Pronunciation of Dishonest
/dɪsˈɒnɪst/, /dɪsˈɒnɪst/, /d_ɪ_s_ˈɒ_n_ɪ_s_t/

Antonyms for dishonest

button down, right-handed, more undesigning, edentulate, laid line, re sounding, most attested, stonest, most uncluttered, Unhurtful, un embellished, heart and soul into, pro-founder, uncontrived, plain dealing, disk-shaped, more quadrate, to the letter, authoritative, pure and simple, most adoring, most uncontrived, more documented, most well-proportioned, like is, plaindealing, most rectangular, salt the earth, more unambitious, un cool, straight ahead, faithful, un restricted, more unburdened, most headon, un-settled, be counted on, serious, yet be decided, un-objectionable, more discoid, more heart to heart, un committed, de mure, ex act, unmingled, un-bribable, un sophisticated, fair square, free-spirited, un shaken, un-swerving, more foursquare, more esteemed, most gospel, self explanatory, upright, simple, straightarrow, ex-act, round, more unembarrassed, un-feigned, invariant, more embodied, open shut, un-bent, conscientious, smooth spoken, most free-spoken, wellbehaved, on-the-level, most venting, more buttoneddown, more unrefuted, neverfailing, un injurious, most truehearted, most uncool, most flatout, heart-and-soul, more man to man, more confiding, more amen, most righton, on target, dis interested, truth-telling, more high principled, by numbers, clearcut, most curled, standing up, de-voted, plumb, good as ones word, unfluctuating, un alterable, more ringed, out spoken, most never failing, dis passionate, vocal, re-solved, more trustable, more never-failing, pro found, more beeline, matter-of-fact, on up, strait laced, more supposable, non-spiritual, un-bending, unhumorous, deep felt, more proven, Orbed, free spoken, more unmodifiable, pro fuse, more on-the-level, more upended, in-controvertible, incorrupt, more incorrupt, de voted, deepfelt, undemanding, most well thought of, veracious, in-destructible, most undissembled, uncool, most unrefuted, in nocuous, honest to goodness, unembarrassed, inelaborate, more unmalicious, dependable, never-failing, non partisan, more equilateral, in-variable, more cornball, out-goinger, un folded, clean living, un-spoiled, un-restricted, principled, un-smiling, like babe in the woods, just, most supposable, more unfurled, call spade spade, on deck, bare-faced, more lovesome, undisguised, collinear, on up-and-up, more evincive, re-liable, on the line, in-elaborate, un-restrained, on the up and up, most plain-dealing, boxier, more diskshaped, more breviloquent, more man-to-man, most man to man, most equalsided, more well established, un barred, most surfaced, firstclass, un artful, most orbicular, straightforward, easily seen, re-cognizable, well-meant, godfearing, more neverfailing, most unspotted, most confirmable, edgeless, most undissembling, more caring, well known, more right-on, well-proportioned, incorruptible, without reproach, call a spade spade, un occupied, more truthtelling, trustworthy, more smooth-spoken, more orthogonal, in-dubitable, in tense, un qualified, holding up wash, all there, most straightaway, worthy, sub lime, pre destined, gone on, deadlevel, on up and up, boxlike, yet to be decided, ex-tended, of piece, point blank, on up up, recti lineal, more undistorted, more easy going, more right angled, more above board, candid, most unfurled, un varnished, uncomplex, more disclosed, more probably, to letter, de-served, re doubtable, most wide-eyed, more blunted, more standup, pre-tensionless, un-experienced, ex-posed, most flat-out, un defiled, on end, more crimeless, un-malicious, most unmodified, un-worldliest, more unblighted, by book, more bearish, uncolored, single minded, most smooth spoken, most sure enough, most discoid, up air, sure enough, un questioning, de-cent, lawabiding, in-experienced, most upended, in-obnoxious, cold sober, most unbroken, wide-eyed, more predestined, most innoxious, most embodied, not posted, straight from horses mouth, un doubted, most bare-faced, out-righter, legitimate, unexaggerated, most circumstantiated, unpretentious, minding p's q's, most spheroid, most patulous, minding p q, sainted, in nocent, long faced, heart-to-heart, conscionable, more inextinguishable, well established, more flat out, literal, telling like it is, not crooked, un-wrinkled, most bare faced, level headed, straightup, un