Pronunciation of Dull
/dˈʌl/, /dˈʌl/, /d_ˈʌ_l/

Antonyms for dull

Gemmy, most smoothspoken, most nectarous, more hairsplitting, re invigorating, big, covers up, starring, most icebox, doest again, getting one going, crashing, hopeful, dis-missed, more power driven, more front page, re quiring, most fulminating, re-habilitating, zestful, race one motor, Sharped, re stored, fun-loving, in nerves, stained, thundering, in-stilling, most glad handering, more claiming, Undarkened, flew down, more canorous, most pealing, most gung-ho, giving the sack, sleek, more redblooded, sleetiest, ex cited, voltaic, shine, more smooth-spoken, un-tamed, most permeating, rejuvenative, sub-jugate, more something, protrusive, percipient, more holiday, Patted, vivid, diffuses, de planed, Enameling, super sonic, put on top the world, smooth over, prettify, Commoving, took one's breath away, sur prising, more rejuvenative, eyecatching, fast on draw, more titillating, re condition, more hard-driving, beautest, impassioned, un-flagging, flavory, dis guising, more quaking, be-numbed, more uncensurable, most speedball, put pep in to, most jazzed, hip, intro-duce, most enameled, in-goinger, most zestful, stirs embers, pro-motes, most sagittal, in-candescent, in-ordinate, magnetic, allconsuming, re-vised, trans ported, centerfold, more nectarous, more backslapping, more mind-bending, brings into line, brighten up, flipper, Agitable, mesmerize, Demiurgic, curdled, most withit, intensify, starts up, glisten, eccentric, most well lit, played on, most glinting, more iron willed, shake-downs, ex-pounds, is responsible for, pro created, more double-time, burns up, sharp edged, most agitable, excited, know one's onions, letted sun shine in, ex asperating, piquant, ear to ground, raced motor, most acetose, insightful, inthing, more intensified, feeling one oats, hiemal, sharp as tack, spine tingling, aglitter, in filtrating, most fine-spun, sandpapered, fireball, more irradiated, Crimsoning, makes strides, bedizening, on the button, seethrough, un earthly, intoxicate, friendly, most needle-pointed, more unpolluted, more unvirtuous, more clownish, eyepopping, most highpriority, more grooving, calibrating, yeastier, strident, Motor-driven, touched down, bring ones feet, setting astir, painted, re grouping, puts an edge on, most chilled, most go-getting, well kept, unclogging, bonds together, made comeback, all around, more edged, brings one feet, unhampered, more catchpenny, most demoniac, make haste, liven up, send out, cheerful, carrying a lot of weight, more first string, spikier, intelligent, aculeate, comes to life, more chopchop, un compromising, highpowered, booming, more powerdriven, campiest, in dispensable, more syrupy, dis tasteful, in-crease, make well, glitziest, most fireball, dis pleased, up-lights, Succoring, giving bum's rush, ornamentalizes, be dazzled, animate, un-obstructed, bland, thunderous, more gogetter, furnish with light, send, most auroral, out-standing, on the qui vive, giving the business, more salted, more well-prepared, more plated, multi faceted, more front-page, putting ease, in-fused, Uncensurable, turn things around, Frescoed, warm, perked, regroup, re-splendent, pleasure-seeking, turn one's head, Vivificate, intense, putting top of the world, spumante, most oscillating, dressed kill, gassiest, most wellformed, de creasing, strikes match, more jazzed, most assuring, more life or death, sur-prised, Fracturing, mondo, enliven, neon, made haste, jazz up, grow sunny, comes together, take charge, more pronged, shape up, chirpier, more tuned in, serrated, lighting up, skilled, re lucent, bottom-line, up lifts, doing trick, activize, break one up, ex cite, most foul-mouthed, whiffiest, most takeover, counter attacked, more larking, re-animating, life and death, Whites, making sharp, most exculpated, dis-encumbers, more serious, un-mixed, radiant, counter-attacks, more suffused, adjied, silklike, most oversize, dis-entangles, agleam, sends out, more frictionless, wellbred, out in left field, sell on, easymoving, decks out, gets going, ex asperate, took first step, savory, dis engage, prettifying, bright as a new penny, co pious, buff, tearjerking, hairline, Rouging, doctoring up, gives a lift, spikelike, beaming, gungho, revive, most hyper, set right, in-explicable, emitted light, strongflavored, super-natural, visible, sur-face, carried away, shapes up, more withit, shake downed, front page, be-gotten, play on, sapient, most frictionless, lightens burden, a go go, re gained, well-expressed, most stylized, more buzzing, majorleague, over hauling, intro duces, gagged up, garish, most erogenous, bursted out, makes sharp, taking a load off, perked up, high-pressure, whizer, glossy, most bright eyed, lifted up, ex press, doth again, Prinked, more tinseled, most take-over, strong-flavored, started off, highpitched, trained, un ambiguous, sands, more spiritualistic, gives birth to, be a ball, laid on the line, dis composing, fly down, most tearing, sharp cornered, over whelming, un-concealed, most hurry up, be deck, nose out, enthusiastic, took fire, giving an idea, tempt, dis-burden, be numbed, un-qualified, in-cense, sharp-cornered, more unobscured, burn off, be-wildering, calibrate, illuminated, more first-string, didst the trick, with a kick, most steamed up, most recreative, adrenalizing, re-sonant, up raise, re fines, stentorian, come in to being, scintillate, be violent, more highwrought, more go-getter, de-finite, most entranced, most full-flavored, most revealing, in stilling, switches on, most well lighted, in a jiffy, most smoking, most intensified, more gelid, caught fire, pre occupy, give sheen, innervate, pumice, most five star, cloudless, Ear-splitting, un-broken, de-tailed, vitrify, hunkiest, out lining, wakes the dead, ex-citable, most tuned in, on one toes, most full mouthed, more in-thing, sunny-side up, most high pressure, most glimmery, highly-seasoned, more bucked, flaming, over haul, clear headed, in form, rosing, nosed out, pungent, supra-natural, irrepressible, most vinegarish, fills the bill, Wormed, dost again, play up to, smartened up, more unexceptionable, life-or-death, more magic, takes the plunge, gives shot arm, be coming, feed fire, flashy, dis guises, in-flames, heavy-duty, over powering, power driven, pre sumptuous, bushytailed, sur-prising, Inched, in-variable, dis burdened, slipt by, leads to, switched on, gotten under way, making uniform, more strong-smelling, most mind bending, chirpy, poiner, most dirtless, most ornamented, in scrutable, dis-guise, clear cut, over-haul, uni-form, making brilliant, gets started, make vitreous, most gut busting, pre-dispose, more satin, Fringing, innervating, more drop dead, shedding light on, put finish on, dis composed, bonding together, re-hearses, gat rise out of, pro-create, go after, putting top the world, most characterful, most loveydovey, un-chaste, most depictive, rose colored, stuckup, most planate, ex-tended, drest out, give a lift, burst in to flames, handsome, thinskinned, reverberant, in fashion, snappest, most well formed, giving bums rush, most unblurred, get under way, in forms, supranormal, gives one notice, more refreshed, come to life, over flows, becomes light, makes improvement, knocked socks off, most lowdown, de-luxe, a go-go, Intensate, more uncontaminated, Crayoned, pre-determine, un canny, bring into line, gets one going, knocking dead, well-read, generative, gat better, Glinted, grownup, most uncontaminated, un-subtle, silver tongued, pleasant, most odoriferous, in-flamed, coal-and-ice, fulgid, spiffs up, lifegiving, give one notice, in tensive, dis pose, touching down, hold spellbound, prettifies, first class, tinsel, sleetier, bringing feet, heated, knock over with feather, innervated, most overemotional, un-eventful, making roll aisles, more looker, dis-embark, carrying away, in nerved, give insight, more smoking, most front page, Sanding, amuse, arrowlike, most bedecked, out left field, all shook up, most unbroken, doeth trick, makes mouth water, on the move, highflown, more gogetting, more hard driving, unheardof, easy moving, more nimble-witted, pro-found, most radiated, more fermenting, most takecharge, more well liked, mousetrapping, coming on strong, hyper sonic, sets astir, turning one's head, giving light, buller, give bum's rush, re covered, reassembles, most rejuvenating, starred, ingoing, a gogo, most needle pointed, counter attack, most sweetened, touching, most easy-moving, pre determine, sets down, aromal, re-new, pre-eminent, sur-passing, un wearied, harsh, un-ethical, more rip-roaring, under-lined, most unfaded, gotten second wind, supranatural, top notch, head-long, un-obscured, stuck up, poinest, jabbing, more righton, dis-charges, over-laid, learned, most well-written, originative, burst into flames, most tantalized, woke up, sur-faced, most sweet-smelling, re-vivifying, more go getting, ex-acerbating, more strong-flavored, on inside, bring to, be gotten, dying to, bursted into flames, kill, ex acting, more red-blooded, psyching, Titivating, un adulterated, most full flavored, out the open, re-pairing, be guiles, un-subtlest, wily, handed walking papers, sharkest, be stirring, flippest, vitalizing, chalk, most easymoving, more blasting, spinetingling, settling down, doeth again, incandescent, doest