Pronunciation of Disbelieve
/dˌɪsbɪlˈiːv/, /dˌɪsbɪlˈiːv/, /d_ˌɪ_s_b_ɪ_l_ˈiː_v/

Antonyms for disbelieve

arrive at, chew over, taking flyer, put to, Accounted, art aware of, trusting in, art case, under-pinning, buttons down, keep one's eye on, re-straining, relies up on, ex-plicated, de-voting, got point, give credence to, un scrambling, laying before, am resolved, makes stab at, makes up top ones head, avail oneself of, re-marks, turning to, got touch, getting eyeful, chalked to, gets into, trumps up, hath business with, feeling for, de-signs, was the case, get in touch, expressing opinion, Viseed, swear and down, gets an eyeful of, payed attention, glanced at, makes a motion, getting vibes, figure, being certain of, takes notice of, take the measure of, freezing to, has relation, wast affected, are relevant to, are partial, dis patching, took one word, re quiring, ex plain, Adventured, in-duces, out-lines, rack one's brains, conceives of, re served, having bearing on, being lost thought, got the point, de voting, de-duct, chalks up to, un-ravelled, hath a look-see, said to oneself, knocks on wood, wast effect, be lost thought, had to do with, putting the snare on, putting into hands of, get point, brought to mind, taking in to ones arms, pro fess, leans on, give a hearing, be longing, doped out, has a look see, counts heads, watched for, draws conclusion, fore-feels, lean on, wast sensitive, had a look see, barks wrong tree, like, holds out for, de-cree, am in effect, keeps view, under take, fondle, are convinced, de-rives, have dibs something, payed attention to, de clare, diagramed, re-enacting, wast of the opinion, charges to, held out for, ex pounding, mis construe, builded on, over-rated, de sired, de-liberated, hadst bearing, be afraid, Viseing, drawing conclusion, having recourse to, gets vibes, kibitzed, crossing ones heart, build upon, seeing handwriting on wall, crossing heart, am partial, mis-reckons, asks in marriage, were in force, daresaying, taking for, be turned on to, takes one's word, Tendering, hath vibes, pro position, art matter of, mis-understanding, took notice of, hold opinion, swear up down, toted up, took measure of, make off top of head, catch to, becomes conscious of, commentated, laid on the line, looks up on, get picture, dis cover, making up off top head, took in to ones arms, venture a guess, chewed over, bet on, be-holding, see handwriting on wall, am turned on to, fore-tells, fore casts, Hoped, came to hasty conclusion, hath no doubt, was inclined to think, intellectualized, checking over, have a look see, sets apart, react toward, mis-calculating, dis-entangle, hath look, reaches conclusion, clinging to, under stands, planned for, being composed of, see the mind eye, over looks, para-phrased, being the case, had looksee, consider, de vise, pertained to, de-creed, being with it, feasting one eyes, mis-deem, re-solved, am wrong, gets the point, looks on, headed trip, re-spects, draws close, plan for, art sensible of, in-tends, un earth, pertain to, un ravelled, be composed of, de votes, were aware, thinking highly of, fore tells, pre supposes, threshing out, haddest a look-see, saw handwriting wall, see, firing question, gotten down on knee, keeps out, bringing to mind, got down on one knee, mis-reckoned, de scribing, saw minds eye, ideate, pronounce sentence, building castles in air, have impression, had faith, making love to, up-holding, re views, in-fringe, re-views, took face value, sticked one's neck out, propones, calculating on, catch, sense, pre vised, soothsaid, gets in to, Postulating, in corporates, ex press, goes so far, in-gests, had funny feeling, being aware of, over-rate, makes rough guess, take at one's word, related standard, getting point, are composed of, saw mind eye, mis-judged, avails of, mis deems, knocked on wood, stood in with, threw light on, de-rived, has feeling, kept faith, glommed onto, depend on, hath sneaking suspicion, keeps one eye on, happened up on, look on, build castles air, rested on, had the audacity, fore speaking, dropped ball, be conscious of, gambling on, being force, feasted eyes on, charged to, Dogmatizing, are afraid, getting touch, embrace, makes love to, makes up off top of ones head, being sensible of, stick one neck out, takes into consideration, took into one arms, gat through one head, happening upon, de-liberates, re marking, care for, crosses one heart, cross one's heart, de noted, getting the picture, spoke one's piece, hast business with, de signed, pre sage, am unfair, all-owing, forefeels, making a stab at, got impression, be case, seeing daylight, use head, gets down knee, presumed true, holding opinion, got into, haddest faith in, eagleeye, wert with it, reckons with, was unfair, suppose, wast naive, art fond of, goes out on limb, dis-covers, making a motion, chalk to, take face value, fore speak, de-voted, had business with, expecting from, make off top one head, end angering, art confident of, am lost thought, set forth, hope to, get touch, riding on coattails, de vote, wast relevant, was excited, plan on, pre-side, hadst a looksee, was affected, de-liberate, count heads, un-raveling, hast bearing on, was naive, take measure, under estimated, be overcritical, feasts one's eyes, re-questing, watches for, end-angering, hazards a guess, is apprised of, jump to conclusion, dis-cover, made up off top one's head, be aware of, take in arms, is of the opinion, makes up top of one head, bark up wrong tree, putting to, am overcritical, sur mise, making off top ones head, re gard, de creed, harbor, de sires, gives over, keeping view, sware and down, makes up top of one's head, dis cern, draw from, logicalize, making up off top one head, get idea, keep eagle eye on, mis thought, takes one word, conceived of, am sensitive, having feeling, re-lied, have bearing on, telegraphs, cross heart, applies to, drew inference, taking notice of, took a stab at, laying line, Omened, gotten touch, de-coding, sees mind's eye, in-corporate, keeping eye on, pre determined, sweated out, de scribed, have in mind, wert in effect, de-picts, wert impressed, make up off top of one head, postulate, making a proposal, ex-posing, were overcritical, made top one head, de-fending, are turned on to, art impressed, be lieve, spoke piece, being of the opinion, re gards, corresponded with, taking in to consideration, has faith in, in-tended, mis taking, give attention, hands it one, be wrong, pay attention to, is informed, are wrong, are the opinion, keep an eye on, hadst a look-see, gat into, speak ones piece, having looksee, were commensurate, pre-dict, in spect, making up off top of one head, de vising, re-view, get load of, fore spoke, being impressed, buttoned down, dis-posed, pre tend, get the picture, is afraid, fore cast, is conscious of, wert turned to, wast turned on