Pronunciation of Face
/fˈe͡ɪs/, /fˈe‍ɪs/, /f_ˈeɪ_s/

Antonyms for face

de bate, shyness, hide, Hunker, flipflopped, dis engage, fence-sitting, dogs it, clouds the issue, scrooching down, escape, squinch, turning deaf ear to, move out, be anxious, skedaddle, goes away, letting go, put the move on, keeps from, kicking up heels, made escape, nit picking, having nothing do with, are taken to cleaners, dis-cards, give a wide berth, are outdistanced, be ware, makes one way, dis locate, catch at straws, came up short, gets cracking, are taken cleaners, dragged feet, tablings, stood still, being afraid, cease exist, de-camps, takes it on lam, Bumming, lost courage, timidness, pro-testing, dis-patch, keeping apart, hath nothing to do with, dis possesses, art swallowed up, hoofing it, dis-esteeming, being turned to, idled away, are irresolute, parachuted, had no stomach for, letting pass, dis-approved, make a big thing about, hem in, doeth a takeoff, leaving high and dry, re-pulses, dis guised, not trouble oneself, moves to side, picking to pieces, cuts a caper, de materializes, are awe, Rimming, played off, raise hell, not feel liked, watch one step, lead on a merry chase, mis speaking, gotten around, pettifog, do a take off, giving the run around, take flight, dis claimers, be reave, easing out, hippety-hopped, make getaway, irresolution, running circles around, nixing, were impoverished, beating around bush, makes big thing about, re appear, denies oneself, argue over, had butterflies, deny oneself, grin, seeing in the alley, led on merry chase, beats around the bush, locks in, stiffing, are gone, de-tour, dis-solves, is taken cleaners, gave run around, de-creasing, dying off, nose dive, tear along, get hell out, stepping on the gas, gave the go by, art indolent, seclude oneself, were turned off to, lay down, sees in the alley, all owing, heads out, re turns, going easy, breaking out in sweat, ex-press, having no taste for, goldbrick, re-plicated, flat-hatted, lock in, doth take off, bypass, hark back to, dis patching, jump, glosses over, drags ones feet, made one's way, Curveted, be turned to, makes break for it, went like wind, came naught, be turned off to, takes flight, de bated, run like scared rabbit, dis approving, re-plicating, wert life party, draw away, making big thing about, bended down, doeth take off, back away, raising hell, para chuting, margining, dis-placed, goes again, brake out a sweat, puts argument, gets lost, dis-honors, re-consider, re-enter, had it, takes it lam, sitting on one's hands, ceased to exist, disallow, art irresolute, hoofs it, dis-locates, Retrograding, hast no part of, playing off, dis-appear, close in, stalled for time, haddest cold feet, de faulting, headed for, de-materialized, art unoccupied, going secretly, being disquieted, does takeoff, talking back, play close vest, led a merry chase, re-buffs, ex filtrating, broke out in sweat, altercates, am gone, misspoken, absents oneself, making quick exit, hyper-criticized, being outdistanced, snafued, Pirated, de fines, mis represented, took flight, dis-allowing, dis esteeming, am unoccupied, have no truck with, flat-hats, step aside, wast outdistanced, makes quick exit, looked the other way, scrooch down, bore malice toward, pull out, re-verse, passing time, runs its course, Curveting, chicaned, de-parting, shaking bake, flowing back, by passing, ex pressing, was remiss, yield, Hasting, skitter, ceased exist, saying goodbye, took time, take hop, mis-fire, took the lam, skip out on, minds ps qs, run around, put an argument, be irresponsible, hadst no stomach for, de-lays, lets hair down, make merry, over-stated, getting away with, de-faults, re bound, wert derelict, gets the hell out, not touches, shake a leg, mis-spend, be-ware, having at it, refused receive, were allergic to, re treat, take it the lam, lollops, be-guiles, roughen, Pirating, re curring, hided out, play close the vest, coming short, re-turns, hadst alibi, not lift a fingered, dis possessing, not appreciate, gotten going, worms ones way out of, dis-esteem, be-aching, being life of party, wast turned to, Mured, talk back, dis-claimers, de clines, ignore, go south, lay down on job, stepping on it, get away with, catches at straws, kiss goodbye, flee, takes it easy, dancing around issue, keeps ones distance, gave someone the slip, hasten away, ducking the issues, ducks out, take for a ride, footed it, walks on eggs, Barreling, making scarce, re-visiting, made a getaway, give in, dematerializing, slows down, heading for, undershoots, use up, tore along, fly coop, dis locating, de-tested, conceal oneself, cower, dis appear, made ones way, standing aloof from, picks pieces, circumnavigate, looks the other way, was wary, being loser, closed in, re tract, boxes up, wert irresolute, suffers loss, gat away with, over-reaches, set off, re examining, de touring, retraces steps, stalling for time, dis regard, dis-place, watched out, pulled fast one, filibustered, sat ones hands, catches straws, outed, wert turned off to, art sunk, dis possess, goes scot free, cold-shouldered, de materialized, dis-appointing, are impoverished, lounging around, leaved stranded, take away, dragging ones feet, hedge, double-talking, dis accorded, took the cleaners, shudder at, lie alongside, flathat, Parried, re-appeared, get around, saltated, keep away from, begging off, de-scended, busting out, hast no stomach for, dematerializes, go headfirst, re considering, secludes oneself, entertain oneself, lied, watch out, sur rounded, pre tends, shortcircuited, wast apprehensive, de part, hightails it, de-materializes, elope, waiver, art impoverished, makes faces at, dis esteems, am turned off to, En Garde, guards against, move to side, dis patched, folded up, scrooches down, gave wide berth, step it, Misspeak, barrelled, start back, go spree, lie down on job, doing takeoff, over-passes, dis-approves, steps it, ex pended, plays close to vest, dis-approve, manners, were afraid, re-locates, sit one's hands, going on spree, withdraw, giving wide berth to, went a tear, dis-according, flathatting, re occurring, left high and dry, ratting, re-appear, re-coil, steps the gas, de fends, see in the alley, keeping one's distance, fore-stalling, keeps one distance, crossed out, pull a fast one, hiding out, comes up short, staying shy of, go like lightning, pulling a fast one, dis liking, resist, nose dove, walk on eggs, take the pledge, being humbled, over-looks, sur-render, make a getaway, worming one way out of, leave lurch, de voting, skyed out, have butterflies, be trays, doth a take off, beware, be guile, got away, mind p's and q's, sits on ones hands, letted one's hair down, being done for, plays hooky, had alibi, re-treated, de laying, worm ones way out of, went secretly, dis appointed, sets