooks, de duce, stretched out, got in line, taking one on, wert on side, voting favorably, does the job, doublechecked, doing ones thing, Docketed, gat to, qualifying for, formalized, wast smitten by, passed down, pro curing, gat sick, in-clines, setting guidelines, wert loyal to, tears off, anteed up, represses feelings, open up, tossing it in, staying course, is ones duty to, parting with, enter in to, pull fast one, does one's thing, re-served, got behind, wert receipt of, mounted up, looking upon, re-questing, de lights, reached out, earned one's wings, with-drawn, earning one's wings, pro-mises, took kindly to, take bull by the horns, pays homage, giving goahead, made a stand, am aware of, de bunks, tilt toward, double checked, concuss, ranked out, decriminalize, say word, flying face of, hanged in, having bad time, dare saying, call on, take bull by horns, under-signed, cashed in on, guesstimates, is compelled to, de fines, re-cognized, earn ones wings, doing ones bidding, grappled with, putting struggle, un covers, pre tends, dis close, subjecting to, co operates, sing praises of, heap upon, intro duces, be ones side, give word, Optate, be compelled to, gets drift, coming out closet, under written, mandating, makes decision, is submissive, sate through, took for a ride, Inking, takes chin, haddest a hand in, under-written, winking at, lives by, stood ones ground, putting across, de-vised, wast on pins and needles, give ones consent, doest t, marked out, dis posing, committed oneself, cotton to, doing duty, disambiguates, be with it, gears up, pull a fast one, had hand, consent, catch on, go up against, FORS, placing disposal, carries torch, over taking, heaps up on, inter-feres, re lease, were impressed, be come, got the picture, will, stood one's ground, re marked, Lofted, clear decks, giving carte blanche, take a shine to, de scribe, gat the idea, become popular, cutting pie, giving access, hadst portion of, teemed with, gave do, engaged in, dis-patches, am ones duty to, settling on, faces it, pulls strings, auto-graphed, carry the torch, rolls back, dont make waves, to tune of, dis covers, being compelled to, get in line, over coming, unbent, be on ones side, streamline, don't make waves, re sounds, de-bunked, went into details, letting be, admit defeat, win favor, provides means, rooted for, makes holy, re gale, dis tribute, gives stamp of approval give the go-ahead, am priced at, re-signed, dost a number, be afflicted with, hath hand, art conscious of, jammed through, being needed, in stalled, paid half, wast big on, dis cover, take reins, under-pins, insisting up on, writes prescription, getting into, lay down the law, gat the picture, be-having, de-rive, accept, got to, cashes on, went fiftyfifty, in-hale, sung praises, granting permission, dis covering, buys in to, haddest funny feeling, art seized, dis charge, have a bad time, ranks out, gave the go ahead, lowers oneself, re-seve, de-liver, conscripting, wast on pins needles, made grade, offering benediction, art in receipt of, sate and take it, hats off to, made the grade, arrived time, under-stands, de votes, being on side, sifted out, did to a t, Remise, staid line, Circumstantiating, be impaired, grinned bear it, do what is told, turn trick, de spoil, were confronted by, re citing, re-producing, gives stamp of approval give the goahead, prevail against, give green light, bring home bacon, stands behind, gat hands on, doest what one is told, inter-dict, making binding, multi-plied, cut it, decreasing by, re produces, re-mise, double checking, okay, tost few crumbs, dost one duty, taking it chin, Piloted, sticked up, in-duce, wert on ones side, changed belief, wast at disadvantage, was on one side, wast in tune, is to, went fifty-fifty, gives directions, won favor, sur-rendered, art big, rank out, in-states, dost number, were consonant with, live by, re-presents, be-lieve, have a portion of, re assure, are one's duty to, ex-tended, giving orders, be aware, slices up, think well of, bare brunt, bare up under, going with flow, gat into, counter-sign, are big, agree, gave rein to, put in force, prescribe, re-sounding, cognize, re-strains, de-scended, lock up, re-veal, marks out, stood up against, have effect, wast racked, becoming valid, haddest hand in, give, brings forth, wert in line for, art handicapped, fitted in, taking the reins, gave oneself over, fixes price, being turned on to, get in to, gotten the drift, ran in to, Copped, hath in hand, am courteous, am big, de bunking, releasing, deciding upon, bless, disambiguate, being efficacious, hung there, art game for, roll over and play dead, took a shine to, are up to, gives take, check on, re moving, have vibes, say uncle, gotten hang of, gives rein to, eyeball, re presenting, are conscious of, bring pressure bear upon, psychs up, de note, doublechecks, buy out, was one's side, pre-destined, in-trusted, dis counting, is affected, watchworded, get off chest, taking one's measure, is established, bare the brunt, in venting, holding responsible, gets picture, gets ready, being duty to, put squeeze on, in-gests, in vents, obey, hast hand in, Housed, re-deeming, made up mind, relies upon, were seized, re-seves, am favor of, co oking, pre-supposes, have knowledge of, art told, re strict, taking possession, raved over, un-cover, taking meaning, de fine, Regimenting, made a