Pronunciation of Dissolve
/dɪsˈɒlv/, /dɪsˈɒlv/, /d_ɪ_s_ˈɒ_l_v/

Antonyms for dissolve

jellify, lay down, candied, rise, tensed, tied up with, aid, in corporate, grows thick, Casehardened, Bracketed, inter faced, throwing together, tacking on, co operate, increase, ties with, jellifies, Caked, glob up, tying with, team up with, assist, slaps on, become firm, coagulate, warrant, globbing up, Gels, allow, stands in with, gluing oneself to, gelate, consolidate, combine, Loppering, band, Gelatinated, interfaced, legitimize, clabber, clabbering, build, indurate, co-hering, teamed with, hold, ties up with, bunch up, tying up with, be numbs, authorize, maintain, Jellifying, hire, gelling, teamed up with, densify, employ, densifying, sanction, interfacing, co-operates, Caseharden, hooking on, co hering, command, decree, plugging into, legislate, concentrate, densified, coadjutes, Calcified, muster, set, bunching up, plug into, Concreting, fix, gluing to, begin, restore, found, stand in with, calcifies, ratify, glued to, be numbing, gelatinates, resolve, Gelatinating, inter-faces, legitimate, grow thick, co-operate, tagged on, open, tacked on, synthesize, conflate, inspissate, inter facing, globbed up, curdled, clear, get together, teaming up with, integrate, concretes, teams with, keep, callousing, hitched on, thickening, grow, hooked on, Jellying, create, coadjute, be-numbing, became firm, appear, Starching, loom, glop up, casehardens, help, globs up, throw in together, gather, endorse, thicken, gelled, tack on, vitrify, co operates, threw together, engage, lopper, standing with, inter-faced, glues oneself to, tensing, tags on, firming, continue, be-numbs, hitches on, develop, be-numbed, inter faces, Starched, order, loppers, throw together, legalize, congeal, clabbered, tie with, collect, issue, tagging on, stood in with, support, approve, tacks on, plugged in to, be numbed, Jellified, gelated, vitrifies, prescribe, co-here, in-corporates, formalize, glue to, Coadjuting, bunches up, be numb, start, plug in to, clabbers, throwing in together, permit, threw in together, tag on, stiffen, calcify, callouses, glues to, unmix, Bracketing, plugged into, becoming firm, stand with, Loppered, glued oneself to, plugs in to, stands with, Gelatinate, put together, validate, glue oneself to, re late, inter-facing, co operated, plugging in to, construct, vitrified, repair, co heres, fossilizes, teaming with, solidify, hooks on, curdling, Concreted, marry, team with, hitching on, improve, glops up, growing thick, bunched up, throws together, Casehardening, gelating, interface, throws in together, jellied, Vitrifying, tie up with, plugs into, join, co operating, grew thick, fossilized, Calcifying, slapping on, teams up with, assemble, Candying, bear, be-numb, standing in with, emerge, co here, arrive, glopping up, calloused, co-heres, enact, unite, slap on, tied with, institute, mandate, steadied, gelates, break out, becomes firm, interfaces, Caking, establish, in-corporate, inter face, hang together, harden, hitch on, inter-face, densifies, in corporates, slapped on, steadying, meet, coadjuted, re-lated, co-operated, glopped up, stood with, pass, hook on, co-operating.