Pronunciation of Disregard
/dˌɪsɹɪɡˈɑːd/, /dˌɪsɹɪɡˈɑːd/, /d_ˌɪ_s_ɹ_ɪ_ɡ_ˈɑː_d/

Antonyms for disregard

deferred to, saw in one mind, re-strained, re-marked, dis play, think up, are convinced of, had look, de-riving, is obliged, partiality, usher in, held an opinion, follow beaten path, fore sees, are attentive, saw the mind's eye, poring over, dost a t, have a get together, associated with, takes to mean, re-quire, re minding, was in midair, not mind, fixing in the mind, under-went, am impressed, co-operations, speculation, thinking up, thinking about, hostelled, wast present, pandered to, high esteem, puts on ones thinking cap, are brown study, re liability, Obligement, were confident of, setting one cap, fore telling, extended ones hand, be fall, dis may, makes whoopee, bringing to a close, meditate on, Palming, apprizing, in-venting, Sheered, has look, church service, all-owed, weighs against another, focusing on, be concerned, put up with, palm, fixed mind, went in to hiding, fore know, de-lights, dis-enthralls, re-plicate, go by the book, dis passion, square deals, doest duty, take effect, sneaking suspicions, wrote up, domiciliate, Devotement, re conciliated, Depicture, in cline, flirt with, de-picts, apply to, gat out of way, keep the faith, popping up, planned for, kicks up one heels, give, takes for, pro-moting, carboned, remembrance, raises the value of, daresay, dig in to past, occupies thoughts, kept eye peeled, sub serves, giving onto, magnification, held candle to, haddest go at, put with, being interested in, sees in mind, bury oneself in, earn wings, art mid-air, aims for, dost sly, co oking, keeping oneself, hypo thesis, wert in service of, running flagpole, super posed, kick up one's heels, patterning upon, re claims, force upon, beware, wert aware, being resolved, punch in, give thumbs up, followed beaten path, flipped through, emphathize, was indebted, cite, sur faced, does a number, art understanding, am guard, call signals, does as one says, sense, learn, thumbs through, be wilderments, gave allegiance to, go on record for, shleps along, superscribe, cashed in, cogitation, pro-fits, interpose, in formations, occupies with, indulgence, doeth the job, dis-believes, sets one's cap, re verse, stake outs, art guard, shape up, post mark, discrepate, behaves toward, don't rock boat, re place, waits upon, kicked around, signing on, gaze openmouthed, takes one's word, sees about, re present, insisted on, chafing inwardly, Duteousness, in-quire, doing one thing, dis guised, paragoned, are in accord, in-cite, administerings, taking account of, feasts ones eyes, put on one's thinking cap, giving the once-over, stay line, GOTCHA, have memories, be thinking, hazarded a, follow up, made amends, re presenting, is satisfied with, re cognition, be on guard, thought through, de-tails, takes care, refer to, beheadings, counter-balance, learn ropes, hold awe, believes in, worthinesses, go along with, flip through, had faith in, tirelessnesses, reckoned on, hath mind, ringing a bell, be held, put down as, bring to close, voice-over, taking under wing, engages in, role, un certainty, re-main, dwelling upon, are opposed, being relevant to, schlepp along, use ones head, dug into the past, flashes on, rate, dote on, makes top of one head, patterned up on, put the lid on, dutifulnesses, covering bases, good behaviors, approval, encase, giving shelter, supervise, kept under surveillance, fix attention, be-sought, conformabilities, gave the once over, were loose, keeps view, sweats over, under standing, be stows, picks up the check, hadst feeling, catered to, covered up, put faith in, made appearance, sees mind eye, doeth a t, rumination, have done with, super-impose, extends one hand, is faithful, give forth, keep tab, wisecracked, getting the beam, wast willing, humoring, taking pains, fix the mind, Re-mark, non partisanship, keep tabs, high regards, abstraction, double for, gazing openmouthed, shows tenderness, dis cusses, memorialize, sees coming, goes at, sparingnesses, dis-patch, over-laid, were in accord, caters to, look into, sympathize with, does one's bidding, be spoke, re-duplicated, moves over, art slanted, wast obliged, am a matter of, end owed, re bounded, wert opinion, doth ones thing, observe, art mid air, cognizes, doeth thing, tips hat, becomes conscious of, art associated with, having a look, doth the job, spieled, wert confident of, give audience to, be-headings, cleaned act, makes certain, dis cussed, being big on, is lost in thought, played the game, is wary, eventualized, was turned on to, estimate, be-longed, drinks to, was appreciative, form opinion, dis imprisons, hadst faith in, stowing away, throw into, had good opinion of, didst one duty, up rearing, typecast, dope out, fore thoughts, de fending, is convinced, are present, aliveness, crosses one heart, worthiness, taking measure, be wary, dis imprisoned, calling the turn, gives key city, board up, sparingness, trailblazed, have funny feeling, took oath, passed sentence, riveting the eyes on, have recourse to, de-picturing, mis-giving, in temperatenesses, beating one brains, called to, discourses on, cogitates on, comes after, re strained, suspect, in-spirited, calling attention to, reading between lines, admit, strung along, does one's duty, mind, re-sounding, vigil, take in to account, had looksee, dis criminations, re-places, wast accord, engaged in, get through head, de pictured, thinking deeply, gets eyeful of, ventures guess, overcasts, under-score, running over, Repercussing, wert brown study, proceed from, marked with red letter, fastened on, counter balances, art kind to, being in brown study, gallantry, make up off top one's head, de picture, commishes, remember, Husbanded, with-hold, perceivings, de-finiteness, dis guising, becoming aware, dis quiets, entertains idea, kept an eye on, is constant, come light, keeping watches, putting to death, sub-tracts, intro-duce, gat the message, stands in with, do sly, pre-served, be holdings, am excited, hadst a gettogether, art constant, popped up, docilities, be appreciative, gives audience to, wast concerned, minds ones ps qs, reflects up on, allowed for, thinks world of, beats ones brains, chews over, go in for, signalize, haddest a care, take care of, re hash, disciplined, co-oking, pro portion, ask in marriage, art pendent, keeps one's toes, counterpoised, Secerning, hadst a care, sub missions, breaking a bill, holds in high esteem, comes light, gat wise to, re instating, lived it up, hast view, politicnesses, shrouding, reflection, go route, re-spites, doeth ones bidding, puts a hole, tractability, bending the knee, sur-rendered, Cajoleries, was host, forced up on, dig in to the past, Parcity, feeling, doing as says, looks askance at, be stowing, kept tabs on, gat the drift, take stock of, cutting ice, art certain of, out weigh, becomes aware, pre eminences, deal with, art with it, ensue, earns wings, bow to, spoilings, trot out, call duty, dote up on, bon mot, headlined, saw minds eye, re gard, answerabilities, de-rived, de-fending, close study, noodling around, re-paying, being in accord, watching out, gave thought to, giving once over, re gale, dittoing, dittoed, re-commend, pricks up ears, touches upon, making top one's head, gotten in there, got touch, see minds eye, multi plying, was lost in thought, was brown study, feast eyes on, get line, paying attention to, takes steps, pro claiming, accountablenesses, getting beam, digged into the past, re tailed, kept on ones toes, pre supposed, gives thumbs up, get an eyeful, something to sweeten pot, looked ahead to, are big on, eye, doing bidding, wast matter of, de voted, lends an ear, rubbered, panegyrics, having vibes, warmheartedness, wast turned on to, gets out way, contract killings, muse over, got the drift, predictings, delivering talk, gets the message, acts with regard to, consorting with, hazarding a, tarries over, excess baggage, fore seeing, calls tune, hope for, keep oneself, takes measure of, disturb, dis patched, keeping faith, attention, cap, am loyal, solemnize, crack one brains, keeping one's distance, look at, having a gettogether, calling turn, de-pends, wrought for, catching the drift, keeps under wraps, measures up, touched upon, takes out, am concerned, gotten beam, hostelling, Succoring, were relevant to, pre-serves, de crease, be true, ex-tort, re instate, being guided by, re-dress, tabbing, pre-occupation, catching glimpse of, in scribes, get in touch, pro fesses, be guiles, gets an earful, believing in, ticked off, bid for, hadst view, doth trick, giving audience to, take the floor, re sounds, break a bill, hast mind, deliver speech, doest bidding, Responding, class, de tailed, doest thing, was interested in, authorize, doing the trick, cracked brains, in ducts, de-clines, re-minded, were like, looking ahead to, takes rap for, gotten load of, beating brains, ex press, head lining, picked up, were affronted, were opinion, doing t, re couped, re-lives, bodhi, in-spire, re conciliating, reduplicates, passes sentence, be sure of, apprehendings, act like, write up, haddest a looksee, Re-sound, have look see, Serenaded, have do with, dig, doth on the sly, de vised, re instates, be the service of, electro-cute, foster, re duplicates, were affected, PRS, hazarding guess, stay out of sight, takes one word, is indebted, ceremonialize, monumentalizing, had a feeling, setting cap, Forcibleness, are consistent with, flash back, makes overture, being affronted, strikes as, am awed by, was associated with, re pined, eats ones heart out, took floor, hid out, rest on, saw mind eye, fell in with, pay homage, co aching, Co-ordinates, keeping watch, has looksee, straightened up, dont rock the boat, in temperance, pre-sages, joining sides, re-habilitate, made advances, walk on, devoting to, catching drift, ushers in, is sympathy, am commensurate, doing the sly, is attached, aspire to, got in line, paid attention, strokings, am cognizant of, un-ease, adhere to, having doubt, re-percussed, extending one hand, is in keeping, big hand, re-corded, making off top head, fancy, close studies, gets through ones head, be affronted, runs with the pack, thinks highly of, groove on, get wind of, pat on head, entered in to consideration, be-wares, throws oneself in to, pore over, gotten a handle on, in-tendances, re-commendation, Cantoned, doth as one says, being sensitive, in temperateness, saw in mind eye, ideations, give talk, stew over, lamped, relates to standard, kept in view, gotten on soapbox, are ruled by, de pend, Rooming, racks ones brains, bring to mind, in-stalled, flip over, does one duty, haddest knowledge of, re-lying, re purchases, minded p q, showing kindliness, super-vise, listened up, strook a note, definitudes, doest the trick, mulled over, ex-cogitated, ex-act, re-conciliates, setting ones cap, are excited, takes into consideration, bad for, be a matter of, striking a note, gotten the point, art prone, am fastened, provided for, seeing mind, make a date, on account, punching clock, tractableness, highballing, insist on, be-fell, hadst bearing on, occupying thoughts, fore-sees, re-live, hath hunch, TCBS, living with, carrot, am confident of, holds candle to, obeisance, ideate, am host, see in mind, sur-rendering, was employed by, de-posited, get an earful, hold, hast knowledge of, are aware of, kept to oneself, are apprised of, art lost in thought, do honors, hadst faith, flirted with, solicitude, figuring on, do as says, made rough guess, be crazy about, asking in marriage, gat load of, venerate, ran it flagpole, hast a do, caught drift, dis covered, de-ducts, count up on, are convinced, in tents, post-dated, dis enthralled, subserve, making conspicuous, being of the opinion, be falling, holding to, de frayed, gets the impression, Lauding, made love to, cracking books, fervency, were engrossed in, art in service of, catching a glimpse of, do job, sings praises, live up, jots down, sets one cap for, de-clares, knock dead, calls turn, writes down, gat on the beam, taking into consideration, Compassionated, de-cree, hoping to, didst the trick, extend ones hand, courtesy, dis-guised, seeing through, gets line, de finitenesses, thumbing through, in-spirit, wast on guard, sur prise, beating the drum, dont make waves, adhered to, coming light, post date, ex tort, de-posits, gotten an eyeful, Cultus, doth bidding, doest on the sly, art guided by, poured it on, place in juxtaposition, tipping one hat, talk over, is pendent, capiche, doing to t, makes up off top of ones head, sees in the minds eye, sees through, are constant, planning for, de laying, took one word, think of as, hold high esteem, called it, goes out with, politesse, un-earthing, wert opposed, auscultated, once over, piloting, kept forever, kicking up ones heels, Imaged, re-hashing, paying court to, nailing down, takes advice, stacking against, hast a go at, puts to, acted upon, showing mercy, re deeming, crack ones brains, with hold, meet, going on record for, hadst a look see, Subliming, see coming, ritualize, co-operate, tipping one's hat, see one mind, pre mise, canonization, in-formation, looking back, work out a deal, chewed over, modelled on, become pregnant, sur pass, dug in to the past, Cobbed, looked for, wert on guard, bill coo, wall off, relive, is afraid, speaking well of, be sting, making much of, side with, go by book, commentating, are credulous, sing the praises, occupied thoughts, giving once-over, trafficking in, go to town, feeling gut, pass through, ex-cogitates, had a look see, haddest get together, be willing, subserves, saw in the mind eye, brings close, gets on soapbox, giving speech, being ruled by, pre tends, kick around, ringing in, sur passed, assents to, does a t, ontoes, Mothered, have care, being in mid air, hold fast, makes off top of one's head, minding ps and qs, emphathizes, playing the game, pop for, dis-play, making ones mind, does what one is told, being poised, harken, is there for, pat the back, unchain, presume true, dis-passionatenesses, making up off top one head, drew conclusion, ex acting, art opinion, made distinction, gives the eye, open up, shows kindliness, put a tail on, precaution, over-seen, rolls out red carpet, dis-covering, psychs out, re-commending, de legates, wert directed to, caution, making up one mind, sends up, had a get together, warm fuzzy, prize, punched the clock, be all for, art connected with, is accord, have a bearing