Pronunciation of Disapproval
/dˌɪsɐpɹˈuːvə͡l/, /dˌɪsɐpɹˈuːvə‍l/, /d_ˌɪ_s_ɐ_p_ɹ_ˈuː_v_əl/

Antonyms for disapproval

de-gree, pleasure, Fulcra, embracings, good opinions, permissiveness, up-keeps, pat on head, authenticatings, commendation, bring down house, egg beer, credit, under-takings, handclapping, in temperances, popularity, egg in one beer, taking overs, favor, ace hole, re-spects, on the arm, panegyrics, subscription tos, the nod, under pinning, ace in hole, re commendation, warm fuzzy, ex-cess, favorings, consideration, letter credence, Benedictus, Cajoleries, coercive measures, lifesaver, legup, gainings, in susceptibility, legups, dependabilities, letter of credence, assent, considered opinions, sustentations, universality, benefit, de lights, praise, in vocations, divine sanctions, sympathy, sticker, cajolery, under-taking, green light, plaudit, esteem, de light, pro vision, canonization, co-operations, patronage, in-temperateness, de-grees, thumbs-up, benediction, certification, pro positions, counter signatures, documentations, flotation, feather in cap, stilts, de-fenses, re turns, green-light, lionization, un susceptibilities, orchid, hubba hubbas, pre eminences, over statements, leg ups, Re-turn, ex-tension, cipherings, seal of approval, babyings, hubbahubba, ORCHIDS, hailings, capital outlays, public esteem, accreditation, pumping ups, puffing up, sustentation, moral supports, re-gard, benedictu, pre-sents, egg one beer, hubba hubba, dependability, condonance, confirmation, re-liability, high ranks, pro fit, egg in one's beer, in junction, wholeheartedness, Gramercy, kindness, reputation, re presentation, godspeeds, ex-cesses, up keeps, punitive measures, de grees, sweetness light, re spite, re lief, taking over, be-lief, memorialization, calculatings, thank you notes, okay, co operations, hardinesses, blessing, re-liabilities, ex tension, letter support, permission, wholeheartednesses, in-junctions, marvelings, support, benison, seal approval, good fortune, championings, stroke luck, on arm, in-junction, strokings, pro-mises, handclappings, re liability, up-lifting, acceptability, recognition, un-susceptibilities, de-crees, up grading, profligatenesses, acceptance, de-light, re spects, sub-structures, Obligement, standing ovations, substructure, felicitation, Valuing, stampings, trump, puffing ups, aesthetic senses, re presentations, exaltation, supportings, be lief, empowerment, sycophancy, tribute, co-operation, agreement, treatings, coercive measure, pro mises, well being, pat the back, leaf, lionizations, acceptings, leg-ups, hubba-hubbas, good opinion, big hand, in-susceptibility, acquirings, egg in beer, pre-eminence, on accounts, obligements, stamp approval, lifesavers, partiality, prizings, pro-fits, indulgence, considerateness, standing ovation, wellbeing, re-cognition, re-spites, high regard, source of pride, stickers, valuings, Fashionableness, hand clapping, predictings, sycophancies, validation, re-source, goahead, commercials, pat the head, pre-valence, advantage, installment buying, canonizations, KUDO, high rank, thumbsups, in susceptibilities, pre sent, ex-tensions, eulogy, counter signature, clearance, sure signs, under standings, pre-cept, pamperings, in temperateness, COMP, re commendations, Accreditations, clappings, entitlements, coddlings, mercy, addressings, sure sign, sub-strata, cheerings, subscription to, approbation, positivity, documentation, high regards, love, huzzahs, re cognitions, source pride, shot in arm, letter of support, Profligateness, stiffeners, up lifting, say so, bravos, letter of introduction, re nown, eulogizings, rep, re-lief, good word, re sources, re-commendation, re spites, affirmings, thankfulness, Benedicite, good, pro position, consent, trustworthinesses, leg up, capital outlay, under standing, gramercies, renowns, de cree, counter-signatures, in-temperances, intemperatenesses, de fenses, consideratenesses, in temperatenesses, pro-visions, hurray, favorable mention, safe-conduct, re cognition, largesses, pro motions, pre-sent, fashionablenesses, sub-structure, pat back, ukase, pat on the head, pro-mise, pat head, upgradings, re-sources, counter-signature, satisfaction, substructures, privilege, pre eminence, de crees, toadyings, re spect, right ons, corroboratings, pre-eminences, compliment, in temperance, safeconducts, pro-motion, de-cree, tolerance, Plastics, re source, over-statements, surplus cashes, pro fits, hubba-hubba, sanctifications, hand clappings, up-keep, enjoyablenesses, pre cept, telltale sign, pro mise, hubbahubbas, legalization, magnification, gold stars, re-presentations, estimation, in vocation, visa, legalizations, thumbs-ups, stiffener, memorializations, egg ones beer, appreciation, re-commendations, sanctification, repute, hurrays, shot the arm, in-temperatenesses, buttering ups, two cents' worth, sufferances, responsivenesss, re-cognitions, benedicites, on account, plum, abetment, benisons, mutualities, hand-clapping, big hands, spoilings, empowerings, re-nown, receivings, bravo, testimonial, under-standing, sub structures, intemperateness, universalities, public esteems, rootings, sub-stratum, gold star, authorizings, yes, telltale signs, shot in the arm, condonances, re turn, feather cap, sayso, aesthetic sense, flotations, pro visions, responsivenessses, pro-vision, superscription, punitive measure, up-grading, safe conducts, pre valences, Permissivenesses, enjoyableness, validatings, authorization, endorsement, ratification, two cents' worths, softheartednesses, approval, sanction, recommendation, credentials, shot arm, un susceptibility, re gards, hardiness, sub-stratums, thank you note, seal, pleasings, under taking, countersignatures, obtainings, sanctionings, taking ups, under-standings, sub structure, countersignature, bring down the house, superscriptions, adoption, ace the hole, egg one's beer, immoderation, VISAS, re-turns, over-statement, stamp of approval, hallmark, safe conduct, Bravoes, moral support, surplus cash, fiat, re-spect, re actions, ex cess, in-vocations, kowtowings, ukases, gratifyings, de gree, in junctions, softheartedness, pettings, cordiality, PRS, divine sanction, considered opinion, admiration, co operation, glorification, de-lights, pumping up, empathy, ovation, safe-conducts, behalf, pre valence, COMPS, good words, sub stratum, thanks, trustworthiness, letter introduction, under-pinning, standing os, Certifications, placatings, yeses, on cuff, sufferance, acceptabilities, pro-positions, happiness, egg in ones beer, cheer, re gard, honor, Re-presentation.