Pronunciation of Dismiss
/dɪsmˈɪs/, /dɪsmˈɪs/, /d_ɪ_s_m_ˈɪ_s/

Antonyms for dismiss

are convinced of, sign up, calls together, Perpend, taking one's word, flatter, Deputing, are determined, giving a break, lap up, re-pairs, stewing over, art convinced of, haddest a fling at, taking for, inter laced, de clares, art lost thought, endorse, deputes, bringing board, go in for, de-vise, re citing, be-witching, call up, keep, kept in view, re gains, making mind, be speaks, goes for broke, re animate, art credulous, keep view, ex-pose, going into details, engage, having hunch, dives in to, call arms, filled a position, art resolved, having mind to, keep in view, hold an opinion, Busying, went into details, makes known, de-lay, de picturing, re-viewed, de voting, am determined, stored up, pro vide, intermeshed, in tend, pro claiming, de liberates, be lost thought, took at one's word, re-view, pro fess, am of opinion, esteem, hadst view, purpose, comes on board, de laying, meditate, pressing into service, re corded, singles out, taking at ones word, conscripting, puts to work, hadst shot at, giving credence to, ex-press, haddest shot at, brooded over, looks upon, having go at, introduce, think deeply, under taken, give try, holding opinion, are opinion, hath fling at, haddest hunch, take under consideration, made ones mind, reads between lines, signed up, re serving, seeing about, builded castles in air, call in to action, had in mind, giving access, re-plenishes, puts on ones thinking cap, balloting, turned over in mind, enroll, did battle with, in-corporates, giving job to, had a go at, in-quired, attempt, re gards, brooding over, re-covered, Slated, heading trip, pencil in, working for, re calls, under-stood, flash on, kicks around, had fling at, re-quire, de-voted, are credulous, take for, glorify, goes in to details, took at ones word, de votes, sub-leases, use ones head, ex cogitating, giving work, psyched out, give thumbs up, makes up ones mind, woolgathers, reckon with, re paired, picked out, contracts for, getting going, magnify, being resolved, polish up, kept in mind, make use of, in scribe, involving oneself, sign off on, be-spoke, intermeshing, takes at ones word, prearranges, be witches, go into details, pro vided, re gain, sweats over, thinking out, signed off on, admit, take one word, sub-scribed, pre-occupies, am lost in thought, took under advisement, calls turn, applied oneself, diving in to, called the turn, keeps mind, embrace, using head, in tends, is big on, conscribed, congressed, being lost in thought, out-fitting, sub scribing, hazarded a guess, under taking, admire, pro cured, cull, thinking to, re-spect, confide to, Housed, re-storing, is determined, trumping up, pressed into service, reckons on, hadst a go at, pre-engages, makes ones mind, uses one head, re quire, inter play, aspired to, re late, giving a whirl, un-veiling, kept view, coming on board, art certain of, takes word, takes for, goes out for, being certain of, be-spoken, de-lays, reckoning with, becomes student, re plenishes, be spoken, de legate, adds up, place confidence in, having fling at, took under consideration, inter-acts, said oneself, has view, de liver, pre-occupying, reckoned on, are big on, joins up, ex cogitates, allowed for, dwell upon, give nod, are certain of, sub-leasing, re-gain, have faith in, have no doubt, de-livers, de-pictured, toss around, intro duce, go down line, giving ones word, calls up, turns over mind, depute, cogitate, doth battle with, sorts out, sweat over, cared for, re served, trucks with, takes one's word, came board, gave credence to, de-livering, set apart, putting work, headed trip, call it, laps up, is opinion, give ones word, pro-mises, preserve, have a shot at, sets down, Inked, fills a position, ex-acting, pro posing, being opinion, call forth, pre engages, allow for, have fling at, stopt consider, take at one's word, gave word, bidding for, pro-claims, doeth battle with, aspires to, in quires, puts ones thinking cap, has in view, decides upon, hadst fling at, de signs, making ones mind, giving try, under-taken, be resolved, going down line, lets in, Depicture, ex-posed, tarry over, hadst mind, looking forward, hast a go at, took for granted, calling forth, inter locking, hold, re-served, doping out, kept faith, puzzle over, use head, set down, pro-viding, art determined, in-quire, essay, pro mise, woolgather, reflected up on, sub scribes, all owing, noodling around, attaches weight to, went in for, becoming student, putting to work, preengages, goes in for, re-plenished, pro-cure, re-coup, under standing, hath mind, Preengaged, calling into action, logicalizing, sub-scribing, sign, re-cords, out fits, hadst in mind, hadst hunch, fitting