Pronunciation of Extroverted
/ˈɛkstɹəvˌɜːtɪd/, /ˈɛkstɹəvˌɜːtɪd/, /ˈɛ_k_s_t_ɹ_ə_v_ˌɜː_t_ɪ_d/

Antonyms for extroverted

silent, diffident, weakkneed, more supplicatory, detached, un-interested, in sincerest, in effectual, in-curious, un manlier, de mure, unextremer, dummied up, most emeritus, in expensive, prudish, more ruffled, dis-charged, more procacious, de limited, overmodest, most unpassioned, retiring, dried up, buttoned up, more delimited, more unambitious, with drawing, introvertive, eremitic, taciturn, Unaffable, more uncompanionable, introvert, non-gregarious, self conscious, more overcareful, non committal, more simpering, secluded, more blenching, more spooked, more secluse, un ambitious, un expansive, un prejudiced, un-ostentatious, dis interested, more detained, standoffish, chill, in-effectual, un-prejudiced, be leaguered, more discomposed, Unsufficient, under control, on the lookout, un-predictable, in-sincerer, un concerned, de terminate, dis passionate, in dither, dis-inclined, in check, more hampered, un curious, in-obtrusive, un-extreme, un eager, un-extremest, most disciplined, un-effusive, reserved, most detained, Seclusive, self effacing, un-affable, dis-passionate, most unexcessive, laidback, most seclusive, spoken for, ambiversive, more retreated, most declining, most daunted, most unaffable, re strained, un-eager, un emotional, remote, mid way, cool, un welcoming, un happier, un extremer, most cidevant, most unspeaking, re tired, more secured, more unexcessive, tight lipped, more unassured, in obtrusive, more nongregarious, in charge, calm and collected, more milquetoast, more unwelcoming, in-active, uneager, inhibited, in securer, de-mure, more chicken, un-natural, un-friendly, most repressed, un-welcoming, in different, lowkey, most weak-kneed, fearful, most hampered, anti-social, selfeffacing, more disciplined, more reclusive, un-sure, more weak-kneed, un communicative, more tootoo, Insociable, most too too, strait laced, sissiest, un-manly, more sequestered, weak kneed, most uneager, more disquieted, disagreeable, most unambitious, most browbeaten, most withdrawing, de parted, uncommunicative, most chilled, ungenial, more defined, un-companionable, re served, more uneffusive, rabbity, in-considerable, retained, un frequented, eremetic, re moved, be arable, lilylivered, mis-anthropic, de-laying, in secure, more goosebumpy, ex-citable, nongregarious, unextremest, un companionable, anti social, more immured, poker-faced, more checked, re tiring, re pressed, timid, more repressed, un-friendlier, in considerable, dis-composed, un-poised, un-troubled, narrowminded, more isolate, most abstinent, more bullied, most had, un assured, un extremest, most checked, most unrestful, most blenching, un-assertive, more muted, re membered, dis-quieted, de-parted, in-adequate, withdrawn, more unexpansive, cidevant, unnerved, most unforthcoming, most blockaded, overcautious, more curbed, most claimed, timorous, more appropriated, more emeritus, un willing, in a dither, in decisive, supplicatory, most unassertive, un-pretentious, un excessive, most overmodest, reticent, emeritus, in-securer, more unspeaking, selfconscious, more cowering, non-committal, un-sufficient, unrestful, more eremitic, un-emotional, moderate, de liberate, un poised, taken out, unwelcoming, dis inclined, more goose bumpy, un-nerved, most muted, more unpassioned, non gregarious, un-excessive, self controlled, more uncurious, Screened, most faltering, most aflutter, be-leaguered, most overnice, over-wrought, introspective, most overcautious, non partisan, lily livered, in solent, off beaten track, uncurious, most unsocial, laid back, de-pressing, more unpoised, in-disposed, on leash, un-friendliest, unexpansive, un-concerned, more unaffable, roped off, more seclusive, selfcontained, more withdrawing, over cautious, un approachable, re-strained, in-securest, in-different, un-genial, most