buy, appoint, gathered up, sweeten kitty, staid in line, in-stated, gets with, blinked at, were on side, making stand, stick, setting in order, was afflicted with, face, lays down the law, gotten on with, lavishes upon, says word, gotten into, under-writing, putting screws to, re quests, hanged in there, coping with, came to snuff, wert ruled by, forks over, glorify, entitle, is up to, am big about, Presenting, plays second fiddle, plays the game, putting in hands of, hauling in, art given, am on ones side, come down off high horse, give thumbsup, doest as says, was informed, make one's mind, were up to, declare lawful, nevered say die, lets have, de barring, dis closed, mounting up, checking up, haddest a portion of, pro-claims, lay hold of, doest what is told, re-leased, settled upon, haddest vibes, ex-posing, is on tenterhooks, doest one's duty, is disadvantage, being convulsed, met with, re bating, jamming through, yesses one, is impressed, de-legate, ex acts, asserted oneself, took bull by the horns, give directions, was turned on to, doest ones duty, in tended, de-bunk, suffer defeat, caves in, are courteous, wast in favor of, all owed, downlinked, de ducted, pats on back, wert sanctioned, pre-vailed, be seized, were worth, wert with it, art ones side, ratify, doing as says, gave go-ahead, folds up, rubberstamps, signs on, pre scribe, didst trick, wert line for, brought pressure bear upon, sweetens the kitty, sang praises, gather, toeing mark, depended up on, conscripted, insisted up on, didst as one says, re-assure, leaves to, relied upon, un-bent, going fifty-fifty, art ordained, Remised, did ones thing, be given, wert pins needles, gives birth, dis-tribute, made it, laying down the law, provide the means, de-vote, de lighted, buys out, paid homage, over takes, taking the bull by the horns, sweated out, do a number, de-sires, did to t, under takes, play game, came up to snuff, pre sent, is on one side, pro cures, carry through, makes ones mind, confiding to, wast submissive, de-duces, cuts it, signs over, de fends, being confronted by, draw, being received, making possible, putting in the hands of, invokes benefits, letted have, re turn, deal with, causing adopt, give authority, giving stamp approval give the go ahead, gave ground, sits take it, tilts toward, is in tune, de-lighted, wast wounded, assent, gotten drift, make over, run off with, ex-act, lays down law, free up, is line for, with-draw, hazards a guess, singing the praises of, climb on, go fifty fifty, takes the bull by horns, doth bidding, was aware of, thinks as, is side, smashes grab, sweeten the kitty, set order, being one's side, am on tenterhooks, dis-counts, gave a blank check, Co-ordinates, gets touch, bare hard on, doth thing, take upon, pulled fast one, re-ached, un veil, rely up on, fork over, under stood, pro-claiming, breaks down, wert one side, submitted to, bearing under, toss in, got hang of, rides out, being forced to, says uncle, make eligible, relied up on, Gunning, art in line for, subscribing to, grin bear it, get point, art disadvantage, Coronated, johns hancock, gives permission, Coadjuting, rolling over, doing one's bidding, pieced up, resigned oneself, re-turned, are big on, draw lots, being ruled by, saw fit, under signing, tune of, write prescription, counter signed, sur-render, counter-signs, de-posited, gives leave, wert duty to, calls on, sets in order, validate, lining up, Tolerating, reads riot act, depends upon, Slotted, rubberstamping, playing the game, payed homage, wises up, ran with, give the word, submit, doest as one says, concur, un veils, insist upon, provide, conferred right, wert worth, pieces up, stands up to, give a blank check, went after, gave the goahead, putting down for, de-scending, engages in, in trust, re-aching, latched on to, go down the line, re-commend, be excited, were needed, leaning toward, are servile, re questing, came down off high horse, giving green light, dost one bidding, took out, am handicapped, am pins needles, art in favor of, accroaching, re-quired, claim, rested with, holds with, gains possession, wast aware of, writ prescription, co operating, are forced to, de-spoiling, does as one says, dis covered, decided upon, sat through, throw in, are turned to, am turned to, was on one's side, didst t, going out on a limb, co-ordinate, go into details, in cline, is with it, in-vents, go out on a limb, take an oath, make sense of, was seized, got floor, under taking, makes into law, filling the bill, pre paring, art favor of, with-stands, doest thing, pro fess, wert impressed, gotten picture, make killing, Gifting, spoiled rotten, ex act, bring pressure to bear upon, doublecheck, legitimates, going against, normalized, art big on, were on tenterhooks, invoking happiness, gotten the idea, commit oneself, got ready, dost as says, do one's bidding, making it, re-cognize, went out on a limb, laying down, re duces, be tune, arrive in time, re sounding, art worth, giving a blank check, pre-pared, had knowledge of, hung in, up holds, calling on, de-fining, riding out, with stand, bucking for, giving stamp approval give goahead, held responsible, wert priced at, called upon, re-lease, gotten off chest, be sensible of, Cataloguing, filled the bill, de-notes, giving authority, giving five, went out on limb, giving thumbs-up, moonlighting requisition, be party to, art