the trick, more embroidered, letted sunshine in, gives sheen, ex pounded, more unfaded, whiffy, more bouncing, co-loring, heavy duty, dis-charging, more forcing, shake-downing, do trick, in-crusting, most rip roaring, doing again, building a fire under, Intensated, un-feigned, most percipient, high wrought, more auroral, over-salted, more keen-edged, adulatory, made visible, re-adjust, hands walking papers, put on top of world, growing stronger, most comprehending, de cent, most doubletime, exquisite, sub jugate, can't complain, in controvertible, most lovey dovey, prettified, most uncensurable, be-dazzled, burned up, chop chop, most genital, dis-encumbered, colorful, build fire under, be wilders, most challenging, ex asperates, put zip into, most humongous, ear the ground, fullbodied, wrought on, more designful, puts edge on, most lovey-dovey, more zoetic, handing walking papers, un pack, more full flavored, full beans, most torturesome, knocks over with feather, Stelliform, feeds the fire, brings to one's feet, make whole, vivacious, de creased, most good tasting, fill bill, erotic, de-coys, stabbing, most high priority, most unhampered, dis-please, dis-respectful, lovey dovey, came life, fullgrown, sur-prises, most heat on, erudite, putting a finish, most nectarious, in-solent, most red blooded, most clear-headed, counterattacking, bursts in to flames, activized, more aroused, most needlepointed, more jeweled, made bright, hit spot, looking like million, ex pounding, bodacious, Innerved, most faddish, purify, de planes, more double time, resurrect, getting rise out of, on button, most juiced, wellliked, most fairylike, dis-patch, more aromal, dis-entangle, be-dizens, gat back in shape, in nocent, glaring, commiserating with, more buffed, foul-mouthed, scholarly, sub lime, well formed, wellknown, makes roll aisles, up-holding, are suffused, sets off, un-looses, most bottom line, double-edged, un-savory, feeding the fire, dis solves, works on, inspire, more frou frou, on the lookout, more supranormal, gloss, most ironwilled, most witting, most howling, most laundered, exhilarative, in sufferable, re-adjusted, Splendent, takes one breath away, over-powering, more centerfold, knocking one's socks off, re-fresh, re-vivify, lots laughs, more sunshiny, make improvement, Re-forming, most splendiferous, in explicable, iron willed, doctors up, un-chastest, polished, dis charges, extra-ordinary, most wizardly, got rise out of, clubbiest, re-strained, starryeyed, over-wrought, snap out it, gets under way, more fulminating, making roll in the aisles, most well-dressed, kindle, more swarming, most goodtasting, more gingery, resplendent, working on, brought in to line, major, shrill, more pulsating, more panegyrical, un-chaster, in continent, up dates, ex-acting, give notice, activizing, more relaxing, re splendent, rouse, most centerfold, dishonest, Lacquering, Inexplainable, slipping by, takes aback, know ones onions, Intensating, sleekier, giving bum rush, up-hold, re cognizable, un loosed, most hurry-up, re-kindles, with kick, hit road, more ornamented, in dubitable, more undarkened, dis-solved, turning head, bringing one's feet, gifted, get up and go, Transpicuous, razzledazzle, bringing to feet, lets sunshine in, un-clogged, de signing, fivestar, most rip-roaring, commiserate with, dressed out, Gutty, meat-and-potatoes, Winked, go-go, carrying lot of weight, more chromatic, see through, palmy, more whopper, bring one's feet, more pie in the sky, re plenished, built fire under, in cline, most fun loving, brilliant, most sensing, most expeditive, burning up, ex plains, get up go, giving a lift, most stellary, turned the corner, more smashing, pre-requisite, long haired, in creases, more frou-frou, more back-slapping, most right on, more good tasting, more erogenous, more bewildering, forcible, re-habilitate, be witch, set down, puts cloud nine, re-warding, most go getter, dynamizes, growing sunny, all-consuming, got going, tapering, set fire to, most razor sharp, gotten act together, spirited, more activated, wrought in to lather, most rallying, most unexceptionable, most motordriven, be-guile, awe inspiring, re vivifying, doubletime, knifelike, pert, keenwitted, dis-composes, most sharpedged, in dependent, in-spirits, exuberant, canorous, pre disposes, give bum rush, drew forth, more characterizing, silvery, more well-lighted, doubleedged, most describing, putting finish on, un-tied, be wilder, highly seasoned, over-shadowing, most well proportioned, most with it, most gogetter, having good hook, pink slipt, give an edge to, regrouping, re-kindle, impressive, starting up, lovey-dovey, getting better, bringing together, dis engages, most sunlit, gogetting, silver, glad handering, bringing forth, didst again, dis-compose, be-lying, give pink slip, most blustering, more meat-and-potatoes, more reverberant, Over-bearing, puts a point on, gives marching orders, more funloving, more well-seasoned, most hairsplitting, go getting, in crust, got it, turning corner, makes roll in aisles, smartens up, ex-press, more hot-headed, more inspirational, bursts out, re-stored, most graspable, giving a sheen, more peacockish, BLUE STREAK, in-goingest, twofaced, more gungho, came order, more soured, having a good hook, more bugged, bringing in to line, got better, faddy, razor sharp, more glimmery, wert responsible for, re conditioning, more foul-mouthed, un contaminated, most fervid, goosed, beaut, gat second wind, re levant, gives a hard time, yeastiest, most carrying, pump up, re vising, comes into being, apest, blue-sky, gave life to, setting off, fast on the draw, pull trigger, feeling ones oats, more torturesome, more streetwise, re-commended, more sugar coated, switch on, puts on finish, Unwithered, pumicing, most aflame, knock dead, in spire, most double time, more well formed, taking one's breath away, un-blunted, Stellary, sonorant, more brutish, lecherous, un-clogging, smouldering, most cleansed, didst trick, more forgetive, ablaze, re-news, most recognizable, put up to, agitated, Chalked, re plenishing, dis burden, shimmering, fetching, re double, heat on, most allconsuming, sand, sold on, arouse, spectacular, play to, more double-edged, de liberate, breathes new life in to, more expressed, wideawake, rivetted, set astir, goosing, over comes, most brutish, punch up, most streetwise, over-hauled, in disputable, velvety, quick on uptake, did the trick, dis entangle, more motordriven, longhaired, weird, stirred embers, most take charge, dis-gusting, brisk, more long-haired, call arms, out in open, voguish, re kindled, most posted, putting on a finish, worked into lather, sub-dues, take fire, most telling, in-spiring, more rocking, most oversalted, more gelastic, be-dazzles, re vitalizing, stir up, more tinsel, worked on, up light, sexual, adds fuel, gave a lift, bringing to one feet, setting out, makes vitreous, over-whelming, re-plenishes, easy on the eyes, full mouthed, gave light, more wizardly, wellmade, un-blemished, most tinsel, adds fuel to fire, up-dates, dis engaging, garble, smart as tack, ex acerbated, hard working, mis-representing, strike match, trig, puts pep in to, fresco, vinegarish, giving hard time, pours on, ear ground, enter up on, re quired, most high-pressure, pinkening, ensorcelled, taking one breath away, felt gut, ex-cites, out spoken, dis-agreeable, over laying, know onions, front-page, flare up, most invigorative, far reaching, up-scale, gives an idea, more back slapping, more propelling, be-wilders, gives the business, clear as a bell, brings in to line, bottomline, more puttylike, lead on, calibrated, re-stores, agitative, more go getter, re sting, most igneous, most fine spun, re-covering, un tied, settled down, Froufrou, pre pares, panic, dry, most deviceful, in duces, builded fire under, most puncturing, covered up, unheard of, adjy, innervates, gave the sack, makes uniform, unspotted, more bustling, flies down, unblurred, be responsible for, gives one an idea, most fermented, up dating, most side-splitting, overelaborate, in-temperate, gladsome, utter-most, giving one an idea, re-moving, race ones motor, in cense, turned one head, more swashbuckling, Re-creative, sharp, waked up, made acute, frorest, more reflecting, more chatoyant, more whitehot, undeviating, in delicate, knocked over with feather, most power driven, got a rise out of, more appetent, couth, intensates, twodog night, pre occupied, becoming cheerful, more sunlit, most cottony, more surpassing, un-seemlier, un savory, sur face, ornate, go over big, harddriving, dis-entangling, glimmering, all purpose, up holding, glaze, most horned, un commonest, re gales, take one breath away, most coruscant, more clear headed, dis-embarking, un-selfish, gives rise to, up-raise, getting act together, made vitreous, hard nosed, more needle pointed, brieriest, more go go, de-lights, most welllit, flying down, most wellproportioned, alert, in-duces, something else, ear to the ground, more comprehendible, trans lucent, edge, in temperate, ex-plains, most harassing, got second wind, bringing to ones feet, keys up, strook match, calling forth, firstclass, puts to, started up, bring to one feet, most frou frou, vivificating, commoves, limelighting, hawkish, most pulsing, most honed, schooled, more hairtrigger, most racking, brings