Pronunciation of Fail
/fˈe͡ɪl/, /fˈe‍ɪl/, /f_ˈeɪ_l/

Antonyms for fail

being on mend, breaks to smithereens, wast bequeathed, gets back feet, bringing heel, gets someone's goat, put lock on, make fast, bring light, check with, got the drift, coming in to, caused to be, de cipher, push around, didst one's bidding, rang in, flaxes, went through with, softened up, do one's duty, make an impression, toss off, bring back, got the floor, comes like, un nerves, doest one's bidding, rise, come over, sur mount, be one lot, Pirouetted, un-tangle, give voice, out-foxing, be loyal to, wast in operation, mushroom, wast effective, slam, am crawling with, wast enough, correct, am aware, wast ears, doing an impression of, having it coming, keeps faith, play, whips out, didst the job, get right, were the driver's seat, am ears, blow out of water, lays in ruins, art just ticket, reap benefit, bring a close, de mean, catheterizes, defraud, brings in to existence, am in action, gets on one's nerves, de-riving, didst a number, hold, hath the right to, be dimmed, art par, am ruled by, contuse, doth one thing, dost impression of, are one's ears in, are talented, ex-plaining, make merry, boff, sweeping one's feet, art knee deep in, are given ones due, turn the tables on, said piece, answer a need, taking over, lay on thick, up-staging, became a fact, brake ground, have full plate, pestle, is in flower, carrying oneself, throws towel, captures film, re marks, argue into, impress as, do a bangup job, putting out action, softening up, is the mend, runs with the ball, haddest do with, art worthy, went to town, carries day, up holds, took the cleaner, sweeping off feet, yessed one, makes the most of, arrive, made reparation, winning race, shored up, dropping curtain, over hears, has at one disposal, gat under way, officializes, got shot, comes up to snuff, assume character, broke smithereens, get one's hands on, ministers to, hold sway, get well, re stores, wert in drivers seat, Hacked, leaves the dust, succeeds to, hadst effect, art blessed with, Skirr, puts under a spell, getting through ones head, wrought into lather, Visioning, breezing in, keeping in contact, being in drivers seat, Pothering, pro bed, press out, unhorse, get places, provides the means, caboodled, dost the trick, was crawling with, points the way, up raised, am prolific, shows talent, gives introduction, over-cast, does as one says, de-claims, cinematizing, were all over the place, rising in value, taking apart, go with flow, PREPS, come into, am smitten by, being favorite, acting like, be up ears in, twotime, got message, got earful, scourge, suckered into, gained possession, put shame, being obtainable, spank, be come, gat as result, am on par, make into law, am useful, glommed onto, boffing, Venge, dis-tresses, did one thing, closeupping, make a bow, hit back, be plentiful, were just ticket, dis-mount, am operation, transorts, un folded, be running, running with ball, paying dues, shopping for, was on top of heap, de-fends, set on, showing around, doest well enough, being par, puts to good use, be-means, going to, get likeness, re located, win race, catching with, are all ears, out-plays, art adequate, being in the driver's seat, be-clouded, gentling, splashing down, posing as, fits together, comes into existence, puts in force, putting freeze on, over topping, flesh out, under went, fit in, got through one's head, re-veal, wast in action, de-ranging, talked big, giving birth to, were plausible, answers a need, were lot, was ready, bringing down the house, dis-honoring, mow down, is of advantage, give life to, gave weight, took for a ride, re-gained, goes one better, dis prove, hadst jump on, broke away from pack, sold off, playing the part of, re-solving, see through, Disarraying, didst all right, levelled off, reify, best, making haul, made a bow, hamming, be just ticket, gets something done, be tided, in-cline, over thrown, making money, passing oneself off as, being ears in, turned head, puts one over, came first, wound at, house trains, said one's piece, in form, dis-array, photostatting, having all over, are out of woods, corners the market, bringing to, wast all ears, out raged, de spoiling, outreached, ranking with, didst duty as, didst a bangup job, gat point, de-code, canceled out, de signs, picked off, am one's ears in, giving rise to, coming in to possession, dragoons, make sense of, shellack, act the part of, giving satisfaction, over-thrown, gives color to, art good enough, putting to use, climb the ladder, in hale, rolling over and play dead, turn insideout, making production of, re straining, doest trick, be-seeming, over awe, de-ciphers, be up to one ears in, be setting, cuts to quick, are bequeathed, came in first, has full plate, gat wind of, crosshatched, wert plausible, lash in to, Personated, hurting ones feelings, indisposes, were engaged in, stoppered, quarterbacks, being over place, pulled it off, capture, making a hitch, lives by, taking an eye for an eye, descend upon, vanquish, Patting, wert on top of heap, brake to smithereens, whangs, keep, descended upon, follows order, are all over place, dropping the hammer, were given one due, doest justice, got back one feet, comes next, procreate, were ruled by, dis proving, house-trained, putting it over, got in to one head, turned upside down, staying put, in-creased, show around, begging borrow steal, in-creases, tame, housebreaks, Make short work of, recognize, pull the trigger, Deputed, lighted up on, am up to one's ears in, adheres to, micro-film, being conspicuous, super-abounds, getting a shot, blows out water, exercises authority, betters oneself, had at one's disposal, over rules, out hitting, pro cured, brake for, dis-organize, over-throws, out witted, coming to be, move in world, showed the way, gat into one's head, pro-fits, cognize, carry day, looking upon, cutting it, Cresting, bought in to, catches up to, wast superior, art out of the woods, gets out of way, up held, flog, sickened with, doth one proud, be usual, arrives at, wising up, slicked, keeping up with, over throwing, showing one face, trades in, breaking the bank, whacking, para phrase, hadst a jump on, Ultimating, garrote, was commission, tragedizes, gat hold of, dis locating, bring close, glom onto, took by surprise, trade in, gloms, dis-locate, re main, played second fiddle, comminute, snapping out it, gotten in there, outpace, re-sounds, re plenish, consents to, gain victory, un-seating, roping in, sorted out, Crosshatching, calls a day, striking it rich, makes a selection, makes selection, rolling out, had it all over, Cinched, didst what one is told, turns head, clean upon, were on, luck out, paid for, getting fat, out-last, opens fire, suckers into, make a picture, don't rock the boat, consent to, come to have, makes allowance for, looked up on, puts it over, being accepted, putting bed, harvest, put out of action, make believer, get line, be-friends, cancelling out, re-ported, pass through, turned the corner, dis arrays, mis appropriates, giving good account oneself, pulls fast one, dis-counts, get hands on, rained blows on, re-assured, move world, becoming of, wast of advantage, sells up, re fund, Birching, comes to be, in forming, x outing, got what is coming one, over-clouds, cross hatches, worked in, de fined, over hauls, am up to ones ears in, re-turns, splash down, Hefted, pre-serving, in-denting, leading do, has it over, stagger along, makes scene, bought up, Viseing, was out the woods, being gainfully employed, wracks up, shoot down, strikes big, are in clover, take effect, sweeps one feet, holding down, comminutes, cooks one goose, photostatted, doest the job, grow famous, bring to close, Victualed, up setting, offed, wast lot, doest job, close-upped, breaking the record, wast numerous, scraped by, took one's death, be ones lot, made choice, leathered, is action, being afflicted with, wast plentiful, up root, going around, laying it on, run show, practice, get something done, knocked socks off, putting out of commission, makes go, allegates, draws near, fore-tell, have all over, running up, re locates, recuperate, un settled, gets through one's head, is crawling with, force upon, be-set, dis agree, paid off, de tailed, working into lather, re covers, un-folds, catching up with, conforming to, puts two two together, re wording, taking place, sandbags, lived by, one's best guesses, steamroll, get someones goat, cutting on, being commission, showed around, ex-terminate, was sold for, moved the world, didst number on, re covered, un-ravel, bring home the bacon, Blanking, takes it the chin, showing in, acquit, lays claim to, over-seen, earn, dis mounts, up-stage, wast in line for, chouses, thumbs, remember, pro vide, de stroys, acted up on, feathers nest, ex-changed, is contact, with holds, parented, make capital, break bank, go in for, ex changing, socks someone, held down, gets someplace, don't rock boat, am worthy of, art all over place, throwing off balance, de based, out performing, taking pleasure, dis-organizing, dis honored, out-vied, came on like, co-axed, in-validating, take down a peg, being of use, inter-feres, be in the driver seat, hath done with, exceed, break the record, be rate, de served, pulled one's leg, scraping by, am current, am conscious of, wast to ears in, Trundled, wipe off map, up graded, pedaled, well forth, wert accessible, reaps benefit, out fitted, catching on, out-staying, be falls, kept posted, paving way, give rise to, am made up of, grin and bear it, pulled the strings, Optate, taking death, de positing, para-phrased, gat on ones nerves, make a production of, are blessed with, did proud, takes the part of, getting to top, manages to get, outpaced, blew in, be mend, dis embarking, hitting the bull'seye, clean up, votes in, de-lineate, doth with, moving world, operate, say one's piece, outblooming, wert given due, avail, de crees, attain, sub merges, capture film, dis graces, re-curring, am level, cock-a-doodle-dooed, abound, acts up on, got results, brace, passing oneself as, tooled, run roughshod over, auscultating, commence, did bang-up job, makes up mind, figures it to be, whelms, took chin, ex-posing, de faces, answered need, super vising, did t, was one's ears in, art out of woods, be seem, re plenishing, getting message, doeth turn, wert victorious, brings to a close, make it, am up ones ears in, wiped map, doeth one's bidding, make hit with, Photo-engraving, make ashamed, going better, re sting, passed through, re turns, out pace, photo-graphing, falls by, take the cake, wert flower, made it, asservates, Birched, acting the part of, giving cat onine tails, winning favor, do as says, puts forward, Witched, stumble, dost one's thing, lay one's hands on, prevails over, are in operation, pro-claiming, being common, socks to someone, pulling ones leg, asservated, got out of way, be siege, pre-ceding, take pleasure, dis-mounts, didst a bang-up job, pony up, takes cleaners, am ones ears in, in-corporate, play game, skunked, break out with, pulls one leg, railroaded, overweighs, dis covers, managed get, pulling it off, bogarts, bringing a close, stooging, are aware of, turns tables on, trying one's patience, show one's face, be good enough, is given one's due, dis courses, were welcome, parses, hitting high spot, be subsequent, gat taller, faring well, Equiponderate, bulged out, ex-asperating, put use, am in contact, made like, Trajected, sur rendered, cuts the mustard, doubling as, trundle, coming first, cleaning up on, drops the hammer, makes contact with, going whole hog, bringing low, didst one's duty, am clover, snapped up, un-rolled, gat what is coming one, hadst a full plate, puts an end to, de signing, gat hands on, being handy, upturning, feel in one bones, pre-scribe, overmasters, rammed in, being visible, lashed in to, horsewhipped, bore the expense, going well, un riddle, art worth, co-habiting, got on ones nerves, singled out, blew away, be in the driver's seat, made blood boil, up stages, has recourse to, blew smoke, being in the driver seat, became infected with, up-ends, life, out lines, is in drivers seat, enforce, puts out of action, bring to a close, lead to believe, were up one's ears in, brings ruin, x outed, made profit, ex-tending, are all over the place, playing on heartstrings, dis composing, wast master of, carrying off, turn inside out, over-doing, got on one's nerves, did the honors, be acceptable, wert neck and neck, wiping floor with, answers purpose, was visible, fills the bill, hast all over, re-quires, take over, doth justice, bears expense, wast on, being enough, gotten point, am convinced, pre-disposes, trans-form, was the driver's seat, talking big, disarrayed, Beseemed, pre-paid, calling forth, grand-stands, breaks out with, be rates, in duces, mopping up, made ashamed, make ends meet, deal in, does a number on, art common, co oked, extend above, keep faith, touch, out steps, am plausible, outbloom, stomping, picks off, becomes rich, bob up, giving bum steer, out guns, does ones bidding, haddest a full plate, wrought through, reeling back in, Parsing, tear off, became famous, hast coming, un ravelled, skunking, de-lighted, re state, going shopping, am seized, re-straining, exudate, out-playing, arriving time, am all over the place, strike it rich, fixt one wagon, acting up on, am out the woods, re attains, break smithereens, deadlocking, give impulse, leaving in shade, does one's duty, be skillful, are level, enheartened, act up on, ex cogitated, drive off, wrought out a deal, bursting at seams, act out, bangs into, turned to advantage, tipped the scales, called a day, come to snuff, be lieve, gotten out of way, de posing, dis concerts, Superabound, dropped the hammer, is commensurate, dis figuring, draw forth, flowered, being up one's ears in, was prevalent, secure, got as far as, was plentiful, forced upon, de ported, lashed into, pro-mises, outstrip, made haul, giving way, having to do with, in disposes, doest thing, electro cute, making concrete, overtaxed, over-weighs, bodies forth, wert superior, is just the ticket, gassing, outhussle, go that route, carries to, domiciliates, gat sick, fulfill, Eddied, palms, gives just desserts, in spiring, came snuff, be-heading, gave comeuppance, dost the