Pronunciation of Dislike
/dɪslˈa͡ɪk/, /dɪslˈa‍ɪk/, /d_ɪ_s_l_ˈaɪ_k/

Antonyms for dislike

where headed, were in a funk, plead for, kick one's heels, took a liking to, Wantoned, haddest it bad, thought the world of, denominator, taking easy, was big on, launched at, wittinesses, aperitif, am on side, are one side, exercises choice, art inclined to think, de stroyed, mad as march hare, atoneness, rushes up on, art big on, take pleasure in, hold high, un-fairnesses, had flash, has yen for, teacher's pets, being side, being apathetic, loses heart to, turns one's energies to, thinks up, in venting, setting ones heart on, art the image of, praise, un covering, de fend, dis-cern, ex-tracts, was partial to, wast in favor of, hath a preference for, being fond of, paints town, searches for pot of gold, selectivity, de nominator, took interest in, hath eyes for, doing a kindness, one track mind, being consumed with desire, make up top ones head, faces it, hold with, in-appropriate, bolted down, was attached to, worshippings, hath notion, live with, affinity, unglued, being smitten, prides oneself, taking delight in, sweep off feet, out ones tree, are the image of, Lacked, defer to, fixt up with, haddest urge for, crawlings, de nominators, be-haves, be in clouds, was insufficient, are engrossed by, druthers, taking up on, had hots for, be prone, had nightmare, art apathetic, Hoovers, un-changeableness, re-commending, gaze openmouthed, speak highly of, strokings, making top of ones head, art up in clouds, in-stabilities, are turned on to, satisfaction, Imaged, Aestheticism, being adapted for, pre-eminence, was up in clouds, graspingness, love story, make up off top one's head, fairylands, out of tree, wert partial to, make exception, make off top head, took it hard, being in favor of, be in awe of, haddest hard feelings, leaned to, lives high on hog, sang praises to, makes up top of one's head, de crees, clutching at, made up top one's head, pre disposing, are passionate, art deficient in, hoes, clung to, be aware of, am one side, was in funk, art crazy over, bucked for, canaans, haddest ambition, fixed ideas, be disposed, being blessed, art inflamed, conked out, be image of, ex tension, am one's side, settling up on, opt, wert turned by, not minding, takes to, proponed, be-longings, outreach, blowing steam, memorialize, unchangeablenesses, Truckage, smiles up on, sided with, kicking up heels, holding with, phantasies, out bursts, dis-patched, re-solves, wast mad about, romantic affairs, de faults, wert attracted to, Amore, hoe, hadst yen for, re-spire, art partial, played favorites, be witched, is up in clouds, lived up, out of one's tree, make up one's mind, deferring to, art want, string along with, made up top ones head, is predisposed, hadst a preference for, de coys, most ill-conceived, yenned for, dis patched, were crazy for, pre-conception, set apart, Desiderated, sympathy, re acted, discriminated between, eyes for, fasten on, hath nightmare, fastened on, being gloomy, be-stows, be enamored of, assuetudes, art for, in-cline, springs at, got a charge out of, up to the minute, have need, come with, making advances to, being partial, pro-cures, doting, art neglected, be-longing, makes top of head, in-things, bats in the belfry, tenderheartedness, being deprived, is on one's side, wert slanted, gives eyeteeth for, was up clouds, good taste, ridiculousness, standing by, differentia, Sympathies, painting town red, art stirred up, in-sight, bag, turns one energies to, be enchanted by, wert stuck on, de-vised, fancy, went a spree, co axing, make hit with, onceover, end earing, depend up on, haddest eyes for, make one's mind, re quires, went on spree, drunk in, pines for, like, de-sires, dis-cover, be entertained, ex-tensions, am smitten with, be without, woulds rather, makes up top of ones head, kicked over the traces, reason why, doest a kindness, made top of head, sycophancy, hadst use for, re spect, re seves, deciding on, was angry, re-commendation, pat on the head, inclining toward, Weltering, partial to, praying to, humaneness, made off top of one head, derive pleasure, sympathize, something brain, sees fit, most flipped, be down the mouth, eternal homes, live up to, make top of head, New Look, feels a need, art moonstruck, up-grading, pro-posing, art in the habit of, un reasonablenesses, watch over, tiein, reseving, cottoned to, wert on one side, was smitten with, de stroying, fore seeing, haddest recourse, shaking down, wast picture of, teachers pet, have an inclination, turning upside down, feast on, conceivings, betted on, glorify, took satisfaction in, digged down, intense desire, headset, wast hot for, being deprived of, root for, ravishments, after-worlds, first places, trustworthiness, wast inclined think, being all for, am deprived, prurience, weakness, holds high esteem, being ambitious, cleaves to, being moonstruck, lose heart to, accept, be loved, leans toward, verging on, pro-duces, de-nominator, under-taking, treating well, what it takes, joyousness, re sent, sexual relationship outside marriage, sentiment, in-spects, carry torch, being favored, whim, makes merry, affair the heart, re cline, wears a long face, feathering, makes exception, church services, ex-claimed, wondering at, out tree, be in habit of, Slotted, art favor of, wert favor of, are serious about, fixed on, pride joys, life to come, ex-posing, were the picture of, beyond all reason, scooped out, conking out, getting a load of, Propone, Obligement, sheers, cottoning to, art favored, was in habit of, fairyland, be for, lusting after, in-creases, does kindness, is in favor of, fagging out, re-posed, art gone on, de-fined, wert enamored of, are picture of, actuation, rested on, re curred, were habit of, dis posed, trans shipments, hath inclination, scooping out, art nuts about, setting aside, be turned to, drawing lots, builds castles air, took pleasure, planning for, latest words, are inclined to think, setting at, regarded highly, art turned by, sycophancies, pre serves, heads trip, wast biased, re-quires, dote on, CHALKS, turnons, pursuit, endearment, feel a need, singles, are desirous of, stargaze, chalk, being down in mouth, get up and go, has occasion for, de-fended, blew off steam, narrowmindedness, flipping over, be attached to, are down mouth, sets aside, made up off top of one head, haddest use for, be-wail, NOWS, reaped benefits, has a nightmare, am predisposed to, zest, companionabilities, tuckers, rejoicing in, breathes fire, de scribed, art in a funk, pant, hadst a yen for, makes most of, were in need of, yenning, in-hales, gustation, re spires, cared for, are image of, take an interest in, designate, tabbing, is on one side, wert satisfied with, be aroused, wert engrossed by, wert in clouds, gotten a load of, doing kindness, pines away, were needy, art satisfied with, fire in belly, living to, zeal, took shine to, stock up, ill conceived, de-scribed, clinging to, is hard up, rejoices in, wast prejudiced, lost heart to, art inclined think, being captivated by, am big on, Comities, stand in need, are wild about, permit, de-signs, enter up on, were a funk, puts weight on, wearing black, lustfulness, be neglected, keeping tabs on, derived pleasure from, necked, pre paring, faves, concrete idea, dis-charge, deferred to, under-mining, hold in respect, kick over the traces, samplings, is inclined to think, art ones side, haddest a flash, were crazy over, go pieces, chics, art a funk, riveted the eyes on, buttering ups, ex-acting, making one's mind, puts a good word, abidingness, glory in, in decision, is in the habit of, am envious, de scribe, heart's desire, fixed attitudes, took into one's arms, looked after, painted the town, hadst hard feelings, asserted oneself, be-yond, letting in, pulling strings, tilted toward, neighborlinesses, dis-covering, being turned by, moved toward, is crazy about, Visioning, felt disposed to, pro positions, rolls with punches, lust, be crazy for, grooved, affaire, are found wanting, art biased, ex-posed, re commending, fixed attitude, in sanities, looked for, Larked, are blessed, pre pared, is stuck on, be long, re tains, were love with, going record for, eats one heart out, puts faith in, itch, put on pedestal, ex claimed, canonize, headed trip, gotten charge out of, was mad about, be greedy, kicking over traces, be moonstruck, softheartednesses, hadst need of, have need of, up grading, ask for, is love with, being off, yens, ex-cesses, be one's side, keep eye on, is inclined, bent, taking joy in, turn ones hand to, built castles air, kicks up one's heels, be moaned, round bend, monomania, takes as gospel truth, be pleased, haddest need, am convinced, be-friending, under mined, in things, over hangs, be turned on by, were turned on by, am nuts about, makes up top one head, enamor, hadst a vision, woulds sooner, makes mind, are clouds, newest wrinkle, art keen on, canapes, up the minute, cupidity, be witches, co, had preference for, sweats over, stand by, fag out, put up with, sur-mise, am off, was fascinated with, be poor, decide on, making up off top ones head, phantoming, dis-posing, great unknown, smiling upon, are want, be witch, eternal home, were mad for, is a funk, were on one's side, are hot for, pining for, Desiderate, makes off top of head, was envious, was in need of, spitball, sexual urge, depends upon, in stability, wast adapted for, get off on, am true, propensity, builded castles air, wert up in clouds, am passionate, re-sents, pre-destining, stylishness, made up off top head, yen, getting off on, clings to, hast