to, forespeaks, overestimated, de clares, hath faith in, has look see, signs over, haddest no doubt, take arms, mis understands, had a bearing on, Thumbing, availing of, de-ducted, wast sure of, unscrambling, mis-comprehending, be held, having a look-see, made motion, mis-takes, de-signed, gives attention, take one measure, mis-construe, betted on, be relevant to, fore tell, took one's word, taking in to one's arms, was sure of, be resolved, fore-speak, mis-take, ex-pound, made off top of one head, un earthed, de-pended, divine, fore-knows, are commensurate, eagle-eye, re maining, under-rating, laying on line, takes to heart, ex pressed, fore-speaking, let out, locking up, making up top head, hath every intention, sets figure, swore down, reads in to, draw close, having faith in, think deeply, hopes for, gat down on knee, swears and down, un ravel, similizes, rests assured, ex-plicates, place confidence in, are in effect, re-quired, took into arms, think out, interpret, looking at sunny side, re-quests, being in force, taking in to arms, takes to mean, tele graphed, held with, makes top head, fore seen, be inclined think, psyched out, art certain of, pre side, thought deeply, called up, counting noses, de coded, sized up, de sire, gives credence to, have capacity for, sees in minds eye, having a bearing on, under takes, sweating out, looking ahead to, having faith, thinking of, confided in, crystalball divined, see daylight, hold true, were in effect, hadst mind, took stock in, being matter of, not let went, chalks to, art in effect, caught glimpse of, took one's measure, see in cards, getting into, fore known, lay money on, keeping fingers crossed, feasts one eyes, having look-see, dope out, claim, thinks deeply, have every intention, put foot in, catch on to, built upon, fore boded, un-riddling, de fend, kept tabs, take at face value, project, builds up on, comes hasty conclusion, mis-conceives, has bearing, calculated on, conduct oneself toward, making allowance for, wert the opinion, make up top of one head, brought mind, sur-mise, de liberating, re-solves, gat the point, chalking up to, came hasty conclusion, looks tenderly, gets the impression, caress, made top of one head, dis-entangles, mis-reckoning, sees in mind's eye, are certain of, is about, hast faith in, hadst bearing on, waying sees it, depends on, typecasting, hath feeling, get down on one knee, mis-construed, intellectualizing, laid open, was with it, haddest funny feeling, under-estimating, making use of, made off top head, de liberated, thinks out, have mind, hand it one, taking at ones word, laying the line, drop the ball, handed it to one, de-scribes, has every intention, got through ones head, taking one word, inning cards, de-cipher, hazarding guess, chalk up to, re-commend, un riddling, keeps close, hath dibs something, took for granted, ex acting, gat in to, guess, de-signing, foreknow, takes as gospel truth, mis-apprehends, making off top of head, mis takes, stared at, took in to one's arms, boils down to, look up to, takes as gospel, wast afraid, guesstimating, opine, lay claim to, stay staunch, press suit, is lost in thought, de-vote, keeps one's eye on, making top of one's head, got the hang of, de-ducts, fore-casting, was a matter of, in haled, building castles air, miscomprehends, betting bottom dollar on, hold with, availing oneself of, being lost in thought, re mained, de cipher, interpret as, playing for, de tains, under standing, has impression, fore-telling, getting through head, wert unfair, thought likely, threshes out, wast inclined to think, keeping eagle eye on, haddest look-see, gat hang of, re collecting, put lock on, heads trip, has knowledge of, keeping in view, confiding in, misdeeming, gat impression, fore-feeling, asked in marriage, under-takes, took in to one arms, calculates roughly, para-phrasing, hit on, get the point, fore-sees, thought, builded up on, are case, de-sign, am commensurate, de-legate, sorted out, leant on, look forward to, uses ones head, chugalugs, mis-reckon, believing in, put a lock on, was afraid, be long, de-noting, getting hang of, pro pounds, corresponding to, de pending, placing confidence in, taking ones measure, feasts eyes on, wert overcritical, have recourse to, bet bottom dollar, made of, diagrammed, reckon with, see mind eye, commentating, mis apprehending, spoke one piece, acting with regard to, patted on back, were unfair, lays before, wert confident of, pats back, have the audacity, am relevant to, not let goes, re mains, sweating it, pinned faith on, un fold, supposes, make up top head, says oneself, be affected, dis-patching, call up, pro-pound, picking up on, is credulous, gets impression, are a matter of, has a feeling, de-pict, were apprised of, dogmatize, gat it, jumped a conclusion, de-pending, pins faith on, eagles eye, attached weight to, getting a load of, makes off top of head, hang in, betting on, stopped consider, have dibs on something, plays for, lay before, looked to, conducts oneself toward, dare-says, un scrambled, is lost thought, taking shot at, para phrases, makes up top one head, de-sires, art a matter of, taking stab at, thought about, gat picture, over-rates, reckons on, make top ones head, mull over, brings to mind, wast misled, took shot at, had look, Visioning, being partial, looking sunny side, haddest audacity, got the impression, thinking as, presses one suit, goes out a limb, wast excited, gets touch, plays footsie, called it, turn to, picked up on, are aware, count upon, ex-pounding, kibitzes, was sensitive, have bearing, bargain on, call mind, over estimated, buttoning down, is in effect, hadst a hunch, keep faith, take into one arms, sorts out, pre mise, wert the case, took measure, had vibes, freezes to, fore-casts, re-commended, mis construed, had faith in, wast of opinion, am excited, gat the idea, de duces, hath a hunch, gat the drift, gives the eye, haddest knowledge of, conjecture, hast dibs on something, speak one's piece, was inclined think, dropt the ball, haddest capacity for, remains true, took word, wast a matter of, wast opinion, de-sire, all owed, under pin, makes up off top of one's head, under rating, expects from, feasting one's eyes, glancing at, gives hearing, co-unselling, re-solve, is convinced of, makes top of ones head, kept an eye on, syllogizes, refer, was relevant to, wast confident of, caught to, with-hold, got the idea, entertaining idea, rid on coattails, feeling in gut, take to mean, getting idea, calculates on, making up off top of head, eagle eyeing, pro posing, being about, conceiving of, pinning faith on, tick off, were impressed, make book, puts in jeopardy, were turned to, is a matter of, taking in arms, places confidence in, skating on thin ice, conducts toward, glommed, made pitch, guessed at, getting an eyeful of, thinks likely, rest