Pronunciation of Enchant
/ɛnt͡ʃˈant/, /ɛnt‍ʃˈant/, /ɛ_n_tʃ_ˈa_n_t/

Antonyms for enchant

drive up the wall, were at, re buffs, keeps off, dis-gusting, being the back of, drive back, works on, making one sick, are back of, hits where one lives, turn ones stomach, Reluct, got goat, art at, gross out, ticks off, ex-asperate, dis interests, heaveho, ex-asperates, create, heave-ho, re-pulse, fires up, re-fused, re-fuse, getting ones goat, turns stomach, be-devilling, tire, give pain neck, over thrown, turn one's stomach, unplug, disenchants, burned up, ward off, give a pain, am back of, make one sick, losing ones interest, turned one stomach, dis-tresses, wert the back of, push back, turned stomach, keep off, dis pleased, fire up, being on back of, dis regarded, hitting where lives, be back of, be-devilled, bore, ex asperating, dis-interesting, dis tress, makes one sick, re-butting, kicks the teeth, was back of, gives pain in neck, over throwing, t-offing, is at, dis-pleasing, re buff, re-volts, ticked off, give pain in neck, wert back of, drove wall, be-deviled, dis-pleased, irk, dis gusted, hits the switch, wrought on, dis please, pushed back, t offed, heave ho, burns up, burning up, drives up the wall, burnt up, dis regarding, peeve, re buffing, ex-asperating, giving pain neck, be devilled, turned ones stomach, dis interested, dis-interest, get one's goat, drive wall, hit switch, annoy, re-pulses, making waves, burn up, dis gust, disenchant, toffing, pushes button, gotten goat, bless, weary, wast at, dis interest, be devils, de feats, making flesh crawl, is on back of, getting goat, be-devil, hits where lives, driving back, be the back of, turns one's stomach, relucts, gets ones goat, pushing button, makes waves, was the back of, lose one interest, gives pain, lose ones interest, pushed button, be leaguer, kicked in teeth, got one goat, kicked teeth, get ones goat, am at, be deviling, lost one's interest, throw back, gets goat, be-leaguers, drove back, drove up the wall, was at, asks for it, hitting switch, drives the wall, lose one's interest, kicking in the teeth, ex-asperated, re pulse, firing up, were the back of, repel, gives a pain in neck, disenchanting, un-plugging, over-throws, are the back of, turns ones stomach, give pain, turn one stomach, get one goat, drove up wall, be leaguering, be deviled, heave hoes, gets one goat, giving pain in neck, heat up, heave hoing, pushes back, wast on back of, giving a pain in neck, disturb, be leaguers, ex asperate, relucting, work on, gat one goat, bother, be at, t-offed, makes flesh crawl, re-buffed, dis-interested, t offs, gat one's goat, tick off, dis-please, drave wall, dis tressed, kicked the teeth, be devil, re-pulsing, re fuse, lost one interest, switches off, dis enchant, driving up wall, kept off, hitting where one lives, are at, gives pain neck, got ones goat, gave pain neck, wert at, driving up the wall, be on back of, re fuses, heavehoing, re fused, hits switch, un-plugs, grossing out, wert on the back of, dis pleasing, loses interest, was on the back of, dis-gusts, Bumming, driving the wall, revolt, heave-hoes, logging off, turning one stomach, over-throw, am on the back of, gat ones goat, making sick, give birth, made flesh crawl, kicking the teeth, dis-regarding, art back of, worked on, beat off, wast on the back of, kicks teeth, re volt, switched off, heating up, dis-regarded, getting one's goat, make waves, kick in teeth, t offing, toffs, dis-gust, made sick, beating off, Repulsing, re buffed, losing one interest, turned one's stomach, gave pain, un plugging, asked for it, are on the back of, made one sick, un-plug, drave up the wall, make sick, giving pain, get goat, lose interest, rub wrong way, being back of, getting one goat, relucted, giving a pain, Hacked, dis gusting, being at, over-throwing, ticking off, turning stomach, kick the teeth, turn off, gets one's goat, drives up wall, de feat, gave pain in neck, be-leaguered, gotten one's goat, toff, am on back of, ex asperates, be leaguered, Hacking, working on, drave up wall, dis-enchant, throwing back, logs off, gave a pain neck, hit where one lives, dis enchanting, lost ones interest, makes sick, re butting, heated up, dis-regards, over throws, dis tresses, dis-gusted, gotten one goat, t-offs, grossed out, dis enchants, nixing, logged off, t off, asking for it, re butted, hit the switch, dis regards, dis-enchants, being on the back of, re-buffing, gat goat, loses one's interest, over-thrown, dis-regard, re pulsed, kick teeth, de-feat, re-butted, losing interest, unplugs, offend, ask for it, nixed, be devilling, heave-hoed, is the back of, make flesh crawl, unplugging, be-leaguer, drive up wall, switch off, art the back of, kicks in the teeth, heavehoes, fight off, dis-tressed, giving a pain neck, kicking teeth, gives a pain, re-pulsed, are on back of, re volts, drave the wall, bear, give a pain neck, wert on back of, gotten ones goat, dis-interests, dis-pleases, re pulsing, losing one's interest, heave hoed, lost interest, re fusing, heavehoed, set back, be-devils, toffed, disgust, be-deviling, kick in the teeth, un plugs, gave a pain, be on the back of, Disinteresting, loses ones interest, gives a pain neck, kicks in teeth, threw back, dis-tress, got one's goat, kicked in the teeth, was on back of, dis interesting, drive the wall, dis-enchanting, repulse, over throw, displease, un-plugged, am the back of, upset, Bummed, turns one stomach, re pulses, dis pleases, drives wall, driving wall, pushing back, dis gusts, loses one interest, were back of, turning ones stomach, heats up, switching off, reject, drives back, beats off, drove the wall, dis regard, turning one's stomach, de-feats, dis enchanted, re-buffs, hitting the switch, depress, kicking in teeth, re-volt, turn stomach, drave back, dis-enchanted, heave-hoing, receive, be-leaguering.