Pronunciation of Expand
/ɛkspˈand/, /ɛkspˈand/, /ɛ_k_s_p_ˈa_n_d/

Antonyms for expand

Garroted, in disposes, fail, leant on, re lax, de-vitalize, went to the dogs, slash, dis connect, Conglomerating, dis crediting, be precipitated, out line, awaying, washing away, dis qualify, re pressing, kicks in the teeth, bants, de merited, give way, up setting, retro-cedes, rolls back, de-presses, ex press, dis color, let wind out sails, cleaning out, with draw, draw off, hung loose, took from, Focalizing, over-coming, Rucking, de escalated, dis-counts, be-calm, whittle down, closed off, Intermitting, de duct, takes one's death, de-predating, de-grades, de-liberate, blue-penciling, backwater, Evanish, dis-rated, up-raises, Disrate, sinking teeth in to, de truncates, thinks about, shaking hands it, soaks up, Voided, died vine, de-mote, thought over, be mean, sucked dry, losing steam, taking a load off, dis encumber, reach depths, de-means, truncate, getting to meat, enchains, re hashes, de-truncate, dis burdening, put ice, disenfranchises, bluepencilling, phasing down, giving one's word, epitomize, puts in irons, pumping out, dis-rating, taking the bite out, de creased, under-value, whittles down, Gibbeted, drew close, nutshelling, hitting skids, constringe, dis-praising, is precipitated, de ranged, ex tort, de hydrated, tele-scoping, Torrefying, keep within bounds, hit the brakes, sinks teeth into, stops short, re-strained, rigidified, de classes, de base, tuck, dis-appears, dis-engaged, flowed back, dis gracing, bleeped, re trenches, de-duces, Wedging, encapsulate, freeze-dries, choking off, press together, Downs, Dilapidating, un hinges, over-thrown, blue pencilling, marked down, re bated, re strained, jam pack, draws in, all owed, Chocked, fade, sub-tracts, un-covers, pro roguing, evened up, cut down to size, qualify, brought screeching halt, de-crying, fell short, soak up, making allowances, filtering off, de-corticate, dis integrating, heaping up, Noosed, lets wind out of sails, get to the meat, it's deals, hinder, scale back, get hooks in to, putrescing, be-littles, re-lax, became stale, ex pressed, cool down, forced in to space, de-parted, dis qualifies, densifies, dis rating, blue pencils, draw away, fag out, grew smaller, retro grading, be calms, cuts rate, outed, Seaming, dies down, balming, taking header, takes off weight, taking chunk out of, Agglomerating, de-part, under playing, cuts to bone, go dogs, de merit, am behind, was afflicted with, putting lid on, falls short, drag ones feet, un burdened, wear, giving word, re tire, de ranges, wrinkle, gotten worse, back-watering, were afflicted with, dis-colors, up-raised, CRISPS, letted it all hang out, dwindle, becoming worn, puts the lid on, de-vitalizing, going to pot, re leases, over-power, Squashing, drags one's feet, shake down, de natures, dis-rates, makes lighter, dying vine, taking the edge off, becomes limp, re-capitulate, retardated, accepts offer, seamed, subside, taking one death, anhydrating, letted all hang out, succumb to, hung easy, poor mouths, falling away, dumped on, de-humidify, kick the teeth, abate, eased off, de-classes, dis engaging, decay, de tains, sur-render, Benching, dis-figured, be means, be-mean, go on diet, re-cedes, dropt down, de-liberated, take bite out, kick in teeth, de-humidified, inching along, re-moving, Corrugating, disrated, forgathered, going with flow, sent up, de range, took the edge off, de crease, use up, it's a dealing, dis-appearing, taking it easy, Bankrupted, chymifying, bringing ruin, de duces, dis solve, ex-tort, re cedes, vilipending, suffering defeat, tailing off, hits the skids, drags one feet, de ranging, Declassing, sardines, shake hands it, de-generated, unlaxed, up-lights, cools it, over powered, dis-credit, gives main points, un load, retro-ceding, de-limits, slowed down, re hashed, runs low, Mummied, unwrinkles, dis-encumbers, punctured balloon, Vilipend, dis-franchise, anchored it, becoming threadbare, making snug, depreciate, Rucked, trimmed away, running off, takes it easy, draws off, de crying, disenfranchised, goes pot, blue pencilled, in-capacitating, got to the meat, dies away, diffused, beat down, re trenched, shrivel, bow to, wrought out details, comes around, drags feet, let all hang out, sucking dry, demerited, re peals, cuts bone, retardates, Disbarring, takes bite out, bad mouth, dis credits, over-worked, took a load off, dis-praises, de-crease, knocked high horse, nutshells, lay back, dis-figures, under took, thought about, pro mises, forced into space, hitting the brakes, wasting away, in-spects, gat last drop, de graded, dis-praise, under taken, hangs easy, thickening, summates, be behind, cooled out, Catheterizing, shake hands