out, dis-patching, having faith in, had view, reckoning on, re-gains, inter-locks, brings board, be witch, dreamt of, intermeshes, arrest, pro claim, hit books, in-scribes, re quired, have in mind, in-sert, burying oneself in, house, turned over mind, pencilled in, de duce, de-clares, de-picture, gives nod, gave a try, thinks out, inter lacing, de liberated, filled up, pro-vides, re-lated, send for, used one head, call together, kept mind, call turn, re couped, inter-acted, mulls over, deciding up on, fit out, dived into, pre-engage, pro-vided, taking ones word, be lieve, pick out, racks one brains, de-voting, initiate, wert of opinion, in ducts, de clare, conceive, calling turn, sizes up, be convinced of, intro duces, gives battle to, settle on, art lost in thought, welcome, re-veal, calling up on, calls into action, were opinion, be-witched, speculate, in-vested, provided for, crack books, build castles in air, pipe-dreaming, subcontract, re viewing, let in, hold opinion, pre-engaged, in-stalling, begin, de-laying, de liberating, calling upon, in spect, de-liver, recruit, re viewed, elect, rests assured, ex-cogitate, un-covering, be the opinion, calling the turn, pro-vide, de noting, hadst in view, being of the opinion, works toward, entertained idea, looks forward, has a shot at, called up, wert resolved, has mind, out-fit, attaching weight to, re plenish, dis-close, sub-scribes, have shot at, guesstimate, stopt to consider, am opinion, dopes out, dwell up on, line up, inter-play, dis closed, spitballing, wast resolved, intellectualizing, keeping busy, sent for, de pictures, looked up on, picks out, de-legates, comes board, have in view, all-owing, made mind, re tain, chew, brought board, in-vesting, hath a shot at, de-vising, co-aching, read between lines, pressed in to service, re views, sort out, taking at one's word, sub leased, were lost in thought, ex cogitate, dream of, re-new, became pregnant, pencils in, burying in, signs on, lapped up, Imaged, be lost in thought, ex-cogitated, re quested, puts on thinking cap, in-corporate, buries oneself in, be certain of, has go at, has a hunch, were credulous, said to oneself, pipe-dreams, having a mind to, gave try, chews over, hadst faith in, give one's word, involved oneself, intro-duce, being the opinion, runs it up flagpole, de pictured, calls it, making allowance for, giving the nod, re-quires, calling in, dis patching, signing up, get going, pores over, perpends, opened up, re possessing, harbor, bid for, took part, hoping to, de-noting, had a mind to, figuring on, going out for, de sign, gives try, become student, conscribing, build castles air, setting aside, perpending, being lost thought, in ducted, guesstimating, prearrange, gave break, wast credulous, inter act, keep mind, have mind, thinks up, sorting out, dope out, putting on one thinking cap, keeping view, un-veil, de-creed, making use of, re couping, am the opinion, re-pair, weaken, put work, hazard guess, trump up, keeps faith, crack the books, be-witch, give battle to, giving break, re-coups, giving nod, employ, under took, catch, ex pressed, are the opinion, fill up, used one's head, joined battle with, tost around, opted for, lucubrate, sur-mises, filled position, pre supposed, had mind, dive into, having a shot at, gets going, re cognizes, making one's mind, dive in to, pre supposes, were the opinion, making up mind, taking under consideration, re-possess, ex-act, flashes on, under stand, re gained, psych out, giving one's word, looking at, mull, makes mind, in-ducts, hath view, hath a mind to, in tended, haddest a mind to, ex-cogitating, gave work, made up one's mind, doing battle with, un veiling, re-calls, in-ducting, stewed over, pro posed, ex cogitated, lining up, apply oneself, made one's mind, trucked with, decide up on, put ones thinking cap, holds opinion, de-livered, beating one brains, be determined, are resolved, de note, re plenished, hast a fling at, tossed around, beat brains, has faith in, re cognizing, thought to, switch on, took at one word, pencilling in, hadst go at, inter acting, pro-pose, hath no doubt, hazarding guess, racks brains, inter playing, keeps in mind, flashing on, became student, be opinion, filling position, Optate, de-liberate, penciling in, take as gospel, under takes, muster, re-paired, thinking about, pre-supposing, re-solved, gives job to, be witching, re-quired, keeps view, re coups, de livered, opting for, hoped to, pro mises, noodles around, in stalling, contracting for, muses on, inks, psyching out, called into action, opens up, take under advisement, hath go at, hast mind to, wert opinion, logicalized, Filed, gives whirl, gat going, set about, have a go at, open up, signs up, owned up, ratiocinate, being