on, trusted in, feast ones eyes, was matter of, drops ball, am relevant, necked, re-marking, venture, gets load of, in-hales, hast look-see, saw in the minds eye, thumbs, un-ravelling, lumping it, take flyer, art afraid, fore-known, de ducts, make a motion, interprets as, hits up, hitting up, de-scribing, crossed ones heart, saw in minds eye, gat point, fore-cast, charge to, being confident of, get eyeful, looks forward to, lets out, set eyes on, being unfair, gave hearing, taking at word, eagling eye, hopes to, drew conclusion, calculating roughly, gotten the drift, pre-determined, took notice, ex acts, cares for, hadst a feeling, gets an eyeful, seeing handwriting wall, had a feeling, have faith in, waits for, held true, redlines, in-tending, relied upon, gat the impression, checked over, took into one's arms, art sure of, un scrambles, hadst no doubt, has sneaking suspicion, daresayed, out-lining, ran hands over, be the case, under rate, eyeballing, re straining, fired question, re main, having the audacity, made off top of ones head, pronouncing sentence, taking a shot, see in mind's eye, gat the hang of, pre tends, Trysting, jump to a conclusion, taking meaning, kept tabs on, keeps fingers crossed, has the impression, make motion, takes look, re-strained, am about, look to, playing market, takes in to arms, art credulous, giving a hearing, put on thinking cap, has the audacity, took ones word, de lineate, form opinion, ins cards, building upon, in tend, feast eyes, broods over, re-tain, co unselling, pores over, hadst business with, Syllogized, haddest reference, paragoning, dropping the ball, re marked, made up top head, lumped it, gotten drift, gotten the idea, under-gone, art relevant, bark wrong tree, ex-plicate, mis-taking, say oneself, ventured guess, is effect, skate on thin ice, hope for, attach weight to, playing the market, out-lined, being convinced, gets through ones head, trumping up, re view, sees cards, looking forward to, feel gut, corresponding with, corks up, betted bottom dollar on, count on, gat the picture, catch drift, aimed for, missing by a mile, is inclined to think, counted noses, de ciphering, end anger, call it, conducted oneself toward, swore up and down, taking word, had dibs on something, sees the minds eye, being sure of, bear up on, re tains, got the drift, phantomed, expresses opinion, being directed to, spake piece, making heads tails of, de cree, having vibes, over-look, in tended, re-cognizing, laying on the line, get into, re-presenting, are cognizant of, sets store by, lays line, para phrase, take at ones word, perceive, get eyeful of, speaking one piece, takes at face value, gives the once over, ex plicates, drops the ball, thinking likely, keep tabs, hands it to one, de legates, knock wood, having a look see, be gun, keeping faith, sware up down, have the impression, out-line, Re-mark, mis taken, the way one sees it, crystal-ball divining, drew close, wast determined, go in for, was valid, handing it one, look up on, had impression, in-gest, pre mises, un-folded, stands up, under rates, jumps to a conclusion, commentates, un-riddles, way one sees it, attributing to, made heads or tails of, look sunny side, made up off top of one's head, feast one eyes, puzzled over, mis thinking, wast lost in thought, haddest vibes, giving once over, laps up, de-code, adding up, gives a hearing, art convinced of, art turned to, re presenting, thinks up, re serving, staking out, be impressed, crystal-ball divine, builds castles in air, footed, barks up wrong tree, re mark, gets point, takes trust, re-serving, catching on to, visualize, hast a looksee, bear mind, making up top of one head, swears down, putting in jeopardy, conclude, seeing in mind eye, has business with, looking up on, becoming conscious of, feasted one's eyes, under stand, taking into one arms, de codes, scoped, being of opinion, re-collecting, in fringed, keep out, take a shot, mulled over, are relevant, drop ball, be equipped for, thought the world of, be holds, move for, Misconjecture, used one head, built castles air, catches drift, un-scrambled, cling to, checks over, re-spect, hazarded a guess, guesstimates, looks at, esteem, fancy, ins the cards, takes at one word, hadst feeling, taking shot, theorize, sees the mind's eye, keep the faith, be valid, wast case, went for broke, haddest relation, tote up, swilling, taking to heart, puts thinking cap, seeing mind's eye, letting out, deem, making off top one head, were with it, make off top of one's head, made top of one's head, resting assured, have a hunch, gotten load of, are apprised of, goes in for, reason, chugalugging, had the impression, use one's head, de-notes, sticks neck out, de-fends, wert of the opinion, make top of one's head, skate thin ice, saw in the mind's eye, brooding over, in spects, out lines, going out on a limb, makes heads or tails of, hast the impression, contemplate, mis think, gat through ones head, staid put, be-hold, jumped to a conclusion, catching sight of, hast audacity, builded upon, take into one's arms, rubbers, de tain, art affected, be-gun, provide for, made up off top one head, fore know, feasts ones eyes, have faith, is determined, calculate, spitball, takes heart, figuring on, has a look, takes for, was aware, arrived at, calling up, fore-told, pre-determine, was the opinion, look upon, set down, am confident of, am affected, ideates, fore-boded, had sneaking suspicion, Postulated, skating thin ice, caught sight of, made top one's head, Summing, de riving, sweated it out, ticked off, setting figure, hadst a fling at, made up top one's head, in-fringes, is resolved, taking the measure of, pre vising, re strains, drawing inference, deduce, in-corporates, re questing, taking at face value, am convinced, Swilled, hath dibs on something, am directed to, pro pose, pro pone, having a hunch, have relation, hand one, pre-determining, para phrasing, are equipped for, overestimates, play the market, de pended, eagle eyed, are directed to, take notice, ex plicated, lapping up, hadst look see, make allowance for, sweated it, think to, have a look, mis deeming, wast overcritical, hadst the impression, pro-posing, colls, handing to one, swears up down, lay open, sur-mises, took at word, hath a feeling, ex-act, remain true, gets idea, happen up on, provided for, putting forward, overestimating, ex-plicating, pre judged, mis construing, misthinking, make off top of one head, being commensurate, lump it, haddest bearing on, re viewing, feel bones, build up on, in fringe, get the impression, have fling at, gat down knee, rely upon, act with regard to, tabbed, rides on coattails, mark, re marks, de legate, re collected, hath look-see, drawing from, think, being opinion, knocks wood, looking for, see in the mind's eye, hast a hunch, looked ahead to, having business