supplicatory, most too-too, poker faced, mousy, most eremitic, more rabbity, mincing, most cowering, narrow minded, re-served, un assuming, softspoken, in securest, re treated, demure, un restful, unforthcoming, most disquieted, most poker faced, most unwelcoming, un-committed, misanthropic, over-exact, guarded, most eremetic, un enthusiastic, disciplined, un-speaking, de-liberate, un-willing, up-set, unsocial, tootoo, co-wed, over-nice, most trembling, most maintained, un forthcoming, corked up, un-curious, most uncurious, un committed, set apart, over exact, more unsufficient, unspeaking, Uncompanionable, mute, most badgered, dis charged, with-drawn, in-solent, half hearted, more weak kneed, most goosebumpy, mum, un-expansive, un-inhabited, in sincerer, limited, in determinate, most unexpansive, more unforthcoming, overexact, abstinent, most introvert, un effusive, in curious, nervous, more unsocial, with held, un biased, most milquetoast, most ruffled, most chicken, un extreme, most uneffusive, too too, more overmodest, un sure, goose-bumpy, most spooked, more flinching, most dawdling, with drawn, de-terminate, un demonstrative, be-arable, in-sincere, un-assured, un ostentatious, in sincere, soft spoken, in-expensive, more browbeaten, un-sociable, unassuming, not forward, unassertive, un-manliest, non-partisan, un predictable, restrained, dis-tressed, un assertive, out of it, unexcessive, un friendlier, out it, most appropriated, more treasured, off the beaten track, recessive, unextreme, hushhush, de-fined, in-sincerest, selfcontrolled, most beleaguered, more uneager, un-enthusiastic, more unassertive, self-examining, self contained, most immured, most bullied, un troubled, most simpering, most circumscribed, un obtrusive, re-mote, shy, most unsufficient, un responsive, un social, in disposed, low key, up-tight, dis-interested, un affable, clammed up, un manly, ex citable, over-modest, dis quieted, more overexact, tucked away, more aflutter, un nerved, more declining, re-tiring, most rabbity, Unpassioned, mis anthropic, un involved, reclusive, unfriendly, un happiest, with-held, un-extremer, more blockaded, de fined, un-easiest, more daunted, more introvert, most preempted, over careful, un sufficient, un-forthcoming, un strung, sissier, la di da, in-secure, more weakkneed, more dawdling, more cidevant, more claimed, un-approachable, co wed, un-frequented, running scared, overcareful, most retreated, re-treated, more abstinent, with-drawing, un-ambitious, in adequate, more unnerved, un inhabited, unsociable, most isolate, de laying, on lookout, un-social, un happy, aflutter, blockaded, un easy, more eremetic, lacking confidence, laid away, un-communicative, up set, most overcareful, on a leash, calm collected, not excessive, introverted, on qt, more badgered, overnice, up tight, un manliest, un-assuming, most cowed, un-obtrusive, close mouthed, introversive, more poker faced, over nice, more chilled, most sequestered, most treasured, un-demonstrative, most defined, more overcautious, most nongregarious, dis trustful, humble, un-involved, un friendliest, un-happy, un easier, antisocial, un easiest, de-limited, cold, more too-too, un-restful, un-responsive, goose bumpy, uneffusive, most weakkneed, most flinching, unambitious, most unnerved, most secured, most delimited, de pressing, more too too, more beleaguered, un-easier, most uncompanionable, dis-trustful, most poker-faced, with eyes peeled, most goose bumpy, more overnice, more faltering, more trembling, most procacious, more cowed, more maintained, most tootoo, unassured, secluse, dis composed, mid-way, sub missive, hush hush, more preempted, un speaking, un interested, over modest, more had, aloof, dis tressed, in-decisive, too-too, frosty, more circumscribed, over-careful, distant, most unassured, more contained, in-sufficient, hesitant, most overexact, most secluse.