credulous, taking under advisement, trying for size, re-stores, re store, re-call, appeal to, gives credence to, optates, re solve, subscribing to, in-stall, re-cognizing, permit, be speak, polishing up, ideating, be troth, hammering away at, prearranged, intellectualizes, in corporate, took ones word, tried on for size, pro cures, un-veils, calling together, think to, gave battle to, kick around, mused on, sets aside, aspiring to, pipe dreamed, ink, takes under advisement, uses one's head, adds to payroll, giving whirl, thinks of, stores up, de-signs, re membered, being determined, re news, built castles air, pre engaged, de crees, haddest a hunch, pro-posing, muse on, racks one's brains, in spects, accept, hath in view, hast go at, pro-mise, see about, saying oneself, is convinced of, intellectualized, were of opinion, logicalizes, de-duce, putting on ones thinking cap, countenance, turn over mind, thinks over, go down the line, under stands, re-news, re-quests, pressing in to service, keeping the faith, dis patches, being convinced of, put on ones thinking cap, in-tending, re storing, cracked the books, bids for, gives a try, de voted, de vised, have a mind to, hath a fling at, was the opinion, turn over in mind, wast determined, sub scribe, in-duct, inter-lacing, pipedreamt, kicking around, make up one's mind, give a try, re-possessing, taking one word, uses ones head, pre-arrange, make up one mind, art of opinion, runs it flagpole, put thinking cap, makes one mind, figures on, inter-played, voting for, out-fitted, re pairing, puzzles over, haddest no doubt, make one mind, pro claimed, rested assured, pre arranges, DO, reflecting up on, re-veals, take at ones word, being of opinion, find human resources, inter meshed, bring board, endeavor, were resolved, inter-meshed, re covered, gives a whirl, in quire, haddest fling at, provides for, applying oneself, call into action, sublease, take ones word, finding human resources, ran flagpole, had a shot at, lease, call, singling out, laud, beat one's brains, hammer away at, running it up flagpole, fill a position, made one mind, inter plays, go out for, takes under consideration, be-speak, wert convinced of, de notes, inter-laces, hath hunch, picking out, was determined, re possessed, give one word, de vise, re member, win over, thinking up, under-standing, is certain of, single out, rack ones brains, thought out, de-crees, turning over in mind, puts thinking cap, were big on, legalize, summon, re-serving, re coup, catalogging, pray to, in-stalled, called upon, is credulous, switching on, have go at, give a break, looked upon, inventorized, gotten going, re-stored, in-spect, giving word, Inking, gives thumbs up, reading up, pre-supposes, votes for, gives work, Meditated, goes down line, make one's mind, am lost thought, called forth, placed confidence in, re pairs, kept the faith, was of the opinion, letted in, reemploy, in-tends, being big on, shelter, truck with, penciled in, racked brains, reflects up on, finding help, keeping faith, noodle around, inter-playing, called in, pre arranging, burn midnight oil, dis closes, says oneself, think out, lapping up, re-solve, in tending, put on one's thinking cap, fills position, taking part, inter lace, re-covering, went for broke, de livers, opening up, had shot at, maintain, acclaim, decided up on, pro-cures, beating ones brains, all-owed, pro curing, in-vest, be-lieve, inter-plays, digest, re cover, called up on, re cognize, kicked around, in corporates, am certain of, re-gaining, be spoke, be spake, re-pairing, puzzled over, went down the line, hast view, re stores, re-spects, de vising, gave one's word, ex pressing, fill position, cracking books, was big on, inter played, racked one brains, becomes pregnant, gives the nod, doped out, use one head, wast lost thought, sub-letting, look upon, racked ones brains, re pair, un covers, wast opinion, figure out, buried in, gives a break, join up, racking one brains, made reservation, found help, out fitting, be of the opinion, re quests, built castles in air, making up one mind, work toward, extol, pro duces, de-sign, chew cud, used ones head, ex-pressing, under-takes, going in for, opts for, woolgathered, reading between lines, looks up on, fits out, under stood, presumed true, become pregnant, entertain idea, re-cited, beating brains, attached weight to, makes one's mind, favor, turning over mind, re cording, chewing over, re animated, pre-arranged, re animates, calling in to action, assents to, allows for, rack one's brains, re-calling, attach weight to, re-tain, re spects, placing confidence in, re-questing, de-signed, re possess, go in to, co-ached, filling up, all owed, press into service, co ached, ex press, run it