needed, pat back, looked for, break down, was confronted by, was on ones side, sub scribe, de-bunks, torn off, hadst in hand, defer to, is on one's side, tossed in, calling the signals, were in harmony, pats on the back, act up on, go, left behind, takes it lying down, are impaired, playing second fiddle, earns ones wings, sweetening kitty, de signs, take over, gave stamp approval give the goahead, re-moving, stay the course, were big on, over hauled, wast efficacious, be tenterhooks, called the play, voted for, showing fruit, pre-scribes, put to rights, settle on, re strain, taking patiently, art at disadvantage, latching on to, were given, go with, under writes, piloting, trans acts, cave in, in-vesting, hadst hand, rolled over, show fruit, doest one thing, conferred a right, knuckle to, owns up, blink at, puts rights, broke down, pro mise, be on pins and needles, in-corporate, prevailed against, take charge, putting up struggle, are on tenterhooks, gave carte blanche, is consonant with, are ordained, in-state, singing the praises, being sensible of, was receipt of, hatsing to, never say die, under pins, gives thumbsup, re-leases, Caving, takes on the chin, stands one's ground, lay down, call up on, tossing a few crumbs, living with, dont rock boat, slicing up, come in to, coming up snuff, Coopt, gets the picture, takes charge, earning one wings, looked up on, gotten line, re sting, bits the bullet, re-produce, gives oneself over, made possible, size up, are demanded, throwing in towel, passworded, Lauding, took possession, putting in practice, cashing in on, be big about, fill the bill, are efficacious, rolled over play dead, doest what is expected, gat on with, make choice, doing the trick, comes out closet, does what is expected, in vests, put in hands of, called signals, multi-plying, prevailing against, de-riving, haddest coming, haul in, pre-pare, making into law, gives consent, makes up mind, in-duces, asserts oneself, letted go, makes law, under-signs, are sensible of, come up to snuff, makes up one mind, concurs with, dittoed, ponying up, wast told, gat with, sur-mises, is at disadvantage, warms up, gets behind, say the word, doeth t, under signs, hauled in, re-serve, come up on, be efficacious, threw together, was turned to, invoking benefits, part with, give oneself over, applied for, checks on, doth the job, toughed out, is aware of, were receipt of, un bends, consenting to, putting to rights, smiles on, feels disposed to, wast given, winks at, sub-scribing, saying word, sing the praises, keeps posted, un-veils, re cited, giving one's consent, calls it quits, snaps up, drawing lots, eyeballing, give over, be wounded, re ached, psyching up, handing it to, came in to, was in favor of, taking stock in, run into, wert one's duty to, fits out, settle up on, took oath, were turned on to, gat point, concussed, tossed it in, cosign, luxuriates in, climbing on, calling up on, sit still for, Lofting, setting apart, lavished upon, un bend, makes killing, pro-cures, share, wert disadvantage, re-cites, gifted with, is sanctioned, Valuing, sticks up, re spects, being priced at, make a deal, dis-counting, came across with, bear the brunt, de-scribing, looks upon, makes deal, conferring a right, make known, partaking of, stood ground, pre destines, lays down arms, pro created, getting floor, bucks for, are in tune, conferring right, de ducts, dare-says, Tolerated, be spoke, end-owing, give stamp of approval give the goahead, sung praises of, doest one bidding, are sanctioned, am big on, re presents, dueled, put forth, putting with, is patient with, confers trust, buries hatchet, giving the green light, doing thing, shapes up, prehend, puts to rights, gives nod, were sanctioned, pro claiming, comes in to, under pinning, de bars, filled bill, was in receipt of, sicken with, hath a bad time, pro create, un cover, is needed, withstand, made deal, played game, give permission, co-operated, go easy on, gives stamp of approval give go ahead, bringing pressure to bear upon, was with it, paved way, pro-vided, goes in to details, savvied, hast hand, giving the go-ahead, giving and take, wert courteous, cries up, declaring true, latched to, wert big, make into law, is in receipt of, amounted be asked, get on with, threw in sponge, de-fine, cope with, laying on, invoked benefits, gives ground, bore up under, am sensible of, taking one upon, runs off with, bowed down, gotten in line, be-gun, un-bends, re commends, concurred with, see fit, lean toward, walking heavy, dost t, re-commended, be-came, made in to law, check up, bow down, wait out, sub scribing, accord, dost ones thing, normalizing, are paid, snapping up, paving the way, art afflicted with, hazarding a guess, puts with, calls play, take the chin, re deeming, fored, took one on, discriminating between, be told, require, sitting take it, going with the flow, fill bill, takes as gospel truth, with drawing, changes belief, mis-appropriates, luxuriated in, lines up, has in hand, bears the brunt, ex-plains, welcome, throw in the sponge, make valid, sur-mise, doest to a t, sacrifice, letted in, being ones side, dost to t, give stamp approval give the goahead, taking bull by horns, sends for, hold responsible, pre destining, gave one's consent, are on side, dashing off, look to, took shine to, puts in hands of, giving grounds for, be affected, grinning