on it, de-feat, dis-grace, de values, un-fit, dis-improves, initialled, Subjecting, put in a nutshell, its deal, makes useless, de-natured, dis connecting, de scends, went diet, pump out, dis figured, toweled, deduct, denature, made brief, bringing low, un couples, dry-rots, slowed up, de-cay, forcing in to space, cutting down to size, leaned on, cut to bone, dis grade, cut rate, abstract, de-generate, letting it all hang out, Prorogued, going pot, made allowances, holding tight, becomes infected with, dis-burdens, re hashing, dis-crediting, over turns, dis praised, am beaten, nabbed at, wore thin, de-cline, overuses, de-fining, retro cede, brought forth, be-means, TAMPS, it's dealt, de-valuated, back watered, jampack, doubled up, under estimate, mows down, over using, dilute, tenses, dis rate, dry-rotting, drain, dis-credited, become contaminated, thrust in, doctoring up, de-taches, drank up, firms deal, art beaten, wast afflicted with, put nutshell, out-line, nose-dove, lost steam, Exscinded, skives, wilt, went a diet, up raise, skive, close off, anhydrates, de spoiling, be impaired, Caving, anchoring it, make light of, de-faced, brings to screeching halt, straiten, Beggared, dis graced, de generates, cleaning up, gives ones word, leaving dry, dragging one's feet, grow less, curdled, close, over worked, re turning, art ill with, being ill with, re fusing, de cries, topping off, de-contaminating, inks, unfits, strangulating, dragging feet, eased up, de-composing, chymifies, brought pressure bear, de-compose, Strangulated, dis enfranchise, de rived, re-pressing, de facing, dis-qualifying, dis-integrated, dehumidified, concentrate, de-composed, laying waste, up sets, in capacitates, drunk up, firming deal, over see, demarks, dis colors, de-generating, lost luster, de-classed, Cockled, am ill with, laid low, ex-pressing, came around, co oked, de fine, de-value, siphoning, dehumidifying, takes from, takes weight, devalorizes, bringing screeching halt, goes seed, de-class, become limp, coding, back-waters, brought pressure to bear, becoming infected with, muddied, makes brief, easing up, re-treats, took the bite out, wast worthless, takes out, be meaning, ramming in, dis-improve, de presses, firm deal, un covering, re-tiring, muddies, over-whelming, fall victim to, de filing, summarize, gets worse, re-cede, make mess of, wash up, draw close, dis-esteeming, crumpling up, re-lapsing, wast impaired, gibbets, vilipended, re-lease, going with the flow, disfranchised, became threadbare, hitting the dirt, de-scending, de files, in-spect, signed for, dis enfranchises, nose diving, quiet down, fell victim to, scissor out, in-closing, pressing together, making less, Torrefy, drags ones feet, mudslings, slacked off, Tabulated, impair, becoming contaminated, mowed down, dis appears, letted go, takes header, am defeated, pre-scribes, gulps down, get to meat, it a dealing, nosedived, gat to the meat, up raised, capsulizes, dis improving, Back-water, dis-enfranchising, un nerving, it a deal, make a mess of, over throwing, art worthless, marking off, under rated, dis-appear, disenfranchise, puts in nutshell, dis concerted, lay waste, makes less, draws close, re caps, de-votes, dehumidifies, minimize, dis improve, hit skids, zeroed in, going to the dogs, over-sees, dis-qualified, rolls down, giving way, kept within limits, disco-loring, drew off, put writing, de hydrating, in validate, Syncopating, leaves dry, clean out, squeezed in, take sting out, pinning down, stopping from spreading, misprized, de-truncates, evened out, denatures, de-escalate, retro-graded, become indebted, were behind, disperse, re ceding, de creasing, go with the flow, took ones death, bleeding dry, bringing forth, loses edge, re-ceding, dis-qualifies, taking death, reduced speed, becomes stale, capsulized, am impaired, became limp, shakes hands on it, levelling off, break down, in-corporates, de taches, kick in the teeth, dis franchising, flow out, re lease, de posing, took the edge, de motes, knocking high horse, be-calming, dis-barring, Inched, be calmed, slicing off, dry rot, pro mise, denaturing, poormouth, puts irons, Subjected, un wrinkled, de-spoiled, in-curring, loses spirit, Benched, de feat, bluepencilled, bluepenciled, all-owing, supervises communications, sign papers, pinned down, retro grade, choke, re-trench, de escalate, was defeated, syncopated, de-pressed, give out, dilapidates, de natured, suck dry, Planed, in-denture, unburdening, refusing transmission, un-couple, were worthless, drag one's feet, nutshelled, Retrograded, de liberated, dis integrates, cooled down, re cap, am precipitated, take the bite out, Beggaring, Indisposing, Initialing, evens up, dis-grading, dis-improving, sucks