Pronunciation of Discontinue
/dˌɪskəntˈɪnjuː/, /dˌɪskəntˈɪnjuː/, /d_ˌɪ_s_k_ə_n_t_ˈɪ_n_j_uː/

Antonyms for discontinue

camped on the doorstep of, trying for, dost one's thing, nevered cease, dragging feet, over-take, Provisioned, keeping truckin', kept on truckin', drew breath, plays part, carried over, playing up to, thought of as, claim, art running, hung in there, be witches, get under way, pre-serves, de-sires, sticking to, re started, sitting through, riding out, cut it, stuck it out, are timeless, lets in, drags feet, am big about, were stubborn, lump, luxuriating in, lived with, dis counting, carrying forward, does thing, re fines, eyeballs, commence, gotten in there, birddog, lends hand, begins where left off, wears on, re located, be-friended, be-fallen, out live, doing to a turn, becoming popular, accroached, represent oneself, be falls, gets through, pro-duces, keep truckin', all owing, progress, vindicate, sticking guns, art in action, trans-act, setting in motion, forge ahead, keep on truckin, perdures, wast tenterhooks, do to a turn, re fuse, were seized, are in action, doing one's thing, resist, sate out, ex plicating, dost a number, wast on pins and needles, submit to, put up fight, ride out, decide on, re-main, nevered say die, scout out, keeping alive, un-ravel, coping with, get, carried to completion, fore-tells, doth justice to, shooting ahead, be friended, stick to, mis behaves, pro-long, stuck around, re opened, art steadfast, being resolute, am engaged in, pays court, uncoil, re-tain, producing result, does one thing, keeping afloat, wert resolute, am stubborn, moved on, nosing around, got there, wast on tenterhooks, wert alive, pursue, going that route, humoring, seeing it through, take care of business, act the part, re-counted, wast pins and needles, Downs, carried forward, pro-vided, paying for, re peat, un-folded, mis-appropriating, pro viding, am seized, got results, takes sick with, didst one thing, dragging one's feet, re-instituting, portaging, blink at, being seized, taking steps, endure, chivy, gathers up, multi-plied, get results, put through, be tiding, trans-plant, looked up on, gave access, camp doorstep of, disciplined, persists in, looking upon, carrying oneself, ex-plains, are extant, pulled out of it, pokes around, go out for, be friending, haddest go at, unite, un-winding, be-having, running in to, leaved alone, barelies exist, makes camp, art in operation, make a comeback, have being, Mantling, singles out, pre-vails, did justice to, doest a number, delivers the goods, counter acted, life, in habiting, fly face of, spread out, are big about, be-witches, dragged one's feet, re commencing, producing a result, are determined, loses it, function, pro-longing, be, keeps truckin', looking after, are running, co oking, leaving no stone unturned, accroaches, pro-cures, re-sting, go to town, re-pair, edges forward, hast place, re commence, is long lived, pre-tends, re capitulating, be-haves, re main, camps the doorstep of, spins out, makes ends meet, re tains, Chivied, live, pro-longed, aimed for, Enroot, bring down the house, go up against, did turn, gotten with, camped the doorstep of, piggybacking, un twisting, stick at, taking part, doest the trick, make camp, dost the trick, under-went, staid in, keeps existence, going forward, be resolute, gets in there, crane, are on pins needles, over-taking, doeth duty, squared off, didst ones thing, re opening, re sides, bearing the brunt, dis closed, making fuss, being extant, am pins needles, got going, hang there, out last, un-coiling, keeps the ball rolling, be gun, mis appropriate, stands by, de lighting, be big about, aiming for, run off with, pro-viding, are resolved, taking sick with, doth duty, hold on, scouted out, doth to a turn, puts through, hath effect, de sires, am tenterhooks, de duct, going route, re-presents, holding on, taking place, be-lieve, be present, barely exist, was true to, move on, has being, re-fuse, carried oneself, nose around, played to, is commission, be friends, go forward, take the bull by horns, grin and bear it, re pair, hold, didst number, be left, be steadfast, be having, bare under, trans acted, being on, gets with, re-tains, am action, pre served, takes hold of, mis-appropriates, art alive, dragged one feet, maintain, getting results, pre-tended, re-sided, take part, Bivouacked, pre-tending, importing, be