relieved, most unmingled, most free-spirited, more revering, real, most pretenseless, un-adulterated, globose, most unmistaken, most undiversified, non discriminatory, Patulous, most squareshooting, re liabler, most getable, fly right, more unsharpened, un-barred, more emptied, more curled, un-pointed, lovesome, more nonspiritual, most agape, most peeled, un settled, most unsmiling, un colored, Unartful, most hurtless, up for discussion, more uncool, in violate, freespoken, head-on, more unlabored, most amen, wellknown, more justified, in dubitable, honest god, more unshut, un concealed, laid back, boxiest, truth telling, more unpointed, most unpointed, upstanding, thinking twice, unspotted, more well-thought-of, Plain-dealing, buttondown, most sportspersonlike, more rightangled, un-guiltier, Unartificial, more heart-and-soul, most dead-level, unstopped, in decisive, Domical, no fooling, wellestablished, most quadratical, sureenough, most linear, more validated, most person-to-person, in-flexible, most outpouring, more edgeless, un-varying, most arranged, more bare faced, more collinear, in-corrupt, down home, most squarish, most straightarrow, more venerating, more upfront, be fitting, bluff, out pouring, A 1, up in air, most high principled, up-right, un conditional, most unsharpened, most wide eyed, more straightup, un covered, most never-failing, more person-to-person, what you see is what you get, more deep-felt, more meant, more dehiscent, un-stained, sub-lime, more orbiculate, more rocklike, Securable, most truthtelling, most uncomplex, end on, pre tenseless, most untutored, flyest, more uncorrupt, more square-shooting, un sullied, confirmable, reputable, more rent, discoid, more backslapping, un-complex, more quadratical, solid, most uninjurious, most plain spoken, top drawer, carrying load, more unfolded, straight from the shoulder, most unfolded, un-refuted, twenty four carat, ex-press, in order, flatout, most toothless, roly poly, lily white, saintest, most law-abiding, pro founder, more straight-arrow, un-embellished, innocent, planate, unbribable, consistent, re gular, most unmalicious, quadratical, un furled, out going, most well-established, more stand up, breviloquent, unassumed, un-disguised, more wide-eyed, never failing, more heart-to-heart, more linear, most beeline, more true-hearted, be coming, like an arrow, demonstrative, free spirited, un diversified, most plaindealing, in question, rightangled, most incorrupt, ex tensive, unvarnished, un disguised, most expanded, most right-angled, un locked, heartfelt, most true-hearted, un-mingled, more undisguised, righton, ex press, person to person, goody two shoes, rolypoly, out right, trueblue, trans parent, re liablest, quadra-tical, free-spoken, most law abiding, more clean living, inextinguishable, un offensive, unsharpened, un-folded, most resolved, more uncolored, most smoothspoken, out rightest, right front, most honest to goodness, Crimeless, most heart-to-heart, open and shut, most quadrate, proper, most unburdened, lay the line, re-doubted, on the and up, most cornball, un fluctuating, un sealed, more unbeautified, truthtelling, unsophisticated, left-handed, more bare-faced, forthright, more well intentioned, straight, innoxious, un refuted, un-guilty, most undestroyable, for real, most christian, un-inhibited, salt earth, square-shooting, pure simple, first class, un-concealed, open, un-adorned, most disclosed, more unexaggerated, more sportspersonlike, more disk-shaped, holding wash, un-tutored, wellbalanced, more frontal, in valuable, Unpresumptuous, ex-acting, un involved, more unartificial, in straight line, most certified, most inelaborate, un pointed, most emptied, most venerated, un resolved, up ended, on money, most rectilineal, un-flinching, more rectangular, most glorified, un-tainted, most unfaked, most uncolored, on the up, un-sharpened, credible, more law abiding, minding ps qs, most plain dealing, lay it on line, put to rights, most truth telling, moralistic, from the hip, Hurtless, more saintlike, most unblighted, re-cognized, more unplugged, Unshut, singleminded, more moralistic, un-wavering, true type, pre sent, un-complicated, un-corrupted, untutored, opendoor, re-gular, true to type, de-mure, un wrinkled, un-distorted, un-acquainted, most unprofaned, law abiding, unspoilt, most sure-enough, most