honors, de-picts, impinging upon, plunks down, boxed in, take role of, dis integrating, took part, sprung in, were ready, cleans upon, co-habited, going in for, make a purchase, plays part of, drop the hammer, am ticket, button down, dis places, find way, are welcome, hast done with, doeth to turn, art in clover, am all over place, are up to ears in, de-feat, putting proportion, becomes famous, gave an introduction, let fly, wast elevated, tosses it in, in-hale, hath full plate, shopped for, did honors, chancing upon, are first, referred to, cross-breeding, get someone's goat, brought down house, un-roll, gotten the better of, got floor, be conscious of, un-riddle, postdates, railroading, grit teeth, turned upsidedown, conducting oneself toward, vaporing, in capacitated, de throning, takes steps, out jumping, does number on, rises above, hath ones disposal, gaining advantage, am endowed with, gets out way, being drivers seat, put forward, played to gallery, carries off, calls up on, passing along, breaking record, didst wonders, is one ears in, syndicated, out played, dramatize, Unbuild, re-vamps, carrying the day, rope in, de-served, got nerves, scraping up, gets one's hands on, hit bulleye, super vise, de-fended, are knee deep in, sets off, made reprisal, overweighed, wast employed by, pin down, parse, was favorite, plow in to, keep posted, bringing maturity, puts two and two together, tie knot, do trick, wast on a par, hath it coming, out-run, over riding, got hang of, dis-located, is convenient, sweeping off one feet, was adequate, gets back ones feet, walk off with, welled forth, de-pressed, packing like sardines, keeping with, doing the trick, planned for, re instating, mowed down, cuts mustard, haddest recourse to, broke bank, out fitting, do number on, doeth bang-up job, leaving in dust, re-veals, Advantaging, sur-pass, re tains, trans-muting, gets back one feet, delivered the goods, did a number, housebreaking, re coup, puts mind at ease, acceded to, art afflicted with, carried off, getting from, overtax, hath business with, over-mastered, puts in to words, sicken with, hits bull'seye, re-took, fixed ones wagon, gat message, are up to ones ears in, went as far as, over threw, out-steps, de-faced, in-venting, descending upon, being in the drivers seat, turning trick, make scene, become wealthy, super-abounding, branch out, art sufficient, pre-tending, being plentiful, over-look, holds dominion, wert proficient, make impression, hold to, interpret, fixes ones wagon, wast told, gains advantage, put on to, left in the shade, were worth, de-claim, serve people, winded at, taking the cleaner, equiponderating, laying an egg, out-fitting, buffaloed, breaking away from the pack, was numerous, overcasts, runs circles around, sit on, put under a spell, bring to reason, are up one's ears in, be-dimming, make one mind, takes under wing, was afflicted with, un-coiled, in disposed, getting idea, did one duty, calls signals, dost ones duty, hast at ones disposal, make mind, wins the race, gat on one nerves, made fast buck, draw, hitting bulls eye, Wantoned, kept touch, laying one out, contract, hit upon, scamming, art talented, punched clock, in-spired, be-seemed, making ashamed, dis charged, am on mend, doing one proud, do right, super intended, cut to the quick, re deemed, cash on, regains health, does an impression of, comes around, led altar, approves accept, prepays, crow, being sold for, plays to gallery, get nerves, re vile, over whelmed, gat out of the way, going route, exercised control, gives account, is ahead, hit the bull eye, wert out of woods, does one bidding, strike big, making believer, weather storm, made concrete, de luging, went in for, became wealthy, passes oneself as, do job, signed for, dropping anchor, getting back ones feet, sailed through, un-rolling, number among, freezing to, up grade, be on top of heap, puts in proportion, overweighing, mounts up to, got right, paid dividend, insisting on, transort, having one disposal, better, being convinced, becomes conscious of, puffs up, defeat, do wonders, brings to ground, stirring up, necessitate, de code, breaking ground, barter for, dis agrees, pro-motes, wrought ones way up, being sequence, figure out, plays game, coming in first, got hold of, serve purpose, does to a turn, with-standing, blitzing, bringing senses, doth thoroughly, got ones nerves, blew sky high, wast in clover, de-scribed, laying egg, super-vise, hast right to, Braining, smashed grab, win out, are drivers seat, being ready, recruit, un-did, fore telling, gives cat onine tails, developing in to, taking under wing, has it all over, ex acts, conduct toward, doest what is expected, wert on, turn topsyturvy, wast of use, hadst one disposal, re-solved, out plays, am over place, do with, was contained in, in-curring, give the appearance, went well, up-rearing, makes ashamed, gotten back on feet, blundered upon, counter-balances, be sieges, wast efficacious, latching to, comes mind, cook goose, pro cures, blunders up on, re presented, is up one's ears in, has hand, hurt one feelings, does justice to, are given due, gat fat, are common, grew rapidly, doping out, starred, shop for, doest bang-up job, comes ashore, Counterpoising, re-deeming, dost like, gloms onto, Prepaying, not let goes, Smash and Grab, auscultate, are superior, hadst name, Unriddle, ex-posed, didst job, overtop, puts mind ease, dis-entangling, have knowledge of, finished off, made mincemeat of, was commensurate, gives a good account oneself, brings maturity, sounding off, bringing ruin, doest bang up job, breaks ground, overclouded, over master, do one thing, whops, out-does, lock up, gathered resources, teem with, got into one's head, passing off as, parted with, flattered oneself, un-settled, dis-figuring, bringing to fruition, blistered, pitch in, uncoils, de stroying, gave verbal account, un-ravels, outhitting, hit high spot, makes up one's mind, got in line, doth wonders, de tail, feather nest, bags it, jiving, was bequeathed, socked someone, railroading through, put in force, massproduces, dis comfits, draw in, be heads, get as far as, be conspicuous, are top heap, transliterated, re-captured, up-holds, ex-plains, takes hold of, put act, gets picture, dis concert, de-posed, turn the corner, over-clouding, got out way, Percussed, am driver seat, sets on, puts forth, blunder up on, de livered, am the driver seat, dis countenancing, flaxed, re form, acts part, is prevalent, requite, makes ones mind, passes on, overing, cooked one goose, keep to oneself, read part, de-throne, tossed it in, stacking up, didst well, being successful, Overset, am afflicted with, laid down the law, burst at seams, transact, enamours, wast handy, is in sequence, wast good, art one's lot, be witched, following order, making dent, gave cat o'nine tails, in-gather, doest a number on, cleans on, being skillful, were current, tickle death, get earful, out maneuvered, go one better, bring to, laid bare, put it over, exudating, became popular, putting into words, went next, made production of, overmastering, made start, show talent, are endowed with, laid hands on, box, are top of heap, shipwrecks, beat game, have semblance, make progress, acting the part, ex-plicating, comes over, takes it all, lived through, hits the bull eye, pressurized, made debut, ringing in, gave an audience to, gives word, get sick, roll over and play dead, render role, calls the signals, makes amends, personate, art just the ticket, come out on top, go beyond, weathered storm, getting touch, pushed around, with held, over-flows, wast at disposal, re-possesses, sailing through, wast seemly, in censes, run with the ball, regained health, dost t, provide the means, co-habit, feeling for, being running, re dresses, came together, trans-planted, thinks out, sell one on, being out for blood, got going, am the mend, Burlesqued, hath all over, be all ears, paid back, takes effect, figure it be, de-signed, wert skillful, comes first, being master of, having a jump on, passes oneself off as, bring into existence, were efficacious, gets hold of, ruled over, turns advantage, come ashore, up-braiding, art top of heap, make a hit with, be par, having right to, were ones lot, get going, dis tressed, are on a par, putting flight, Mothering, cuts the quick, becoming aware, appearing as, better oneself, giving color to, gat ones hands on, bring ground, living up to, rises to crescendo, de-serving, is all over place, makes a profit, going with flow, letting someone have it, brings in to being, bogarting, reaffirming, measured out, moves the world, hadst right to, doing bang-up job, turns the tables on, gotten rich, up raise, de rives, gotten the top, give report, buy up, gat through one's head, super-abound, de ciphers, gave a good account oneself, super abounds, out blooms, turning upside-down, re instated, tragedize, circumstantiates, over-haul, commentates, take chin, outweigh, is told, be widespread, gat one's nerves, re serve, buffaloing, turning topsy-turvy, caught with, pro pounding, land, lashing into, get through head, gotten results, comes snuff, get out from under, out lasting, throws lead, rise to, be worth, in validated, doest ones duty, plighted troth, hits pay dirt, un twists, assuming character, being disposal, over flows, evened up, takes role of, becomes aware, hadst advantage, come for, de lighting, overcome, up braids, is master of, ex pressed, coming after, doth to t, singling out, brought home groceries, tripping on, was disposal, un-earths, re-locate, counter balancing, being one's lot, coming across with, am worthy, doth bidding, gets bigger, became rich, doing bidding, de faced, dis charges, falls victim to, takes one's death, over weighed, art ill with, meting out, re-plenishing, strook it rich, dis organizes, makes buy, call shots, come after, says so, dis-may, hitting bull-eye, co ordinate, Tendered, outbalancing, hadst at disposal, were subsequent, do one's thing, laying down the law, cook one goose, pass, improved up on, are just the ticket, am skillful, under takes, dis close, art contact, gat in to head, over-hear, re-habilitate, companioning, re duce, gets a shot, gat back on one's feet, cock a doodle doos, with-drawing, whipping out, corks up, hadst semblance, putting to flight, wins favor, be one's lot, doublecross, wert ruled by, cheat, got through head, are accessible, being subsequent, getting out from under, dis-posing, running into, blow ones horn, causes be, drawing near, turning inside-out, hath disposal, re tort, chance up on, broke silence, develops in to, making a start, have a full plate, go in to, pops in, am told, scraping together, does well enough, doeth like, be-dimmed, are running, outreaching, rides roughshod, de-ducts, bang into, carving out, come to mind, break the spirit, pulled one leg, brought to ground, re attained, over mastering, de coding, re-instating, plows in to, gave cat onine tails, brought a close, mimic, be over place, taking hold of, leave the dust, concusses, led by the nose, pre-paring, make go, batter, re-sounding, in-censed, brought low, made hitch, heading up, hadst full plate, am of use, gathering resources, prehended, turning to advantage, be-have, gotten a hold of, bear fruit, do bangup job, re quests, wert equivalent to, found way, is in commission, beseem, take the chin, throw together, re lay, retells, dis mays, de-barks, putting up with, went places, Creamed, co habits, be on par, bring home bacon, drops hammer, de-fines, is enough, art proficient, giving audience to, gobbles up, went one better, hast semblance, de stroy, moves up in the world, forces up on, tasselled out, get under way, dis-till, mounts to, reifies, prefabricate, pre disposing, comes up against, figuring be, lays an egg, gotten into one's head, earns wings, am victorious, topped off, counterpoised, made hit with, mass-produce, took it easy, am left, am usual, are use, be friended, re-storing, super-vised, wast gainfully employed, staggering along, be rating, cooked one's goose, counter-balance, assuming command, be-falling, becomes known, re-aping, whop, comply, wert blessed with, headed up, out living, leading to altar, up staging, rules over, over-looks, panto mime, bears the expense, gives cat o'nine tails, capitalized on, was to one ears in, doest one bidding, out maneuvering, coming into possession, farcializes, de means, worked through, sur-render, getting hitched, takes an eye for an eye, didst thing, acts the part, torn off, reasserted, has right to, paved way, pay for, gat the picture, bag it, re-curred, blows smoke, brings to knees, dis-composed, whanging, sweeps ones feet, am subsequent, hadst do with, gat to top, cancels out, came into, sorting out, get ones nerves, return to, dis-patched, out-raged, pro position, de ducted, tabbing, out gun, in dents, hit bulls eye, fixes wagon, breaking silence, tries one's patience, hitting the bulls eye, made over, latched onto, throws together, comes after, over-whelming, was good enough for, do proud, are favorite, mis-appropriates, am engaged in, be-fall, photo, take prize, accomplish, gat the point, am up one's ears in, Jagging, re-attained, are disposal, wast level, ex plains, catching on to, walked with, doth a bang up job, holding sway, top, prepaid, be current, Furrowing, shorted, made knot, multi plying, were receipt of, hit bull eye, wert ones ears in, move on, be ears, springs in, rode roughshod, popping up, are convinced, being commensurate, cutting to pieces, follows in order, cross hatch, climb to, do as one says, becomes wealthy, wert in driver seat, capitalizing on, breaks the spirit, squares with, am action, dropt hammer, hast the right to, being equipped for, making comeback, pays one's dues, get floor, makes a go, ex-pounding, cross-breeds, ex-celling, tips over, jam pack, dis-proving, Handing, bearing the expense, pre vail, break, see as, blow horn, prefabricating, re-locating, didst one bidding, making up one mind, being adequate, be stowing, takes the chin, being ahead, having jump on, under taking, kenning, out wore, finish in front, un zips, wert ahead, getting hang of, leading by the nose, barters for, gained victory, de posit, are one ears in, dis figures, counter vailed, is all ears, made fortune, is entitled to, goes places, take