Pronunciation of Disinclined
/dˌɪsɪnklˈa͡ɪnd/, /dˌɪsɪnklˈa‍ɪnd/, /d_ˌɪ_s_ɪ_n_k_l_ˈaɪ_n_d/

Antonyms for disinclined

prone, thinking of, in place, of a mind to, hyped, unbidden, most psyched up, at fingertips, re solute, un asked, pre pared, given over to, dis-posed, sure, more unbidden, most set up, end owed, de-voted, end-owed, in accord with, more waiting, close hand, unquestioning, quick uptake, more welldisposed, more anticipating, ex-posed, more groomed, most liking, more resolved, more set up, like minded, happy, more psyched-up, re liablest, in the saddle, re liabler, more seduced, minded, re sourceful, seduced, more set-up, in-tending, addicted, de voted, more intending, in the mood, nobodys fool, most psyched-up, witting, pre-pared, most setup, most well disposed, most seduced, re-liabler, up for, quick the uptake, most rigged, at beck call, settled on, de-pendent, prepped, more consenting, all systems go, most attached, decided, strung out, more psychedup, more well-disposed, fond, fearless, most waiting, more hyped, more psyched up, desirous, most interested, more imbued, game for, in tending, nobody fool, sewed up, de siring, un-asked, at the ready, go along with, most fanatic, well-disposed, keen, hardy, most rehearsed, more contemplating, in order, most arranged, quick trigger, welldisposed, in favor, more attached, bent, at drop hat, Enticed, more witting, no dummy, most resolved, un bidden, more gaffed, in capacitated, psyched-up, most consenting, most planning, likeminded, pro cessed, disposed, more fanatic, un-flinching, pro-nest, tending, favorable, most sewed up, all bases covered, more well disposed, fonder, more allured, most anticipating, most welldisposed, more feeling, re-liablest, be fitting, apt, in readiness, psychedup, re levant, leaning toward, de-formed, de pendent, most allured, ready, set-up, most imbued, more liking, de-liberate, be-fitting, in position, in mood, Gaffed, on brink, most well-disposed, Tempted, un-bidden, quick the trigger, psyched up, un forced, close to hand, more adjusted, most unbidden, in-capacitated, most intending, quick on uptake, most gaffed, able, prone to, ex posed, most purposing, prepared, enthusiastic, willing, aiming at, at ready, most prepped, inclined, predisposed, at drop of hat, pre-disposed, well disposed, un afraid, more prepped, at beck and call, most psychedup, de-siring, quickwitted, most sewed-up, aspiring to, wedded to, most witting, of mind, equal to, under influence, tending toward, most groomed, more purposing, more arranged, most contemplating, pro nest, more planning, re-liable, more sewed-up, quick witted, de liberate, de formed, more up, sewed-up, up on, in line, more interested, un flinching, re-solved, certain, leaning, most enticed, unafraid, quick on the trigger, all set, more sewed up, most up, more enticed, game, dis posed, un-forced, of a mind, un-afraid, pro-cessed, quick on the uptake, on hand, re-levant, pre disposed, quick on trigger, most adjusted, re-solute, most hyped.