on, be guile, be-lieve, seeing after, muses on, tailgating, considered opinions, thought highly of, steers clear of, hast a look, ruminatings, hangs on words, hadst look, saw after, give ear, make top one head, walk eggs, sticks to, be longs, applying to, in cites, niggardlinesses, curtsied, dis believe, applying oneself, hypothesize, consciousness, modeled after, make up off top of one head, see in minds eye, art in brown study, being mid-air, interest, give hearing, was ears, thinks probable, is in brown study, keeping in view, got high on, high-fives, doeth what one is told, stand in for, coming out closet, beholdings, put a hole, rooted for, make amends, dis-simulated, related standard, judiciousnesses, keeping on toes, didst one's bidding, watch for, psyched out, be constant, art convinced of, cracking one's brains, does to t, bring to a close, bills coo, clock in, feasting eyes on, shared anothers sorrow, church services, rides shotgun for, does trick, hoped to, keep one distance, super intend, resulting from, sweated out, making off top of ones head, be connected with, gotten on the beam, signs on, sets cap, transorts, got picture, sewed up, re-captures, hanging it up, corresponding with, out shine, made merry, thought the world of, trumping up, re serving, gat out of the way, sware down, commiserate, putting tail on, paid court to, seeing in minds eye, striking as, ask marriage, re percuss, de-tains, wert in awe of, dis-crimination, measuring up, made off top one head, hath a get together, paid tribute to, wert inclined think, wert guest, delivers talk, de liberated, topping off, calculating roughly, devote to, seeing daylight, intendances, stayed over, gat the point, swore down, be with it, go at, was connected with, played part, gat a soapbox, signs off on, applies oneself, be-heading, keep from, permissiveness, holds fast, living by, fastening on, makes up off top ones head, fairmindedness, enter in to consideration, wast in mid air, not give aways, keeping under wraps, figures on, deference, de-capitation, tag after, going into hiding, de-signed, digged in to past, in-spires, Revering, re-plicates, sort out, re turning, looking down, thinking the world of, putting down for, in quired, assent to, am apprised of, cracked books, refrain from, taking care of business, dost what is expected, re deem, thinks deeply, knocking dead, be enough, pressing one suit with, seeks in marriage, rolled out the red carpet, wast attached, turned to, considered opinion, dis enthrall, wast about, re stores, took notice, dis-tracts, make inquiry, take as gospel, tuned in on, doing what is told, re-laxation, were afraid, act upon, set one's cap for, high regard, doing one bidding, haddest looksee, doth what is expected, looks for, catches glimpse of, re-dressed, hast at, perceive, gotten the drift, retrospecting, stacks against, move over, having impression, pre cautions, followed footsteps, living to, have view, wast convinced, under-standings, Sweethearting, fore told, wast the opinion, putting on a pedestal, awe, dis interestedness, cover bases, gave chase, pays homage, be impressed, gat eyeful of, lives up, took the floor, bring the rear, having recourse to, re-bounded, am all ears, share anothers sorrow, gave an audience to, shotgunning, bodhis, crossing one's heart, putting over, hast hunch, re-flection, took in the sights, ticking off, adds up, picking up on, payed tribute to, is of opinion, kept in mind, dis charge, freaked out on, had reference, smelling a rat, being at, believe in, excess baggages, wert sympathy, tagging along, blew steam, hast in mind, ex-tensions, de liver, hast a looksee, am the service of, redline, re places, string along with, looked forward to, punching the clock, wast subsequent to, favor, had a mind to, hadst mind, pro vince, put in a hole, declare, am afraid, throws in to, puts thinking cap, standing by, re-solving, re venue, bets bottom dollar on, is inclined to think, kicked heels, re-venues, putting weight on, dis tract, walkon, re-call, eating heart out, make distinction, puts a tail on, flips through, being aware, had a do, having gettogether, does ones duty, harkening, re-sent, re sides, pro vinces, have in mind, is affected, art alert, over-hears, re-sents, be certain of, crossing ones heart, is at, re-presentations, re-sounded, under lines, gazes openmouthed, de-liberate, sweated over, fend, feasted eyes on, re view, put on pedestal, weighing upon, did honors, be-wilderment, looksee, ate heart out, haddest compassion, making up off top one's head, taking effect, sur-facing, are inclined to think, sized up, dis covering, feels heart go out to, are awed by, be lieve, spring from, be careful, count heads, re counting, sweat over, Disenthrall, built castles in air, tune in on, burn midnight oil, deadweight, be turned on to, idolization, hast care, re venues, brought to fruition, comes next, digged into past, counter-poised, stared at, being cautious, seeking in marriage, gives the onceover, gets earful, am constant, carrying ons, re flection, are appreciative, doeth bidding, be conscious of, see light, seeing one's mind, pre supposes, gives ear, diagramed, standing in for, get the idea, had a hunch, holds a candle to, puzzle over, plays part, marking with red letter, pay attention to, doth as told, re marks, prudence, de vising, has high opinion, gotten there, cried up, dis tress, gives key to city, using head, gives heed to, did thing, dis-coursed, taking part, re-cline, patterning up on, art host, sware and down, pitch into, dis criminated, is guest, take in sights, patterns up on, get vibes, laid money on, re served, shaping up, getting chest, re-producing, sees to, lived up, in spire, transorted, lives it up, re counts, cuts ice, gave access, being the service of, wert convinced of, be-thinking, dost ones thing, ex tolled, is big on, works out a deal, pro claims, regard, bowing down, art determined, doest ones duty, cracked one brains, wert in mid-air, keeping on ones toes, Fantasied, had a get-together, was sensitive, obedience, super scribed, taking word, re-veals, entering into consideration, rivetting, over statements, live the past, are for, stringed along with, sycophancies, swearing down, ex change, cipherings, puts screws to, being devoted to, ecstasizes, be slanted, dis-places, be of the opinion, art all ears, Unfetter, doeth as one says, am kind to, does job, under taking, lend an ear, dost thing, takes at one word, pay heed, set ones cap for, pre-side, billing and coo, are affected, are true, staid out sight, jot down, gives shelter, go together, art afraid, are cognizant of, art in midair, Gallanted, art aware, re-placed, de tain, re mains, payed attention to, hadst reference, takes effect, cautiousness, art confident of, were midair, goes by book, sub-mission, haddest recourse to, re purchase, took up on, is devoted, measured up, worked out deal, re possess, super-imposed, gets out of way, wast opposed, set on, governings, being indebted, leafed through, being guest, avow, be thought, stay in line, gat soapbox, were credulous, were loyal, sews up, saw mind, hast memories, be cognizant of, ideation, did as one says, beating one's brains, elicit, regard highly, extending one's hand, cleaned up act, re-solutions, follows beaten path, clinging to, dis-place, being determined, going next, heading trip, let loose, gotten through ones head, re-lied, out-strips, build castles in air, sur-mount, dealing in, re-ached, tuned in, goes steady, dost the sly, go around with, getting wind of, kicks up one's heels, associating with, be opposed, clave to, followed orders, conducts oneself toward, am sensible of, un-derwent, hath at, going to, dis criminating, art true, rode shotgun for, conceive of, lives the past, had sneaking suspicion, re cognizing, setting ones cap for, de-noted, calls it, reckoning on, co unselling, bringing to mind, bring up the rear, called in, taking stock of, am enough, take advice, sur-passed, minded ones ps and qs, dis-quietude, specializes in, show tenderness, art in awe of, calls the signals, re capture, fixing in mind, kicked ones heels, keeps ones distance, deification, kent, Immortalization, does the trick, kowtowings, hath no doubt, pro-spects, runs it flagpole, ran over, involves oneself, minding p's q's, kept quiet, re claim, having in view, looked up down, calculate roughly, lucubrate, speak well of, give a party, conceives of, does ones thing, did t, thinking of, wast alert, de clare, haddest a do, lending an ear, mull, take over, got through one's head, are consequent on, reliving, haddest bearing on, thought about, putting down as, saw in the minds eye, doest honors, rated highly, show hospitality, is crazy about, got the hang of, dis tracts, get touch, wert willing, cleaved to, do on the sly, hang out, high-fiving, plug away at, think out, getting touch, broke a bill, wine dine, are the opinion, kept tab, re strain, do one's thing, doest number, co-oping, are there, public esteems, takes in the sights, Mantling, wast apprised of, hammer away at, living past, catenate, keeps on one toes, holding reception for, brought up rear, re pine, does ones bidding, doeth to t, re calls, hazards a guess, meditated on, exchanged greetings, miserliness, digs in to past, sur-mounted, answerability, forbearance, hath high opinion, discoursing on, keeps on one's toes, pre-pared, did ones duty, diving in to, counted noses, catches the drift, viewings, be-haves, re-counted, typecasts, whistles for, rivetted, ministering to, casts up, sur passes, be-stowing, call the tune, de fended, muses over, being solicitous, is relevant, made off top of one head, de-duct, make up top ones head, going by the book, enlarged up on, doing duty, cherish, fore-seen, in-vested, broke bill, de-tain, take charge of, wast loyal to, racking brains, got line, sub mission, good taste, devotes oneself, counted heads, rolls out the red carpet, do on sly, writ down, fronts for, had hunch, Domiciliated, facing it, takes measure, rid shotgun for, am all for, pre-sage, hopes for, re aching, were conscious of, be-fall, set one's cap, super-imposes, doest to a t, making the grade, re possesses, making mind, got hang of, dis tresses, put to, got chest, are certain of, being wary, gives the nod, sees minds eye, transorting, re-produces, dis-passions, gotten the picture, has a do, bring close, hath a bearing on, takes part, ex aminations, under gone, seeings, keeping secret, de-ducting, think highly of, ate ones heart out, go out with, being kind to, be all ears, follows footsteps, prejudice, un derwent, give the onceover, re-conciliate, hammered away at, put one thinking cap, be-holds, extended one's hand, dost trick, got through head, was service of, ventures a guess, Syllogized, made up off top one's head, practice, enlarging upon, acting upon, cleaning up act, gambles on, were alert, pro-cures, ex-plain, wert obliged, feature, saw through, re-plied, doing sly, baksheesh, rolled with punches, look to, brings the rear, condole, haddest gettogether, be speaks, hath a feeling, kept on toes, re straining, re-tain, taking notice, are in mid air, gotten handle on, be credulous, getting an earful, doth one bidding, in-quired, feel, brought a close, in vent, repercusses, be gun, covers all bases, subserviences, tip hat, playing game, call mind, postdates, COBS, re peat, art the opinion, give way, looked at, draws conclusion, leafing through, patterned oneself up on, eagle-eye, culti, fore-known, with-holds, de pended, beating drum, refreshes memory, dis-covers, step around, tops off, picks upon, be-ware, looked upon, sweating out, catches drift, flipping over, dis cern, keeps company, thinks upon, picks out, did ones thing, minded store, co-operates, umbraging, take cover, strongarm, were all for, dis coursed, lending ear, ex-plains, do one's bidding, has faith, have a feeling, dost on sly, had faith, give chase, dis quietude, making up one's mind, sweating over, fixing mind, stayed line, co oped, boards up, interestedness, used ones head, having a go at, boarding up, lied low, seeing to, make up top of ones head, racked one brains, counter-vailed, bringing the rear, gave party, set against, pre-cautions, be heads, patterns oneself upon, didst on sly, be-speak, delivers speech, ex plication, doing ones thing, raises hell, gat out the way, Sheering, Repercussed, shuttering, hark back, inspire, turned over in mind, kept view, made the grade, hast get together, rave over, watch store, pops for, pour on, confiding in, give shelter, wariness, put to death, journeying over, sailed through, putting through, watches out for, fore-thoughts, count, gave thanks, intro duces, get load of, interpret as, hears tell, holding an opinion, hanging up, being slanted, over-saw, wast credulous, using ones head, de-lineate, mind ones ps qs, setting free, dis-patching, wert affronted, crossing heart, not minding, wert in keeping, going record for, pre served, tailormakes, wielded baton, eat ones heart out, toted up, devotes to, over-lays, bear up on, reads in to, taking a stab, be-sting, kept ones eye on, covering all bases, hath compassion, am employed by, had do with, provided refuge, yieldings, dis liking, being certain of, be relevant to, ex-position, de liberations, dis-believing, are in service of, pro-posing, de posited, am alert, haddest company, cracked one's brains, enjoy, were service of, bring fruition, puts a good word, drinking to, dis enthralls, being a guest, putting on ones thinking cap, did the job, co operations, out strip, Valuing, be big on, was big on, cult, high-five, take shot, hoped for, broodings, play part, wast consistent with, Summing, sake, dis-charging, had a look, Animadverted, sails through, counts heads, throwing a party, being devoted, make off top of one's head, sub lime, dopes out, tucking away, derringdo, was awed by, have compassion, re-coup, gotten high on, sequiturs, crack brains, making amends, reconciliating, wert host, meditate, doing job, watches one step, bravo, wast slanted, make top of ones head, seeing the minds eye, gamble on, pass comment, swear up and down, are ears, pre tend, feel heart go out to, Counterpoising, am resolved, electro cutes, keeps on toes, trans-act, hadst do with, was accord, intromit, faddism, de-livered, pietism, behaved toward, de-bates, am awe of, occupy oneself with, grooving, animadverts, descry, in sure, kept distance, makes conspicuous, being pendent, giving talk, getting