nightmare, regarding highly, predetermination, out-fitting, re gales, be moans, painted the town red, open arm, be inflamed, de siring, be crazy about, art inadequate, being inclined think, haddest a tendency, pre-sent, have eyes for, thirst, is blessed, in-sights, are happy, am in clover, be-stow, see fit, being entertained, dis cern, conations, art sad, being on side, making top one head, hath faith, be found wanting, rooted out, pay homage, wert happy, didst a kindness, settles upon, didst kindness, allow, where ones headeds, hath bad, being predisposed, are inflamed, art the habit of, being turned to, put on to, is impatient, were engrossed by, lets go, goingson, wast down in mouth, at onenesses, is faithful, being preoccupied, gazing open-mouthed, decided on, Beguin, pro cure, de-voted, wast partial to, whoops up, looking to, be-friends, settles up on, up-held, trying flavor of, approve, having urge for, forks out, being crazy about, pro-cure, pro-mote, ex cess, fell love with, pre served, is pleased by, hadst ambition, hadst eyes for, are inclined, in-gest, pre scribe, in-toxications, were inadequate, cared to, de-notes, ex-acted, stucks on, longing for, live, connectives, are deprived, goes soft, giving eyeteeth for, being liable, move toward, indulging oneself, high spirits, art short of, leaning, pinning down, being big on, provide, conveyor, were image of, took joy in, depends up on, hadst a crush on, were conducive, aspire, re-curred, was down out, reaping benefits, inclines toward, were in love with, latest wrinkles, hadst an inclination, out-reaching, be partial to, were neglected, were captivated by, preference, gloated over, is entertained, pride oneself, cry out for, painting town, art turned on by, magnification, get a charge out of, flare up, crazying about, go in to, be smitten with, wittiness, felt need, be in funk, de-legate, obsequiousness, tripped out, re-liabilities, tucker, in a zones, haddest a yen for, are enamored of, haddest a good time, simpaticos, build castles air, affaires de coeur, cottons to, wish, smoulder, inducement, standing in need of, cheerings, bucks for, church service, unfailingnesses, miss, after-taste, taste, whatfor, why wherefore, camaraderie, art blessed, serves to, could do with, being faithful, takes comfort, wast crazy for, wast favor of, wild for, makes the most of, takes into one arms, art attached to, had a preference for, Catting, zealotries, more screwball, kicking up one heels, being aroused, creaming for, dreaming of, being prone, took upon, turn inside out, motivation, is favored, did kindness, turned one's hand to, haddest yen for, derive pleasure from, at-onenesses, Religionism, pro cess, fit out, made a selection, re plenishes, un-reasonablenesses, is content, chink in armor, re creation, warm fuzzy, minded store, crush, were designed for, joyrides, de-faults, buttons down, go spree, turn hand to, was prone, wast need of, azures, pro posed, OVERS, hast it bad, in-crease, in sufficiencies, has a passion for, were passionate, are without, public esteems, tiger by the tail, in formation, have inclination, settle up on, are the picture of, rhapsody, pottier, in-sanity, being short, empathy, self-disciplines, Next world, makes up off top of head, am prone, hast need of, doest kindness, made up mind, wast disregarded, am love with, Infatuating, in zones, asserting oneself, taking shine to, pins down, endear, impulsions, bowed down to, art preoccupied, go soft, laying money on, carrying torch, re-pining, stretching for, take it hard, up holds, putting a pedestal, go hungry, de-voting, is disregarded, in-fidelities, re-quire, be up in clouds, were nuts about, be short, were turned to, being attracted to, pre pare, is slanted, beyond reason, bolt down, looks for, re-creations, zealotry, aesthetic senses, made up off top of one's head, wast up in clouds, were smitten, de fending, re marks, wast on side, dis crimination, excitabilities, ate one heart out, hadst occasion for, rosinesses, yearn, paint town red, be-grudge, being a funk, thing with feather, de-tails, hath fun, goes on record for, thing fors, pro-positioned, being gone on, are smitten, eat heart out, holding in respect, invalidities, gets a charge out of, fashionablenesses, extremism, am disposed, be conducive, hadst a flash, be serious about, ex cavate, being sad, pleasantness, Re-search, losing ones heart to, Bonne bouche, inter-ludes, finds appealing, longed for, over-did, speak well of, takes liking to, am slanted, be-stowed, took pleasure in, makes off top ones head, re-cognizing, Idled, is preoccupied, hearts desire, re-commendations, moves toward, be deprived, size up, Ned, take delight, wert crazy about, taking an interest in, lived luxury, under-standings, has faith, think, feels the pinch, purpose, haddest an urge for, am pleased, delight, bow down to, marveling at, are smitten with, charity, neighborliness, held respect, art mad about, pipe dreamed, dreamt of, hath passion for, wast desirous of, wert short of, am a funk, stood need of, palatablenesses, got charge out of, typecast, dis pose, wast a funk, pre ferments, are fascinated with, ex-claiming, was delirious, in fidelity, de sired, up grade, was inclined to think, show consideration, grooves on, wert predisposed, stewing over, un reasonableness, re-gales, anguished, had propensity, is prejudiced, dis-pose, am down out, taking a shine to, be grudges, de-scribes, be down and out, assert oneself, de noting, is attracted to, art turned on to, have affection for, outreaching, are inclined think, eyeballing, fixed up with, possessiveness, smoulders, open arms, be stuck on, being on ones side, haddest hots for, Extolled, like better, fore-sees, putting good word, art the picture of, goodwill, takes one measure, be-having, uni-sons, is in awe of, make off top ones head, inthings, am ambitious, re search, rivets eyes on, wert one's side, de-notation, in formations, felt a need, Conation, be-lief, humoring, de ranged, pie in sky, mads for, was pleased by, lives in luxury, co-operation, affair heart, are predisposed, wert down in the mouth, long for, re-sting, rooting out, are the habit of, in duce, munchies, is conducive, disposition, schizo, go a spree, being partial to, felt a dearth of, deputes, de-stroy, were consumed with desire, believed in, co-axing, revel, was on ones side, making up top of one head, loving, adoration, would rather, un failingness, un glued, transferences, are envious, attachment, languished for, gazing openmouthed, FORS, takes a shine to, was one's side, were down out, acceptability, tantalizations, dis tresses, in-constancies, pre-occupations, co-nation, staunchness, pet topic, connectors, had a flash, grantings, wert prone, making up top one head, Hungered, gat charge out of, art predisposed, under-takes, under standing, hast crush on, ex plosion, bask, valentines, single-mindednesses, velleities, grooving, chowing down, Bonnes bouches, fork out, thing, ardencies, be side, de press, sweep feet, am down in the mouth, were poor, ex-act, wert up clouds, living in luxury, feel the pinch, makes top one's head, pre-occupation, art gloomy, public esteem, were in clouds, being mad about, wast serious about, sub-liming, am gone on, sub liming, sets store by, over statements, make top of one head, was crazy over, carried a torch, am attached to, favoritism, inter lude, Mothering, have ambition, transference, taking delight, art picture of, re conciliation, was fond of, dis criminations, hadst occasion to, ex claim, Suspired, de-cline, savories, have crush on, face it, lionizations, be mad for, hadst eye on, idiolize, verges on, having a flash, verge on, self indulgence, indulges oneself, volition, cotton to, be pleased by, am up clouds, indulge in, die vine, wert in the habit of, leaning toward, rolling out red carpet, whole ideas, feeling a dearth of, being fascinated with, zaniness, on vine, felt disposed, cajolery, pre-serves, kick one heels, searches high and low, covetings, took in to one's arms, wast in a funk, wert deprived, re morses, wast the habit of, give glad hand, in-adequacies, is turned on to, FAGS, pro mises, idolize, calls upon, turning hand to, being nuts about, have a notion, be mad about, wast disposed, be deficient in, had a passion for, were prejudiced, goned on, de fining, art happy, wert deprived of, newest wrinkles, feeling need, is deprived of, take in to arms, more derisory, goings-ons, partialed to, considered opinions, is fond of, hast an inclination, pre-determination, being impatient, wast side, re cognition, make willing, am brokenhearted, impellents, out mind, have a tendency, thinking well of, good spirit, aspires to, take, pro-bed, is enchanted by, commit oneself, pro curing, am partial, beatifications, taking care of, co-unselling, sexual relationship outside of marriage, wore black, trans-shipments, taking into arms, am mad about, being deficient in, has good time, eat one's heart out, pro pounded, tiger by tail, is neglected, are content, agapai, haddest bad, hast notion, being on one side, de pressed, pray for, dieing on vine, be in a funk, bring light, makes hit with, coulded do with, inspots, tripping out, am crazy for, under take, was nuts about, in-spect, jones, make up top of head, am entertained, hungers for, tries the flavor of, looking up to, having eye on, pre-sents, lap up, most ill conceived, had a crush on, co operations, comity, is in funk, be in the habit of, approbation, fond hopes, conk out, pro vided, have a preference for, aper, make mind, making off top ones head, heart desires, fieriness, was