indecorous, in-vested, take it on the chin, be-fell, dying hard, delivering goods, portaged, remaining firm, drags one feet, doeth the trick, with stood, taking it the chin, have a go at, hang in there, scraping by, sustain, does a turn, pro-tracts, are engaged in, ex-tended, staying the course, consents to, wear well, kept afloat, did one thing, never cease, poke around, remain standing, was in operation, re-paired, live through, am confronted by, produced result, under-taken, plugs away, interprets as, gathered up, get on with it, carried through, taking effect, laying egg, keeping ball rolling, putting in practice, searches for, re-establish, in haled, keeping going, counter vailing, have place, blinked at, resume, hanging in there, doing ones thing, nested, hast life, worked at, stand by, uncoiling, pay attention, noses around, stays course, stuck to, re-curred, ex-tend, un-twisting, decides on, works at, carved out, went way, being left, de light, re ached, dis placing, hold to, lived on, abide, ex plains, making comeback, keeps ball rolling, stayed course, were in operation, do one thing, nevers say die, re-commencing, dis placed, de siring, doth to turn, thinking as, protract, having effect, be confronted by, being alive, bare brunt, restart, re fusing, keep existence, heft, doth the trick, is resolved, advance, being in commission, didst trick, got through, art latent, takes it the chin, pre-sides, went route, lived down, ministering to, bare the brunt, out-wear, be on tenterhooks, de rive, puts hold, hang on, wast long lived, take hold of, gat with, camping doorstep of, Craning, acted part, are aware of, drags one's feet, made comeback, wast alive, act part, pro longs, lent hand, be commission, taking out after, being in action, holding the fort, getting with it, blinking at, played up to, out-stay, is pins and needles, went limit, initiate, ex tending, transorted, take bull by the horns, singled out, re-cover, am efficacious, de-sire, under taking, keep in existence, takes chin, poked around, cares for, officialize, sticks around, art big about, art resolute, bears the brunt, abstain from, be-tides, are commission, pro-vision, sticking for, be friend, over-whelming, doth thing, taking it on chin, did thing, runs on, being on tenterhooks, be ginning, in-crease, are latent, over-whelm, de fended, live with, staid over, bitting the bullet, went all way, think of as, dost to turn, cleave to, took steps, applies oneself, getting through, opting for, having place, strive for, acts the part, gave chase, apply oneself, re-aching, Freighting, hast no end, un-twist, dis counts, being on pins needles, staying on, perseverated, gotten going, sticked guns, doeth a turn, hadst a go at, playing role, was stubborn, prehending, went up against, clove to, Optate, haul in, sate take it, moving behind, does trick, sitting and take it, wast in operation, gotten with it, grappled with, trans planted, in vested, officializing, Sweethearting, delivered goods, carrying off, carries forward, doest ones thing, leaving alone, counter act, are patient with, de lay, in-gest, un roll, edge forward, in habited, outlive, do one's thing, brings down the house, pull fast one, were resolved, haddest life, thought as, be falling, lose sleep over, re-moving, goes out for, counter-vails, bears under, making it, dashes ahead, gat with it, squaring off, trans-plants, fore told, moving ahead, saw through, bearing under, carrying through, applying oneself, pro-mote, gives access, growing up, in-hale, plugging away, re opens, holds to, were alive, dis-charged, has a go at, scrape by, in-hales, be-friend, wast running, taking it on the chin, dash ahead, searching for, re-lays, under taken, get through, having go at, searching high heaven, un winds, be pins and needles, camping on doorstep of, ex plicates, bear on, was long lived, held fort, eking out an existence, gotten through, carries the torch, scouting out, bring down house, pro duce, doing trick, de-riving, is aware of, doth one's thing, in-vests, hadst place, making a stand, lived through, nevering say die, gotten results, survive, Hefted, were steadfast, remains standing, keeps on, wert latent, un wind, gotten under way, being running, favor, played gig, hauling in, pre sided, de-fend, doeth number, rides out, am resolved, re commenced, aspired to, held the fort, sate still for, carry forward, subsist, carry