the drift, eagling eye, shlep along, re-presented, Billeted, took care of, art inclined think, re-commends, disenthralls, show consideration, cross heart, harbors suspicion, sorting out, concentrate on, having a care, approve, over look, busynesses, carries through, hadst go at, putting faith in, regarded highly, gassings, did the trick, getting out way, refers to, gat through ones head, are understanding, being concerned, re-views, catches a glimpse of, in-temperateness, did the honors, wast relevant to, in quires, counter poised, wert matter of, being awe of, sprang for, re-liability, re-coups, pressed suit with, attesting to, re-laxations, art midair, unfettering, was keeping, safeguard, puzzles over, dis approves, re searches, chew cud, looking forward to, crown, was devoted to, dwell up on, muse, look forward to, wast aware of, hast to do with, join sides, be-headed, taking cover, in-ducts, gets vibrations, not told, having view, re bounding, cross one heart, used one's head, presses ones suit with, mind one p q, called tune, regards highly, did one's bidding, faced it, trailblaze, keeping on one toes, hadst gettogether, see one's mind, kept one's toes, was kind to, fastens on, is a matter of, clean up act, schoolworks, making overture, coronate, made up top of one's head, leaned on, delves into, followed crowd, be accord, bagging it, be alert, puts on to, takes note, de-frays, has at, be keeping, shows consideration, has view, were in sympathy, making off top of one head, act up on, ex-positions, shotgun, touches up on, woolgathering, Dooming, take under consideration, de-capitations, give eye, laboriousness, re collecting, thinks likely, dost the honors, strikes note, felt in gut, de-ducted, am attentive, sits on, bought back, safety measure, bringing rear, takes gander, taking to heart, be ruled by, non partisanships, hangs words, keep on one's toes, commemorate, has done with, ceremonialized, pronounce sentence, fore sight, feast ones eyes, in spirited, hath the impression, giving hearing, ex-planations, is in service of, are afraid, taking out, Profligateness, matching up, hadst done with, extended hand, Conformability, thinks through, animadvert, see through, dis-believed, re plying, giving party, re main, maintain, wast at, gets load of, keeps in view, cracked ones brains, cater to, make one mind, screen, ringed in, seek marriage, held in awe, subscribes to, lived by, occupying oneself with, replevined, over cast, pass sentence, under standings, comply, deuce it, take measure of, had done with, over looked, de-liberations, de votes, Re-collect, put in good word, tipped one's hat, canonizations, Girdled, rolling with punches, provide refuge, eat one heart out, re-aching, holds awe, contract killing, pro-fess, taking over, smells a rat, re strains, setting against, be turned to, are host, ORCHIDS, Riveted, illation, de-liberates, devotion, goes in for, adhering to, being loyal to, pours on, sur-pass, up hold, be in mid air, cope with, de clares, definiteness, sub limed, consider, hast no doubt, de pending, dis believes, ins cards, be-thinks, out shone, cut ice, Permissivenesses, post-dates, didst what is told, manageabilities, had a go at, re-served, does like, thumbed, were convinced, execution, share another's sorrow, didst the sly, under-lines, wert guided by, under-gone, Bracketing, fore-knowing, aver, makes much of, public esteem, having at, genteelness, de sires, smell rat, keep on ones toes, crack the books, have mind, noticings, placed confidence in, compassionates, gives hearing, go in to, smiled on, see the mind's eye, trans acting, mask, keep eye peeled, doest job, ring bell, bring bear, Leisure Activities, gives onceover, re-venue, delving in to, Similize, focusses on, ex plaining, pester, dis-playing, de sire, de liberates, is guided by, takes under one's wing, pipe dreamed, showed mercy, got a load of, live up to, look over, digging in to past, moved to, hadst funny feeling, think about, sub liming, keep, am aware, harbor, felt heart go out to, take a gander, de note, dis-imprisoned, are interested in, go that route, hath faith, make ones mind, catch glimpse of, set down, re-pay, perpended, polishing up, sequitur, betted on, repurchases, ceremonializes, entertaining idea, keeping eyes open, taking for, deuces it, be consequent on, re-possess, gaze open-mouthed, looks back, going route, act with regard to, get message, doeth one duty, fore boding, cross ones heart, fix mind, makes clear, write about, Make short work of, Husbanding, turning over mind, are impressed, art brown study, virtue, wast conscious of, blew off steam, think of, ran up a flagpole, wast associated with, fixt mind, haddest every intention, attends to, hark, toss around, un earthing, being employed by, super-visions, gotten the hang of, set ones cap, tost around, give onto, ran after, ruminate, flirts with, blinding, catenates, are guard, result from, be like, paid homage, went next, staying line, look up to, co operating, gets on a soapbox, seeking hand of, gotten off chest, do the trick, get there, de-liberating, wast attentive, shared another sorrow, super-intended, sat, extends ones hand, monumentalized, be fell, takes to heart, be-spoken, dealt in, in cite, stacked up against, was careful, made up top one head, fore-casting, pipe-dreamed, re possessed, press suit with, religiosity, tip ones hat, am consistent with, compare, dote upon, making up top of one's head, throwing oneself in to, ausculted, didst a number, run it flagpole, dog the footsteps of, be host, in-spects, ex pressing, highmindedness, have mind to, was obliged, feasts eyes on, runs over, minds one's p's and q's, un bind, psych out, sung the praises, am sure of, de cline, doth one's thing, threw oneself into, setting down, significance, puffing up, guards against, leaf through, gives forth, de-finitudes, takes charge of, on arm, covered bases, footed, friendship, take a shot, cracks one brains, felt gut, pre-scribes, jotting down, calculate, was confident of, wast guided by, prestige, stow away, sets apart, made room, making up top of ones head, looking and down, Syllogizing, dost job, art present, billed and coo, come out of closet, un eases, kept the faith, dis-played, am poised, re serve, tagging after, grinned bear it, two cents' worth, digs into the past, gat vibrations, riding shotgun for, goes on record for, was excited, doest to t, make change, found congenial, sit, Billeting, is prone, took one's word, wast kind to, kicked one's heels, doth one thing, be-longs, deliberate, doing what one is told, kicked up one heels, keeping one distance, administration, taking an oath, de termination, wast service of, sub-liming, in-stall, took sights, hast funny feeling, waits for, de-bate, ex acts, pre-determines, re-solution, being all ears, heedfulness, are affronted, were there for, sees one's mind, umbraged, dives into, has a look, art fastened, re-commended, re versing, do what is told, keeping forever, make grade, de-sign, de-livery, wast sensitive, did number, de-finitenesses, wert in accord, go next, puts out way, springing from, plan, keeping possession, saw in mind, sware up down, goes with the flow, did what one is told, made off top of ones head, wast the service of, dis-guise, de rive, re couping, in ducted, didst as one says, wast affected, do likewise, being directed to, gave the onceover, looking up to, doest one duty, courtlinesses, pattern upon, grieves with, sentiences, co ordinate, keeps one eye on, art attentive, gets drift, ritualizing, de bates, lookouting, pro fess, canopied, de-sire, was sure of, fretfulness, take the sights, re-freshes, punched in, payed addresses to, re cording, ex celled, pro portioned, has the impression, making allowance for, impalement, set eyes on, having sneaking suspicion, beat drum, passing comment, satisfy, re create, Cantoning, sees one mind, roll out the red carpet, crosses one's heart, re-conciliated, saying to oneself, sticked to, de lays, ventured guess, were with it, bear upon, reconciliates, go underground, be fallen, succeed, Hoped, make the scene, move to, lent ear, bow down, over-statements, feasting ones eyes, deuced it, Domiciled, keeps faith, am guest, see, gat it, do the job, de rived, adding up, doing one duty, re pose, tip one's hat, beat one brains, tcbed, ex-actions, going in to hiding, brings a close, stopped consider, showed around, raises value of, was on guard, issuing from, concentrate, does the honors, doth the trick, posit, be awed by, over spreads, re-gains, asks marriage, saw in mind's eye, apprized, brood, de-vised, getting hang of, sent up, get vibrations, am devoted, forces up on, dogs footsteps of, got a handle on, clings to, re-tains, looked into, kick up ones heels, in stalling, burying in, made off top of head, makes up mind, Subserving, keeping ones distance, deals in, fore-knew, coming out of closet, put weight on, re bound, making off top ones head, avouch, does one bidding, having care, stands in for, is conscious of, wert with it, retrenchments, reckons with, re lied, sublimes, de light, ran it up flagpole, prizings, having look-see, over see, walks eggs, definitivenesses, had in mind, giving allegiance to, derivings, clocks in, are subsequent to, dis-cuss, counter-balancing, is mid-air, doeth ones duty, wast in keeping, art a guest, make up one's mind, re-peat, gotten picture, enthroning, making top head, hadst guests, over sight, sur renders, taking advice, keeps one's eye on, dis-cusses, was true, fore knows, was like, flips over, brake bill, keep forever, puts into effect, looks to, are fond of, be ware, being excited, keeps in mind, profligatenesses, putting up with, played a part, watching over, patterning after, confides in, precision, guardednesses, eyeball, de-noting, repute, ward off, wert loyal, devotes oneself to, admiration, keeping an eye on, super-posed, getting wise to, are aware, be there, intro duce, beetles, get high on, talks over, re sent, bons mots, wrought out deal, beat brains, de vise, makes equal, working out deal, Bulwarked, put screws to, is enough, had go at, in duct, de-voting, places confidence in, watching the store, am loose, opening up, are determined, multi-plying, Roomed, in tuition, sub-serving, carrying outs, Visioned, takes heart, mops up, have a looksee, getting line, mind one's p's and q's, beats one brains, putting to, keeping one toes, being awed by, pre-caution, specify, has go at, have company, delved into, steering clear of, holding dear, pro-fesses, mindfulness, art conscious of, doing a number, cooling out, gotten vibrations, built castles air, tailor-make, unfetters, fix in the mind, gat touch, counter poise, gotten the idea, were turned on to, make conspicuous, making short work of, gives credence to, takes a gander, have a do, emphathized, were slanted, un-eases, keep eyes open, Overhearing, faces it, passed through, re habilitate, fore-boding, having hunch, diving into, de sign, rid coattails, clocked, swear up down, give glad hand, catching sight of, being appreciative, sharing anothers sorrow, minding one p q, dis interest, gravitating toward, talked about, being connected with, plays second fiddle, holding awe, under lined, set cap for, discrepated, puts ones thinking cap, get the picture, being careful, re ached, assiduousness, putting forward, sees the mind's eye, take offense, assert, speak about, cash, setting one cap for, face it, highfive, de-pend, is affronted, fronting on, passes comment, takes one's measure, dis-criminated, counter vail, be ears, devoted oneself to, sweeps under rug, out-shine, getting on soapbox, be mid-air, in-quest, gets picture, made inquiry, took measure of, didst to t, keep to oneself, re mark, re sting, gives speech, thinks as, makes up top one's head, calling to, high standings, apply oneself to, pre-pare, get eyeful, goes around with, do as one says, ex tent, head lined, going to town, repurchased, held reception for, being loyal, had in view, was relevant to, getting on a soapbox, enthrone, respect, judgment, took at ones word, give the nod, doeth a number, gotten line, de-finitude, look for, wrote down, bets on, brought fruition, hung it up, shows courtesy, marked with a red letter, tabbed, re-paid, doth job, pays heed, haddest a get-together, pre serves, kicks one's heels, being the opinion, draws from, looking through, makes allowance for, is about, wert faithful, are directed to, placed juxtaposition, taking a shot, being in keeping, Perpend, taking heart, taking ones measure, lets in, corresponded with, hang it up, sophrosyne, minding p's and q's, sets ones cap, behold, in tend, propose, walking on eggs, see about, having a feeling, tuning in, pro cured, be ginning, hadst knowledge of, went to town, art there for, cognizing, wast in the service of, de duce, contemplation, looks and down, look askance at, comprehend, did on sly, wert attentive, dis liked, wert relevant, regardings, sub-lime, were awe of, re commending, entrancement, pro cure, focuses attention, paints town red, am understanding, un fettered, asked in marriage, writ up, am accord, briskness, important matter, hold reception for, de-signs, am the opinion, focus on, am a guest, top it off, un fetter, re captures, re produced, Dragooned, swore up and down, providing for, ringed bell, wast prone, hold dear, eagleeying, presses suit with, doubling for, being faithful, ex cogitates, call up, gives an audience to, conserve, looked down, dis guises, totted up, say to oneself, art devoted to, look-see, kept one's distance, covers up, puts tail on, takes care business, head-lined, had mind, credit, syllogizes, up rear, ride coattails, de cree, being accord, took in sights, de signs, kept dark, pleasings, keep view, rolling out the red carpet, catch drift, thought of as, tarry over, being opinion, were willing, deferring to, kept mind, goes route, puts on thinking cap, taking meaning, am lost thought, pro-mote, wrought out a deal, re-acted, depictures, being relevant, pipedreamt, cry up, keeps quiet, art turned to, acting like, keeps forever, Nurtured, eagleeyes, acceptabilities, doeth trick, hadst care, keeping one eye on, cool out, go with flow, dis-criminations, hanged up, being turned to, holding in awe, beats one's brains, puffing ups, keep eagle eye on, knowings, be-spake, gat eyeful, out-lining, devotedness, dis interestednesses, sub-serve, reflectings, has a gettogether, taking out after, be there for, de-picture, savvied, kept one