flagpole, haddest view, call up on, in-scribing, building castles in air, beating one's brains, re view, signs off on, inter meshing, reflecting upon, re-animating, called turn, stop to consider, provide for, having a go at, Conscribe, turns over in mind, Depicturing, signed on, be-speaking, adds payroll, noodled around, in-tended, affiances, suffer, be credulous, mulling over, is lost thought, hath in mind, dis-patches, re cites, Preengage, hadst a hunch, has hunch, keeping in mind, congressing, de-duces, finds human resources, out fitted, has a fling at, re-animate, is of opinion, consider, pro pose, adding up, taking course, Initiating, re-solves, interplaying, un covering, commission, guesstimates, flashed on, try on for size, hast in mind, came on board, un covered, takes at one's word, gave the nod, aspire to, appeals to, goes into details, subscribed to, found human resources, re members, de creed, sized up, sur mise, adding to payroll, pro-claiming, taking word, call the turn, cop plea, like, wast lost in thought, had hunch, dis-patch, trying on for size, pro-fess, trucking with, spitball, re-fresh, un cover, beat ones brains, be-speaks, de-legate, bad for, re-serve, slating, Affiancing, read up, stopped consider, hire, was convinced of, re-solving, re spect, having shot at, trothing, gave thumbs up, dost battle with, under take, hammered away at, makes up one mind, come board, running flagpole, places confidence in, hath shot at, re-couping, ideate, reckoned with, sub scribed, made up mind, subleasing, Deputed, conscripted, builds castles air, retain, gave a break, calls in to action, praise, de lay, re freshes, learn ropes, had go at, takes at one word, give whirl, re covering, gives ones word, bade for, gives word, running up flagpole, re-member, say to oneself, pre occupy, re plenishing, sews up, reflect upon, de cree, figured out, commend, approve, exalt, sub letting, thought about, sur mises, inter-laced, think up, dis-patched, brought on board, pre-engaging, inter-lock, under-taking, pre-occupied, promote, building castles air, dis-closing, in vite, take part, ex-posing, re cognized, presses in to service, de lays, has in mind, depictures, stew over, pre-arranges, Depictured, wert certain of, optating, have a hunch, be-troth, size up, deciding upon, making reservation, be-troths, hopes to, Leasing, entertaining idea, re-plenishing, contract, re solves, think about, is resolved, says to oneself, re cited, calling up, thinks about, in duct, took for, hast mind, had a hunch, sanction, tarries over, goes down the line, went in to details, de-votes, dreaming of, took word, re-gard, having in view, takes one word, wert big on, cracks books, re-couped, builded castles air, hath a hunch, find help, de noted, beats one's brains, gave nod, vote for, be troths, presume true, make allowance for, re-covers, am convinced of, de-liberating, go for broke, dwelling upon, has fling at, hast shot at, sorted out, is lost in thought, re-cognized, heads trip, contract for, make known, sub-leased, Balloted, sur-mise, take course, dreams of, recommend, give access, art big on, book, re quiring, hast a shot at, hazarding a guess, think over, took at word, re-tains, use one's head, logicalize, had mind to, inventorizes, calling it, called it, taking at word, runs flagpole, re-views, make mind, under-stands, stopping to consider, stops to consider, builds castles in air, keep faith, were of the opinion, becoming pregnant, joining battle with, thought deeply, decide upon, hadst a fling at, deal with, made allowance for, keeps busy, keep the faith, de legates, re possesses, in vested, settling on, holds an opinion, de vote, takes ones word, Rehire, re questing, pre occupies, keeping mind, muse, takes at word, makes up mind, respect, thinking of, appoint, confided to, figure on, pro claims, pre-occupy, sub lease, re-cover, having a hunch, take, subscribes to, fell on, having no doubt, press in to service, pipedreamed, compliment, assent to, hast in view, wast of the opinion, ideates, flirt with, entertains idea, bury in, flirting with, voted for, giving thumbs up, go in to details, sewed up, de-picturing, gave access, re-possesses, called in to action, musing on, decided upon, dived in to, re-quiring, keep busy, enlist, run up flagpole, un veils, give the nod, pipe-dream, dis closing, be speaking, re-cording, believe, working toward, eulogize, chewed over, got going, in-quiring, re calling, take one's word, re-called, racks ones brains, has a mind to, am big on, haddest a go at, was lost thought, were lost thought, thought over, inventorizing, calls in, brood over, having view, pro-duces, takes course, polished up, un veiled, de-clare, join battle with, pre arrange, reflects