orders, pre tends, makes use of, skirring, falling in with, being granted, falls to the lot, in-validated, de-lights, dost ones bidding, traded in, up-stages, out class, art ones lot, are clover, gotten the floor, ex-pounded, wast receipt of, get upper hand, fell up on, bringing into existence, give just desserts, lay foundation for, gets it, turned inside-out, puts force, gave just desserts, were in receipt of, stole spotlight, de serving, re vamps, lighted upon, stubs toe on, pre cede, over masters, engaging in, rendering the role, tanning one hide, all owed, pours out, shook hands, out vies, are good enough, hitting the bull's-eye, swishing, haddest at one disposal, wast drivers seat, pre-pare, be wilder, un-twisting, do the honors, making big, sock someone, trans-acting, played the game, brake spirit, played heartstrings, toe line, vote favorably, am composed of, taking helm, live, conducts oneself toward, falling to the lot, over rode, did what one is told, de scribes, re solves, were victorious, live up, stumbles across, be action, haddest effect, trans mutes, doest bangup job, left in dust, housebroke, queering, sub-merging, wast seized, dis mount, putting forward, pre scribing, lay on, over-topping, be-rates, pre pays, de-vising, enheartens, be to ears in, sitting on, are in the drivers seat, figured it be, was power, rivetting, is accessible, puts out action, turning out well, gives verbal account, be-friend, caused be, fit together, gyring, plunking down, ex plicating, came out on top, double-dealt, hast to name, was given due, was ones ears in, being bequeathed, is subsequent, be given ones due, came up to snuff, made the grade, bring in, carves out, gotten someone goat, leaved in the dust, brings the ground, haddest hand, becomes a fact, shot down, brings home the groceries, drew in, were composed of, dis-placed, Re-sound, de riving, Mouthed, dis-countenances, went distance, made ends meet, art responsible for, bare the cost, doth bangup job, be-guiles, disambiguating, was accepted, mis-leads, caboodles, pro generating, gotten upper hand, becoming known, mount to, holding fast, trans mute, un derwent, dost duty as, came to snuff, be level, dis burses, over-take, wert in operation, engaged in, gains on, marry, de scribe, was skillful, keep an eye on, were gainfully employed, doest as says, bursted seams, gat back on one feet, dis quiet, gratify, ex celled, finish, falling ill with, Xray, catch, boxes in, re mark, consented to, set off, excel, is in operation, re counting, stay put, dis-tract, paying off, was over the place, having over, take precedence, cross-hatching, de-rives, art in action, pre-vailed, be endowed with, am up one ears in, dost one's duty, be headed, giving impulse, in-spiring, dis counts, were out the woods, art prolific, out-rage, art in the driver seat, de-positing, living high hog, comes on like, summated, doth bang-up job, made most of, is in driver's seat, gets floor, Victualing, gotten comeuppance, makes up for, being ones lot, were the ticket, cashed in, doeth one bidding, tcbing, tossed and turn, be effective, piled up, over power, giving introduction, being given ones due, putting to bed, pro created, were with it, gotten out way, does wonders, called forth, in-vented, de picts, hitting the bull's eye, crested, art granted, was elevated, ex terminated, latch on to, took to the cleaners, rips into, dis-integrates, arrives in time, turning head, becoming rich, de clare, hauling in, downed, came to have, reaped benefit, bore fruit, roll out, getting in to one head, pro fess, wert efficacious, gotten in exchange, pre-fabricated, light on, wiping off mat, put in practice, conforms to, are ruled by, tickle to death, doeth bang up job, makes in to law, art use, beating game, laid a finger on, over spreads, makes into law, does number, setting about, break ground, de lineated, scraped together, dresses as, doing what one is told, be adequate, de presses, brings to close, getting through one head, gotten ones nerves, going distance, showed in, coming to terms, shotgun, gat ready, art mend, over weighing, moves up in world, suckered in to, moves out, doing a bang up job, counter balance, re leases, corporealizing, brings home, took one death, is enriched, packed like sardines, doing thing, gets an earful, voodooing, pre fab, bear cost, orgasmed, be responsible for, blow out water, play games, leads to altar, art in the drivers seat, doeth thoroughly, dost one duty, don't make waves, turning to, latching on to, sur-prises, become rich, hits the bulls-eye, assumed character, being plausible, personates, were of use, putting in practice, doth a number on, turn one's head, is in driver seat, pay back spades, fell ill with, bringing to reason, bring ruin, comes to mind, structured, Cribbed, out smarting, doeth to a turn, atoned for, getting into one head, rolled back, de sign, Wantoning, took orders, rounding out, is out woods, kept eye on, are the ticket, house train, broke spirit, out-flanking, was drivers seat, letted in on, gat as far as, making a haul, clocks in, piles up, re paid, sur-passed, art over the place, strikes it big, is one's ears in, stops in, doth proud, be sieging, came after, takes care of, leaves dust, de-livered, pulling out it, outlast, scared up, learned from, even score, reeling off, upper-cut, was operation, re funding, dis-composes, hath semblance, master, gear up, making pitch, out-hitting, outgunning, puts across, un coil, art in drivers seat, dis-covered, Beseeming, quarterbacking, bop, signs over, allegated, corners market, corked up, gat back one feet, developed into, being endowed with, in-flamed, take to the cleaners, in-gathering, making a fool of, planning for, housetrain, takes cake, haddest name, in undated, roll, pro-generating, score, give appearance, being in action, in-curred, be at disposal, be seeming, brought fruition, de-serve, had effect, hits the bull's-eye, bear, wast par, go with the flow, sur-mounts, take the cleaner, pick up, out doing, coming out top, comes to snuff, pro visioned, get by, twist one's arm, keep pace with, dis-cover, paying ones dues, brought to senses, break away from pack, wast over the place, coming like, didst number, dis-charged, was smitten by, wast smitten by, outbalance, doeth thing, be set, fender bending, de claimed, un earthing, wipes map, built in, bear expense, dis-organized, pre tend, convince, beared the expense, called day, climbed the ladder, dis tending, doth well, counter poised, made a fool of, wert one's ears in, dis countenance, re-mains, wast up ears in, mount up to, falling with, chanced upon, gets there, out-rival, in spiriting, head up, un-veil, moved out, Cudgeled, diagraming, get hold of, making up mind, called up on, be smitten by, doing as one says, circumducting, out weigh, do to t, de-rived, art numerous, setting deck, returned to, being ruled by, dis-places, ex-tort, didst impression of, did the trick, producing result, grand-standing, submits to, making buy, be given one due, strike rich, falls lot, going to town, paid dues, outplays, go route, re counted, panto-mime, gets set, being ticket, over ride, putting lock on, punching the clock, get through, quell, catching up to, perfect, winned argument, did number, deciding on, gives an audience to, living through, de fraud, wert made of, gat back one's feet, fires up, climbs to, in-haling, beared fruit, leaves in shade, art to one's ears in, gotten bottom, coming around, being up to one ears in, gat married, being effective, going the limit, de-ported, flattened out, micro film, cracked down, gat the bottom, work ones way up, make waves, passing on, becomes one, wound up at, de-throned, lighting up on, re possess, is driver's seat, re assure, run off with, dis posing, hadst at one's disposal, bring in to being, came ashore, brought home the groceries, are visible, skirred, takes ones death, accroached, in-spiriting, dost trick, was contact, kept promise, lives it up, gets drift, luxuriate, dis may, being in power, comes have, out-paces, re-cording, roll over play dead, gets through ones head, mis lead, tanning one's hide, congratulating oneself, doing like, Hazed, Fracturing, over taken, is just ticket, come to head, hadst done with, gain confidence of, up rears, climbed ladder, returns to, dis-locating, didst ones duty, made into law, de-porting, gives good account of oneself, be top of heap, gather, climax, ripping into, get ready, kicks around, art commission, in-crease, tanned one's hide, is in the driver seat, comes out on top, puts end to, bodying forth, getting with it, reach a peak, topping it off, makes one's mind, ex act, payed dividend, dis-entangled, wast blessed with, opening view, go along with, mis-appropriate, art visible, pulling the strings, be prolific, looking up on, reaches a peak, up-held, strook it big, art in operation, am ready, giving a report, insisted on, getting into one's head, get wind of, ex terminate, dost bang up job, buying into, observe, didst to a turn, hurt one's feelings, gives back, came away with, taking possession of, running show, sub-merges, does ones duty, implement, de-fending, de scribing, art acceptable, stumbled across, am in clover, is one lot, dost a bang-up job, having name, gets back on one's feet, re-leased, re-covering, out weighing, photo engrave, in-clines, tosses in, off the cuffs, gives appearance, doeth proud, saw to, exchange blows, shot up, torpedo, prehending, in creasing, jives, strike gold, winning the race, rodomontading, answered purpose, are given, sets forth, ex-tend, over-cloud, find, in flame, lambaste, beats system, re gaining, gat the message, hit where one lives, splashes down, are effective, measures out, diagrammed, Reattain, flows, render, gotten through one head, Berthing, did justice to, brake smithereens, brought knees, threw down, catches to, showing ones face, re spect, whang, in validating, broke record, comes berth, be out woods, art neck neck, having at disposal, growing famous, re cognizing, rolled in, dis-tends, get through ones head, re-covered, sideswiped, being alive with, gets as far as, wipe off the mat, is in line for, de grade, am convenient, putting out countenance, fore-see, am obtainable, over spread, cross breeding, dis-ordering, doeth to t, pre-served, be promoted, counter balances, ex tort, was ahead, wiping off the mat, manage, cock a doodle dooed, over-reaches, latched to, re-fresh, photoed, arriving at, were use, re-captures, turns corner, keeps in touch, taking it on the chin, was successful, post-dated, capacitate, gets the picture, re-legate, are smitten by, bursts seams, out blooming, testifying to, perked, break away from the pack, portaging, fall ill with, does as says, bring forward, lay thick, beg borrow or steal, de-spoils, furrowed, extend to, make selection, Tendering, impinge up on, blowing sky high, am one lot, making go, made go, takes it easy, puts the cuffs on, stuck to, making hay, wast found, had hand, re acted, depute, bursting seams, being proficient, makes a name, gat someplace, doeth ones bidding, re venging, making scene, is up ones ears in, be clouds, out-wears, showing face, delectated, keep touch, kept contact, holds down, post dating, win hands down, re-quiring, scraped up, are the drivers seat, is full of, rose crescendo, copycatting, impressing as, exchanged blows, sweep one feet, being in operation, grinned bear it, over joyed, skirrs, get into ones head, ex plicates, re-warded, Whaling, doth thing, de barked, didst what is expected, give, do thing, follow in order, leads by nose, turn tables on, think out, sets down, doubledealing, brought in to being, doing a bang-up job, de legate, letting fly, tops it off, plights troth, kept close, de-stroying, pre-fab, re-lease, moving in world, art bequeathed, bare expense, be-clouds, paying one dues, pre ceding, geared up, overtaxes, take death, gotten better, run with, diagramming, put mind ease, re-tains, acted part, deals in, kept pace with, dost an impression of, ex-plicated, dumping on, wreak, double cross, being victorious, keeps tabs on, teems with, swing around, make production of, re-cited, rose in value, nails it, be good, fore-seen, gat through one head, getting there, are out woods, are good, being in driver seat, twisted one's arm, were thick with, wast useful, wast out of the woods, shoot ahead of, does impression of, sur mise, re assured, leaved mark, out lasts, doing a number, sets about, made buy, wert gainfully employed, does justice, take an eye for eye, was in clover, gotten done, make mincemeat of, re aching, were good, art in driver's seat, hit spot, one best guess, got the better of, makes haul, did one bidding, had to do with, parenting, knuckled to, co-sting, am mend, dis cern, dis-concert, out-flanked, re produced, un hinge, is line for, reacquires, lean on, ex terminates, wast contact, were over place, sticked to, in corporates, Traject, wast just the ticket, deadlocked, plan for, get done, evens up, re fined, cornering market, in-gathered, hath at ones disposal, out-stepped, getting set, hits the bull'seye, lay finger on, mows down, hast ones disposal, ex-plicates, leaving the shade, rolling over, fore saw, hopping on, reel off, makes hit, laid in ruins, opts for, serves the people, dis closed, see, became conscious of, acting part, come to berth, struck it big, re plying, bring home groceries, dis maying, happening up on, wear the crown, had advantage, fix one's wagon, photoing, was worthy, were found, is in the drivers seat, makes active, forcing up on, fixed one's wagon, takes eye for eye, got wind of, art given, under took, melodramatizes, goes out for, contuses, microfilm, climbs on, over casting, knocked down, brought reason, occasion, prehends, brought maturity, gotten out from under, be identical, un-zipping, bettered oneself, dis-countenancing, out wits, un wound, making reparation, doing proud, get better, do t, figured out, took meaning, were par, fixing wagon, de-posing, doeth justice, wert over the place, inter feres, mousetraps, asservate, reaches zenith, had the right to, getting back on one feet, put lid on, was top heap, wast endowed with, Reamed, kent, dost right, pre-scribing, outflank, take it all, over ruling, brought ground, caws, Texturing, moved toward, go as far as, keeps eye on, bought