to, became seasoned, most bushytailed, most hot headed, high mighty, sheening, deck out, most subsisting, Worldlywise, most unvirtuous, re-vitalized, gussied up, pre-paring, astound, makes well, went over big, more activating, puffy, most inexplainable, re group, set on fire, most coal and ice, re moved, most well-seasoned, vivificated, wellseasoned, powerful, dis encumbers, off-color, hone, more radiating, un-cannier, most prismatic, more crack up, dis engaged, Sleeking, having a knack, boffo, brings to one feet, came around, in style, gives incentive, probing, lascivious, over-coming, most all-consuming, in forming, ex pressed, brighten, be-dazzling, going over big, brought one feet, makes acute, bringing ones feet, zappy, un tying, distill, de-trained, Lickety Split, hottempered, un-common, most sonorant, more keen witted, set in motion, re warding, vehement, most comprehendible, re creative, ex-cite, most blasting, re assembles, romantic, gets second wind, cleancut, most festal, more graspable, ground fine, most pleasure seeking, put a gloss on, made mouth water, sat down, most well established, most well dressed, jazzes up, coming life, more overshadowing, bringing to order, enthuses, up raised, more red blooded, outspoken, more mindbending, making well, thought provoking, puts finish, marked, energizing, in-scrutable, dis agreeable, firstrate, logical, most lulu, bushy-tailed, up lift, up to it, quick draw, satisfied, in flame, most aromal, neat, white hot, going through, drawing forth, freakest, asks for it, smoothspoken, more splendent, Magnifico, be gun, re-fining, more smoothspoken, most hot-headed, dis posed, shining, lit, most suffocating, blow away, pre-meditated, in-clement, most pie in the sky, putting pep into, more earpiercing, breathing new life into, led on, buffs up, be decking, more wellflavored, spreads out, quick uptake, be dizen, giving notice, nower, un-compromising, gave pink slip, salter, in-crusts, more bushy-tailed, more undisguised, pro-creates, red letter, algid, took ones breath away, strong, more fine spun, most glimmering, saltish, bringing one feet, doctor up, un stained, most abreast, un paralleled, most mind-bending, gotten going, more needlepointed, make comeback, venereal, gave lift, came from behind, honied, syrupy, in-continent, gave incentive, more peregrine, over-elaborate, more well lighted, shot out, most splendent, Lustering, most inthing, doth trick, re-adjusts, more good-tasting, like silk, most reflecting, most loud voiced, more odoriferous, gets a rise out of, un-earthly, post haste, re-quiring, quick the uptake, dis-engaging, in-censing, laid foundation, come life, most flashing, penetrating, more flavory, most sunshiny, leads on, ex posed, de parted, gave birth to, taking ones breath away, loud voiced, pre pared, more revelatory, steamed up, letted go, most pulsating, gat going, blue sky, de-lighted, dis compose, stimulative, re-invigorating, in-tense, be getting, more gladhandering, highlyseasoned, grating, straightens out, most bristling, sur facing, bullest, more scintillant, needle pointed, more innerving, dis guise, did trick, most plated, pour on, ferment, bushy tailed, undisguised, jagged, in nerving, vital, de lighted, un interrupted, up-setting, in goingest, became light, dark, breathed new life into, x rated, playing to, more oversalted, ex-asperates, gave shot arm, juiced up, more ensorcelled, most wonderworking, start, electrify, more hyped up, all consuming, lustered, like crazy, be-ginning, unburdening, makes lustrous, Hot-headed, more well dressed, most sharp-edged, mis-represented, regains strength, most all-purpose, more life-or-death, get back shape, dreamest, give shot in arm, in duce, holds spellbound, de scribing, most all consuming, dis solved, fires up, strops, more needlelike, put a finish on, un loading, most fairy-tale, up to speed, dis-guising, Perking, over-flowed, more assuring, over-lays, up-grades, more transpicuous, smooths over, un diluted, adjust, patent, broke one up, pre paring, were suffused, WORMS, true-to-life, more penetrant, more hot headed, most go-getter, enheartens, more agitative, un looses, deplane, raced one's motor, screamin', redblooded, sunnyside up, good hands, Emblaze, more loud voiced, more screaming, put gloss on, most keen-edged, more rubric, get second wind, dress rehearse, un surpassed, parapsychological, full life, un-loads, more feeling, uni form, more penetrative, intro-duces, most innovational, un-scrupulous, more einstein, takes load off, in-spires, more comprehending, hard driving, more glimmering, most rutilant, ex-pounding, starting fire, needlelike, most frothing, in filtrated, most transcending, most nipping, re-awaken, most rending, mesmerizing, coming from behind, more low down, dis embark, made a beginning, most acidulated, un clean, un-gracious, in-dependent, more well seasoned, straightened out, in-flame, un ruffled, more arrowlike, inflame, made roll in aisles, sheened, passionate, more overemotional, more clear-headed, most undimmed, emotional, most witchlike, wast violent, most sugar coated, more stirred, replete, ex pressing, pro posing, steams up, more trembling, fearless, tinged, dis-solves, screaming, pre-occupy, more fuming, phosphoresce, putting top world, have on ball, gives light, most wellwritten, most life or death, most screaming, active, time honored, coming in to being, does the trick, most activated, sharpwitted, hunkier, ex-plain, lots of laughs, racing motor, un-believable, un-virtuous, hotblooded, gorgeous, in-creases, vivificates, re habilitates, fore most, in thing, most agitative, dis-embarked, out lined, more tinged, hilarious, more five star, more aculeate, most entering, ear splitting, speckless, more piquing, more undeviating, de-lightful, be lied, limelighted, pinkens, more take charge, more highlyseasoned, be stirs, pumped up, more spinous, up-town, giving marching orders, selling on, snapping up, sets motion, give incentive, un subtle, up to the minute, most motivating, playing up to, perky, splintery, pro-creative, funloving, knocked one's socks off, settles down, pro create, gat started, makes beginning, hued, more unhampered, dis embarks, in, most awakening, more chop-chop, un impeded, gave notice, rip roaring, more harddriving, in-filtrates, be-stirring, more recognizable, easy-moving, more hiemal, more right on, cold, set off, most spellbinding, more oddball, most numbed, planate, more highly seasoned, be-wilder, glance, raced one motor, gave bum rush, doing the trick, more supermundane, be-stirred, make no bones, re-freshes, serviced, most soured, more silvery, sunny side up, more absolved, shimmer, eggheaded, carbonated, unclogged, come together, unblock, tasty, reverberate, more fermented, sur-rounded, slippery, out line, un-conventional, get rise out of, gotten one started, livening, livened up, more unwithered, counter-attack, more wounding, obstreperous, intoxicates, nobody fool, toothy, set out, highfaluting, more takeover, detraining, sensational, fractured, un obstructed, quick on trigger, puts gloss on, cutting, grown up, high-priority, de lights, more uptown, more saliferous, most penetrant, stirring embers, re-sourceful, triggering, back-slapping, bring feet, lively, strikes a match, counter attacks, are responsible for, de coys, full bodied, most radiating, gives life to, put forward, revitalize, wellfounded, highpriority, making haste, take plunge, being suffused, most stirred, re-vising, most iron-willed, more tralucent, give shot arm, un-sullied, deafening, dis-guises, dappest, over done, In-going, taking fire, diffusing, de-creases, more agleam, most well-proportioned, more juiced, asking for it, dost trick, phosphorescent, rousing, more gut busting, un seemlier, sets aflame, cover up, most meat-and-potatoes, putting match to, re fresh, worked in to lather, un-usual, breaking one up, quick on draw, un qualified, highspirited, scratching, feisty, rosy, revelatory, bringing to one's feet, punched up, heat-on, poured it on, more tipped, slather, more nimblewitted, most arousing, up lighting, called forth, does trick, imaginative, knock one socks off, smoothing over, more eggheaded, trans-lucent, makes visible, fed fire, more entering, twinkle, in-forming, emit light, most velvety, more needle-pointed, more deviceful, winking, more chilled, lights up, double edged, sorcerous, started a fire, dis-pleasing, Frothed, come from behind, good-tasting, drop-dead, make a comeback, troubleshooting, loud-voiced, illumine, out world, carries away, most fuming, wellformed, fun loving, touches off, most bluesky, chopchop, making the grade, necromantic, most easy moving, treble, able, stirring up, un familiar, of substance, gaudy, re citing, re formed, re awakening, de coying, most whopper, putting the ritz, dis-pose, be-witching, most needleshaped, slathers, know backwards and forwards, re vamped, hurry-up, luminesce, re-gaining, make beginning, coruscant, makes less, more aesthetic, interesting, gave bum's rush, Riveted, true to life, brought to, un realistic, more well written, most sweet smelling, adds finishing touches, jolly, depictive, more witching, races motor, most double-edged, telekinetic, most double edged, shiny, most varnished, in-crust, un block, most genitive, be dazzling, spic and span, more whetted, re productive, slips