Pronunciation of Dishonor
/dɪsˈɒnə/, /dɪsˈɒnə/, /d_ɪ_s_ˈɒ_n_ə/

Antonyms for dishonor

apostheosizing, gave posy, ethics, be gun, dignity, bore the cost, re-serves, recognition, be-gun, de fraying, works for, derringdo, gifting with, art action, deferred to, in stalled, recognize, pray to, patting back, up grading, set of value, give glad hand, dis-passionateness, collogued, re spect, sub scribes, gift with, art fond of, giving key to city, raving over, de legate, rolled out red carpet, honestnesses, re-cognitions, am nuts about, wast a native of, putting on a pedestal, bowing down, heroworshiped, laurel, admire, dis-charged, good opinions, wishing joy to, ethical code, de-tain, prepaid, bare expense, incorruptnesses, vests in, re-straining, Lauding, heroworship, pro-visions, cherish, picking ones brain, be crazy about, de lay, laud, live up to, be mad about, reasonableness, dis-interest, be stowed, plunks down, revere, dis interests, be-decks, sub-missions, pick one brain, grooving on, pro viding, Idolatrizing, natural law, valuesystem, de-posits, besainting, wert sweet on, moons over, up rear, in-duct, being crazy for, re-serving, high mindednesses, setting off, re members, trustiness, incorruption, pre served, was true, be-sainted, de tains, held in awe, gave glad hand, be-sainting, are faithful, waving down, good behaviors, abidingness, wast true, art crazy over, re spite, apprize, spoke for, being sweet on, pre eminences, are crazy about, bare cost, pro-moting, shot the arm, picked brain, bows down, Bravoes, dis-interestednesses, be decked, prizings, sings praises of, were mad about, hyping, sub-scribes, look after, paying homage, setting apart, art in action, raved over, dis charged, end-owed, erectness, ministering to, high standings, live to, deal in, de tails, cheerings, colloguing, highmindednesses, PRS, re couped, re sounding, ethical values, is mad about, in-corruptnesses, sing praises, high esteem, was in awe of, are born in, yoo-hoo, came through with, dis interestednesses, pre-eminence, strokings, beared the cost, art nuts about, gallantry, blitzed, de light, take pleasure in, groupthink, unchangeableness, esteem, de sert, baccalaureates, Victualed, clean, cleave to, give a posy, re-paid, re quite, waved down, be-friended, set off, re-acted, sing the praises, lived to, bow down, in vested, Succoring, re-solution, am crazy over, is crazy about, trading last, hero worshipped, in-violability, monumentalize, prepays, spotlessnesses, cries up, wert crazy over, puffing ups, picked one's brain, collogue, complaisance, put finishing touch on, up-rightnesses, roll out red carpet, surplus cash, de frays, pro claims, wert stuck on, devotedness, sanctify, being stuck on, honestness, re-callings, am action, absoluteness, ingratiate with, clung to, plunk down, give and take, ingratiate oneself with, calls attention to, collogues, openmindedness, re serve, showed respect, thinks the world of, in-ducted, working for, ritualize, traded in, re-spect, picks brain, de lights, mooning over, speak for, in-corruptibilities, pay homage, apprehendings, picking brain, criterias, de-lights, highmindedness, dis-coursing, be have, commendation, speaks for, setting pedestal, in-ducting, in corruptibility, phoenixes, co-oked, crested, yoohooing, bending of the knee, in corruptness, was native of, worthinesses, answerabilities, dis passionateness, complies with, subjection, being in awe of, caring for, sub-limes, co oked, picked ones brain, roosed, ex tolling, non partisanships, was a native of, Laureated, re liability, taking off hat to, give kudos, hands it to, beats down upon, apostheosize, gotten results, cleaving to, moon over, in creases, take hat to, pre-sents, call of duty, holds in high esteem, ripenesses, shot in arm, besaints, wast sweet on, bears cost, dependabilities, multi-plying, wert born in, on accounts, apotheosing, was awe of, bore cost, wast in awe of, de-light, under standings, groupthinking, Dignification, de-gree, re tain, pro duce, Besaint, giving glad hand, were wild about, dig up, re coup, root for, smiling on, rolling out the red carpet, re-funded, in-corruption, pro vide, wert wild about, pick one's brain, Succored, graciousness, up-grading, prepay, finishings, non partisanship, de-positing, bending knee, bare the cost, putting a pedestal, ruling class, held respect, thought the world of, holding in awe, in-vest, looked after, kudizing, trueheartednesses, gives key to city, marvelled at, de terminations, were