into, sweep ones feet, set in motion, ex acting, siphoned, looks at, hit bull's-eye, wast adequate, get on one's nerves, are up ears in, get taller, dis-integrating, goes limit, cashed on, wast one ears in, makes up ones mind, looks like, sur mounts, climbing the ladder, passes off as, post date, under stood, learnt from, clock in, took prize, is over the place, dis-grace, bring off, over-stating, fit out, comes together, art flower, art in commission, up sets, be clover, didst bang up job, de-tails, gets shot, advance(s), were aware of, mounting to, taking the chin, redeem, un-riddling, feel in ones bones, dis-courses, soliloquize, HIT, ADLIB, leant on, being current, haddest to do with, get somewhere, dis-concerted, gotten one hands on, are in drivers seat, super abound, gets what is coming to one, beat down, re-cords, warms up, wert out woods, re-warding, becomes popular, catapulted, gotten what is coming one, got out from under, doing a number on, ride out, plow under, part with, gives a hard time, pre sent, reasserting, pulling out of it, gained advantage, be talented, sur prise, digs up, reached the zenith, be stows, sat down, rub wrong way, art successful, were up to ones ears in, suffers from, un-does, builded in, up-rears, gets the top, ex-acted, beared the cost, ones best guesses, gat out way, fits in, pro-create, making into law, pulls leg, was line for, dost wonders, out matching, puts screws to, up lifts, pro motes, looking like, transfer, lived in luxury, stays put, sign for, re-moves, gives weight, wert disposal, consummate, de-pressing, accroaching, putting cuffs on, with-draw, fender bend, pulling one leg, out lasted, came around, making a killing, dis-prove, in-sert, handed, gain control, smoothed along, extending to, under pinning, be contained in, improve upon, Bemean, laid finger on, make profit, be seized, gets on ones nerves, in-duce, be given one's due, recover, cornered market, settle with, de pressing, puts to bed, took eye for eye, x-outs, held fast, equiponderates, does one thing, de fended, is on a par, gets places, buncos, kitting out, Parsed, crops up, get out of the way, inspires, is above, was victorious, in-gest, turning inside out, de frayed, gotten vibrations, out live, be plausible, up-turning, looks over, are elevated, springs up, being level, out-gun, gat what is coming to one, out-flank, cut in on, work one's way up, being good, dis-patch, wert alive with, cough up, trans-literates, winned out, in sure, took on the chin, de-grade, making blood boil, made big, bloom, makes headway, laid on thick, impacts on, up rooting, re-enacted, re-gard, ex cites, para-phrases, de-tain, gat somewhere, re attain, Blanked, having full plate, in spires, locks up, counter-poises, disambiguate, lays ones hands on, wert elevated, locked up, plights one's troth, re-fining, tasselling out, subserve, drop anchor, melodramatized, cracks down, pre-serves, savvying, shops for, does bidding, get under skin, gotten something done, captures on film, co-habits, re pays, soft soaping, has one disposal, keeps out, get around, letted have it, get through one head, giving an account, get someone goat, lick, hit the bull's eye, art operation, takes prize, re-cord, bringing ground, out-stays, puzzled out, made a production of, gat someone goat, dis-arrayed, up-braid, de lighted, make name, ingathered, un-locks, Pestling, have recourse to, un winding, gets from, out flanked, upper-cuts, un cover, reacting toward, make headway, re curred, Sired, am favorite, are worth, with drawing, dis-organizes, is mend, sub-merge, get someplace, sold one on, doth a turn, thinking of as, trying patience, over whelms, struck big, opened to view, are receipt of, fixed wagon, sew up, de lights, taking steps, blundered up on, de-luged, putting to death, out-stripped, gives with, over flowed, were above, art aware, gotten through head, over-rode, see daylight, re-presents, outjumps, sweep off one feet, re-cognizing, cause to be, calls it a day, makes a hit, meeting head-on, makes killing, outjumping, dump on, tripped up, dis-tressed, called the signals, doeth bangup job, enter up on, complying with, dis compose, with-stand, Roped, tread boards, getting bigger, happen, fall the lot, do like, ex citing, attracting attention, dis-quieted, submit to, wast good enough for, made hay, become one, being good enough, make room for, gunned, put an end to, mass-producing, having disposal, un-covering, haddest at ones disposal, affiance, gave with, Foxes, getting married, piggybacking, bow to, be knee deep in, numbers among, de-stroys, dis-burse, gives audience to, over topped, over-rides, de-signs, delivering the goods, reached agreement, drops curtain, had in hand, commentating, over takes, in vents, re-affirming, rise to crescendo, kept an eye on, with-held, makes good, fenderbends, quarterback, meta morphoses, in-dented, in hales, art out woods, swishes, outhussled, am no end to, make happen, Stoppering, present itself, felt up, letted one have it, hit bull'seye, get the hang of, carried to, trans-acted, show the way, got sick, looking at, tan one's hide, wert of use, art the drivers seat, toss and turn, bringing to heel, de-scribe, earned ones wings, fills bill, re strains, hang up, didst a bang up job, adhering to, rake over coals, taking care business, pro-visioned, looked down, upping and do, puts in to effect, got out of the way, took the helm, pull, in-censing, doest one duty, keep oneself, riding roughshod, outhussles, jams through, untwisted, doest with, got someone's goat, had full plate, de vising, got in exchange, making purchase, winned hands down, calling up on, look like, out-played, outranking, separated oneself, be in drivers seat, begged borrow or steal, be master of, were no end to, de-tailed, de-luges, take care of, hitting where lives, are positive, am running, one best guesses, was driver seat, in haled, expand, is par, wast talented, give verbal account, get out way, gat last laugh, got it, para phrased, hitting the bull eye, pay, play act, chance upon, signing in, acting with regard to, fore seeing, enact, did to t, sticking to, reacts toward, ex-terminating, re-served, is to ears in, being ones ears in, does bang up job, Feruled, cotched, knocked over, put forth, fire up, call signals, went shopping, give word, threw light on, called it day, lay one hands on, beating the system, comes to berth, taking it on chin, are cognizant of, got vibrations, prefabbing, worked out a deal, gets married, re-laying, score a success, Comminuted, getting in to one's head, coming in to being, Overtopped, weathering storm, up lifted, provided for, wert aware, wert afflicted with, out-reached, out-classing, wert the drivers seat, socking to someone, didst to turn, cast down, brings to, de-luging, turn trick, trans acts, art alive with, gets likeness, did a bangup job, hast a jump on, thought as, reached a peak, re gains, returns compliment, brought back, braces up, ex pounding, de-posits, skying in, passed as, pulled leg, wrought in to lather, de coyed, kept under thumb, getting someone goat, tipping the scales, got what is coming to one, are one lot, is up ears in, gat rich, went out for, ring in, am the driver's seat, am par, getting into head, cut down size, get married, makes sense of, hits up on, doest an impression of, ensorcell, wast just ticket, does bang-up job, in spire, contracted for, bring naught, ran across, over turning, latched on, over-awed, cornering the market, Catheterizing, Hefting, de spoil, de bark, de codes, out-rank, toss turn, tan hide, letted someone have it, re-vile, didst the honors, re instate, bought out, swept one's feet, set deck, comes away with, take lying down, getting likeness, being worth, got on one nerves, re-produce, give way, wast tantamount to, am commensurate, is use, be mean, brought senses, un-hinged, makes it, panto-mimed, improves up on, wert advantage, coming on like, brought to ruin, doeth trick, keeping the faith, wast neck and neck, re-marks, wert commensurate, didst ones bidding, give the cat o'nine tails, filling bill, wert to ears in, braced up, playing to gallery, out done, came up snuff, wast clover, was useful, acts upon, getting last laugh, lash into, capture on film, psyching, over-awe, making start, earns one wings, reaches agreement, art composed of, went limit, hadst over, out-lasting, did wonders, preempt, outsteps, art given one's due, be enough, overhear, steal spotlight, doth what is told, pull off, wert up to one's ears in, bringing naught, art in contact, be labored, giving one's word, wast accessible, re capitulated, making impression, has one's disposal, are prolific, de-posited, brought to heel, doing well, running with, passing as, draws in, wast crawling with, have done with, dis-quiets, being on par, bringing to maturity, dis-closed, over-comes, am to ones ears in, makes big, made ready, being with it, fakes out, latches to, sub serving, be first, leaves in the dust, come into existence, taking sick with, being even, was told, reach top, resulted in, de tain, gathers resources, officializing, art prevalent, Foxed, over rides, hearken, puts out of commission, leaving dust, fender-bends, in vested, lays waste, being given one due, re-serves, bursting forth, came to terms, gat one nerves, out jockeying, be having, over-hauling, dis arrayed, fill the bill, were a par, get ahead, being acceptable, are proper for, Choused, representing oneself, take account of, hit the bulleye, are acceptable, out-distance, trying ones patience, takes care business, stopped in, be wildering, made happen, throw balance, wast subsequent, mass-produces, be hold, ex plaining, fell in with, smoking out, wast conscious of, re-gain, being on top of heap, dis played, flattens out, portaged, popped up, over-flowed, haddest it coming, plows into, give the cat onine tails, ex cogitate, re curring, make choice, art commensurate, passed off as, makes a choice, got there, making capital, turns upside-down, occupy throne, ex torts, hath advantage, turn advantage, un-cover, extended above, dittoing, makes up one mind, koing, advantaged, was engaged in, in capacitating, come be, look after, getting the better of, plants one, bring about, am tantamount to, giving a good account oneself, photo-engraves, gotten ready, cuts on, walks away with, play the game, lived with, gets someones goat, meets head-on, pays back in spades, getting around, shows profit, does trick, laying bare, conducted oneself toward, fall to the lot, bracing up, breaking to smithereens, re-capitulates, being engaged in, lay down law, climbing on, de-ducting, grow rich, out-foxes, fake out, de ludes, softsoaped, are even, dis tresses, pro-positioning, govern, holds to, throwing balance, de-legate, was conspicuous, earn ones wings, re-plied, put on act, complied with, un-derwent, bobbed up, play part, art to one ears in, un-build, punches clock, be labor, broke out with, over-spreading, take the prize, dis proves, un hinged, de posited, was gainfully employed, pre serves, were on top heap, gotten to the top, pro-claims, de lineate, outclass, wast plausible, wast sufficient, re-tell, be sequence, get the point, plunges in to, Slicking, gives a report, taking chin, be employed by, gat a hold of, give one's word, re cognize, knocks together, allowing for, consenting to, crop up, succeed, goes through with, dis-tilling, runs across, doest number, turn to advantage, wast enriched, flatten out, cross hatched, hopped on, puts out commission, giving a good account of oneself, take the cleaner's, are operation, rolling over play dead, froze to, dis-integrate, works one's way up, making a buy, becomes infected with, art contained in, taking part, taking one death, dis-coursed, taking meaning, dost the job, ex-asperates, plans for, kicking around, pumped up, de meaning, wert line for, lay down the law, be up to ones ears in, wert level, plighted one troth, do a turn, hit it big, art seemly, carried through, cock a doodle dooing, twists arm, blow in, leaned on, gotten on nerves, going through with, exercised authority, works one way up, watched over, has effect, brighten up, be witching, putting to good use, foot bill, carrying to, give with, was in drivers seat, allows for, sandbag, ex-pound, has it coming, Shepherded, de luges, reaching agreement, exercising control, re-vamp, punched the clock, are gainfully employed, scoring success, take cake, mops up, gotten wind of, dress as, cock-a-doodle-doo, dis quieting, wast convinced, doth ones duty, pay dues, art no end to, brings ground, presented itself, gotten going, suckers in to, Postdating, be informed, looks up on, twisting one's arm, evening score, funnel, gotten hang of, in capacitate, re capitulates, got exchange, are conscious of, doing thoroughly, over-hauled, are on the mend, were up one ears in, wrought one way up, pro creating, being operation, opens up, makes one mind, pro-fesses, wert given ones due, get drift, pre-disposed, dis entangled, Downs, moves in the world, has in hand, plowing into, brings naught, cash in, didst with, dropt anchor, do what is told, am sequence, under going, being worthy, left the shade, ex-cites, wast victorious, ex-torts, out-match, take cleaners, microfilms, be proper for, laid hold of, dis quiets, showing profit, mis appropriated, being up to ears in, doing a bangup job, keeps posted, is effective, close up, doing to turn, Overtopping, in-hales, was ill with, bringing down house, play heartstrings, bemeans, am the ticket, engage in, hath to name, de fraying, being born with, select, makes waves, making a scene, getting out the way, inherit, beating down, pulling a fast one, catch up with, are up ones ears in, wert convinced, doth right, larrups, dis-graced, over hauled, tide over, twist one arm, re sound, gat on nerves, de-coys, steel, doeth one proud, dis entangle, lets fly, moving up in the world, gets back one's feet, pro cess, shuttering, dis countenanced, in validate, Winging, gat touch, over-rule, got last laugh, out stays, trundles, re places, dis-tills, crossbreeds, have a jump on, art all over the place, dispel doubt, standing up, pre-pared, gat into one head, is seemly, serve the people, pro claimed, over powering, played part of, art ones ears in, took helm, show one face, upper cut, getting to, hath it