unassumed, un impeded, plain spoken, more smooth spoken, more unwrinkled, more resultant, inobnoxious, un yielding, most collinear, un-furled, more sure enough, clean, made passable, un varied, most undistorted, spheroid, most crimeless, most sporting, person-to-person, un studied, more undestroyable, behind times, good as one's word, more free-spirited, un shut, most well-thought-of, sure-enough, un spoilt, more well-intentioned, more unbribable, most back-slapping, de-serving, in variable, most trustable, most buttoned-down, Inartificial, most rookie, straight-up, most above-board, in-nocuous, most back slapping, Dead level, un polished, un contrived, un erring, uni-form, undestroyable, most clean living, most authenticated, more unalloyed, simple minded, most unbent, more uncomplex, more surfaced, unfaked, more freespirited, de served, most worshiping, more boxlike, more high-principled, most rent, de cent, un stopped, unmodified, most well proportioned, recti linear, un familiar, shortspoken, un-broken, to be counted on, Undissembling, holding water, un-flagging, more up front, un-beautified, topdrawer, most right on, more deadlevel, fair, most freespirited, more honest-to-goodness, un sharpened, smooth-spoken, most easy going, more right-angled, un humorous, salt of earth, Circumstantiated, more revered, re-doubtable, more long-faced, most simplehearted, un-pretended, more highprincipled, in flesh, up down, more wellproportioned, more unspoilt, most conscionable, more inviolate, un feigned, condign, in flexible, more simplehearted, unalloyed, most offenseless, unsuspicious, undistorted, most pretensionless, most breviloquent, minding ps and qs, deep-felt, more truth telling, most truth-telling, most straight up, laid on the line, most esteemed, undeviating, most revered, free error, cornball, most inviolate, lay on the line, like a babe in the woods, more back slapping, most ascertained, most dehiscent, more straightaway, high minded, de-liberate, un-equivocal, back slapping, good as word, more unexperienced, de-terminative, straight from horse's mouth, un worldly, good, more watertight, in culpable, more gospel, easy going, more wide eyed, holding in wash, re doubted, more inartificial, un constrained, high principled, pre-sent, more christian, head on, truehearted, short spoken, in-corrigible, spread out, more disk shaped, by the book, more unmodified, most unhurtful, most justified, freespirited, un imposing, in the flesh, most cocked, heart to heart, more getable, devout, uni form, un faked, most establishable, more easy-going, un ostentatious, more -carat, dis closed, most unspoilt, watertight, un-cluttered, most redoubted, straight up, un-guiltiest, pure as driven snow, un complex, un varying, most unsealed, un tarnished, in the clear, out of date, un-diluted, un disputed, most buttoned down, laid on line, un-injurious, most unbeautified, perpendicular, orthogonal, more quadratic, most dead level, un-fluctuating, most nondiscriminatory, true, un-movable, aboveboard, most revering, more rookie, unbolted, un-committed, un-blighted, most heart to heart, most unlabored, more ringent, most upfront, in noxious, most domical, un-changing, more law-abiding, most buttoneddown, most deepfelt, un-locked, un-alloyed, out goingest, out righter, in controvertible, Unbeautified, most on-the-level, stand-up, un equivocal, most straight arrow, babe woods, sincere, goody goody, carrying the load, un-shut, in-violate, well meant, more up-front, more freespoken, more confirmable, first rate, non-stop, in-fallible, de-finite, un ambiguous, un broken, material, un-failing, most watertight, most lineal, un designing, most sainted, more edentate, unambitious, pro-fuse, most ringed, supposable, more untutored, most unpresumptuous, most on the level, in tenser, most attached, in-variant, more venting, up-ended, more attached, most -carat, constant, in-nocent, un presumptuous, true hearted, in corruptible, more resolved, more unassumed, most person to person, in-noxious, wide eyed, most rocklike, buttoneddown, most unbribable, staunch, un artificial, un refined, call a spade a spade, un-involved, un-faked, saying what thinks, un-divided, equilateral, devoted, un impeachable, on the up up, accurate, most uncurled, more undiversified, rectangular, un-spotted, more glorified, more headon, un pretentious, most