love with, wert favored, please, is stirred up, sweet on, spoonful, joy, making up top of one's head, am fascinated with, be sad, am angry, hast a vision, being pleased, strung along with, kept eye on, pie sky, be-longs, is true, pro-pounds, are in awe of, wert the image of, be passionate, out fitted, wast wild about, made up top of one head, re-commends, Leisure Activity, is up clouds, wert faithful, calls up on, Cajoleries, fixt with, in-citations, de lighted, goes on spree, require, leaned toward, gaze, marveled at, put on a pedestal, have tendency, pre-destined, wrings hands, felt the necessity for, desideratum, re commendation, bucking for, responsivenesss, up held, likes better, be gloomy, repute, are partial, fire belly, serve to, searching high and low, get kick out of, being enamored of, outreached, laud, dependabilities, re commend, ex tolling, make ones mind, believing in, in-sane, biz, looks forward to, good vibrations, thinking world of, hadst a mind to, rooted for, going a spree, held awe, drutherses, wert moonstruck, grin bear it, pining away, hast a preference for, palatableness, tilts toward, wast engrossed by, pinings, monkey back, typecasts, are disposed, knowing way around, beatification, make-up, Deputing, having vision, am gratified by, get and go, get load of, feel disposed to, art prone, am clouds, over done, not minds, orchid, knowing way arounds, insisted upon, foring, hungering for, taking liking to, were on ones side, being one side, un changeablenesses, de stroy, were predisposed to, hellos, be up clouds, be blessed, wast inflamed, pre-disposed, be inclined to think, making top one's head, does right by, pre-scribed, hearts and flowerses, un-reasonableness, esurience, give key to city, searches for pot gold, Weltered, minused, wringing hands, de fends, cares for, of unsound mind, sore point, turn one energies to, pro visioned, cleaving to, plays favorites, sides with, are sweet on, art mad for, dis posing, delight in, ulterior motives, de lighting, headsets, re-pairs, dressinesses, delectation, pauperism, Divertissement, take up on, gregariousness, fore seen, pro posing, hang up, de terminations, pro moting, languishes for, Regalement, creamed for, luxuriated in, aspired to, am short, made willing, bravos, searched high low, likemindednesses, be longing, being the image of, re solves, wast nuts about, gets off on, ache for, art smitten with, be delirious, be-wailed, searched for pot of gold, getting an eyeful, am habit of, over emotionalisms, being love with, being designed for, gambles on, thinks the world of, being conducive, hath hard feelings, in-creased, go record for, am aroused, pro-positions, were slanted, am apathetic, hath it bad, am desirous of, greedy glutton, re presentation, infatuate, take a liking to, being without, made decision, being inadequate, puts good word, made whoopee, ex tolled, being wild about, hurtings, is pleased, is down in mouth, de fine, was hot for, head sets, munchy, insist upon, admire, forbidden loves, feels like, most unglued, dearests, is sad, adore, be in want, asks for, outreaches, be wails, were keen on, having an urge for, thing with feathers, are pleased, head-set, cleave to, was stirred up, holds in high esteem, relish, made up top of ones head, breathe fire, art sweet on, hath crush on, guesses at, re-pined, loses one heart to, opts for, ex claims, having passion for, pre sent, art content, re mark, puts on pedestal, wast faithful, excitant, rivet eyes on, care to, turning one's hand to, groove on, went on a spree, pray to, pro-pones, smiling up on, hath vision, fore-saw, live a little, bright sides, treat well, un-changeablenesses, pat on head, make advances to, ex haled, big ideas, was sweet on, longs for, lived extravagantly, turned one hand to, haddest inclination, sighing for, roots out, step out, wert habit of, lean, set at, excitability, re solve, is passionate, thirsting for, was gone on, de-scribe, were on one side, under-standing, trump up, re-solution, dis patching, wast content, sexual urges, had use for, insists upon, hadst recourse, hast affection for, amicableness, looks after, dis position, gazed openmouthed, bolting down, in saner, was enchanted by, be wail, making decision, are aroused, falls in love with, penchant, teacher pets, proclivity, taking stock in, think likely, more unglued, rush up on, what takes, de-vise, rating highly, chows down, haddest propensity, calling up on, deriving pleasure from, wondered at, bee bonnet, holds with, take in to ones arms, are crazy about, taking pains, de note, hadst vision, holding respect, look forward to, approval, impulse, were favor of, de-scribing, lived a little, antipasti, care for, once over, setting store by, is sweet on, looked up to, beyonds, Experiencing, has it bad, is gone on, wolf down, holds in awe, having eyes for, de vising, de tail, gets load of, fetish, be the picture of, pro cessing, cherishings, re adies, fixing upon, de clines, stylishnesses, thrived with, in haling, daydream, cartings, had need of, concaves, good will, exultings, went hungry, hanker for, FAVE, goingsons, singlemindedness, being inclined to think, kicked one heels, are prejudiced, zealousnesses, went record for, am turned on by, was short, feasted on, turn-on, lovingness, stood in need, wast eager for, in-gests, fronting for, Sheered, religiousness, pine, Trending, ex-tension, has hots for, wert on side, has recourse, run around, hearts desires, aches for, had hard feelings, opted for, partake of, dis-charges, does a kindness, scoop out, be adapted for, dying on vine, re quire, gregariousnesses, will, putting practice, being down mouth, big hand, puts in practice, making up off top one head, have flash, relates to standard, taking upon, flame, look for, wast crazy about, are disregarded, take pleasure, unchangeableness, having ambition, savor, de-stroying, loses heart, Provisioned, took pains, living little, make off top of one head, over did, dieing for, were want, feeling the necessity for, be-grudges, were deprived of, hadst a tendency, in tensity, doth voraciously, hadst the hots for, apprizes, turning green, setting one's heart on, pre-ferment, have use for, art deprived of, re commendations, being found wanting, rage, art found wanting, dis-posed, in-tolerances, out one mind, up-holds, re-cognitions, have propensity, re lying, dis tress, fixed with, trying the flavor of, in-quired, hast vision, more illconceived, wilding for, was entertained, held in respect, reaping the benefits, un-failingnesses, haddest occasion for, lets in, under taking, single mindedness, pro spect, up-stairs, puts pedestal, think well of, fastens on, devotements, out-reaches, get a load of, why wherefores, give access, joyousnesses, up-rears, pro-motes, hast an urge for, skimpinesses, wast in clover, re plenish, leisure pursuit, had eyes for, is designed for, un-fairness, died for, use, rivetting the eyes on, aptitude, was turned to, commendation, fags out, bright side, dis-traction, Desiderata, insisted up on, predisposition, bourn, felt pinch, hadst propensity, fizzled out, carry a torch, un earthed, inconstancies, sweeping off feet, falling in love with, in-duces, being crazy for, lays money on, wert on ones side, builded castles in air, COMPS, in-novation, de vote, is one side, re-tain, pride place, de signs, appreciation, in sanity, minding store, looks to, wast blessed, wanting, minusing, held in awe, wert gloomy, searching for pot of gold, dost voraciously, have a flash, rivetting eyes on, gambling on, haddest a notion, taking to, intense desires, have a yen for, was adapted for, gloating over, ex hume, take shine to, connector, kicked one's heels, tooing little too late, be disregarded, impellent, having bad, swept off feet, self control, ex-cavate, in quiring, were attached to, nature beast, turns upside down, breathing fire, in tents, hadst notion, draws lots, hath eye on, wears long face, meeting minds, leans to, wert love with, grabber, fire the belly, keep tabs on, provided for, obsequiousnesses, antipasto, making a selection, pro-moting, pro vision, be love with, am neglected, draw close, doth kindness, takes an interest in, drew lots, sub limes, insist up on, gaze open-mouthed, am in a funk, vogue, are greedy, wast greedy, rest on, de-fines, pre mises, love-affair, putting up with, has urge for, take interest in, pearly gates, inter-lude, wert disposed, in-vented, pay attention to, treats well, re plenished, wert without, wert in habit of, Sheering, Palates, painted town, turn-ons, fool notion, clutched at, in duces, re commended, up-holding, Insatiableness, de-vising, taking interest in, feel need, art pleased, Re-mark, are keen on, is turned on by, had an inclination, get up go, out-break, Envisagement, wast deficient in, accoutrement, wonderlands, sets one heart on, rubbers, roll out red carpet, makes willing, are for, drive for, ex-plosion, ex haling, wert willing, have faith, art true, has affection for, have fun, woolgathering, art in need of, be in need of, was deficient in, wast for, holding in awe, be on one's side, have occasion for, turns ones hand to, turn, dis-tress, took delight in, promptings, was in favor of, de-siring, grin and bear it, is happy, hurting for, held high, was happy, being clouds, was eager, art brokenhearted, take satisfaction in, hope, out all reason, wonderland, die on vine, feasting on, turn one's energies to, fell in love with, where is headings, vibe, good word, respect, sub stance, light end of tunnel, wert stirred up, pre meditations, shooin, be eager, savorinesses, is clouds, hath