Pronunciation of Disfavor
/dɪsfˈe͡ɪvə/, /dɪsfˈe‍ɪvə/, /d_ɪ_s_f_ˈeɪ_v_ə/

Antonyms for disfavor

benison, de-sert, smiled upon, is the picture of, pro-moting, Re-turn, being ones side, being on one side, are ones side, be on side, take liking to, largesses, look to, endorsement, orchid, takes shine to, does kindness, bucked for, fondness, are the picture of, appetite, farthings, take shine to, play favorites, tilted toward, good breeding, took a liking to, dispensation, re turn, be in favor of, pleasings, be friends, hold with, sanctification, leaned toward, doing a kindness, plays favorites, benisons, permit, bent, regard highly, being image of, does a kindness, are one side, sayso, are on side, devotedness, ace hole, pull strings, compassionatenesses, popularity, tilting toward, lifesavers, flashes on, neck the woods, under standing, approbation, backing, art one's side, immoderation, courtesy, does right by, regarding highly, pat on the head, strokings, in temperateness, priority, one fourths, belief, wast in favor of, goahead, re-spect, happiness, looked up to, were picture of, flashed on, consider, acclaim, am side, holds with, pride of place, tendency, Obligement, played favorites, over-haul, pre-eminences, wast favor of, pre eminence, be friended, tilt toward, pre-sents, are image of, indulgence, smiles upon, superscriptions, Re-presentation, ORCHIDS, pulls strings, hubba-hubba, aid, treat well, preference, being one's side, in-clines, looking up to, leg-ups, was in favor of, is on one's side, did a kindness, be partial to, propensity, were on side, serviceabilities, did right by, Barrios, allow, leaning, buck for, countersignatures, ex cess, taking a liking to, pre valence, Valuing, leant toward, prizings, opted for, de-sires, cottoned to, is picture of, pro vinces, re lief, pumping up, held with, are picture of, compliment, Condolement, is on ones side, pumping ups, courtlinesses, renowns, COMP, in-temperances, un-selfishnesses, pro-vinces, de servings, acceptabilities, takes a liking to, opting for, over haul, dis tress, good breedings, stomping ground, wast on ones side, de light, are on ones side, love, warm fuzzy, in-temperatenesses, foring, re-spects, didst kindness, dis-tresses, doest kindness, de sert, were the picture of, advantage, first places, Profligateness, was on ones side, universalities, do right by, buttering ups, being side, reputation, in clines, lifesaver, being on side, root for, favor, doth a kindness, passion, thinking well of, appreciate, pre-sent, in cline, re turns, upgradings, are favor of, showing consideration, am picture of, subscription to, pat the back, quadrants, be on ones side, smiling up on, co-operations, over-hauls, respect, under-standing, drutherses, were one side, Cajoleries, be ones side, wast picture of, admire, pity, Benedictus, COMPS, in temperances, lean toward, is on side, dost right by, Permissivenesses, are in favor of, service, do a kindness, art the picture of, being on one's side, took shine to, taking liking to, cajolery, intemperatenesses, be the picture of, affection, intemperateness, cherish, am the picture of, dealing out, doth kindness, panegyrics, the nod, were in favor of, pro vince, CARITAS, fourths, did kindness, wert partial to, be the image of, re-lief, right, onefourths, one-fourth, compassionateness, prelations, wert on one side, fashionablenesses, am image of, wert favor of, pre-ferment, being favor of, art the image of, be image of, cotton to, sided with, trustworthiness, be on one's side, art image of, obligements, lenience, make exception, is the image of, being one side, use, be one's side, is image of, pleasure, are one's side, art picture of, pro-fits, yeses, are partial to, co operation, seal approval, am one's side, treats well, be on one side, am partial to, flash on, babyings, ministration, cup tea, were on one side, re commendation, predilection, one fourth, de-sire, are on one side, universality, smiling upon, approval, regarded highly, didst right by, wert on ones side, profligatenesses, wert ones side, dost a kindness, de-servings, re-sources, was one's side, look up to, kowtowings, pre valences, caritases, pre sent, re presentation, is partial to, re-commendation, old town, singling out, pro motions, was on one side, suffer, doest right by, wast image of, commendation, wert one side, pro-motion, sanctifications, hubba hubbas, wast partial to, permissiveness, art favor