distance, beating ones brains, re dress, glorification, put hole, wast mid-air, dis-imprisons, wert employed by, re porting, crack one's brains, goes with flow, nightwatch, making up top head, co ordinates, were resolved, does as told, minded one p q, glance over, dis-passion, re presents, over saw, being there for, re-quired, get on a soapbox, re corded, assiduity, giving onceover, looked up and down, hast get-together, necktie parties, assenting to, lapped up, re commendation, pitches in to, out strips, set one cap, call it, re-cognizing, in-vest, turn to, re-serving, tailor-makes, are at, had do, have reference, considering closely, cutting the mustard, ex-plication, imitate, stepped around, took to heart, give and take, hath company, following orders, make top of one's head, pertained to, became pregnant, wast ears, give key to city, billing coo, in-spect, pro-pose, de-crees, go record for, glances over, makes it, re search, de-voted, ex-cogitation, de liberate, out-weighing, paid heed, directing attention, brought the rear, got an eyeful of, crested, rolls with punches, realizings, amores, harboring suspicion, wast directed to, root for, Re-presentation, make whoopee, share another sorrow, perpending, dis imprisoning, looks upon, get through one head, re-instates, Shepherding, getting picture, re lease, minded p's q's, relating to standard, gat the idea, staring at, rate highly, ex-cesses, holds in awe, make room, art appreciative, occupying with, Replevied, bill and coo, doeth number, riding on coattails, took heart, is turned on to, made up off top of one head, bringing mind, art concerned, pro duces, gat on beam, interpreted as, look in to, didst what is expected, installment buying, dive into, have propensity, hath business with, have faith in, re-strains, knuckles down to, Cresting, over casting, looks up on, took at word, put into effect, typecasting, am convinced, am cautious, throw party, necessitation, pronounces sentence, digging in to the past, seeing ones mind, minding one's p's and q's, in temperances, art attached, throw in to, out-stripping, come after, taking rap for, hands onto, aspired to, keeping ones toes, be solicitous, are wary, gets high on, sur mounted, Occulted, watched out, looked like, staid up, gives eye, walked on eggs, palms, cuts mustard, do ones duty, picked up on, finding congenial, gives a party, having a hunch, are sensitive, haddest do with, co operated, harbor suspicion, sub-limed, were off, COMPS, joins sides, ex tract, Replevin, took orders, gets hang of, put ones thinking cap, desire, were sympathy, are prone, see in mind eye, fore tells, doth number, gets in line, am ruled by, doing one's thing, eagleeyed, keeps an eye on, takes stock of, be satisfied with, fixt attention, took under one's wing, were indebted, de rives, makes for, makes off top of head, putting out of way, keep ones toes, go steady, give cover, keep one's toes, broods over, cleans up act, issues from, attend to, in spirit, looking up and down, de lay, are in the service of, eagle eying, over laid, sur-mises, in tent, re nown, takes ones word, thought as, picked up check, de-vising, was affected, reflected upon, gotten message, duteousnesses, reckon with, counts noses, goes underground, takes to, mind p's and q's, ideating, complied with, having no doubt, dost the trick, counter vailed, following crowd, superscribes, hadst recourse to, gets wise to, singing the praises, pronounced sentence, picking upon, keeps eagle eye on, judiciousness, pattern oneself up on, under taken, hast the impression, de signed, being loose, lookouted, racked ones brains, counter-poise, kept faith, in-vests, stews over, in credulities, re collected, putting pedestal, were there, getting on beam, grinned and bear it, were employed by, out lines, tosses around, keeps eye peeled, pre sage, being enough, taking at ones word, made short work of, in-tuitions, salaamed, tuning in on, patterns oneself up on, un selfishness, devoirs, thought likely, doth a t, pitching in to, had guests, holds dear, focussed attention, sending up, hast doubt, re-lax, guillotinings, hanged words, makes one's mind, makes time with, stay over, commish, got load of, making advances, building castles in air, being in service of, pro-portions, cognizance, re gained, re-pine, got on a soapbox, gallantr, be associated with, get a load of, art consistent with, festivaled, moving to, pressed ones suit with, saw the light, doing on the sly, takes orders, pensivenesses, sub stance, pumping ups, pre eminence, delving into, kept eye on, are in midair, bring mind, read up, dost ones bidding, was in sympathy, has memories, takes word, keeping toes, hadst memories, re-captured, cognize, has a looksee, am crazy about, putting out way, woolgathered, re-minds, sate on, kept an eye out, goes around together, re-cording, re commend, is in the service of, am connected with, re-porting, enjoyablenesses, went for broke, pre-siding, following in footsteps, saw as, rely, work toward, post dated, hadst a looksee, doing what is expected, stopt consider, held dear, guesstimates, Postmarked, wast off, de-liver, co-ordinate, bushed up, Policing, go with the flow, dost on the sly, re-turns, set at, re-couped, punched clock, take as an example, keeps under surveillance, painted town red, am relevant, use head, conduct oneself toward, worshippings, offered consolation, dis passionatenesses, in corporates, un-earth, is loyal, giving key to city, un chaining, dis-quiet, in tendance, bleed for, heed, was relevant, rubbers, de notes, taking a look, be devoted, wert subsequent to, take for, going underground, head-lining, trans-acts, envisage, beatification, seek hand of, be have, re-called, bushes up, were constant, end owing, big hands, re-lated, put finishing touch on, get impression, flatter, re instated, taking at word, hast a get together, seeking marriage, re-flections, pays addresses to, in sight, discern, postmark, gallantrs, re-spect, in-clines, tameness, looks like, raising hell, bring up rear, getting off chest, sur-renders, super-scribing, considered closely, has mind, reproduce, be-stowed, minds p and q, in-spired, having faith in, lives up to, haddest a look, ran things, keeps tabs, picking check, regarding highly, acting up on, follow, sides with, are satisfied with, intendance, parcities, give once over, attaching weight to, theorizations, does sly, coronating, re-deem, obeys, Replevy, putting a pedestal, ex-cogitate, art lost thought, hast sneaking suspicion, be-ginning, are all ears, stewing over, eagle-eyes, clocking, rests assured, in-spiriting, touched up on, blueprinted, bear mind, hath faith in, went after, wert cautious, uses ones head, sweep under rug, canninesses, cover, forming opinion, being affected, were concerned, heard tell, be haves, breaks bill, art in the service of, play game, in tended, take a look, makes top of head, in-vents, wert true, hath a go at, rivetting eyes on, reconciliate, smells rat, acted with regard to, hide out, with held, pro-claims, gets an eyeful, had funny feeling, give a hearing, take at ones word, work at, make top of head, un-binds, stays line, patterns after, tunes in on, patterned oneself upon, mis-trust, ontoing, be in awe of, are conscious of, Victualled, called the signals, follows crowd, going town, were matter of, pro portions, cracked down, gets idea, were guided by, wast determined, re-hash, setting store by, covered all bases, dis-simulating, art awed by, in tending, art satisfied with, take in to consideration, looks on, thinks of, mulls over, gat the hang of, says hi, wast aware, have vibes, are inclined think, in corruptibility, in-temperatenesses, paints the town red, cob, bringing close, re live, taking one's measure, am brown study, Caricatured, doped out, hold an opinion, hadst a go at, re-strain, tailormaking, were kind to, showing consideration, kicked one heels, were inclined think, re sided, got beam, revere, re cline, placatings, pro fit, did sly, logicalize, doeth honors, observance, re-marking, is true, lived to, taking steps, pre-supposes, traded, out-strip, doest as one says, re-veal, going with flow, importing, figured out, crack books, did on the sly, comes to light, letting in, devoting oneself to, under-stood, dis-enthralling, strung along with, wert awed by, tips one hat, pro spects, gives the once-over, dream of, re gains, effect, eagles eye, fronted for, punches the clock, puts one thinking cap, having guests, figure on, pegged away, keep faith, having get-together, get off chest, sur mises, haddest a gettogether, weigh up on, re side, haddest good opinion of, wert in sympathy, submissiveness, re-tailing, be attentive, in-vent, in tensity, ring in, superpose, paragoning, buttoned down, cop plea, postmarks, give the once over, pre pared, put on to, re siding, have gettogether, gets in touch, idiolizes, severalizing, nightwatches, presses one's suit with, took stock in, re-ported, taking at one word, doing likewise, didst number, be-wared, wert all for, re viewing, pro-portion, sur-passes, concentrated on, care for, crammings, in-corporates, bringing a close, smelled a rat, grinning bear it, pore, paying attention, are sure of, making up off top ones head, made off top ones head, re percussed, tipping ones hat, dragoons, be-wilderments, builds castles air, making up off top of one head, dogs the footsteps of, kicks one heels, getting an eyeful, performance, cognized, wert consistent with, rivetted eyes on, re-sides, kept under wraps, make top one's head, aspires to, re-cessions, takes stock in, takes meaning, in-formations, gives thanks, defer to, Homologate, de bate, watched out for, eats one's heart out, using one head, mullings, gets touch, headsing up, place confidence in, in scribe, kicks up ones heels, doest as told, wast devoted, took stab, dost a number, cleaning act, feeling in gut, highball, pop up, hast faith, figures out, hadst company, over sees, wert awe of, took a shot, take under one's wing, Intermeddle, poured on, keep under surveillance, pro duce, putting in a hole, being understanding, over hear, was in mid-air, look up and down, had get-together, address, buries in, under stood, trans-action, numbering among, art devoted, call, excogitate, making good, in vests, pre side, dis-position, re cognize, suppose, attached weight to, sur-passing, building castles air, re maining, intellectualized, enjoyableness, ex-tension, sweeping under rug, gets wind of, follow the crowd, hand onto, am on guard, harks back, getting an eyeful of, heads trip, talking over, go with, drunk to, kept company with, stays over, come next, commune, pre paring, hazarding a guess, did one bidding, dis placing, gotten point, makes up top of ones head, formed opinion, in-ducted, getting the hang of, be loyal, do as told, match up, involved oneself, pegging away, were in mid-air, dis simulates, raves over, view, paying heed, sur-prise, threw in to, ex-tent, noodled around, stashing away, thinking upon, having relation, baksheeshes, conducted oneself toward, swore up down, haddest at, picks the check, looked up to, ex-action, mused on, throws oneself into, getting out of way, giving an audience to, gives allegiance to, cleave to, make date, joined sides, gives ears, going with, took as an example, super-scribes, throwing into, hashes over, intemperatenesses, art loyal to, made up top ones head, fore-cast, date, doeth one's thing, having visitors, making up off top of head, over lays, favorings, dis cover, keeping an eye out, sets at, makes top of ones head, stayed out of sight, minded ones ps qs, taking mean, re-cognition, walk on eggs, got out of the way, giving attention, looking at, were in service of, Postmarking, holidaying, hadst a mind to, catch sight of, putting mind to, rates highly, de lineate, replevins, calls to, hazard guess, caught a glimpse of, came light, was engrossed in, holds opinion, raving over, is off, chambered, Gassed, art relevant, guard, feel in bones, show courtesy, be opinion, wert mid air, Allying, wert commensurate, didst one's duty, stinginess, devoted to, takes pains, puts in hole, took into consideration, doeth ones thing, discover, cogitate, Hooding, pay attention, nested, is keeping, clean act, COMP, figure out, wast devoted to, putting lid on, was attached, make top of one head, am service of, taking the rap for, re-minding, Dragooning, making up top one's head, are opinion, over-hear, watches for, looking upon, take a stab, under-takings, flipping through, layered, feasted one's eyes, take steps, took part, keep one's eye on, KUDO, made one's mind, taking stab, minded one's p's q's, raised the value of, take measure, were interested in, moving over, took out, whistle for, makes the grade, art fond of, de-clare, seeing in the minds eye, cogitated on, was directed to, be the opinion, catch a glimpse of, being sensible of, put out the way, be-thought, sets figure, get on the beam, oversees, thought hard, digging into the past, meditates on, capiches, lived with, watching ones step, art big on, overhears, in-vesting, beetle, militates, mind the store, co operate, got in there, art the service of, get the drift, direct attention, sharing another's sorrow, re-presents, under takes, dost t, de picturing, hided out, wast ruled by, re-lived, taking upon, hadst at, marking with a red letter, shutting in, handing onto, over looks, de duces, make off top one's head, get a soapbox, gave key city, reflect upon, was aware of, winned back, hast good opinion of, making whoopee, fixed attention, ultimates, making it, brought mind, devotednesses, goes for broke, having feeling, shares anothers sorrow, puts the lid on, Umpired, shakes hands, transort, bring a close, appreciation, gat the picture, was constant, make up top of head, models on, Gallantness, having to do with, has faith in, in-quests, re-fresh, being present, dis criminate, measure up, be lost in thought, brought to mind, delivered talk, bleeds for, front for, haddest faith, wast wary, re lax, reduplicated, art affected, definitenesses, obsequiousness, were keeping, art relevant to, making scene, taking sights, entered into consideration, brings to a close, saw mind's eye, un earth, giving ear, occupied with, makes scene, gotten through one head, be prone, be speak, presuming true, sees in ones mind, sedulousness, harp, being about, kneelings, art in accord, seeing about, have relation, am sensitive, were appreciative, replevining, Extolled, dis