on, sat through, sticking up for, putting hold, over-taken, sticking it out, kept on truckin, dragging ones feet, dost duty, trans-planted, pro-visions, draws breath, all-owing, had go at, take care business, un ravels, pro curing, with standing, is in operation, hadst go at, go, spun out, re-peat, de fending, representing oneself, propel, barelying exist, nevering cease, wert in action, pre serve, over-took, re storing, hanged in, pre vailed, went on with, wert action, eke out a living, work hard, took part, de-fraud, out wearing, be fallen, dis-entangle, advocate, left alone, carries through, re capitulates, carried completion, pre serving, art patient with, taking it lying down, lays hold of, in haling, ekes out a living, doest duty, re-covering, held on, do thing, plays up to, poking around, fore telling, re-lay, submits to, moving on, didst a number, look after, sat still for, re-counting, put over, re-hearse, ministers to, re established, out lives, being confronted by, stayed over, were confronted by, dost one thing, pro-cure, prolong, are true to, being true to, pulls out it, running with, didst to a turn, sitting out, downed, de-lighting, was engaged in, ekes out an existence, take lying down, art action, defend, died hard, dis-entangling, carry through, untwisted, dis closing, played part, perseverate, toughs out, de-laying, un-ravels, laying hold of, prowl after, stay course, stayed behind, being action, support, un covers, re moved, took out after, enter up on, am latent, begin over, begin where left off, persisted in, up held, Personated, were in commission, stands up, keeping the ball rolling, went out for, in gest, gat there, going all the way, takes care business, de lighted, doing number, am long lived, lay hold of, out stayed, dis-placed, undergo, was steadfast, represents oneself, scouts out, enroots, gat on with it, cutting it, partake of, doing duty, de-ported, wast pins needles, paid for, goes for broke, resign oneself, said one piece, gets there, Craned, doing thing, hanging in, didst justice to, working hard, de-fended, eyeball, impresses as, under take, was on tenterhooks, minister to, kept from, hast being, is big about, re stored, preserve, sweated out, making camp, wink at, carving out, had place, standing by, art pins and needles, pro vided, impress as, keeping existence, over taking, is running, un ravelling, going limit, am in commission, laid an egg, make a stand, does duty, ex plicate, gives chase, went after, drags ones feet, kept from falling, bivouacs, search for, carry the torch, didst turn, dis-charge, pro vision, un-coiled, care for, ex plicated, look upon, get hold of, hold over, carry oneself, puts in practice, art seized, getting on with it, were tenterhooks, doing turn, taking the bull by the horns, went to town, hunts down, stands up to, pro cures, re instituting, have effect, didst thing, ran with, keeps truckin, was resolute, de porting, holds over, Gunning, went the way, ex tend, reinstituting, are on, kept ball rolling, do number, putting practice, being indecorous, join, Recommence, played catch up, hangs onto, gets on with, give appearance, gather up, gat going, re gards, dis-entangled, struggle against, payed court, wert stubborn, doeth trick, un-coils, out stay, re-sides, grinned bear it, plug away, waits out, pre vailing, un-winds, de fraud, saw as, cuts it, duelled, gets on with it, staid the course, took on the chin, edging forward, go that route, moves behind, is on pins and needles, camps on doorstep of, un-fold, re-capitulate, make comeback, co here, sets in motion, pay court, camp on doorstep of, sticked it out, pro-vide, making start, keeping in existence, Persisted, de ducted, carries over, flew in face of, re tain, am commission, am steadfast, tried for, takes for ride, standing up to, Perking, puts it over, ex-tends, taking for ride, staying put, gat under way, stringing out, aim for, held to, un-derwent, watching over, personates, gets under way, reinstitute, camped doorstep of, pro tract, being resolved, does one's thing, go all way, stood by, go all the way, holding to, out wear, pro-longs, barelied exist, stay in, re acting, took place, un raveled, were present, out lasted, re-peats, letting in, am determined, sat take it, got with, goes forward, taking it chin, luxuriated in, shoot ahead, goes to town, giving access, sticking to guns, un folds, staid on, set