with, typecasts, reenacting, de-rive, eagle-eyes, seeing in mind's eye, mis-took, mis-comprehended, is matter of, laying open, crossing one's heart, are impressed, spake one's piece, try out, button down, looking on, think likely, rely on, corresponded to, inned cards, acted with regard to, refer to, boil down to, over-estimate, hadst vibes, art determined, un riddle, are fond of, keep ones eye on, payed heed, Misdeem, fire question, are resolved, makes off top of one head, make up top of head, un riddled, have a looksee, was cognizant of, glances at, gotten the impression, de fends, see the minds eye, are about, art with it, Re-collect, clung to, wast the opinion, puts snare on, pronounced sentence, having audacity, re-commends, gotten in touch, promising oneself, picking upon, look for, Patting, takes mean, un raveled, proponed, palm, reckon, referred to, Misthought, puzzling over, wert commensurate, coming hasty conclusion, de-vised, eagle eying, stay put, in-haling, jumping a conclusion, confide in, un derwent, mis apprehends, counted heads, fore bodes, is unfair, inning the cards, is cognizant of, logicalized, dare said, have sneaking suspicion, ex plained, de noting, wast partial, intro duces, gaze, made off top of head, under pinned, up held, de-ciphering, de-coded, knock on wood, hadst relation, be certain of, were informed, giving attention, were cognizant of, Similize, premise, haddest a looksee, gloms onto, be naive, was impressed, be determined, hadst dibs something, eyeball, be-ginning, hadst reference, taking as gospel, having no doubt, held dear, fall for, de code, felt gut, haddest a hunch, puzzles over, gloms, take one word, expected from, sticking one neck out, knocking on wood, re-quire, had no doubt, de signs, takes at word, un-riddled, gets down on one knee, taking account of, stood up, fore bode, laid money on, reach conclusion, uses one's head, bargained on, pro positioning, caught on, depended on, putting on thinking cap, thinking out, making off top of ones head, made top ones head, slurping, were sensitive, am composed of, make up top one head, getting through ones head, gat load of, taking into consideration, fore-tell, Umpired, have business with, up-holds, bargaining on, offering marriage, commentate, presuppose, pre dict, catching to, take in to ones arms, made up off top of one head, blueprinting, catch on, Dooming, hath mind, make a pitch, hast a look see, hung in, having a look, pre-supposing, art relevant to, de-codes, going out a limb, being relevant to, haddest sneaking suspicion, pre-judging, catch glimpse of, going for broke, looking up to, making book, hadst capacity for, ways sees it, were turned on to, doping out, was resolved, built on, be directed to, put thinking cap, Syllogizing, builded castles air, got load of, swallow, makes up top of ones head, de notes, wert relevant to, Imaged, hath do with, gat in touch, acts with regard to, hadst look-see, diagraming, with-held, figures out, de rived, are force, is relevant, art valid, Palming, crystalball divines, phantoming, looks forward, being inclined to think, pro-positioning, relies upon, relied up on, ride on coattails, re cognized, come hasty conclusion, draw inference, hath a looksee, Re-present, hand to one, feel, setting apart, re-mains, bargains on, made up top of one's head, de pend, re-enact, puzzled out, with hold, take a stab at, was lost thought, looking upon, were sensible of, sizes up, looked up to, laying money on, is naive, catches the drift, colled, sees coming, de-lineate, syllogize, pre-mises, had reference, going in for, has a bearing on, gamble on, trusted, under-rated, swearing up down, check over, feasting eyes on, standing up, kept out, gets it, stops to consider, mis judges, de ducting, haddest a bearing on, see minds eye, over-estimated, takes account of, Misthink, being apprised of, de vised, taking a flyer, catch sight of, took account of, art aware, hast mind, were a matter of, de-crees, un-ravels, looking at, pre siding, staking on, be a matter of, make up off top of head, kept in view, took at one word, washing down, having reference, in corporate, gave the eye, make off top of ones head, pronounces sentence, fore saw, kept fingers crossed, run over, unscrambled, see cards, totted up, haddest a feeling, Telegraphing, art opinion, sees in cards, pre-tended, wert convinced, re solves, take a stab, aspired to, un folding, dis covers, has vibes, make proposal, de coding, throw light on, ride coattails, re-commending, under-stand, Foreknew, provides for, Visioned, art unfair, took on trust, hast sneaking suspicion, ran over, is directed to, take shot at, gather, fore spoken, reacts toward, thought through, over rating, toting up, pre-tends, get the hang of, de-sired, take in to one arms, planning for, Dogmatized, de-note, draws inference, un-riddle, made off top ones head, mis calculating, unriddles, make up off top one's head, gotten down on one knee, stayed put, art of opinion, seeing in the minds eye, swearing down, gat down one knee, dis-posing, patting back, fore told, lay on line, saw handwriting on wall, kept close, holding dear, fore-bodes, sticked one neck out, thought to, art commensurate, putting a lock on, takes a shot at, tele graphing, re cognize, got it, art composed of, took trust, taking under consideration, re quire, takes into arms, remained true, saw daylight, calls up, wast informed, thinks through, hold out for, speaks one piece, gat touch, art turned on to, re strain, pre-supposed, prevising, savvied, kent, take ones word, in duces, having relation, gotten it, making stab at, ex-pounded, seeing cards, keeping out, takes a flyer, plays the market, makes motion, hadst looksee, pre-vised, taking for granted, give the once over, were confident of, arriving at, watching for, seeing the minds eye, de-siring, predict, skated thin ice, being affected, fore-bode, being determined, hath funny feeling, out line, mis-conceiving, sees minds eye, un-tangling, making top of ones head, makes use of, leaned on, re late, presuming true, take account of, mis comprehends, ex pressing, mis-apprehended, presume, get an eyeful, think the world of, de pict, take on trust, being credulous, dare-saying, hoped to, wert opinion, clutch, sees mind eye, brings mind, brooded over, previses, figures on, Forespeaking, re-members, saw as, wert matter of, saw in the mind eye, thresh out, crosses ones heart, takes one measure, presses ones suit, be sure of, re-tains, puts into hands of, slurps, saw the mind eye, re-calls, regards highly, was convinced of, wert misled, hold good, has recourse to, is the case, see the mind's eye, puts lock on, eye, de lineated, get down on knee, mis-apprehending, savvying, make off top one's head, haddest impression, under going, mis calculates, mis conceiving, being convinced of, give the eye, pre supposing, de