place, pro-claiming, commentate, over-hanging, bows down, re commended, de-fend, gave way, trafficked in, are sympathy, has every intention, Gloomed, diagrammed, do ones thing, goose step, tells of, runs a flagpole, betted bottom dollar on, made up top of one head, hang words, took a gander, putting in to effect, minded p and q, hanging on words, de tailing, blowing steam, got a soapbox, were of the opinion, taking under one's wing, spake about, de-fends, looking for, makes inquiry, looks through, doth the sly, take out, had look-see, square deal, gotten a load of, lay money on, are faithful, see in the minds eye, art impressed, dost as says, see after, blows off steam, is excited, ex-tracts, is aware of, hopes to, sur-mise, speaks about, get point, taking under ones wing, Amore, Re-search, pro visioning, art wary, being for, pipe-dreamt, re presented, caught on, racks brains, exchanging greetings, calling the tune, de-frayed, paying ransom, deadweights, be-hold, tucked away, wert present, consorts with, companioned, called turn, makes up off top one's head, wert solicitous, takes upon, ministers to, stringing along with, fete, makes a date, gat in line, making up mind, threshed out, watch one step, dependabilities, is attentive, super imposing, covering up, giving cover, corresponds with, directings, art loose, be devoted to, art opposed, overspread, feel in ones bones, de-tailed, didst likewise, de-lighting, signing off on, don't make waves, art in keeping, doeth job, telling of, keep in mind, work out deal, shut in, hadst in mind, not minded, unchains, dreams of, hadst no doubt, hadst a feeling, hadst the impression, shelter, having charge of, mis trusts, took upon, impalements, nesting, feasting one's eyes, hath a looksee, fore-knows, pressing ones suit with, having look, noodle around, calls attention to, pricks ears, rivets the eyes on, re-serve, give heed to, dis-composure, is in sympathy, under take, Umpiring, get the message, thinking out, pre-scribe, de-duce, was inclined to think, running it flagpole, being willing, re-collects, pat back, Religionism, be understanding, in-quiring, trailblazes, fore bodings, ausculting, be indebted, minds one's p's q's, tribulation, occurring with, being confident of, re living, haddest propensity, greet, picked check, ran a flagpole, orchid, deliver talk, niceness, dis-quietudes, retro spect, buttoning up, had every intention, spitballing, hast compassion, putting on pedestal, is inclined think, makes off top head, got off chest, sophrosynes, pitch in to, cling to, has reference, pouring on, acted up on, ran with the pack, having compassion, trans act, haddest memories, are resolved, discoursed on, diagramming, hadst a look-see, do the honors, speaks to, superposes, over hearing, picked up the check, saw in one's mind, re-habilitated, re-quiring, cautiousnesses, wert devoted, be hold, wast consequent on, making up top one head, bury in, re percussing, Depictured, rating highly, phantomed, wast there, cheerings, tips one's hat, were apprised of, de-tail, surplus cash, took under one wing, art convinced, walk ons, working out a deal, takes under advisement, blowing off steam, ex cogitation, ex actions, obtrude, Replevying, un-selfishness, works toward, chewing over, was a guest, having bearing on, payed court to, mind p and q, lives past, dwell upon, polished up, carrying through, non-partisanship, hath guests, living it up, be loyal to, takes look, dis charging, pre-mises, staid in line, bowed to, in-convenience, blow steam, mis trusted, pre-serving, hast a feeling, take into consideration, puts to death, envelop, sees in one mind, got vibrations, re hashed, beats the drum, gotten out way, be in accord, is in midair, listening up, hast in view, have a mind to, discernings, wert poised, cherishings, follow orders, kept eyes open, looked over, wert indebted, didst what one is told, having done with, dis-liked, up-holding, took care business, partying, de creases, racked brains, billed coo, ideates, is in awe of, is awed by, sets store by, sees mind's eye, got out way, getting out the way, derring do, has a get-together, does t, dis-criminating, hadst look-see, went by the book, have look-see, is on guard, calling up, having do, retro-spect, has a hunch, were faithful, having propensity, give thanks, rationalizings, looking on, in clines, pre supposing, puts in good word, had get together, kick one's heels, go to, chafes inwardly, wert wary, does one's thing, re duplicating, taking up on, sur facing, ontoed, hadst sneaking suspicion, dis patches, re sounding, run with the ball, calculatings, keep company, meeds, in vocation, gets through one head, re peats, pick out, went around with, made top ones head, wert prone, de bated, modelled after, glances at, setting side by side, over-sights, ex celling, keeping eye out, front on, places in juxtaposition, tot up, stuck to, lives in the past, dis-approving, having mind to, gave cover, catering to, in spiriting, makes love to, ex-press, were fastened, walkons, High five, looksees, bob up, are like, counter-vailing, dis-approve, pat on the head, celebrate, deliberation, has vibes, have sneaking suspicion, execute, doing to a t, gat the beam, superintend, de-fray, in spiring, stepping around, de creed, dig into the past, pro-vince, patterned upon, have in view, have doubt, unchained, drawing conclusion, sur rendered, putting into effect, pre-determine, show around, trans-acting, am affected, bag it, doted on, counter-vails, hadst in view, getting message, weigh-in, bargain on, keeps company with, watched ones step, be afraid, running it up flagpole, eating one heart out, become aware, theorization, checked over, in the cards, think, schlepped along, wert a matter of, gets the drift, has look see, hast look, Cobbing, makes up one's mind, took as example, in vested, provides refuge, nuts bolts, takes a look, sang praises, doing thing, Parleyed, take orders, makes one mind, perked, pre-sentiment, pre sentiments, haddest view, be-having, hath look-see, covers bases, kicks around, un-happinesses, art of opinion, was wary, tip one hat, gazed open mouthed, stays out sight, trans acted, is resolved, crosses heart, lies low, observing of, wert excited, getting it, setting aside, gets impression, reason, had vibes, ex-plaining, has in mind, looks up down, calls in, shagging, makes off top of ones head, de fray, behave toward, mark with red letter, took account of, dost one duty, were understanding, be falls, de-pict, wert the service of, keeps ones eye on, size up, doeth on the sly, mop up, making appearance, speaking to, adoration, Disciplining, re-sting, risked assuming, got out of way, makes the scene, paying respects, looks over, sees daylight, was of opinion, wert satisfied with, turned over mind, visualize, over-casts, in spires, headed trip, payed attention, held fast, de-livers, did ones bidding, walks on eggs, make up for, giving credence to, over-cast, wast lost thought, times in, haddest care, speaking highly of, were attached, see in the mind's eye, keeps an eye out, was ruled by, is alert, dis-passionateness, being keeping, re commends, lock up, cash in, was solicitous, took over, schoolwork, keep an eye on, get handle on, goes to, in vented, talked over, minds p's q's, hath funny feeling, wert relevant to, makes up top ones head, ex-acted, thinks hard, kick ones heels, occupy thoughts, doest what is expected, was inclined think, pre sent, complying with, involving oneself, hast a care, confided in, under-lined, intentnesses, batting it around, giving the onceover, am with it, look forward, pensiveness, cracks down, doest the sly, be-gun, ex-tolled, gotten touch, deduce, got impression, takes an oath, were lost thought, sees in mind eye, was guard, wast appreciative, pre mises, call in, mind p's q's, having go at, gets the hang of, makes up top of head, de pict, religiousness, be-think, re-dresses, was of the opinion, keeps one toes, pressing one's suit with, put on one thinking cap, be-speaking, runs flagpole, take oath, gat a handle on, gives once over, sub serving, hath a care, put through, dis-tress, relives, were guest, sub limes, de picts, voiceover, de-rive, voice over, setting cap for, bravos, raise hell, didst a t, making distinction, are sensible of, lived past, post marking, re-dressing, dost to t, kick up heels, gotten through head, de livered, became conscious of, kicked up ones heels, saw about, tender loving cares, headsed up, be-heads, set one cap for, trans-actions, thought, dis crimination, emphathizing, re-instating, flash on, carpeted, were in the service of, putting with, assume, pored over, chew over, are relevant, tarrying over, making date, kept tabs, re-members, interprets as, getting vibes, art obliged, daresaying, de livers, focus attention, tags along, says oneself, un chain, is poised, diagraming, dis simulate, running things, am loyal to, re lived, doest a t, speaks highly of, dis placed, is commensurate, dogging footsteps of, dis believing, swearing and down, is awe of, giving forth, hath impression, up rightnesses, discourse on, haddest no doubt, dynamism, followed up, is with it, wast sympathy, hung words, getting high on, hath sneaking suspicion, believed in, Bunked, diligence, dis passions, dis-believe, are in awe of, have a care, grieving with, are in brown study, am turned to, in-cline, hath a hunch, keeps on ones toes, conscientiousness, make off top one head, honorings, reckoned with, took the rap for, in vest, wast solicitous, took to, had impression, re plicated, boils down, Superposed, call to, grieved with, keep mind, re-deems, refer, be confident of, de-duces, discretion, de-lineated, re-living, read in to, bush up, de-legate, adheres to, followed in footsteps, ride on coattails, counter-poising, making up off top head, applies oneself to, seeing in mind eye, gets through head, throw oneself in to, staid line, re-claimed, leafs through, staid over, has a care, de-light, kicking one's heels, sets side by side, taking shot, put thinking cap, lay low, saw the mind eye, kept from, got eyeful of, de vote, am conscious of, saw light, trans-acted, makes good, getting a load of, calls the turn, be awe of, gets a load of, has a bearing on, de clines, re-gain, punch the clock, makes up for, in-scribing, did what is told, win back, weigh in, re paying, in spect, digs in to the past, up-held, accredit, un binds, spiff, re-commendations, under-going, ex tents, going out with, project, auscults, matches up, give access, be-waring, gets out the way, necktie party, speaking about, ply, dogged footsteps of, went record for, super posing, decapitation, follow crowd, dis-charge, got in touch, writing about, be at, didst the honors, playing a part, wast cautious, reads between lines, thumbed through, hadst a get together, weightinesses, look fixedly, placing juxtaposition, keeping under surveillance, holds an opinion, doping out, hath look, being in mid-air, buttering ups, rested assured, in-scribe, ex-plained, pat head, care, getting load of, brooding over, went out with, be holds, like, puts good word, run with the pack, showing hospitality, committals, up rears, re lives, minded one's p's and q's, wast loyal, pre occupation, thinks up, pipe-dreaming, immortalizations, falling in with, falls in with, gives chase, obligingness, getting a handle on, calling it, doth ones duty, get idea, purpose, watched over, pro posed, haddest doubt, took one measure, in-tuition, paid ransom, in-sight, ex action, won back, feast eyes, re collects, were opposed, fixing attention, am appreciative, wrote about, builds castles in air, mulling over, minds store, apprizes, being a matter of, are attached, wast inclined think, uses one head, am big on, similizing, electro-cutes, giving a party, are cautious, Parleying, keep ones eye on, de-terminations, rang in, giving way, is in mid air, gave audience to, weighed against another, puts on one's thinking cap, sur-faced, plays game, tips ones hat, takes mean, cared for, tend, gat point, was alert, counter-poises, sees in one's mind, ex act, take in the sights, opens up, entertain, was the service of, earned wings, hammers away at, high standing, gat earful, piousness, is fond of, bias, seeing in mind's eye, Coronated, extending hand, gat there, de posits, dived into, brings mind, has hunch, went on record for, Militating, keeping abreast of, wast constant, over sights, mapping out, made an appearance, re-calls, wert understanding, acted like, intro-duces, de fraying, being host, doing as one says, pre caution, keeping view, make off top ones head, grieve with, dis simulating, am faithful, be sympathy, pro pose, payed respects, seeing in ones mind, keep alive, de crees, make certain, were poised, turns over mind, hath knowledge of, re placed, totes up, severalized, take floor, re placing, put over, eventualizing, wast sure of, didst as says, up rightness, ins the cards, tuning on, all-owing, fore-bodings, issue from, Post-mark, throwing in to, thought of, gets a handle on, re-cognized, came after, over-lay, be-long, haddest sneaking suspicion, being on guard, wins back, doest ones bidding, haddest to do with, pre determine, minding store, re deemed, look up down, discreetness, hast a look see, dreamed of, plays a part, pre-supposing, went steady, application, doeth the honors, paying addresses to, tagged along, run a flagpole, reckons on, waits up on, Havened, guarded against, was lost thought, took rap for, is ears, Objectiveness, looking up on, re possessing, puzzling over, re-solves, being opposed, art accord, got wise to, am careful, keep tabs on, sees mind, looked up on, numbers among, minds p's and q's, crossed heart, make rough guess, listen, live to, be-stow, be poised, gave glad hand, bear, keeping tabs on, swore and down, rests on, were commensurate, in sights, get on soapbox, ru, re coup, dis-tract, are there for, take to heart, SUPERS, Animadverting, preserve, sympathize, putting on to, re-mains, valuings, un-fetter, in vite, sang the praises, numbered among, wrought toward, topping it off, acquittances, listen up, am consequent on, Bulwarking, pre-sents, gets vibes, correspond with, re membered, ardor, venture guess, see in mind's eye, keep eye out, having good opinion of, doth likewise, went by book, wert slanted, dip in to, mis-trusted, Ultimating, wast in mid-air, cover all bases, takes under wing, stack against, make time with, makes off top of one head, see mind eye, pressed one's suit with, had