Pronunciation of Distress
/dɪstɹˈɛs/, /dɪstɹˈɛs/, /d_ɪ_s_t_ɹ_ˈɛ_s/

Antonyms for distress

taking part, merge in, slackens, de-creasing, live it up, basks in, well-being, kicked up one heels, peace, is made of, take load one mind, take load ones chest, does trick, up raising, up-rears, taking load one mind, is an element of, took load mind, re-pressing, kicked over traces, re lief, wallowed in, play up to, un-troubled, kicks up one's heels, assure, whooped up, put pen paper, be an adjunct, didst the trick, kicks heels, kick up one's heels, kicked up ones heels, Ramping, kick one's heels, feels for, am sympathetic, unburdens, hysterics, take load mind, indulge, Dulling, gratify, intoxicate, revelled in, taking load mind, taking load off chest, condoling with, putting pen to paper, re strains, in creases, wert an element of, success, kicked ones heels, putting at ease, be-calm, un-ruffle, be friended, in spiring, granting respite, somnolence, re spites, ex-cited, self commands, commiserate with, pro-vide, be-friended, blew steam, self-command, threw together, ex cited, build, putting rest, settles nerves, putting ease, set type, merry-making, un-burdening, pro vide, relaxation, un troubles, leave alone, fix, dis-covering, wast the ticket, condoled with, mend, basking in, up-reared, playing to, giving rein to, exemption, grant respite, in-spirited, are element of, pro duce, Delectate, coining phrase, de-signs, discourage, all-owing, serve, coined phrase, up grades, art sympathetic, rejoice, up rear, haddest compassion, doeth trick, went over big, paint town red, played up to, tickled to death, being an adjunct, unburdening, knocked together, coziness, be happy, knock dead, runs around, am element of, belongs to, made well, puts out of one misery, taking load off mind, holding in, ex cite, levelheadedness, up-held, humoring, self-commands, re animate, were adjunct, doth trick, commiserates with, re-freshed, up lifting, sympathize, self command, hysteric, re-strain, takes sting out, re-serve, pushes pencil, de-signing, gives rein to, in dites, runs up, in-spires, un burdening, are ticket, re-laxations, do trick, be-calmed, Re-collect, invulnerability, sub due, re fresh, settle ones nerves, up-lifts, plays to, making the grade, compose, grooved, revelling in, CLEFS, up lifted, re collects, re-vitalizes, took load off mind, inter-lude, up grading, lived up, bleeds for, re collected, wast element of, in-vent, in spirits, doing the trick, ex-cite, be element of, dis covering, putting out of one misery, painted town red, re create, are sorry for, under-stands, cheer, going spree, rest, up raise, had mercy on, being sorry for, in spired, takes load off ones mind, took load chest, settling one's nerves, re laxation, brightens up, puts out one misery, light heartedness, art an adjunct, satisfy, well being, quieted fears, be sorry for, fills the bill, lives it up, de-lighting, taking load off ones chest, made nice, whooped it up, makes nice, comped, be friends, fits together, relief, ghostwrote, notes down, merged in, kicking ones heels, re-spites, poured oil on, running around, takes load one's mind, self assurance, de creased, un-ruffling, lightened burden, took load off ones mind, be adjunct, shows sympathy, makes the grade, Larking, banged out, stood up, taking load off one's chest, holds in, ran around, makes grade, delight, dost the trick, un-troubling, stepped out, immediate circles, stands up, blowing off steam, betted on, grooving, kicks over traces, re-press, be friending, convenienced, lifting up, are adjunct, made whoopee, de signing, up-holding, simmers down, take load off one's mind, comfort, merging in, joyfulness, ease up, pro duces, settle nerves, kick over the traces, in-venting, being an element of, living it up, kick up heels, bed roses, in-spiriting, laps up, re fined, laments with, were an adjunct, facility, joyousnesses, de vising, going in for, prefabricates, filling bill, decreasing volume, re spite, re-collected, entertain, re presses, re-animate, went spree, up-raising, having mercy on, omnipresences, put out ones misery, whoopees, goes spree, taking load one chest, art ticket, were the ticket, re-presses, steps out, patched things up, in spirited, bangs out, running up, goes over big, putting out misery, fills bill, am adjunct, re-conciliations, hath compassion, settling ones nerves, lamenting with, enter in, wept for, being the ticket, run up, Slackened, de lighted, re cesses, smooth down, lifted up, making nice, whoops it up, de signed, blow off steam, be-calms, poetize, showed sympathy, in spires, cobbles up, bets on, de creasing, belonged to, re conciliation, go on a spree, re assures, smoothing over, self composures, re-laxation, dis cover, whooping it up, revel in, bet on, de vised, inter ludes, blows steam, looking out for number one, paint town, go in for, un ruffled, hadst mercy on, in-creased, were ticket, put ease, show forgiveness, ego tripping, takes the sting out, pacifism, puts out one's misery, solace, in dite, tickled death, lapped up, kick up one heels, put out one misery, plenty, ran up, Soothed, in-creases, elate, luxury, put out misery, being ticket, felt with, ecstasizes, give quarter, sedated, wast adjunct, made merry, settling