by, brightening up, take load off, plays up to, fast, Enamelling, un controllable, readable, on one's toes, ex-acerbates, most pizzazz, red blooded, more agitating, gave sack, versatile, more drop-dead, be lying, pre-occupying, un-riper, re activating, re-gain, having knack, pleasure seeking, over-flow, puts match to, puts ease, like get out, most piked, hyper-sonic, dis-solve, most larking, most witching, calling a spade spade, snapped out of it, keen witted, re gain, more keenedged, looking like a million, most bewildering, most runic, out-righter, re news, flame, toothiest, Filed, start fire, most strong flavored, most invigorated, dressed teeth, more electrifying, in-cite, more fluorescent, deplaned, un virtuous, let one go, streetsmart, de light, give one idea, more knifeedged, shake down, raver, un-withered, give bums rush, multi-colored, up setting, re move, most strong-smelling, turns corner, in-delicate, name-of-the-game, most argute, sharpcornered, sweetsmelling, work in to lather, more supernormal, get one going, on move, re-formed, more welllighted, glazed, more gamesome, Sharping, fills bill, most sharp edged, most cracking, electric, most chromatic, played up to, coming to order, making visible, takes a load off, sheeniest, highpressure, right it, re-conditioned, descriptive, in-spiriting, breathe new life in to, have on the ball, thoughtprovoking, most overelaborate, turns ones head, have the goods, ornamentalized, patinaed, most pleasureseeking, more beckoning, more in thing, most acuminous, breathing new life in to, have smarts, more sharpedged, unvirtuous, co-axed, re kindle, more fairy-tale, de-fining, made the grade, give out, para psychological, gives lift, wellwritten, in comparable, be friends, sweet smelling, life giving, zesty, most flipped, crackup, more percipient, good-looking, highbrow, keen-edged, ex plain, un-contaminated, squeeze past, be-wildered, aromatic, dis-encumbering, illume, makes bright, informed, happy, sequined, in-fusing, in nutshell, most aglow, touch down, most canorous, incrust, key up, furnishes with light, make brilliant, gets smoking, life-giving, re create, more lifegiving, un earthlier, makes brilliant, lets go, putting zip in to, well written, bigleague, dis entangles, high class, more eulogistic, more highpressure, more keenwitted, un pleasant, most torturing, blaze, more pealing, spicy, brought to one feet, try out, improve, knocking ones socks off, more unsmudged, smartsest, out of world, more classificatory, provoke, be-dizen, come around, dis-patching, highlighting, Bestirring, offcenter, un forgettable, out-spoken, most captivating, rivetting, dancing, sheenier, Clear-headed, touched off, up the minute, suspenseful, razzle dazzle, Planed, intro duce, pre-determines, mouth watering, more saltish, quick trigger, most reeking, grabbed by, in flames, for grins, most well-kept, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, like a bat out hell, make alive, squeezing by, filled, am suffused, more gut-busting, mis-represent, floodlighted, more gladsome, rioter, touching off, splendid, hotshot, more with-it, most heavy duty, most around, more welldressed, more easymoving, firststring, hard-driving, most gung ho, most strong-flavored, literate, more nittygritty, re activated, razzle-dazzle, put on a finish, more blue sky, blew away, re pairs, was suffused, most nittygritty, more apprised, Dinning, most unobscured, be witched, well-liked, inspirit, up held, sur faced, on lookout, squeeze by, selfevident, sweet-smelling, detrain, gives edge to, most crackup, reassemble, re-levant, de-planing, more spellbinding, chockfull, hard core, more acuminous, fond of, re vise, easy the eyes, resourceful, miraculous, more take over, set ablaze, in tensest, most coruscating, props up, improve accommodate, brings ones feet, gave an edge to, more strong smelling, dis-tributes, gives pink slip, setting right, gave an idea, brightened up, selfcentered, in-credible, making less, de-parted, re-animated, in-creased, humoring, keyed up, more stellary, the point, commove, most supermundane, knocks one's socks off, gat one going, a whale a, de lightful, pre-determining, more bragging, un-imaginable, topdrawer, co uther, in-nerved, pro creative, out right, mis representing, pulled trigger, in spiring, motivate, brings to ones feet, de-coying, more awakening, pro-founder, Patting, most tapered, more highly-seasoned, most strongflavored, most characterizing, up pity, glace, fairytale, improves accommodate, more nitty gritty, takes plunge, more needle-shaped, most hotshot, more exonerated, more spumante, made improvement, un-wearied, adds fuel fire, ingoingest, lightened burden, riotest, most precipitate, five-star, more rending, quick witted, most fulgid, in tended, enlivening, more fairy tale, become light, brought to order, Sleeked, wonderworking, dis entangled, sour, wellestablished, in spired, gets back shape, quick on the draw, strook a match, easy eyes, hairraising, move, is suffused, more carbonated, most hyped up, doctored up, more invigorative, wrought into lather, shake downing, more permeating, more delish, more curious, juices up, fine, un-varying, neat as a pin, highly colored, most heavy-duty, CHALKS, Penetrant, in stilled, pro founder, loud, de trained, well flavored, pre possessing, giving an edge to, Roosted, most first-string, breathes new life into, more mind bending, most thundering, pro-created, held spellbound, vibrant, in censes, most constraining, catches fire, transport, bringing into line, more unbroken, turn the corner, more esteemed, more bedecked, floodlight, being responsible for, poin, thrill, delish, golden, forter, chatoyant, squeezed by, re doubles, re-furbished, be dizening, Rimming, re hearses, faddiest, more mantling, most in thing, gotta have, sandpapering, more blustering, most bottom-line, re grouped, take over, emitting light, solid gold, re fined, most astucious, more bespangled, turned on by, more varnished, dis pleases, most supranatural, most well seasoned, go-getting, most red-blooded, un-ruffled, couther, rich, bathe, go go, hits with a light, troubleshoot, de voted, more crack-up, let sunshine in, dried run, most agitating, frontpage, most go-go, most heavyduty, more heavyduty, re-pair, turn ones head, unburdens, over blown, worldly wise, put to, most razor-sharp, over bearing, most hiemal, more pizzazz, high pitched, dis-tribute, tone up, most trembling, livens up, up-grading, making lighter, un packed, shelled, un polluted, more pie-in-the-sky, panegyrical, making a comeback, more quickened, most clear headed, shining at, ex-cited, most attracted, gotten smoking, more horrifying, like mad, in jiffy, re cites, more humongous, get going, most steamed-up, knocking one socks off, re new, polish, up-lifts, giving edge to, most motor-driven, get started, in-comparable, sunlit, in-forms, bedizen, up-raising, sub due, most blue sky, radiate, reecho, most gut-busting, more wellestablished, more heat-on, nitty gritty, more fulgid, most aperitive, most protrusive, bursted in to flames, more hypedup, dis-engages, more keen edged, igneous, aweinspiring, most nimble-witted, more low-down, not stale, more constraining, Subjecting, mis-represents, making roll the aisles, gave idea, be-lied, most absolved, appealing to, re-vivifies, like all get out, fore sighted, mind blowing, screamer, most froufrou, started fire, most vinegary, more torturing, de part, brightens up, most overshadowing, struck match, pompous, be-guiles, puts zip in to, most innerving, make sharp, de-coyed, more with it, snaps out of it, more short-and-sweet, splashy, expressive, Sleeky, inspirational, co-axing, para-psychological, fill the bill, most taintless, be-getting, made uniform, more conjuring, lifting up, gotten a rise out of, lit up, re conditioned, most twinkly, irradiate, made strides, Splendrous, over-flows, most assertory, most energized, more impelling, re-commend, heated up, luscious, blaring, glassy, more sensing, more frontpage, jokiest, more sagittal, puts a gloss on, more razor sharp, drest rehearse, resounding, dis-tasteful, more oxidizing, more invigorated, un equivocal, pie-in-the-sky, bright eyed bushy tailed, mis represent, making a beginning, more nipping, most ensorcelled, make roll in the aisles, most tigerish, un burdens, most whetted, ex act, most blue-sky, more bristling, braces up, most brighteyed, most esteemed, taking first step, more rallying, hitting with a light, re vitalized, be friended, mis represents, most overlaid, re kindles, counterattacked, pro creating, out-lines, hardnosed, pro creates, emits light, utter most, un-ripe, race one's motor, putting a gloss on, more kindled, most infiltrating, de-creased, open and shut, zestiest, highclass, refresh, flares up, be dizens, hypersonic, re gaining, attractive, quieting fears, noisy, regrouped, out this world, talented, races one's motor, actified, most agleam, more moonlit, fed the fire, more tapered, more bushy tailed, most hyped-up, more rehabilitated, counter-attacking, more boffo, ironing, mattering much, re-commends, floodlit, more wellproportioned, life death, more astir, most identifying, more tearing, more steamroller, slipped by, more monster, over laid, more resolved, most einstein, quick, more plotting, spic span, re-assure, most bragging, faddier, more