motion, taking lying down, string out, keeps going, am true to, co heres, Jagging, de-sired, be latent, Re-open, makes it, gotten hold of, was left, gives the appearance, subjects to, sticked at, meets with, de laying, remaining alive, aims for, trans ported, trajects, re peats, recommencing, nosed around, art confronted by, hadst life, takes steps, de lays, get going, are indecorous, be tide, carry torch, untwists, re-aping, die hard, drag one feet, struggled against, ex plained, am pins and needles, prehends, were extant, sickening with, recapitulate, toughing it out, take it on chin, Burlesquing, plays to, re locating, co oked, bringing down the house, seeing through, dragged ones feet, counter-act, de-ducted, flew face of, becomes popular, re covered, be-witching, spin out, gaining possession, took for a ride, bore under, works toward, subjecting to, puts over, remain, search high heaven, multi-plying, go against, up hold, wert pins and needles, carries torch, taking the bull by horns, de riving, re instated, gathering up, has go at, staid put, wert determined, take sick with, running off with, lending a hand, trans-pire, re aped, Hacking, took bull by horns, brings down house, keep truckin, under-taking, re-instates, de-siring, moves on, plugged away, dis entangled, over-whelmed, un-ravelling, became popular, dis entangles, make progress, bits the bullet, fanned out, pulls a fast one, do a turn, un-rolls, is on tenterhooks, wert tenterhooks, are resolute, lays an egg, re mains, hang in, gets with it, re-opening, make a start, create, carry over, reinstitutes, is patient with, doth number, bears brunt, de sire, searches out, was action, pulled fast one, up holds, run in to, saying ones piece, art indecorous, un winding, getting there, be-friending, are left, get on with, art commission, did to turn, stooged, pro longing, in-haling, doest thing, represses feelings, giving the appearance, chased after, draw breath, going out for, being tenterhooks, un cover, looks after, de-duct, playing catch up, stuck guns, aspiring to, doeth ones thing, abstains from, does justice to, trans act, Maneuvered, under-took, holding fast, are pins needles, playing gig, gotten on with it, hauled in, living down, be haves, searching out, sits still for, got hold of, gets hold of, were action, partook of, un coils, were timeless, moved behind, goes route, art long lived, de lights, kept in existence, is determined, getting hold of, saw it through, live out, lost it, engaging in, fore tell, sticks with it, sickened with, run with ball, co-hering, begins where one left off, lend hand, de fend, carrying to completion, making a comeback, un coiled, shores up, taking on the chin, prehend, counter vails, moves ahead, grin bear it, dis charging, plays gig, be seized, press on, Roosted, kept on, exist, pro-cured, un-raveling, leaved no stone unturned, trans-planting, re new, in creases, cleft to, hefts, dis-closing, stayed on, haddest being, re locates, make it, hadst no end, hauls in, pro vides, hanged in there, pro visioning, had no end, re-aped, sicken with, be-tiding, stay, out lasting, re curred, re-covers, moves out, re counts, putting on hold, dashing ahead, pro-tract, freezes to, multi plying, working for, be in commission, live on, took lying down, am alive, strove for, was determined, searched for, actuate, re cover, have no end, were pins needles, in creasing, mis behaving, fore-told, pro-vides, un-coil, wast engaged in, forged ahead, re-acted, coped with, be timeless, am running, winks at, gotten there, pressed on, sate and take it, letting out, scraped by, perform, re move, goes limit, bear the brunt, stand up to, victual, keeps in existence, stick it out, being operation, pro vide, sticked to guns, took hold of, did ones thing, re counted, hath a go at, nurture, go with, aspires to, in-vest, pre tend, pro-moting, perduring, make fuss, returning to, stays put, re-starting, de rives, sit and take it, kept alive, face, play up to, un fold, ran into, standing to, un furling, keeps on truckin, outstay, made it, Roosting, under takes, re-fines, begins over, took bull by the horns, is on pins needles, make debut, didst duty, all owed, run with, is in commission, transort, re-start, in habits, Piloted, Perpetrated, bearing up under, in crease, wast aware of, perseverating, had being, pro cure, saying one's piece, pre-vail, run on, be witching, wert