dry, over-used, dis-honored, de-grading, works out details, extenuate, diffusing, write down, limit, tails off, trim, under-plays, balmed, losing spirit, put in nutshell, de-cays, reins in, narrows down, detracted from, aways, agglomerated, petering out, hanging loose, gotten meat, going bad, Catheterized, de-based, pack, Welled, losing edge, de nature, de vote, drawing close, enchained, de valuate, leaved dry, disfranchises, lower, de-duct, de stroy, Stoppering, choked off, poor mouthed, became smaller, Bankrupting, putting in writing, whittling down, un-load, de limiting, spoilated, dragged ones feet, putresces, chokes off, de lay, drop off, de tain, de rive, brought to screeching halt, dis encumbers, Massing, gave main points, over-powered, takes down peg, wizen, re-moves, Staling, rams in, under-rate, dryrotting, un fitting, de truncating, it's a deals, broke down, dis connects, shakes down, dis praising, fall, detracting from, stales, under-takes, be little, become threadbare, nose-dives, dis-enfranchise, pacting, go to dogs, dries up, spreads out, take the edge off, de tracts, re-treated, Retrograding, Cockling, under-taking, takes the bite out, takes ones death, de classed, corked, out lined, de-hydrating, dis qualified, out lines, dis ordering, puts ice, re-hash, sub-merged, giving ones word, hang easy, was precipitated, top pled, brings pressure to bear, dis concert, dis-integrating, re capped, melted away, wind down, de feats, crumples up, drain away, de-marked, re spite, evanishes, minifies, pre limit, dis-franchises, leans on, got to meat, sub jugate, Hacking, bows to, de humidify, became worn, casting down, running low, gotten hooks into, letted wind out of sails, lost spirit, cut, de liberate, offed, dis encumbered, drag one feet, stop, osmosing, retro ceding, bluepencil, stoppered, drawing in, disgrace, de contaminated, de cried, hitting brakes, re turn, tipping over, knock off high horse, de composing, disenfranchising, de scending, de-posing, delimitates, re viewing, take a header, bleed dry, re pealed, fall short, pre limiting, dis figuring, dis-esteemed, tail off, Indenturing, densens, making light of, dis-engage, rolled down, phased down, de moting, densen, falter, keep waiting, Mummies, de-basing, re tired, prelimiting, chock, scrape off, being behind, tighten, dis-engaging, sign for, re-caps, take chunk out of, took weight, shut in, in capacitating, scraping off, over whelmed, shot down, make little of, dis appeared, in capacitated, dis franchises, de-rived, under value, force into space, it dealing, thin, narrow down, dis-concerted, tuckers out, up-raising, de-creasing, quieting down, sub siding, stopt short, dis-connecting, over thrown, de-cries, dis burdens, losing strength, tuning down, using up, in-disposed, keeps within limits, Decocting, dieing down, de-filing, dis-credits, re capitulating, dis engage, uplight, dis improves, takes a load off, telescoped, laying back, sub-merges, catheterizes, winded down, bleeds dry, densening, de voted, dis-enfranchised, pre-limited, over coming, accept offer, de-escalating, goes with the flow, corrugate, de valuing, de-liberating, hanged loose, gets last drop, depress, pre-limit, poor-mouthed, dis praise, dis-barred, de-faces, dis figures, clip, up set, blistered, de-limited, dis-connects, dis-connected, dis-counting, poured out, over-throwing, wert ill with, losing value, reduce, de composed, thins out, de generate, under-rated, de-vitalizes, scale down, pro rogues, taking weight, dis-graced, slacking off, peter out, de-limit, lose speed, dis-engages, back watering, gripe, cutting down size, firms a deal, take header, de-pressing, letting hang out, melts away, over turn, rucked up, dis qualifying, dis counted, condense, in duce, dis grades, codify, un-burden, de-classing, went to dogs, lessen, dis counting, re lapses, becoming limp, dis burden, drive in, un-hinges, hold tight, de-natures, making useless, lets go, making long story short, sub-tract, disimproves, un coupled, make terms, with holds, spoilating, keeping under thumb, dis improved, disrates, quieted down, sub-merge, become smaller, grows smaller, re-peals, with-hold, de-stroy, co oking, peter, signed up, de stroys, de limit, makes a mess of, dis-improved, re tract, up-raise, dissipate, die away, growing smaller, bring pressure to bear, dropping the iron curtain, unwrinkled, made a mess of, declasses, dis figure, Dulling, de-cried, doctored up, poormouthing, cooling out, re-ceded, retrench, de-stroyed, sunk teeth in to, re fused, dying on vine, ex pends, astringes, in-sert, levelled off, decreases by, reaching depths, dis-gracing, decreased by, kicking teeth, in closes, gat worse, de-ducting, de-scend, enchaining, dis-solve, soaking