Pronunciation of Extinguish
/ɛkstˈɪŋɡwɪʃ/, /ɛkstˈɪŋɡwɪʃ/, /ɛ_k_s_t_ˈɪ_ŋ_ɡ_w_ɪ_ʃ/

Antonyms for extinguish

touch down, be stirred up, give business, sustain, gets smoking, organize, wert inflamed, blaze, de-siring, ex-asperate, art passionate, invent, heating, de training, de planed, fix, establish, strikes match, flew down, dis-embarking, revive, create, ex cites, de-plane, are aroused, de planes, constitute, be stirs, running over, wert aroused, co oked, burst in to flames, lights up, sat down, striking a match, restore, am ablaze, dis please, fire up, torching, Lights, raise, dis pleases, conflagrated, be-stir, doctor, are suffused, get rise out of, set down, start a fire, ex-acerbates, in-duce, Roosted, be inflamed, started a fire, starting a fire, sets fire, Crimsoning, run over, fires up, were stirred up, were ablaze, in-spiring, settling down, being ablaze, art stirred up, setting match to, reduces ashes, ex-cite, de-sires, sit down, be-stirs, makes visible, dis embarking, dis embark, highlighting, construct, in spired, getting a rise out of, detrains, over reaching, am passionate, pique, bursting into flames, de-planing, are passionate, starting fire, started fire, got smoking, is stirred up, burns up, ex cite, starts up, keep, dis pleased, art aroused, setting down, father, are stirred up, in creases, setting ablaze, were aroused, sate down, floodlighting, gives business, putting match to, heating up, produce, give the business, furnishes with light, firing up, de trained, conflagrate, started up, be-stirred, in spiring, am stirred up, flies down, co oking, are inflamed, in-censed, switches on, be stirring, wast stirred up, was suffused, am suffused, ex-acerbated, pinkened, gotten a rise out of, ex citing, setting on fire, smouldering, steam up, institute, being aroused, preserve, deplane, in spire, caught fire, in-censing, be ablaze, agitate, dis-pleasing, calcine, flared up, in duce, put a match to, hit with light, were passionate, Mantling, frame, bursted in to flames, rouged, in censes, Reamed, deplaning, putting a match to, burning up, form, burn, art inflamed, be suffused, was stirred up, hits with light, build, de siring, protect, catch fire, in flames, got rise out of, is inflamed, dis-pleases, de frauds, de-planes, Roosting, breathing fire, dis embarks, starts fire, key up, be stirred, Bestirring, in-creases, torched, burned up, de-sired, fly down, breathed fire, Rouging, start up, reduced to ashes, keying up, illuminate, dis embarked, flying down, reducing to ashes, start fire, renovate, bursts in to flames, in-cense, re kindled, floodlight, smoking, setting aflame, stir, re kindle, goosed, ex asperate, burst into flames, wast aroused, flash, de train, de-frauds, set on fire, give hard time, de sired, steamed up, get a rise out of, getting rise out of, ex-cites, touches off, heated up, conflagrating, de-training, making waves, catches fire, got a rise out of, conserve, be angry, ex acerbate, reduced ashes, ex acerbating, be aroused, revamp, inflame, made visible, flame, touching off, recondition, dis-please, giving hard time, over reach, gotten smoking, floodlit, get under skin, save, being stirred up, keyed up, was angry, ex-asperating, de-sire, makes waves, was inflamed, strike match, wast angry, dis-pleased, limelighted, touched down, in-spire, detrain, de-planed, gat rise out of, steaming up, repair, ex asperates, is suffused, Glinted, striking match, lighting up, strikes a match, de trains, gives a hard time, flares up, in creasing, in-spired, heats up, breathes fire, in-censes, highlighted, furnishing with light, co-oking, re-kindle, makes bright, mend, enkindle, bursts into flames, ex-asperates, setting fire, switched on, bestir, switching on, set alight, touched off, in-flames, gave the business, forge, set a match to, making bright, help, detraining, pinkens, gat smoking, rear, over reaches, calcined, co-oked, rosing, make bright, ran over, setting fire to, gives the business, smoulders, in censed, rosed, glow, settles down, conflagrates, wast passionate, catching fire, de sire, limelighting, deplaned, ex asperating, sets on fire, starts a fire, hitting with light, remodel, patch, de planing, in-flamed, found, being inflamed, art ablaze, de plane, lick, in-creased, was passionate, take fire, dis-embark, fashion, strook match, settled down, dis pleasing, was aroused, sets down, rebuild, in-spires, sets fire to, switch on, bear, reconstruct, in-flame, luminesce, being suffused, is ablaze, set fire, struck match, wast inflamed, in crease, mold, art suffused, re-sting, detrained, strook a match, put match to, in-crease, ex-acerbating, uncompress, set aflame, burnt up, strike a match, floodlights, gave a hard time, wert ablaze, sets a match to, hits with a light, set fire to, intoxicates, de-fraud, over-reaches, de-train, giving the business, am aroused, wert suffused, starting up, re-kindling, assemble, flaring up, taking fire, char, uphold, set ablaze, over reached, kindle, be passionate, dis-embarked, bestirs, ex-asperated, co-loring, pinkening, flare up, giving business, gooses, breathe fire, in flame, start, am angry, bursted into flames, light, over-reaching, touch off, puts a match to, shape, Calcining, is angry, dis-embarks, gat a rise out of, runs over, wert angry, get smoking, de sires, Bestirred, in spires, sets aflame, wert passionate, keys up, setting a match to, being angry, re-kindled, ex acerbated, de fraud, gives hard time, lit up, re-kindles, in-duces, setting alight, heat up, over-reach, was ablaze, took fire, de-trained, sits down, de-trains, gets a rise out of, deplanes, be stir, Smouldered, struck a match, wert stirred up, puts match to, making visible, wast ablaze, bursting in to flames, make waves, were suffused, re sting, incinerate, reduce to ashes, wast suffused, reducing ashes, burn up, in duces, reduce ashes, sets match to, give birth, perpetuate, make visible, gets rise out of, light up, made bright, ex cited, ex-cited, set match to, ignited, smoulder, takes fire, calcines, co loring, are ablaze, were angry, Crimsoned, sets ablaze, art angry, floodlighted, intoxicate, being passionate, set up, goosing, fire, getting smoking, is aroused, touching down, in flaming, ignite, in cense, reduces to ashes, hitting with a light, in flamed, gotten rise out of, be-stirring, are angry, is passionate, re kindles, erect, glinting.