running, makes a start, deal with, re fine, was on pins needles, doeth justice to, camp the doorstep of, be determined, fore tells, being determined, are pins and needles, be efficacious, sits take it, struggling against, eyeballing, out-stayed, has no end, under went, re-capitulates, drag feet, beginning where left off, providing for, be resolved, wast timeless, in hale, partaking of, pre-vented, Disciplining, in-haled, froze to, dis-entangles, trans acts, out-last, went ahead, being pins needles, lose it, go ahead, pre vent, was indecorous, does ones thing, trans acting, made progress, ex-plain, Personating, stay put, re sting, in vests, bivouac, fanning out, shore up, did to a turn, put up a fight, give the appearance, sticks for, prowled after, single out, be alive, dis counted, trans pire, was timeless, shot ahead, wast in action, sit still for, remains firm, put with, takes place, letted in, had effect, going town, in-habiting, bore brunt, re-located, grows up, pre-served, lives through, de-light, continue, un raveling, let out, doth a number, de-ducts, was tenterhooks, carries completion, re-institutes, took patiently, pro visions, personate, pays for, taking away, cleaving to, doth ones thing, carry off, makes comeback, doeth turn, re-locating, keep, thinking of as, stooging, are tenterhooks, play gig, wast resolute, sets motion, sticked to, lends a hand, go after, lets out, gat on with, sticked like glue, bear, took it chin, is indecorous, resigned oneself, develop, de-ducting, under-gone, being on pins and needles, recommenced, hangs in, re capitulated, opted for, said ones piece, be have, takes away, taking care of business, sit out, camping the doorstep of, shoots ahead, grins bear it, meet with, is action, de ducting, going the way, re-new, bringing down house, seek, making headway, re laid, copes with, being stubborn, leave no stone unturned, be-ginning, bearing brunt, hangs in there, take for a ride, takes the bull by horns, mis appropriates, counter-vail, makes a fuss, consent to, was commission, takes it lying down, in-habits, sticks to guns, luxuriate in, wert in operation, took it the chin, living on, took on chin, sticking with it, do a number, wert present, out-wears, counter-vailing, did the trick, dieing hard, art stubborn, doth turn, keeping truckin, optates, begin where one left off, wert efficacious, fly in face of, stands to, harding, re-ached, pre vents, were patient with, doth trick, go way, officializes, carrying the torch, in-vesting, repressing feelings, sticked for, un folding, pulling a fast one, sweat out, goes up against, un covering, occupy, doeth one's thing, takes on the chin, out wore, win favor, were resolute, suffer, wast in commission, see as, beared the brunt, let in, make start, un-twisted, outstayed, go along, remain alive, hang onto, bird dog, dis entangle, did trick, protect, be-tided, art timeless, cope with, pushing on, hold the fort, take on chin, persist in, court, pressing on, co-oked, ex-plicated, went town, trans-acts, be-fall, re-counts, wert extant, going up against, return to, art tenterhooks, bore the brunt, getting with, be-witched, become popular, re curring, eke out living, bears up under, re-locates, eked out an existence, piggybacked, in-habit, tread boards, dis-charges, took care of business, carried the torch, playing to, edged forward, was pins needles, counter-acts, delivering the goods, out wears, do ones thing, takes care of, pre tends, re lays, un-furled, hadst effect, was on, were running, were on pins needles, re aching, holding out against, mealing, are in commission, wearing well, am patient with, camps doorstep of, keeps alive, art resolved, watch over, dis places, stood up, persevere, co-heres, mis-behaving, retain, is efficacious, are stubborn, work, untwist, got with it, uncoiled, re instituted, over whelmed, Burlesqued, portage, won favor, had a go at, un-rolled, does the trick, bear brunt, Re-present, pro cured, re presents, going to town, out-lives, un-rolling, move behind, sits and take it, take steps, taking patiently, living out, mis appropriating, deliver goods, being latent, mis-behaved, saying one piece, am on, wins favor, un coiling, pre-siding, stick like glue, carries to completion, Provisioning, assert, consenting to, take effect, submitted to, un-roll, acted the part, re presenting, ran with the ball, went in for, re-news, am on pins and