fending, set store by, sees in the minds eye, looks sunny side, made up top of ones head, makes book, hast funny feeling, in haling, watch for, getting through one's head, haddest feeling, get it, hadst a bearing on, am credulous, re quested, kept ones eye on, had dibs something, in gest, takes stab at, having dibs something, telegraph, risked assuming, thinks over, get an eyeful of, pays attention, relates to standard, wast force, makes up off top of head, are sure of, re quires, charging to, presumes true, patted back, under-taken, under-pinned, in vite, be misled, placed confidence in, figure out, under gone, building on, over estimate, in duce, take crack at, gotten through head, are the case, are affected, over-rating, be excited, be convinced of, wast aware, were relevant to, getting in to, interpreted as, sticking neck out, forms opinion, gotten impression, re collect, dis patched, avail of, went so far, dis covered, were misled, mis-thinking, ex-acted, pick up on, cross ones heart, be inclined to think, passes sentence, de-tain, draws from, being naive, pertaining to, redlined, art partial, take a look, tabbing, get vibes, got hang of, speaking ones piece, making top head, keeps ones eye on, mis comprehending, understand, had every intention, eagleeyeing, sticking ones neck out, is sure of, jump a conclusion, fore spake, taking a plunge, keep tabs on, under-rates, trans-lated, am certain of, gat eyeful of, see in minds eye, taking ones word, re-collected, have a feeling, is sensitive, gambles on, hadst audacity, having look, caught drift, holds with, passing sentence, unriddling, took flyer, takes at one's word, skates thin ice, boiled down, sticks one neck out, stakes on, in tending, takes at ones word, spake ones piece, make sense of, seeing the mind's eye, gave a hearing, downing, refers to, pro pones, mis conceives, was overcritical, being valid, under took, handing it to one, fore-know, calculate roughly, bets on, have audacity, lap up, take into arms, moves for, are sensible of, sees in mind eye, pre supposed, be unfair, under-stands, in the cards, knocked wood, lays money on, art force, taking face value, de-vising, pressing ones suit, mis-conceive, trysted, de-legates, planning on, kept the faith, de-scribed, looking tenderly, made up off top of head, were valid, Umpiring, eyeballs, tele-graphing, hand it to one, getting the point, de crees, wert inclined think, art cognizant of, making off top head, applying to, having hunch, were convinced of, in-tend, hath hunch, got the picture, dis-entangled, feels confident, dropping ball, un-folds, are with it, giving eye, referring to, am apprised of, kept eye on, Summed, Lasted, missed by a mile, was fond of, re-cognized, paying heed, stuck ones neck out, was sensible of, making up top of one's head, make use of, mis reckon, had a look-see, misjudge, Forespeak, lays on the line, re-serve, has hunch, takes on trust, looked up on, mis conjectured, puts in to hands of, fore speaks, were the case, racks brains, making of, clocking, plans for, staring at, taking at one word, end angered, were aware of, make off top head, think through, redlining, over-looking, hast reference, makes top of one head, wert afraid, setting aside, bets bottom dollar on, stop to consider, regard highly, haddest looksee, re solve, crossed one heart, pro positions, psychs out, trans late, up holds, up-hold, gets in touch, placed trust in, mis reckoned, thinks about, having dibs on something, get through one head, take look, lay line, made stab at, were affected, make heads tails of, took arms, wert sure of, get through one's head, daresay, makes top ones head, under-estimate, ascribing to, get through head, was in effect, saw in cards, building up on, intellectualizes, speaking one's piece, made trustee, am convinced of, sweats it out, am with it, take shot, taking stab, un tangle, haddest bearing, fore-boding, up holding, make top one's head, under-went, pressing suit, with holds, lapped up, out lined, ex plicate, out lining, be informed, made up off top head, taking a shot at, de-lineated, be-longed, hadst a look see, pertains to, rely, hadst knowledge of, de-pend, mapped out, de picts, hast looksee, expressed an opinion, in-fringed, mapping out, Forespoken, setting store by, de liberates, takes ones measure, wert conscious of, looks upon, are conscious of, be sensible of, feasted eyes, made rough guess, wast relevant to, hadst hunch, hast bearing, de pends, re-quiring, mis conjectures, goes out on a limb, de ducted, happens up on, makes off top of one's head, mis-construing, wast commensurate, re members, promise oneself, are informed, thinks the world of, put in to hands of, getting down knee, took stab, apply to, get a load of, arrives at, seeing coming, art wrong, hit up, pays attention to, coming to hasty conclusion, read between lines, see in the cards, pre determine, take for granted, thinks as, hath the impression, pro positioned, says to oneself, being excited, re lying, made top of head, stare at, take into ones arms, ask in marriage, is fond of, have funny feeling, re tain, take into consideration, took at one's word, sets aside, took shot, dis-pose, dogmatizes, mis understanding, giving credence to, wast lost thought, fore feels, re-enacted, counting heads, passed sentence, un tangled, re strained, having to do with, expressed opinion, estimate, sweat it out, hadst look, feeling confident, takes stock in, stick one's neck out, art lost thought, trump up, being cognizant of, adds up, be lost in thought, swore and down, think up, un riddles, is inclined think, hast in mind, eagleeyes, de-fended, realize, putting in to hands of, looks for, aspire to, have a bearing on, re-called, put the snare on, boiling down to, makes heads tails of, dis patch, all-owed, hadst in mind, fore knew, are inclined to think, take at one word, look forward, gat eyeful, am turned to, were inclined think, dis pose, take to heart, fore felt, was turned on to, pore over, muse, presume true, mis-conjectured, get impression, wert credulous, wast fond of, make up top ones head, go out on a limb, un folds, mis-judging, intro-duce, looked tenderly, making up off top one's head, held good, fore seeing, ways one sees it, presses one's suit, taking trust, hadst fling at, made up top ones head, crystal ball divining, mis deem, thinking deeply, was case, paid attention to, puts forward, previse, relying upon, putting down as, fore-spoke, be sensitive, keeps tabs, bet bottom dollar on, jumps conclusion, hangs in, misconjecturing, mulls over, barking wrong tree, mis-deems, gotten eyeful of, pre-siding, re-viewed, hast hunch, takes stab, was turned to, taking one's measure, be turned to, guessing at, para-phrases, was determined, was of opinion, has look, taking measure of, come to hasty conclusion, racking one brains, wast aware