up, goes to dogs, dig in to, dis-encumber, dis solves, re-leases, ex tract, hits dirt, make less, dis-solving, de-stroying, under-played, nose dive, pins down, re-tire, re views, firmed deal, leaning on, de-predated, over-throws, dis-qualify, died off, letting it hang out, prevented publication, drawing to close, letted hang out, sur-rendered, underplaying, restrict, dis-grade, over seen, hangs loose, enchain, atrophying, re-leased, dis solving, drove in, de corticate, re-tract, pro-mises, change, dis-burdening, took bite out, evanished, in spect, de-valorized, de-bunks, over-saw, tapers off, de-creases, go to pot, dis-perse, re peal, grow dull, slimming, takes edge off, retro-grading, dug in to, rebated, draws to a close, over whelms, flatten, make brief, re-bating, scraped off, becomes indebted, take the sting out, slow, caved in, fossilized, de-humidifying, cutting bone, Bemean, takes one death, dis-concerts, goes downhill, de creases, enter in to, re spited, de grading, taking easy, kept waiting, ex-tract, wastes away, dragged one feet, over-works, inch along, firming a deal, digged into, re-duce, putting writing, dis-graces, wert defeated, drives in, dis-ordering, work out details, poor-mouthing, post-pones, topped off, dies on vine, fags out, de humidified, pre scribing, de ducting, evens out, subtract, with-drawing, lost strength, was worthless, catheterize, dieing on vine, went seed, un-hinging, de-merited, un-fits, drawing away, went down with, dis-connect, squeeze in, gets hooks in to, choke off, got the meat, dis-solves, it a deals, de limits, give one's word, re-turned, de-graded, dry-rot, re-fuse, de-base, Tamping, accepting offer, shrink, going a diet, supervised communications, makes light of, dropt iron curtain, halt, preventing publication, contract, disgrading, dis orders, de-duce, hammer out deal, with draws, went the dogs, rammed in, end, garrotes, dis-honors, in-closes, under rates, knock down, re bate, dis ordered, over-wrought, gets to the meat, dis coloring, un-fitting, in corporate, hit rock bottom, de-liberates, brings screeching halt, Summed, kicked the teeth, cools down, die down, rucks up, Unwrinkle, focalize, re lapse, with-holds, de scend, spoilate, keep within limits, inclose, de-facing, de-meriting, hits brakes, deescalating, disgrades, be beaten, decline, dis-figuring, pale, caving in, growing dull, mellow out, poohpooh, de-file, dis-counted, diffuses, drops down, crumpled up, coming around, lose color, drew away, take down a peg, wrought havoc on, astringe, pre limits, re bates, stunting, digging into, loses steam, re treating, de filed, Pollarding, frees from, thinned out, inches along, be worthless, slow up, Minified, goes the dogs, holds down, over-turn, took edge, in closing, put the lid on, goes on diet, blue-pencils, puts a nutshell, de-valuating, shrinking, Conglomerated, be ill with, ex-tracts, taking ones death, over comes, went to seed, ink, be-little, de mean, going the dogs, its a deals, under-estimating, becomes threadbare, flowed out, de part, under-values, get hooks into, ex pend, breaks down, Idled, lost weight, stop short, pours out, re-trenched, un hinging, rolling down, withhold, co-oking, takes load off, drained away, took load off, puts on ice, re-strict, un fitted, taking down a peg, foreshorten, get worse, drew in, densify, in validating, moderate, sub-due, gives one word, de-valuate, de faced, kilned, over works, drawing a close, pared down, be-calms, lullabying, drew a close, de fined, dis rated, becoming indebted, closing off, Sapping, uplights, dig into, Hacked, die on vine, takes a header, keeping within limits, Freeze Drying, gives word, over-seen, went to pot, dis engaged, bring pressure bear, de-escalated, gotten to the meat, dis-esteems, de-scends, Barbering, dis connected, demeriting, fagged out, be afflicted with, dis credit, give word, suffers defeat, de-contaminate, pooh pooh, knocks down, de corticated, gives comeuppance, cool out, lets all hang out, am afflicted with, towel, run off, phases down, de basing, even up, curdling, shoots down, shooting down, de-hydrate, bring forth, takes the sting out, de-bunking, go down, re-views, re-trenches, fall away, filter off, drawing off, over saw, gat meat, let down easy, went pot, cast down, let hang out, dis esteeming, dropping down, tele-scoped, dulls, knocking down, left dry, strangulates, over used, go diet, pumped out, cooling it, dieing off, went with the flow, indisposes, taking sting out, double up, going seed, de meaning, Osmose, diminish, takes a chunk out of, chymified, un nerved, lose spirit, hanged up, get the meat, queering, Amnestied, banting, mitigated, in duces, scales down, doctor up, de escalating, ex-pend, put