a crush on, makes top head, has flash, taking it easy, eating one heart out, showing consideration, under stand, overing, not mind, greed, having occasion to, had need, exiguousness, wert nuts about, does voraciously, is attached to, thirsted for, itchiness, illicit love, why and wherefores, nature of the beast, up graded, is off, in-clines, out of reason, settling upon, digging down, makes ones mind, immoderation, took one's measure, had ambition, am clover, up holding, stewed over, rates highly, are up clouds, freaks out on, wert down and out, grumped, looking forward to, ex-claim, kicks up one heels, doeth right by, spring at, un-earths, potty, fell short in, hadst need, haddest affection for, being attached to, feeling disposed, aspiring to, be grudged, re spects, emotionalisms, living high on hog, hast hots for, art partial to, de sire, lust after, amuses oneself, truckages, be friends, dig down, incline, deifications, took in to ones arms, wert insufficient, go along with, paints the town red, N, in hale, was impatient, being true, take into one's arms, re-pair, is inclined think, fizzle out, putting on a pedestal, hast recourse, over-statements, dis traction, puts a pedestal, humanenesses, bolts down, carried torch, onetrack mind, hold high esteem, made choice, gotten a charge out of, skimpiness, de notes, am poor, drave for, be-longed, self disciplines, re-quired, take stock in, hurtings for, had an urge for, schticks, was willing, wert image of, take a shine to, being prejudiced, catted, pride and joy, esteem, calculatings, didst compulsively, make a selection, cosmopolitanisms, singled out, de-fine, mania, hath a tendency, dos, was ones side, amorousness, in cline, make up top one head, having a nightmare, deification, having need of, hast ambition, pro-cess, being slanted, was aware of, in thing, apprize, letting go, bizzes, haddest a preference for, in appropriate, tried the flavor of, forgive, spoke highly of, hast the hots for, a stomach for, got a load of, under taken, dies for, dis-orders, sur-mises, has need of, outburst, re-commended, in fidelities, be envious, flashes on, re-lied, de-votes, is captivated by, made off top of head, wast ones side, sociableness, empressements, beguins, makes up off top of ones head, wert eager, hitting offs, getting eyeful, are eager for, rivet the eyes on, puts in good word, have a passion for, being down and out, gloats over, playing favorites, makes decision, hath flash, got off on, marvelled at, take in to one arms, made top of one's head, be angry, pre-ferments, had crush on, dis-patch, be-wailing, insatiablenesses, same wavelengths, hast use for, being up in clouds, put a pedestal, fanaticism, putting a good word, assentings, am turned on to, kick up ones heels, are liable, ex-temporization, enjoys, were happy, cherish, made off top ones head, bet bottom dollar, be gone on, clutches at, de-pressed, haddest faith, making top ones head, in citations, ex-tract, wert in a funk, visualizations, wast aroused, make off top of head, re-pose, turn green, were down the mouth, thinks well of, insisting up on, languishing for, am deficient, re-plenishing, aftertaste, pre-pared, after tastes, dying vine, accedings, well being, finds congenial, had eye on, were biased, being willing, being keen on, re-cognition, having it bad, Spaded, blows steam, were the habit of, ex-haling, stands in need of, out-reach, was deprived, makes off top of one's head, are gloomy, wolfed down, fool paradise, pre-valence, under-taken, Carrots, de-fault, dream of, being crazy over, was inadequate, predilection, going hungry, de-lights, in gests, be keen on, art smitten, piousness, am on one side, re quired, being turned on to, art angry, greedinesses, pre-paring, repine, turned one energies to, wast passionate, is the habit of, were entertained, wast fascinated with, are on ones side, hath ambition, Smouldered, pat head, keeps eye on, living up to, on brain, re-plenishes, de sign, was for, set heart on, wert one side, was consumed with desire, goes on a spree, made top head, are sad, out one tree, suffer privation, searched for pot gold, thing togethers, gets an eyeful, out-fit, de-presses, hath yen for, have urge for, sayso, was awe of, wast enchanted by, verged on, be-witches, are turned on by, having notion, be in favor of, are favored, art in habit of, haddest nightmare, is deficient in, rosiness, feels pinch, hath a passion for, vitiation, wast pleased, lack, am the habit of, is desirous of, in sanest, conveyings, un-failingness, art hard up, put in good word, bond, de-sign, turning inside out, is down and out, art in favor of, taking a liking to, drawing close, illiberalities, wilds for, takes easy, Intendment, made off top of ones head, aphrodisias, kicked over traces, de lights, out look, are poor, was poor, freaked out on, use up, wert delirious, putting weight on, Differentiae, die over, fore-see, shows consideration, dreamed of, be grudge, in-decisions, making willing, marvelling at, euphoria, gotten off on, moons over, belonging, wert a funk, are aware of, wast down in the mouth, re searching, am aware of, keeping eye on, are captivated by, live to, am blessed, carrying ons, was conducive, after taste, was needy, partials to, wast attached to, making for, loses ones heart to, making top of one head, hath preference for, in adequacy, re-searched, have preference for, took one measure, not got, idiolizes, anti-pastos, kick over traces, pre dispositions, bet on, was aroused, dis orders, were disposed, calling upon, prizings, be down in mouth, drinking in, wallow, bug in ear, is on side, under took, had urge for, standing need of, pays homage to, pre disposition, meeting of minds, wast entertained, pre destining, reveling in, faced it, woolgather, in-tensity, speaking well of, predeterminations, incorrigibilities, preferments, in clines, taking one's measure, stringing along with, grinned bear it, up stairs, Liableness, are on side, were pleased, leant toward, making off top of head, sweated over, am short of, make top of ones head, being passionate, haddest tendency, enamored, value, derives pleasure, marvelings, losing one heart to, under-stands, reputation, lived with, most derisory, was smitten, kick up one's heels, was off, kicking one heels, lean to, are partial to, wert fascinated with, gooses, making off top one head, am prejudiced, beetling, be need of, quarrying, wast poor, gives key to city, sets up on, partaking of, makes off top of ones head, in toxications, panegyrics, having affection for, revel in, trustworthinesses, in-thing, be attracted to, thriving with, had a tendency, scarfs down, dies over, haddest a vision, be sweet on, is aroused, trips out, depute, kicks one's heels, wert side, hast bad, taking comfort, pre scribing, watched over, teacher's pet, are crazy for, take into ones arms, wert in favor of, make off top one head, pro-pone, de pressing, gazes openmouthed, dying over, velleity, de legates, wert down the mouth, lean toward, wearing long face, go, in spots, need, pro vides, am awe of, launches at, steps out, bug ear, being short of, envisionings, be deficient, choose, prayed for, rolled with punches, setting up on, new looks, was designed for, Lauding, pro-mise, re-gard, is side, PRS, were deficient in, Wantoning, treasure, hysterical, Empressement, pre-tensions, were fascinated with, gazed open-mouthed, after worlds, in vent, being disregarded, offers prayers to, wast aware of, sexuality, ate one's heart out, made advances to, in-haled, wert awe of, hadst faith, moving toward, goings ons, hearts flowerses, chowed down, were without, reaped the benefits, spake well of, wast one's side, am designed for, was picture of, stood need, were one's side, idiolizing, made off top of one's head, anti pasto, drives for, out of ones mind, in dividual, am in clouds, turn one hand to, pre-disposition, be funk, being in habit of, doth a kindness, out burst, making up off top of one head, typecasting, fitting out, is wild about, were aroused, aloha, castle in air, itch for, end eared, re-presentations, after world, live little, apprized, wast slanted, am impatient, feel pinch, in-adequacy, was turned on by, has a flash, redline, swept feet, pro-vocations, wast in habit of, dis-criminations, be-friend, re-conciliation, in-formation, re-cognized, were up clouds, wast short, pre-destines, makes off top head, up minute, fall love with, wert aroused, pine away, end-earing, am faithful, setting apart, be stow, put good word, takes up on, reaps the benefits, kick up one heels, guessed at, love, has bad, singing praises to, wast delirious, doing right by, pre-served, in sights, is the image of, has an urge for, Desiderating, stand with, pro pose, are faithful, was neglected, transshipment, wert preoccupied, bourns, languish for, were funk, are ambitious, is in love with, asked for, aphrodisia, depending upon, call up on, moon over, has fun, wert captivated by, predictings, is down the mouth, re-paired, aftertastes, looking after, in-quiring, were need of, pre-dispose, inclined toward, was on side, out lunch, being aware of, grins bear it, go on spree, gat load of, in-corrigibilities, de tails, inter ludes, over-statement, are deprived of, de legate, indulged in, having yen for, doeth a kindness, in-quire, art conducive, starves, be one side, ax grind, under takes, dream, having a vision, be desirous of, be ambitious, salt, haddest an inclination, ex acts, makes up top of head, rolls out red carpet, is image of, putting faith in, aching for, be-witching, are delirious, out-look, be crazy over, runs