of, catches to, put down as, boiling down, de sign, gives once over, pre-supposes, are effect, give once over, haddest to do with, thought over, thinking of as, feasted one eyes, went out on limb, takes for granted, de signing, swear up and down, availed of, promises oneself, offers marriage, cross one heart, lumps it, art lost in thought, had a looksee, re-strains, thinks of, racks one's brains, skated on thin ice, saw in mind's eye, class, de ciphered, were lost thought, call, rack ones brains, keeps eagle eye on, catch a glimpse of, hath to do with, takes under consideration, have vibes, miss by a mile, pre-determines, dropped the ball, was opinion, make up off top one head, eagle-eying, fired the question, way sees it, reading between lines, bear hugging, ex-posed, aspires to, takes into one arms, looked forward to, end-angers, hadst sneaking suspicion, mis-construes, over look, takes arms, took at ones word, mis-comprehend, have hunch, making a pitch, using ones head, keep one eye on, went out on a limb, wert certain of, use one head, go so far, am of the opinion, map out, speaks piece, be in force, expect from, mis-conceived, de-ciphered, build castles in air, has looksee, de-pends, have do with, corked up, take as gospel, crossed one's heart, re-enacts, sees the mind eye, haddest a look, rack one brains, making equal, mis-conjecture, laid the line, chews over, view, guesses at, hast a feeling, hast the audacity, re commend, providing for, wert effect, in-duce, hath in mind, be partial, lamped, jump gun, fore knows, mis deemed, wert a matter of, had look-see, makes off top one's head, crystal-ball divines, give over, being overcritical, in hale, being afraid, under-estimates, has dibs on something, take stock in, wast certain of, ex plaining, un-earthed, under-stood, ask marriage, wash down, going out limb, reckoned on, is composed of, press one suit, unscramble, make top head, using head, taking as gospel truth, eagle-eyeing, art overcritical, happening up on, am aware of, wert fond of, hadst dibs on something, make rough guess, takes one's measure, had a look, looked for, palms, miscomprehending, takes flyer, missing by mile, re-served, ex pounds, make stab at, approve, thinks to, reckoning with, pre-mise, dopes out, taking at one's word, hast no doubt, be-lieve, reads between lines, art apprised of, crosses one's heart, make up top of one's head, sort out, un ravels, looks to, looked forward, wast sensible of, mulling over, having sneaking suspicion, hold, cared for, has a fling at, infer, calls it, crossed heart, are turned to, took to heart, aim for, fore-feel, feast eyes on, ideated, mis-apprehend, re-presented, dare say, rate, Downs, takes in to one arms, ascribes to, locked up, being aware, saw cards, see as, pre suppose, mis-comprehends, art convinced, asking in marriage, art naive, taking stock in, psyching out, making top ones head, wayed sees it, taking a stab, had capacity for, not let go, going so far, pressing one's suit, getting the hang of, re commending, has a hunch, entertained idea, pressed one's suit, has a look-see, got in to, de-duce, said oneself, get down knee, rests on, art the case, sees in the cards, press one's suit, gotten into, relating to standard, mis reckoning, gotten through ones head, putting lock on, made heads tails of, overestimate, took in to arms, threshed out, ex-pounds, took for, correspond with, make pitch, take ones measure, de-duces, are excited, gave credence to, corresponds with, hath impression, takes into ones arms, haddest dibs something, feeling gut, forming opinion, is certain of, de-tains, thinks highly of, re calls, takes measure of, catches glimpse of, take in to arms, take, dis-entangling, de voted, takes shot, in-spects, come with, fires the question, got an eyeful of, deeming likely, be force, had hunch, un-earth, rides coattails, keeps eye on, holding good, take measure of, mis understand, risks assuming, feel in bones, gets a load of, got through one's head, takes in arms, firing the question, laid before, art the opinion, handing one, swearing and down, guesstimate, daresaid, dis entangle, remaining true, over estimating, shoring up, catching drift, got in touch, runs hands over, un raveling, vising, observe, had bearing, are overcritical, thought of, catches sight of, taking into arms, deem likely, had look see, taking measure, sees the cards, attributed to, took as gospel truth, make, re-lated, Miscomprehend, took a flyer, wert turned on to, getting through one head, make top one head, be confident of, used one's head, be aware, pre determines, rode on coattails, is excited, jumping to a conclusion, Colling, mis-thinks, hath a look, sticked neck out, wert case, catches a glimpse of, sees handwriting on wall, be commensurate, set a figure, taking heart, tenders, art misled, crystal-ball divined, wert equipped for, gets through one's head, builded castles in air, haddest hunch, haddest a look see, have reference, crossing one heart, fore boding, lays open, be opinion, take at word, lock up, gets down one knee, takes face value, dis patches, gives eye, staked on, washes down, take in to one's arms, pro-pounds, sees handwriting wall, gotten through one head, were effect, dis-covering, deems likely, runs over, builds upon, is convinced, took look, un-folding, ex-plained, hazarding a guess, take stab at, see the cards, thought as, are confident of, de-ciphers, hits on, dis-patch, pre-suppose, ticking off, is with it, makes up off top ones head, hadst faith in, de fended, seeing in minds eye, de siring, feel for, hadst do with, clocked, rested assured, have look see, turned to, gets the hang of, re calling, attribute to, related to standard, wert convinced of, re spects, got through head, wast directed to, un-raveled, hast to do with, think highly of, mis took, gets through head, plays market, make off top ones head, get down one knee, being sensitive, build on, re-gard, gotten in to, looking forward, calculate on, took as gospel, set figure, re-call, took to mean, under-standing, venture guess, took heart, made off top one's head, catches on, end-anger, using one's head, stopt consider, Omening, trust, repute, Propone, gave the once over, makes allowance for, press ones suit, kenning, be cognizant of, were lost in thought, sweat out, diagramming, played for, under stood, got a load of, conduct toward, throwing light on, mis-thought, were sure of, taking into one's arms, forespake, putting foot in, letted out, pro pounded, think of, para-phrase, fore-see, gets drift, skates on thin ice, relates standard, is confident of, setting eyes on, psych out, re membered, under estimates, mis-think, un-tangle, takes a stab, set at, relate standard, reckoned with, fore-saw, saw the mind's eye, haddest do with, fore-felt, catches on to, jumping conclusion, re presents, corking up, takes shot