screws to, de composes, lose steam, weaken, detruncates, gets the meat, de-nature, go seed, free from, deplete, hits the brakes, is ill with, wreak havoc on, backwatered, bleeps, makes long story short, scissored out, extract, goes a diet, narrowing down, become stale, give, de contaminating, it deals, un couple, dragged feet, ease up, lets it hang out, bemeans, up-set, mis-prize, goes diet, slows up, kicking the teeth, slacks up, made light of, softpedal, flows out, Inching, unfitting, de-parts, under estimated, Disimprove, doubling up, going diet, dis-honoring, in-duces, brings to ruin, re-straining, becomes contaminated, dis graded, osmosed, held tight, drag feet, nab at, made lighter, in closed, draw in, put a nutshell, ruck up, being impaired, pro-mise, sur-renders, bringing to ruin, wasted away, gave way, CODED, decrease by, gat to meat, de valued, force down, expend, reining in, de-ducted, desiccate, de-hydrated, wash away, densened, rein in, de-tracts, ex pending, re pressed, un-hinge, de liberates, keeping waiting, bare heavily, brought to ruin, falls away, pro rogue, patch things up, digs into, forgather, takes easy, shook down, Minifying, going on diet, Bogging, draws to close, slacks off, ex torts, mellowing out, slackens, de-rive, gat the meat, caves in, taper off, cooling down, puts in a nutshell, went on a diet, downsize, de-bunk, fold up, pre-limits, un wrinkling, Fossilizing, dis credited, de cay, dis-bars, Mildewing, eases up, brake down, kept within bounds, taking a header, de-hydrates, Focalized, draw to a close, boil down, de meriting, were ill with, went white, letting all hang out, brings ruin, being afflicted with, devalorize, brings pressure bear, Chymify, got worse, stops from spreading, getting worse, fade away, jellied, lean on, devalorized, garrote, re-hashes, dis-solved, nose dives, hem in, phony up, de spoil, lets wind out sails, winds down, retardate, let wind out of sails, up lighted, tooled, taking off weight, sub merging, was impaired, de-fine, cuts to the bone, uplighting, pre-scribed, art defeated, banted, constrict, holds tight, grows less, under-estimates, being beaten, drops iron curtain, make long story short, de-valued, de contaminate, goes bad, freeze dried, freeze dry, letting down flaps, force in to space, gulping down, take one's death, simplify, sub sided, syncopates, sub-siding, were beaten, are worthless, in corporates, over-throw, sub dues, re tiring, beating down, Declass, flowing back, ex pressing, de-pose, tuned down, cleaned up, make useless, ruckling, making a mess of, reined in, ruckle, re-lapsed, signing up, tamp, letting go, de grades, knocked down, de pose, draws away, dis-coloring, over-comes, evening out, in dentures, dis-praised, gets hooks into, swore to, re moved, subtracts from, prelimited, Dispraised, mollify, getting no place fast, die out, misprizes, anchors it, lose strength, pleating, cut to the bone, mark off, squander, went downhill, tipped over, de-clines, laid waste, crop, grows dull, capsulizing, subtracted from, patches things up, re capitulates, de vitalizes, ex-torts, lose edge, dis-orders, in-corporate, cool it, pejorate, brought low, de-marks, hang loose, filtered off, tops off, laying low, rigidifies, re lapsed, hanging easy, decoct, zeroing in, ex-pending, up-sets, re vile, in validated, over come, out-lined, ex-pended, de valuating, made snug, pre-scribe, kicking in the teeth, hit the skids, Proroguing, slowing down, putting screws to, put in irons, sur rendering, Decocted, dis-ordered, detracts from, dieing vine, shuts in, in validates, draws a close, kicking in teeth, Exscind, sink, de cry, letting down easy, un loaded, dis perse, putting irons, toweling, sliced off, bring to ruin, kicked in teeth, breaking down, putting in irons, re-move, de predate, de vitalized, drew to a close, dies vine, prorogues, re bating, dumps on, kicks in teeth, telescopes, brings low, refuses transmission, ironing, wizening, supervising communications, de-spoiling, prune up, go on a diet, trim away, de file, go a diet, succumbs to, forgathering, ease off, delimitated, over-whelms, ran low, re duce, un-covering, densifying, dis-enfranchises, wert beaten, over powering, give comeuppance, leave dry, de-filed, gulped down, mark down, losing luster, out-lining, dis rates, de bunk, miniaturize, in-validate, initialling, hit the dirt, in disposed, over-whelmed, re straining, enfeeble, under-mining, dieing away, over turning, decreasing by, de scended, putting in a nutshell, up lighting, over-using, drinking up, take edge, Cataloguing, Thronging, nose-diving, dry, re-capitulates, give main points, belittle, drawing together, making mess of, de-voting, de-scended, holding down, pruned up, cutting the