Pronunciation of Expansion
/ɛkspˈanʃən/, /ɛkspˈanʃən/, /ɛ_k_s_p_ˈa_n_ʃ_ə_n/

Antonyms for expansion

retrogression, nutshell, sum and substances, de-crease, decreasings, declension, de cline, de-scent, re-lease, retro cessions, reduction, sparingnesses, in cline, dis-counts, lack, drawing togethers, deduction, nono's, tightenings, re-missions, sum substances, recap, depletion, hang up, de-cline, backslide, waning, re spite, elision, de cay, economy, re-bate, remission, retro-fluxes, drinkings, excess baggages, Refluence, using up, retrenchment, de lays, drop-offs, re mission, re fluxes, outward flows, run-through, loppings, evaporatings, typifications, nose dive, re laxations, de-creases, exiguities, Pandect, compends, pinions, typification, ex-tract, niggardlinesses, sum up, dis-tresses, Apercus, recedings, Parcity, subtraction, decrescences, exemplification, no no's, miserlinesses, re-hashes, re-leases, de-cay, subduction, stinginess, sub traction, thriftiness, cuttings, with drawings, de clines, re ceding, re laxation, with drawing, de scents, scrimpings, ball chain, cutting downs, in-adequacies, deflatings, falling offs, downfall, with-drawings, Insufficience, withdrawings, super visions, de cays, going outs, long short it, retrenchments, tensing, downward slope, grain salt, re view, re hash, degeneracy, restriction, decadence, abbreviatings, restrictions, de-lays, pratfalls, in-cline, de-creasing, retro-cessions, dis tress, falling, re missions, drop-off, small difficulties, re-cessions, de terrences, re hashes, nose dives, degeneration, backflow, fading aways, exiguity, re views, outward flow, inter dict, shortening, Compend, grain of salt, Breviaries, in sufficiencies, rollback, dis-tress, tightnesses, de-privations, in-clines, de crease, de solation, ex-tracts, synopsis, re strictions, downgrade, sum and substance, re-presentations, re spites, low waters, using ups, de generation, subductions, relapse, stagnation, summingup, containment, de-faults, re leases, re flux, no-no's, downward slopes, regress, dis counts, re bates, tensings, de-clines, condensings, re-fluxes, shrinkings, re presentations, lapse, re capitulations, shrinkage, petering outs, excess baggage, RE-CAP, de generations, weakenings, in-sufficiency, dis tresses, weakening, nono, lessening, re-mission, hangup, inter-dict, retroflux, re bate, in adequacy, loss, abridgment, in adequacies, re-treat, de privations, stenosises, degradation, Retrocession, re-cession, retro fluxes, fall, pratfall, falloff, lowering, no-no, runthrough, re cessions, sum substance, de fault, small difficulty, dockage, out lines, exemplifications, slightnesses, de privation, re lease, ebb, backflows, re-capitulation, containments, downtrends, wrapup, re striction, stinginesses, de-terrence, diminishings, writeoff, writeoffs, elisions, shrivellings, pinion, descent, diminution, decrescence, declinings, declination, retro-flux, retro-cession, in clines, ultimates, refluences, parcities, re-striction, sub-tractions, re-view, retro cession, wrapups, de-solations, straitjacket, skimpings, reversion, dwindlings, strictions, re-caps, write offs, compression, Striction, regression, de-scents, de-generation, out-lines, epitome, deflation, super-vision, wrap up, tightness, de faults, out line, curtailings, refluxes, consumings, constriction, re-ceding, re-laxation, re cap, re presentation, de-generations, Re-presentation, re-strictions, de-solation, devaluation, de solations, in-sufficiencies, re caps, shortness, decay, drawing together, abatement, in sufficiency, re-spites, deflations, summary, sparingness, contraction, chokings, de lay, sub tractions, de creasing, re-capitulations, breviary, long short of it, consumption, no nos, de-fault, de terrence, re-treats, burnings, wrap-up, re-laxations, decrement, de-cays, de-lay, shrinking, nosedive, de-terrences, re-views, nutshells, apercu, de scent, downtrend, with-drawing, retrofluxes, decrease, super-visions, de-privation, straitjackets, wrap ups, miserliness, re treats, wrap-ups, in-adequacy, slightness, reflux, sinkings, re capitulation, de creases, decline, ebbing, abbreviation, out-line, re cession, ex tract, stenosis, flaggings, sub-traction, drop offs, re-hash, deterioration.