phosphorescent, triggers, un-deviating, un clouded, more longhaired, onedog night, grows sunny, be suffused, pre meditated, dashing, most supranormal, skuller, regroups, dresses out, most reassuring, dis-embarks, more prismatic, in cites, most backslapping, smart alecky, pre-pare, many sided, turns head, festal, more glad handering, more lovey dovey, out in the open, top-pest, giving one idea, more well expressed, puts pep into, brings to order, Subjected, dis tributes, lighted up, re assure, wellflavored, spiky, well-lighted, more loudvoiced, most high wrought, most tonic, quieted fears, re-covered, more supranatural, cant complain, un concealed, tunedin, fine spun, making mouth water, gladhandering, in-cited, re-vamping, low key, cognizant, stirred up, fit for king, more loud-voiced, in cite, most algid, anecdotic, re commended, made roll in the aisles, put top of the world, pinkened, got one started, most embroidered, most silvery, smooth, most keen-witted, lifts up, de-signing, dis charged, significant, more oscillating, un clogging, gives notice, most motor driven, freaker, more unblunted, most chatoyant, more riproaring, re-cover, mis represented, pumices, sur faces, bright eyed and bushy tailed, sees light, re-gular, most shooting, got under way, un-burdening, re-invigorates, entertaining, gat under way, un blurred, most piquing, in fine fettle, un-defiled, sunny, most wounding, lighten burden, dis-criminating, to the point, un-exceptionable, more froufrou, ready, para mount, takes breath away, most relucent, more full-mouthed, re awakened, margining, pulls trigger, red hot, powering, Lacquered, re-vitalizing, more firststring, kitschier, drop dead gorgeous, hyped-up, de finite, ex tensive, bubbling, Spiriting, dis respectful, Pranking, uncontaminated, Unfaded, more acuate, more coruscant, burned off, dis entangling, spread out, conic, most venereal, more hypersonic, more agitable, get a rise out of, more fireball, wake up, pulling trigger, more true-to-life, pro-pose, in-cline, Vitrifying, more honed, more flashing, well groomed, more glad-handering, setting down, co axed, gat smoking, more around, gung-ho, acuate, glittering, most oxidizing, most reverberant, made alive, ornamentalize, re-furbishing, dis-burdens, most acuate, illuminate, most keen edged, most razorsharp, dis encumbered, feeling one's oats, brought to ones feet, in fuses, more originative, more side splitting, most fun-loving, silker, un loosing, un-endurable, most effluvious, dressing rehearse, shakedowning, coming order, most unmixed, up to minute, Lacerating, ignited, hits with light, sur rounded, off color, re commend, mesmeric, self centered, be-friended, more relucent, highsounding, smart as whip, suscitates, most designful, most quickened, gratify, crazy like fox, spiffed up, noses out, shelling, gotten better, most necromantic, re-moves, setting on fire, re habilitate, more prominent, hardworking, super-normal, un-commoner, straighten out, gives the sack, electrical, over-comes, Deviceful, most well-expressed, more illumined, in filtrate, became cheerful, most herbaceous, nimble witted, slicked, sets on fire, gives insight, most earpiercing, more all consuming, more telling, apprehensible, more characterful, ignite, more knife edged, re assembled, more fivestar, becoming seasoned, take aback, Lights, re-vamped, spiff up, patina, slip by, most appetent, puts at ease, letting go, supersonic, clamorous, un blocks, unpolluted, off wall, most beckoning, giltedged, un-blocks, setting in motion, puts on a finish, filled bill, most undarkened, more side-splitting, dis-solving, starry, un yielding, pre-determined, re-groups, pre determined, most flavory, most allpurpose, shooting from hip, distinct, more undimmed, un-couth, supra-normal, dis-encumber, took aback, moving, uptown, most crack-up, more razzledazzle, be wildered, more trendsetting, most phosphorescent, powerdriven, in-nerve, re assured, more strongflavored, lowdown, enthusing, most upscale, amp, most laffer, most strong smelling, playing on, improved accommodate, be witches, putting on the ritz, more tined, most highly-seasoned, putting ritz, un-smudged, quick on the uptake, re animating, sub dues, deplaning, un accountable, un feigned, hearten, most aerated, first-string, sandpaper, be guile, puts zip into, more protrusive, patinaing, needle shaped, more life-giving, put on finish, Enhearten, most unsmudged, slicks, made merry, salty, more needle shaped, most gilt edged, most apprised, get better, reassembled, peacockish, occupy, un varying, psychs, most bugged, more foul mouthed, be-dazzle, most fullmouthed, re solute, up graded, most rejuvenative, were responsible for, re vitalize, foul mouthed, in-nervate, in-dividual, most pyramidal, more inebriating, gilt-edged, most keen witted, more savorous, turns one head, up grading, pronged, most conjuring, re assemble, psychs up, more goodtasting, most holiday, therest, play for keeps, give impetus, floating on air, over flow, calling spade a spade, be dizened, coming to life, rimmed, bestirs, more pyramidal, deplanes, took a load off, ex-pound, in-dubitable, sur-prise, gave one an idea, more aglow, Astucious, most rocking, re-conditioning, re-vitalizes, most wellliked, building fire under, comes to order, more highfaluting, promising, more suffocating, more steamed up, putting to, get back in shape, put point on, spicing up, over-flowing, re vivified, clean, sprightly, swarming, most edged, convivial, most white hot, de-planed, most powerdriven, be-gun, avantgarde, over emotional, most spinous, made lustrous, give marching orders, most splendrous, up town, palmier, took plunge, fashionable, more nectarious, loud enough, burns off, puts finish on, knocking over with feather, giving sheen, demoniac, most voltaic, was responsible for, un-natural, re-vamps, effluvious, mousetraps, put top the world, ex-acerbated, more sharp edged, de-parting, make acute, woken, dewiest, made brilliant, Spicing, more revealing, most first string, re furbished, out open, un seemly, make waves, ingenious, more sharpened, fervent, witchlike, eulogistic, more bodacious, over-whelmed, more inexplainable, most alight, livening up, in tenser, slipping past, dis please, get under skin, un-forgettable, snap up, most fivestar, bestir, most long haired, most syrupy, more conversible, neat as pin, hopped up, most smashing, encourage, came together, re-kindling, more glinting, un-clogs, dyed, ex-asperating, droll, re pair, be-deck, Killed, un-loose, most glistering, over-joyed, giving insight, high pressure, brought forth, get smoking, most expressed, enthrall, diffused, un-savorier, up holds, quicktempered, well seasoned, knife edged, more siberian, fabber, eye catching, out-right, uplights, turn around, laffer, loudvoiced, be wildering, re-presentative, made roll the aisles, un-clog, wellgroomed, nosey, more well-expressed, well made, welldefined, inventive, put on cloud nine, renewing, un-darkened, brace up, self-centered, two dog night, most roused, lead to, more wellformed, well-proportioned, zippy, most hyperborean, sur prises, knowing, up lifted, unobscured, getting one started, flyest, smooth spoken, good looking, in-dispensable, putting up to, more motor-driven, most wellflavored, in a nutshell, strenuous, know ropes, faddish, un seemliest, over whelmed, dis charge, un obscured, pumps up, reinvigorating, re-group, up-light, gave shot in arm, dis burdens, most jocund, builds fire under, sonorous, breaks one up, there, most recherche, more telekinetic, most chopchop, selfassertive, un burdening, over-whelms, in fusing, got act together, re-activates, un-faded, putting top of world, quiets fears, bright eyed, most stimulative, over-size, putting in working order, un-duer, like new, am violent, exciting, acetose, re vamps, rivets, all the rage, give a sheen, burning off, Overloud, sunshiny, powered, gives bums rush, more sugarcoated, deaconing, most lifegiving, be friending, de-plane, ex plained, more anecdotic, dis tribute, most wellestablished, re store, be ginning, in good order, more hurry up, most boffo, actifying, more wellprepared, most rippleless, most voguish, de lighting, made well, putting finish, most knife edged, hand walking papers, head long, xrated, put a match to, most unblunted, psyched up, most saltish, re-paired, selfexplanatory, have goods, dis embarked, snapping out it, more spangled, calibrates, un burden, glow, more unspotted, ex-plained, most good-tasting, auroral, un-blocked, de fine, super natural, built a fire under, most knife-edged, dis-entangled, gives idea, re animate, dis patches, most rehabilitated, fresh, more razzle-dazzle, over elaborate, lays foundation, more animalistic, gets one started, most full-mouthed, more rutilant, up minute, unclog, snapped out it, de crease, short-and-sweet, un mixed, most take over, be-stirs, making acute, rally, brings feet, firing up, carrying lot weight, one-dog night, more doubletime, de plane, most transpicuous, re commends, more full-flavored, boiled down, most catchpenny, greathearted, un-commonest, turning one head, slipt past, Commoved, most sidereal, dirtless, well turnedout, in candescent, re-invigorate, wise, draws forth, super-mundane, re sonant, recherche, spangle, most with-it, pours out, flaring up, got started, getting a rise out of, shrewd, make mouth water, more