bone, dropping iron curtain, took the sting out, de-stroys, de-face, de marks, makes little of, gat no place fast, Putresce, drops the iron curtain, putting nutshell, de mote, presses together, cooled it, in-close, narrow, summate, bringing pressure to bear, poormouths, in-duce, let out, lag, re-capped, vilipends, art impaired, de-merit, lost value, inventorying, being precipitated, in-validates, un fits, dis-encumbered, dis barring, in dispose, Weltering, wear thin, torrefies, dis integrated, re tracts, taking from, over throw, de contaminates, de classing, Detruncating, dryrot, pressed together, blue-pencil, pressurized, dies out, de-truncated, go the dogs, dis honoring, wane, de-tract, art afflicted with, siphoned, tangle, dis-figure, dis engages, Bogged, detract from, forcing into space, queers, dropped iron curtain, took header, was ill with, hang up, un-nerve, over whelming, disimproving, made long story short, re-turns, de grade, bleep, de-voted, OUTS, taking the sting out, reduces speed, taking load off, un hinge, putting in, goes with flow, pin down, gotten hooks in to, de-mean, making lighter, anhydrate, its a dealing, de stroyed, re hash, writ down, shook hands on it, tuckering out, casts down, blue-pencilled, signing papers, re-viewed, Inclosing, with drew, pacted, put in, bleeping, de-corticated, winding down, put irons, cut down, go with flow, de-vote, decocts, skived, Amnestying, put lid on, miniaturizing, poor mouth, dis esteems, thinking about, draw line, detruncate, goes away, backwaters, go along with, with-drew, punctures balloon, with drawing, scrunch, abbreviate, make allowances, fading away, shook hands it, retro graded, letting wind out of sails, sub side, re lapsing, goes white, Detruncated, cleaned out, gave one's word, under-taken, drink up, keeps within bounds, lays low, scissoring out, take ones death, letted down easy, slows down, cutting rate, becoming smaller, in-validated, lost color, grow smaller, attenuate, un-coupling, puts writing, humble, put on ice, in-disposing, in close, took a header, ebb, un nerves, lose weight, under play, deflate, lose, de humidifying, lullabied, became infected with, re cede, keep lid on, under rate, takes the edge off, wound down, takes the edge, de-motes, dry-rotted, dis-grades, were precipitated, recede, retard, up light, goes to seed, de cline, de-truncating, fold, are afflicted with, make lighter, gets no place fast, re treats, re press, take load off, under valued, take one death, am worthless, ex pended, becoming stale, its a dealt, in sert, digging in to, take a load off, re trench, become worn, becomes worn, Planing, take a chunk out of, mis-prizing, nip, become infected with, letted down flaps, takes death, took down peg, de press, press, de fines, re-bated, sign up, dis-graded, nose dove, sending up, dropped down, de parts, mis prizing, dis franchised, ruckled, die vine, squeezing in, de spoils, go down with, it's deal, died down, lays waste, hits the dirt, re fuses, blue penciling, up-setting, re fuse, is worthless, re capitulate, go downhill, hitting the skids, wert behind, be defeated, re-lapses, dying out, de based, be-meaning, deescalated, disbar, de-composes, give one word, boils down, de-valorize, kept under thumb, Mildewed, gat hooks into, send up, levels off, over-powering, re-hashing, got hooks into, wert impaired, scaling down, fossilizes, sub-dues, brought ruin, de-contaminated, in-capacitate, pro-roguing, swears to, Inked, wreaks havoc on, bearing heavily, capsulize, taper, got no place fast, sub due, intermits, drinks up, re-strain, back water, disimproved, took a chunk out of, sware to, un-wrinkling, unwrinkling, wert precipitated, wast defeated, re-view, bring screeching halt, accepted offer, de-tains, de-lays, washing up, dis-encumbering, putting on ice, dis solved, folded up, degrade, tails away, un lax, slices off, gave word, alloy, take weight, de-fines, scissors out, un loads, up raising, uses up, soaked up, de valorize, letted wind out sails, are ill with, un loading, intermit, de-tach, in spects, freeze-drying, up lights, went dogs, kicks teeth, Prelimit, going downhill, de stroying, died out, over whelm, demarked, dies off, eases off, dis appear, reached depths, pre-scribing, un-cover, dryrots, getting to the meat, re pealing, de riving, pejorated, poor mouthing, de spoiled, come around, be calming, gibbet, dis colored, corrugates, compact, nose-dive, in-closed, takes edge, wedge, clean up, de tach, re capitulated, hammering out deal, went with flow, re ceded, dis-honor, de generating, dis-integrate, Jellying, fell away, un-wrinkles, up-lighting, dis counts, pollard, drying up, became indebted, localize, are beaten, sank teeth in to, wears thin, exscinds, Weltered, un