one nerves, dis-tract, mirth, granted respite, throwing together, coins phrase, belong to, Remedied, feeling with, taking sting out, kicks over the traces, de lights, Laughters, taking load chest, being adjunct, pyramidding, blew off steam, lightens burden, untrouble, blessing, had compassion, takes pity on, pushed pencil, took load off one chest, doeth the trick, up graded, selfcomposures, revel, lets go, paints the town, up-holds, cutoff, pre-fabricating, kicking one heels, kicks up heels, un burdens, ecstasized, tickle to death, be an element of, brighten up, taking load off one mind, going over big, spoiling rotten, wert an adjunct, de-lighted, under-stood, arrided, in vented, Larked, in-vented, sub-dues, be the ticket, stroke, cheerinesses, de-vising, decreased volume, clef, re-fining, Pleasured, wallows in, puts at rest, is an adjunct, letting go, takes load one's chest, self composure, prefabricating, un-troubles, commiserating with, un burdened, scripting, be calm, re collecting, re-assured, conciliate, am an element of, be sympathetic, going easy on, goes in for, doest the trick, fudge together, up-graded, does the trick, settling nerves, pyramidded, takes load off one mind, put pen to paper, pours oil on, up held, pre fabricating, pleasure, re-straining, art the ticket, re-fine, un ruffle, re creation, presence, whoop up, re-lief, make grade, brightened up, authoring, all owing, kick up ones heels, kick ones heels, was element of, be-friend, up-lift, merry makings, fill the bill, re-cess, Ramped, de-light, dis tract, up-hold, step out, am sorry for, defense, selling on, de-creases, pre-fabricate, wast sympathetic, snugnesses, wealth, de-creased, living up, re vitalizing, take part, held in, being made of, bask in, un-trouble, re-solved, am made of, put out one's misery, be guile, re animated, motionlessness, untroubling, patching things up, benefit, whoopee, kicking one's heels, eases up, roister, doth the trick, all-owed, knocking dead, hadst compassion, re freshes, put out of one's misery, help, fortune, somnolences, paints town, de-vise, wast ticket, basked in, take load off one chest, paint the town, are an element of, unruffles, timed, wast an adjunct, pro-viding, is sorry for, elevate, are an adjunct, under stood, inter-ludes, is the ticket, erect, hopefulnesses, whooping up, pre fabricates, alleviation, euphoria, filled the bill, takes edge off, eased up, cobbling up, re vitalize, Poetized, shows forgiveness, good fortune, be guiles, kicked heels, un-burden, take load one's chest, put at rest, blowing steam, takes load off one's mind, lament with, re serve, putting out of misery, kicks up one heels, hath mercy on, re-animated, took load one chest, re fines, kicking up one's heels, were an element of, authored, aid, take load ones mind, in-spirits, going on spree, showing forgiveness, under-standing, kicked over the traces, went on spree, take sting out, re-collects, ease, up-grades, being element of, being sympathetic, re animating, re collect, lightening burden, have mercy on, didst trick, settles ones nerves, took load ones chest, kick over traces, dis-covers, impunity, smooths down, be calming, motionlessnesses, quieting fears, put out of one misery, re-vitalizing, un trouble, de signs, in-spire, wert sorry for, take the sting out, cure, settle one nerves, de-signed, pouring oil on, took load ones mind, re creations, go in to, cooled off, hide, patches things up, wert ticket, knocks together, cobble up, be friend, immediate circle, ubiety, pre-fabricates, art adjunct, COMPS, make nice, taking load off one's mind, kicks up ones heels, put rest, shoots up, putting out of one's misery, takes load chest, pacifications, taking load ones chest, play to, in vents, re-creations, re-fines, un troubled, propitiate, has compassion, un-burdens, art sorry for, ex-cites, kicking up ones heels, take load chest, up-rearing, inter lude, conveniencing, goes on a spree, kicks one's heels, let loose, pity, pro vided, bleed for, take pity on, show sympathy, re-animating, betting on, be-guiles, doing trick, filled bill, re-vitalized, up-raise, pacify, sells on, ghostwritten, re assured, art made of, did trick, take the edge off, ex citing, de-vised, putting out one's misery, patch things up, up holding, smoothed down, feeling for, prefabricated, grants respite, ecstasize, prefabricate, settle, kicking up heels, health, kicked up heels, puts out of one's misery, de-lights, puts rest, live up, good luck, showing sympathy, omnipresence, re strained, smoothing down, banging out, lap up, sedating, untroubles, took load off one's chest, taking load off one chest, simmer down, going a spree, re gales, gladness, in spire, fudges together, is adjunct, took load off chest, happy, de creases, easing up, re assure, smooths over, re solves, condole, self-composures, self-composure, kick one heels, selfpossession, de vise, tickle death, re-gales, went a spree, painting the town, re solve, wert made of, advantage, re animates, up holds, noted down, inter missions, re-serves, pro-vides, tranquilize, decreases volume, puts out misery, take load off one mind, up-rear, re-assures, salvation, wallowing in, quiets fears, lapping up, wert adjunct, shooting up, good cheers, heal, in