bear it, get into, de frauds, de-rived, give thumbs-up, tosses a few crumbs, routined, mis-lay, toss few crumbs, re-assures, paying tribute, with standing, gather up, getting to, makes mind, takes it the chin, sifting out, gets hands on, pro-fess, did one's bidding, are pins needles, carries off, were on one's side, yields to, were sensible of, with-drawing, de posit, make legal, force, oughting, am a party to, push for, cosigning, being wounded, gets floor, standing fast, doping out, cry up, sandbagging, doeth what is told, under sign, pre-sents, sing the praises of, be demanded, Ticketed, be priced at, grapple with, parcelled out, be in receipt of, making selection, intro-duces, plays ball with, re cognizing, singling out, cleaning up, opting for, give up, insists up on, gives do, re adies, pro cured, be speak, crown, comes around, had funny feeling, over-haul, art courteous, lower oneself, lived by, re-cognizes, being submissive, command, ex plained, are on pins and needles, taking upon, putting foot down, re signs, makes in to law, carve out, cuts pie, were on ones side, didst one's thing, produce, going into details, stand firm, art informed, reseves, haddest a hunch, un-covers, taking heart, giving ground, make stand, sticking up, reaching out, didst number, makes selection, fills the bill, sit take it, Circumstantiated, is tune, are afflicted with, wast handicapped, being informed, wert established, stick up, had bad time, de-scend, went in to details, re bate, in corporate, taking the bull by horns, un bent, dare says, dis closing, comes across with, wert told, duelling, de lighting, puts to, asserting oneself, with-stand, move back, degrades oneself, re veals, wast impaired, up-held, putting practice, gets on with, come around, puts force, being affected, de-signed, tolerate, went easy on, pre vailed, makes stand, takes one's measure, took stock in, consented to, altered conviction, sits on, wast turned to, hold ground, being excited, is excited, anted up, sets aside, un derwent, give the nod, gave access, re quested, rolled back, took the bull by horns, earn one's wings, buries the hatchet, am side, were conscious of, made mind, settling up on, dis patch, un bending, give birth, pre destined, does as says, wast one's side, being on one's side, eyeballs, is racked, wert at disadvantage, making buy, let continue, do one's duty, under-gone, taking on chin, stood one ground, sets store by, pro-cured, does ones bidding, sets guidelines, declare, decrease by, Docketing, took chin, re signing, give stamp approval give go ahead, toes mark, giving the nod, put force, pre-tending, makes a buy, re marking, sweating out, spoil rotten, subjected to, brings pressure bear upon, were one duty to, selling at, running with, trans acted, re mark, put in practice, de clare, sandbagged, did ones bidding, bears brunt, went with flow, giving stamp of approval give go-ahead, are with it, plays game, pro fesses, taking ones measure, be loyal to, getting ready, steamrolling, placing at disposal, conformed to, ex-tolling, got line, takes to heart, be comes, put practice, was aware, re-deem, un-bending, sticks it out, hold ones ground, de-livering, be receipt of, re assured, went up against, hadst effect, makes a stand, lets go, flashed on, places at disposal, had vibes, took it chin, re served, takes one upon, took from, leave behind, offers benediction, becoming law, be sought, say so, sent away for, toe mark, makes one's mind, picking out, throwing the towel, calling upon, are born again, relying up on, gave word, was on side, puts forward, re signed, stand up against, took it lying down, art line for, de-signing, re moved, oughted, choiced, take possession, gat in touch, de fraud, votes favorably, brought pressure bear up on, giving rein to, ordinating, de-scends, with-standing, under take, gat the drift, Franchised, goes with flow, had hand in, squaring off, didst the trick, give thumbs up, under-write, singles, pulling a fast one, be ginning, de sign, hanging in there, taking one up on, being on one side, Re-turn, make stick, de-posits, call upon, toed the mark, am harmony, select, wast patient with, takes kindly to, are on pins needles, re straining, art forced to, taking the chin, over comes, gives thumbs up, pre-tended, thought well of, are valued at, doth one's duty, art sanctioned, art turned on to, wert aware, railroaded, resign oneself to, was demanded, went in for, losing sleep over, tossing few crumbs, re-quire, sweetening the kitty, setting out, wast received, offering up, took the bull by the horns, inter feres, keep posted, over hauls, calls quits, suffering defeat, wast affected, takes meaning, place at disposal, gifts with, beared brunt, setting order, acquiesce, being harmony, took over, get drift, looked up to, reseving, wast one's duty to, earning ones wings, played ball with, gets hold of, go against, be sanctioned, latches on to, up holding, pre supposing, bringing forth, making a stand, bitted bullet, sets apart, do to t, art consonant with, wast worth, making eligible, were aware of, carries the torch, de-bunking, be worth, have funny feeling, wast harmony, were one's duty to, change belief, bring pressure bear up on, was favor of, taking over, turns the trick, taking out, pinned down, dis charges, Earmarked, pro-rated, going fifty fifty, cashes in on, succeeding to, pre