needles, adopt, took chin, remains alive, re side, sees it through, goes town, re moving, began over, pro tracts, hanged onto, go on with, re-covered, make stand, go along with, pull out it, carries off, pays attention, says piece, pre-sided, applied oneself, look up on, dis entangling, Lasted, presses on, taking bull by horns, ex plain, ex tends, un coil, taking on chin, delivered the goods, work at, holds out against, pro visioned, repressed feelings, sees through, are seized, be in operation, went against, held over, un twists, keeps on truckin', goes against, wiled, re pairing, didst a turn, counter vail, paying attention, making a fuss, pulled a fast one, re-started, stay alive, are on tenterhooks, were long lived, play part, extend, sticks it out, making ends meet, take the bull by the horns, wrought hard, provides for, carry completion, be stubborn, pay for, did one's thing, duelling, beared up under, pro long, go on, pre tending, wert confronted by, being long lived, says one piece, camping on the doorstep of, staying in, trans plants, spreads out, wert aware of, mis-behaves, kept going, Prolonging, provided for, go in for, out-living, impel, drag one's feet, in vest, wast extant, beginning where one left off, take it lying down, ran in to, makes fuss, returned to, lays egg, Responding, re establishing, re fuses, prehended, ex-plicate, over take, de-lighted, took out, re-fused, keeps from falling, keep on truckin', did a number, ran off with, dies hard, put on hold, sticks to, re-presented, re-instating, pro duces, ex plaining, running into, un furled, has effect, make a fuss, go route, make ends meet, thinks of as, did duty, were left, doest one's thing, holds fast, running with ball, getting in there, took effect, thinks as, recommences, re store, mis behaved, took the bull by the horns, pre side, chase after, keeping on truckin, shoring up, grapples with, staid alive, doeth a number, lay egg, over whelm, nevers cease, doing a number, got in there, carried torch, laid hold of, put hold, de ducts, stays on, re sided, took it on chin, pulls fast one, aspire to, haunt, goes that route, out worn, be action, over took, hanging onto, take on the chin, pre-side, repress feelings, prosecute, made headway, produce a result, remained standing, over-takes, be witch, over whelms, all-owed, play role, are present, art determined, re-laying, being big about, art aware of, un-furling, puts up fight, un rolling, un-twists, art in commission, outstays, de-rives, said piece, am left, up holding, counter acting, putting up with, up-hold, lived out, losing sleep over, over takes, is on, be tenterhooks, art present, give chase, impressing as, did number, with stands, were operation, bivouacking, going against, acting part, renew, ran with ball, re-commence, re siding, draw out, out-wearing, try for, wert operation, doeth thing, wast resolved, un rolls, submitting to, wert in commission, produces a result, keep on, run with the ball, put practice, wast steadfast, doing to turn, Bunked, ex-plicating, stuck with it, dost trick, Trajecting, say one's piece, re-mained, leaves no stone unturned, go town, re-pairs, chases after, de-lays, re-side, were true to, ekes out living, returns to, dis-closed, un twist, are operation, got on with it, takes it chin, re present, wert commission, move ahead, stick with it, untwisting, looked after, said one's piece, made debut, work for, kept the ball rolling, pre siding, take place, putting with, wore on, dis-counting, does number, ex-plaining, keep up, re-curring, be-witch, wert timeless, re counting, be engaged in, run into, un folded, am resolute, dashed ahead, Hacked, am in action, payed attention, re news, proceed, just make it, take care of, with-stand, having being, re-institute, work toward, doth one thing, push on, doth a turn, Victualing, over-whelms, take it the chin, see through, tough out, re capitulate, strived for, up-holding, counter-acting, keep afloat, wrought for, takes for a ride, sate through, put up with, wert long lived, have go at, un ravel, met with, gat through, being efficacious, putting a fight, set in motion, Accroach, fans out, perked, stuck like glue, caring for, play to, lives down, cherish, un-ravelled, be-falls, take patiently, got on with, acting the part, drive, re paired, hanged there, be-falling, fan out, wiling, pro moting, re-commences, re pairs, got under way, starred, took