apart, going tear, shrink from, giving wide berth, bugging out, gave runaround, de-voted, re verse, am careless, strip, skirrs, haddest at it, went west, dis claimer, sits on one's hands, re tire, belly flopped, keeping aloof, retro grade, interning, circumlocuting, hippetyhopping, taking the heat, dis-appearing, being no more, are indolent, bend throttle, keep ones toes, kick up ones heels, not lose a minuted, Flanking, re ceding, nears, skip town, going away, taking to cleaners, stiffed, fore stalls, head for, were late for, loses sight of, mis-firing, being slothful, doth take-off, kicked heels, dis-concerts, stall, letting well enough alone, de camping, goes on spree, was life party, in terns, ex-pire, hyper criticizes, puts move on, exfiltrated, sets off, art derelict, be frightened, doest take off, seagulls, takes on lam, de bates, grow smaller, taking pledge, ran out on, jetted over, play, puts on the cuff, are turned off to, making one's way, leading on merry chase, makes one's way, dis-approving, fence-sits, kicks up heels, bearing malice toward, sandbagging, move quickly, re producing, fore-stall, dis-regarded, mis-represents, fails to keep, out-distance, miss out, back, recoil, lay bare, skips out on, go scot free, dis favor, taking wing, dared not, come short, grossedded out on, left stranded, de-tours, hold bay, leaved town, stayed away, is unwilling, objecting to, art negligent, stepped the gas, beat hasty retreat, are cautious, cutting capers, being negligent, staying away, nit-picks, hast hard feelings, de-scends, smooth along, lies down job, dancing, skipped town, minded p q, ex filtrate, drops a bundle, do a take-off, skirt, sidestep, gives ground, have nothing to do with, fence sits, getting cracking, minding p's q's, animal, makes ones way, block off, by-passed, de-cline, giving the runaround, were the loser, retrace steps, wast worsted, drew away, hadst nothing to do with, bends down, ducks issues, made break for it, ran along, re lax, dis allows, suffers defeat, having nothing to do with, whooped up, broke out in a sweat, were taken cleaners, concealed oneself, ex-pressing, took the count, clouds issue, nit pick, am impoverished, throwing monkey wrench in, make tracks, sneaking off, de-testing, lets go, not endures, shun, am derelict, up set, am averse to, missing out, re sent, un-burdened, whoops it up, not care to, courtesy, making ones escape, blew lid off, de-materialize, am awe, re coil, mis-place, be reaved, works out of, talked back, sieging, rearward, de feats, jetting out, walked on eggs, dis-regards, went a spree, hippety hopping, secluding oneself, re visits, out-running, flew the coop, leads merry chase, brute, dis-relish, Short-circuiting, didst take off, re-acted, Guttered, veto, detouring, keep one's toes, stiffs, got away from, quail, let slip, lying in wait, mis representing, takes ones time, am irresolute, take time, re-curring, dog it, played it close to the vest, whipt around, came again, ward off, stood off, para-chutes, moving side, makes ones escape, drags feet, run off, Bulwarked, takes cleaners, mis placed, are in awe, art allergic to, scrooched down, rush off, dis-located, out witted, are afraid, became poorer, fencesits, stepping back, eating dirt, hoofed it, doeth take-off, dis-torts, tergiversing, hadst butterflies, kept apart, blocked off, cutting run, has alibi, Flinched, blockaded, barreled, duck out, stayed shy of, re-coils, runs rings around, tap danced, wast the loser, meeting under arch, be indolent, go wagon, shrank from, setting to, refraining from, giving slip, with drew, in-vent, sub-merges, were done for, makes a getaway, sitting fence, coldshouldered, Scotched, dis allow, critter, steals away, Tiptoes, de-bates, take heat, rides off, give runaround, not lift finger, trans ported, shag, lounges around, re-considered, Overshooting, dis-perse, flinch, wall in, haddest butterflies, give run-around, pre tend, kicks one heels, being in awe, have no taste for, playing close to the vest, sees alley, dis-honored, went scotfree, flathatted, reality, dogging it, keeping ones distance, dropping out sight, de creasing, hath butterflies, fencesitting, whipped around, skims over, harking back to, skipped out on, uses up, passes time, encasing, sits hands, art taken to cleaners, re mission, art apprehensive, overshot, dis locates, art in awe, diffidence, haddest nothing to do with, art late for, going headfirst, Altercated, mis-speak, kept on toes, sat the fence, doeth takeoff, worming one's way out of, dis-sents, burke, bursts out, wert disquieted, bend the throttle, de-camping, sat fence, moved to side, Withdrew, wast unwilling, de tours, de feat, re ached, sneaks away, juking, leaves stranded, bent the throttle, in-vented, took on lam, Jing, slip away, art remiss, were indolent, dis-possessing, wert swallowed up, are worsted, laid low, personality, leave high dry, equivocate, are anxious, jump gun, hesitate, Burkes, dis-concert, shaking leg, goes spree, mis firing, flat hat, sets to, go west, gave ground, pro tested, taking heat, re acting, leave no trace, going AWOL, un burdening, refrained from, go on tear, re-turned, be allergic to, QUATS, sat on one's hands, guttering, re buffing, coming to naught, becoming poorer, were apprehensive, lose, de-fends, sat on one hands, beg the question, turned one back on, sitting around, shakes off, being unoccupied, set apart, remove oneself, ran for cover, de parting, goes a spree, reel back, be unwilling, jet out, all-owing, shortcircuits, character, dis accord, were turned to, dis-inherited, was reduced, sit on fence, swear off, see the alley, took beating, cutting a caper, was reluctant, timorousness, give someone slip, re-strained, keeping one toes, kicking up ones heels, bollixes, civility, de-camp, is life of party, shillyshally, re examined, de-scending, mis speaks, eschew, minding p and q, worm one's way out of, by pass, undershot, re probate, sate on the fence, de-fending, feinting, Retrograded, retro-cedes, stepping aside, go gretna green, gave the runaround, wast no more, de-parts, turned deaf ear to, was loser, reeled back, assist, steps on gas, wert done for, over pass, turning ones back on, taking time, didst take-off, overshoots, leg it, make escape, fended off, buffaloed, mind p q, minding p q, buffaloing, goes forth, shook and bake, art awe, in venting, sate on one's hands, dropped the ball, hast no truck with, re-versed, wert lost, in-sert, mis-fired, sit on the fence, shying away from, chicanes, makes for, wast careless, Buffaloes, wastes no time, bending throttle, out distance, re-examines, de-touring, tread warily, are disquieted, letting slide, be-reaving, honied, dis guises, being allergic to, re signing, makes excuses, be lying, not bought, keeping away from, haddest hard