at, running over, makes up top of head, applied to, re presented, thought of as, aiming for, keeping one's eye on, read in to, dare says, hath a fling at, having impression, gat an eyeful, avails oneself of, makes off top ones head, dis posing, tele-graphed, writ down, took under consideration, forespoke, under taking, aims for, builds on, jumping to conclusion, surmise, counts noses, am valid, Valuing, reenacts, handed to one, saw in mind eye, speak one piece, takes measure, wert naive, barking up wrong tree, typecast, pro-fesses, stopping to consider, pre judging, Forefeel, makes up top one's head, made a pitch, plans on, mis judging, asks marriage, misdeemed, paying attention, Adventuring, pressing one suit, gotten point, pro fesses, hast feeling, gotten down one knee, be of the opinion, looked upon, was effect, puzzles out, has mind, end angers, being turned on to, thought world of, is opinion, getting eyeful of, pre-tending, attaching weight to, having a fling at, mis comprehend, lays the line, asking marriage, hands to one, haddest faith, being in effect, took a shot, take trust, place trust in, re commended, catching glimpse of, made book, took plunge, ventures a guess, had audacity, think about, dare-say, de scribe, de-ducting, re member, saw in the cards, over rated, hath the audacity, resting on, is overcritical, assume, holding out for, was directed to, sets at, un earths, sticks one's neck out, cork up, size up, sees daylight, believe in, puzzle over, have look-see, getting an eyeful, throws light on, keeps faith, look fixedly, mis apprehend, keeping close, bear upon, swear down, were case, crystal ball divined, clasp, de-fend, made love to, sets a figure, ex plains, art about, being resolved, getting the drift, sets forth, regard, making off top one's head, stuck neck out, wast turned to, see in the minds eye, kept view, wrote down, hanged in, played footsie, with holding, wast resolved, wert about, am effect, re-member, take notice of, am of opinion, boils down, taking a look, pop question, credit, putting down for, thinking through, in-haled, gotten a load of, writes down, are inclined think, happen upon, mis conceive, feasting eyes, is partial, makes top of head, over-looks, takes plunge, aspiring to, ascribe to, stick ones neck out, hoped for, have no doubt, stopt to consider, write down, re-solving, gat through one's head, were the opinion, de liberate, has no doubt, un-scrambling, is in force, took a shot at, sees in the mind eye, keep close, set apart, were matter of, see in mind eye, similizing, is impressed, took the measure of, was of the opinion, feel confident, knocking wood, re cognizing, takes ones word, wert aware of, dis-covered, gotten an eyeful, stuck one neck out, conceive, getting down one knee, looked at sunny side, bring mind, wert directed to, make trustee, re-serves, miscomprehended, built castles in air, formed opinion, pro-bed, ex pose, pressed ones suit, hath recourse to, gotten hang of, was certain of, become conscious of, drawing close, setting down, making up top of ones head, be with it, racked one brains, swearing up and down, fore feeling, mis calculated, re spect, dis covering, handed one, being effect, taking to mean, wert determined, patting on back, made top head, get drift, makes equal, keeping one eye on, take as gospel truth, gets hang of, thought out, makes a stab at, are unfair, gotten through one's head, be ginning, stand with, go for broke, stakes out, with-holds, Tendered, entertains idea, takes in to consideration, hast impression, chalked up to, eagleeyed, hadst impression, misconjectures, hast a look-see, gets the picture, wast apprised of, made proposal, pre-sage, be credulous, art informed, be-longs, looked on, rid coattails, built up on, crystal ball divine, saw mind's eye, thinking about, turns to, racked brains, play market, pre-judged, conducted toward, makes bold, made up top one head, reaching conclusion, holding true, all owing, slurped, mis conjecture, ideating, make a proposal, sware up and down, be longs, posit, taking one's word, take stab, wert composed of, gat drift, am sure of, is turned on to, is of opinion, racks ones brains, setting at, taking mean, intro duce, is force, is the opinion, makes trustee, crosses heart, be of opinion, dis posed, was lost in thought, misthinks, re-main, keeping the faith, take in to account, lays on line, held opinion, swears up and down, haddest fling at, chewing over, gat through head, is commensurate, getting down on one knee, make equal, pro pounding, has faith, un-ravel, art inclined to think, being a matter of, in-hale, were partial, hath faith, fore-knew, crystalball divining, racking brains, reenacted, having capacity for, make heads or tails of, standing with, re-strain, builds castles air, put snare on, wast with it, pre vise, is relevant to, attributes to, get in to, kibitz, seeing in cards, gotten the hang of, getting impression, hoping to, mis-deeming, feels for, hadst funny feeling, has dibs something, being case, pro-positions, catching on, uses one head, were inclined to think, wast equipped for, conducting oneself toward, was commensurate, looked sunny side, gave over, thinking up, taking into ones arms, goes out limb, get through ones head, under estimate, had knowledge of, feasting ones eyes, hast a fling at, think world of, were convinced, were wrong, making proposal, the way sees it, be in effect, wast matter of, holds good, hadst recourse to, shores up, mis judged, logicalizing, racks one brains, took a plunge, ex posed, take mean, sware down, pre tending, dare-said, puts jeopardy, de-noted, in hales, conceive of, wast credulous, has a looksee, ex-pose, mis-deemed, hoping for, make top of ones head, is affected, barked up wrong tree, am aware, believed in, un earthing, makes pitch, be apprised of, thumbed, reenact, de-clares, judge, art in force, up-held, pro bed, wert resolved, being misled, un-derwent, giving the once over, jump conclusion, boiled down to, seeing mind eye, was informed, staying put, wert relevant, pre-vise, under-rate, presses suit, re present, got down one knee, hath knowledge of, ex plicating, gotten the point, wast convinced of, shored up, making top of one head, proponing, am the opinion, puts a lock on, ventures guess, getting the idea, rest assured, get the idea, moving for, is equipped for, went in for, blueprinted, puts the snare on, shore up, staid staunch, intend, de-scribe, having a feeling, mis-conjectures, mis-judges, paying attention to, lay on the line, pro-fess, used ones head, took one measure, catch the drift, figured out, pro-pose, were of opinion, wast about, dis entangling, be about, brood over, makes off top of ones head, haddest a fling at, sweats it, picks up on, daresays, de-clare, wert sensible of, regarding highly, sweat it, take one's word, be-held, pre-judges, pick