Pronunciation of Eager
/ˈiːɡə/, /ˈiːɡə/, /ˈiː_ɡ_ə/

Antonyms for eager

careless, in-tense, re served, most timewasting, more dismayed, most dallying, more daunted, cold blooded, onedog night, un-excited, unassured, un-accommodating, Snail-like, hesitant, un responsive, terror-stricken, more faint hearted, more faltering, most numbed, unconcerned, un happiest, more snail-like, un sure, one dog night, unhappy, most faint hearted, run scared, unassertive, more uneager, un-assertive, de mure, co-wed, dis-inclined, heedless, self effacing, re tiring, most terrorstricken, unready, uninclined, most unexcited, de liberate, most chilled, more unobliging, brumal, Moratory, dis mayed, more hawkish, purposeless, neglectful, frorer, un-interested, un-concerned, most loitering, un-enthusiastic, uninterested, against grain, matter of fact, re-served, most cowed, more demurring, more gelid, more faint-hearted, un-sure, most unimpassioned, Half-hearted, up set, dilatory, incurious, un-demonstrative, more trembling, un enthusiastic, un-feeling, more unsocial, most unaccommodating, unexcited, dis heartened, dis-trustful, most disheartened, frorest, icebox, frigid, more dallying, more terror stricken, un excited, co wed, un happy, un-willing, timewasting, twodog night, more unexcited, de-mure, rimiest, uneager, more grudging, most iced, de-liberate, in disposed, more nipping, unsocial, dispassionate, in tenser, more uneffusive, unhasty, un concerned, most unsocial, dis trustful, un eager, stony, in decisive, more timewasting, un-happier, negligent, terrorstricken, lax, more brumal, most unwishful, un obliging, un-social, un-happy, casual, unimpassioned, most nipping, phlegmatic, faint-hearted, more laggard, un cooperative, two-dog night, more aroused, satisfied, most siberian, un-ready, un effusive, most aroused, panic stricken, most time-wasting, two dog night, more tarrying, be numbed, more siberian, un impassioned, faint hearted, un wishful, cold, more loitering, un interested, lacking confidence, in-voluntary, un hastier, most faltering, uneffusive, most introvert, more begrudging, in hospitable, be-numbed, in awe, hawkish, in-tenser, most grudging, dis inclined, un-hastiest, slowest, snaillike, most blasting, be-grudging, unmoved, un demonstrative, calm, un sympathetic, most icebox, panicstricken, in voluntary, most hyperborean, insouciant, un feeling, most rattled, matter-of-fact, more uncheerful, more unassertive, in different, more uninclined, half hearted, selfeffacing, afraid, have goose bumps, reluctant, more snail like, un-hurried, un predictable, un-cheerful, un happier, most spooked, nonchalant, un assertive, dis tressed, un-assured, un-hastier, un-inclined, un-effusive, unaccommodating, de-laying, most terror-stricken, frore, most unready, shy, one-dog night, un accommodating, against the grain, loath, unhastiest, sleetier, algid, apathetic, most snaillike, most gelid, more rattled, most demurring, in docile, un inclined, most trembling, coldblooded, in-decisive, more moratory, more terror-stricken, in-tensest, un ready, time-wasting, un-hasty, more time wasting, up-set, unwishful, more unaccommodating, more spooked, un-eager, aloof, more hiemal, scared death, most dismayed, most dawdling, most hiemal, dis-heartened, un cheerful, behindhand, be grudging, un-happiest, most unassured, detached, un-sympathetic, un-predictable, dis obliging, un assured, most snail-like, sleetiest, most snail like, un hurried, scared stiff, most time wasting, unwilling, in-clement, hiemal, dis-obliging, stolid, cool, most tarrying, iced, most terror stricken, most hawkish, de laying, more cowed, unmindful, rimier, un hastiest, unobliging, more dawdling, in-docile, terror stricken, dis-tressed, most moratory, unenthusiastic, impassive, below freezing, most numbing, most uneager, time wasting, below zero, most laggard, in-hospitable, more time-wasting, more unimpassioned, un hasty, indifferent, more terrorstricken, disinterested, more disheartened, un-moved, in-disposed, un-obliging, most compelled, more snaillike, un-wishful, un-impassioned, in-different, unhastier, dis-mayed, more chilled, more blasting, un-responsive, regardless, most brumal, more numbed, re-tiring, scared to death, uncheerful, in tense, more unwishful, un social, un willing, most algid, snail like.