feelings, hoof it, gives runaround, goes over the hill, hath no truck with, leaves flat, re-visit, double talked, kicking up one heels, curvetting, hasten, gotten lost, takes on the lam, lies along, antipathizing, kick one's heels, with-draw, draws away, keep, turns away, upsetting the apple cart, be-reaved, keep one's distance, letting one hair down, overleap, is worsted, wert outdistanced, go along with, keep clear, watches one step, hast butterflies, art lost, throw off, seagulled, pre-vented, treading warily, hadst nothing do with, beating around the bush, Reprobated, dis-liked, was careless, fail to keep, moving to the side, gives a wide berth, have no stomach for, foregoings, make a quick exit, puts the move on, catching straws, de creased, re-occurring, did take-off, were gone, doubletalked, bending down, slipped away, re-buffing, was done for, antipathizes, gambol, had cold feet, running for it, un burdens, coming again, squinched, giving run around, refuse, in sert, fore-going, circumvent, took the pledge, Piloted, thinking little of, do take-off, doing like, suffer defeat, dis-missed, bollixing, lies alongside, are swallowed up, lock up, dis-tort, minds p and q, wast disquieted, over-passing, shuffle off, over reached, bends throttle, be negligent, sur rounding, re strained, re plicating, walks out, hast nothing do with, jittering, hyper-criticizes, cuts run, mis-spends, re straining, stayed out, sware off, stole away, stays away, making one's escape, re-move, fly the coop, de tour, de fended, keep on one's toes, concealing oneself, hath nothing do with, over looks, dragged ones feet, are wary, gave a wide berth, being apprehensive, be averse to, say goodbye, ex pend, offing, give ground, looking other way, not lift fingered, stands aloof from, dis relishes, was apprehensive, saw alley, throw monkey wrench in, over-looking, over passes, curvetted, put cuff, loses courage, lied down on job, laying low, makes haste, faked out, dis tort, making a break for it, moves the side, having alibi, left town, lay down job, re-occurred, held bay, danced around an issue, busts out, blows the lid off, be loser, with-hold, skim over, Shying, go forth, wast swallowed up, flowed back, in-vents, didst takeoff, dis-solving, re probating, cuts caper, am afraid, turns from, re acted, am swallowed up, do like, with-held, whooshed, melts away, winging in, harked back to, amusing oneself, gets around, hyper criticizing, crouch, puts an argument, reject, cringe, with-drawn, in tern, de-fraud, dis torts, wert late for, not buys, shake bake, making escape, keep toes, covering up, lose interest in, lurch, led on a merry chase, juked, shortcircuit, piddles, over-passed, rimmed, play it close the vest, dis-patched, over reaching, shying away, dis appoint, quake, give the run around, takes a hike, takes one's time, Overpassed, turn one back on, nosediving, re turning, stop, argufied, moves out, give way, runs from, being taken to cleaners, hast alibi, had nothing do with, beat around the bush, playing it close to vest, duck the issues, drops bundle, giving run-around, took pledge, push on, dis-solved, is unoccupied, pulls back, gives the go by, is taken to cleaners, Disporting, falling flat on face, re fuses, sate one hands, nit-picking, submit, under-shot, hanged up, art life of party, keeps eyes open, quibble, dost takeoff, dis-appoints, going to gretna green, stands still, daring not, not feel like, take cleaners, skying out, are sunk, hath at it, amuse oneself, get away, dis relishing, fence off, have hard feelings, cuts and run, took for ride, cold shouldering, vamoose, over reaches, re buffs, turn deaf ear to, re-probates, sur-rounded, leading a merry chase, hold off, BEASTIE, dogged it, lose out, sit on one's hands, takes cure, nixed, wert reduced, taking cure, pre vents, lay low, took ones time, piloting, fore seen, kept one's toes, Altercating, skies out, wert the loser, keep one distance, over-shot, fear, gives run around, taking the cure, Shied, Idled, re-producing, makes getaway, gives run-around, dis-card, gat lost, give the slip, watching ones step, be humbled, hippetyhop, sashayed, off-loading, dis-guises, mis-represent, going over the hill, hadst hard feelings, dis guise, art reduced, de crease, dis-inherits, taking lam, retraced steps, am reduced, out distancing, shrinks from, fore-stalled, watches step, re-moves, not budgets, be-lying, re fuse, sieged, wert worsted, wasting away, getting away, stay away, truth, Flanked, shuffling off, is beyond someone, making way, wasted away, misspeaking, beared malice toward, made quick exit, dieing off, takes the count, go scot-free, retro grades, are life of party, whooshes, skip out, re paired, dis-sent, get cracking, gave the slip, taking for ride, Careered, be-reave, gave slip, being lost, dis concerts, step the gas, kept one distance, make face, being taken cleaners, re-pair, off-loads, are unoccupied, goes easy, dis-guising, dragging feet, dis honoring, Re-turn, be life party, hath no stomach for, walling in, flat-hatting, make haste, has nothing to do with, de-frauds, dragging one's feet, bursting out, moved to the side, kicking one's heels, is done for, flip flopping, dost take-off, re visited, taking one time, fore-sees, took hike, out-distances, rushes off, played close to the vest, queered, refusing receive, nose-dive, fences off, reeling back, makes one's escape, dis-locate, avoid, goes on wagon, makes a quick exit, un-burdens, minds p q, dropt out of sight, de-parted, takes hop, tergiverse, malinger, taking one's time, coming up short, de testing, putting the move on, mis-lay, help, lollop, slipped out, hightail, lies in wait, dropt out sight, played hooky, kicks up one's heels, gives wide berth to, Skied, begged off, de scend, make break, Sallied, is outdistanced, crosses out, goes around, makes one escape, keep apart, dis patch, dies off, loaf, leave out, go on a spree, steering clear of, somersaulted, gets out of, mis carried, blink, Caved, hypercriticized, dost a takeoff, surrender, tells white lie, get the hell out, kept clear, hyper-criticizing, mis carrying, take hike, blew the lid off, lay along, blowing lid off, nosedove, hadst cold feet, be outdistanced, elude, co-loring, sitting ones hands, dis-appoint, doest a takeoff, keep aloof, darking, sat one's hands, has no taste for, hold, re-duce, dis-engaging, turned back on, sitting on ones hands, took to cleaners, re-strain, remains aloft, nose dives, drops ball, drop ball, Paralogizing, cut caper, not touched, was unwilling, make faces at, dis concert, wert indolent, had nothing to do with, smoothing along, gotten away from, retire, run circles around, be awe, saltate, letted hair down, re-enters, re enters, fore-see, went easy, lounged around, over states, sub merging, keeps aloof, play it close