over, voted favorably, walk over, plighting one troth, giving back, leading altar, be up one's ears in, sets out, post-dating, were successful, dis mounting, is running, leave the shade, out-pace, paving the way, Garroting, am on top heap, tripping up, cope with, re store, un wind, working out a deal, subject, over steps, closeup, doubles as, out-shining, in-stalling, under mined, keeps to oneself, wert in the driver's seat, trans-figure, had jump on, wert proper for, pro-moting, gained on, wert seized, answering a need, de-noted, has name, does honors, pays ones dues, hit up on, dis tress, is ticket, re sounding, acts like, folds up, gat out of way, figuring to be, being given, showing the way, am receipt of, Delectate, gave account, TCBS, out-classes, ringing up, acted the part of, slicks, re-serve, re cited, ex-cogitates, re sounds, respect, makes ends meet, go like, getting upper hand, grows rich, are action, Experiencing, became known, do an impression of, persuade, bring to heel, art crawling with, re-capitulate, be-fit, pointed way, numbering among, suffering from, was ruled by, wast usual, is out of woods, out-wit, de-livers, doest to a turn, banging in to, took cleaner's, gave good account of oneself, were full of, dis-embarks, in venting, over see, tasseled out, de-clare, are in flower, sur-mounted, hugged oneself, gotten sick, electro-cutes, being no end to, are sufficient, engages in, hast business with, hitting town, turned out well, doeth as says, re ported, let in on, fore-told, out runs, hung in, takes for ride, re deem, are useful, include, be ahead, strook rich, gat with, is up to ones ears in, leaved behind, cook ones goose, be-friending, is efficacious, didst duty, going great guns, over-taken, de-grading, does what one is told, took to the cleaner, wert in flower, over-joys, conform to, re-state, rid roughshod, be receipt of, out bloomed, buys in to, acting upon, threw together, wallows in, off-the-cuffed, art loyal to, getting someplace, button up, Re-forming, go the limit, Victualled, un-winding, taking the cake, was superior, worked over, re place, wast informed, were ones ears in, hitting upon, re-dressed, un-zipped, made a picture, hits the bullseye, babysit, be favorite, un riddled, went beyond, pro-generates, spirited away, selling one on, de duces, gotten married, gave ones word, laying fingers on, didst proud, reenacted, de-ranges, up-reared, x outs, turning ones head, am a par, dis-concerts, in cense, interpreting as, off the cuffed, smoked out, outrivalled, gets through one head, panto-miming, un-leashes, allegate, evened score, bagging it, cracking down, wast out the woods, serving the purpose, over seeing, un rolls, Burlesquing, re pressing, gotten the bottom, cashing in, ex pose, were power, develop, wipes floor with, re venged, ups and do, lives high on hog, caw, set about, take it on the chin, faked out, ostending, gat in line, acted part of, argue in to, goes to, de-coying, got somewhere, made killing, haddest all over, in-spirited, knock down, paved the way, was in operation, pressed on, re-cover, disciplined, get, in stalling, knocksing props out from under, doing one's bidding, look over, Oversetting, Riveted, Re-mark, re-dress, pull a fast one, walking away with, do ones bidding, lays down law, de thrones, lays it on, dis tract, takes possession, poured out, was made up of, dis tribute, un tangle, under-pinning, doth the job, re citing, make use of, result in, gotten to, gat in exchange, getting on ones nerves, did ones duty, breaks bank, out-balances, out line, upraise, interprets as, ex-press, wert sufficient, went above, bludgeoning, commentate, climb on, reenact, making one's mind, gotten in line, re quiring, mop up, dost bangup job, dis-tress, earn wings, getting the floor, un-earth, taking the role of, working way up, sub-due, sub due, gat comeuppance, hitting it big, specializes in, re asserts, wast in driver seat, takes for a ride, pulling fast one, find a way, beats game, was above, doest to turn, won favor, un winds, Laming, out-line, pull leg, out-reaching, putting appearance, de-coyed, out-done, made well, art tantamount, dropt the hammer, plighting ones troth, get one's nerves, twisted arm, wert drivers seat, kept tabs on, knocking socks off, de pict, turned corner, dost a turn, take possession, de-ciphering, go up, bringing into being, were contained in, gotten well, being given due, getting wind of, gets exchange, was proficient, does what is expected, go distance, took possession of, being power, art born with, do bidding, trajects, cut on, gets through head, de porting, dost duty, rolled over, un coiling, over states, co-oking, outstays, trans-mute, optating, are usual, hitting bulls-eye, winning argument, in-vests, giving just desserts, ex change, art thick with, re-habilitated, pre-dominate, re-butting, Slotted, acted out, are just ticket, over-setting, untwisting, xouting, up-rear, carry, reattains, takes down a peg, cleaned up on, wert driver seat, art left, making hit with, puts through, dis-agreed, dis-order, doth honors, let have it, makes grade, stopping in, scores a success, am advantage, set down, managing to get, over throw, strook big, were flower, had over, Shafted, make a start, dis-mayed, gat around, Arride, out-matches, outgunned, brings to reason, latching onto, doest a bang up job, were made up of, stumbled upon, keep eye on, undo, wert made up of, re claimed, beget, being to one ears in, play role, sucking in, put in appearance, copyright, strong arm, re freshes, settled up, have advantage, moonlighting requisition, allow for, puts over, are told, interpret as, serves the purpose, plight troth, wert a par, Accounted, doth t, de-cree, impresses as, dawn on, make a name, be in line for, didst bangup job, does one's bidding, are enriched, hitting where one lives, dost turn, de-basing, blowing smoke, punches the clock, out lined, out-performing, bring into being, taking cleaners, worsted, scrapes by, re possesses, rise value, buncoed, un build, dost ones thing, go far, be-labor, dost what one is told, un horsing, de-pose, re capture, leads believe, gotten back on one's feet, walk away with, pull through, un-built, gat better, fell heir, re habilitated, re deeming, jerked around, are in driver's seat, take away, un-folding, feel in bones, gives a good account of oneself, made up one's mind, beats the system, do ones thing, impress, hugs oneself, be witch, cave in, mass produced, doest duty, gives hard time, laid one's hands on, fell with, prefabricates, call up on, in capacitates, am successful, did duty as, wert lot, pro-vides, is bequeathed, pro-generate, does the job, Double dealing, induce, proved wrong, wert to one's ears in, re-pay, out-classed, cashing in on, wert responsible for, out-stepping, evulsing, comes into possession, leading to believe, struck rich, rise in value, re captured, breaks smithereens, put with, superabounds, am proficient, had ones disposal, turned tables on, dis-played, feathered nest, am neck neck, striking rich, made fast, delivered goods, over-weigh, pro creates, be welcome, in-spirit, follow after, didst justice to, pre-fabricate, goes great guns, gotten the idea, banqueting, intro-duces, are sequence, falling upon, eventuate, buttoning up, knuckle to, takes over, didst justice, un zip, was handy, de spoiled, exudated, doing honors, tickling to death, lay bare, pay back in spades, un locking, played gallery, doth one's duty, cut to quick, lays hold of, knocks socks off, dis concerted, de notes, apprehend, gotten on one's nerves, getting better of, re-funded, with stood, be-hold, break for, measuring up, doth a bangup job, have at one disposal, boom, called upon, doing wonders, un-rolls, gat the idea, over-flow, shows the way, finishing in front, lights up on, are commission, Larruped, working one way up, stay line, smashing grab, were on a par, pro-curing, get with it, de-tains, did well enough, is common, conducts toward, knocking over, make concrete, dis plays, had one disposal, be power, paid back in spades, grin bear it, rendered the role, tans one hide, cork up, won argument, pinned down, spellbind, blow sky high, Ones, got one hands on, live in luxury, go for broke, cutting the quick, wiped floor with, did a t, were afflicted with, fares well, get there, taking to the cleaner, dis covering, disambiguated, were tantamount, point the way, re-dressing, out-vying, pre-side, be sufficient, out distanced, winned the race, caught up to, am use, taking the prize, has semblance, cross bred, pins down, hosing, fall in, Palmed, arrived time, makes a comeback, suckering into, un-coils, over hearing, putting out commission, laid claim to, takes chin, serves purpose, over joying, moves up the world, transliterating, puts out of order, continue to, gets the point, de-lighting, be one's ears in, manage get, made a comeback, goes in for, art line for, was use, take it chin, found a way, gotten the hang of, double deal, be up to one's ears in, Lames, buy into, pre served, surmount, put proportion, being left, return the compliment, turns to, rang up, turning tables on, gotten as far as, show profit, become fact, was in the driver seat, being the mend, being mend, cropt up, wert on the mend, deliver goods, art one's ears in, fall up on, over running, doest one thing, puts out countenance, got touch, holds forth, carried day, un-veiling, serrates, earned one wings, lucked out, art obtainable, hauled in, coped with, work over, tooling, reels off, being out woods, re capitulating, are composed of, pull fast one, make, makes capital, fill, give good account oneself, put in to effect, up-ending, wert par, did one's thing, conceive, sees through, smooth along, photo-stating, uncoiled, fix one wagon, getting on one nerves, doing well enough, laid down law, hast in hand, shooting ahead, re-sounded, get in exchange, pedalling, re gain, make reparation, be-siege, in forms, nail, pump up, in-vents, earn one's wings, beat system, panto mimed, wiping mat, out lining, do the trick, blundering up on, under take, made available, conducted toward, paid one's dues, fixing one wagon, trans-pose, goes with the flow, de serve, art plentiful, with drawn, hast effect, be prevalent, closed in, leading to, separate oneself, in spects, begs borrow or steal, arriding, Eddying, wast welcome, over-set, am proper for, was entitled to, in-stall, got point, striking it big, re-cites, pro vides, wert to ones ears in, was one ears in, cleaning upon, grinning and bear it, turns trick, did turn, wast no end to, pre dominate, dealt in, receive, succeeding to, re-presenting, gat into head, de posits, brings to the ground, out-blooming, pro curing, giving ears, pro moting, track down, bobbing up, get into one's head, bag, rolled out, leaves the shade, enthuses, wert seemly, falls up on, making a name, got hitched, up-lift, having business with, take easy, didst ones thing, dis composes, stick up, Trashed, wind up at, dost with, giving account, puts cuffs on, un tangled, re-formed, dis placing, up-raised, sandbagging, gat picture, give attention, adjy, got places, minister to, pulled out of it, got through ones head, be ears in, make over, yes one, enamouring, dis-ordered, piloting, puffing up, re-moving, was employed by, shore up, make money, get in there, make start, re-taken, is on top of heap, brings to maturity, got back on feet, takes the cleaner, forced up on, get message, get in to head, clean up on, acted upon, un-leashing, hath at one's disposal, did as says, wiped off the mat, were clover, get through one's head, being in contact, making fortune, did right, in-duces, took place, stayed put, dis arraying, subjugate, be in driver seat, ferule, win, produce, trans-pire, got someplace, dis patches, knocks over, Binned, art master of, reach peak, ride roughshod, wast ticket, didst an impression of, art up to ones ears in, re-affirm, trans acted, Dragooned, being advantage, is in receipt of, wert top of heap, sub serves, sur mises, saying so, doth what is expected, art tantamount to, out fit, hitting bull's-eye, gives comeuppance, spieled, in dented, was aware, knocks down, dis pose, doing number, doth the honors, is top heap, dis mayed, getting the picture, follow order, reaching top, cooking one's goose, transcend, brought to maturity, getting out way, improving upon, obeys, going for broke, followed in order, overclouds, taking prisoner, doest one's duty, is on top heap, dis-patches, am handy, get to bottom, gotten shot, put into words, said so, dis burse, crack down, are prevalent, being out of the woods, trans muting, stir up, descend up on, sur-rounded, Visioned, wast prevalent, took the cleaners, turning one on, clear decks, ex cogitates, wast happy, am sold for, going town, assume command, hitting the bulls-eye, un riddling, keeps tally, were widespread, smokes out, breaking out with, wert up ears in, dis-honored, over mastered, doeth the job, comes up snuff, reads a part, outguns, make in to law, latches on to, tanned ones hide, doest to a t, crosshatch, have it all over, punch clock, reaching a peak, provoke, moved up in the world, calls it day, re-laid, meeting headon, come mind, de fending, Lofting, thought out, sees daylight, is composed of, were obtainable, are born with, do ones duty, hitting bulleye, out strips, grand stand, be in commission, be composed of, create, being identical, brought to the ground, be driver seat, is thick with, being widespread, hitting bull'seye, saw after, acquitting oneself, putting forth, keep with, wallowing in, came in to existence, throw off balance, passing through, art up to one ears in, out-stay, gotten right, am just the ticket, out rivalling, Snowing, dis-graces, re worded, makes knot, out jumped, out-stripping, hath one disposal, trump, photo engraves, be sold for, were proper for, were neck neck, was good, coming in to existence, taking by surprise, sees after, ex posed, hath over, finish off, does well, owns exclusively, calling it day, regard, were in the driver's seat, trans-plants, get bigger, come next, Trajecting, being accessible, re strained, with standing, performs, looked like, de ranges, skyed in, construe, tearing off, out-jump, is seized, complies with, took the cleaner's, went down with, tans one's hide, art up one ears in, comes across with, are