upon, hope to, switched on, stews over, re-animates, capture, re quires, ex-acted, re-cord, intro-duces, do battle with, secure, call in, inventorize, un veil, de-noted, setting apart, sub leasing, falling on, calls the turn, de liberate, allow, give credence to, in-tend, running it flagpole, fills up, inter meshes, was lost in thought, ex pose, re veals, letting in, signing off on, involves oneself, signing on, dis patch, inter acted, catalogged, thinks deeply, pro-cured, be-witches, take in to account, have mind to, wast the opinion, having a fling at, give a whirl, sweating over, applies oneself, taking at one word, pro vides, re new, confides to, importing, re-animated, going for broke, making up one's mind, gives one word, sweated over, in sert, de-notes, pipedreaming, hast hunch, owns up, care for, calls forth, un-cover, wert determined, enter in to, in vest, re stored, be witched, bringing on board, keep in mind, filling a position, re serve, de-vote, wert the opinion, have view, is the opinion, put one thinking cap, conscribes, switches on, prearranging, give job to, pre-arranging, hadst no doubt, de-signing, hast no doubt, beats one brains, calls up on, dis patched, Busied, tarried over, pro cure, am credulous, cracking the books, inter lock, beats ones brains, un-veiled, pre-supposed, diving into, had in view, put one's thinking cap, putting on thinking cap, appealing to, ex acting, flirts with, beat one brains, wast certain of, holding an opinion, pro viding, out-fits, subleases, tossing around, ex acts, make up mind, be big on, inter-locked, re-serves, figures out, de-note, were certain of, hadst a shot at, reflected upon, beats brains, coming board, de livering, pored over, pro fesses, ideated, singled out, am resolved, setting about, went down line, thought of, caring for, de signing, de-cree, re-cites, was resolved, gave ones word, put on thinking cap, re-members, has a go at, inter mesh, keeps in view, called together, re tains, decides up on, hath a go at, out fit, puts work, brings on board, involve oneself, didst battle with, looked forward, took as gospel, call upon, looking up on, tarrying over, rack one brains, pro-fesses, de-liberated, saying to oneself, co aching, applaud, wert credulous, ex-cogitates, puzzling over, joining up, busies, ran it up flagpole, wast big on, say oneself, cracks the books, re cord, held opinion, mulled over, dis-closes, prays to, haddest a shot at, sub-lease, makes allowance for, broods over, establish, be of opinion, subscribe to, reckons with, look forward, cares for, appealed to, detain, prayed to, reflect up on, dis close, hadst a mind to, pre-suppose, sends for, settled on, look up on, settles on, pipe-dreamed, be-spake, perpended, pro duce, setting down, interplayed, sending for, in-quires, racking brains, sets about, sew up, gives access, de duces, in-vests, puts on one's thinking cap, was certain of, in stalled, making known, am of the opinion, love, owning up, in-scribe, looked at, hazards guess, gave a whirl, re gaining, de-liberates, bring light, haddest go at, chew over, made known, resting assured, wrought for, falls on, in-ducted, intend, in quiring, took one's word, went out for, had faith in, re animating, in scribes, de picture, presses into service, using one head, putting ones thinking cap, art the opinion, de-pictures, wrought toward, pre engage, put on one thinking cap, stops consider, bring on board, dwell on, make ones mind, psychs out, mull over, give break, bear mind, kept busy, looking upon, dreamed of, come on board, inter-acting, look at, makes use of, give word, lodge, reflect, saw about, pre occupied, flirted with, cracked books, pre supposing, hazards a guess, storing up, work for, held an opinion, pipe-dreamt, give work, were convinced of, looks at, inter-lace, dives into, takes part, contracted for, pro-curing, lines up, was of opinion, re-corded, pre suppose, woolgathering, presuming true, art opinion, ex posed, was opinion, sees about, trumps up, in-spects, in vests, assented to, allowing for, Preengaging, dis-closed, adding payroll, re cords, buries in, de-vised, ran it flagpole, hath faith in, trothed, inter laces, ex act, going down the line, pre engaging, polishes up, has shot at, fall on, keeping in view, bury oneself in, using one's head, assenting to, pore over, tosses around, using ones head, hammers away at, confiding to, in quired, took one word, calls upon, run it up flagpole, praying to, thinking deeply, think of, de signed, re-freshes, finds help, sets apart, buried oneself in, taking for granted, affiance, makes up one's mind, take for granted, own up, providing for, does battle with, un-covers, putting one's thinking cap, Subletting, re-gained, puts one thinking cap.