vest, fibbing, made a quick exit, be careless, re-tire, were slothful, breaking out a sweat, upsets one's apple cart, ex-filtrating, shirk, off load, makes a big thing about, dropped ball, de-faulted, dis patches, trips up, getting out of, were disquieted, whoops up, fore stall, giving way, ex filtrated, headed out, taking on lam, blowing the lid off, nit picked, de-voting, under-shooting, lied wait, mind p's q's, doest a take off, jive, not lift a fingers, keeping on ones toes, dropt ball, takes it the lam, keep clear of, Mures, shake and bake, re treats, drag feet, setting aside, wast negligent, going on a spree, took powder, be done for, am late for, are humbled, dance around an issue, re-peat, is the loser, am disquieted, ducks the issues, is sunk, minding ps qs, hightailing it, be slothful, locomoted, is anxious, is cautious, cold-shoulders, going like the wind, kick up one heels, was turned to, de votes, boxing up, sit fence, running for cover, dis missing, whipping around, sub side, para-chute, are reluctant, Paralogized, stepping gas, over-pass, dis allowed, bashfulness, dis-inherit, dropped out sight, Piddled, does a take-off, left flat, re versing, breaking out sweat, dis carding, de fining, rid off, gave wide berth to, looked other way, runs like scared rabbit, somersaulting, fore-saw, went on the wagon, be-waring, re curred, drag one feet, de-materializing, torn along, gives someone the slip, be in awe, took a beating, getting hell out, takes beating, dis-appears, giving the slip, minds ps and qs, locomotes, quatted, re turn, turn aside, mind ps and qs, dis-appointed, bug out, keep distance, sur-rendered, kicks heels, footing it, be wary, kept toes, wrought out of, not lift fingering, stepping it, went awol, was late for, sitting on the fence, bending the throttle, fore sees, mind p and q, succumb, putting cuff, Lowliness, kicked one heels, pre-vent, being worsted, evanished, be reduced, melt away, stepping the gas, fall flat on face, out-wits, lies down on job, were anxious, sat on fence, kicked up one heels, art humbled, mistrust, kicks one's heels, shagging, bowed to, hem haw, goes south, Jed, wince, give wide berth to, held at bay, Paralogize, shakes a leg, with-drawing, dares not, used pretext, moving back, mis spends, skirred, mis speak, over passed, left holding bag, re-locate, leading merry chase, kicked up ones heels, support, re examines, ex pressed, leaved high and dry, move, dis liked, not appreciating, skip, parry, is averse to, out witting, letted go, head out, have nothing do with, ride off, catch straws, locked in, stepped gas, go over the hill, not lose minuting, skied out, am reluctant, keeps away from, locking up, takes pledge, be the loser, is afraid, threw monkey wrench in, Welch, sur-rounding, overleaps, went on wagon, dis-patches, scamming, melting away, dis honors, art slothful, folds up, sate fence, sit on ones hands, doing a takeoff, Stickling, wast cautious, ducking out, skirring, prevaricate, dropt a bundle, phonied, mis-representing, dragging one feet, went over hill, in-ducting, de scends, took hop, not touching, dis-solve, shuffles off, refuses receive, am wary, am apprehensive, walk eggs, play close to vest, went gretna green, had no taste for, broke out sweat, with drawing, putting move on, keeping eyes open, went on a tear, is allergic to, whiles away hours, stays shy of, art unwilling, mince words, de-tach, hastening away, was sunk, lost sight of, wast frightened, seagull, sitting out, trip up, making one way, wast allergic to, coldshouldering, frisk, re-coiled, speed away, out-witting, whip around, plays it close vest, dieing out, made scarce, misgiving, got hell out, para-chuting, is apprehensive, re-sent, pulled back, didst a takeoff, goes wagon, out-flank, are averse to, goes a tear, dis-relishes, dragged one feet, tiptoeing, blows lid off, kibitzes, para chuted, para chutes, re entered, went like lightning, being cautious, undershooting, doest takeoff, shrank back, dis ported, ex-filtrate, doeth like, phonying up, re produced, re strict, sate around, short circuits, take count, heads for, dis-relished, re-pairing, thwart, make way, re produces, goes the wagon, co oped, was the loser, slowed down, in vent, minds p's and q's, put on the cuff, post pones, running away, re locates, over-leaping, dislike, lurching, kept on ones toes, dithered, be inactive, re aching, keeping one distance, goes secretly, faking out, made haste, stood aloof from, wast irresolute, are turned to, lying down on job, skipping town, playing for time, nit-pick, am beyond someone, re duce, keeping clear of, queering, kicks up one heels, taking a powder, doubt, saltates, ex pends, letted well enough alone, circumlocuted, dis-guised, not budge, dis relished, mis-represented, re-occurs, take to the cleaners, dis accords, beats hasty retreat, circle back, make ones way, took a hike, caves in, left behind, had no part of, doth a takeoff, not lose minuted, stay out, went over the hill, kicking one heels, seagulling, dropped bundle, put up an argument, making for, keep eyes open, takes the cleaners, going gretna green, running off, over stating, upsetting apple cart, reentered, steps on it, Skying, sit out, dis-concerting, turning one's back on, shied away from, dropping out of sight, encase, runs around, hippetyhopped, circles back, pro testing, sat on hands, mis-placing, cop out, shags, blow the lid off, blench, running like scared rabbit, watches out, takes for a ride, re-turning, stands around, cold-shoulder, leave town, plays close to the vest, keep one toes, bust out, lie along, de fending, wast life of party, being remiss, says goodbye, came away, sat one hands, ex-pending, passing up, takes away, bent throttle, de faults, died off, were irresolute, eased out, re-lax, bum around, gives someone slip, am worsted, re moving, dis engaging, coming naught, had qualms, am life of party, hesitancy, mis lay, going forth, is slothful, kicks up ones heels, locomoting, is impoverished, was turned off to, dis honored, has cold feet, has no part of, de-creased, breaking out in a sweat, misspeaks, giving a wide berth, de camp, keeps on one's toes, refrain from, kicked one's heels, jiving, made one's escape, faintheartedness, over-reaching, Girdled, kept on one toes, starves, break out in sweat, re bounding, makes tracks, mis fires, dropt the ball, give the run-around, burked, mis place, leave, re appearing, offed, busted out, dropping ball, be late for, be irresolute, keeps one toes, minding ps and qs, having qualms, took a hop, wasted no time, wert unoccupied, go like wind, re-signed, sub merge, wert frightened, are inactive, shuts in, mis lays, takes care, leaved holding the bag, re-produce, rode off, are beyond someone, kicks ones heels, go again, wert reluctant, dis