alive with, making mark, doeth well, photograph, fudges together, un settling, keeping oneself, de-claiming, were up to one ears in, out jumps, make ready, wert enriched, catch on to, improving up on, getting ready, hits the bull's eye, scrapes up, untwist, carried completion, get back on feet, wert on a par, pro mote, close in, doth as one says, has at disposal, crossbred, straightening up, getting something done, co ordinates, making land, got fat, being flower, tossed turn, hung it up, packs like sardines, de-vised, circumducted, blowing away, is a par, pro visioning, be tantamount to, Caned, blow one own horn, Cobbled, plunk down, be-stowing, re-coups, re ached, lay egg, sucker into, was up to one ears in, has at ones disposal, congratulate oneself, blows away, gotten top, be-clouding, give a report, was promoted, gat in there, got on with, gets to the top, over shadowed, over doing, out smarted, Worsting, dost proud, took to cleaners, latched on to, giving the cat onine tails, sway, doth what one is told, dis gracing, dis integrate, had a jump on, out reaching, softens up, were adequate, over-ridden, figures be, gotten touch, de-livering, plight one troth, fare, lensing, is on the mend, makes short work of, was out for blood, looks after, attracted attention, fast talked, closeups, Larruping, are equipped for, de legates, were tantamount to, gotten through one's head, companioned, rides out, sur rendering, coming have, turns inside-out, took over, dis tended, picked up, hits town, parting with, de claim, turned the trick, have effect, re asserted, dis closing, came into possession, took precedence, getting back one feet, get better of, gat it together, rank with, reading the riot act, put over, re-pressing, over-threw, Capacitated, over-ruling, trading in, reaps the benefit, un-furled, be-fitted, re paying, returned compliment, latching on, beg borrow steal, wast action, said one piece, pre serve, striking gold, wert sequence, staid line, became one, turns inside out, out fox, puts on to, was worth, am to one's ears in, bodied forth, brought to a close, dis-agrees, get the top, had knowledge of, co habiting, is first, getting to the top, re funds, out-rivalled, look up on, stands up, in censed, wast the drivers seat, in crease, are adequate, mass produce, becoming popular, un-nerve, hanged up, doing job, were superior, reaffirm, Valuing, gotten hold of, doeth a bang up job, enthusing, burst forth, having one's disposal, dashes off, were endowed with, is neck and neck, soft-soaps, stumbling upon, rivetted, doest what one is told, getting shot, hurting one's feelings, be afflicted with, give out, pulled trigger, discharge, gather resources, close ups, making the most of, breaking away from pack, bringing home groceries, soft soaped, partaking of, act part of, doth number on, put under spell, be successful, were commensurate, ex tract, ponies up, be out the woods, is promoted, be top heap, gat a likeness, checks with, are on top heap, finishes off, feel one bones, gave bum steer, reaching again, hold office, hath name, over-reaching, re-turned, wert given one's due, over taxes, are given one due, run circles around, be stowed, brings heel, ringed up, re-assuring, does a bangup job, Banqueted, broke away from the pack, bring heel, am good enough for, leading to do, be in power, ingather, hath at one disposal, re-worded, are to one's ears in, para phrasing, dis organized, wert thick with, swished, get hitched, savvied, cooking one goose, wast neck neck, concussing, was worthy of, pre fabricates, shotgunning, dis-concerting, doth one bidding, de grades, pressing out, gets idea, were ears in, works ones way up, wert ill with, keeps contact, dis-patching, had all over, are in sequence, scored success, art gainfully employed, gotten one nerves, am at disposal, re served, progenerates, over-sees, overtake, un-horses, re-venging, reached zenith, bringing to close, flattering oneself, de-fray, dis-coursing, key up, signs in, re gained, blockading, un-building, dost well enough, are up to one's ears in, prep, is plentiful, rid out, be-come, gets going, was full of, enheartening, out shone, gotten hands on, feel one's bones, lives high hog, upends, puts out order, made payment, get under one skin, letted go with, puts good use, dis-quieting, put freeze on, taxis, dis till, Disemboguing, re cover, out rivals, swung around, brace up, hugging oneself, wore the crown, shorts, making happen, re gale, settled with, moves world, wast to ones ears in, hast full plate, gotten there, out classing, being on top heap, making a comeback, does one proud, retell, looked at, being use, was up ones ears in, gets the drift, am accessible, brings low, electro-cute, payed off, leads altar, takes the helm, cross breeds, pull it off, arrived in time, am with it, re-capitulated, is superior, reached peak, were out of woods, numbered among, dis-mounted, turn corner, got likeness, be-seem, were in line for, steamrolling, over-power, out-fit, atone for, ruling over, wast first, tossing and turn, following in order, took it on chin, working ones way up, bring to fruition, out-jumps, go places, be-falls, turns the corner, was neck neck, put practice, was tantamount to, be obtainable, taking down peg, bemeaned, takes away, pro pounded, being numerous, gotten from, struck gold, play part of, hem in, rolls over, tipped over, re-quests, made the scene, leaving in the dust, bring pass, were bequeathed, drove off, haddest advantage, over state, making a hit, bore cost, did impression of, bringing back, dis honor, am in commission, put end to, bring in to existence, swim in, meet, vote in, pinning down, impinged up on, pulls it off, taking captive, pantomiming, de-barking, get the picture, out wearing, is adequate, goes beyond, make a buy, sur-rendering, buffalo, are a par, am effective, fixing one's wagon, stays in line, making a production of, art current, come head, taking it lying down, is tantamount, lit up on, dis quieted, wast commission, whelm, out-fitted, playing a gig, kept to oneself, carries oneself, re-take, paves way, outvied, re legate, lives through, haddest full plate, showing one's face, have coming, does one's thing, re-possessing, ex-cogitate, gearing up, de fine, up-raise, touch down, pre scribe, has advantage, bastinado, winned race, cancelled out, puts use, design, un nerving, re-asserts, are sold for, Deputing, outjockeying, goosed, making bow, be on top heap, breezed in, ex plicate, over casts, think, Indisposing, photoengrave, drew forth, meets with, was up one's ears in, fudging together, dis tilled, is in the driver's seat, be the driver's seat, pre-tended, re-fund, made mark, Pleasured, blunder upon, possess, out pacing, regain, outjockeys, make comeback, ex-act, live with, over-taxes, takes to the cleaners, nailed it, stuck up, backpacked, plowed into, gotten likeness, getting floor, un-folded, re-turning, keeping an eye on, be up one ears in, make sure, being enriched, being ears, is on par, live through, rise crescendo, strikes gold, wert one ears in, comes be, gat vibrations, lived luxury, whomp, be-having, doeth all right, re-serving, bringing the ground, gotten drift, un covers, BAMS, art usual, figuring it be, plighted ones troth, wast mend, won hands down, comes to terms, makes comeback, gobbling up, made a name, wert composed of, cutting pieces, giving good account of oneself, hits big, over joy, fore-telling, under stands, moved up in world, opening up, bearing expense, living high on hog, am given one's due, end-owing, gains possession, gaining control, out jockey, double deals, gat ones nerves, laying foundation for, laying waste, climb ladder, put finishing touch on, am ears in, kept in contact, made up for, doeth with, ripping in to, fell the lot, un-horsing, blockaded, hit the bull-eye, be seemly, brightens up, be rated, is knee deep in, get as a result, is ears, gat likeness, wast on top of heap, developed in to, infatuates, doeth number on, gotten with, haddest a jump on, were running, shoot up, was to ones ears in, take part, brought to fruition, come like, be of use, turns the trick, put appearance, acted a part, out-jockey, gives ones word, congratulates oneself, overawes, out ranking, had a full plate, be-sieges, dis graced, invent, hitting bullseye, gotten the drift, serves people, gat the top, turns ones head, be-witched, coming into, gat top, out-ranks, para phrases, gat through ones head, bursts at seams, were born with, pass on, took the role of, victual, makes blood boil, re-counts, in-flame, re placing, puts lock on, made impression, de graded, got one's hands on, be-wilders, points way, trampling underfoot, hit jackpot, was granted, wast out woods, taking it chin, am alive with, Allying, contracting for, pulls out of it, re cords, get into head, made splash, xouted, was cognizant of, impinges upon, freezes to, watches out for, work in, improve up on, am driver's seat, make known, whip out, getting back feet, fall heir, plunged into, is on mend, de fining, ran off with, came in to, wert out for blood, takes down peg, pro-pounding, takes death, drest as, out-smarted, made a believer, de duce, watching out for, adjied, over-weighed, pointed the way, de-duce, art good, make good, wert in receipt of, finishes front, brought naught, fore told, un-ravelled, un veiled, jerking around, striping, tries ones patience, doth turn, took along, overhears, are to ears in, in sert, take captive, put bed, de-crees, getting out of the way, dis-figure, pro-cured, latch to, re possessing, in vests, tips the scales, makes reprisal, ponying up, one best guessing, out does, doest ones bidding, were worthy of, putting on to, lay hands on, produce a result, bagged it, out foxing, getting in to ones head, made a haul, were equivalent to, in-spect, walks off with, turns out well, adjying, wast ones lot, super-intending, be have, making amends, Binning, has knowledge of, takes account of, opening fire, out balancing, plays on heartstrings, starring, up turns, gotten hitched, bringing to senses, knocksed props out from under, pre-faced, ex tend, is equipped for, ex-tends, makes a picture, were common, go shopping, wast top of heap, taking the part of, lived high hog, was of advantage, holds sway, wert good, dawned on, putting out order, dis composed, tried one patience, continuing to, wipe the floor with, be on a par, didst the trick, get on one nerves, does like, up-raises, took an eye for an eye, wast in sequence, makes a killing, sticked it to, in spirits, got the point, giving voice, delectating, doth all right, ex-cited, congratulated oneself, Bam, does a turn, pan out, make a go, doth like, gives impulse, out jockeyed, being line for, nears, hits bullseye, Disembogued, melodramatize, in-disposed, percusses, trussed, swang around, broke the record, call upon, fore tell, doest bidding, out-performed, mounted up to, makes hit with, brought close, oversets, contract for, gets as result, re-covers, capturing on film, taking an eye for eye, gets in line, didst one duty, tipped scales, am out for blood, rose to crescendo, produced result, plunged in to, am cognizant of, prevails, broke ground, outrivaled, taking precedence, cutting quick, having a full plate, argues into, re-produces, growing rich, de-grades, out strip, do to turn, dis-plays, sickening with, over-taxed, outmaneuver, goes with flow, pay ones dues, hits upon, reifying, ex-celled, doeth as one says, got the hang of, acquit oneself, rising to, overclouding, lays egg, wast running, puts to use, mousetrapped, am enough, hanging it up, overspreading, come through, be-holding, cater to, left shade, art informed, had it coming, banging into, is gainfully employed, corner market, were up to ears in, were conspicuous, re-vamped, were on mend, dis-posed, out gunning, pre-sents, come around, wert contained in, got set, cleaned up, re-strains, saw daylight, work out deal, be-witch, got in to ones head, adjies, climbs the ladder, re takes, dost to a turn, run across, are victorious, tcbed, working in, nailing it, keeps up with, having at ones disposal, dis tills, played gig, puff up, pulled fast one, grows rapidly, bang in to, make up mind, re-telling, textured, knocks dead, fore seen, being seemly, Lofted, act a part, circumstantiate, up ended, gotten someone's goat, didst honors, made active, went great guns, wast one's lot, moved forward, house-trains, sandbagged, authoring, out smarts, triumphs over, keeps with, re-versed, be enriched, show ones face, art in power, wast in commission, wast use, pro-viding, make a killing, take for a ride, get one nerves, are the mend, was first, gat out from under, being aware, re-gaining, over awes, cropping up, reached again, get under ones skin, lays foundation for, re affirmed, was up to one's ears in, saw through, came be, ripped into, makes a scene, am aware of, pro mise, putting out of action, gave audience to, over reached, stand good stead, be bequeathed, be fitting, over did, putting screws to, leaves shade, sur-prise, re solving, make buy, caring for, be advantage, are subsequent, trans-mutes, wast aware of, Disciplining, de rive, supply, playing role, turning one head, ex press, impacted on, wast on mend, come against, hadst hand, got someone goat, transport, ensorcells, up holding, comes out top, make hit, wast aware, comes in to, letted fly, being usual, prevail, evulse, were promoted, hath at disposal, didst what is told, de-tail, made comeback, gaining victory, re-spects, rams in, are contained in, become of, gladden, re presents, dis coursing, re pulsing, acts with regard to, am promoted, look upon, didst bidding, is operation, took apart, un-covers, make killing, call it a day, pre paring, wast driver's seat, be use, trans plants, over-awing, dawning on, gat the hang of, bring to senses, came over, conducting toward, made name, single out, kept with, hast it over, over-powered, has a full plate, dis-mays, bring senses, gets rich, giving verbal account, succeed to, settle, triumph, gave impulse, photoengraves, punching clock, takes it on the chin, co unselling, came berth, being employed by, re habilitates, turn upsidedown, pays back spades, arrive time, made bow, plays part, chances upon, over cast, re affirm, bare the expense, occurred to, reacquiring, putting practice, Dragooning, comes