gladdening, more vinegarish, most demiurgic, Supermundane, work into lather, bring in to line, plays to, un-dimmed, un-burdens, un deniable, full flavored, un-pleasant, multi-faceted, re-assures, re-fines, most needlelike, most white-hot, out side, re-hearse, most riproaring, putting a match to, more shaven, most bustling, most hard working, detrained, most pie-in-the-sky, put match to, un-palatable, most darling, un-ripest, gives impetus, de coy, more exhilarative, make roll aisles, most impelling, smart, most magnifico, turned around, most bucked, shark, punches up, more razzle dazzle, starts off, most nimble witted, un darkened, gassest, in-filtrate, be-coming, snaps up, sheeny, more hurryup, most buffed, uplighting, builds a fire under, potent, De Luxe, doth the trick, most name of the game, nosing out, gat act together, most high-priority, chock full, re-awakens, co loring, Innerving, makes a beginning, most take-charge, most commoving, in-clines, needlepointed, de-training, more reeking, sets in motion, Stropping, shoots out, fortify, Assertory, re-commending, spick and span, illumined, hot headed, pre occupies, ex cites, sent out, more relishing, re-sting, most resolved, most numbing, most well written, tickled death, ornament, over-hauling, delicious, fizzing, ex citable, glorious, most aculeate, eventful, de-planes, more necromantic, most aroused, tuned in, provocative, sprightest, most ear-piercing, become cheerful, fab, most gogo, low down, buffed up, fore-sighted, dressed to teeth, ex-act, in flaming, invigorate, most highlyseasoned, re cited, stir embers, in satiable, most bespangled, be-decking, most joyous, mindbending, un duer, timehonored, more motivating, most bushy tailed, pro-vocative, make less, regain strength, more chop chop, motor driven, re adjusted, in explainable, more arousing, catching fire, most originative, most tuned-in, more well-written, Designful, chop-chop, re-duces, livened, tumultous tumultuous, more genitive, most highfaluting, un earthliest, well-written, more hard-working, most anecdotic, sharpen, most genius, furnishing with light, more sharing, file, smart as a whip, farout, most mondo, un-yielding, under ones nose, gussying up, taking load off, brings order, most firststring, more apical, most harddriving, more overelaborate, more entranced, bring to feet, most well-lighted, snap out of it, brought feet, re-plenished, vigorous, most classificatory, most grooving, under one nose, re moving, starts fire, tugged at, characterful, turning ones head, pro pose, self explanatory, in-disputable, dressing out, getting going, screamest, be friend, super-sonic, most bright-eyed, prismatic, re-move, heat up, more name of the game, on the inside, more venereal, sur prise, pre determines, most spangled, un clogs, gives a sheen, more innovational, saw light, un couth, up to date, most burnished, smart as a tack, bond together, un-polluted, all there, un soiled, dis-pleased, gets better, more sweetsmelling, most spiritualistic, be-spangled, ask for it, valid, un scrupulous, Stropped, re-assuring, most apical, calling a spade a spade, puts in working order, furnished with light, up grade, goahead, more argute, gat a rise out of, be dazzle, full of life, more depictive, more gutbusting, putting on ritz, most tranced, un-tying, up-lifted, brierier, gleaming, coal and ice, campy, razorsharp, most nitty gritty, most trendsetting, juice up, more horned, zoetic, sensitive, more energized, most short and sweet, feeds fire, salted, most smooth-spoken, sparkling, spiritualistic, bring forth, sets ablaze, be witching, grooving, classificatory, put cloud nine, up raising, up speed, set motion, dis-burdening, most quaking, dropdead, Piked, commiserated with, dressed to kill, re forms, bursting in to flames, un ripest, un-subtler, bring to one's feet, undimmed, ex-pounded, out lines, strike a match, oversize, re-fulgent, most needle shaped, dis charging, un-questionable, up lifting, vociferous, Needle-pointed, razor-sharp, de-part, riproaring, strop, give life to, in censed, steaming up, on qui vive, tugging at, luster, un conditional, surprising, most relishing, putting gloss on, re-activated, putting on top world, dynamic, shooting from the hip, most siren, taking the plunge, getting smoking, bringing to, gives sack, heating up, para-mount, dressed rehearse, under nose, gut-busting, mind-bending, most supernormal, most mirrorlike, giving impetus, pique, nimble-witted, knocks socks off, over flowed, gave impetus, turns things around, hyped up, floodlighting, most highpressure, fiery, re-solved, pre-possessing, most exonerated, Planing, Aperitive, more bright eyed, lightening burden, sane, passing through, most bouncing, more go-go, dressed the teeth, well bred, guttier, un loads, grow stronger, trans-parent, puts on top world, more all-consuming, working into lather, knocks ones socks off, puts on top of the world, grows stronger, sharpedged, do the trick, making improvement, gave edge to, most coal-and-ice, pre vailing, most gladhandering, Fine-spun, on top of, most heaton, glamorous, more well-flavored, bonded together, makes grade, in-nerving, un due, bedizens, un-ceremonious, put top world, clarion, most turned, up-lifting, most glace, dis pleasing, knifeedged, turnedon, co-pious, end owed, make merry, more wellkept, putting an edge on, deep, quick on the trigger, funnier, more blue-sky, goodhumored, Disciplining, regained strength, un hampered, pro-duces, up dated, trans-lated, side-splitting, class act, re invigorated, red-blooded, in good shape, most eggheaded, in-censes, de-fines, super colossal, out-line, de-cent, give lift, takes ones breath away, pro-creating, ex-posed, express, in spirit, in-fuse, Hunky, more name-of-the-game, re paired, full-flavored, dis gusting, un-canniest, sugar-coated, most monster, jazzing up, un chaster, re-invigorated, more razor-sharp, toned up, ex tended, make bright, animalistic, make visible, rimiest, up-raises, de-crease, be-friending, dynamize, be-friend, graspable, more witchlike, Toning, most gladsome, wast suffused, re-condition, most sugar-coated, quirky, more bushytailed, pouring out, snapped up, crack-up, on ones toes, lowkey, appeal to, most suffused, in-nerves, guttiest, ardent, frenzying, re-solute, up-lighting, in goinger, more carrying, in fused, on double, more doubleedged, smartalecky, play hard ball, most go go, giving incentive, setting fire, ravest, more acidulated, ringing, vivify, more puncturing, most delish, most kindled, extra ordinary, be-decks, knocked one socks off, puts forward, over lays, more dirtless, turning things around, more stelliform, out-lined, sprighter, farreaching, adjies, more smooth spoken, dis-charged, squeezes past, setting alight, set alight, hairtrigger, pro vocative, more supersonic, light, drying run, sedulous, works in to lather, carry away, spiny, welllighted, leading to, most titillating, re-eking, more true to life, most telekinetic, icebox, kitschiest, aggressive, smoking, most keenedged, in the know, brought one's feet, more siren, most well-flavored, more captivating, bubbly, give the business, got back shape, hard-working, makes roll the aisles, most sourish, re-cites, most chop-chop, over-emotional, re adjusting, more coruscating, coming into being, sheds light on, whitehot, re-duce, most heat-on, most tinseled, un-wholesome, sate down, most pronged, enameled, carrying a lot weight, made sharp, un-blocking, more motor driven, makes comeback, de parts, elevate, most winning, more wonderworking, ornamentalizing, more well flavored, becomes cheerful, most eulogistic, varnished, pleasureseeking, up grades, re-assured, re plenishes, Prinking, wert suffused, un-censurable, most something, more hairline, most tipped, un cleanest, up and coming, snaps out it, animating, un-pack, re-assembles, braced up, well rounded, un-spotted, ex-plaining, see light, putting on finish, starry eyed, more bright-eyed, becomes seasoned, bright-eyed, gets rise out of, excite, more sharp cornered, more long haired, raucous, Gritting, more darling, re doubtable, put on top world, erogenous, re-vamp, keen, warm up, fullflavored, cunning, un-earthliest, offcolor, more fairylike, re duce, wizardly, most exhilarative, thin skinned, over flowing, knife-edged, dropdead gorgeous, hitting with light, troubleshot, Tralucent, juicing up, in crease, exotic, saturated, twinkling, most electrifying, come order, make grade, up lights, give rise to, over joyed, in-sinuating, dis missed, well-kept, giving business, dis patched, un-loosing, unclogs, scintillating, know backwards forwards, dazzling, un-soiled, making grade, lets sun shine in, a whale of a, re covering, pro-mote, un subtler, more electrical, bring one feet, pro-moting, most gungho, glassed, most enkindled, most keenwitted, re furbishes, out standing, burning, re-activating, in good spirits, revivify, improving accommodate, putting a point on, re fine, in dividual, re-doubtable, most joshing, tined, re-conditions, makes waves, put on top of the world, more effluvious, de creases, silvertongued, gone on, letting one go, gives business, more tigerish, pro-posing, dynamizing, putting a finish on, more five-star, quickening, sur-rounding, extraordinaire, un-troubled, hit with light, dis criminating, wellprepared, causative, let sun shine in, agile, most stupefying, start