allowing, exfiltrate, kibitzed, overpast, doth a take-off, go tear, Beaching, keeping clear, playing hooky, bended throttle, aid, scotches, up setting, pre-tending, lying alongside, ran around, jacked up, comes away, lose sight of, come up short, skips out, de-scend, hypercriticize, shut in, de-clines, trans-pose, mis spoken, hang up, re-considering, fake out, not lose a minute, gat the hell out, are the loser, dis-accords, fold up, re coils, taking hop, set to, Skyed, turn from, exfiltrating, dare not, dis relish, be reaves, dis appearing, whips around, sit on one hands, mis represents, re pulsed, took cure, nit-picked, re fusing, run along, bursted out, jet over, mis represent, re-plicate, kept ones toes, was irresolute, hath cold feet, retro-ceding, humility, had hard feelings, fence-sat, making one escape, mis laying, were awe, putting on cuff, art turned off to, meet under arch, give wide berth, leave stranded, art reluctant, wert impoverished, re pair, Snaking, hypercriticizes, locking in, are allergic to, moved the side, de-part, bums around, making oneself scarce, step on the gas, dropped a bundle, hyper criticized, over-leaped, going a spree, de fault, was averse to, wandered from, playing close to vest, mis spending, turn back on, goes scot-free, pull fast one, de-feat, beast, think twice, eat dirt, kept aloof, dis solve, taking flight, coldshoulders, re-mission, staid away, Skirr, sat on the fence, putting the cuff, abstain, re-bounds, took out, begged the question, Shafting, setting apart, moving to side, going scotfree, ducked the issues, go on a tear, undershoot, re buff, has no truck with, re-tract, scammed, gotten cracking, mis-spent, ceasing exist, ran rings around, be impoverished, blow hot cold, somersault, steps on the gas, by-passing, Stickled, took heat, stickles, dance around, putting on the cuff, ceases exist, off loads, be disquieted, going over hill, pulls fast one, Larked, took it on lam, leading on a merry chase, begs off, re duces, take care, were reduced, keep on toes, upsets apple cart, was derelict, headered, re locating, sate out, keep from, look other way, in ducts, lays down, dis-possess, be-tray, made merry, swore off, in-venting, kissed goodbye, re considered, wert remiss, gat away from, quatting, move side, moving out, flat-hat, make ones escape, denied oneself, uses pretext, taking wind out of, de-feats, be remiss, begging question, art beyond someone, being sunk, unburdened, letting hair down, wormed one way out of, leaves behind, gentility, dis-regard, overleaped, making break, let one hair down, takes wing, does like, hast at it, got going, act like, spiraling, sees in alley, making excuses, sit one hands, JS, played it close to vest, letted slide, growing smaller, tripping up, were noncommittal, gives the runaround, leaving high dry, jives, seeing the alley, letting slip, dropt bundle, was indolent, were worsted, are unwilling, kept clear of, dis inheriting, going again, laze, simulate, sky out, Disported, wormed ones way out of, gets hell out, wert careless, wert beyond someone, take the heat, glide, stay shy of, eases out, letting one's hair down, remain aloft, up sets, breaks out in a sweat, leaving town, whoosh, watching step, made getaway, with holds, cutting and run, trans-posing, giving the go by, sitting on fence, be-guile, gat away, lied along, reels back, re occurs, end gradually, gets away, shook a leg, be-wared, taking the lam, re located, art life party, wert averse to, lead on merry chase, told white lie, had at it, be waring, lets slip, de lays, leaves holding bag, Disfavored, dis favors, took count, OUTS, hastened away, am taken to cleaners, played close the vest, gives go by, being averse to, run from, refuses to receive, leaving holding bag, took the heat, wast reluctant, with-holds, overleapt, take to cleaners, see alley, circling back, went scot-free, going like lightning, re signed, was impoverished, pre vent, did takeoff, duck, bugs out, dis-honor, nose-dove, de creases, ate dirt, folding up, run for cover, giving runaround, offload, was taken cleaners, wast gone, leaved out, bends the throttle, keeping ones toes, moving the side, falling short, is wary, lays low, taking a hike, Sallying, hast it, mis-laying, passed time, dis-concerted, turning one back on, worm way out of, fore-seen, gat around, sneak away, dropping bundle, being late for, Fringing, By-pass, acts like, de sert, think little of, pre tending, scamper, de-crease, suffer loss, was inactive, kept distance, be apprehensive, sneaks off, is negligent, co-oped, minced words, were life of party, being indolent, smile, lets well enough alone, goes on a tear, boxed up, went south, circled back, were derelict, keeps one's toes, step on gas, setting off, leaf, Re sign, lay wait, de fined, play it close to the vest, kept on one's toes, take beating, taking hike, harks back to, did a take-off, be taken cleaners, cloud issue, skulk, fore stalling, dis porting, dis concerting, dis regards, glossed over, knock around, gotten away, mis fire, left no trace, fall back, dithering, be unoccupied, sloughed off, fence, Resiled, dis placed, takes the pledge, Jukes, passes up, sped away, thought twice, make one's escape, hyper-criticize, came short, Antipathize, suffered defeat, re entering, minded ps qs, takes it on the lam, thinking twice, barging, short-circuits, make for, hippetyhops, de-fault, seeing alley, fence sit, am life party, ex filtrates, re cedes, wing in, re-occur, snuck away, shied away, smoking, go a tear, dis place, graciousness, stepped on the gas, Margined, sandbag, go over hill, skimming over, am turned to, are remiss, puts on cuff, over-leapt, slips out, blockading, doubletalk, amused oneself, wormed one's way out of, paralogizes, cloud the issue, playing close vest, offloads, take a beating, argufies, upset one apple cart, drops out sight, re-ceded, beating hasty retreat, re-probate, going on tear, kibitzing around, dis-esteemed, sits one's hands, wandering from, failed keep, stepped aside, in-terns, cut and run, took away, am in awe, keeps on ones toes, over looked, grew smaller, re peats, letting loose, tergiversed, kept from, moves to the side, nosedived, picked pieces, took on the lam, break out in a sweat, starting back, turned from, minding p's and q's, set out, trans pose, dis-places, make quick exit, over leap, dis solved, phonied up, art taken cleaners, giving go by, art turned to, have it, mis carries, speeding away, giving someone slip, turns ones back on, by passes, retro grading, takes the heat, spiraled, stepped it, kick up one's heels, bear malice toward, hast no taste for, co oping, tremoring, sub sides, keeps clear, re plicates, came to naught, de scended, overshoot, re plicated, in-tern, sits ones hands, dis-engage, skipping out, makes way, being reluctant, haddest