in to possession, be left, be-stows, putting lid on, being up to one's ears in, blueprinted, re mains, scare up, puts bed, keep tally, dis posed, un rolled, hits bulls eye, earning one's wings, gotten places, was up one ears in, showboated, is even, be-friended, overcasting, be neck and neck, re warded, catapulting, make for, be up to ears in, became aware, gets into one head, served the purpose, reach the zenith, re pulses, up-raising, ex plicated, was in the drivers seat, cinematize, de-frayed, brake silence, de-light, taking account of, ensorcelling, wert equipped for, sur-renders, brimmed over, pulled strings, un-hinges, pre-vails, get idea, amount, Pestled, breaks away from pack, copyrights, exists generally, am entitled to, art to ones ears in, be common, duking, traded, hast jump on, boast, up braided, doest a bang-up job, wast alive with, in cites, de-press, out bloom, wast proficient, making the grade, plunging into, causing to be, figures it be, rolls over play dead, mis appropriate, whopped, be aware of, wert first, out match, catch on, pro-vision, continue, lay one out, buttoning down, photo stated, drops anchor, bring home, gotten back ones feet, earning ones wings, un-seated, art ruled by, get the message, be gun, took by storm, up braid, gaining confidence of, stage, being to ones ears in, out-jockeyed, roll in, are to ones ears in, sur passed, queered, art ahead, hits bull eye, de posed, wert identical, function, laid waste, turn upside-down, were seized, re-gale, were talented, turn inside-out, showboats, was born with, make a fortune, smashing and grab, bringing fruition, moving the world, be given, gets the bottom, de-coy, tosses turn, took the prize, stands in good stead, wert endowed with, get in line, tan one hide, going down with, dis organizing, carve out, art told, cutting the mustard, throw lead, over-took, keep up with, in-capacitated, house-train, takes the cleaner's, bogarted, walked down aisle, playing part of, brings reason, made mind, upended, hammer, leave in the shade, is cognizant of, do one bidding, re affirming, doth job, photostated, hitting the bullseye, out balance, is happy, leaving a mark, up rear, wast commensurate, hit bullseye, un nerved, be accepted, gat better of, art up to ears in, returning the compliment, dis organize, adhered to, arriving in time, hang in, un-riddles, got back on one's feet, get to, boffs, were sequence, steadied, bring down the house, are found, ex-plain, plunge in to, putting under spell, grew famous, making active, captivate, extending above, pre-faces, getting well, breeze in, art ready, pre facing, is sequence, did what is expected, being welcome, lead, de-duces, over-did, structuring, passes along, be falling, hast knowledge of, make payment, up-sets, puts to, makes over, being over the place, took under wing, doest one proud, were one's ears in, pro claim, be stow, playing game, begged borrow steal, Creaming, pre-sent, qualify, runs off with, put the lid on, total, is ready, gotten it together, came against, un-zip, over-shadowing, in-disposing, showed talent, palpate, evulsed, is lot, out-raging, wast with it, climbing to, outrivals, dis comfit, brings forth, microfilmed, ran roughshod over, has ones disposal, did well, wert even, de-liver, out-wearing, keeping out, turned advantage, in curred, taking cleaner, go after, make one's mind, wearing crown, gets into one's head, pushing around, show face, tend, are happy, whacked, disambiguates, suck in, ran show, got into one head, with drew, out-gunned, dis-comfit, oning, crosshatches, turn out well, thinking out, re-peats, hath knowledge of, out-wore, be granted, wast contained in, was ones lot, came into existence, gat the drift, ex pound, didst right, leaved dust, gives bum steer, bears fruit, earned one's wings, watched out for, ex pounds, reacquired, bunco, re presses, run abreast, microfilming, work out a deal, double dealt, get point, makes available, coming be, runs roughshod over, cross breed, laid thick, bears cost, took to cleaner, sees to, am out of the woods, keep in touch, birch, gets through, twists ones arm, cleaned upon, talks in to, were elevated, gotten an earful, is made of, pass along, were out of the woods, brings knees, is good enough, in-vest, hits where lives, dis-mounting, up-hold, is clover, be came, out weighs, getting on nerves, art receipt of, plowed under, reading riot act, dis embarks, gotten one's hands on, atones for, out play, art ticket, play to gallery, make available, feathering nest, is driver seat, moving out, leads do, un horsed, rolled over and play dead, blew out of water, co sting, put out commission, takes by surprise, gets hands on, being one ears in, re told, figured be, under-stands, were ears, pulls the trigger, is neck neck, calling a day, trans ported, over-taking, living in luxury, being out the woods, re strain, outblooms, talk in to, gotten under way, be guiles, interpreted as, breaks for, buy out, rolls out, made money, de-spoiling, co axing, provided the means, art in receipt of, Overweigh, move up in the world, re-asserting, digged up, lead believe, grinned and bear it, gyred, collide, wipe mat, draw near, drives off, beat, runs with, being crawling with, set on deck, gat line, glory in, fill bill, are on top of heap, re presenting, moves up world, de-scribes, art the mend, over-stepping, am above, was common, provides for, doest wonders, being to ears in, having at one's disposal, am good, gat shot, in vest, Circumduct, rounds out, being conscious of, didst a t, de-rive, de press, takes it chin, does duty, went whole hog, live to, put two two together, dis tend, wast in driver's seat, un ravel, stiffed, get rich, is proficient, tickled death, wert up one ears in, trans literate, casts down, wert all over the place, is conspicuous, becoming fact, be-setting, gets a hold of, closes in, are ears, am up to ears in, cashed out, wast top heap, sweep one's feet, were informed, pass oneself off as, re-stated, were acceptable, be elevated, de barks, dis covered, un-tangled, Shotguns, snapped out of it, gets into ones head, making debut, swept off ones feet, coming berth, gave appearance, de-cline, am over the place, comes into, reached top, cared for, leans on, blow smoke, wast thick with, brings home groceries, wert up to one ears in, brings home to, took for ride, haddest one disposal, summates, trip up, throw towel, made a profit, socked it someone, giving attention, hath it all over, wast given ones due, falls upon, psych up, shooting up, DUKES, de-signing, outdistance, gets into head, carry through, were drivers seat, over-flown, prevail over, garrotes, sub-merged, be-gotten, gotten to bottom, de-fined, doest well, wast composed of, belt, pro viding, hit bull-eye, wert welcome, over come, kits out, dost justice, give weight, come on like, wast out of woods, arrides, tossing off, laying one hands on, goes next, developing into, re cognized, are engaged in, saying ones piece, were worthy, be cognizant of, re-hearses, throw in towel, am prevalent, doest what is told, have hand, punch in, pro positioned, un-twists, do number, gat floor, thinks of as, wipes off mat, got to bottom, doeth a bang-up job, Provisioning, blow own horn, laying in ruins, triumph over, get top, dis agreed, sky in, wast even, gets line, being told, summating, re took, re-locates, re-pulsed, bring knees, doeth one thing, DO, presenting itself, got the picture, be ready, takes care of business, lived high on hog, be-ginning, insist on, snapped out it, smoke out, making selection, dis-tilled, doth well enough, making payment, breaking for, inter-fere, pre-fabricating, getting out of way, tickles to death, re peat, nail it, reenacts, getting back on ones feet, is conscious of, met head-on, give an audience to, was all over the place, came to berth, happened up on, work one way up, keeps touch, is level, wracking up, steadying, carried oneself, take care business, dis-maying, be-rated, lived it up, be in driver's seat, come have, coming into being, ones best guessing, bring to maturity, payed for, dost number, outjumped, in-censes, left the dust, un settles, re lays, be haves, Cobbing, doest one's thing, wast skillful, un-tangling, put out countenance, bettering oneself, pre cedes, in-cited, art smitten by, caboodling, art accepted, over-throwing, am just ticket, promotes, brings to naught, stopt in, made a scene, Photo-engraved, are in contact, dis charging, live extravagantly, Whelmed, takes orders, making splash, Whelming, un does, out-witting, caves in, be cloud, gotten in to head, come up against, taking by storm, be fell, Shipwrecking, transliterate, broke for, out jockeys, out-balancing, trans-figures, doth one duty, de-fining, make allowance for, wast the driver seat, reach again, took to the cleaner's, showed face, plight one's troth, Catheterized, develop in to, came up against, hefts, re quired, made in to law, making over, doeth honors, turned topsy turvy, one's best guessed, ran the show, thrive, pro-vided, being convenient, is out of the woods, go town, sells for, came to mind, threw off balance, tanning ones hide, hit the bullseye, snaps up, did the job, under-mining, gotten as a result, put an act, go to town, lay it on, is sufficient, pulls strings, is contained in, got well, making a fortune, Viseed, is one's lot, are on par, deputes, gave ears, making a choice, made up mind, were one's lot, come out top, out reach, winded up at, tried patience, out flank, pre dispose, haddest to name, over-stated, worked on, outranks, de-stroyed, put out order, out vied, banged in to, fitted together, go to, re asserting, makes fast buck, Capacitating, comes into being, de fines, filled bill, keeping pace with, was informed, fitting together, take possession of, pro-mote, laid one out, recite, scrape by, over turns, lights on, body forth, re-duce, wert on mend, overtops, give introduction, cleaning on, Proselyted, captained, being on the mend, fore tells, be getting, gets in touch, chancing up on, out rank, in-validates, makes the scene, being out of woods, are full of, dost to t, breaking the spirit, am line for, turned the tables on, be alive with, get it together, photoengraving, are widespread, win favor, be worthy of, de-coded, becoming one, not let went, making possible, up-graded, says piece, specialize in, Re-present, were on the mend, setting in motion, pulling the trigger, smash, stoning, makes dent, gets the hang of, shellacks, tipping over, put in, trying one patience, make amends, over-taxing, wast favorite, fell to lot, is born with, fractured, partake of, being found, cock-a-doodle-dooing, overthrow, put up with, smooths along, move out, didst t, occurs to, dis-arrays, dis array, rack up, do the job, make up one's mind, are line for, caved in, soften up, swept one feet, let go with, sub-serving, taking to the cleaners, carrying completion, fender bends, shapes up, puts practice, makes name, reduce, stubbing toe on, re take, dis-honor, didst like, outjockeyed, got something done, dis-charging, making it big, got as result, be aware, Cross-breed, out distancing, Cawing, tragedized, showboat, in stalled, feel for, photoengraved, were the drivers seat, are in driver seat, came mind, forcing upon, makes ready, loot, out-strip, conformed to, was enough, taking down a peg, COBS, were neck and neck, left behind, dis-entangle, re-produced, unbuilt, striking big, pre dominating, hitting bull's eye, up-braided, proves wrong, dost as one says, is with it, getting the idea, thinking as, pulls trigger, were in the drivers seat, putting in, doeth what one is told, made pitch, be numerous, being happy, wert prolific, leaved shade, giving hard time, re gales, swelled, selling on, over-topped, is given ones due, finishing off, puzzle out, making a purchase, catering to, doing one's duty, hadst in hand, break spirit, bring down house, wast ears in, deeding, moving in the world, come in to being, meet headon, gives report, lay in ruins, putting use, be convenient, locking up, came have, sits on, wage, were master of, surpass, optates, micro-filming, equal, payed back spades, over took, bobs up, pulled through, grooving, dis tracts, has done with, is to ones ears in, moves in world, tripped on, doeth wonders, swimming in, happens up on, sold on, doest a bangup job, sells one on, arrives time, doing what is told, took care of, wert found, dis located, kept the faith, under pinned, watch over, refer to, get along, pro-created, read the riot act, gentles, gets message, art made up of, am ill with, Shoaled, be-stowed, re possessed, laid fingers on, re press, caught on to, be all over the place, ones best guess, was sequence, bust in, out performs, earning one wings, derive, Birches, puts into words, soft-soap, de-coding, keeping touch, wert out the woods, re adies, topping off, doth an impression of, becoming conscious of, make fortune, impinging up on, figure to be, re-capturing, strook gold, makes a start, were ill with, reassert, brake out with, wast a par, gotten back on one feet, re-butted, strikes rich, ex-tract, give a good account oneself, taxiing, is commission, art first, live it up, over joys, dost what is told, doest as one says, dis order, buying in to, toss in, leaved the shade, letting have it, caning, hold down, wert up one's ears in, bludgeoned, taking it easy, runs into, gotten on one nerves, wert worthy, made one mind, hadst at ones disposal, was current, out jump, am in driver seat, played part, hast disposal, getting point, charm, looked over, serve, re-states, buying up, bowing to, win the race, was positive, gives the appearance, crossbreeding, gathered up, served the people, got the idea, in flames, win over, Cudgelled, cognizing, be holding, rips in to, re-aped, sucker in to, wert in the driver seat, reels back in, smashes grab, double as, hast at one's disposal, were up to one's ears in, re vamped, de duct, did a bang up job, doest a t, stuck it to, gets upper hand, playing games, jammed through, knock dead, were over the place, be the drivers seat, dis-comfits, pre side, lit out, playact, went town, sate down, knocking dead, made a hit with, wert all over place, cuts in on, falls with, carry out, snap up, un done, take the helm, is plausible, strengthen, housetrains, firing up, be the ticket, blows out of water, sewed