Pronunciation of Economy
/ɪkˈɒnəmi/, /ɪkˈɒnəmi/, /ɪ_k_ˈɒ_n_ə_m_i/

Antonyms for economy

over supply, to hell handbasket, co piousnesses, free living, lavishness, be-longings, waste, ex cess, surplusage superabundances, opulence, Unthrift, un-reasonableness, surplusage superabundance, in temperance, over muches, luxuriances, spending, over-supplies, over weights, wellbeing, over-load, over-weights, over indulgence, overweights, re fuse, overspending, fulsomeness, un-thrift, increase, over doings, highliving, pro-fusion, free-livings, icing cake, life in the fast lane, surplus, superfluity, too much of a good thing, highlivings, wealth, exorbitance, free-living, over-doing, freeliving, over weight, over-spending, pro fusions, dis solutions, pro-fusions, high-livings, overkill, self-indulgence, over-muches, over-runs, wildness, super abundances, un-restraint, over flow, dis-solution, thoughtlessness, substantialities, byproduct, over doing, overdoings, sub stance, neglect, too much a good thing, over kills, de-lights, ex-cesses, icing the cake, co-piousness, leisure, costlinesses, un reasonableness, Overdoses, recklessness, to hell in handbasket, high-living, over kill, over loads, the limits, prodigality, fulsomenesses, immoderacies, un thrifts, ampleness, over flows, over-loads, frill, wastefulness, dissipation, too much good thing, be longings, co piousness, self indulgence, over-flow, the limit, de-light, stocks bond, bounty, out-pouring, carelessness, over-indulgence, expansion, over-dose, dis-solutions, riches, Immoderacy, over-kill, selfindulgence, squandering, over-flows, over-flowing, over flowing, over indulgences, over doses, unthrifts, icing on the cake, great quantity, high living, freelivings, un restraint, affluence, ex cesses, supererogation, co-piousnesses, wildnesses, super-abundance, improvidence, hell handbasket, raise, excess, redundances, stocks bonds, immoderations, Recrement, well being, nimiety, indiscretion, over dose, icing on cake, over-doings, over supplies, immoderation, life fast lane, sub-stance, imprudence, over-supply, inordinatenesses, un restraints, disregard, profusion, negligence, over-weight, recrements, un-reasonablenesses, re-fuse, nimieties, selfgratifications, self gratification, in-temperances, self gratifications, over much, too muches, extravagance, un reasonablenesses, liberality, dis solution, de lights, in temperances, sub-stances, stocks and bonds, over runs, amplenesses, over-run, re fuses, addition, lap luxury, too much of good thing, luxury, free livings, profligacy, costliness, sub stances, un thrift, de light, luxuriousnesses, by product, hell in handbasket, ex-cess, great quantities, super-abundances, enlargement, substantiality, squanderings, overspendings, un-thrifts, high livings, overdose, out pouring, inordinateness, luxuriousness, over-doses, abundance.