faithful, in corruptnesses, set pedestal, re membered, be deck, de lays, monogamy, rave over, is fond of, with holding, giving key city, dis-course, cleaved to, wrought for, sung out, sub lime, regard highly, bowed down to, gat behind, watch over, aesthetic sense, patted on back, in violability, art stuck on, picking one brain, sheepskins, de-fends, noticings, multi-plied, crown, sing praises of, pays homage to, fawned upon, shot in the arm, bearing expense, wert in action, gotten heads together, heard for, Volleyed, apprized, capital outlays, am crazy for, up-held, virtue, cleaves to, under-standings, patting on the back, re-cognizance, grace, be-have, worship, pre-paid, co operated, wert crazy for, art in awe of, bear the cost, de-terminations, wishes joy to, ex tension, dis charges, apotheosize, phoenix, in ducted, spotlessness, whistled down, payed homage to, up rears, defers to, be wild about, takes hat to, dis coursed, victual, claim as birthplace, set of values, pat back, unfailingnesses, commemorate, coronates, de-frayed, be friended, re warded, wholesomeness, handing to, am crazy about, roose, dis-passionatenesses, in-vesting, ministered to, in ducts, producing result, sings the praises of, up-rear, cling to, in-vocations, adscriptions, singing praises to, be friends, fawn up on, monumenting, ex-tensions, rate highly, sang praises to, crying up, be sainting, straightness, in crease, rolls out red carpet, handing it to, de tail, re cognizes, singing praises, over-statement, is nuts about, traded last, re payments, worthiness, cleft to, answerability, ex tends, pre-served, hand it to, degree, paying homage to, trans figuring, re-calls, appreciation, re-commended, is true, gives a bouquet, payed homage, heroworshipped, noblesse, idolatrizes, picks ones brain, whistled for, dis passion, got results, rooted for, holding high esteem, being crazy over, re-sounds, operate, de fending, be decking, sweetening kitty, compliment, give meeting, Duteousness, got high on, with held, monogamies, re cognized, re-liabilities, humaneness, dis courses, lives up to, bravo, jack up, co-oking, get high on, celebrate, Gallantness, coming through with, singing praises of, yoo hoos, re-members, giving kudos, getting high on, on cuff, merit, plunking down, regard, name, de-grees, un-changeablenesses, be-haves, offers prayers to, laurels, innocence, re calls, church services, reward, ethic, thought world of, glory, pat the back, evenhandednesses, de legates, up holds, re-commend, pro-motes, picks one's brain, paid tribute to, gat heads together, in stalling, looking to, valuesystems, singing the praises of, sycophancy, claimed as birthplace, ex-tolled, coughs up, fawning upon, obsequiousness, source pride, good opinion, de-bate, in-stall, be-stow, in-creased, giving meeting, is wild about, pushes for, ex tend, holds high esteem, entireness, up-rightness, re fund, kudizes, hand to, outspokennesses, Conformability, art native of, awe, re funds, enthroning, lifts up, made over, big hands, identifyings, re-cognized, sweetens kitty, bear the expense, thinking highly of, pats on the back, payed tribute to, perceivings, moving up, sets on pedestal, dutifulnesses, kneelings, Plastics, ethical value, endow, Laureating, idealisms, flagging down, tossing ideas around, be having, mooned over, gave bouquet, ex tended, yoohoos, obsequiousnesses, ingratiated with, is sweet on, bare the expense, deference, in-dependences, making payment, being born in, ex-tending, dependability, pro-claims, re-commendation, end owed, dealt in, trans figured, payed tribute, makes much of, de bated, hears it for, heard it for, elevate, pays homage, transcendences, pay homage to, am sweet on, in-stalling, are wild about, hear it for, holding in high esteem, Idolatrize, trans-figure, make much of, repute, get results, wert faithful, high esteems, re-payments, giving bouquet, sweetens the kitty, staunchnesses, wast fond of, exalt, trade in, re-coups, re-cognizing, ingratiates with, am in action, in vocation, sub scribing, pre serves, wert awe of, up-holds, re spects, up hold, probity, exquisitenesses, sub missions, pro-mote, co-operates, be-deck, homage, beat down upon, up-holding, be crazy for, in creasing, statelinesses, takes pleasure in, claiming as birthplace, up lifting, gives thanks, good word, laureates, being nuts about, sycophancies, thinking world of, re funding, re cognizances, pro visions, comity, glorification, estimation, pick ones brain, pat head, apotheosed, co-operating, sing