pare, took for ride, de-ducts, throws in the sponge, de ducting, railroading through, making grade, owning up, was a party to, laying down law, opened up, had in hand, fixed on, be-hooves, Tendered, were racked, wast tenterhooks, up hold, mount up, acts up on, wast compelled to, declared true, were in line for, flew the face of, in-tending, de-bar, de legate, tabbed, authenticate, dis counted, going in with, getting idea, dis-covered, gave leave, be witching, over-hauls, had a portion of, granted authority, providing the means, re-serves, doeth what one is told, signing off on, committing oneself, don't rock the boat, single out, be-getting, avow, am marked at, came into, be-spoken, holding fast, re cites, says yes, Lasted, waiting out, all-owing, did as says, make in to law, were patient with, have, giving leave, in-trusting, call the signals, resigns to, stuck up, be-witches, buried the hatchet, does one bidding, strong arm, gotten touch, doth to a t, sorts out, get idea, art side, de noting, wert harmony, picked out, enable, tosses in, regarding highly, gives stamp of approval, is a party to, admitting defeat, re-quests, re tains, re-tains, stuck fast, re acted, lived through, re-assured, straightening up, made law, blinking at, be-witch, re presented, re cognized, did the job, making up one mind, downlinking, being impaired, ex-torts, getting the drift, get ready, was big, put in the hands of, came terms, is confronted by, makes a choice, got the hang of, seeing through, doest ones thing, giving forth, making good, under-going, being in line for, takes to, thinks highly of, am up to, over-whelms, fitting for, did t, repressed feelings, profess, puts in the hands of, stayed the course, be-gotten, in stated, wert racked, being ordained, shotgunning, wert marked at, being paid, circumstantiate, un covering, haddest a bad time, settled on, putting to, yeses, ride out, sit on, cut the pie, arrives time, seeing fit, doth the trick, gave stamp of approval give go ahead, pushes for, license, pre sents, pre-scribing, dis-charges, loot, de-criminalizing, owned up, de riving, takes liking to, sur renders, are side, gotten ready, grooved, be stows, made legal, sate on, tosses it in, comes up to snuff, bow, over-comes, teems with, over whelming, doest bidding, be have, lay on, are ones duty to, parceled out, walked heavy, having vibes, over-take, coped with, dare-saying, depended upon, art born again, wast with it, make sure, de fended, was up to, pay half, called play, didst one thing, do a t, double-checked, re-bating, was sensitive, pro-curing, de-creed, give goahead, re bates, making holy, was ones duty to, make a choice, took the chin, flies face of, getting picture, pro-viding, invest, wast on tenterhooks, letting continue, are given, ex-acted, giving ones consent, subscribe to, makes over, going down the line, calling tune, certify, becomes popular, give and take, were one side, tost a few crumbs, shook on, am wounded, be in harmony, de-signs, cotches, corroborate, admitted defeat, art paid, decide up on, de vised, was valued at, over-hauling, were ruled by, aliened, knuckled to, flashes on, was pins needles, prehended, dare-say, art ones duty to, own up, giving go ahead, makes possible, re-leasing, Franchising, de-noted, conform to, wert forced to, staying the course, yielding to, live through, being ones duty to, wast big, hast in hand, saying uncle, am afflicted with, hadst vibes, de-fines, wast aware, was on pins and needles, dis patching, didst ones bidding, art up to, pre destine, am efficacious, pulled a fast one, were disadvantage, wising up, makes grade, is on side, said word, declare true, read the riot act, enjoin, called the tune, art loyal to, put up with, hadst hand in, stays in line, accroached, sized up, getting hold of, sub-scribes, got chest, am line for, de-voting, doing one's duty, latch on to, Privileging, textured, sur mise, sits still for, de livering, routining, dig, pray for, charter, doest one duty, re-presenting, throws sponge, lay down law, talks down to, de liver, was efficacious, deciding on, patted back, sur mises, re-duces, fits in, did one duty, gear up, thinking about, cottoning to, taking liking to, grapples with, hatses off to, bitting bullet, doth job, am affected, throw in sponge, doeth one's bidding, referencing, lowering oneself, throws the sponge, called it quits, laid hold of, under-stood, de-siring, takes sick with, rule roost, did the trick, re produced, did number, go along with, ex-tend, resigned to, bears under, loses sleep over, provided means, making a choice, take for a ride, wert ordained, mis-laid, were compelled to, ordinates, pre supposed, turning trick, pre suppose, disambiguated, wast duty to, gave ones consent, laps up, are worth, dont rock the boat, shape up, letted pass, commit, taking a liking to, be getting, receive, divides with, come together, stood to, play second fiddle, stood fast, sitting through, Hymning, stand against, singing praises, dost trick, over-taken, do thing, re present, cotched, concusses, substantiate, being tune, giving take, being sanctioned, wast on one side, folded up, becomes ratified, do ones thing, took one measure, wert received, the tune of, gave thanks, being big, being pins and needles, gotten point, leading to, is favor of, inter dict, designate, took it on chin, sold at, was courteous, being party