Pronunciation of Excitement
/ɛksˈa͡ɪtmənt/, /ɛksˈa‍ɪtmənt/, /ɛ_k_s_ˈaɪ_t_m_ə_n_t/

Antonyms for excitement

unconcern, in-excitabilities, Miserableness, languidness, counter balance, world weariness, ho hums, in distinguishabilities, stalenesses, re-semblance, counter poises, casualness, peace, dismals, spiritlessness, levelnesses, blahs, levelheadedness, in-difference, lukewarmness, counter-poises, selfcontrol, self assurance, un variedness, boredom, dis-may, wariness, ataraxia, dis gust, insipidness, Ataraxy, same old thing, routine, dis interests, dis gusts, coolness, un-concerns, black moods, in-variabilities, re-petitions, un variednesses, stoppage, sterileness, taedium vitaes, composure, counter poise, cool head, dolefuls, self control, colorlessness, in activity, deadnesses, jejuneness, languor, vapidness, equabilities, coolheadedness, un concerns, inactivity, un-variedness, discouragement, policy, in differences, in-differences, languishments, counter-balance, repetitiveness, colorlessnesses, order, in curiosity, irksomenesses, in difference, un-happinesses, lull, humdrums, in excitability, lack of interest, un interestingness, worldwearinesses, re semblance, jadednesses, equanimity, dis-passions, down trips, monotony, re semblances, un concern, uni son, pococurantisms, ataraxias, steadyings, schticks, idleness, un interestingnesses, wearisomenesses, coolheadednesses, dis may, in sipidity, ennui, world wearinesses, dis-passion, re pose, staleness, dis passions, in excitabilities, wistfulness, Inexcitability, timidity, weariness, ataraxies, counter-poise, wonts, dis taste, un-happiness, unchangeablenesses, self-samenesses, invariabilities, hate, black mood, nonchalance, quiet, meagerness, taedium vitae, hindrance, insipidity, in-curiosities, frigidity, dis-satisfactions, identicalness, sang froid, no difference, dis satisfactions, unvariednesses, in-curiosity, rest, halfheartedness, pall, cessation, peace mind, repetitiousness, dis-taste, irksomeness, in-distinguishabilities, low spirits, un-changeableness, levelheadednesses, equilibrium, vapidity, world-weariness, commonplaceness, calmness, schtick, repetitivenesses, re-petition, down trip, in-nocuousness, worldweariness, world-wearinesses, in-excitability, in distinguishability, uninterestingnesses, wearisomeness, aloofness, tedium, stodginess, dis mays, uni-sons, Pococurantism, un happinesses, inexcitabilities, tediousness, impassivity, indistinguishabilities, caution, in variability, in-variability, in variabilities, selfsameness, even temper, apathy, lack interest, indistinguishability, un changeableness, low spirit, mono tony, depression, self-sameness, inaction, calm, no differences, selfassurance, prudence, calculation, inertia, unvariedness, dis-interests, same old things, dis tastes, steadying, monotomies, in-sipidity, dis-gusts, in-activities, un-concern, re petitions, tiresomenesses, self possession, uni-son, even tempers, happiness, insouciance, in activities, stillness, Adequation, wistfulnesses, dis passion, pensivenesses, detachment, cool heads, Equability, beaten path, counter-balances, dis satisfaction, mono-tone, jadedness, dis-mays, DAMPS, pensiveness, doldrums, coldness, dis-interest, un-interestingnesses, monotone, in nocuousnesses, gloominesses, adequations, miserablenesses, unchangeableness, in-sipidities, monotomy, dis-tastes, uninterestingness, dis-gust, re petition, invariability, counter balances, ho hum, mono-tony, re-pose, spiritlessnesses, selfpossession, dis-satisfaction, melancholy, serenity, in-activity, uni sons, mono tones, un-variednesses, beaten paths, in-distinguishability, predictability, un-changeablenesses, self samenesses, Levelness, deadness, commonplacenesses, un changeablenesses, repetitiousnesses, dis interest, tiresomeness, un-interestingness, dullness, dulness.