view, tailormake, picking the check, keeps abreast of, stacked against, equate, watches over, all owed, be off, look like, toting up, observes of, punch clock, fulfill, wert fastened, taking in sights, watches the store, pro posing, re-bound, dost number, minded one p and q, de-posit, hast look-see, keeps eye on, hazards a, doeth as told, got the idea, stashes away, has relation, were associated with, wast affronted, leaning on, making top ones head, deduction, fore casting, re cognizes, boil down, are pendent, retro-spects, de noted, re deems, specialized in, ex cess, subscribed to, wert consequent on, doest on sly, make up mind, dependability, pricking ears, Superscribed, kept abreast of, setting figure, get the point, show about, ex changing, spoke highly of, lives by, watch out, is relevant to, cashes in, threshing out, fore-told, react toward, being true, gallantnesses, directed attention, be in keeping, were lost in thought, keep toes, up-reared, acts like, call the signals, making top of ones head, keeping eye peeled, takes at word, leant on, gives glad hand, went around together, is appreciative, openmindedness, stab the dark, profess, Experiencing, keep quiet, in-tensity, dost ones duty, wert impressed, swears and down, put down for, re quires, doth sly, made up top head, takes as example, thought out, hope to, re-pose, looks up to, pre-eminences, buries oneself in, over-sight, wert in mid air, looks down, runs with the ball, be wilderment, keeps the faith, kept on one toes, burying oneself in, passed comment, see the mind eye, caught glimpse of, brought close, take stab, sweat out, ceremonializing, be spoken, make off top of head, was present, took at one's word, tailor-making, cajolery, de-sired, gat through one's head, be for, lionizations, revolve, grooved, be longed, eyeballs, dis-approved, keeps to oneself, counter vailing, dis passionateness, did trick, high-fived, savvying, giving nod, modeling after, do bidding, tag along, de fends, looked askance at, sur prises, puts out of the way, shuttered, wert at, fretfulnesses, stares at, putting in good word, paying homage, seeing the light, making love to, feasted eyes, pays court to, exchanges greetings, doing number, dis patching, throwing back, bargaining on, super intending, makes progress, in formation, extend, up-rightnesses, gat wind of, turning over in mind, talks about, non-partisanships, de fend, is loose, doing ones bidding, seek the hand of, see in one's mind, voice overs, under-take, re-serves, take one's word, ecstasize, wert in the service of, not give awayed, giving thought to, under-taking, high mindednesses, takes floor, passion, singing praises, see daylight, fronts on, re dressing, minds the store, seeing one mind, starring, applied to, cracking down, be sensitive, re-nown, made top head, in quire, get through ones head, puts death, musing over, staring, in spirits, be-falls, un earthed, throwing oneself into, pondering, good word, were accord, made grade, pays tribute, raised value of, holding high esteem, aspiring to, didst ones bidding, compliment, de tains, brought rear, am slanted, seek in marriage, checks over, under stands, blinded, minding one's p's q's, dis charges, concern, running after, am in awe of, lend ear, took in to consideration, end-owed, gives party, took pains, thinking likely, marks with a red letter, caught the drift, keeps dark, watch the store, sung praises, art awe of, being obliged, are guided by, re commendations, re-collected, looking ats, gotten an earful, dis enthralling, super visions, engaging in, makes amends, re plicates, stand by, got message, wast excited, de-creases, have business with, puts over, makes distinction, does as says, came to light, were sure of, was understanding, crossed one heart, gets there, cogitate on, made off top head, study, pronouncing sentence, beat ones brains, be subsequent to, making inquiry, popped for, have every intention, was guided by, pops up, doest as says, un selfishnesses, cracks one's brains, de sired, makes up top of one's head, catch on, pipedreamed, up holds, running a flagpole, weigh upon, with-held, super-vision, over spread, hast go at, glorify, throw back, having a do, re quiring, dis covers, paid tribute, psyching out, pre-scribed, gotten it, make love to, pre-paring, pettings, in-spiring, offering consolation, makes grade, is consequent on, am satisfied with, Personating, have a hunch, re spite, have feeling, set off, run over, dreamt of, ratiocinate, devoir, gets on beam, live in the past, re-conciliating, am credulous, saw one mind, running with ball, be-held, are relevant to, wast in brown study, estimation, ringed a bell, dis charged, paint town red, makes rough guess, strong arm, re members, make up top head, art solicitous, hast done with, pre-sent, swearing up down, worship, turn over in mind, re turn, ex-pressing, see to, dis positions, doth like, capital outlay, doest trick, re-pining, being in midair, spitball, Companied, hast reference, sitting on, believe, putting a good word, are careful, takes under one wing, runs after, shared another's sorrow, super-intending, re freshes, make sense of, get drift, re-lease, re-purchases, puts on pedestal, did to t, extend one's hand, de-liberation, be inclined to think, plans for, thought over, in-tend, rides coattails, puts finishing touch on, does what is expected, saw in minds eye, Roosting, asked marriage, takes under consideration, allows for, ritualized, sympathy, am determined, affirm, putting on one thinking cap, sub serve, hanged it up, took care, getting earful, got the picture, am at, taking to mean, getting the point, ex-tolling, Victualed, re storing, art credulous, give allegiance to, auscultating, do one bidding, keeping ones eye on, taking one's word, blotting out, sur face, daresayed, looks forward, surplus cashes, hast look see, engage in, see mind, wast host, re conciliates, got there, out weighing, taking measure of, were consequent on, highballs, delicatesses, taking to, re stored, job, were pendent, called signals, made scene, hast impression, am there for, take stock in, mind one p and q, making up top of head, kicked up heels, mused over, on accounts, am certain of, co oping, sets against, crack down, design, get an eyeful of, fore-saw, belabor, builded castles in air, comity, racking one brains, ex planation, recommend, time in, acts upon, toe line, up-holds, brings fruition, puts in a hole, takes offense, being consequent on, trade in, gave a party, making off top one head, takes the sights, goes in to hiding, was the opinion, re-percussing, being like, something sweeten pot, on cuff, put mind to, be determined, payed off, is kind to, am wary, has a feeling, courtliness, de tail, fixes mind, went into hiding, re habilitating, places juxtaposition, results from, Depicturing, babyings, sur rounded, art at, meed, fabian policies, subscribing to, cashing in, kicking ones heels, sits in on, is associated with, had a care, stack up against, is aware, intuit, hath in mind, speak to, modeled on, ex-plications, notice, thriftiness, Bravoes, threw back, blots out, out line, make one's mind, look up on, pre-tends, out-line, make up top one head, blow off steam, follow footsteps, enthrones, held awe, inning the cards, dis-interests, becoming conscious of, tops it off, hadst good opinion of, painting town red, picks up on, end-owing, carboning, didst t, co oked, post-dating, lionization, freaking out on, rollback, severalizes, bidding for, makes off top one head, lap up, doeth t, was opposed, throws into, art indebted, art in mid-air, in-corruptibilities, setting a figure, be waring, am guided by, have no doubt, am off, think over, stab dark, lean, pays attention to, timing in, sate in on, put on thinking cap, take as example, gave a hearing, hath recourse to, riffs, stick to, docility, laying money on, be in service of, grinning and bear it, dis plays, under-line, impulsions, attest to, treasure, keep secret, gat on soapbox, super pose, made clear, is the opinion, pre scribe, cries up, dis-liking, haddest feeling, woolgather, super vise, tender loving care, ex cogitations, smelt a rat, interfere, un-earthed, going for broke, takes up on, mis giving, get through one's head, re-spects, in-tendance, call attention to, concentrates on, stews about, dost one's duty, puts a pedestal, wert turned to, co operates, catch the drift, Burlesquing, wast engrossed in, were mid-air, running up flagpole, encasing, living up, under score, offer consolation, minding the store, sweethearted, took for granted, having faith, are solicitous, pouring it on, pays off, moves to, reflecting up on, be holding, has doubt, post dates, has good opinion of, be wares, conceived of, going steady, apply, advert, dutifulness, payed heed, Domiciliating, did a t, re-sided, re collect, re-verse, strangulations, re creations, hold opinion, super-intend, handle, takes in to consideration, bowed down, do one's duty, acceptability, dost one's bidding, high-mindednesses, keep on one toes, took the measure of, seeing in the mind eye, redlined, go for broke, are poised, sur-render, trump up, kicking one heels, wonder, sur rendering, re-sounds, judge, going that route, taking for granted, threshes out, gotten chest, was in mid air, over hears, wert credulous, said hello, re habilitates, was opinion, keep dark, does duty, pipe-dream, watching for, be guard, wast in accord, Palmed, fore-sights, re-capture, wert connected with, cracks books, under going, took to mean, committal, pay court to, staying up, made up off top one head, make top head, gotten the impression, spiffs, appreciate, thinks up on, kept one toes, high fives, reacting toward, waiting for, gives once-over, wert alert, gotten a soapbox, being with it, good breeding, kept eagle eye on, re-cession, dis-interestednesses, hanging words, intend, art for, run with ball, forcing up on, say oneself, re turns, has business with, doth what one is told, are associated with, calls signals, Plastics, show kindliness, doeth on sly, holding fast, hadst business with, risks assuming, take under advisement, re-produce, minds one p and q, responsivenesss, weighin, sat in on, keep one toes, thinking world of, putting death, wert determined, being inclined to think, all owing, dis coursing, wert of opinion, lean on, knuckle down to, fix in mind, Leisure Activity, in vents, wast confident of, showed kindliness, thought deeply, sub-serves, got earful, forced upon, button down, press ones suit with, aesthetic sense, has compassion, put finishing touches on, re-instate, are the service of, wert careful, under-scores, siding with, hold to, had memories, puts weight on, dost as one says, matched up, doth as says, re pay, crosses ones heart, re-peats, guessed at, in-sights, pitching into, puzzled over, phantoming, get the hang of, dis criminates, alivenesses, proceeds from, doeth like, stood by, doest one thing, sub served, wert sensitive, takes heed, shook hands, pro-duces, transact, getting the impression, taking charge of, dis course, takes account of, art interested in, buttons down, say hi, hang on words, under lining, confirm, de-liveries, disimprison, in quests, hath good opinion of, putting out of the way, think upon, think up on, be resolved, re tains, dis places, be-fallen, stays up, have a go at, pro-vision, presided over, takes a shot, wert for, be consistent with, counter vails, making off top one's head, occupy with, pre siding, art matter of, dost what is told, re posed, is interested in, shares another sorrow, un-bound, re duplicate, looked back, see in one mind, was certain of, bargains on, art loyal, was awe of, listen ups, co-ached, art ruled by, took heed, ran with the ball, sizes up, am like, strike as, be convinced of, bowing to, Perking, bat it around, carried through, makes up off top of head, was satisfied with, getting on the beam, coming next, dis approving, replevies, trouble, over-sees, presume, oversee, de noting, refrained from, paying tribute to, gassing, hanged on words, Serenading, racks one's brains, took under advisement, pegs away, are guest, re capturing, chafed inwardly, commentary, took mean, intellectualizes, had visitors, extends hand, under took, put death, co-unselling, showed courtesy, coming after, occults, in ducting, took as gospel truth, buttons up, post dating, de liberation, takes under ones wing, in-vocations, pro visioned, hast guests, writing up, hath memories, playing second fiddle, setting one's cap, pro vision, de-pictures, reputation, coronates, co ached, dwell on, sub-stances, wast all ears, source pride, am true, counter-balanced, be sought, knuckling down to, had care, de-fraying, looks up and down, un easinesses, dis-charges, super impose, reconciliated, looked after, de finitudes, make up one mind, giving thanks, de lighted, make equal, sees in the mind's eye, is lost thought, gat a load of, tailor made, philosophize, has visitors, sur-face, were prone, high fived, blotted out, doing one's bidding, have good opinion of, hadst look see, rode on coattails, be spake, taking in the sights, dug in to past, bringing to fruition, be brown study, de-lay, runs it up flagpole, disenthralled, trans actions, makes up top of one head, doeth as says, gotten wise to, counting heads, referring to, saying hi, perpends, be present, watched one's step, having a get together, send up, pro-visioned, put out way, gives the once over, give the eye, industry, make up off top of head, salaaming, thinking highly of, being guard, putting finishing touches on, Auscult, crossed ones heart, go into hiding, making up top of one head, ear, put tail on, re spects, cracking brains, made up for, was a matter of, doth to t, saw to, in corruptibilities, un-certainty, Differencing, highfived, eagleeye, sub-missions, is impressed, take look, grins bear it, doing like, call of duty, woolgathers, showed tenderness, think the world of, re marking, be commensurate, summons up, un-chain, gives attention, gat through head, post-marks, sew up, coddlings, re-gale, sware up and down, directs attention, reflect, living in the past, made up top one's head, reading up, high esteems, worked at, sur-prises, journeyed over, staying out of sight, deem, following footsteps, put forward, re duplicated, count noses, cleaving to, show mercy, take the rap for, said to oneself, calling in, re-member, highballed, did duty, acts up on, taking as an example, pre suppose, wast pendent, seeks hand of, fasten on, stewed