of, re-liability, bucks for, one-fourths, ex-cesses, championings, honor, dis tresses, wast one's side, enjoyablenesses, neck of woods, tilts toward, holding with, pro-motes, esteem, wert image of, doest a kindness, wert side, de lights, okay, were partial to, pamperings, doing right by, take to, leans toward, gallantnesses, admiration, re-presentations, commercials, preferment, counter signature, placatings, ex-cess, am on side, good behavior, re-nown, adore, pride place, ace the hole, pre-valence, were one's side, say so, under-standings, be-friend, siding with, art side, doeth a kindness, wast side, are side, were on one's side, rooting for, sweetness light, re nown, preferments, pre-possessions, leaning toward, pro-vince, singles out, playing favorites, makes exception, pat the head, faith, dependability, were image of, accept, de serving, were favor of, smiles up on, leg up, is ones side, regard, looks up to, pro moting, looked to, de-light, seal of approval, doth right by, thought well of, un selfishnesses, de sire, being in favor of, wast the picture of, wast on side, was on one's side, serviceability, am on ones side, wast the image of, wert on one's side, empathy, wert one's side, rooted for, pulling strings, pro-mote, pat head, in vocation, were side, grace, cottons to, up grades, KUDO, graciousness, liking, in-temperateness, gratifyings, were ones side, pre ferment, am one side, toadyings, looks to, re cognitions, takes to, un selfishness, am favor of, re cognition, condolements, satisfaction, benediction, takes liking to, pat on head, was picture of, wholeheartedness, shows consideration, attachment, secondments, prefer, rep, softheartednesses, shine, bucking for, neck woods, art partial to, in vocations, leg ups, take a shine to, shot the arm, am the image of, being the image of, high regards, wast one side, be one side, wholeheartednesses, dealing outs, re gards, cordiality, re-turns, confidence, Gallantness, cottoning to, counter signatures, show consideration, re-liabilities, take a liking to, desire, in temperance, like, legups, mercifulness, graciousnesses, re-cognition, favorings, first place, trust, is side, art one side, up grading, jump up, up grade, trustworthinesses, move ups, Comities, mercy, de-lights, sympathy, be-friended, was on side, good words, acceptability, quadrant, is one side, pre possessions, softheartedness, is on one side, pettings, is favor of, shot in arm, being partial to, subscription tos, enjoyableness, takes a shine to, side with, treatings, FORS, was side, re-source, be-friending, ace in hole, voice, servicing, think well of, co-operation, repute, taste, is in favor of, be picture of, are the image of, re spects, being picture of, lionization, treated well, in temperatenesses, countersignature, spoilings, was favor of, flashing on, up-grading, pat back, druthers, onefourth, certainty, devotion, wert on side, doeth right by, took liking to, was the picture of, art in favor of, was partial to, Prelation, de-serving, shot arm, trump, made exception, de sires, up-grades, single out, was image of, unselfishness, over hauls, comity, being the picture of, wast on one's side, praise, wert the image of, was one side, smiled up on, coddlings, pro fit, am on one side, good behaviors, were on ones side, partiality, un-selfishness, quarterns, pro fits, am ones side, taking a shine to, be side, favoritism, sides with, deservings, counter-signatures, pre-ferments, took a shine to, be friend, opts for, dependabilities, re sources, is one's side, counter-signature, are on one's side, barrio, Fashionableness, move up, treating well, taking to, shot in the arm, didst a kindness, mutualities, re source, lionizations, under standings, penchant, re spect, hubbahubbas, dis-tress, re liability, PRS, doing kindness, was ones side, smile upon, art ones side, servicings, relish, courtliness, felicitation, took to, pre-eminence, singled out, be favor of, re-commendations, regards highly, good word, marvelings, am on one's side, secondment, in-vocations, were the image of, looking to, high regard, humoring, re commendations, jump ups, credit, be-friends, in-cline, hubba hubba, stomping grounds, wast on one side, promotion, be friending, taking shine to, pre eminences, re presentations, thinks well of, benedictu, right free speech, re-gard, wast ones side, wert in favor of, pre ferments, sanction, legup, co operations, fored, being on ones side.