to, sat and take it, smashes and grab, be on one side, ex-posed, took upon, beared hard on, taking a part of, oughts, give stamp approval give goahead, getting set, does the trick, putting hands of, gets from, be turned to, de-livers, de-scribes, hath a hunch, caving in, remains firm, was line for, art pins needles, pro-vide, coronating, earns one wings, gives go ahead, allot, throwing towel, laid down arms, didst to t, get floor, be duty to, leaving behind, get to, freeing up, Ticketing, hath effect, resigns oneself, is turned on to, looks to, takes one on, qualify for, ex plains, were big, take one up on, takes heart, re legate, forking over, earn wings, took bull by horns, Frocked, be-speaks, rave over, de-sign, putting on to, led to, getting in line, de-fend, stands against, double-check, spacing, dittoing, call play, breaking down, pro claims, wert impaired, pro creating, wast forced to, comes up snuff, comes terms, co-signing, climbs on, am one's side, took a liking to, taking to, stringed along with, de fend, wert conscious of, art demanded, signs off on, pre vail, approve, putting up with, wast conscious of, call the tune, set seal on, parenting, sung the praises, arriving time, taking it lying down, ex tract, dis closes, be having, made up one's mind, Shotguns, taking to heart, gathers up, take one measure, passing on, in-vented, depending upon, gave stamp approval give the go ahead, give carte blanche, wert submissive, re strained, under write, take a liking to, de scending, am on one side, own, took a part of, in duces, put hands of, wast servile, being aware of, make, release, fitting in, stand to, throwing the sponge, kiss goodbye, giving stamp of approval give the go-ahead, bits bullet, in gest, wert sensitive, sells for, winning favor, gave the word, letting have, comes out of closet, dis counts, make holy, ex tended, get picture, lays down, stick fast, pre scribing, de rive, standing one ground, holds responsible, depend upon, letting pass, stands one ground, re marks, laid down law, taking up on, bring pressure to bear up on, art turned to, get touch, wert compelled to, bucked for, take oath, trans acting, puts squeeze on, carved out, in-duct, pre-paring, takes a liking to, laying hold of, contract for, kenning, sing praises, was big on, was wounded, put struggle, re late, catalogued, put on to, earned one wings, feel, re-signs, re-solving, tilted toward, giving rise to, checking on, grin and bear it, abide, lowered oneself, voting in, un covered, sign off on, re serve, threw towel, staid the course, took it on the chin, acts upon, rubberstamp, made holy, art harmony, throwing in, dost one's duty, makes valid, has a hand in, stays course, buy in to, taking shine to, wast afflicted with, were harmony, took lead, dis-closes, re-gale, de sires, earns one's wings, confer trust, streamlines, carrying off, take it on chin, cooperated with, doth one bidding, became law, taking it on the chin, giving to do, sweetens kitty, be up to, gave thumbs up, being a party to, becoming infected with, be stow, gives okay, pre-tends, art wounded, become ratified, is smitten by, gat touch, counter signing, were courteous, in clines, be gun, amount be asked, tosses few crumbs, wast sanctioned, winned favor, took meaning, being line for, is handicapped, choicing, wert in receipt of, wert efficacious, strings along with, be-have, was servile, figures out, de legates, was in harmony, over took, art priced at, is big on, makes much of, interpret as, thinking highly of, am sanctioned, earns wings, stands firm, sat still for, prevails against, go fiftyfifty, psyched up, steamrolls, make decision, were pins and needles, ink, complaining of, rolled with punches, wert on one side, Downs, giving stamp of approval give go ahead, depends up on, called on, toe line, yesses, turned the trick, took measure, let have, partook of, contracts for, dis-closed, lay upon, doing one duty, hath hunch, spoilt rotten, stayed line, mis laying, gave thanks to, gives one's consent, come out closet, was disadvantage, tear off, in haled, was ordained, gave take, strung along with, parcelling out, getting hands on, doeth as one says, Upheld, be aware of, setting aside, legitimize, burying the hatchet, re commending, has hunch, toes the mark, doing ones duty, became ratified, took heart, staid course, wast line for, adhered to, puts in practice, re-bate, doing trick, didst one bidding, were in tune, hath bad time, winning out, put screws to, wast one side, hand it to, re sound, earned ones wings, opts for, tossed few crumbs, doeth ones duty, sort out, be gotten, brought pressure to bear up on, was racked, wert tune, re leasing, re acting, am party to, unbended, resting with, brake down, sandbags, tearing off, adhering to, was compelled to, teeming with, sub-tracts, heaps upon, de voting, re-veals, declaring lawful, wert on one's side, Dragooned, breaking for, sandbag, intrusts, lost sleep over, co sign, becomes valid, de spoiling, take heart, hangs in there, had a hand in, be harmony, come snuff, go down line, bore hard on, smashing and grab, being patient with, under-standing, causes to adopt, de cree, come out of closet, didst what is told, taking care of, wast born again, makes waves, Singling, bear brunt, give way, roll with punches, un bended, votes for, are in favor of, is ordained, coadjuted, wert one's side, were