about, voice-overs, in-conveniences, out-lines, getting the picture, traffic in, homage, gat beam, re claimed, does honors, inti, pre-supposed, out-weigh, applies to, impressivenesses, looking like, was cautious, lodge, un-chaining, am subsequent to, watched step, thinking through, Curtaining, was slanted, model after, hast feeling, does on the sly, Re-turn, setting on, re-gained, take one measure, am affronted, take, minds ps qs, raised hell, is like, gaze, took shot, wast crazy about, pressing suit with, got the impression, corresponding to, riveted the eyes on, makes sense of, fronting for, beat the drum, re-gaining, source of pride, is confident of, re-leases, find out, taking a gander, eventualizes, consideration, is devoted to, wert aware of, rides on coattails, focussed on, rack one's brains, stayed in line, pre pare, be faithful, festivaling, delves in to, dogged the footsteps of, is connected with, rings a bell, wast interested in, gave forth, be directed to, dis courses, dis position, are crazy about, hadst looksee, brisknesses, keeping the faith, guarding, weightiness, sets free, dis interests, caught sight of, taking care of, in-spirits, go after, bringing up the rear, taking stock in, was sensible of, made overture, focussing on, discrepating, sought the hand of, had a gettogether, allow for, coping with, riveted eyes on, re-posed, minister to, Personated, be-falling, doubles for, being commensurate, had company, carry through, pitches into, bobbed up, runs with ball, makes top one's head, making top one head, weigh-ins, Catenating, wert interested in, mind ones ps and qs, put a pedestal, hadst doubt, hath vibes, cracks ones brains, sees after, associates with, walls off, are enough, did to a t, redeem, stakeout, faithfulness, taking as example, entertained idea, buys back, getting the message, tailor make, be in sympathy, compulsory law, fronted on, seeing mind's eye, getting out of the way, button up, haddest a hunch, holding opinion, dis-mays, in spects, setting at, springing for, monitorings, ministrations, logicalizes, put out of the way, pro-cured, under-scoring, run with pack, swears up and down, roll out red carpet, were present, kept secret, charge, ex changes, conceal, dis-placed, are devoted, glooming, caring for, is opinion, noodles around, renowns, conducting toward, being sympathy, big rushes, going with the flow, grin and bear it, be heading, digs into past, have a gettogether, do number, freaks out on, re-plicated, have impression, throw a party, hang, made ones mind, goes next, putting a hole, get the beam, minded the store, haddest a mind to, make up top of one's head, lends ear, making room, pour it on, involve oneself, re-pays, brought up the rear, look sees, watch one's step, make progress, had at, super-pose, minding ps qs, buried oneself in, lying low, un chained, bushing up, de duct, patterns upon, hadst relation, paid off, did one thing, made up one's mind, fore-tells, re produces, devotements, pays tribute to, were ears, dug into past, Pash, making merry, had high opinion, bring rear, de-cline, re-plying, associate with, clove to, am in accord, digest, gave the eye, sit on, flipped over, sing praises, was poised, make scene, mind store, wert attached, called the tune, gat high on, went with flow, de liveries, shield, holding in high esteem, Mothering, tune in, journeys over, severalize, retrospected, have charge of, are engrossed in, getting in there, running with pack, consideratenesses, having a looksee, guessing at, makes merry, art about, brings up rear, re-produced, gets soapbox, come to, eat heart out, co operation, post-date, re-storing, hath bearing on, skimpings, is careful, wast lost in thought, kicks ones heels, use one's head, disenthralling, de-liberated, bled for, having company, dis-imprisoning, serve, disimprisoned, gets an eyeful of, shows around, recollect, pre-determined, aimed for, fore sights, doest t, am sympathy, has guests, is midair, haddest reference, putting screws to, eating ones heart out, forms opinion, mapped out, made up off top of one's head, punches in, counter poising, conduct toward, wast a matter of, is determined, touching upon, weighs up on, cares for, call tune, re member, am obliged, kudos, tagged after, turns to, had business with, make up off top ones head, set side by side, having business with, took under consideration, knuckled down to, sailing through, am devoted to, co-aching, be employed by, with holding, gambling on, re tailing, makes room, gave heed to, art poised, Ultimated, ex pressed, does number, re-solved, were in midair, be a guest, were the service of, threw oneself in to, counter balancing, up-rears, am relevant to, inferrings, am attached, hoping for, glancing over, ringing bell, being off, re habilitated, specialize in, intentness, keep up, do the sly, cracks brains, keeps possession, take heed, dis approved, counting noses, monumented, think world of, having a get-together, does the sly, related to standard, interpreting as, stewing about, un-certainties, re creation, payed homage, re captured, looks after, come to light, kept toes, making change, allowing for, becoming pregnant, heads up, rivet eyes on, trustworthinesses, roofed, putting one's thinking cap, coped with, highfives, throws party, staying in line, dived in to, marks with red letter, ex plains, make off top head, chafe inwardly, re acted, takes care of business, cracking ones brains, tote up, works out deal, am in brown study, hath a mind to, making off top of head, un-easinesses, taking heed, deal in, spoofing, is convinced of, struck as, said oneself, is all ears, comes out of closet, gat in touch, snoop, rolling out red carpet, doeth what is told, be fond of, rivets eyes on, re claiming, gives thought to, summoning up, takes shot, retro spects, pro-visions, look after, wert in brown study, are on guard, says hello, call turn, pipedreaming, are accord, takes at ones word, see the minds eye, re-habilitates, electro cute, payed ransom, re marked, steps around, un-fettering, de capitations, getting eyeful, made change, be sensible of, made it, re-turned, showed about, made whoopee, goes record for, was there, fairness, am engrossed in, take up on, went at, wast in sympathy, re-percuss, under-stands, cut the mustard, flashed on, re-leased, pre-occupations, dis-enthrall, kick one heels, clung to, is cautious, is matter of, was all for, breaks a bill, amicability, catches sight of, under-taken, subscribe to, doeth one's bidding, guesstimate, enforcings, art resolved, goes by the book, dost honors, feel bones, re-collecting, making top of one's head, made mind, feasted ones eyes, TLCS, re store, de-fended, taking one word, keeping on one's toes, puts through, be in the service of, de-vise, Shrouded, toadyings, be-have, blot out, are all for, delicatesse, un-fetters, get out of the way, made top of one head, tipped one hat, were on guard, strike a note, mopping up, call the turn, in vocations, tirelessness, out-shined, were true, watch, seeing mind eye, re-couping, wert apprised of, fore thought, in spired, stows away, sought in marriage, got soapbox, dis-tresses, steer clear of, wert turned on to, looking over, runs up a flagpole, watches one's step, dost bidding, pointing up, fixt in mind, hast looksee, occupied oneself with, got on soapbox, live it up, delve in to, live by, look see, wast in awe of, put one's thinking cap, gave credence to, had bearing on, set a figure, de bating, Canniness, bows to, watching one's step, gave onceover, enforcement, dis patch, glanced at, re clines, redlining, watched store, didst job, were crazy about, sees light, pricking up ears, break bill, pro moting, wert midair, am present, be midair, reckoning with, check over, get a handle on, patterning oneself upon, put on ones thinking cap, working for, being all for, put, was sympathy, making certain, daresays, re-possessing, gives a hearing, gat impression, rid on coattails, wieldings, in-sure, was prone, holding a candle to, having a bearing on, take up, sets off, pattern oneself upon, re-duplicates, ate one heart out, wert loyal to, ministered to, has a look-see, feast one's eyes, wert afraid, meditating on, hast propensity, becomes pregnant, kept one's eye on, ex-acting, Proportioning, speak highly of, devoting oneself, be headings, wast poised, in-temperances, sees the minds eye, doeth duty, goes that route, post-marked, onceover, being attached, being crazy about, zeal, watches out, de finitude, hadst charge of, be stowed, out lining, attach weight to, Carrots, taking gander, nurse, swearing up and down, re-plicating, are in keeping, re-stores, stopping to consider, guesstimating, points up, puts mind to, flashing on, is directed to, paid addresses to, seeing the mind's eye, making progress, was fastened, be thinks, de-vote, disimprisoning, became aware, postdate, are confident of, art cognizant of, dis-simulate, adhere, minds ps and qs, reckon, doeth the sly, gotten hang of, builded castles air, rolled out red carpet, feel in one bones, opened up, takes stab, smell a rat, were for, gat in there, brings rear, sail through, thinking up on, approbate, un-earths, in-stalling, dost one bidding, doubled for, placing in juxtaposition, shags, under-lining, ascertain, wast sensible of, de-tailing, love, take part, assented to, getting eyeful of, played second fiddle, derive, curtsying, fore-see, super scribing, Wardship, didst honors, art sympathy, rack ones brains, pro cures, be obliged, was devoted, immoderation, takes ones measure, put good word, weigh, be longing, dis-plays, re-view, did as told, didst like, stake-outs, hadst get-together, made the scene, seeks the hand of, taking the floor, pursuance, bring to fruition, keeping dark, be inclined think, being credulous, puts faith in, Chambering, saying hello, keeps tab, have knowledge of, are turned on to, hast business with, gets the point, reflects upon, be-guile, doest ones thing, tarried over, keeps one distance, thought to, buttoning down, have high opinion, being satisfied with, was in brown study, didst one's thing, over-spreads, are employed by, doth to a t, wert keeping, held high esteem, pitched in to, look upon, art a matter of, gotten in line, consider closely, re tails, intercede, showing courtesy, takes one measure, ministration, brought to close, super-scribe, topped off, held in high esteem, sub stances, worked out a deal, over casts, makes up one mind, super scribe, strings along with, making up off top of one's head, watches step, headlining, take an oath, correspond to, pro bed, am opinion, de posit, Piloted, was aware, clocked in, picking up the check, mark, deifications, is brown study, make allowance for, get in line, re-capturing, being convinced, rooting for, haddest relation, runs with pack, ex cogitated, are kind to, makes change, Domiciling, took the sights, was matter of, sur mise, be guided by, stopt to consider, have faith, shows mercy, hath care, is guard, haddest guests, keeping quiet, insists on, not give away, made off top of one's head, watch ones step, give an audience to, overcasting, defers to, threw party, draw conclusion, occurred with, thinking as, having a look see, kicks heels, de-votes, ecstasized, were brown study, be wared, re-viewed, thinks about, Policed, co-operated, sub tracts, re-hashes, made time with, run it up flagpole, made one mind, makes top head, don't rock the boat, eagle-eyeing, shlepped along, take care business, have bearing on, makes up ones mind, haddest hunch, am directed to, rack one brains, copes with, bids for, Compassionating, go bat for, have a look, get in there, beatifications, quarter, wert enough, under stand, were awed by, took cover, wast relevant, hast visitors, hast high opinion, getting through one head, was turned to, re lying, dragoon, attests to, co-oked, minding p q, being matter of, kicks up heels, being turned on to, gets handle on, sur rounding, being fastened, do to t, do ones bidding, has a get together, tossing around, keeping one's eye on, hadst vibes, watching one step, re-clines, does bidding, am aware of, making top of one head, hath charge of, enlarges upon, hold candle to, rested on, sur mount, obsequiousnesses, not minds, doing the honors, be matter of, betting on, dost duty, saw in the mind's eye, cools out, didst as told, working at, ex torts, makes off top ones head, electrocutions, super scribes, bet bottom dollar, placed in juxtaposition, de ducted, was faithful, didst the job, being impressed, out-weighs, delve into, Secerned, pertaining to, are service of, brings to mind, ponder, take notice, art keeping, re-pines, thresh out, haddest charge of, keep one's distance, wast careful, made a date, de tails, Shepherded, getting impression, wast inclined to think, sees ones mind, re cognized, keep under wraps, Reverencing, see as, setting apart, made up mind, were impressed, enlarge upon, takes over, reminisce, pick the check, apperceive, making grade, re veals, kicking up one heels, were subsequent to, give attention, super-imposing, wert ruled by, be-guiles, think through, calculates roughly, consorted with, up held, post marks, wast awe of, cognition, boiled down, dis-cern, take mean, traffics in, follow in footsteps, re sound, aesthetic senses, build castles air, is certain of, gazes open-mouthed, watching step, showing about, singularize, talking about, out-shining, looks at, fore knew, acting with regard to, marvelings, walking eggs, didst ones thing, thinks out, industriousness, minding p and q, took out after, fixes in mind, praise, keep company with, make off top of one head, be-longing, pick up, fixes in the mind, rivet the eyes on, complies with, hadst impression, apprize, touch up on, were fond of, in to, sorts out, took one's measure, Beetled, reasonableness, big rush, look down, cleaves to, art sensitive, looking afters, re laxation, was cognizant of, beats brains, hadst a do, wert devoted to, un happiness, sprung from, in-vite, dis cussing, not telling, wert guard, stops consider, attending to, being conscious of, scrimpings, over-heard, staying over, art sure of, kicking up one's heels, un bound, super-vised, calling the signals, Occulting, living up to, graciousnesses, holidayed, ex cogitating, swear down, being brown study, seeing coming, de-pictured, de-legates, stay up, taskworks, venture a guess, grooved on, hath every intention, recognition, babysit, dis-interestedness, dost one's thing, sur mounting, sets aside, fore seen, got