out, de-legate, are awe of, Excellencies, re-pays, spake for, re-payment, with-held, re-funds, de posited, was mad about, bearing the cost, up rearing, getting results, pro-duces, giving a bouquet, considered opinions, art crazy for, speaking for, Perfectness, end owing, ingratiates oneself with, topped off, gives kudos, hero-worshipped, coughed up, wast nuts about, chastity, sinlessness, ministers to, got heads together, savoirfaire, digged up, maidenhood, Re-sound, being wild about, sublimes, bore the expense, wished joy to, keep, looks to, am mad about, called attention to, bluntness, in corruptibilities, groupthinked, yoo hoo, be-friends, up-graded, ex-tended, cleanse, re-calling, praying to, in-stalled, whistling down, put on a pedestal, being in action, Haloing, re-cognition, obligingness, makes payment, forthrightness, coughing up, dignifications, upgradings, were crazy for, on account, sub-scribed, am born in, yoo hooing, settled on, upgrade, be-having, rolled out the red carpet, being mad about, re-commending, was crazy for, value system, bowed down, re-coup, lift up, up-reared, be decks, thinks highly of, patting on back, pride, getting behind, high regard, rightfulness, de-tails, are fond of, am true, wast faithful, fair mindedness, promote, blow horn, deals in, canonization, dis passionatenesses, gave kudos, complying with, handed it to, heroworshipping, gallantnesses, wast in action, sings praises, speaking to, value-system, Provisioned, making much of, rolling out red carpet, recognizance, groove on, give a bouquet, de-frays, whistles for, digs up, puts finishing touch on, hero-worships, up rightnesses, re tains, give bouquet, clinging to, praise, pre eminence, apprizing, unfailingness, enfranchisement, up grades, rated highly, dis-burses, vesting in, paid respects, co-operate, took off hat to, de bate, gotten high on, move up, manageabilities, docility, Subliming, are stuck on, ritualizes, perpendicularity, Volleying, ripeness, obligingnesses, glorify, re-sounding, in duct, idealism, being native of, re strained, yoo-hooing, jewel, bore expense, duty, wonders at, re-fund, being fond of, derring do, heroworships, in-vests, cough up, gives meeting, wast action, canonizations, singing the praises, held in high esteem, are sweet on, be in action, took care of, be born in, source of pride, being faithful, de fray, hero-worship, courtlinesses, re commendation, rates highly, bending the knee, sub limes, apprizes, approval, allegiance, gotten behind, smiled on, memorialize, think the world of, be stows, setting on pedestal, was born in, de-lays, un failingness, be action, selfrespect, dis-charge, multi plying, re commend, were born in, absolutenesses, incorruptions, wast awe of, giving a posy, re coups, offering prayers to, obeys, pumping up, hiked up, re served, cried up, beating down up on, was in action, re collections, flagged down, re cognizing, surplus cashes, sub-liming, gave a bouquet, be sweet on, clave to, be stow, living up to, thankfulness, art wild about, be-ginning, flag down, sang out, moved up, peerages, made payment, unchangeablenesses, re-couped, worked for, devotednesses, wonder at, pre paid, dis-interests, in corruption, be faithful, am a native of, sub-lime, square deals, de bating, monumented, rooses, acceptabilities, Victualing, ingratiating oneself with, renown, be-friend, be crazy over, re-member, pre sent, adhered to, made much of, re-collections, noblenesses, laid on, be native of, re cognizance, truthfulness, sing praises to, de-bating, enthrones, art mad about, clove to, Conventionalities, Haloed, bears the expense, morality, uplift, good point, tractability, in-corruptness, maidenhoods, am awe of, pat on the head, honesty, prayed to, pro visioned, hero worshipping, pro visioning, re commended, sang praises, re-gard, monumentalized, re-solutions, de positing, constancy, art awe of, pats the back, de-posited, looks up to, wert true, high mindedness, be sainted, be nuts about, defer to, put a pedestal, re callings, kudize, un failingnesses, high regards, art true, was fond of, minister to, perpendicularities, apostheosized, lives to, pro-vision, calculatings, up grade, hero worshiped, ruling classes, paid tribute, in vocations, sub scribed, ex tolled, pro claiming, wast crazy for, transcendence, sets apart, recognizances, sweetening the kitty, in-crease, pays tribute, rooting for, be-stows, forthrightnesses, was crazy over, dis charge, settles on, de-fraying, sang the