around, revelled in, Prelation, going on record for, objecting to, wert inclined, was faithful, juliets, lusted after, is eager for, rushed upon, afterworlds, kicks up heels, devotednesses, wast stirred up, fag, in-spots, cup tea, minded the store, rep, pro visioning, joneses, am predisposed, re gard, in vite, importunity, be down in the mouth, in-formations, holds dear, wert pleased, live high hog, glorying in, haddest need of, haddest a nightmare, stuck on, is in want, thinking highly of, kicked up ones heels, in corrigibilities, having a notion, lamped, doted on, hunger, make most of, pre-meditation, search high and low, takes a liking to, is ones side, setting one heart on, pro duces, play favorites, paint town, is in habit of, friendship, wast stuck on, be awe of, make for, call upon, wast fond of, result in, same wavelength, the nod, redlined, thumbprints, look after, makes up off top ones head, pro visions, being hard up, singles out, be-lieve, be longings, art one's side, took to, sweat over, is convinced, takes joy in, minds the store, make whoopee, happiness, in sufficiency, clutch at, be down mouth, re spire, thankfulness, are down the mouth, pre ferment, valuings, were down in mouth, pat back, art attracted to, ex-cess, live luxury, deriving pleasure, art in want, being eager, having use for, hearts flowers, eats one's heart out, in-temperances, re-spires, re searches, is deprived, made ones mind, in-satiableness, drove for, facing it, had a yen for, religiosity, pro-vides, be happy, hath the hots for, am down in mouth, having an inclination, paying attention to, making up top one's head, standing with, wilded for, psoriasises, where ones headed, holding in high esteem, made up top of one's head, singlemindednesses, resting on, pro-mises, bee in bonnet, goes record for, am crazy about, sifting out, itchings, where one headed, pride of place, took into arms, heart, were envious, is the picture of, favorite activity, gazed open mouthed, out reaching, de-tail, is adapted for, is partial, titbit, madded for, trans-portings, overemotionalism, big hands, be haves, were in the habit of, paying homage to, in toxication, be inadequate, flip over, wast ambitious, feels dearth of, be the habit of, thirsts for, pat the back, hadst it bad, in validity, high spiritses, admiration, lived high hog, was want, turned ones energies to, kicking up ones heels, whooping up, was turned on to, afterworld, turns ones energies to, doth right by, go on a spree, were gratified by, up to minute, made top one's head, had it bad, are deficient, fits out, haddest flash, sur mises, characteristic, passion, living with, am sweet on, derives pleasure from, Thirstiness, do compulsively, driving for, is without, had recourse, being down in the mouth, committing oneself, made merry, is inadequate, be-witch, are attracted to, having a mind to, be consumed with desire, being clover, was in the habit of, hadst fun, authorizings, seeing fit, makes up one's mind, holding awe, was keen on, pearly gate, having faith, hath propensity, revelling in, held dear, having a passion for, be a funk, sigh for, felt necessity for, wast insufficient, regard highly, flashed on, was deficient, romanticism, gets charge out of, am conducive, wast in the habit of, goad, being serious about, being in want, re semblance, living extravagantly, where one's headed, finding appealing, was need of, favorite occupation, cream for, re tain, wert poor, am smitten, pruriency, wert adapted for, cried out for, minding the store, thought well of, be lief, pin down, wast gratified by, was in awe of, re cognitions, arcadias, stand need, sifts out, enamoredness, goings-on, tuckering, making up off top one's head, over doing, am without, falls love with, being down out, are down in mouth, was image of, takes in to one arms, taking in to one's arms, wast big on, haddest passion for, put to, Agapae, re-questing, Romancing, wast down out, pre-serving, strings along with, hold dear, yearns for, wring hands, putting pedestal, low spirits, dis-tractions, being enchanted by, in quires, was down and out, un-earthed, making off top head, zealousness, hurtinging for, temptation, spoiled for, suspires, took delight, goning on, made one mind, laid money on, takes hard, has a yen for, is favor of, buck for, re-creation, hadst urge for, takes in to arms, tender feelings, sighed for, savoirfaire, rests on, out-looks, sub stances, make ups, making selection, building castles in air, pre pares, vibes, were down mouth, was serious about, lost ones heart to, un-glued, co-operations, pre-scribes, kicks heels, ex plosions, out reached, bows down to, joyances, are in clouds, had a nightmare, amicabilities, are in habit of, wert consumed with desire, pull strings, fore-seen, derisory, letting loose, prefer, haddest crush on, be the image of, got high on, un-zipped, re spiring, takes shine to, art in clouds, hath a nightmare, ex-tolled, was satisfied with, made off top one head, dis-patches, paint the town, takes pleasure, ex hale, haddest the hots for, un earths, in-citation, dis tractions, hast tendency, prize, paints the town, stargazings, putting on to, mad as hatter, are all for, payed homage to, searching for pot gold, stargazes, minds store, going spree, paid attention to, de-press, being needy, being delirious, pro-viding, creepings, pre occupation, latest word, letted go, Revering, lose heart, get eyeful, in quired, were desirous of, being ones side, were up in clouds, co-nations, yearning, aim, getting charge out of, do right by, art crazy about, up-rearing, trysted, drew close, is keen on, hast hard feelings, make up mind, favorite occupations, pet topics, called up on, wast keen on, hath occasion to, pre-scribe, over does, pro pone, turning ones hand to, dis-tresses, were ambitious, taking in to arms, fix upon, sub limed, thing together, phantasy, are angry, Incorrigibility, making up off top of one's head, doth compulsively, apprizing, is envious, were in favor of, salaciousnesses, made hit with, co unselling, depended up on, eat one heart out, lives it up, wast on one side, art adapted for, am eager, regards highly, ex-claims, art aroused, be lieve, drinks in, be turned by, art short, eternal rest, Dressiness, concurrings, fored, push for, ex acting, end-eared, gravitating toward, takes one's measure, were prone, are satisfied with, sift out, vitiations, take into one arms, turned green, be smitten, have occasion to, sets apart, re-quiring, selfdisciplines, weakness fors, mad fors, is for, in vocations, light end tunnel, in-justice, mope, hadst hots for, in vocation, look to, fixt upon, asserts oneself, wast want, lose ones heart to, haddest a mind to, frontrunner, be have, made one's mind, being satisfied with, took liking to, having tendency, was gratified by, denominators, wert the habit of, upgradings, rivets the eyes on, searched high and low, be ones side, blows off steam, endorsings, de-crees, languish, am all for, amores, rubbered, is needy, re-curring, take care of, takes delight in, give eyeteeth for, in-duce, carries torch, de-fend, fierinesses, re creations, were in habit of, are in the habit of, fix up with, stands in with, sizes up, died on vine, being one's side, yenning for, prickling, Optate, pre-eminences, insists up on, re-semblance, standing in need, were found wanting, dieing vine, wast eager, liking better, are predisposed to, making top head, try flavor of, is poor, has propensity, was favor of, low spirit, hath need of, rushing upon, castles air, pre disposes, inter relationship, wert serious about, making off top of one head, taking ones measure, was side, in-vent, sets one's heart on, are adapted for, puts to, running at, thinks world of, making up off top of head, out of ones tree, un-cover, gave access, pro cured, is angry, art clouds, bravo, woulding rather, smartnesses, was predisposed, in spects, out-fitted, inconstancy, take liking to, companionability, figment imagination, was short of, doeth compulsively, IN ZONE, ex-temporizations, make selection, setting heart on, put down as, art captivated by, are funk, phantomed, be down out, was eager for, most unzipped, rapport, wast attracted to, art in funk, wast sweet on, was crazy for, woulded sooner, Relished, passing thoughts, shoo-in, fad, being content, find appealing, hast yen for, faintnesses, hast a notion, something the brain, was crazy about, flareup, dis patch, has a tendency, gave key city, kicks up ones heels, wast all for, thrill to, makes up mind, takes ones measure, am preoccupied, wert turned on to, one sidedness, art pleased by, feeling, doing voraciously, stucking on, was content, movers, built castles in air, were smitten with, committed oneself, being in awe of, wast image of, Spoonfuls, have yen for, having good time, feeling dearth of, making whoopee, set up on, makes for, reveled in, were insufficient, fond hope, be-stowing, are habit of, comradery, standing need, cleaved to, was prejudiced, wast convinced, were for, de-lighting, wert designed for, pushed for, transferrings, carrying a torch, wast angry, pre serving, taking hard, more unzipped, pie the sky, lives luxury, marvel at, am mad for, making off top one's head, rolled out red carpet, making up mind, prickled, wert on one's side, flipped over, wore long face, wasting away, lapped up, are prone, sweeting on, had occasion to, dost right by, in spot, de-stroys, re pair, take comfort, out fitting, hungriness, illicit loves, de fended, am partial to, pre valences, wast the image of, putting to, minusses, mooning over, in sight, Leisure Activities, makes top of one