point, re-bounds, ex cogitate, asking marriage, stacks up against, re minds, ushered in, stays in line, art cautious, didst thing, follows orders, doth a number, weighing against another, make advances, wert sensible of, keeping eye on, lived in past, in tendances, post-marking, keeping mind, in conveniences, have visitors, intervene, is mid air, stops to consider, dis guise, live with, smiling on, come with, applied oneself, pre determines, being afraid, having memories, took gander, hath go at, art directed to, in-cited, gets point, beetling, refraining from, pre-sentiments, are indebted, doth the honors, riveting eyes on, dis-interest, hash over, setting off, didst one thing, re views, confide in, doing ones duty, getting in line, gotten wind of, picked out, stashed away, hosteling, dynamisms, jump gun, used one head, in-corporate, cuts the mustard, raising the value of, gat picture, re-possesses, politicness, re gaining, think deeply, getting through one's head, did the sly, take at one's word, setting eyes on, wert certain of, sharing another sorrow, wonderings, extending ones hand, cross one's heart, makes mind, hath reference, run up a flagpole, under went, hypo-thesis, staid out of sight, good point, re paid, re gards, eagle eyed, up-rightness, doing the job, fair mindedness, re-membered, wast indebted, wast certain of, did likewise, see the light, ex plain, ex-cogitations, contemplate, turning to, was impressed, went town, following beaten path, got through ones head, be stow, intellectualizing, dis-may, making one's mind, feasted one eyes, patterning oneself up on, take gander, focussing attention, dost the job, came out of closet, de lineated, sympathizing with, thought probable, wardships, hiding out, be kind to, sur-mounts, gotten out of way, wert conscious of, gave nod, went with the flow, is consistent with, overseeings, gotten through one's head, throwing party, brood over, walk-ons, bagged it, dis-cussed, made progress, re ported, wast in service of, feel one bones, had feeling, super intends, foreknow, hazarded a guess, devote oneself to, guard against, brooded over, taking as gospel truth, super imposes, re-counting, grooving on, re-presenting, think probable, placing confidence in, wast commensurate, handed onto, warmth, being inclined think, did a number, dis-cover, casting up, sur faces, did one duty, wast brown study, having high opinion, minds one p q, vehemence, de finiteness, gat drift, Visioning, be pendent, rings bell, were devoted, stake-out, pander to, lethal injection, re plicating, be convinced, plan for, pro visions, lived in the past, set apart, goes into hiding, hath in view, was with it, were in mid air, ran with ball, say hello, realize, re-cognitions, un-fettered, is engrossed in, has a go at, pick up check, bobs up, writes up, kenning, is a guest, drink to, sur-rounding, tcbing, syllogize, beats drum, going at, has in view, makes off top one's head, pre-suppose, re solutions, sub-stance, de-bating, re viewed, hath visitors, well being, under-standing, keeping eagle eye on, overspreading, cut mustard, am turned on to, saw the minds eye, dis approve, had a bearing on, saw one's mind, took care of business, are in sympathy, plugging away at, un-bind, do t, over-spreading, topped it off, tailormade, keeps alive, hast bearing on, chivy, kicking up heels, set cap, out weighed, finalize, remark, wert kind to, straightening up, took meaning, re plied, take ones measure, gotten earful, be fastened, re-deeming, de signing, puts forward, re-bounding, pre determined, holds reception for, de lights, roofing, re purchasing, dost like, gets off chest, occur with, dis-course, re solve, pay ransom, de pictures, Burlesqued, were consistent with, pay addresses to, overhear, think to, have guests, bringing fruition, relived, thought world of, in-tending, re presentation, have at, good words, doest what is told, eagle eyeing, over-laying, be cautious, springs from, pro spect, Definitude, be guest, look-sees, be-stows, sees in the mind eye, go around together, taking care business, held opinion, made much of, buying back, clocking in, wert loose, is sensitive, over seen, secern, are alert, was resolved, probings, logicalized, weighins, sycophancy, gets a soapbox, resulted from, be-speaks, dis composures, calls the tune, dis played, wast understanding, watching out for, personate, pertain to, took effect, dispense, de liberating, doeth the trick, buried in, economy, goggle, spieling, mull over, have do, in corporate, minding ones ps and qs, cooled out, spoofed, laps up, doth duty, play a part, be about, ex-celling, gets through one's head, hath propensity, trans acts, tailgate, painted the town red, wast for, inned the cards, has a mind to, was for, Provisioning, paid respects, tipping hat, Caricaturing, laud, being in awe of, weighs upon, making equal, re-side, hear tell, keeps eye out, seeks marriage, super vised, sit in on, living in past, stop to consider, make good, take note, do like, esteem, riff, de ducting, locked up, were sensible of, had gettogether, watches store, in-vented, picked the check, traded in, took note, capiched, feel one's bones, knocks dead, sought hand of, wert resolved, gat out way, giving the nod, took steps, gotten in touch, Roosted, didst bidding, looked through, comes out closet, going around together, pre sages, hath a look, drawing from, wert engrossed in, dis mays, haddest look-see, cerebrate, put lid on, putting a tail on, in stalled, trading in, haddest visitors, de siring, were aware, was in awe of, idiolizing, victual, Re-present, bending knee, sur-rounded, sorted out, make off top of ones head, over-look, taking under consideration, out lined, extended one hand, out shined, focuses on, stands by, is host, auscultates, seeing in one's mind, gotten soapbox, discreetnesses, pipe-dreams, gotchaed, having reference, rivetting the eyes on, wert service of, calculated roughly, pro-curing, sided with, wast resolved, am about, was off, in-ducting, am keeping, trustworthiness, wert the opinion, ate one's heart out, unselfishness, re-liabilities, tune on, am opposed, fantasying, makes ones mind, takes at one's word, being in the service of, looking to, took measure, leans on, minds p q, made top one head, doth honors, am pendent, crying up, trumps up, resting on, takes notice of, Postdating, wert appreciative, enters into consideration, crossing one heart, observe of, hast charge of, wellbeing, pre dict, keeping company with, harkened, wert like, enjoys, taking under advisement, took at one word, hold a candle to, rivetted the eyes on, came next, minding one p and q, hath a get-together, reflecting upon, curtained, fixed in mind, was loose, seeking the hand of, Taskwork, puts out of way, gave thumbs up, got on beam, Comities, giving chase, in-scribes, pro-bed, admire, taking ones word, hath done with, were a matter of, de-sires, bringing to close, haddest impression, being aware of, hath get-together, draw from, ex-aminations, dogging the footsteps of, get out way, was consistent with, art all for, disimprisons, expect, do trick, holds high esteem, wast keeping, rang bell, map out, put in a good word, pre-determining, dives in to, under-takes, are awe of, under-took, re-straining, was conscious of, pre serving, in-corruptibility, pro-vinces, pre serve, lives in past, art commensurate, eyeballing, woo, putting on thinking cap, dis-quiets, aim for, hit books, doth t, gets on the beam, reduplicating, take to mean, do a number, dost as told, getting point, sur mounts, raved over, align, mis trust, interlope, threw a party, ought, going by book, peg away, attend, dis-approves, doth what is told, brings to fruition, didst to a t, mind ps and qs, doth one's bidding, up-rearing, modelling on, Housed, ring a bell, Bracketed, thumbs, re presentations, conducted toward, ex planations, dig into past, look, decapitations, keeping to oneself, re mained, make it, watch over, ex-torts, held a candle to, feast one eyes, stays out of sight, dost one thing, de-pending, in-duct, take care, hath get together, eating one's heart out, minded ps qs, called the turn, applied oneself to, getting handle on, un happinesses, wast turned to, re-marks, de-note, are keeping, pre-mise, took as gospel, makes advances, dis-coursing, wast employed by, multi-plied, pre-tended, being cognizant of, having a mind to, haddest a go at, gat the impression, ex amination, being midair, eat one's heart out, surmise, deucing it, oughts, in-tended, dis-imprison, is credulous, sur-mounting, fore known, be having, place juxtaposition, stay out sight, keep distance, being prone, dis-patched, re late, doth one's duty, over hangs, were at, hang up, made off top one's head, wast of the opinion, finds congenial, be aware, get eyeful of, ride shotgun for, super intended, being constant, monumentalizes, giving the once over, am prone, complaisance, high mindedness, take out after, were careful, beat one's brains, sub-tract, knock around, pro-motes, tunes in, pre-serve, whistled for, gat message, re producing, make clear, cogitating on, with holds, did as says, harbored suspicion, were in keeping, preside over, got the point, am matter of, secrete, wert constant, wast true, dost likewise, be aware of, made allowance for, shows hospitality, re quired, pre pares, art service of, wert convinced, raising value of, showing around, gave eye, conducting oneself toward, de-positing, has get-together, watch out for, didst ones duty, trans action, takes as gospel truth, tuck away, pro-portioned, in venting, waiting upon, gets it, working toward, re cords, wert a guest, auscultate, devoted oneself, are with it, use one head, hearken, make top ones head, called attention to, has feeling, de-lays, fore-tell, fore casts, using one's head, behaving toward, discrepates, re-gales, trades in, bending of knee, dis-covered, keeps mind, pat the head, am willing, work for, gat an earful, nonpartisanship, were big on, give nod, hadst hunch, stew, make up top of one head, ex-cogitating, paying tribute, digged in to the past, secure, re-cord, uses one's head, was enough, were in brown study, de livering, observed of, getting there, calls up, eats one heart out, signed off on, Shotguns, put in to effect, proceeded from, were obliged, re-duplicate, art subsequent to, sees the mind eye, passing through, muse on, lethal injections, art inclined to think, be in brown study, pre-scribing, pitched into, haddest a look-see, in credulity, shake hands, grovelling, has a look see, conform, are concerned, strook note, stand with, made top of one's head, take pains, has propensity, good behavior, are slanted, had to do with, calling tune, sprung for, took look, were enough, wisecracking, duty, un earths, de legate, doest the job, un certainties, living the past, espy, watch step, boarded up, play second fiddle, gotten impression, doest what one is told, amicabilities, haddest funny feeling, speaks well of, got eyeful, over seeing, enforce, has impression, plugs away at, make merry, gat hang of, re hashes, took under ones wing, number among, in tends, pamperings, super vising, gravitated toward, earning wings, throws a party, mind p q, illations, blows steam, un-selfishnesses, got it, headses up, super imposed, have get together, ex-changing, attentiveness, dis-criminate, pop question, stranglings, locking up, occurs with, look out, tact, savoirfaire, gazed openmouthed, called up, was mid-air, takes a stab, re bounds, co-operation, wast loose, throw oneself into, hath a do, boiling down, lived up to, get wise to, re spites, sees the light, out-shines, give the once-over, is for, are a matter of, un-happiness, re quire, keeps oneself, inned cards, didst duty, re dresses, re-calling, are about, saw daylight, blueprinting, took for, rep, busyness, finish, lays money on, re gain, starred, was determined, bats it around, ex-tract, take to, make mind, feasting eyes, art apprised of, counter-vail, holds to, enlarging up on, making time with, hath do, had a look-see, look and down, hath doubt, hashing over, keep abreast of, fixt the mind, commentated, modeling on, are devoted to, ex-cess, puts in to effect, doeth one's duty, art crazy about, re cession, de-livering, doest one bidding, relate standard, having a look-see, lent an ear, hangings, shlepping along, came out closet, pro fits, pre scribing, up-rear, mark with a red letter, academic works, is cognizant of, re tain, court, struck a note, enters in to consideration, am associated with, presides over, keep on toes, wast connected with, Accounted, being in sympathy, art in mid air, wast big on, looked forward, gazing open-mouthed, similizes, obligingnesses, art guest, looked to, watched for, re-cords, de-pended, wast guard, write down, de-rives, give credence to, is in mid-air, kicking around, refreshed memory, mind one's p's q's, re-purchase, treat, winning back, de-laying, re-stored, got on the beam, baby sit, delved in to, shot the dark, re leases, roll with punches, strikes a note, glancing at, haddest high opinion, buttoned up, sublimed, told of, dis-guising, cracking the books, under line, honor, giving ears, re-quires, re cognitions, pro curing, hast mind to, picks up check, ex tension, eagled eye, force up on, went to, were all ears, catches on, take notice of, punches clock, stab in dark, de riving, play the game, were cognizant of, being apprised of, writes about, Chaired, touching up on, consort with, wait upon, was mid air, Summed, feasts one eyes, over laying, de-crease, wert accord, had a looksee, has knowledge of, are commensurate, brings up the rear, re-turning, think likely, being ears, ran flagpole, made up top of ones head, dis cuss, in-tends, hast a gettogether, were a guest, doest sly, is slanted, in quiring, hath gettogether, be loose, strangulation, had the impression, getting soapbox, de voting, didst one bidding, took under wing, attested to, redlines, fulfillings, responsivenessses, makes up off top of one's head, raise value of, sticking to, pick up on, compulsory laws, wert all ears, polish up, de frays, not tells, re gales, dis-criminates, taking notice of, tucks away, plugged away at, apply oneself, take one word, doing a t, held to, put on a pedestal, haddest a look see, apprehend, doest one's duty, do one thing, doeth likewise, art consequent on, hath view, highfiving, gotten drift, run things, brings to close, has recourse to, considers closely, gives onto, thinks over, are in mid-air, dreaming of, haddest