up, most well liked, frothing, draw forth, take the plunge, sets out, decking out, satin, more numbed, shoot out, psych up, most satin, puts point on, puts a match to, more piked, gets act together, re-fine, be-decked, un-tiring, most siberian, lets the sun shine in, most hypersonic, more cleansed, clean cut, strong-smelling, more racking, are violent, grew stronger, puts a finish, tigerish, dis patching, dis guised, most crushing, spike, luminescent, practice, most unwithered, in-censed, most underlined, vitrified, be-stir, whiting, couthest, nectarous, namer, trans late, put an edge on, more acute, putting working order, in credible, de-parts, un defiled, engender, vitalize, wellrounded, aglow, stir, put top of world, sets fire, coming around, bring order, trans-lucid, art violent, most hawkish, flash, Inching, phosphoresces, with-it, be decked, striking match, more wellwritten, slip past, most salted, Phosphorescing, un-cleanest, lift up, most smooth spoken, most well flavored, Danced, in-spired, dis-patches, takecharge, Self-luminous, turned head, fierce, in-satiable, dis solve, giving life to, re awakens, more apprehensible, most sharpcornered, lancinating, most sharp cornered, Crimsoned, aflame, upscale, appeals to, mouthwatering, most sharpened, saltest, blasting, re-cognizable, works into lather, most back-slapping, bluesky, more hyper, sage, Innerve, propping up, odoriferous, in solent, giving one notice, re gular, most parapsychological, most swashbuckling, spiced up, most zoetic, most moonlit, most carbonated, more go-getting, de train, yeasty, dis-patched, trenchant, more ignited, un faded, more full mouthed, allaround, side splitting, Incrusting, rouged, knocked ones socks off, de-creasing, devil may care, re-doubled, sugar coated, actify, to point, steamed-up, more brighteyed, Unblunted, end-owed, acute, frou-frou, more astucious, Translucid, un endurable, A 1, flamboyant, gotten rise out of, Conversible, fulgurated, burnish, re-quired, most smouldering, in tense, more well kept, counter attacking, over-flown, invigorating, brought order, magical, goodlooking, buffing up, more designating, asked for it, Larking, re cover, be-dizening, more sagittate, allpurpose, un mistakable, rimier, re groups, in-explainable, sidereal, well turned out, super-human, re-grouped, more dynamite, under standing, putting pep in to, cheer, most in-thing, Suscitate, most irradiated, most fermenting, more demiurgic, took load off, more sharp-edged, branch out, in going, make strides, apparent, most up, un-earthlier, re-furbish, most iced, re-forms, thorny, Suscitating, un loaded, comes from behind, takes first step, Sophic, sets fire to, call forth, bring together, clangorous, catch fire, more bluesky, more zestful, up-pity, moonlit, most crack up, palmiest, most activating, on the job, pure, most plotting, walk through, up hold, invigorative, art suffused, SHARPS, tugs at, all rage, pre disposing, set fire, most needle-shaped, gave insight, re-gales, races ones motor, whet, more abreast, most true to life, starting a fire, whippest, liven, make roll in aisles, resonate, more heat on, dis composes, equal to, full, decorate, quick the draw, more laundered, more roused, letted one go, Savorous, important, un chastest, most drilling, gleam, more stylized, brought to feet, bursts into flames, up-date, re-animates, un disturbed, open shut, like bat out hell, most well-prepared, immaculate, titivates, re vised, most life-or-death, in-controvertible, give an idea, get one started, satisfy, more fervent, re strained, lurid, re-covers, high sounding, giving pink slip, re gains, un disguised, re-vivified, gat one started, freshen, alive, more alight, in-filtrating, mindblowing, brings to feet, lets one go, zappier, over salted, co-uther, be-friends, innerves, Bestirred, fulgurating, most go getting, un gracious, fabbest, well informed, turns around, blinding, chirpiest, well lighted, un-duest, bigtime, caustic, un-equivocal, double-time, gives shot in arm, pre dispose, more fun loving, re conditions, walking through, re vitalizes, more voltaic, good, de-liberate, more sugar-coated, un load, excruciating, buff up, un duest, most steamroller, bitter, most life giving, more well-liked, be-dizened, pre pare, de planing, more well-dressed, led to, ball fire, gets back in shape, most scintillant, most gelid, most supersonic, re doubled, re pairing, apical, more harassing, more exculpated, re adjust, dis encumber, fire, jazzing, most splintery, gotten back shape, drop-dead gorgeous, bring to order, un-burdened, give hard time, seeing light, un-burden, most sweetsmelling, more speedball, pro found, prinks, penetrative, give light, more howling, filled the bill, take first step, most glad-handering, dewier, starting off, most tinged, all-purpose, strong flavored, re-vise, un-hampered, races one motor, re invigorates, un-real, un imaginable, take a load off, un-mistakable, knows what's what, more lovey-dovey, setting ablaze, quickwitted, re doubling, high spirited, in-spire, take one's breath away, dis encumbering, supra normal, most propelling, un-surpassed, ex acerbate, re vivify, quick the trigger, re stores, ex acerbating, multi colored, makes lighter, more knockout, un believable, sells on, out-lining, most razzledazzle, over hauls, raging, most hard-driving, more up, most gingery, more enameled, does again, shaping up, tuned-in, Phosphoresced, sensual, puts on top the world, most brumal, more splintery, highwrought, educated, giving lift, gotten back in shape, well dressed, more white hot, lustrous, un-familiar, smartser, righton, sparkle, re eking, took breath away, de-fine, most wellexpressed, prevail up on, most mesmeric, makes the grade, puts top of the world, tickled to death, cottony, shimmery, too funny for words, more paralyzing, more hotshot, sits down, granting respite, enheartened, most hypedup, trans parent, be-witched, more takecharge, highlighted, holding spellbound, right-on, welldressed, more reassuring, pre eminent, of note, lewd, most particularized, pointed, most side splitting, uncanny, wellexpressed, more recreative, un-deniable, flared up, de training, be ball, more double edged, put finish, snapper, most sugarcoated, re-pairs, more lighted, shellacked, lighten, campier, sur rounding, puts top the world, give business, up-held, un ripe, in evidence, well-formed, un conventional, bold, frorer, build a fire under, un spotted, coming together, most illumined, glad-handering, most doubleedged, in spirits, laid the line, builded a fire under, burnt off, un clogged, puts top world, over coming, more inthing, overemotional, gilt, commiserates with, filter, over-blown, prop up, brings together, galvanize, be-witch, more unmixed, in side, sound, most jeweled, un tamed, under one's nose, warmed up, knowledgeable, lulu, un clog, brought together, hot, more fine-spun, most hard-working, bursting into flames, prickly, un packing, be-witches, sagittate, tinted, un-complicated, most chastening, most hairline, yummy, in high spirits, start off, more life giving, whizest, more titillated, re-activate, de fining, hot tempered, comes in to being, un broken, under lined, more laffer, more igneous, do again, work on, more describing, breaking new ground, sagittal, earpiercing, more vinegary, got smoking, dis patch, turns the corner, sur-facing, in flamed, came to order, made a comeback, most revelatory, most giltedged, sharp-edged, Frescoing, most clownish, up-graded, more infiltrating, aper, uplight, out righter, came into being, puts top of world, be dazzles, roaring, de-scribing, most soprano, quicken, re sourceful, keen edged, steam up, over flown, uplighted, most astir, fullmouthed, knocks dead, Suscitated, put ease, give the sack, brake one up, more curdled, brain wave, most speckless, most hard driving, un cannier, discordant, Frescos, self important, Incrusted, big as life, in variable, zestier, made lighter, up-lighted, pro duces, makes roll in the aisles, most true-to-life, most front-page, filling the bill, whipper, have goose bumps, un-paralleled, most dropdead, making roll in aisles, sub-lime, more ear-splitting, reassembling, most horrifying, un-cleaner, un blocking, racing ones motor, more splendiferous, spikiest, become seasoned, Fairylike, most longhaired, more runic, dis-burdened, decked out, sprang up, more bottom-line, un tarnished, un-conditional, heavyduty, re-grouping, breathed new life in to, more stupefying, ear-piercing, toothier, did again, re-doubling, more rejuvenating, most undisguised, re-doubles, horned, taking aback, stirs up, most enlivened, more transcending, un relenting, Mantling, most swarming, un-loosed, more enlivened, Relucent, brutish, am responsible for, setting aflame, bringing order, covering up, getting back in shape, avant garde, more recherche, wide awake, skullest, giving shot in arm, more crackup, ex-asperated, energetic, well-dressed, art responsible for, most doozie, actuate, light up, crisp, glistening, most gogetting, dis-engage, vinegary, over-whelm, re forming, rosecolored, start a fire, in sinuating, spice up, in-decent, most forcing, most adulatory, dis-posing, in know, ex-citing, more brumal, clear as bell, most tunedin, de-train, gave sheen, de fined, more adrenalizing, activizes, more joyous, un-packs, hypedup, exhilarate, luminous, setting fire to, pre-disposes, dis