no taste for, temporize, with hold, flat hatting, dis cards, leave flat, be taken to cleaners, over-shooting, sits on one hands, was negligent, cave in, go, dis possessed, tripped up, fending off, unburdens, re-pulsing, made face, violates oath, moving quickly, not endured, locked up, de camps, was taken to cleaners, lost interest in, is remiss, re-produced, take wing, sat around, re-produces, sneaked away, goes like the wind, re occurred, ending gradually, gives the run around, mis-spoke, use pretext, does a takeoff, hide out, holds at bay, goes on a spree, with draw, wastes away, entertained oneself, dost a take off, were negligent, staid out, dis-favor, wast in awe, over-stating, trod warily, sub-merging, art careless, piddle, run for it, danced around issue, was slothful, sits on the fence, tare out, be reft, de voted, moves side, dancing around, re pulsing, laying down, becomes poorer, gotten out of, retrogrades, shakes and bake, takes to the cleaners, bent down, were sunk, give someone the slip, lead merry chase, shrinking, wast irresponsible, stays out, nose diving, turned ones back on, remained aloft, covered up, am lost, pass up, feinted, argues over, dis solves, tears out, getting away from, dis inherited, feel concern, being the loser, sloughing off, be noncommittal, kicked ones heels, circumlocutes, dis carded, be cautious, hippety hopped, standing off, re signs, mis spent, swears off, go easy, not budgeting, feels concern, hadst no part of, gives slip, takes a powder, crawl out, cold-shouldering, doest take-off, were inactive, hath hard feelings, having hard feelings, kept one toes, removing oneself, dis appears, got out of, sur renders, flathats, ran from, art irresponsible, sending regrets, beg question, rear, letting ones hair down, am allergic to, interned, goes on tear, sate one's hands, wert turned to, dis esteemed, sent off, worming way out of, unbelief, Winging, re-missions, re-strict, jets out, is late for, be no more, take lam, uncover, slow down, hightailed it, doubletalking, re moved, takes time, gives the run-around, blocking off, sitting one hands, doth takeoff, taking the pledge, jib, retro cedes, going wagon, re examine, beg off, jack up, takes the cure, be-ached, thinks about, off-loaded, dis-allows, with drawn, plays off, stood around, shake off, Walling, out-flanks, re peat, was lost, re-signs, drops the ball, fell flat on face, dodge, suspicion, sate on one hands, post-pones, taking it lam, moved side, ceases to exist, caught at straws, taking beating, de fraud, Quat, hippety-hops, going on a tear, hippety hops, run away, re-tiring, discontinue, keeps distance, Careering, walks eggs, de lay, treads warily, concern, barged, being gone, holding bay, de-laying, stickle, out runs, running rings around, takes hike, Fleeted, hippety-hop, mis-spending, de vote, refused to receive, am irresponsible, am done for, shakes leg, am unwilling, be beyond someone, runs along, dies out, dis appointing, pulling fast one, upset the apple cart, is humbled, dis-ported, draining away, Jibbing, moved quickly, goes on the wagon, comes again, shies away from, make a break for it, taking on the lam, take heed, crawling out, resiles, object to, led merry chase, re-curred, take powder, winged in, put an act, break, gat cracking, inside, wert gone, holds off, out flanked, re-pulsed, violating oath, cross out, take on the lam, de-bated, slough off, die out, flip-flopping, comes to naught, wert wary, played close to vest, curvet, closing in, turns one back on, be derelict, de tested, doing take off, is frightened, was anxious, die off, drop the ball, re-appears, taking powder, being anxious, going on the wagon, out-run, went scot free, making a getaway, went on spree, dances around issue, passed up, de-fend, haddest no part of, re-ached, hesitation, parachutes, fore-goings, is noncommittal, shook bake, dis inherit, re-cede, move the side, steps back, turned away, over-look, blocks off, lam, sieges, doing take-off, de-faulting, fore seeing, walking eggs, feint, leaving behind, laid down, kept eyes open, up-sets, goes like lightning, dis inherits, lying along, objects to, not touch, was noncommittal, saltating, went like the wind, smoothed along, grosseds out on, bears malice toward, shrunk from, lead a merry chase, get lost, Ratted, plays it close to vest, jetted out, flighting, watches one's step, was cautious, takes the lam, went to gretna green, mis carry, cut capers, let one's hair down, not lose minute, play hooky, sitting on hands, dis-liking, fails keep, fence sat, halt, sandbags, in-ducted, lie down job, is lost, let pass, torn out, turns deaf ear to, foil, not lose a minuting, wriggled out, wriggling out, took to the cleaners, beat around bush, have qualms, making tracks, was irresponsible, dis regarded, am anxious, get out of, dis-accorded, come away, makes a break, art noncommittal, shaking a leg, tare along, balk, dis guising, dis placing, seeing in alley, ex pending, went wagon, re-straining, having no stomach for, gives thumbs down to, jouncing, come naught, Cribbed, being swallowed up, nose-dives, dancing around an issue, are irresponsible, skimmed over, clouding the issue, meets under arch, sets out, all-owed, be-reft, dis-porting, retro ceding, grows smaller, begged question, keeps on one toes, mis placing, picked to pieces, were no more, take the lam, did take off, waste no time, ex-pended, coming away, leaving out, re coiled, be sunk, evade, de-toured, art the loser, J, over reach, comes naught, retracing steps, Cribbing, Juke, dances around an issue, lied alongside, dis engages, doest a take-off, puts up an argument, using pretext, trans posed, in vents, lit out, flying coop, bow to, were loser, Snaked, minces words, dis favored, re treating, move back, take on lam, took wind out of, in duct, entertaining oneself, be aching, falls short, let loose, incertitude, pre-tended, ex-filtrated, hadst no taste for, having no truck with, re-paired, setting out, not budges, sloughs off, resile, failed to keep, does a take off, by passed, de materialize, burst out, made a break for it, steps aside, make one way, took it lam, turned one's back on, take cure, concede, in vented, taking it on the lam, going like wind, is disquieted, dis-allowed, under shooting, kicking ones heels, re-aching, bollixed, conceals oneself, am remiss, darked, let slide, heading out, squinching, runs for cover, losing sight of, lose courage, pull back, pre-vents, shake leg, runs for it, over-leap, dis-possesses, giving the run-around, wert unwilling, played truant, grossed out on, went the wagon, taking easy, steered clear of, melted away, offloaded, is gone, haddest it, come again, nose-diving, re-sents, modesty, makes oneself scarce, fencesat, shrinking from, taking away, de-creases, sandbagged, have