head, are in clover, faintness, is inflamed, lives up, re-acted, de notation, willfulnesses, hunger for, Corporealities, living high hog, hadst a passion for, front for, is want, too little too late, revels in, spitballing, taking into one arms, makes top of ones head, finding congenial, have an urge for, take joy in, re-spects, art predisposed to, partialing to, partisanship, out of mind, wert down in mouth, Mouthfuls, art side, art desirous of, grooving on, lose one's heart to, thing for, a stomach fors, speciality, hadst a good time, pre serve, are designed for, out breaks, takes measure, wert gratified by, made top one head, delicacy, be off, were favored, be inclined, takes pleasure in, am hard up, conveyors, aperitifs, wert funk, are attached to, hearts and flowers, make off top one's head, be-friended, cos, feel a dearth of, Concaved, de vised, has need, were in funk, ran around, eyes fors, being predisposed to, un failingnesses, aspire to, art convinced, am want, dis-positions, makes up one mind, art prejudiced, is funk, mind store, wast impatient, woulding sooner, heading trip, pre mise, make top of one's head, hadst preference for, makes up off top one's head, sung praises to, atonenesses, serviceableness, making up off top head, turned upside down, Hoed, runs at, re pined, starve, making off top of ones head, agreement, hath an urge for, are ones side, out pouring, glorification, haddest fun, craving, make up top of ones head, look up to, out-bursts, was on one's side, live extravagantly, devour, fixing with, wast the picture of, selfcontrol, trumping up, be yond, out-breaks, in-validities, ORCHIDS, gravitated toward, pro bed, regard, set ones heart on, pre-possessions, weakness for, holding dear, provides for, smile upon, rooting for, am turned by, be true, set store by, am gloomy, make decision, style, un-workable, gave glad hand, inspot, amusing oneself, hadst nightmare, turning one hand to, sweeping feet, takes satisfaction in, being desirous of, wast on one's side, thinking the world of, root out, are favor of, pro fit, up hold, hankering, were predisposed, were wild about, be stowing, put practice, sub-stances, wert hard up, were gone on, out reach, wert for, optates, forking out, hangup, is big on, taking into one's arms, are brokenhearted, wert in need of, sublimes, in adequacies, re-solve, salacities, were turned by, was favored, was biased, being for, wast turned to, re commends, in-fidelity, grooved on, goes hungry, re-marks, re-laxation, sapidity, blow steam, plans for, was true, be sought, teacher pet, make merry, are big on, conks out, fagged, care, being pleased by, softheartedness, stringed along with, un-hinged, inamorato, lived it up, under-stood, took in to arms, indulged oneself, be wailing, be on side, under stands, having occasion for, being sweet on, dis-order, are gratified by, is satisfied with, wast clouds, has crush on, sets heart on, pined away, kick up heels, re posed, COMP, out of one tree, de coy, pro-positioning, beetles, re-spect, solicitations, rate highly, painting the town red, is one's side, romantic affair, re quested, re-nown, harmony, stands need, pleads for, worship, am crazy over, turns energies to, Tantalization, Propensities, are down and out, Zions, pro-cured, baby sit, pro fits, high esteems, had yen for, in corrigibility, turnon, Trysting, makes one's mind, uni son, wastes away, extol, apest, being deficient, making hit with, are eager, is awe of, in-haling, like mindednesses, corporeality, flips over, hast urge for, at-oneness, related standard, stand need of, is fascinated with, gusto, take one measure, were sad, be-wails, de termination, screw loose, mind, made top ones head, gone on, passing fancy, having flash, made up top one head, de-notations, art greedy, take in to one's arms, ill-conceived, de-fining, be habit of, ex act, held high esteem, were willing, were in awe of, were mad about, rivetted eyes on, de scribing, was inflamed, wear long face, re-morses, un earthing, stepped out, pre-destine, un-earthing, is short of, art poor, are inadequate, being mad for, wert liable, art wild about, re cognizing, pro cessed, be impatient, spoils for, hath need, pro duce, is need of, pro positioning, re gale, make up off top of head, fixes with, was engrossed by, thought, was inclined think, re acting, have eye on, are slanted, put weight on, doest right by, amour, arbitrarinesses, roister, being the habit of, were clover, side with, re cognizes, re-lying, goggle, wast liable, kicked ones heels, inter relationships, leisure pursuits, wert keen on, take ones measure, were stuck on, dost a kindness, un covers, in-tolerance, pinned down, were partial to, universality, are deficient in, in constancies, re curring, hanker, in-sanities, losing heart, setting upon, decides on, tend, dis charge, after-tastes, gloat over, mind the store, wert ambitious, estimation, pro-pose, be satisfied with, made exception, dis-patching, self discipline, build castles in air, ratifyings, un-covers, get and goes, were pleased by, pro viding, nutty as fruitcake, indulging in, de-terminations, gets a load of, opting for, approvings, wast crazy over, Spading, fixt up on, living it up, ex posed, was down mouth, search high low, pro-pounding, had a good time, wanted, lovings, searching high low, affair of heart, eating heart out, being funk, am ones side, want, hadst an urge for, ex-hume, takes into ones arms, luxuriate, wast turned by, playing arounds, re plenishing, glory, launching at, pre destined, under-takings, in vented, be liable, am enchanted by, make up off top ones head, pro-motion, make top one head, am on one's side, re-pines, Concaving, Ardency, tendency, re presentations, sigh, were angry, hast preference for, kicking one's heels, thinks likely, was stuck on, having need, de-stroyed, in creases, is down out, re-sent, after-world, looks tenderly, is greedy, art deprived, have passion for, using up, hath affection for, wert sad, latest wrinkle, being want, took hard, putting in good word, wert clouds, pre-mise, constancy, pre possessions, under standings, up grades, wast down the mouth, are turned to, wast inclined, lineaments, is turned to, hast passion for, running around, famishments, inter-relationships, luxuriates in, regalements, warmth, are apathetic, de voted, like mindedness, meeting of mind, speaks highly of, feeling disposed to, clove to, fall short in, dis order, feels the necessity for, am willing, settled upon, are true, having a crush on, wast one side, discriminates between, re-clines, am down the mouth, hast need, has ambition, spake highly of, something on the brain, are clover, take pains, caritases, wast moonstruck, fixes up on, lapping up, indulges in, live it up, Cosmopolitanism, de-lighted, wast on ones side, hast propensity, run at, are entertained, good words, be convinced, be friending, pre-scribing, were sweet on, re nown, be deprived of, being image of, sociability, trustiness, planned for, singling out, wert biased, imaginings, de voting, are impatient, has a good time, hungered for, turns hand to, lost one heart to, was convinced, single out, anti pastos, Inamoratos, re-commend, gustations, tabbed, thought highly of, be designed for, nature of beast, gluttony, were hard up, co nations, sings praises to, in novations, pro position, served to, making ones mind, being convinced, draws close, getting a charge out of, pat the head, commiserate, hath a vision, castle the air, re clines, be-moaning, being envious, wert hot for, heart desire, co operation, wasted away, hoovering, feeling like, hast a good time, art clover, re-morse, amity, had mind to, thinking up, being picture of, re-seve, comeon, betting on, being happy, throve with, take upon, gat high on, art passionate, loses one's heart to, itches for, be friended, think up, taking in to ones arms, pro-cessed, is engrossed by, love affair, covet, took up on, pays homage, optating, pre meditation, transshipments, make up top of one's head, de-coy, be all for, pro-visions, Gluttonies, pays attention to, depend upon, re solutions, hath good time, get high on, relates standard, is biased, affection, puts practice, affaire de coeur, Deputed, goes spree, holding high, favor, rushing up on, felicitation, gives glad hand, are pleased by, anti-pasto, reseves, was wild about, scarfed down, de stroys, caring to, art ambitious, ex-tolling, am biased, good spirits, were the image of, grinning bear it, Hoped, are biased, offer prayers to, wert aware of, grabbers, hast eyes for, re pairs, took a shine to, concrete ideas, stood in need of, pushing for, lives a little, be on one side, take to, amicability, doeth voraciously, found congenial, wert found wanting, are stuck on, taking pleasure, under-mined, take easy, were on side, big eye, taking satisfaction in, sets upon, wert turned to, were partial, were fond of, were turned on to, am liable, gones on, INS, sodium chlorides, be short of, have a nightmare, de-ranged, art up clouds, ambition, taking into ones arms, up-hold, has eyes for, was the picture of, art habit of, un cover, has a vision, gotten an eyeful, un hinged, sweating over, deify, savoriness, building castles air, chichis, coulding do with, took into one arms, de light, life everlasting, having the hots for, hold respect, wast awe of, forked out, didst voraciously, over-emotionalism, tenderness, incentive, re sting, are one's side, indulge oneself, make off top of ones head, not minded, taking measure, wast down mouth, dear ones, had a notion, hast a flash, reverence, pride and joys, held in high esteem, tie in, are in a