upon, made equal, make top of head, put down for, haddest the impression, wast inclined think, heading trip, say to oneself, count up on, mis understood, take in to consideration, saw the minds eye, making top one's head, conducting toward, be effect, reacting toward, count noses, wast cognizant of, relying up on, count, under-taking, stuck one's neck out, hath bearing on, am case, ex pound, in tends, laid claim to, fore telling, ascribed to, is sensible of, un folded, haddest dibs on something, re-presents, be-long, haddest every intention, takes a look, totes up, take plunge, making up top one head, making up top one's head, de duce, dis-patches, crystalball divine, happened upon, caught on to, wert excited, took mean, propose, takes in to ones arms, makes sense of, stayed staunch, was force, over looked, Patted, am the case, pre sages, in gests, believe, figure on, are aware of, dis-cern, re-calling, sur mises, wert of opinion, hast faith, be convinced, going out on limb, sees in the mind's eye, looked at, pro-pones, ex-press, stands in with, fore-seen, de-vise, were resolved, kept eagle eye on, was convinced, be hold, took meaning, downed, misses by a mile, ex-plain, reckoning on, am cognizant of, speaks ones piece, making up off top ones head, caught a glimpse of, trusts in, am equipped for, being the opinion, getting it, made off top of one's head, asked marriage, got eyeful, makes up off top one's head, getting the impression, chalking to, under-going, being fond of, froze to, interpreting as, being relevant, Palmed, jumped conclusion, pre-sages, un ravelling, tot up, slurp, ex act, were afraid, felt confident, hadst the audacity, having the impression, making off top of one head, re-quires, hazards guess, being equipped for, was partial, was conscious of, dare saying, was wrong, fore-knowing, were naive, feast one's eyes, hast a look, hands one, under pinning, calling it, am determined, wert wrong, keeping an eye on, be relevant, making up off top of one's head, am lost in thought, art directed to, wert aware, giving hearing, over-estimating, makes off top one head, are valid, de-votes, playing footsie, re-lying, re enacts, setting forth, promised oneself, being wrong, wast convinced, over rates, had mind, ex-plains, thinking to, see coming, with held, rubbered, had bearing on, art sensitive, making top one head, are opinion, de scribes, was credulous, hast knowledge of, treat, laying claim to, thinks of as, hold an opinion, comes to hasty conclusion, look at, be-holds, jumped to conclusion, fore casting, make bold, dropt ball, make a stab at, re commends, mis-calculates, hath fling at, having a looksee, eagleeying, take a flyer, being turned to, in fringes, keeping ones eye on, make top of one head, takes a stab at, make up off top of ones head, wast conscious of, holding with, fore-spake, became conscious of, gets picture, wert apprised of, pre-vising, saying to oneself, places trust in, wert sensitive, de-riving, logicalizes, availed oneself of, spitballing, missed by mile, taking on trust, stares at, hath reference, re cognizes, was aware of, have knowledge of, are convinced of, were credulous, de rive, made up top of one head, dis-patched, pat back, re quests, give hearing, un-scrambles, was relevant, were force, take a shot at, under went, put forward, under-estimated, under pins, picks upon, keep eye on, contain, am impressed, making up top of head, waiting for, make up top of ones head, de note, took into consideration, has fling at, looks at sunny side, have feeling, hath a bearing on, de-liberating, watch, had a hunch, makes off top head, miss by mile, keeps tabs on, has audacity, chugalug, catching a glimpse of, fore sees, handed it one, mis apprehended, pressed one suit, placing trust in, crystal ball divines, eagled eye, un-tangled, sets down, took in arms, deemed likely, under rated, swore up down, pin faith on, calculated roughly, wast wrong, being inclined think, taking in to one arms, redline, un-earthing, dis entangles, hast look see, ex pounded, takes word, has in mind, stake on, keeping tabs on, glom onto, am opinion, pored over, puts to, meditate, haddest business with, having fling at, kibitzing, keeps in view, ex-acting, were opinion, imagine, clings to, has reference, attaches weight to, is aware of, makes a pitch, take heart, staying staunch, accept, de duct, give eye, dis entangled, was composed of, are in force, use ones head, misconjectured, re serve, ticks off, pass sentence, fore feel, happens upon, thinking world of, am afraid, making motion, sweating it out, keep fingers crossed, be holding, keep view, un-fold, gets eyeful of, felt in gut, planned on, bear hugged, re viewed, wert in force, Unriddle, under taken, hadst faith, stops consider, jumps to conclusion, re-marked, are determined, gotten picture, offer marriage, stays put, up hold, is wrong, art conscious of, wert informed, am matter of, leaning on, re lied, were conscious of, hast dibs something, fore-spoken, pro posed, re quired, rely up on, are credulous, inned the cards, making pitch, un-earths, hitting on, caught the drift, mis take, was confident of, hope, ex-plaining, hast look, got eyeful of, am sensible of, think of as, mis conjecturing, keeps the faith, correspond to, gets down on knee, being informed, de ciphers, believes in, am a matter of, were certain of, speaks one's piece, paragoned, intro-duces, gets through one head, kept one's eye on, equate, be longed, pro-positioned, gets the drift, waying one sees it, is misled, pay attention, sorting out, taking plunge, hath bearing, apperceive, be fond of, gave eye, made a motion, importing, look at sunny side, makes top one's head, lays claim to, had fling at, pro-pounding, running hands over, takes a shot, had in mind, pats on back, had feeling, took at face value, takes meaning, under-pins, using one head, sticked ones neck out, puzzle out, re collects, art resolved, take for, pro-pounded, catching the drift, barked wrong tree, being conscious of, behold, love, hazard guess, art inclined think, taking a stab at, chugalugged, fire the question, make up off top ones head, had do with, be the opinion, deal with, boil down, over rate, bringing mind, racked ones brains, expect, mis comprehended, draw conclusion, speak piece, de rives, puts on thinking cap, be-longing, stays staunch, am conscious of, getting picture, Coll, over estimates, get the drift, Experiencing, confides in, ex-pressing, corresponds to, take under consideration, para phrased, hold dear, made off top one head, seeing in the mind eye, taking notice, put in jeopardy, are sensitive, caring for, were of the opinion, made a stab at, vised, bring to mind, pre judges, saw coming, goes for broke, be matter of, setting a figure, feasted ones eyes, haddest recourse to, in-spect, mis-understand, over-estimates, take word.