cold feet, leaving flat, went again, shuffled off, de-fines, wast turned off to, sits on fence, makes a break for it, Reprobating, re-buffed, were lost, run, bollix, enclose, take the count, not buy, playact, fenced off, hippety-hopping, bare malice toward, worms one's way out of, sate ones hands, drag one's feet, gat out of, nit picks, stepped on gas, are late for, taking it easy, didst a take-off, re consider, keeps on toes, de-bate, whiling away hours, wast wary, re tired, un-burden, re considers, be wares, be swallowed up, getting going, starve, drag ones feet, re-bounding, sub sided, crossing out, dis located, re strain, mis spend, sent regrets, dis-honoring, taking count, sub merges, smooths along, keeping toes, sits out, am negligent, be wared, lying wait, dance around issue, runs away, being unwilling, ran for it, phony up, out distanced, talks back, short circuiting, re fused, making a big thing about, took it the lam, hath it, sets aside, fade away, art worsted, removes oneself, double-talked, give the go by, dis favoring, left high dry, legged it, blow lid off, capitulate, bumming around, dis-inheriting, beating a hasty retreat, de cline, took for a ride, spiralled, flat hatted, off loaded, dis card, dis-accord, leaved no trace, mis-carry, wert sunk, entertains oneself, shortcircuiting, box up, drained away, let ones hair down, am the loser, de-camped, pro-tested, running out on, wast life party, wast done for, stand off, step back, worming ones way out of, sneaked off, tremored, said goodbye, sit the fence, idle away, art frightened, picks to pieces, dis according, violated oath, dis-locating, gave way, dis-guise, missed out, leaves town, haddest no stomach for, mis-speaks, fence sitting, step gas, brake out in sweat, pussyfoot, are derelict, standing around, drop bundle, phonies up, hath no part of, up-set, welches, wert apprehensive, bowing to, ex tract, thinking about, dis approved, overleaping, go the wagon, got away with, hadst qualms, de camped, kibitzing, takes heed, give slip, take a hop, give thumbs down to, loses out, absenting oneself, bummed around, played it close the vest, lounge around, sending off, wast beyond someone, wrinkle, getting the hell out, shies, dis engaged, turning aside, wast remiss, make scarce, de-bating, sur rendered, tell white lie, taking leave, took the cure, takes powder, made excuses, snafuing, get away from, neglect, were humbled, giving thumbs down to, somersaults, keeps clear of, caving in, suffered loss, shy away from, de parts, doeth a take off, with holding, takes leave, kick ones heels, art cautious, slipping out, re appears, put on act, am slothful, made oneself scarce, Bummed, de-votes, dis appoints, be ached, brake out sweat, hast cold feet, turns back on, did a takeoff, having no part of, disbelief, haddest nothing do with, re-fused, take pledge, dis perse, steps gas, removed oneself, moves back, sur-rendering, retro-grades, sate on ones hands, puts the cuff, took leave, stepped back, letted slip, forbear, chicaning, getting around, running from, hightail it, coldshoulder, gives wide berth, are frightened, not lift a fingering, keeping on one toes, tap dancing, makes a face, lets ones hair down, over leaps, dis-engaged, were unoccupied, staying out, make big thing about, made faces at, de frauds, indecisiveness, out run, re locate, was allergic to, am humbled, give run around, re-treating, de fend, sits the fence, falling flat face, are apprehensive, de-vote, walking on eggs, turns aside, flip-flopped, re-duces, para chute, dis approves, are careless, cut run, refuse to receive, not buying, being irresolute, whoop up, mis-places, dis honor, am cautious, ends gradually, taking it on lam, default, am no more, Bulwarking, be reaving, hath alibi, belly flopping, comes short, flies the coop, walled in, re-peats, didst a take off, take the cure, turned aside, dropping a bundle, art no more, Disfavoring, Short-circuited, being beyond someone, flew coop, art wary, speeds away, clouding issue, pulled a fast one, not lift a finger, dis-possessed, beat a hasty retreat, wast noncommittal, making a quick exit, whiled away hours, de-taches, sneaking away, re-bound, out-flanked, dost take off, went tear, skipping out on, plays it close the vest, dis-regarding, not enduring, turning from, be-lied, re-moving, de fine, dis-allow, throws monkey wrench in, being turned off to, lied down job, guarded against, shutting in, played it close vest, short circuited, dropped out of sight, under shot, were wary, fall flat face, shrinks back, de-fine, flying the coop, were frightened, breaks out a sweat, pick pieces, re-strains, dropping the ball, giving ground, bows to, go on wagon, jibs, be guiles, stepped on it, took heed, were reluctant, turning back on, caught straws, being wary, took one time, worm one way out of, ran its course, drawing away, wert taken cleaners, reveal, dis appeared, hast nothing to do with, art outdistanced, gat hell out, clouded issue, all owed, watched one step, mis-fires, curvets, wert afraid, co loring, wast sunk, goes over hill, sate the fence, disappear, argued over, made a big thing about, going the wagon, upset ones apple cart, sits fence, breaks out in sweat, re-examined, steer clear of, lets one's hair down, with-drew, prance, saw in the alley, wert noncommittal, dive, relent, leaved flat, sate on fence, flip flopped, has qualms, leaves out, taking ones time, put move on, kissing goodbye, kibitzed around, watched one's step, wert allergic to, dis-patching, be-trays, Scotching, with held, ducked out, lies wait, art inactive, taking the cleaners, re strains, acted like, didst like, not moving, de materializing, acting like, hit road, being awe, goes to gretna green, shilly shally, not feel likes, wast taken cleaners, by-passes, fakes out, pass time, dost like, out-flanking, are life party, wast reduced, sitting the fence, speeded away, steers clear of, moved out, wast unoccupied, re visit, were life party, do a takeoff, walked out, leaving stranded, play truant, caper, closes in, leads on a merry chase, sits one hands, be worsted, plays close the vest, re-located, dis-favors, gets away from, bob, let well enough alone, kisses goodbye, makes scarce, wert life of party, de faulted, being reduced, Shafted, Stranding, Overpassing, cold shouldered, out flank, taking cleaners, kept one's distance, mis-speaking, re-considers, re tires, miss, making getaway, caved in, sends off, gloss over, sits around, shakes bake, re pairs, drags one's feet, go secretly, waste away, upsets the apple cart, spiralling, pre-tends, over-reach, sit around, made one way, Larking, be lied, whooping it up, skips town, keeping on toes, art loser, re-locating, made ones escape, dances around, give go by, fly, be lost, takes easy, dis solving, fore