covered, de marking, bring ruin, paring down, thin out, sur rounding, cut back, over seeing, backwatering, making little of, went bad, atrophied, sub tracts, de-valorizes, dis-franchising, un-coupled, tips over, de valuates, pre scribe, sinking teeth into, puncture balloon, folds up, scrapes off, cleans up, swearing to, stopt from spreading, under mined, summated, de bunking, held down, slack off, washed away, keep under thumb, pare, de predates, dis bar, refuse transmission, wreaked havoc on, get meat, over working, forgathers, dis honors, prelimits, sunk teeth into, freeing from, under taking, pumps out, under rating, in denture, slow down, lighten, Noosing, pre limited, collapse, mudslinged, de-merits, putting a lid on, rolled back, un wrinkles, making terms, getting the meat, un-loads, clench, underplay, gets to meat, forces into space, made little of, drop the iron curtain, devalorizing, being worthless, re tires, phonies up, de-valuing, hit brakes, over-turning, un hinged, makes mess of, disrating, doctors up, be littles, lose luster, think about, in-curred, take easy, de-ranges, with holding, dis order, sub-side, dis praises, going dogs, Re-turn, slice off, go bad, compress, swear to, making a long story short, de-ranging, kick teeth, out lining, dragging one feet, dis honor, de value, under estimates, re turns, de-laying, wither, rolling back, re-capitulated, underplays, de parting, cools out, dry rots, freed from, dispraises, re trenching, took it easy, trims away, de vitalizing, under-estimated, mowing down, dis-concert, de-range, draw together, dehumidify, took one's death, wreaking havoc on, cave in, re-turning, dropped the iron curtain, waste, minify, catalogued, re view, corking, dry rotting, pressurizing, dump on, un-nerving, going to dogs, goes dogs, dis honored, mis prized, easing off, sub-sided, faded away, focalizes, with hold, takes sting out, up-light, on vine, lay low, dryrotted, de-parting, badmouth, back-watered, dis bars, getting meat, retro-grades, un burdening, prorogue, boiled down, demarking, evening up, with-draw, rucking up, de truncate, die off, de valuated, prevent publication, marked off, used up, sends up, Intermitted, enslave, tailed away, de hydrate, drains away, hold down, patching things up, puts nutshell, signs up, re-strains, make a long story short, pauperize, takes chunk out of, put a lid on, forces in to space, dis integrate, crumple up, in-validating, giving comeuppance, get last drop, melt away, waste away, de-escalates, drop down, get no place fast, sub sides, runs off, took out, de valorizing, downed, syncopate, de truncated, re-treating, mummy, de pressing, de-cry, keeping lid on, were impaired, bears heavily, de-creased, stopped short, un-wrinkled, lull, furrowed, retro cedes, tailing away, draw a close, de-ducts, laid back, going to seed, closes off, de-valuates, de predating, de escalates, it's dealing, decrease, dilapidate, de rives, over sees, take death, suffer defeat, re move, de-files, offing, cooling off, re spites, re-duces, are impaired, embogged, dropt the iron curtain, post pone, Furrowing, zero in, was behind, reduce speed, art behind, de ducted, de marked, cooled off, got last drop, under-playing, shaking hands on it, under-estimate, Torrefied, folding up, de-generates, dis-bar, sur-rounding, outline, cuts down size, re strict, Crisped, bringing pressure bear, mellowed out, thinks over, dis-rate, tooling, heap up, makes allowances, making brief, sur-rendering, digs in to, censor, pollards, re-trenching, un-fitted, dry up, signs for, cools off, mow down, hanging up, dis-burdened, taking a chunk out of, bankrupts, dis esteem, knocks off high horse, dis-integrates, in-disposes, towelled, suffered defeat, rigidifying, Inking, detract, quiets down, de humidifies, drave in, queered, made mess of, de posed, thinning out, tapers, chocks, firmed a deal, blue-pencilling, de-ranged, drawing to a close, bear heavily, dis encumbering, dis concerts, takes down a peg, sur rounded, thicken, wearing away, forcing down, digged in to, giving main points, under-valued, mis-prized, cuts down to size, bowed to, with-drawn, unfitted, under take, bemeaning, de-lay, sardined, de valorized, unburdens, under mining, scaled down, falls victim to, un burden, over-whelm, incloses, give ones word, with drawn, summating, un burdens, make snug, take off weight, dis appearing, dis-franchised, mis-prizes, Osmoses, un-burdens, delimitate, kicked teeth, makes snug, tele scoped, de-moting, wearing thin, phonying up, take edge off, dumping on, dis barred, anhydrated, cleans out, re-spites, spoilates, de-tain, de class, under takes, tailed off, loses speed, loses luster, re-fused, de clines, Garroting, putting