up, re cord, venges, came in to being, moved world, sickens with, keeping eye on, is engaged in, blows sky high, un ravelling, triumphed over, de-fine, over cloud, winning hands down, dost a t, micro films, out foxed, brought home to, psyched up, gat as a result, dost all right, outrank, doth one's thing, am disposal, dis-arraying, doing what is expected, dash off, ostended, renders the role, were first, lives luxury, are afflicted with, gat right, took death, puzzles out, prevail up on, keeps close, co habit, pre fabricating, art power, be-sieged, opted for, succumbs to, trans posed, fender-bend, un-locked, gat on with, dis-entangles, dispelling doubt, pre-cedes, pro-creating, clean on, trans-formed, tried one's patience, went that route, pro vision, taking eye for an eye, move up world, go great guns, massproducing, wast given, came into being, leads to do, being all over place, ex cogitating, rolling back, be-fell, planting one, under-mined, descending up on, throws down, be ill with, over looks, re affirms, keeping close, does the trick, act part, pre dominated, coming ashore, having recourse to, were one lot, re-pulses, out ranked, wine dine, lighting upon, art conscious of, did to turn, burst seams, have over, over clouded, making name, turns topsy turvy, rising to crescendo, wast visible, talk big, art lot, light upon, witching, come up to snuff, dis-proved, hast a full plate, gives voice, de-throning, took pleasure, pays one dues, pulling trigger, get back on ones feet, bring to knees, trans-posing, cuts quick, re lease, exchanging blows, wert left, makes a buy, play gig, wiping the mat, hits the bulleye, housetraining, twisting one arm, over coming, over-master, being driver's seat, moonlights requisition, makes debut, dont rock boat, out-rivaling, gotten better of, de-vise, un hinging, calls day, procure, breaks spirit, catching to, over-awes, gives the cat onine tails, trans pose, psychs, be-fits, pay attention, be superior, hadst all over, over-heard, were all ears, pro vided, double-deals, sur prises, trans pire, un-winds, over-throw, am one's lot, with-drew, stacks up, masqueraded as, am common, out-jockeys, doeth justice to, de-frays, fore-saw, wert born with, reap, pelleting, re-paying, living it up, Cawed, close upping, de creed, did bidding, are promoted, is responsible for, be-meaning, played the part of, putting the cuffs on, become known, outfox, lead by nose, putting to, paid back spades, grand standing, in vite, thinks as, re-enact, sur renders, plunge into, held office, bringing close, wrought at, puts flight, make debut, having effect, lead by the nose, fenderbend, art skillful, ready, plight ones troth, gat to, come into being, stood good stead, up set, begs borrow steal, passes as, counter-poised, hast at one disposal, wiping off map, gets past, wert contact, passed oneself as, taking on chin, up-ended, be entitled to, were made of, gave birth to, crawled with, re-peat, outpacing, put the freeze on, putting one over, becomes of, up-root, scores success, corking up, re telling, housebreak, turned on to, shakes hands, be troth, make up for, makes a hitch, carrying to completion, getting nerves, un-horse, work out, Grand-stand, art above, sails through, turns upside down, re butted, re forms, was in receipt of, being driver seat, did with, doth a bang-up job, mousetrapping, are thick with, fare well, psychs up, have to name, under-pins, pestles, ensorcelled, wipe the mat, investing in, is loyal to, wert entitled to, lay waste, be in operation, sucks in, finds a way, bulge out, brings close, wast knee deep in, re-gains, ringed in, stacked up, wast current, over-looking, un-hinging, wast on the mend, accede to, being all over the place, ran circles around, in creases, having it over, hits bulleye, brought the ground, doing the job, reaching the top, re-lays, are successful, was advantage, buying out, crawl with, made it big, shotgunned, keep under thumb, getting one's nerves, pro-creates, react toward, beats the game, am in drivers seat, hadst it all over, live luxury, got taller, improved upon, pre pares, takes precedence, pops up, co oking, getting ones nerves, counter vails, fall by, am one ears in, doest the honors, prepay, putting finishing touch on, finished in front, proving false, gotten picture, doeth well enough, makes fortune, pouring out, drop hammer, dope out, wast in flower, copyrighted, was level, answered the purpose, being first, counter-balanced, re counts, is up one ears in, tanned one hide, has disposal, wert receipt of, made land, equipoising, wert top heap, gives attention, sets aside, wert useful, re present, trans-act, were blessed with, am equipped for, bring the ground, doth number, being equivalent to, pedals, sur-passing, intro duces, art in flower, doeth a turn, was usual, is ones ears in, took cleaner, getting exchange, re-quite, carry off, showed one's face, rises value, putting mind at ease, strongarm, out-play, dis counted, led to, gat bigger, re words, multi-plied, comes to have, walking over, un-twist, pays off, being made up of, mis leading, out-distances, living by, satisfy, working at, does all right, be tantamount, in duce, took the cake, farcialize, outjockey, making available, doest justice to, fell upon, stack up, is afflicted with, acts out, shoots up, running off with, hits back, Leathering, overcloud, art convinced, thought of as, wert sold for, wert neck neck, work, getting done, am master of, were in action, playing second fiddle, lead to altar, bring, made a pitch, one best guessed, makes picture, left in shade, tassels out, domiciliate, be means, wast widespread, ex-cogitating, make well, outrivaling, be with it, cut to pieces, turns one on, are conspicuous, had at disposal, art favorite, gat to the top, seeing through, reaches peak, brake the record, caught to, rip into, prosper, knocking together, servicing, be-guile, cross hatching, gat hitched, staid in line, folded up, Brained, wast made up of, re-porting, get vibrations, get a likeness, are ears in, puts in, trans late, cobble up, is all over the place, dost thoroughly, trans figure, making killing, reach the top, is the driver's seat, up lift, bring low, re-claimed, disembogues, am drivers seat, re-deems, wert promoted, run in to, getting in there, sits down, ex-plained, being useful, getting a likeness, gets the better of, shape up, being the ticket, un-coil, pre dominates, am neck and neck, re stated, gets back on feet, was one lot, vising, took account of, am good enough, dis patch, de tailing, didst as one says, meta-morphoses, looks upon, getting going, separates oneself, took the chin, wast worthy, goosing, over sets, out gunned, open up, making ready, wast above, gets under way, make most of, pirouettes, capitalizes on, wert handy, un covered, stick it to, up stage, re-enacts, were enough, over-spreads, make hay, trans act, ex pounded, pre-paying, gotten into head, re locating, crossbreed, out stay, paves the way, being promoted, works out deal, playing gig, transcends, didst one's thing, one's best guessing, latch onto, does right, is sold for, am on top of heap, comes against, give an introduction, trothed, won out, pro-positioned, counter-vailing, make dent, pulled ones leg, doeth an impression of, be-rate, builds in, votes favorably, did thoroughly, photo graphing, makes land, flax, putting a lock on, sounds off, gives ears, be-tide, takes cleaner, in-spects, leave shade, pre siding, getting as a result, make a fool of, be-wildering, carries through, rose to, ex cited, tickling pink, got past, house trained, gotten a likeness, am even, scrapes together, re moving, breaks record, were visible, roll back, out did, overpower, re-strained, seize, broke the spirit, sur-mise, doeth a t, cobbled up, torpedoed, art subsequent, coming over, be tiding, gets to top, makes money, flourish, auscultates, make a pitch, climbed on, snapping up, doeth ones duty, getting back on feet, invest in, sub-dues, ex-tended, re quite, mass producing, are above, wert out of the woods, reach, brought home, turn topsy turvy, did thing, over clouds, gotten message, taking ones death, make splash, doing a turn, are power, be line for, gaining possession, get comeuppance, wert on par, hit town, spiralled, is handy, putting death, get exchange, socking someone, getting bottom, wipe off mat, fixt one's wagon, out rivaling, sur mounted, made picture, takes the role of, xraying, arrided, re stored, happen upon, art handy, fall victim to, re aped, sit down, doped out, wert tantamount, dis-quiet, cure, doeth a bangup job, cutting in on, blueprinting, overmastered, was on, be in action, sticks up, pulling strings, provides means, settled down, shoots ahead, uncoiling, takes helm, re-plying, lashes into, wipes the mat, glories in, spring in, took down peg, sweep off one's feet, pro-cess, wert ones lot, draws forth, hit the bulls-eye, ferules, doubled as, crawls with, over turn, takes along, splashed down, Chousing, Mothered, sweeps off feet, makes a believer, lucking, making a profit, un-furling, doth the trick, hang it up, puts into effect, play second fiddle, running in to, close-ups, fetch, tried ones patience, de-duct, opened up, sign in, hast to do with, dis embark, owned exclusively, doing the honors, dost a number, act with regard to, kicked around, Progenerate, gain on, be on the mend, be fits, being clover, off the cuffing, effect, up do, be-stow, carried to completion, brought down the house, dis cover, over tax, out-paced, re-told, dug up, art promoted, trounce, buy, over tops, being entitled to, corporealize, pulled a fast one, de claims, took it all, doing t, over-riding, getting the bottom, shoots ahead of, does job, re placed, succumb to, out-lasted, was all over place, are informed, payed one's dues, re pulsed, take all, opened fire, catches up with, were sold for, did one's bidding, did duty, pro-bed, up-lifted, over look, were accepted, de-posit, kept up with, keyed up, pose as, even up, with draw, hold forth, putting mind ease, ex-pose, be flower, gotten back one feet, de-barked, stumbling up on, descended up on, acceding to, rolls on, over does, rout, doest right, fit, plowed in to, re questing, being top of heap, becoming infected with, superabounded, happening upon, brimming over, gives rise to, over-ride, stuck it out, in flamed, de noted, re-placed, do bang-up job, is numerous, am blessed with, pro-pounded, up grading, hath in hand, took prisoner, cinematized, out ranks, OVERS, re hearses, riding out, am widespread, re-forms, twists one arm, moved up world, laid foundation for, be heading, measures up, suit, get in to one head, making allowance for, sweep off feet, becoming a fact, dis-counted, out-rivalling, throws light on, outstepped, get to the bottom, being receipt of, be commission, up-staged, rising crescendo, un-leashed, Contusing, settles down, being informed, re-marked, out-gunning, under-pinned, pull strings, sock to someone, does the honors, fall with, declare, Cinching, touching down, trans form, take care of business, dis-play, are par, leads to, over-stepped, pre disposes, monopolize, super intends, be out for blood, came terms, manage to get, wast responsible for, got married, makes believer, sticked up, left in the dust, re cites, being at disposal, dis-figures, pedaling, capturing film, de-stroy, re plenished, in-haled, Photostats, paid one dues, running to, wallowed in, took part of, un-doing, did job, held forth, wert no end to, put out action, banged into, outrivalling, closeupped, cotching, called it a day, overmaster, over throws, try ones patience, Perking, played games, pay one's dues, un rolling, gained control, brake away from pack, hath one's disposal, in dent, wast prolific, be-tided, be-sieging, sweep off ones feet, re-torts, stealing spotlight, brought into being, re capturing, socks it someone, plays the part of, wast up one's ears in, plights one troth, re-asserted, over-joy, scored a success, proceed with, doeth bidding, un seated, re-couping, climbs ladder, is current, answers need, capacitates, x-outing, spiraling, doeth what is told, gat back feet, out perform, pro fit, be meaning, gave a black eye, work for, set out, caught up with, over-weighing, over flowing, is on, out-matching, adhere to, being up to ones ears in, got ones hands on, un twisting, be worthy, act, bringing forward, got better, pre-vail, un folds, be to ones ears in, re-pays, re-counted, wert to one ears in, being contact, shows around, came across with, hadst recourse to, turned trick, auscultated, inter cept, Enhearten, achieve, x raying, are one's lot, up-turned, taking one's death, happened upon, re serving, buncoing, runs the show, mousetrap, makes possible, got through, falls in with, gets with it, were loyal to, captured on film, wert ticket, are plentiful, jive, taking for ride, is good enough for, re-dresses, de-note, pre-tends, producing a result, getting picture, photo graphed, was master of, un riddles, trans-planting, re-capture, wast one lot, were out woods, be the mend, de-clines, met with, reads part, outbloomed, ultimates, un did, were accessible, laying ruins, plow into, take hold of, followed after, take the part of, made amends, untwists, un-raveled, cleans up on, rolls over and play dead, open fire, biff, did number on, keeps promise, are equivalent to, roped in, re-venge, re-fines, gotten with it, outbalances, did a bang-up job, plighting one's troth, have jump on, got upper hand, re-verse, snapping out of it, assumes command, makes hitch, happens upon, re-main, over comes, wast obtainable, grasp, hast name, re-attain, out-lined, gave word, over setting, gotten last laugh, were to ears in, staying line, selling off, with draws, winned back, be efficacious, struck it rich, be engaged in, re couping, gat bottom, be thick with, turns insideout, tossing in, played on heartstrings, was the ticket, feeling up, wast worth, wast identical, do justice, Circumstantiating, gave voice, wast made of, shooting down, transorted, move in the world, re-attains, taking cake, making a pitch, signs for, take helm, made do, separating oneself, driving off, getting taller, weathers storm, was aware of, checking with, art with it, un-lock, getting in line, re-strain, got rich, meet with, de ducts, dis-counting, take prisoner, pre-dispose, cut pieces,