goings, mis-lays, turning away, making a break, leave holding bag, re-tracts, hath no taste for, give up, making faces at, hastens away, were swallowed up, took it easy, Reentering, interior, were taken to cleaners, wert cautious, Evanish, drops out of sight, altercate, taking a hop, Re-entering, dematerialize, are slothful, haddest alibi, failing keep, drop a bundle, going south, kick one heels, going on wagon, takes count, hiding, amuses oneself, re buffed, is turned off to, be reluctant, flows back, art anxious, short-circuit, give, bended the throttle, used up, worked out of, shrink, gave run-around, drop out sight, jittered, dis-esteems, make a break, went spree, de scending, gat going, dying out, running its course, kibitz, evanishes, distrust, suffering loss, am outdistanced, clouded the issue, am sunk, slips away, upsetting one's apple cart, in-duct, Reenter, re coiling, stand aloof from, drain away, wert anxious, re appeared, anxiety, do takeoff, sit hands, phonies, retro cede, leave holding the bag, wast indolent, being noncommittal, were in awe, re-cedes, re-visits, tergiversate, retreating, whooshing, re-probated, fence-sit, leaving holding the bag, go like the wind, made one escape, make one's way, jets over, re move, gets going, give the runaround, stalls for time, turn away, ease out, de-fended, Burking, run its course, wert slothful, glissade, kick up heels, making ones way, re-fuse, blanch, died out, kicking up one's heels, misses out, are done for, keeping distance, double talking, thought little of, recede, de parted, tiptoed, legging it, took care, sur rendering, over shot, lie in wait, re missions, flipflopping, chicane, shy away, made big thing about, making haste, while away hours, losing interest in, unburden, have no part of, mis fired, Escaping, cut a caper, doing a take off, taking heed, re bounded, is reluctant, hang out, Hasted, denying oneself, put the cuff, hides out, re-ceding, brake out in a sweat, hanging up, be-reaves, tearing along, sit ones hands, fore going, holds bay, goes like wind, fudge, guarding against, come to naught, keeping on one's toes, drop out of sight, retro graded, caution, shaking and bake, is no more, was in awe, dis-placing, drags one feet, re-treat, takes a hop, being derelict, leaves holding the bag, dis-favoring, make oneself scarce, cop plea, runs off, starts back, co-oping, sur-renders, muring, going around, falls flat on face, begs the question, antipathized, wast taken to cleaners, cutting caper, art gone, not endure, Caving, go a spree, cover up, being life party, cease to exist, hid out, upset apple cart, goes awol, over shooting, hyper criticize, leads a merry chase, were unwilling, wast late for, ex-pends, headering, leave behind, ceasing to exist, return, play it close to vest, dis-carding, retro-graded, cuts capers, ducking issues, take one time, am loser, wander from, took lam, uncertainty, pick to pieces, was worsted, ill repute, out-runs, wanders from, fencesit, queers, over state, hold at bay, not lift fingers, dis-claimer, objected to, swearing off, circumlocute, secluded oneself, thinks twice, ex-pend, see in alley, dis-missing, watched ones step, wast awe, take ones time, timidity, fore-stalls, doeth a take-off, made a break, mis-carrying, de-lay, wormed way out of, get going, gallop, were beyond someone, gave thumbs down to, taking to the cleaners, hypercriticizing, being careless, tore out, dis sents, were careless, dis approve, hadst no truck with, dis concerted, not moved, shudders at, de taches, catching at straws, ran away, am taken cleaners, kicked up heels, minded p's q's, break out sweat, drop back, telling white lie, behind, is irresponsible, de-sert, sub-merge, plays truant, got lost, re-bounded, pulling back, dragged one's feet, tergiverses, art afraid, started back, does take-off, up-setting, made break, ex press, dis-carded, gets away with, double cross, gives the slip, be-wares, wast humbled, welched, danced around, dis-relishing, bugged out, holding at bay, takes to cleaners, sashaying, with draws, turn one's back on, have alibi, went on a spree, hast qualms, bend down, sub-merged, budge, run out on, guard against, crawled out, ex pire, is life party, dis regarding, covers up, slipt away, pre venting, thought about, doublecross, carefulness, goes west, begging the question, over passing, post pone, move to the side, pre-venting, ducked issues, refuse receive, out wit, wast slothful, dis-favored, mew, kept away from, were remiss, re-appearing, re treated, over look, with-draws, be tray, re-treats, re pulses, minds p's q's, lay alongside, makes escape, fore saw, is awe, re tracts, stealing away, plays it close to the vest, was humbled, staid shy of, leads on merry chase, making face, un burdened, skipped out, dis esteem, put act, in ducted, whooping up, broke out a sweat, out wits, go on the wagon, flies coop, dis places, incredulity, keep on ones toes, breaks out sweat, bolt, weasel, ex-tracts, goes gretna green, Danced, fail keep, wert negligent, make one escape, minded p and q, not appreciates, retro-grading, put on cuff, went on tear, being irresponsible, over leaping, lolloping, am noncommittal, re visiting, being frightened, worms one way out of, ran like scared rabbit, sub-sides, not appreciated, taking out, become poorer, take easy, made tracks, leaved behind, detoured, pulls a fast one, took wing, put up argument, Barrelling, take one's time, start, steal away, art averse to, suffering defeat, drains away, re-plicates, goes scotfree, was gone, turns one's back on, going spree, dis-appeared, Neared, run rings around, was beyond someone, ex-tract, using up, lets pass, has nothing do with, begs question, playing close the vest, legs it, takes for ride, re bounds, stands off, beats a hasty retreat, dis sent, dis-engages, out-wit, be afraid, stepping on gas, running around, de tach, mis spoke, did like, de bating, keep on one toes, took it on the lam, mis-laid, looking the other way, un burden, fall short, whooped it up, shies away, re-coiling, going a tear, beats around bush, work out of, be life of party, gave the run around, step on it, reenters, are reduced, de toured, recrudesce, think about, kibitz around, puts up argument, having it, go scotfree, raised hell, being impoverished, take a hike, innards, mincing words, un-burdening, shrink back, gotten hell out, retreat, in-ducts, be gone, buffalo, did a take off, out-distancing, goes headfirst, dematerialized, lying down job, jitter, crawls out, disapprove, de-fined, desert, break out a sweat, sneak off, watches ones step, dis missed, taking the count, unburdening, got the hell out, re-pairs, slowing down, is derelict, being inactive, re tiring, play off, raises hell, gotten the hell out, re pairing, doth like, para-chuted, upsets one apple cart, de-fining.