posing, unburdened, de-trains, shake-downed, work up, under-standing, came to life, in nervate, making bright, re-habilitated, re habilitated, juiced, up-beat, more highpriority, comprehendible, un-impeded, gooses, Roosting, grew sunny, brings forth, most back slapping, Margined, Rememberable, sharp witted, softpedal, re-awakening, brings one's feet, well prepared, calls forth, true life, super normal, chromatic, un-blurred, in clines, de-lighting, more stimulative, bright, over-lay, Spiced, burnt up, goodtasting, sit down, witting, more magnifico, more sophic, takes fire, more coal-and-ice, psyching up, in the mainstream, right to it, ex pounds, re form, clearcut, mirrorlike, acuminate, make roll the aisles, cerebral, over-laying, furbish, more power-driven, put at ease, spiked, observing, Rocking, more burnished, streetwise, more hyped-up, more right-on, spring up, de tailed, puts on cloud nine, more speckless, un commoner, more festal, more all-purpose, putting cloud nine, glad, in creasing, snapping out of it, gave bums rush, un dimmed, clarify, feeling oats, most foul mouthed, most knifeedged, most funloving, race motor, turn one head, most conversible, most redblooded, in-thing, runic, re-assembled, give birth to, more white-hot, more tunedin, servicing, more voguish, strong as ox, dis-posed, floating air, bright-eyed bushy-tailed, most well-established, doeth the trick, pro posed, Slicking, Crayoning, top drawer, on toes, ingoinger, eye popping, most generative, un usual, Chalking, withit, re-plenishing, most ear piercing, white-hot, rosed, un selfish, most bodacious, dynamized, steamedup, un common, enheartening, splendiferous, un-controllable, most sagittate, un exceptionable, clear, glitzy, well-flavored, like a bat out of hell, gutbusting, nittygritty, most wellkept, excitable, more take-charge, rough, more strong flavored, more adulatory, stylish, sharp as a tack, more cracking, wakes dead, come to order, astonishing, scintillant, Re-store, poured out, up to snuff, supernormal, needleshaped, more high wrought, more loveydovey, in-nocent, clubbier, pressing, making alive, supra natural, more mirrorlike, brought to one's feet, brumal, fleshly, putting forward, in-stilled, most stelliform, pre-occupies, Titivated, showy, gay, de-fined, vitrifies, co axing, most highly seasoned, shake downs, plangent, gave the business, motordriven, more allconsuming, witty, in-tensest, sandpapers, Acuminous, more high pressure, dis solving, incrusts, enkindle, disciplined, dewy, Glassing, more well lit, heady, more faddish, turning around, sleeks, over-hauls, un chaste, made roll aisles, color, up it, re commending, most right-on, most savorous, squealing, un ethical, be spangled, fast draw, took one breath away, walks through, de-voted, rivet, up date, more particularized, off center, Worming, power-driven, making waves, un bending, tawdry, be stirred, most valuable, un-bending, putting edge on, ex citing, most drop dead, dis-pleases, hair raising, wakes up, kitschy, silky, dost the trick, quickest, re storing, reanimate, starts a fire, livens, dis-composed, fire up, under-hand, more well-lit, in-tensive, more parapsychological, most sharing, give edge to, tumultous-tumultuous, getting started, most inebriating, made grade, regaining strength, torturesome, dis burdening, brought into line, lay foundation, most palpitating, most unspotted, appealed to, up beat, eloquent, un-tarnished, knocked dead, wert violent, most hairtrigger, un sullied, most well-formed, sets afoot, ex plaining, hurryup, two faced, in tent, deaconed, punching up, most nimblewitted, giving sack, most righton, beauter, re animates, more expeditive, putting on top the world, put pep into, re-gale, rub, in-duce, pro moting, un loose, clubby, blowing away, un-disguised, more palpitating, gat back shape, most high-wrought, all ears, glistering, most frou-frou, more gung ho, most fluorescent, more nimble witted, re invigorate, more rip roaring, in-tended, brazen, gassy, first rate, under hand, striking, knock ones socks off, more giltedged, one dog night, dressed to the teeth, re-cited, more keen-witted, most adrenalizing, racy, jokey, most mantling, jump-start, strong smelling, springy, un complicated, pouring on, un-savoriest, most rubric, un savorier, full of pep, twinkle toes, below freezing, most whitehot, re sounding, redletter, Vivifying, class, floodlights, elegant, was violent, clownish, in-tenser, puts a finish on, quiet fears, in vite, un-diluted, un-load, giving birth to, re-gained, ball of fire, detrains, stimulating, in decent, more eager, more witting, de-light, in crusted, un-restrained, more all purpose, dis-charge, burn up, well lit, heads up, took the plunge, putting zip into, stimulate, high flown, in spires, loveydovey, glowing, catchpenny, raced ones motor, more glace, un blunted, Sanded, most uptown, shake-down, dis-guised, more sweet smelling, more high-pressure, makes haste, dis embarking, tumultoustumultuous, low-down, un bearable, iced, more well-kept, keying up, gave marching orders, bedizened, most steamedup, squeezes by, trendsetting, up-lift, nobodys fool, well liked, slathered, zingiest, most arrowlike, witching, un-due, gives hard time, more turned, coming strong, fore-most, more tonic, walked through, more hurry-up, more heavy-duty, smooth-spoken, make lighter, un-limited, counter-attacked, feeding fire, over shadowing, up-holds, savvy, long-haired, chic, Spright, life or death, more sharpcornered, re-animate, full-mouthed, having smarts, frore, re-double, gives bum's rush, blows away, come into being, more commoving, most forgetive, adjying, most titillated, highly flavored, whiffier, obvious, in nerve, fortest, brighteyed, calling spade spade, self evident, bursting out, letting sunshine in, most relaxing, breathe new life into, gussies up, putting point on, most mindbending, un-adulterated, prink, un-used, spiffing up, ex-asperate, heats up, briery, springs up, most ignited, more high-wrought, Glistered, most panegyrical, dis-engaged, sensible, waking up, re presentative, un cleaner, tantalizing, most spumante, mousetrapped, de trains, played to, un troubled, getting second wind, giving rise to, un canniest, most frontpage, sending out, beautiful, velocious, well turned-out, more lulu, in spirited, foxy, let the sun shine in, more underlined, poured on, glimmery, pro duce, most nitty-gritty, slick, mousetrap, most long-haired, dress out, gives one idea, more thundering, re-productive, in-sufferable, more sharp-cornered, most well-lit, more enkindled, takes one's breath away, energize, switching on, knows whats what, have the ball, slipped past, un-stained, glinting, un smudged, came in to being, over hauled, more splendrous, most razzle dazzle, most five-star, comes around, more knife-edged, more fullflavored, juicy, knows what what, most sharp-cornered, setting afoot, knock one's socks off, nectarious, Recreative, zingy, turned corner, poignant, more pleasureseeking, more drilling, de-coy, ex-pressing, re-furbishes, most claiming, reawaken, in-spirited, troubleshooted, re gale, in spiriting, two-dog night, brought ones feet, patinas, making comeback, more attracted, pour it on, needle-shaped, overwhelms, more razorsharp, toned, most well expressed, re animated, most sorcerous, un burdened, well established, dis-composing, more lowdown, most surpassing, shed light on, amusing, re-lucent, well expressed, in-spirit, give sack, memorable, most hued, swank, letted the sun shine in, jeweled, pre-occupied, bring to ones feet, silvern, take ones breath away, over whelm, re-assembling, gogetter, most drop-dead, over whelms, re-sounding, most flaring, dresses rehearse, knocking socks off, comes order, dries run, being violent, un-seemliest, more well proportioned, taking breath away, plays on, more flaring, pre-pared, keenedged, most razzle-dazzle, be decks, re-storing, more tranced, up lighted, spellbinding, most tined, spices up, hot blooded, REDHOT, bracing up, put edge on, more steamed-up, in bad taste, be stir, more ear splitting, more cottony, welllit, more hawkish, swashbuckling, get and go, put a finish, re-gains, more frothing, more translucid, felt in gut, warms up, fellest, most blinding, peppery, pouring it on, sub-due, up on, heartiest, below zero, more wellseasoned, more genius, most gladdening, gave a sheen, set aflame, more velvety, more sorcerous, nowest, more aerated, actifies, re freshes, stinging, full pep, comfort, up-raised, Keen-witted, more heaton, most power-driven, piping, fairy-tale, catchy, juicing, trans lucid, Forgetive, more well established, de coyed, zappiest, pre-disposed, turned by, earsplitting, more blinding, more wellexpressed, wonderful, give one an idea, well-prepared, gasser, de parting, made beginning, more velocious, burst out, un tiring, backslapping, over come, Tranced, de fines, re-kindled, puts up to, effervescent, re duces, comes life, most wellprepared, re plenish, out rightest, re vivifies, suggestive, Gelastic, fast the draw, spinous, filling bill, more heavy duty, more needleshaped, more aperitive, speedball, breaking ground, fulgurates, gingery, gotten one going, back slapping, most apprehensible, ex pound, unmixed, becoming light, more easy moving, most velocious, well known, out and out, troubleshoots, gave a hard time, taking plunge, beguiling.