care of, Chivying, making debut, pull a fast one, brought down the house, un ravelled, be lieve, Freighted, remain firm, lives out, being commission, re-instituted, keeping driving, re lay, un covered, un-raveled, dueled, dis close, in habit, downing, resigns oneself, eking out existence, perseverates, hunting down, be witched, doest number, bear up under, subjected to, hung in, consented to, re mained, wearing on, deciding on, wert steadfast, co hering, deliver the goods, being in operation, carrying over, stays behind, re-mains, flies face of, re presented, took away, is stubborn, stay over, get in there, cranes, winking at, pulls out of it, scrapes by, go the way, held fast, un wound, Loitered, be running, Trajected, ex-plicates, wast patient with, Dueling, dost ones thing, out staying, delivers goods, re-moves, watched over, dragged feet, making progress, dost turn, carrying completion, takes it on the chin, camped on doorstep of, stand to, dis closes, moved out, hammed, sweat, sticking at, nursles, being steadfast, be-friends, out lasts, square off, sticking like glue, being engaged in, hast a go at, sits out, going all way, being present, with stand, retry, put in practice, ran on, camps on the doorstep of, stays in, doeth to a turn, be true to, toughed out, singling out, in gests, sticked around, sickens with, stood to, re fused, am aware of, re-commenced, de-rived, wast big about, dis-close, struggles against, pre-vents, being pins and needles, stuck to guns, working toward, stays over, going on with, stood up to, Traject, abstaining from, are in operation, looked upon, de sired, haddest place, sweethearted, keep driving, tries for, Experiencing, gives appearance, never say die, goes on with, provide for, are on pins and needles, begin, re instates, re-move, hath no end, under-going, mis-appropriate, stick guns, decided on, complete, un-folding, persisting in, were engaged in, holds fort, hung there, stayed in, runs in to, being timeless, wert resolved, is operation, stays alive, staying behind, de-lay, puts practice, eked out existence, am operation, stayed alive, making stand, Hefting, fore-tell, keeping from falling, gat results, stick to guns, did a turn, made ends meet, mis appropriated, takes effect, kept truckin, is confronted by, gained possession, out-lasted, standing up, making a start, was resolved, makes progress, sweating out, persist, was alive, out stays, wast commission, Victualled, piloting, re institute, go the limit, does a number, out-wore, beared brunt, dis charges, under-take, dis-charging, interpreted as, goes on, rode out, re-stores, staid behind, running after, giving chase, with-stands, be in action, doeth to turn, says ones piece, be on pins and needles, stand firm, doest to a turn, start, dost thing, keep from, were latent, putting it over, worked hard, opts for, taking out, keeps driving, perpetuate, stuck up for, be tided, do the trick, be extant, take it chin, out-stays, take out after, having a go at, perdured, haddest no end, didst one's thing, going in for, be operation, are steadfast, re-instate, is extant, re starting, search out, keep ball rolling, dis charged, holds the fort, re-capitulating, take bull by horns, hangs there, dis-counts, de ported, loses sleep over, Bunking, lent a hand, beared under, dost to a turn, keep from falling, with-standing, wert left, de-fending, re-laid, gotten on with, blinks at, drag ones feet, stir, say ones piece, chivies, carrying torch, wert seized, transorting, stay on, re-gard, re institutes, abstained from, re-fine, lives on, counter acts, stays the course, Victualed, am on tenterhooks, take up, wast efficacious, co-here, be on, de-frauds, winning favor, de rived, play act, re instating, span out, puts fight, keeping on, has life, taking hold of, was extant, hast go at, un rolled, carries oneself, takes lying down, re commences, is steadfast, were on pins and needles, counter vailed, cared for, began where left off, ministered to, doest to turn, was patient with, art operation, give access, bare up under, sitting still for, takes care of business, living with, practice, un-covers, re-fining, were in action, keeps afloat, wait out, bore up under, took the chin, made a comeback, was big about, wast on pins needles, gat hold of, made a stand, forging ahead, bear under, stick for, carves out, do trick, is left, payed for, shored up, were efficacious, was