vent, painted town, restfulnesses, happiness, in-spired, perked up, were sympathetic, delectating, kicked one's heels, mollify, art an element of, selfcommand, spoil rotten, sub-due, re-fresh, still, make happy, cheerfulness, re-solving, neglect, settles one's nerves, fitting together, relaxes, takes the edge off, re-pose, going on a spree, letted go, support, made the grade, dreaminess, whoops up, up raised, assuagement, paints the town red, throws together, Light-heartedness, take care of, tickling pink, commiserated with, decrease volume, smooth over, taking the sting out, lifts up, in-vents, up lifts, taking pity on, am the ticket, took care of, taking load ones mind, haddest mercy on, feel for, coins a phrase, fudging together, re-lax, puts at ease, snugness, puts out of misery, restfulness, re-solve, taking care of, grant amnesty, joyousness, takes load one chest, please, Pleasuring, are the ticket, setting type, cleffing, reveling in, went in for, un-ruffled, in creasing, took the edge off, balming, self possession, take load off chest, up-lifting, dis tracts, took edge off, in spirit, did the trick, wallow in, Secours, up rears, enrapture, calmness, take load one chest, knocking together, wert sympathetic, settle one's nerves, fetch up, making grade, takes load mind, un troubling, disarm, fill bill, in crease, painting town, takes care of, reassure, up-grading, sub dues, am an adjunct, joy, have compassion, Unruffle, bleeding for, pro-duces, is sympathetic, bled for, knocked dead, hiked up, take load one's mind, takes load off ones chest, letting loose, soothe, assist, wert element of, wert the ticket, kicks ones heels, put at ease, up rearing, take edge off, pour oil on, unruffling, calm, in-crease, secureness, ghostwrites, give rein to, note down, entering in, taking load off ones mind, de sign, delectated, playing up to, be-guile, dissuade, painted the town, re laxations, is ticket, spoiled rotten, lamented with, brightening up, fudged together, un ruffling, tickle pink, de crease, selfassurance, ignore, quell, Succoring, took pity on, was the ticket, spoils rotten, re-gale, placate, lives up, re pose, push pencil, settled nerves, up grade, granting amnesty, re vitalized, re pressed, re lax, tickling to death, kicks one heels, re straining, re press, put out of ones misery, dreaminesses, quiet fears, take load off ones mind, levelheadednesses, coin phrase, inspires, becalm, feels with, warmth, were made of, painting the town red, blow steam, sets type, Arride, taking load one's chest, secour, merges in, pro-vided, took load one's chest, go a spree, makes well, kicking over traces, knocks dead, re freshed, pushing pencil, all owed, tickling death, appease, played to, de-crease, re-strains, condole with, in-spiring, put out of misery, boon, re-creation, ghosting, cooling off, make merry, re-assuring, puts pen to paper, arrides, contentment, re strain, de-sign, relieve, un burden, making whoopee, pamper, took part, took the sting out, goes easy on, steadied, make well, weeping for, un-ruffles, go easy on, coin a phrase, painting town red, balmed, re fine, went on a spree, in spiriting, make whoopee, de light, re-collecting, jacked up, tunes down, gives quarter, putting pen paper, cozinesses, made grade, be calmed, scripted, hast compassion, good health, settled one nerves, re-assure, go over big, went easy on, up-lifted, steadying, jack up, cools off, sold on, be-friending, takes load off one's chest, be made of, cobbled up, COMP, was sorry for, hit spot, stilts, is element of, cleffed, jauntinesses, coining a phrase, lift up, giving quarter, delectates, be calms, up lift, spoilt rotten, took sting out, light-heartednesses, takes part, puts ease, grieves with, takes load off one chest, wonder, has mercy on, preservation, tickles to death, miracle, gave rein to, lived it up, jauntiness, exhilarate, throw together, tune down, ego tripped, am ticket, under stand, ghostwrite, having compassion, feel with, assuage, Cheeriness, enters in, coined a phrase, making well, hiking up, taking edge off, wellbeing, under stands, dis-cover, selfcommands, unburdened, looked out for number one, gladden, do the trick, noting down, grieved with, cool off, hold in, were sorry for, immunity, dulls, standing up, be ticket, dis covers, fit together, showed forgiveness, dis-tracts, dis-covered, condoles with, under standing, dost trick, comping, are sympathetic, taking the edge off, goes on spree, sell on, pacifies, lighten burden, in-spirit, upraise, un-burdened, in venting, pre-fabricated, be-friends, arriding, go spree, tickles pink, sympathize with, settled one's nerves, plays up to, wast an element of, sedates, goes a spree, blows off steam, kicking up one heels, re vitalizes, simmered down, Succored, ex cites, re-freshes, inhabitances, fitted together, filling the bill, selfcomposure, bang out, re-solves, tuned down, took load one mind, be-calming, simmering down, up-raised, re gale, pro viding, fetched up, painted the town red, tuning down, wast made of, Inhabitance, putting at rest, re-animates, re-strained, pro vides, timing, pacifisms, de lighting, re pressing, up-raises, up hold, kicked one heels, dis covered, abundance, elevated, was ticket, re-conciliation, shoot up.