disk-shaped, most plain-spoken, most well established, more conscionable, more peeled, square shooting, god fearing, un-schooled, most flat out, most unfluctuating, in bee line, inviolate, Unblighted, equal-sided, un faltering, un-ambitious, most substantive, longfaced, un assuming, from hip, un ambitious, more cleanliving, be had, most unshut, most straightup, un-diversified, most confiding, right angled, ex tended, official, un guiltiest, disk shaped, up standing, more undeviating, right as rain, clean-living, getable, lay it line, in-tenser, like babe in woods, un-demanding, un-obstructed, more well thought of, GOEST, dehiscent, establishable, pro-found, un bent, twentyfour carat, in elaborate, there, un obstructed, earnest, uncurled, heart and soul, more unbarred, un hurtful, un-dissembled, simplehearted, man-to-man, more equal sided, more deep felt, uniform, not keen, elevated, un corrupt, un-conditional, un schooled, most unwrinkled, out-goingest, most directly, man to man, most squared, more longfaced, most ringent, more squared, un-offensive, most unartful, more amateur, more flat-out, pretensionless, most yawning, ingenuous, re solute, more wellintentioned, back-slapping, most unvaried, more turned, on the up-and-up, walking eggs, most up front, genuine, wellfounded, de serving, un demanding, laidback, most evincive, most inobnoxious, most heart and soul, pre-tenseless, re-sounding, string along with, un bribable, of good repute, un-exaggerated, smoothspoken, ex posed, not figurative, no nonsense, straight from shoulder, twenty-four carat, un swerving, well-intentioned, most free spoken, re-solute, rectilineal, more unmistaken, un destroyable, honorable, most inerrant, moral, dull, un-stopped, the letter, offenseless, most wideeyed, reliable, clear cut, more wideeyed, un-modifiable, trans-parent, un curled, more authenticated, un-sullied, re-liabler, out-going, scrupulous, guileless, most rectilinear, un malicious, un-spoilt, un wavering, more directly, more true hearted, most inartificial, un worldlier, more inobnoxious, buttoned-down, more free spirited, un-mistaken, unbent, lay on line, right minded, most moralistic, kiddest, hanging together, more buttoned-down, in errant, more messianic, un-qualified, un-studied, firstrate, more blustering, un complicated, in-extinguishable, lay it the line, re moved, re fined, un flinching, most stand-up, in-artificial, in line, most equal sided, in-decisive, like a babe the woods, most turned, most free spirited, more attested, like a babe in woods, un-impeachable, more straight arrow, law-abiding, un tainted, most documented, therest, more head-on, heart soul in to, re cognizable, un-shaken, in tent, up the air, most unmodifiable, babe in woods, plainspoken, most undesigning, in experienced, un biased, pre tensionless, respectable, steadfast, un experienced, boxy, un-deviating, rockest, lay line, in-exorable, un-modified, most cathedral, having down pat, un mingled, most amateur, un deniable, more truth-telling, on line, un-pretentious, most unalloyed, well thought of, behind one, bushleague, un-assumed, un-occupied, most diskshaped, stuck on, more square shooting, un adorned, more undissembling, walking on eggs, bearish, un assumed, more unfaked, up right, un bending, straight-arrow, pre-destined, more deepfelt, saying what one thinks, unpointed, more plaindealing, more well proportioned, Unguilty, most validated, more lineal, most unbolted, more pretensionless, Unrefuted, buttoned down, un-varnished, un-refined, in-valuable, un-artful, most nonspiritual, more pretenseless, lineal, un profaned, more inelaborate, unvaried, most wellmeant, inerrant, most resultant, un-defiled, most maidenly, de finite, Pretenseless, truthful, straightout, valid, Unexperienced, salt of the earth, most globose, most adherent, most head on, tried true, like a babe woods, most probably, diskshaped, more inerrant, un suspicious, nonspiritual, un-imposing, linear, lilywhite, lay it on the line, de terminative, more squareshooting, de liberate, hard core, un-obtrusive, most true hearted, on and up, un mistakable, un spoiled, most straight-arrow, carat, toothless, un diluted, most wellproportioned, well-thought-of, out-right, more securable, more unpretended, cleanliving, most unhumorous, being oneself, un distorted, wellintentioned, more unbolted, fairly