Pronunciation of Disfigure
/dɪsfˈɪɡə/, /dɪsfˈɪɡə/, /d_ɪ_s_f_ˈɪ_ɡ_ə/

Antonyms for disfigure

be decks, setting off, enriches, be coming, Prinking, prettified, glamorizes, adds bells whistles, be ribbon, set off, made up, co-loring, ornament, gave details, do something for, bedizening, Slicking, remodel, Garlanded, showing advantage, be dizen, be dizened, be ribboned, shows to advantage, prettying up, be-decking, show to advantage, edit, be-dizened, beribbon, reconstruct, bedizened, does something for, be-ribboned, better, gussy up, trim, putting best light, be-dizening, slicks, prettifies, doctor, Emblaze, beribboned, gussies up, Emblazing, glamorized, ornamentalizing, rebuild, Prinked, doth something for, be dizening, rectify, cure, Pranking, revise, ornamentalize, adds bells and whistles, dost something for, gild, be comes, be deck, be decked, be-deck, be-dizens, over stating, spiffed up, glamorizing, mend, flatter, beribbons, be came, decorate, beribboning, be decking, help, be-ribbon, be dizens, be-decks, ornamentalizes, patch, be-decked, slicked, Emblazed, bedizens, did something for, be-coming, be-ribbons, gives details, be-ribboning, co loring, puts best light, over-stated, show advantage, embellish, put best light, fix, sets off, showed advantage, makes up, improve, embellished, ornamentalized, bedizen, prettifying, over-stating, gussying up, repair, doeth something for, pretty up, give details, assist, prink, be-comes, be ribbons, showing to advantage, giving details, go with, be-dizen, aid, put in best light, gussied up, be come, emblazes, glamorize, spiff up, rehabilitate, deck, doest something for, be ribboning, didst something for, prinks, puts in best light, remedy, perfect, over state, prettied up, spiffs up, heal, over states, prettify, adorn, beautify, spiffing up, be-come, be-came, doing something for.