demanded, pre-destining, be smitten by, wast one duty to, pulling fast one, coming to snuff, dare said, doing what is expected, making valid, being consonant with, wert needed, taking away, wast convulsed, climbed on, carried through, pins down, pre vailing, being to, saying so, gets the point, discriminates between, re cognize, deeding, de-duct, ponies up, gets in touch, gives a blank check, art impaired, prevail up on, gives the green light, ex-plaining, inter-fere, patted on back, under taken, co ordinates, dost what one is told, give go-ahead, in-haling, catch, were aware, call signals, bought into, were affected, leave to, dis charged, gives the go ahead, divided with, tipping over, smashed and grab, art submissive, are affected, de-frauds, gave stamp approval give go ahead, bearing the brunt, Re-mark, didst bidding, ex-tending, yes one, fit out, making a killing, gave way, is on ones side, buttons down, altering conviction, wert game for, intrust, are favor of, takes up on, hats to, consents to, thumbsing up, was marked at, wise up, stays line, sending away for, am loyal to, going halves, in-corporates, moonlights requisition, meet with, throw sponge, pulls it off, clean up, forked over, do one bidding, Texturing, didst to a t, come up snuff, de scends, have in hand, flies in the face of, stayed in line, under stand, earned wings, gives go-ahead, pass, fixing on, tipped over, didst a number, were afflicted with, were tune, waited out, de-criminalize, checked up, throwing sponge, does bidding, wert consonant with, sub scribes, in hale, came out closet, flash on, made sure, art aware of, gotten with, co-signed, thinking of as, wert excited, de bar, pronounced holy, be ordained, pro vide, sur-renders, be side, putting the hands of, wert favor of, vote in, gives stamp approval give go ahead, draws lots, gave goahead, re-sounded, in-cline, under-taken, taking for ride, reading the riot act, calls signals, wert to, brings pressure to bear upon, calling the tune, hadst coming, re-move, enthrones, making known, Guarantying, is received, bows to, depute, gat in to, de-voted, leaves behind, being told, qualify, put the hands of, measure up, relies up on, latching on, made choice, gotten behind, countersign, am sensitive, got off chest, was tune, confers right, was on pins needles, took one's measure, am demanded, dis cern, be in tune, is loyal to, giving thumbsup, throw together, got in to, un veiling, under going, were handicapped, provides the means, prep, getting point, re legates, took for granted, hang in there, resigned oneself to, sate still for, prehends, pony up, are in receipt of, thinks about, buying into, Legitimated, votes in, gives the nod, throwing together, puts in force, wast party to, re-strict, humoring, wast ones side, impart, am one's duty to, takes it on the chin, locked up, wast turned on to, tossing in, art received, be convulsed, were line for, doeth job, un-zipping, yessed, keeping posted, Dragooning, adheres to, guesstimate, gives stamp approval give go-ahead, re-cognizing, de criminalized, de voted, complain of, doth duty, piece up, agreed upon, let, forcing upon, filling bill, yield to, hadst a hunch, make ready, doeth one's thing, decides up on, gets vibes, ordinated, are duty to, dost one thing, was needed, take it on the chin, took patiently, fly face of, gets to, be one duty to, carried off, take on chin, lives out, was ones side, re-solve, lavish up on, trans-act, are one side, goes in with, over-hauled, broke for, were received, played the game, laying up on, come down high horse, handed it to, gives the word, put up struggle, getting off chest, subjects to, facilitate, ex-tends, patting on back, sitting still for, took to, am duty to, is servile, repressing feelings, look up to, flew in face of, pro rating, in trusting, be sensitive, were turned to, doeth one's duty, are a party to, took up on, arrived at, taking an oath, wast demanded, enter up on, are game for, un-veiling, putting forth, tore off, wert turned on to, cutting the pie, gives and take, bitted the bullet, de-ducting, in-vests, cried up, takes the chin, waits out, PREPS, remaining firm, didst one duty, fall on, has hand, thumbsed up, settle upon, was paid, interpreted as, voted in, fly in face of, pro vided, make up mind, gives rise to, setting store by, be racked, hung in there, am receipt of, be game for, gets the hang of, puts foot down, de criminalizing, was told, are told, warrants, gave thumbs-up, re producing, yielded to, be lieve, looking for, laying upon, are party to, take up on, approbate, making a deal, doth what is told, re mises, making the grade, agree up on, indulge, condescend, de-lighting, is valued at, is party to, takes from, put down as, be stowing, doest ones bidding, were priced at, comes to snuff, didst thing, be impressed, gave over, interpreting as, flies the face of, de criminalize, cause adopt, Tendering, de livered, pro duces, subscribed to, went dutch, rode out, patting back, repress feelings, getting from, hanged there, passed on, called up on, got in touch, is ones side, give one consent, regularize, high hats, make mind, cotching, be informed, was game for, art in tune, do the trick, pre-vail, capacitate, lived with, Re-sound, affirm, commission, cosigned, doing a t, make responsible for, made into law, gave grounds for, are racked, lets be, gives grounds for, gets the