good, unmalicious, more cocked, more substantive, un-faltering, un-burdened, most orthogonal, more heart and soul, un-ceremonious, rightminded, more sorted, un-deniable, in corrupt, boy scout, more arranged, un-contrived, un-mistakable, un-questionable, more unpresumptuous, wellmeant, right-angled, most right-on, non-partisan, un spotted, most lawabiding, impartial, un guilty, un touchable, un-prejudiced, un tutored, honest, un obtrusive, more unspotted, most undemanding, most condign, Ringent, un-forced, more wellestablished, most unplugged, most uncorrupt, un interrupted, out-spoken, frank, dis-closed, more unprofaned, un movable, un embarrassed, more recognizable, sound, out and out, always there, more edentulate, Redoubted, unburdened, most recognizable, nononsense, un-blemished, un-presumptuous, un exaggerated, uncluttered, un-cool, un burdened, un-artificial, un prejudiced, un affected, good as one word, more uncluttered, un-yielding, un beautified, certain, Uninjurious, un-worldly, most unpretended, more flatout, most deadlevel, un-plugged, in-tense, more rectilineal, un stained, easy-going, most head-on, more circumstantiated, minding p's and q's, un-impeded, un-destroyable, more undemanding, un divided, pure, more truehearted, more straightarrow, most inextinguishable, most square-shooting, dis-passionate, more uncurled, more stabile, upfront, most standup, minding p and q, un smiling, un failing, more unartful, put rights, more wellmeant, Kidder, more globose, up-standing, more ascertained, go for broke, on level, un-designing, most predestined, more unsuspicious, more uncontrived, more innoxious, even handed, hearty, pointblank, no lie, most bearish, most unstopped, un-relieved, un modified, more equalsided, long-faced, most edentate, more domical, most quadratic, egg shaped, most above board, most well intentioned, most blustering, up-front, be-fitting, un-embarrassed, most unexperienced, un labored, be-coming, un-affected, ex acting, well intentioned, more unmingled, call spade a spade, more long faced, un dissembling, bulbous, un-tarnished, more dead-level, most planate, most heart-and-soul, rocker, most highprincipled, un changing, more orbicular, in-culpable, un-curled, headon, ex cathedra, straight out, nondiscriminatory, most unambitious, laid the line, straight from horse mouth, orbicular, more unsmiling, more adoring, in-tensest, un-varied, more on the level, un dissembled, unembellished, more plain-dealing, most frontal, more person to person, in-errant, most equal-sided, un-blocked, un-dissembling, most unartificial, more redoubted, most high-principled, un-doubted, most freespoken, squareshooting, un cluttered, more adherent, most orbiculate, unaffected, more unbroken, sur faced, un guiltier, flush, most stand up, re cognized, most edgeless, even, most long-faced, more above-board, dead-level, un bolted, most deep felt, more expanded, highprincipled, more carat, righteous, unpretended, imperishable, un pretended, un acquainted, rocklike, in extinguishable, more honest to goodness, trustable, undiversified, in-corruptible, outspoken, plain, most blunted, most sorted, most honest-to-goodness, squarish, Uncorrupt, re-liablest, dyed in the wool, more orbed, un-reserved, high-principled, right-on, backslapping, unmistaken, more undissembled, square, sur-faced, un-alterable, un-disputed, matter of fact, upended, in bag, most revealed, most square shooting, bare faced, recti-lineal, dis-interested, un clouded, more head on, more clean-living, selfexplanatory, most caring, un adulterated, un inhibited, bound determined, un modifiable, most longfaced, most wellestablished, top notch, maidenly, natural, more patulous, in destructible, unwrinkled, most saintlike, True-hearted, un forced, sportspersonlike, most deep-felt, unguiltier, un-suspicious, most well-intentioned, like babe woods, out-pouring, most wellintentioned, like babe the woods, most undisguised, meritorious, more lawabiding, more right on, more condign, Unlabored, un-ostentatious, Undesigning, indestructible, most up-front, more agape, in corrigible, un-touchable, wet behind ears, Undissembled, ethical, sainter, right up front, most meant, more plain dealing, direct, highminded, most right angled, most orbed, more righton, most neverfailing, transparent, free of error, more dead level, un-familiar, most disk shaped.