funk, be-moans, wert crazy over, willfulness, was without, kicks over traces, have it bad, in haled, actuations, sets at, be apathetic, putting on pedestal, carries a torch, kicks ones heels, was liable, feel like, the blues, de-light, whooped it up, wert ones side, speaking highly of, dig, wast turned on to, being stirred up, Bravoes, re liability, get charge out of, are in want, was in clover, am the picture of, took an interest in, visualization, is enamored of, am serious about, being in clover, emotion, pre-determinations, gives key city, thrilled to, were deficient, de-termination, point view, feathered, was turned by, frame mind, thirstinesses, wert predisposed to, hast mind to, responsivenessses, put down for, Reverencing, Accoutrements, were inclined, roll with punches, gotten high on, stands by, has the hots for, uni sons, take delight in, re-pairing, out-burst, hurtinged for, make up off top one head, are short of, art impatient, out looks, making up top head, were faithful, was moonstruck, were adapted for, hath hots for, head-sets, triangle, pre conception, pleaded for, was deprived of, find congenial, stews over, made up off top one head, fixt on, has use for, live high on hog, devotedness, gat off on, partook of, wert want, high regards, have a good time, stew over, piggishnesses, believes in, didst right by, are stirred up, hobby, hath an inclination, wert pleased by, speaks well of, went spree, were enchanted by, gazes open-mouthed, abidingnesses, be preoccupied, being poor, in-stability, devotion, un-balanced, am delirious, pre destine, is serious about, holds in respect, art fond of, woolgathered, aestheticisms, up-grades, re semblances, Re-presentation, wast in clouds, re-quests, think the world of, springing at, takes it easy, turn energies to, make top ones head, pre eminences, are crazy over, saw fit, is mad for, mourn, were short of, hast a crush on, were serious about, wert deficient, wert need of, feeling a need, stocks up, dis covered, re-laxations, was blessed, pro mise, thinking likely, are up in clouds, taking it hard, lost heart, obsessivenesses, turn ones energies to, outed, determinants, are on one side, having recourse, illconceived, wast apathetic, crazied about, intrigue, turn one's hand to, arbitrariness, urge, being biased, falling love with, were awe of, bats belfry, was all for, de votes, call for, pre conceptions, being the picture of, stood by, took it easy, am turned to, de-fends, out one's mind, rejoice in, astucities, were down and out, goes a spree, make off top of one's head, making merry, re-conciliations, wert mad about, pro-pounded, feels disposed to, wert eager for, kicked up heels, pro-visioned, under mining, hoovered, stucked on, caring for, kicked up one heels, scarfing down, sighs for, am favored, siding with, gat eyeful, were inclined to think, am picture of, gaze open mouthed, wert attached to, giving key to city, wert content, wast deficient, ravishment, ex claiming, make up top of one head, be engrossed by, rapture, stood in with, mad for, thought likely, is aware of, round the bend, in gest, be fascinated with, applaud, exercised choice, had good time, have mind to, digs down, discriminate between, in-vocations, art funk, hast a passion for, be inclined think, wast inclined to think, depended upon, de presses, pro vocation, simpatico, made off top head, were crazy about, is smitten, sing praises to, art willing, are gone on, are consumed with desire, what take, be-moan, were impatient, mood, has eye on, making up one's mind, re-pine, is delirious, is in need of, in-decision, Fashionableness, ulterior motive, wast sad, being down the mouth, be big on, excitants, pumping up, am eager for, appreciate, haulings, de notations, bias, CARITAS, forbidden love, re spired, Larking, wast gloomy, having propensity, affair of the heart, re-liability, has a crush on, latests, did a kindness, was funk, looked to, in creasing, wast mad for, Specialities, first place, re searched, feels necessity for, ravings, turns one hand to, drank in, having a yen for, re-spired, called upon, castle air, pre-pare, turning one energies to, objected to, dear one, rushes upon, am down mouth, is down mouth, were in clover, waste away, was predisposed to, de fines, wonder at, in-constancy, meet, single mindednesses, mind set, Mothered, riveting eyes on, re-plenished, pre dispose, illiberality, hast good time, wert entertained, Singling, staunchnesses, high esteem, fondness, art gratified by, pro motions, are short, wert wild about, wert turned on by, pauperisms, flash on, put in practice, makes off top one's head, painted town red, are preoccupied, art turned to, be-have, stargazed, am image of, making the most of, divertissements, am greedy, delirium, rushed up on, KUDO, idolization, wert in want, flashing on, lives little, hypo thesis, hast a tendency, am favor of, am in awe of, redlining, up-reared, in-venting, invalidity, was inclined, took as gospel truth, desirability, took measure, suffered privation, Hungering, were deprived, doest compulsively, was pleased, longing, am content, un earth, carings, looked tenderly, smiled up on, in hales, carrot, hadst good time, haddest preference for, am deprived of, takes in to ones arms, crazy, was in love with, keeps tabs on, make one mind, amused oneself, inclination, bats the belfry, de noted, gotten load of, prided oneself, trumps up, heart's desires, emotings, look fixedly, wast predisposed, wast in love with, de cline, asking for, art awe of, objects to, made most of, being in love with, wast inadequate, was found wanting, considered opinion, wast true, Assuetude, lived little, am consumed with desire, being inflamed, are side, were ones side, were off, ate heart out, fore saw, hath a notion, zaninesses, takes care of, selfindulgence, sweeps feet, got eyeful, in vents, being awe of, dug down, hurts for, the gimmie, art delirious, have a crush on, depending up on, am stuck on, having a tendency, re gards, being stuck on, think highly of, un-covering, hadst passion for, has passion for, putting in practice, renowns, putting down as, lose one heart to, wast captivated by, way of thinking, haddest good time, desirabilities, Devotement, de-sire, wonts, be-long, am keen on, object to, holds high, wonders at, be insufficient, search for pot of gold, freaking out on, wear a long face, provide for, was down the mouth, wast funk, ran at, wast happy, dis-covered, in satiableness, having crush on, thrilling to, yearn for, am side, comraderies, crazies about, wert crazy for, pro spects, in-quires, fixing on, smouldering, blowing off steam, uni-son, up-graded, make up top head, canape, makes up ones mind, re-cline, turns inside out, was down in mouth, being up clouds, gat an eyeful, mooned over, be captivated by, hors doeuvre, narrowmindednesses, ning, be gratified by, re-seves, am disregarded, eat ones heart out, were content, whyfor, re cognize, wast off, thrives with, rejoiced in, shoo in, makes up top one's head, scarf down, had occasion for, over-hanging, make top one's head, has nightmare, re-tains, feasts on, wast hard up, wert desirous of, luxuriate in, shangri la, payed homage, in a zone, takes interest in, set upon, liking, in-hale, chink armor, rolling with punches, pre eminence, was attracted to, overemotionalisms, are a funk, made up top head, looks up to, trip out, art inclined, feels disposed, tasting, re cognized, eats ones heart out, radiance, like-mindednesses, greediness, inter-relationship, face, cipherings, died over, cleft to, related to standard, pro-pound, cares to, is crazy over, made off top one's head, fore sees, draw lots, suffer, is consumed with desire, beetle, payed attention to, Thirsted, make top head, Rhapsodies, re pairing, out fit, wrung hands, wert angry, hath a good time, de-noting, bowing down to, de-coys, being gratified by, died vine, haddest a passion for, seducements, re laxation, would sooner, was habit of, yen for, button down, is predisposed to, pride joy, venerate, ex tract, glories in, get an eyeful, suspiring, is partial to, art designed for, at oneness, in quire, tries flavor of, schtick, was sad, self-discipline, acclaim, be willing, dis cover, preferment, sanction, ached for, makes advances to, be stirred up, favorite, pleasure, try the flavor of, art hot for, am sad, in-spot, did voraciously, art liable, infatuation, next worlds, be want, in temperances, hankering for, putting with, dotings, am the image of, living up, de scribes, was hard up, out of all reason, under stood, doest voraciously, dis-position, makes a selection, re-adies, am up in clouds, paid homage, gout, de vise, praying for, thinks highly of, being in a funk, pine for, re morse, be predisposed to, am down and out, wast consumed with desire, conceive, held with, are in need of, salacity, Pash, pro-fits, life, were one side, sapidities, hast inclination, takes into arms, was ambitious, envy, reap the benefits, buttoning down, go on record for, am pleased by, proneness, fall in love with, pre determination, crave, have hard feelings, woulded rather, being habit of, are fond of, liked better, wast satisfied with, ru, wert fond of, in constancy, pre tensions, be needy, hadst crush on, has a preference for, be eager for, be having, getting high on, am wild about, had a mind to, reap benefits, wast down and out, makes one mind, in crease, be fond of, castles in air, cling to, bets on, be longs, ex temporizations, be wailed, specials, wert convinced, art in love with, live up, have good time, moon, where one is headings, sub-stance, obsessiveness, be witching, pro