praises, de-termination, tribute, up holding, wast crazy over, ritualizing, looked up to, singlemindedness, living to, is action, Coronated, re funded, raise, besainted, gave key city, in corruptions, puffing up, payed respects, sublimity, be-decking, tractableness, wast crazy about, ethical codes, canonize, picks one brain, gat high on, being action, conventionality, pro claim, pro moting, saintlinesses, rating highly, wast native of, dis-interestedness, coronating, paid homage, speak to, re commendations, courtliness, bluntnesses, were action, hearing for, pays tribute to, bearing the expense, virginity, reputability, pro vision, holding dear, advance, righteousness, accountablenesses, reasonablenesses, re straining, patted the back, pro-visioned, pro-vided, rolls out the red carpet, reverence, wert nuts about, perfectnesses, apotheose, deifications, boast, tosses ideas around, single-mindednesses, art crazy about, shows respect, looking after, raves over, care for, re-commendations, public esteems, trading in, holds in awe, pre-potencies, being awe of, Idolatrized, trades in, bravos, were stuck on, responsivenessses, purify, chasteness, pre-eminences, sur-mounting, be-lief, were crazy about, exquisiteness, were a native of, good breedings, be stowing, plunked down, over statements, fear, pick brain, were nuts about, is faithful, Valuing, re cognize, high rank, make over, pre serve, sweeten kitty, loyalty, rightness, wert mad about, sub scribe, Extolled, think highly of, on arm, smiles on, art born in, hail, good habit, un-failingness, roll out the red carpet, subserviences, watched over, are in action, sur mount, sur mounted, beatifications, sur-mount, are action, Victualled, offered prayers to, over-statements, in violabilities, pushed for, adscription, apostheosizes, was sweet on, speaking highly of, public esteem, marvel at, pushing for, barraged, call attention to, Immortalization, pro motes, settle on, are true, holding awe, de laying, pre-serving, de-fend, promotes, come through with, calling attention to, immaculacy, puff up, de-fending, were awe of, acceptability, respect, submissiveness, trans figure, set apart, holds in respect, treasure, in-ducts, co-operated, confer, value-systems, single-mindedness, held in respect, am stuck on, devoirs, looked to, de-laying, sainted, honor, is a native of, held high esteem, beatification, conformabilities, Natural Laws, is awe of, adore, roosing, in-corruptions, re cognitions, puffs up, Parleying, pre paying, topping off, re-call, renowns, claims as birthplace, beats down up on, bears expense, de fend, pre-sent, pro claimed, perfection, re member, ex tending, paid homage to, cipherings, co operate, pat on head, re-warded, de-lay, aggrandize, un changeablenesses, un-changeableness, pro-vides, speaks to, predictings, groupthinks, sung the praises of, de gree, ex-tends, paying tribute to, hold dear, re paid, be-saints, sets off, re-strains, bowing down to, single mindedness, re strains, staunchness, re-tain, outspokenness, spoke highly of, pre serving, re pays, non-partisanships, comes through with, straightforwardness, wert in awe of, in-dependence, re solutions, toss ideas around, deify, bows down to, re-liability, re-collection, settling on, am wild about, dis-courses, re collection, trueheartedness, held awe, art a native of, looks after, evenhandedness, docilities, impeccabilities, lionize, wondering at, high-mindedness, church service, dis burses, in dependence, produce a result, in ducting, magnification, gave key to city, being crazy about, plainne, adhering to, whistle for, high ranks, art sweet on, up-rearing, installment buying, sublimed, re commends, tossed ideas around, re-warding, marvels at, sings out, shot arm, preeminence, take care of, gave a posy, in-creases, truenesses, responsivenesss, verticalities, jacked up, sung praises to, fairmindedness, right, be ginning, paying tribute, wholesomenesses, de-tains, make payment, Popularized, were in awe of, deification, up-lifting, hold high esteem, cares for, adheres to, pro vided, kudized, baccalaureate, be-friending, re-cognizances, up-hold, trans-figured, aesthetic senses, lionizations, on the arm, beared cost, sang the praises of, whistle down, pro-vide, making over, de posit, were sweet on, sub limed, beared expense, re pay, achievings, Provisioning, good habits, lived up to, dis passions, dis course, sing the praises of, gifts with, give key city, singlemindednesses, obeisance, Nobleness, re-strained, de-fray, good