ice, with-held, miniaturizes, delimitating, de-predate, disbars, tensing, Disfranchising, was beaten, signing for, patched things up, puts in, refused transmission, goes to the dogs, re-presses, de-vitalized, dug into, puts screws to, were defeated, dis esteemed, de compose, Mummying, loses weight, de-limiting, shutting in, bled dry, de-valorizing, de faces, blue-penciled, be calm, mis prize, fades away, Disbarred, run low, de-fined, washed up, dragging ones feet, loses strength, amputate, ex-press, gulp down, re viewed, Disgrade, tele scoping, gave comeuppance, dis-burden, wast beaten, nabs at, de tract, in disposing, bring to screeching halt, under-play, disfranchise, un-lax, un-burdening, Inventoried, de-mark, un-burdened, tensed, squeezes in, under-valuing, its dealing, dis-esteem, re-lapse, Astringing, de-grade, take out, taking one's death, de predated, uplighted, hide, made useless, shaking down, remit, lost edge, writes down, un coupling, took sting out, scaled back, wrote down, re strains, under-mined, gotten to meat, goes on a diet, post pones, taking the edge, de ducts, de-spoil, de generated, Astringed, tucker out, dying off, sub merges, re-vile, underplayed, under-rating, under played, are behind, de cays, de parted, de bunks, died on vine, Waned, made terms, keeps the lid on, dying down, prunes up, with held, freezedrying, brings forth, pressurize, all-owed, freeze-dried, embogs, misprizing, over powers, Chocking, draining away, stopping short, mudsling, in curred, hammers out deal, flows back, dragged one's feet, over throws, spread out, forces down, dis-appeared, wizens, squeeze, nosedove, is impaired, doubles up, lets it all hang out, de laying, take the edge, de-humidifies, Tamped, is defeated, stop from spreading, bowing to, losing weight, falling short, sinks teeth in to, de pressed, took off weight, re strain, de hydrates, dis grading, kicks the teeth, debase, squash, drew to close, nosediving, de limited, took edge off, kilning, de-press, bemeaned, retro grades, keeping within bounds, boiling down, bluepenciling, Muddying, died away, re presses, de-posed, taking bite out, re duces, fagging out, embogging, under-rates, unlaxes, abase, pares down, de-rives, denatured, knock high horse, Exscinding, Welling, going on a diet, dis-colored, dis graces, de mark, kept lid on, out-lines, un covers, downing, re-spiting, de valorizes, de-contaminates, be-calmed, freezedried, un cover, blue penciled, pucker, going down with, densified, mince, Misprize, Dispraising, de bunked, dis-order, took one death, dis enfranchising, telescope, Pollarded, cut the bone, cut bone, deescalates, washes up, de-feats, is behind, fossilize, curtail, taking edge off, nutshell, dis enfranchised, deescalate, bore heavily, de-riving, are precipitated, pleated, strangulate, succumbing to, un nerve, being defeated, Summing, flowing out, lays back, it a dealt, Caved, break, puts a lid on, dis-concerting, draw to close, pruning up, de merits, de voting, sink teeth in to, all owing, bringing to screeching halt, de means, re-pealed, knocked off high horse, level off, is afflicted with, pouring out, pre-limiting, re-bate, cut down size, shorten, in-capacitated, pro-rogues, de duce, dying away, cool off, phonied up, re-tracts, de votes, Staled, RE-CAP, took death, are defeated, de fining, pejorates, beared heavily, cuts the bone, marks off, de-bunked, putting in nutshell, roll back, whittled down, it deal, un-hinged, Reefed, it dealt, becomes smaller, sardine, puncturing balloon, got meat, sub-sides, de-predates, ex-pends, thrusts in, letted it hang out, un wrinkle, gets meat, scaling back, abridge, de-values, drop iron curtain, gave ones word, co-oked, disgraded, taking out, sur rendered, slacked up, going away, demark, beats down, narrowed down, dis burdened, rebating, cutting to the bone, forced down, keeps waiting, dispraise, draws together, trimming away, shoot down, became contaminated, dried up, bluepencils, wert afflicted with, Telescoping, back waters, gotten the meat, dis concerting, under values, putting a nutshell, reducing speed, de face, Barbered, re moving, indispose, scales back, de-marking, dieing out, retrogrades, going white, sub-merging, Crisping, dis-color, grew less, Inclosed, de-meaning, digest, dis franchise, melting away, in capacitate, de lays, taking edge, bant, even out, let it all hang out, lets down flaps, up-lighted, blue pencil, pro-rogued, taking down peg, signs papers, dis grace, losing color, art precipitated, sur renders, spend, sur-rounded, de liberating, de-spoils, drew together, goes to pot, bring low, unburdened, in-dentures, growing less, went on diet, cutting to bone, re capping, re-treat, heaped up, go to seed, de vitalize, disco loring.