pounds, takes pains, re paired, habit, co nation, be partial, is liable, grinning and bear it, made top of one head, proponing, losing heart to, being engrossed by, spoilt for, liablenesses, smiles upon, bitters, turns green, kept tabs on, are convinced, relating to standard, were enamored of, is nuts about, had bad, hurt for, out-pouring, being need of, hast eye on, wert apathetic, enjoy, in satiablenesses, providing for, itched for, woolgathers, over emotionalism, pro-vide, Coopt, has notion, sur mise, wert deficient in, were short, blew steam, art stuck on, were attracted to, love stories, pro vide, did right by, up-rear, be favor of, fixed upon, Hoeing, Accounted, being neglected, wast in want, kicks one heels, dies on vine, has preference for, re laxations, re pose, wast partial, wearing a long face, were true, feel disposed, what it take, wert brokenhearted, prays to, wast in awe of, deal with, likemindedness, defers to, stomach, falling short in, kept an eye on, clave to, are enchanted by, pietism, idiolized, sweets on, took stock in, consider, are willing, having a good time, re-solutions, de-sired, being in clouds, put forward, wellbeing, am attracted to, wast conducive, Quarried, fixing up with, art one side, die for, re seve, tried flavor of, be-moaned, up rear, haddest a crush on, Sipped, un covered, recommend, take into arms, hast a nightmare, be-sought, something on brain, live in luxury, desire, kick ones heels, are hard up, on the brain, turn ons, kicking ones heels, fellowship, dis covering, faculty, hast fun, feel necessity for, de sires, monomanias, un-earth, is apathetic, infatuates, holds respect, pashes, sub-limed, hath urge for, shine, wast without, de cree, hath a yen for, de-vote, is on ones side, are conducive, be turned on to, Fagging, desiderates, freightage, wert needy, where one is heading, were big on, going on a spree, was desirous of, having inclination, art serious about, condole, wert inclined think, do's, re-gale, being smitten with, being on one's side, whatfors, were delirious, riveting the eyes on, unfailingness, transport, high regard, dis covers, is mad about, be friend, was partial, making up top of head, compliment, hast faith, be stowed, big idea, de-noted, in-sufficiencies, eyeballs, envisagements, shakes down, being favor of, is picture of, is moonstruck, in-dividual, in temperance, art without, commits oneself, were moonstruck, is gratified by, believe in, single-mindedness, Elysiums, yearned for, out-reached, set one's heart on, had a vision, graspingnesses, intendments, spoiling for, were aware of, in-saner, discriminating between, wast smitten with, feels need, sifted out, hungerings, is prone, out ones mind, acceptabilities, art aware of, pushes for, pro-curing, was greedy, puts on to, hast a yen for, beggings, re quests, looking tenderly, amicablenesses, mind trips, are insufficient, do a kindness, make-ups, losing one's heart to, possessivenesses, are in funk, are in favor of, gimmie, be brokenhearted, felt like, was passionate, is hot for, made up one's mind, going on spree, take measure, de fault, good vibration, right free speech, smiled upon, discrimination, wast up clouds, riveted eyes on, hypo-thesis, put in a good word, co opt, honor, de-nominators, went soft, thought world of, dieing over, voice, lay money on, whooping it up, big eyes, are down in the mouth, prays for, art need of, wert in awe of, putting down for, are awe of, art slanted, ex pose, takes upon, prayed to, were hot for, am need of, sublimed, out-fits, wert in love with, make up off top of ones head, art love with, wast pleased by, OUTS, be on ones side, yenned, long, wast preoccupied, over-doing, luxuriating in, self restraint, in novation, fall for, wast found wanting, appetite, go for, did compulsively, cries out for, wert impatient, was slanted, am hot for, think world of, universalities, affair, Importunities, is clover, aspiration, wast neglected, ex-pose, looked forward to, dote, having hard feelings, wast in need of, wore a long face, are turned by, wast willing, chow down, pro vocations, feel the necessity for, were clouds, in to, coaxings, was disregarded, triangles, yens for, made up off top one's head, in sane, had affection for, say so, pro-cesses, am enamored of, whoop up, paid homage to, being eager for, pined for, was in a funk, haddest occasion to, got load of, builds castles in air, eyeball, was enamored of, wert passionate, Visioned, sub lime, hungrinesses, heaven, eats heart out, be favored, rivetted the eyes on, eating ones heart out, inti, making up top of ones head, derived pleasure, am captivated by, make up off top of one head, trait, art image of, amuse oneself, were greedy, having nightmare, turns one's hand to, having a preference for, wert mad for, dis patches, in-corrigibility, used up, un changeableness, tendentiousness, ex temporization, wast enamored of, laps up, took comfort, shake down, relate standard, enjoyings, creams for, were eager for, keening, gimmies, popularity, be-loved, having preference for, are in love with, was one side, feels a dearth of, tilt toward, yearning for, lionization, make choice, hadst affection for, complyings, treated well, spoil for, guessing at, haddest eye on, be hard up, made up off top of head, pro pones, Dainties, dreams of, are down out, is deficient, found appealing, in tent, enthusiasm, blow off steam, wast love with, keened, felt dearth of, wert all for, valentine, be longed, empyreans, thrills to, am satisfied with, pro-spects, was disposed, fastening on, fizzling out, be-grudged, de-clines, be stows, lineament, be picture of, toos little too late, made mind, being in need of, were stirred up, most schizo, ate ones heart out, breathed fire, wert prejudiced, makes up top of one head, has occasion to, in-vents, has a notion, hadst bad, makes off top one head, am stirred up, takes stock in, being inclined, in justices, fronts for, aesthetic sense, pay homage to, un workable, affaires, itchinesses, had fun, looking for, in-satiablenesses, antipastos, is found wanting, freak out on, fire in the belly, in decisions, making up one mind, am deficient in, hopefulnesses, dies vine, compatibility, sized up, de fined, sensibility, be nuts about, shook down, being turned on by, being brokenhearted, painting the town, up rearing, de-pressing, had passion for, wears black, were blessed, lived in luxury, turning ones energies to, keep an eye on, incline toward, being in the habit of, tilting toward, uses up, let loose, determinant, romancings, stocking up, eating one's heart out, fancyings, have hots for, light at end of tunnel, itching for, makes top ones head, living a little, was captivated by, art in awe of, art consumed with desire, invitation, have recourse, kicking up one's heels, sets ones heart on, carryings, rate, madding for, be grudging, were all for, wert true, were apathetic, went on record for, endorsement, where one's headeds, am adapted for, be-grudging, dependability, more ill-conceived, was preoccupied, piggishness, wast prone, dying for, art insufficient, prepossession, tenderheartednesses, prelations, kicks over the traces, art all for, Valuing, pulls strings, be faithful, lost one's heart to, burn, has a mind to, romanticisms, hath a mind to, propones, being greedy, be moaning, is turned by, serving to, were side, pro positioned, having mind to, resulted in, goahead, wert inadequate, whoops it up, have a mind to, un fairnesses, fixation, Rus, taking as gospel truth, feeling necessity for, stretched for, pro-vided, interest, marvels at, Astucity, obsession, be in clover, Beetled, pro pounding, in spect, keeping an eye on, having fun, hath recourse, are on one's side, am happy, pro-vision, taking in to one arms, crying out for, pre valence, pro cures, settled up on, grinned and bear it, have bad, hast flash, making mind, were picture of, is crazy for, gets high on, partiality, stands in need, feeling the pinch, being disposed, wert inflamed, priding oneself, pre-disposes, art deficient, be prejudiced, makes up off top of one's head, am engrossed by, Subliming, Provisioning, was on one side, overed, being insufficient, makes off top of one head, coulds do with, light at end tunnel, woolgatherings, whooped up, makes up top ones head, de-note, out fits, kicked heels, plan for, wast clover, set one heart on, be in love with, art in clover, kindness, out break, searches high low, drink in, being in funk, sprang at, taking pleasure in, exercise choice, adulate, be clouds, lusts after, buttoned down, put with, being angry, be clover, make up one mind, the gimmies, dis positions, going soft, doing compulsively, re quiring, rated highly, be moan, de-legates, be-witched, were down in the mouth, be predisposed, solicitation, art crazy for, took care of, settle upon, sub-lime, holding high esteem, meeting mind, in-sufficiency, took in to one arms, dis-covers, pre-mises, gave eyeteeth for, am on ones side, revere, making top of one's head, de-fending, sweeps off feet, redlines, paying homage, minuses, be wild about, were inclined think, suspire, wert enchanted by, up rears, be content, pottiest, fizzles out, be biased, loved ones, pre occupations, gat a charge out of, pre destines, hitting it offs, pumping ups, putting forward, thrive with, inthing, have a vision, re pine, re questing, fronted for, gamble on, thirst for, de-cree, dis-crimination, dis charges, art needy, mad as a hatter, be hot for, hast occasion for, bats in belfry, be slanted, puts forward, makes selection, wert sweet on, fagged out, am needy, watching over, in citation, being hot for.