aware of, bitted the bullet, runs off with, tote, gunned, de-fends, ekes out existence, was present, under-takes, play catch up, gat in there, takes on chin, wast on, going for broke, made fuss, makes a stand, going the limit, stuck for, took care business, pulling out of it, pre vail, keep going, under gone, takes it on chin, was in action, re-storing, sit through, be-gun, re locate, is true to, art pins needles, tolerate, wear on, were on tenterhooks, is engaged in, am timeless, stands firm, un derwent, staying over, am present, pre-venting, are alive, hamming, chasing after, were indecorous, re hearses, keep at, went the limit, pre-serving, makes debut, goes in for, pre sides, living through, looks upon, re establishes, wrought toward, Hards, re covering, out-lasting, being patient with, runs with the ball, left no stone unturned, puts up a fight, hath go at, in-creased, de-porting, interpreting as, dis-closes, doest turn, reopen, sit take it, went forward, taking the chin, dost number, re-hearses, beginning over, wast stubborn, grinned and bear it, take chin, out-lasts, get there, acts part, keeps from, losing it, carry to completion, cleaves to, took it lying down, wears well, out living, goes all the way, takes the chin, do justice to, clave to, mis behave, forges ahead, am extant, wrought at, re-stored, pro-motes, re-presenting, re instate, was seized, began where one left off, de-rive, prowling after, dis-places, uphold, stick up for, searched high heaven, doing one thing, act, are efficacious, doest one thing, eke out an existence, un-cover, in hales, going with, be fall, ex tended, be-have, leaves alone, doing justice to, de frauds, is pins needles, re acted, went that route, haddest a go at, freezing to, wert on, put a fight, be pins needles, be tides, makes stand, ran after, does turn, be aware of, dis-place, is timeless, art left, strung out, stayed the course, wert indecorous, up-holds, un-wound, pre-vent, am on pins needles, takes the bull by the horns, leave alone, cleaved to, under took, sticked up for, going way, ex-tending, looks up on, be fell, in-gests, dis-counted, moving out, engaged in, grinning and bear it, art true to, dragging one feet, carve out, runs with ball, ex-plained, Perdure, letted out, re establish, sticked with it, un-covering, are action, re laying, reinstituted, being aware of, looking up on, re-capitulated, co-oking, doing a turn, haddest effect, moves, brought down house, putting fight, be patient with, imprest as, accroaching, pro-visioned, go for broke, laying an egg, connect, re-locate, gave appearance, was confronted by, out lived, keep the ball rolling, put it over, was in commission, lost sleep over, doest justice to, didst the trick, waited out, strings out, wert on pins and needles, carried off, went for broke, wore well, made stand, was operation, holds on, keeping on truckin', under going, give birth, take away, transorts, dis place, re-establishes, wast present, grew up, eke out existence, is seized, took it on the chin, didst to turn, live down, nursled, takes part, fore-telling, kept truckin', winned favor, were aware of, sticks up for, wast seized, de fends, stuck at, rid out, wast operation, re-established, pre serves, pre venting, go limit, be on pins needles, undertake, taking care of, runs with, pro-curing, grapple with, wast determined, in-creases, hunted down, resigning oneself, un-folds, taking chin, cling, uncoils, up-held, doeth one thing, gains possession, doest a turn, plays catch up, wast action, gets going, bitted bullet, pre vails, get with it, operate, re fined, counter-vailed, made start, pre-vailed, were on, counter-acted, bits bullet, nesting, doing the trick, holding over, re-starts, took for ride, dis-placing, wast left, optating, be-tide, dost a turn, re-siding, took the bull by horns, out-staying, has place, take the chin, grinning bear it, were pins and needles, keep alive, wert pins needles, de-lights, engage in, getting going, starring, re stores, flying face of, was efficacious, Re-store, stayed put, hang out, was on pins and needles, hold out against, flying in face of, working at, are confronted by, take, re maining, re-pairing, be long lived, dis charge, bitting bullet, striving for, make headway, lending hand, moved ahead, sticks at, pulling fast one, makes headway, tough it out, had life, move out, sits through, interpret as, over whelming.