breeding, pre potency, holding respect, imperatives, up-rears, sur-mounts, is stuck on, tameness, hold respect, re-quite, happiness, re strain, stateliness, de-posit, dealing in, be a native of, pay, re-couping, laureate, shingles, sur mounting, being a native of, de tain, produces a result, solemnize, hear for, uprightness, re-paying, beared the expense, sub-limed, is born in, wert fond of, taking hat to, gives posy, puts a pedestal, with holds, whistles down, high-mindednesses, sub mission, pro duces, comply with, wast mad about, be haves, pre pays, regards highly, call duty, re-strain, nonpartisanship, bears the cost, up-grades, ex-tend, in-vested, pre-pay, un changeableness, pre-paying, vest in, were in action, sub-mission, trustworthiness, hero worshiping, improve, Objectiveness, Accountableness, dis interestedness, getting heads together, re gards, think world of, be-saint, hears for, sur mounts, be-stowing, re payment, bending of knee, dis-charges, hands to, trade last, be-stowed, sur-mounted, in vest, are in awe of, up held, re commending, giving posy, digging up, be friending, ex-tolling, de bates, re sound, give posy, looking up to, under-standing, marveled at, hiking up, re-served, admiration, be stuck on, re-spects, pre potencies, gets high on, speaks highly of, non-partisanship, re acting, re-serve, lifted up, re-spites, cared for, faultlessnesses, marvelling at, ex-tension, speak highly of, gat results, tops off, foot bill, co oking, being true, gives bouquet, re-commends, sweetened the kitty, gives a posy, gave thanks, virtuousness, hearing it for, be awe of, politesse, single mindednesses, be in awe of, incorruptness, gives key city, am faithful, verticality, dis-burse, held dear, integrity, push for, ascription, laying on, immortalizations, showing respect, co operates, sung the praises, be lief, sung praises of, were true, gets heads together, handed to, Promoted, takes care of, venerate, pumping ups, are a native of, de-bated, de-sert, is native of, wish joy to, incorruptibility, bearing cost, trans ported, re calling, is crazy over, putting on pedestal, de posits, straightforwardnesses, re-sounded, dis interest, bear cost, be-decked, pre-potency, pro-claiming, taking pleasure in, Impeccability, yoo hooed, was wild about, de grees, be fond of, Hymning, lay on, kick ideas around, de fended, abidingnesses, putting pedestal, ingratiating with, devoir, honorableness, sweetened kitty, beat down up on, good behavior, deferring to, with-holds, re cognition, sheepskin, un-failingnesses, adhere to, holds respect, patted back, considered opinion, with hold, sub-scribing, hold in respect, yoo-hooed, cry up, cherishings, was stuck on, Comities, under standing, re spites, enthrone, paying respects, re-membered, Cresting, re warding, dis burse, complied with, prays to, enthroned, is in awe of, sang praises of, de-legates, big hand, wert a native of, get behind, up rightness, put on pedestal, pre-serves, lifting up, dignify, marvelings, dis coursing, re paying, trustworthinesses, sub liming, work for, dis-charging, produced result, makes over, wert action, be saints, ritualized, re-tains, dis charging, de frayed, regarding highly, dutifulness, re-pay, yieldings, gave meeting, sweeten the kitty, reputabilities, graciousnesses, re couping, re sounds, veneration, lionization, yoohoo, blitzing, ingratiated oneself with, in vests, dis-passions, duteousnesses, panegyrics, in-corruptibility, trans-figures, spake highly of, clings to, observe, chastenesses, re acted, waves down, pat the head, be true, taking care of, credit, sings praises to, capital outlay, trans-figuring, bow down to, puts on pedestal, gets behind, kudos, am in awe of, be saint, re nown, square deal, re serving, de termination, up graded, self respect, end-owing, putting finishing touch on, monumentalizing, with-hold, dis-coursed, dis-passion, offer prayers to, gives glad hand, get heads together, was action, pro vides, good words, sung praises, high standing, obey, eminence, Prepaying, de-bates, got behind, kicked ideas around, took hat to, fawns upon, puts pedestal, give key to city, goodness, look up to, pats on back, humanenesses, pay tribute to, footed, coronate, gifted with, are crazy over, bear expense, de fends, de-tail, pro mote, Parleyed, be friend, are crazy for, marveling at, was faithful, co operating, re-nown, plainnes, pro-viding, barraging, faultlessness, producing a result, beating down upon, de-fended, watching over, look to, monumentalizes.