Pronunciation of Energy
/ˈɛnəd͡ʒi/, /ˈɛnəd‍ʒi/, /ˈɛ_n_ə_dʒ_i/

Antonyms for energy

unemployment, ex-cesses, inter-lude, re spite, shut-eyne, cowardice, disability, inter spaces, jadednesses, lull, torpidity, de-file, dis agreements, slumberlands, downtime, lackadaisicalnesses, donothingness, do-nothingnesses, time on one hand, goofoff times, Sandman, dis-taste, blahs, spiritlessnesses, dis-satisfaction, dis-continuity, sluggishness, dreaminess, fecklessness, shut-eyen, re laxation, un mindfulnesses, un-mindfulness, dis-gust, dead airs, dis continuities, re serve, in-operativenesses, maladroitness, burnouts, awkwardness, lack, brain fag, dispiritedness, languor, cutoff, dilatoriness, otiosities, time one hands, overtiredness, in-curiosities, drowse, dis-satisfactions, loiterings, in-activities, indifference, otioseness, impotence, Do-nothingness, sloth, rest, time hands, faintness, breathing spells, irksomeness, un-mindfulnesses, dis-regards, loafings, lassitude, apathy, time on one's hands, acedias, pococurantisms, in-consistency, Faineancy, supineness, imperturbations, dis regard, dilly dallyings, in actions, shiftlessness, dis passions, dis-interests, indolence, incapableness, exhaustion, de file, ineffectiveness, burnout, de liquescences, in action, re-lief, unmindfulness, tranquillity, somnolence, Torpescence, goofoff time, re lief, dulness, apnea, somnolences, torpescences, drowses, languishments, re cesses, arms morpheus, bottom barrel, dilly-dallyings, brain fags, arms of morpheus, inanitions, Pococurantism, de liquescence, un concern, inefficiency, peace mind, motionlessnesses, tenderness, in operativenesses, faintnesses, dis-tastes, dis-agreement, placidness, world-wearinesses, dis gusts, idleness, residums, leisureliness, unmindfulnesses, time burn, lethargy, powerlessness, inefficaciousness, de files, joblessness, pausation, stupidity, world-weariness, own sweet time, dis satisfaction, residuals, potterings, do nothingnesses, imbecility, re-main, dis continuity, peacefulness, break, worldweariness, odds ends, uselessness, inter lude, neglectfulness, lazings, quietude, in operativeness, laziness, lifelessness, in-differences, inactivity, dis-interest, in-actions, paralysis, time on one's hand, dis passion, neglectfulnesses, cloves, land nod, re-creations, sleepiness, quiet, passivities, dis-parities, sack times, re-laxation, re mains, languorousnesses, sleep, re laxations, Otiosity, world wearinesses, few zs, otiosenesses, de-vitalization, deliquescences, torpidness, un concerns, dis-agreements, unemployments, sack time, un-concerns, impotency, tiredness, in-consistencies, spiritlessness, dilatorinesses, de-liquescence, in curiosity, boredom, free time, re-serves, slothfulness, dis parity, goof-off times, question, re creation, ennui, re-spites, in activities, free times, de-liquescences, helplessness, de vitalization, supinenesses, re creations, Hibernations, time on hand, in-difference, goof off times, softness, Drowsinesses, slumberland, slumber, residum, world weariness, fatigations, time on hands, inaptitude, leisurelinesses, shut eyen, dis agreement, inter-space, breathing spell, dullness, weariness, incompetence, passivity, re-cess, spare time, re-serve, incompetency, pausations, re spites, languorousness, overtirednesses, dis-regard, bottom of barrel, dis-passions, inertness, re-laxations, ineffectuality, time kill, torpidnesses, inter space, dis tastes, dis regards, placidity, Fatigation, Apneas, de vitalizations, Deliquescence, time one's hands, vegetatings, acedia, in difference, dis-passion, time ones hands, gap, ex cess, dreaminesses, fecklessnesses, irksomenesses, pediment, disablement, others, few ze, time on ones hand, insouciance, dis gust, re pose, debilitation, un mindfulness, triflings, ho hum, overpluses, dis interest, ex-cess, spare times, mono tony, time-wastings, inter ludes, flatness, in-operativeness, tiresomenesses, drowsiness, in-activity, shuteye, re-pose, inanition, time hand, motionlessness, faineancies, shuteyen, dead air, puniness, worldwearinesses, timewasting, faineance, dillydallyings, lack of interest, un-concern, dis-gusts, de-vitalizations, dis-parity, time one hand, few z', shut eye, incapability, de-files, faineances, in activity, in-action, insouciances, in consistencies, ho hums, inter-ludes, Imperturbation, few z, goof off time, goof-off time, dawdlings, time wasting, time out, fatigue, inter missions, un employments, donothingnesses, overplus, inefficacy, re-creation, taedium vitaes, dis interests, inter-spaces, time wastings, time to kill, Pottering, mono-tony, dronings, ineffectualness, un-employments, inaction, in consistency, lack interest, inability, shut eyes, re main, dis-continuities, re-mains, in-curiosity, dis satisfactions, shut-eye, time on ones hands, few z's, own sweet times, dis taste, joblessnesses, dis parities, hibernation, slightness, peace, incapacity, weakness, in differences, jadedness, taedium vitae, time-wasting.