Pronunciation of Distance
/dˈɪstəns/, /dˈɪstəns/, /d_ˈɪ_s_t_ə_n_s/

Antonyms for distance

art like, corresponded to, equality, taking aside, self assurance, belly to, be-sought, go toward, move on, chumminess, neck woods, propinquity, apply to, are like, give a play, contiguity, contiguousness, self possession, be like, close in, vicinages, associate, be sought, neighborliness, caught up, take aside, un ceremoniousnesses, moves toward, moves in on, friendliness, under takes, touchings, sounding out, pro-posing, immediacies, in-formality, contiguities, gives tumble, nearness, selfcommands, under standing, sur rounding, verging up on, conformity, Neared, comes close, under-standing, is like, art comparable to, bellied up to, creeps up, self-composure, applies to, under take, un ceremoniousness, going toward, crept up, correspondence, wast like, neighborhood, likeness, adjacencies, levelheadedness, closed in, un-ceremoniousnesses, speaking to, talked to, verged up on, identity, compared with, Inhabitance, talks to, go to, stomping ground, re-ached, was comparable to, feel out, was like, bellies to, under-taken, moving on, self command, in formalities, goes toward, Taction, give a tumble, neck of woods, fail, approach, giving tumble, appeals to, verged upon, nears, giving a tumble, selfcommand, setting about, omnipresences, gains on, make advance, bellies up to, vicinage, bellying up to, re aching, moved toward, omnipresence, drew near, appeal to, sur-rounded, gained on, being like, talk to, gives play, verges up on, liberty, Appropinquity, bellying to, draw near, felt one out, re-semblance, contact, selfcomposures, comparing with, moving in on, alikeness, gave a play, re semblance, draws near, under standings, made overture, pro pose, immediate circles, neck the woods, moves on, Equivalency, were like, verge up on, move in on, moved on, appropinquities, be friendly, loom up, sounded out, being comparable to, wert like, gave a tumble, give play, pro-pose, pro posed, creeped up, compare with, similarity, immediacy, bellied to, lose, took aside, catching up, looming up, belly up to, under took, compares with, make to, gaining on, height, un-ceremoniousness, creep up, congruity, selfcomposure, self composures, gave play, community, moved in on, felt out, making to, uniformity, analogy, sameness, re-aching, come close, made advance, be comparable to, set about, under taking, giving play, re semblances, is comparable to, adjacency, talking to, verging upon, self-commands, feels out, sets about, give tumble, catch up, contiguousnesses, homogeneity, warmth, under taken, creeping up, closing in, identicalness, corresponds to, speaks to, coming close, made up to, selfpossession, looms up, made to, drawing near, catches up, neighborlinesses, move toward, agreement, re ached, makes overture, were comparable to, giving a play, accordance, similitude, tactions, proximity, thumbed, juxtaposition, gave tumble, takes aside, equivalence, went toward, presence, pro posing, under-standings, are comparable to, appealing to, applying to, verge upon, making up to, homogeneousness, makes advance, corresponding to, dearnesses, sur rounded, sur-rounding, feeling one out, gain on, sounds out, sympathy, under-takes, appealed to, making overture, self-command, selfassurance, inhabitances, came close, under-taking, Familiarity, verges upon, moving toward, ubiety, self-composures, wast comparable to, applied to, speak to, makes up to, Thumbing, loomed up, parallelism, wert comparable to, in-formalities, thumbs, am like, dearness, resemblance, am comparable to, stomping grounds, closes in, affection, immediate circle, correspond to, self composure.