drift, work hard, am valued at, letted stay, re-moves, throw in the towel, was on tenterhooks, in vented, gaining possession, be received, under-takes, buy into, re-commends, hath hand in, see through, take ones measure, typecasting, dis-charge, fold up, arriving at, threw in, ex tending, are seized, un-derwent, hauls in, singles out, wast on ones side, art sensitive, be consonant with, takes measure, looks up on, get sick, stands ground, conforms to, stays the course, invokes happiness, put rights, Caved, am seized, takes upon, discriminate between, ex pose, hadst a bad time, be favor of, got on with, were established, calling quits, pulling strings, let in on, johning hancock, going up against, settled up on, Intrusted, takes an oath, putting force, wert valued at, afford, decide on, be courteous, take a part of, didst what one is told, taking lying down, be on pins needles, demeaning oneself, accredit, co-sting, attests to, ex-acting, run with, ex tend, doing what one is told, tilting toward, went down the line, re quired, confer right, give stamp of approval give the go ahead, discriminated between, wast receipt of, doest duty, art tune, putting down as, fix price, being courteous, hangs there, Legitimating, leaf, wert up to, being in favor of, circumstantiates, lets in, were on one side, wert smitten by, being born again, doth ones bidding, takes stock in, daresay, being handicapped, went halves, re deemed, decides on, take, de crees, copes with, under wrote, being in tune, mark out, sat take it, give the go ahead, wast priced at, are impressed, dis charging, contracting for, made a killing, moving back, hath coming, puts john hancock on, am paid, don't rock boat, under pin, adhere to, regularized, saw as, Capacitated, deciding up on, gets hang of, shakes on, supply, re-presented, make a selection, feel disposed to, extend, sends away for, hast funny feeling, gotten chest, figured out, pro-creates, made decision, look upon, duelled, throws the towel, take away, stands up against, have portion of, shaping up, re cognizes, cosigns, is big, think about, hang there, being side, felt wretched, was worth, opens up, sits and take it, warrant, arrive time, cognizes, wast in harmony, stands ones ground, coming together, run in to, suffered defeat, am compelled to, wert turned to, prehending, succeeds to, taking it the chin, steamrolled, were game for, staying in line, was consonant with, voted favorably, re-deems, snapped up, letting in, does trick, bringing forward, co oked, re aped, take care of, paving way, be speaks, sweat, payed for, in ducted, laid on, regards highly, gave blank check, got point, make ones mind, were pins needles, parceling out, puts forth, green light, making killing, up-holds, arrive at, de positing, lets in on, stand fast, de-fraud, working hard, wert wounded, be-witched, referenced, put to, enthroning, making law, put through, get the idea, shake on, lived out, de-vising, were tenterhooks, sorting out, am one side, stumped for, didst what is expected, approve accept, in vent, letted continue, being pins needles, commits oneself, haddest hand, accede, coadjute, shoulds, leaving to, pulls fast one, call shots, doing t, conferred trust, kissing goodbye, sang the praises, was at disadvantage, co-signs, bears up under, cut deal, be in favor of, am impaired, turned trick, cooperate with, holds fast, shaking on, co signed, de-cree, conferring trust, pro duce, goes down line, to the tune of, did a t, take one on, co-operates, toe the mark, curtsied, set, dis-charged, agrees upon, art with it, made a deal, came together, rests with, going out a limb, line up, de-clare, was conscious of, make much of, looked upon, de vising, are harmony, give orders, re-adies, ok, called quits, getting touch, lavishing upon, making up one's mind, dost what is told, was born again, does one duty, buying out, ex tolled, accessed, were marked at, subscribes to, bite bullet, come to snuff, Re-present, giving the word, hatsed off to, making in to law, give one's consent, get the picture, de spoiled, pronounce holy, has hand in, art one's duty to, attesting to, wert a party to, came down high horse, gat chest, set in order, wert on pins and needles, living out, is sensible of, bought out, re strains, wert pins and needles, am on one's side, paved the way, stretching out, did bidding, talk down to, making waves, did one thing, has vibes, paying homage, bitting the bullet, whip out, take to, smashing grab, makes a killing, fixing price, mis lays, kissed goodbye, doeth to t, buying in to, coming across with, letting go, typecasts, raving over, passwording, be paid, getting vibes, ex-plain, leave, stand ones ground, gunned, dost thing, in tending, dis pose, cognized, were on pins needles, wert informed, made much of, de notes, acting up on, art marked at, pro-vides, were valued at, authorize, being disadvantage, figure out, de rives, earning wings, wert in harmony, look up on, under-sign, call it quits, takes it chin, threw the sponge, counter signs, wert born again, wrought hard, rolls with punches, has a bad time, takes orders, are on ones side, pass down, Hacked, sings the praises of, are on one's side, Smash and Grab, read riot act, dopes out, are aware, latched on, in-haled, de signing, gave in, were with it, are wounded, thinking well of, cottoned to, gotten sick, puts up with, be ones duty to.